Seen Ocean's Thirteen? What Did You Think?

June 8, 2007

Another trilogy conclusion this summer, but this time not as hyped as the past three. Ocean's Thirteen is the last (as far as we know) in the adventures of Danny Ocean and returns back to Las Vegas to topple another billionaire's hotel. Did it live up to the first Ocean's Eleven or will it be as bad as Ocean's Twelve? What did you think?

Ocean's Thirteen

Just drop by, leave a comment, and create some discussion! To fuel the fire, as I already mentioned earlier this week, this one is a return to the first Ocean's Eleven and is a perfectly fun film. Although it doesn't top the first one, it rids itself of everything that was bad about Ocean's Twelve and is all-around a fantastic flick. I definitely suggest it to everyone, even those of you who hated Ocean's Twelve.

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Definately enjoyed it more than the second one, but I don't think it was as good as the first (they never are though). Very happy to see them back in the original setting, and it's definately a fun movie to see for any occassion (date, with friends, etc.).

Vintage Posters on Jun 8, 2007


Eleven is "A", Twelve is "C" and Thirteen is "B". Check out my review here:

andydreamseeker on Jun 9, 2007


I'll agree that it isn't as good as the first film, but I can honestly say that this is the first "3rd in a trilogy" film I've seen yet this year that I just outright enjoyed. I can understand some people's issues with the pacing, but my wife and I just had a great time at it. This isn't Spidey that was a disappointment, Shrek which sucked or even Pirates that was at least better than the second film. This was just a great time at the movies and regained much of the magic that the first film had.

FS Dave on Jun 11, 2007


Great movie, up to the point where the cinema screen in my local Odeon, wait for it... TURNED UPSIDE DOWN!!!!! Desperate to watch the movie as a whole after having to leave the theatre half way through.

jammydodger on Jun 12, 2007


Disappointed. Better than the second one. The third installment lacks much of the story and all of the suspense that makes a good heist movie. Exactly when was I suppose to believe they were not going to pull it off. The film is wide open from the very beginning where they detail the exact plans. And, the whole distraction of the "Turk" and Andy Garcia was a cameo at best. Ugh! I should have saved my money and waited for Netflix.

grendel on Jun 12, 2007


I very much enjoyed it. However, I have a question for Grendel. Exactly where have you EVER believe they were not going to pull it off? We all know what the ending will be; the joy is in getting there.

Hedy on Dec 27, 2007


In the first movie I was totally baffled on how they were going to escape until the last revealing scene. In the last movie, nothing was left open. At least the second one provided a twist in the situation.

grendel on Dec 27, 2007


Just bought O13 DVD and watched it last night. It's a great piece of escape. I didn't see it in the theater. Yes, I knew they were going to pull it off when I started watching. Yes there is some unlikely stuff. (How do you you get 2 chunnel drills into Las Vegas with no one noticing?) A little suspension of disbelief goes along way. It was a bunch of likable guys doing over the top antics in a city that never sleeps. What's not to like.

Willis Whitlock on Dec 28, 2007


I thougth thriteen was completely pointless, plotless and stupid. No real goal, no clever trickery, more like absurd trickery, riging machines and inventinting dice that can flip on remote control with just "plastic" was a much greater accomplishement then what they actually set out to accomplish. stupid film

wantMyMoneyBack on Jun 27, 2008


Pointless, many logical mishaps which were way too obvious. The point of the film is to make an enjoyable afternoon with glittering (and maybe slick) comedy.

Monis Iqbal on Jan 11, 2009

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