Seen Pirates of the Caribbean 3? What Did You Think?

May 25, 2007

The last trilogy in May is the epic and final conclusion to the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Will Captain Jack Sparrow finally get his redemption and defeat Davy Jones? Will the 3 hour length and confusing plot cause problems? Or does it live up to all the endless excitement and the year long wait since Pirates 2? What did you think?

Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Just drop by, leave a comment, and create some discussion! To fuel the fire, I loved this movie! The first great blockbuster summer hit to finally come along. It was long, but entertaining, exciting, emotional, and dark, something that I appreciated more in this that lacked in the other Pirates of the Caribbean movies. To me, it is the Return of the King of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

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I'm tossing $5 into the pot that says Pirates 3 takes the weekend record from SM3. People need to make sure they stick around after the credits for the extra scene I'm hearing about. Did you see it, Alex?

Paul William Tenny on May 25, 2007


I saw it last night and while I didn't stick around for the scene after the credits (I got home at 11:30 only to get up at 6:30 this morning), I enjoyed it considerably more than Dead Man's Chest. I'll have Alex tell me about it later. I still like Curse of the Black Pearl the best of any of them, but this film was a great improvement over the second film. Dead Man's Chest is still on my worst of '06 list, but I look at it as a necessary evil for the story they told. I was VERY happy with how they ended this movie. The writers could have come up with a half-assed reason for things not to turn out how they did, but they made the ending somewhat tragic, which was great. I could not have been more happy with the fact that they used audio from the original Disneyland ride, too. My wife and I were the only ones laughing at that, but it didn't matter. Oh, and Jack has crabs. Sorry, the joke was there.

FS Dave on May 25, 2007


Watched it Thursday night. It was a good movie. A lot of funny parts, good action, and great final battles! Go SEE PIRATES!

Mateja on May 25, 2007


i didn't like the endding... 1time of 10 and 10years??? thats crazy!

Joana on May 25, 2007


Loved it saw it last night and it was awesome. I am even going to see it again this week. It was Hilarious and great action and special effects. But I didn't get to see the last scene after the credits what was it?

Natalie on May 25, 2007


i saw it last night to and loved it. After credits: It started with Elizabeth walking across a field on the island and then it said "10 years later" on the screen, and you see she's walking with a little boy. Then, they watch the sun set and there is a green flash, and there's Will on the flying dutchman, sailing towards the island.

Amy on May 25, 2007


I saw it last night i went dressed up and everything and at 3 hours long not a min is watsed it was the best one yet the ending is sad though but i loved it very much and hope adn pray for a 4 i want to know what happens to the pirates lord,Pirates King , and new capt. of the flying d, and we know who the new villin will be i hope there will be a 4 come on johnny we love you keep them coming we still want them and we love them and the new movie quetos are No body move i droped my brain and did no body come to save just because they missed me?

Meghan Cox on May 25, 2007


Yeah, i went to the 8 pm performance, i bought my tickets a week and a half ago. Then i got there 2 hours early to stand inline. I thought it was amazing!!!! The ending was good, and i loved the thing after the credits. This one was really good, i think it had a really good story line. I agree they need to have a 4th one.

Nisha on May 25, 2007


1) No dramatic tension whatsoever. With most summer blockbusters, the excitement comes from life and death situations. But with this film and the last one, as soon as anyone you like dies, they just come back with a bit more eyeliner and a bandana. A complete cheat. 2) Why does every scene have to go on SO LONG? Ok, Jack is hallucinating and is in a pretty weird place, I GET IT, why am I still watching the same scene 15 minutes later? Stone crabs?! 3) Why set up a massive final battle, with a huge collection of pirate ships from around the world, facing off against another massive fleet... only to settle the whole thing with a scrap between 2 boats in a whirlpool? 4) Is the line "Hold on.... I've dropped my brain" really funny to anyone over the age of 6? 5) Apart from the minor sequence at the beginning, and the the huge ship battle at the end, WHERE IS THE ACTION? This is meant to be a rousing action adventure, but instead we get endless boring meetings and tea-sipping and double crosses... Even bill nighy's amazing cgi character has to have a f*cking meeting! I am NOT a snobby critic. I love my summer blockbusters, I was brought up on the best: Jaws, Star Wars, Indiana Jones. I love Batman Begins, Jurassic Park, Casino Royale, and even to a lesser extent the first Pirates... but I know crap when I see it: Pirates 2 and 3 are a CON TRICK, and we all deserve a lot better.

Dave on May 25, 2007


Saw it last was AMAZING!...i loved it!!..Johnny Depp was GORGEOUS like always...this movie will blow spiderman 3 out of the water! i am gonna go see it again tonight! so excited!...LOVE THIS MOVIE...GO SEE IT!

Kaitlyn on May 25, 2007


grant the movie was kept me and my friend guessing...for a disney movie i give it 10 stars..( i think it only goes to 5 stars tho lol) but at the end of the movie, the sold out threthre, got up and cheered and screamed and etc of excentment that the movie givin to them. does it need a fourth one? yes it does? (not to give away the ending) but with the hole lovers and the cup thing...ya they need to make an other one!! i promise when you see the movie...your gonna wanna see it again cause i know im gonna see it on sunday again!!

Amy on May 25, 2007


I'm seeing the movie tonight i'm so exicted! I'm a big Pirate fan and LOVED the fists two movies the worst was the first movie because there was really no action! Just two dumb pirates fighting over a ship the secound one was so much better than the first more action and fighting at last! My favorite part of that movie was that Javy Jones was in it but I HATED the ending! I'm so excited for this one because It seems so exciting my BFF saw it yesrerday night. So now i'm going to see it with my other two friends tonight! Thanks for all the coments but Dave. I bet this movie is the greatist of them all! After reading these coments i'm even more excited then ever before ! Thanks you guys! from a PirateFanForever

Missy on May 25, 2007


Yeah I saw the movie last night! Premier! BOOYA!!! I must say that the third instalment was not my favourite one.... but it was good none-the-less... Alright so here are my complaints about the film and what I beleive to be the highlights... I"m sorry if you don't agree! Alright well first of all I thought that when James Norrington died that was just AWFUL! I got so excited when I thougth that he was going to join the pirates again and then he was stabbed by Bootstrap bill no less.... I didn't think that that was a very good plot twist at all.... but oh well I wasn't going to let that ruin the movie for me..... I also don't think that they carried the true "pirate" feeling throughout the film.... They turned it into a full of special effects action-packed film that didn't have the rough, swashbuckling pirate feel... The only character who held that pirate feeling was CAPTAIN BARBOSSA, who to me (in my opinion) carried the movie beautifully.... just absoulutely wonderfully.... He was totally piraty, and acted fenaminally.... I do think (even though I am a HUGE Jack Sparrow fan) that they carried on the "sillyness" of Jack a little too much especially when he was in Davy Jone's Locker.... But those are just the small complaints that weren't really that big of a deal.... the major huge massive downer in the movie had to be the fact that Will and Elizabeth can now only see eachother once every then years and only for one day... Not only does that eliminate them out of the fourth film (if it is produced) but I don't think that the pirate movies should end with that sad of an ending.... I mean I cried so hard during the end of that not to mention that, showing their last day together was just awful.... I mean I know it was nesissary but I couldn't bare it.... haha just to make me feel better could I get someone to tell me it's alright? haha.... Cuase maybe i'm just being totally nuts and way to sensitive about it all but yeah just kinda was a downer.... (also cause with our pirate gigs I play Will Turner... haha check out the website) Anyway now that I have that all out of the way it's time for me to mention what I thought was brilliant about the film... Alright well I've already said that Barbossa was BRILLIANT!!!! I thought that the scenes in Singapore (can't spell it) were amazing... and quite funny.... I quite enjoyed the little bit of conflict that Will and Elizabeth had and I really enjoyed that Ragetti and Pintel had more in the movie..... Some of the plot twists were absolutly ingenious (although I think all the back-stabbing could have been lessoned) THe battle in the whirlpool was soooo amazing and I thought it was awsome! OK OK OK OK OK but my favourite part in the whole film had to be when Barbossa married Will and Elizabeth... absoultely amazingly done and oh so funny..... Jack Sparrow also had some good points which were hilarious.... When Davy Jones cried over Tia Delma I thought brought a real dynamic feel to his character and showed that he wasn't the cold hearted feind that Becett obviously is.... that Davy Jones actually had a soft side to him.... However I thought that when Tia Delma grew into the 50 foot woman was kinda corny and could have been left out... if she had like floated up into a beam of gold light that probably would have been a little more believable.... One thing i'm not too clear on is why did Becett kill Elizabeths dad? All-in-all it was a good film.... Like I said earlier the Will and Elizabeth ending left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth but that I think is just me.... I agree that the movie is highly enteretaining and really brings you on a rollercoaster ride thoughout the story and plot.... filled with amazing special effects and well lets face it, freaking hot characters (Johnny and Orlando) it is a must see movie of the summer!

Victoria on May 25, 2007


I saw it and loved it so much! I still like the first one the best though, but I also enjoyed GR coming back. I think he gives the movie more spark.

Lynn on May 25, 2007


I saw it last night at 8, and I really enjoyed it for the most part, in spite of it having many faults. In my mind the plot was not really developed much, I mean they did a lot of stuff, but there wasn't a lot of tension, not a lot of times when you were asking yourself HOW they would get out of this situation. I really enjoyed watching Orlando Bloom be pretty and squint and be beautiful, but I was a little disappointed with most of his dealings with Keira Knightley. I mean, I enjoyed the idea of it, but I thought that they could have delved into that a little more, and as it is I don't think I really understood either characters motivations, other than the basic things that were fed to us. Not much subtext. However, I still really liked the movie and will probably see it again. I LOVED the scene at the end of the credits! Over half of our theatre stayed to see it, and as soon as Orlando came on screen, I along with a hundred other girls gasped at his awe and beauty πŸ˜›

Christy on May 25, 2007


Oooh, I went to see the movie today, and my friend Barbara had to withstand my famous chant of "Jack. Jack. Jack!" hrough the film. I didn't like it as much as the Curse of the Black Pearl because if you don't know Pirates well...Well, it gets kind of confusing. I have to say this though, I've been waiting to see it since the say I saw Pirates 2 in theaters, and it was AWESOME!!! The only thing I didn't like was Elizabeth Swann's "Man-eating" With Norrington, Will Turner, whoever else. But yeah, it beats Pirates 2 by a mile. GO SEE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD'S END!!!

Phebe on May 25, 2007


This to me was the best of the 3. I hated what happened with Will and Elizabeth but it was still great! I believe there is room for another one and hope Disney sees this and brings Captain Jack Sparrow back, afterall he has to get the Black Pearl back from Barbosa. This is my favorite character of all time and I am almost 50 years young. I also love Keith Richards being Jack's father, that was really special.

Cristyl on May 25, 2007


I am sorry Dave but I think they did well with this one. This film went where it needed to go to stay in the spirit of the other movies in the series, and then some. 1. and 2. This was not a movie about "dramatic tension" it is about mysticisim and symbolist theatre. That was what the very zen yet chaotic emptyness of the doldrums was about. In a way the three movies were like Japanese Noh theatre where the first movie (in Noh it would be the first of the three Acts) the rules are set out and the mood is set for the evening. According to the structure the second is supposed to break down all the rules. Finally the third makes accordance with the two and shows all three to be a part of something greater. It is poetic in bluring of the lines of the living and the afterlife. It is not a cheat to suggest that the barrier of life and death is permiable and in fact at times can be crossed. Poets like Michel deGhelderode (A Night of Pity) or W B Yeats (The Shadowy Waters) Homer's (Odyssey) 3. and 5. There were plenty of action sequences, not all was sword fighting but there was a fair amount of sword play. (I am a stage combatant so I watch with a pretty critical eye for those scenes in particular). I know they didnt blow up tons of ships but really could you top the beating they unleashed on the flag ship? anything after that would be superfluous. And finally, 4. This is a Disney movie with Disney roots (except for the knee kissing scene ^_@ ...huh?) Even in the first movie when they are at Shipwreck Town the way the people move are almost animatronic, very much like the Disney ride. Being a good pirate is not about who is the strongest or swarthiest, or even the best sword fighter, it is (according to the first movie) Staying alive, turning a profit, taking everything and leaving nothing, keeping to "The Code", and of course RUM. They actually put something for a more mature thatrical eye into this one I think. Yes there is some corny humor, but tell me you didn't get laugh from some of it and I will send the EMTs over to check your pulse on my dime. For a movie geared to kids (young or young at heart) this is a crowd pleaser. You ARE a snobby critic, and THATS OK. The world needs a good kick in the butt sometimes, but you completely blasted a pretty decent movie. To each their own, but I felt I should add my opinion.

Paul on May 25, 2007


I totally agree with you Paul. I thought the movie was awsome! It was sort of confusing though. There were too many people betraying each other and lying and it was hard to tell who was doing what but thats ok. It was still an awsome movie anyway. Im almost 17 and I laughed really hard and the whole "wait...I droped my brain" part so Dave get a life just because you are not 6 years old doesn't mean you cant find something like that funny. I have mixed feelings about the ending. I thought it was sad but it was good because not all endings can be happy so I'm glad they mixed it up a bit by not having it end "and they all lived happily ever after" kind of ending. If you have not seen it yet GO SEE IT NOW!

Megan on May 25, 2007


The movie sucked. It basically was just a confusing mess.

William on May 25, 2007


Victoria: Next time you go and detail every event of the movie, maybe add a spoiler warning?

Chantry on May 25, 2007


I thought it was awsome

brooke on May 25, 2007


okay...I saw the movie Thursday night and I must say that i smiled the whole way through. I thought that this was a really great way to end the whole Pirate's trilogy. One thing that threw me off was that i expected the majority of the movie to deal with the quest to get Jack Sparrow back, and i was dissappointed to see that they found him so quickly. This may be because i was so into the movie that i wasnt paying attention to time and whatnot. Anyway, i will take this time to say that i am disappointed in all of the people saying that this movie was too long. The more Pirate time we get, the better. If this movie were any shorter, i probably would have cried...Oh, and if you say that the plot was too much to handle, then i think you may just need to stop watching movies all together. You shouldn't watch the last of the Pirates trilogy and expect to have a simple plot to follow throughout. If you can't keep up, go to sleep. So, i thought that this movie was incredible and i am sad to see the whole Pirate's fiasco come to an end....but it must. ....and if there is a fourth, it will completely ruin how BEAUTIFUL these movies are.

Stephanie on May 25, 2007


yea i definitely enjoyed all 2 hours and 45 minutes of this movie. and i plan on seeing it again!! yes the plot was twisty and complicated but i thought it justified the movie being so long. *somewhat of a spoiler warning!* um, to those who weren't satisfied with will/elizabeth, according to how it works (as read on Wikipedia ^_^), if elizabeth remains faithful during the 10 years, the curse can be broken - so that final scene where "ten years later" Will shows up, it's actually a happily ever after~

allison on May 25, 2007


I've already seen it twice and i love it. i really hope they make a fourth but where are they going to get the idea's. Did anyone stay to see the wee scene at the end because i'm dying to know what happens. Did anyone else think that quite alot of people died?

Jenny B on May 26, 2007


I have to disagree with Dave also. What sets Pirates apart from other normal Blockbuster fare is that the first film wasn't a blockbuster by nature. It was a good movie. I thought the reason Pirates 2 was so bad was because is was EXACTLY a summer blockbuster and got away from what the first was about. I thought in many ways, Pirates 3 was a return to the form of the first film. I will grant that there was more exposition than was needed, but I personally liked seeing how the pirate world worked and just how much dipomacy and politics were involved. How could you not like how Davy Jones' Locker looked? It was something that Gilliam or Dave McKean (Mirrormask) would have come up with and I thought it was beautiful! It had the potential to break your brain in all the right ways. As for the brain gag, the reality is that families are going to see this film. That kind of joke is right up a kid's alley. It's not like zomibe Jack farted or something. THEN I would have been upset.

FS Dave on May 26, 2007


Well. i saw the movie yesterday...and I agree that it got back to alot of the good things of was NOT too long for me because I was there to be entertained...and it was absolute entertainment...if you want to go and analyze a movie...maybe it is not the one for you. The confusion added to the entertainment for me... I have shelled out plenty of bucks for movies that I came out and said whatta waste of time and I did not when I saw is the best of the three for me. I do agree Keith Richard could have been added in some other way than he was...I did not rec him right away..duh... I hope JD comes back and does a real Capt Jack solo movie like he did in P1...I was disappointed that it took so long for him to show up...I did not like the ending...but the maelstrom....WOW....that was worth the admission... Does P3 have any great philosophical message...maybe not... For fun and to be entertained for almost 3hrs...go see P3...I am going back a few more times to catch the things I missed:)!!!!

dodie on May 26, 2007


Paul - "Mysticism and symbolist theatre"? "Japanese Noh"? "Michel deGhelderode"? You know, some people might suggest that you were being a tad pretentious in the way you bend over backwards to justify this confusing and poorly written mess. I would love to see you suggest those ideas to the film's writers/director, I can imagine their response "what?! er... yeah... yeah Paul.... thats what we meant.... symbolist theatre! Yeah, you got it!" Of course I'm being facetious, but I find the goodwill and tolerance that lot of the people in this thread extend to this franchise really bizarre. I have a theory, and it won't be popular: I get the impression that a lot of the people in this thread that claim to love the film are in their teens. It's almost as if these young fans of Depp and Bloom just go into this with their minds already made up, they are going to love it no matter what. I sometimes think they are too young to really know what a truly great summer blockbuster feels like, or maybe they have just forgotten. Or maybe they are just in denial. But I feel that in the months or years to come, they are going to look back on this film and eventually admit that, apart from a handful of moments, it's basically crap. I will concede one thing though, there were about 5 visual jokes that made me laugh out loud. But over the course of an almost 3 hour film, that just isn't enough. I used the example of "I dropped my brain" to highlight the uneven and frequently poor writing... that aint a great joke. And if, as some of you point out, its a joke for kids... and that this film is meant to be kid friendly... then maybe you could explain the pointless scene at the beginning of multiple HANGINGS, with piles of boots nearby. It verged on holocaust imagery and must rank as one of the most spectacularly misjudged openings ever to a supposedly family friendly film. I wonder what the kids were thinking as all those necks were systematically snapped? You may claim I'm a snobby critic... but how many snobby critics feel like punching the air with excitement at the new Transformers trailer? No, of course I'm not a snobby critic. Neither are the numerous people from the packed audience I saw it with that also hated the film, including a friend of mine who adores the first film. Sooner or later you're gonna have to acknowledge that, for a "crowd pleaser", an awful lot of people don't like this film, and you're gonna have to ask yourself why.

Dave on May 26, 2007


Chantry: I am sooo sorry I totally forgot about that.... well anyone who hasn't seen the movie and reads my little (well big) blog then please be warned SPOILERS!

Victoria on May 26, 2007


Omgsh!!!! this was the best movie i have ever seen!!! i loved all the romance, action, and comedy....they should make more movies like this b/c there's no nudity or cursing....i mean really, do we have to have that in every movie just to make it good??? i love the fact that just about anybody can see pirates of the caribbean.....also johnny depp and orlando bloom were smokin' hot : )!!!......the actors and actresses were awesome.....they really put their hearts into this one......hopefully there will be another one!! also, exactly what happened at the end of the credits???? i was so upset that i missed it! thanks ; )

pirateluvr on May 26, 2007


i thought it was very entertaining. Before i saw it i was hearing some iffy reviews, so i was a little concerned. The beginning gave an amazing erie feeling and i knew right away the movie would go in the right direction. The battle scenes were amazing and the comedy fit perfect. The whole jack going even more insane and seeing dozens of himself was great. I was satisfied with the movie, but it tended to get confusing. It comes together well in the end and it lived up to my personal potential as a huge pirates fan.

kevin Sweeney on May 27, 2007


Allison: *Bit of a Spoiler Comment* OMG are you serious? like the spell will be broken or is that just something that was made up to make people feel better? I mean it I guess it would make sense to why Davy Jones was so mad..... please get back to me or e-mail me at

Victoria on May 27, 2007


I truly enjoyed this movie. My fear is the terrible reviews are going to keep people away from a great special effects/good story movie. By contrast, one of the reviewers who dished this movie with a 2 out of 5 stars, gave Lucky You a 4 out of 5 stars. While Lucky You was cute it wasn't a 4 star movie. I think most of these reviewers are men and just aren't too kind to these all men movies.

Sherry on May 27, 2007


Sherry, that's odd.... male reviewers not liking all male movies? You're right that they're mostly men, but hmmm... I don't know, but I loved Pirates 3, as I saw past all the harsh criticism that they lay down and saw it as an entertaining film that fans will love.

Alex Billington on May 27, 2007


I loved this movie! I just saw it today and I'm already planning to see it again. I was foolish and walked out before the final scene and just about kicked myself when I heard about it. Thank God for all the wonderful people who told me what I missed. To me that final scene made the whole movie a lot brighter and a million times better. I just wish they wouldn't have stuck it at the end! It was a long movie and many of us have little bladders..LOL.... I am so hoping there is a 4th Pirates! And a 5th...they could go on forever as long as it stays as great as the first 3. On another note, the 3rd one is better than the if you didn't care for the 2nd one please give the 3rd a chance, it's well worth it! Two thumbs way up!!!!!

Lisa on May 27, 2007


When the first movie came out i didn't care to see it, then my friend gave me the dvd and told me I had to watch it and it sat on my shelf for years. My girl at the time came over, said lets watch this, and I finally realized Pirates I wasn't bad. I thought I should watch Pirates II but by this time, Pirates III was coming out so I went to see it and I liked it. I think it was well-done, good mix of humor, action, love, all the making of a good film. It was lengthy but in a way, i felt as if i was part of the movie and not in a theater. It concluded well and left room for a squeal without forcing it down your throat with an unresolved story. I think it was the best of the trilogies this summer. Shrek was just bad (I'm sorry but that's how I feel), and Spiderman was lengthy and had no structure (All of the "bad guys" had legitimate grips against Spiderman and so they weren't bad (Spiderman may have been the bad guy in a way) there was no beginning and a random end it was just murky). I think Pirates is one movie that deserves the money it has brought in Bravo.

jase on May 28, 2007


Watched it. Loved it. As good as an conclusion as it would be possible to give -- the plot was so expansive, but most loose ends are tied. Definitely an improvement over the 2nd movie. There are a few parts that make you wince at the bad plot writing. But - bonus points - more than one Jack Sparrow in one area at the same time?! hell yes. The movie has an overall tragic feel to it. Tragic love of Calypso and Davy Jones, tragic loss, tragic gain, yadayada... = epic movie. =) About the last scene to those who are confused though: According to the writers, the fealty of Elizabeth is enough to bring back Will from the Dutchman. Her devotion and love to him lets him leave and never return. (this is according to the writers of the plot - apparently it was omitted from the movie for being too long... and the fact that everyone loves a tragedy.) I enjoyed it. To those who have not seen it, please do. It's a wonderful conclusion to a swashbuckling tale. "... and really bad eggs."

Lchao on May 28, 2007


i can't believe this amazing series is over. I think i cried, that post credit clip was so sad cause it signals wat elizabeth has to deal with and shows that that really is the end of the series we will never know what happens to the rest of the crew or jack or any of them that makes me so sad i hope you all enjoyed it too!

nathalie on May 28, 2007


Hated it. Pic is worse than Dead Mans. Some gripes: 1.) When did POTC become a mouthpiece of feminist propaganda? I know the first movie winked at You-Go-Grrrrl fantasy when Liz helped grab a pole to bonk a baddie, but the second two have become insufferable with equality mongering. A white woman being named captain of a ship of 18th century Asian pirates? C'mon, even fun flights of fancy must have some kind of foundation in realism. 2.) Why was Davy Jones castrated in this movie? All the pains the second went through to set this guy up as the unstoppable Wraith of the Seas, just to become a yes-man stooge for the English runt? The eerie aura of having a ship full of mutated pirates is completely demolished when you have historically accurate British troops just kinda hangin' around on their ship, chillin' and mackin', relaxin' all cool... 3.) In POTC: AWE, the banter between Jack and Barbarossa degenerated into some kind of sub-Three Stooges repartee better reserved for semi-rural dinner theater productions. 4.) Death meant absolutely nothing to these characters. Everyone just kinda transitioned from the real to the ethereal as if they were shuttling to their daily commute to the office.

SubRef on May 28, 2007


Ok, so ive seen the move 3 times already, and believe me, it gets better every time!! Yeah, the first time its confusing and everything, but for eveyone who didnt like it, u should really give it another chance. the second time i completly understood it, and liked it so much i had to see it a third time!! and yes, all three times i stayed for the thing after the credits. its pretty cool, so for anyone who hasnt seen it, make shure u stay. And i agree with evey one who says they like the ending. it wasnt some "happily ever-after" stuff that you would normally expect form disney. As for the characters, i think they all did a good job in this one. Elizabeth had pretty much the main part, and the whole movie kinda revolved around her. it seemed like eveyone was in love w/her, and she was even made "pirate King" Now i dont know about anyone else, but i would have liked to see Jack as the Pirate King. but he was still as amazing as ever.....and funny too! He had all the funny lines, even tho some wernt that funny(yes the brain comment) but most were, so dont worry. oh, and for will, he didnt have much of a part execpt for the fact that he was a huge traitor, and he almost died at the end!!! one of my favorite parts was when the two gaurds(the ones that always argue) turn into pirates at the end(i dont kno how many people caught that) i thought it was pretty funny. Over all this was a fantastic, amazing and incredible movie.......defenitley worth your time and money

Pirate girl on May 28, 2007


Glad that it ended or has it? Check out my review here:

andydreamseeker on May 28, 2007


Pirates of the Caribbean 3 was sooo... AMAZING!!!! I saw it on Thursday night! It was incredible!!! I LOVED IT!!! Definately THE best movie of 2007!!! There was so many surprises and twists, but that made it all the more better. I was just so into this movie. I laughed, I cried, I was glad about some things, I was ticked off about some things, and i was just plain shocked through out most of the movie!!! I LOVED IT SO... MUCH!!! Outstanding preformances by the cast.

Niki on May 29, 2007


This movie was a complete flop. The substance of the so called plot was thin and poorly constructed. I love the first one and the second one was ok. This one was horrible. Had the chance to shatter records with a great film. BOY did it not.

Jaon on May 29, 2007


ok why is everyone saying it's so bad? it was most definately my favorite of the pirates trilogy. the part where will had to leave elizabeth just ticked me off. but i've seen it twice and i love it. o and will someone tell me if the curse really does get lifted or whatever.

Tayyylor on May 30, 2007


Bad, boring and stupid most of the time. There's really not much to add to the bad reviews (don't complain, almost all reviewers went out of their way to find SOMETHING positive to praise in the movie, to appease the fans I assume, only there wasn't much there). I watched it in a packed theatre and there were bout two or three weak laughs in the audience early on. The later joke-attempts hardly got any reaction. People were just bored and waiting for the final battle. The battle finally provided a bit of what the fans were looking for but there is simply not that much special about it. The pirate fleet that Elizabeth has mobilized so passionately doesn't even come into view once (only the captains can be seen briefly - one would think there would be some budget left for a few model ships!?), while the British fleet can be seen only somewhat foggy at the horizon. Finally, all these armadas are brought into the scene only to wait and watch for the ULTIMATE! fight between exactly two ships. Boy was I disappointed. One specific complaint that I want to mention is the fact that the directors decided to let the movie start right in the middle of the story. Let me explain this. Of course this is a sequel and we all know that sequels build on their prequels but usually they make an effort to make each movie work standalone. Star Wars and even Harry Potter you can watch the later installments without knowing every single detail of what happened earlier. Not so here. There is not the slightest attempt at explaining the context to the viewer. The film starts with obviosly harmless men, women and children being hanged as pirates and no clue is given why. Then the location changes without warning to Asia (whatever happened to the Caribbean btw?). There is no attempt at introducing the characters, or at explaining to the unfamiliar viewer what's the matter with Jack (why the hell does he appear to be on psychedelic drugs?). I know from several reviews that many viewers had problems making sense of the plot. Without the prequel fresh in memory, it is sheer impossible. There is a huge measure of arrogance in this. The directors felt they could just assume hat everybody had seen the prequels, and those who haven't - to hell with them, we already have the pockets full of money! The devoted fans don't care now, but you will see later when you try reviewing just this movie that it makes abolutely no sense on its own. You'll have to review part 2, which everybody agrees is even more dreadful than part 3. And you will say, thank you I'll rather watch Star Wars because that is fun watching every time. Oh and finally. The scene where Will and Elizabeth start kissing uring the sword fight - the ulimate fight between good and evil you remember! - and are "getting married" (oh my!) is just plain silly and nothng but plain silly. You think this is romantic? Or dramatic? It's high time you watch a real movie. Or is this mock marriage required so that American puritans won't be offended by the couple having a child together? How silly is that Mdames and Mssrs?

piglet on May 30, 2007


I saw Pirates 3 last night (5/30/07) and I didn't know what to think about the ending. I didn't stay to see the end credits so I'm guessing that either I'm going to have to go again to see what happens at the end OR I will have to ask someone. Here's the problem I personally had with the movie. I am an idealist, traditionalist, and some might call me simple minded and boring but when I walked out of the theater I thought to myself, "I wish they would have left the first one alone and left it at that ending." Why? Because I wanted Will and Elizabeth to end up together. The fact that they were in love was not enough for me. I mean, being in love doesn't change the fact that she'll only get to be with him once every ten years. Anyone who's been in love and been in a long distance relationship knows that the love part is good but not being able to be with the person they love is miserable. Traditionalist me, guy gets the girl and people live happily ever after, was a little disappointed at the end. Then Jack loses his ship, which pretty much means that we're at the beginning plot of Pirates 1. Elizabeth and Will are not together (but in love) and Jack is seeking to get the Black Pearl. Like I said, at the end of the first Pirates Will and Elizabeth were together and Jack had his ship.......perfect ending to a Disney film. Now I'm just left thinking today how much it would suck to only get to see the person that you love once every 10 years and how that is anything but a happy ending. Like I said though, maybe that ending that I failed to see will help a little bit. I liked everything else about the movie. By the end of the movie it did not seem that I has sat there fore 2 hours and 48 minutes. The action was good, there were some funny lines, and the forgotten score of the music was brilliant just as it was in the first two. I want to give this movie a thumbs up but I just can't bring myself to like the ending. Until I see the additional scene at the end of the credits I will just watch Pirates 1 again and pretend it ended like that!

Jeremy on May 31, 2007


I HATE WILL TURNER. Elizabeth Swann and Jack Sparrow meant togetter. And Will Turner most be out the picture. And I wont a 4 Pirates of the caribbean. And than whit Jack Sparrow and Elzabeth Swann togetter.(Whitout Will turner) And whitout The CHILD. BYE BYE BYE

NICOLE on May 31, 2007


FS_Dave, let me ask you directly: why do you think almost all the reviewers, professional or not (see rotten tomatoes) are wrong about this movie? and just you got it right Because they are all snobs? Isn't that a bit snobbish thing to say? I'm glad you enjoyed the movie what I don't like are the convoluted rationalization attempts. So you say it's a family movie and kids are loving it? Don't tell me that a three hour movie with plot twists too complicated and far-fetched for most adults to follow, which even you concede has "more exposition than was needed" (which is not quite correct - the exposition IS needed, that's part of the problem), and with "Terry Gilliam"-like psychedelic scenes in it, is a natural example of a family entertainment movie, "right up a kid's alley". And, oh, with a mass hanging as the opening sequence, featuring a small boy's execution completely unnecessary and out of context. Well, maybe that's what kids like nowadays. But let's face it more likely is people are watching this movie because they want to see how it ends, and because Disney has done a good marketing job. There's no need to look for substance where there is none.

piglet on May 31, 2007


piglet, Very rarely will I say that I'm right about a movie and someone else is wrong, and this film is nowhere near the caliber of film I would bring that argument to. I said it was a GOOD film. This isn't even close to breaking my personal top ten of 2007. It was a fun flick. Part of that is because my expectations were so low after the second one. I respect everyone's opinion. You have to when you work on this site. All I did was throw my own two cents in since Alex pretty much said he wanted me to post what I thought in another article. If someone says that Epic Movie is one of the funniest movies of the year, however, I will compare that person's IQ to that of a monkey trying to pro-create with a football. There's a reason why there are so many reviewers out there (I don't really consider myself a critic, but can live with the term), every single one has a different take on movies, even if they agree that a movie is good or garbage. I'm sure I've said other things that might peg me as a snob, but I don't think this is one of them. As far as me saying it was a family film, that's not quite correct. I said, "As for the brain gag, the reality is that families are going to see this film. That kind of joke is right up a kid's alley." I didn't say this was appropriate for the whole family. Actually, as people at my main job have been asking me what I thought of Pirates 3, the first question I ask is how old their kids are because I don't think this is appropriate for all ages. For the kids in that middle ground who won't be scarred by some of the imagery (yes, I'm being hyperbolic), they still want kiddie jokes, and that was one of the few in the movie. I didn't say this initially on this board because I wanted to just give my initial reaction here, but posted more of my thoughts on my myspace blog. In my opinion, the story didn't need to be told in the first place. Pirates 1 stands beautifully by its own and I think it's shoddy writing that made for such an overloaded and bloated sequel just to set up more exposition in the third one before having some closure. It's like they put in a bunch of padding and filler to stretch the story to two movies instead of what very likely could have been condensed to one film. Think about it. Just how much of Pirates 2 and 3 could have been told better and in a shorter amount of time? I really don't think both films were necessary, but 3 was fun for me and better than a lot of the crap out there, especially Pirates 2. Pirates 3 was an Oscar winner compared to Shrek 3. While enjoyable, Pirates 3 is ultimately forgetable. I just didn't think it was the steaming pile of crap you did.

FS Dave on May 31, 2007


"the story didn't need to be told in the first place... ultimately forgettable ..." Seems we don't differ THAT much after all πŸ˜‰ I am just not disposed to hold back with criticism just in order not to be seen as snobbish. While mediocre films may have their own raison d'Γͺtre, they shouldn't be praised just because they are "better than a lot of the crap out there". It's ok to have high expectations.

piglet on May 31, 2007


Jeremy: I couldn't have said it better myself! Brilliant! anyway I so know what you mean... at least at the end of the third one (I dont mind so much that Jack lost his ship just cause thats such a Jack thing to do and yeah him and Barbossa are always doing that kind of thing with eachother) but the Will and Elizabeth ending just plain old was uncalledfor.... I know what you mean about long distance relationships, but atleast with technology like the internet, now-a-days you can talk to the person... can you imagine TEN YEARS without seeing, talking, or touching the person you absoultey love and can't live without? I don't think so.... anyway I'd just like to say you hit the nail right on the head with your review!

Victoria on May 31, 2007


pirates of the caribbean 3 was the best and i think there should be a fourth one to finish of the story line. i also think that all the characters that are in 1,2,3 should also be in the fourth sequel. but other than that it was a fantastic film and i shall be looking foward to the fourth film if there is going to be one.

manisha on Jun 1, 2007


Is the curse really lifted?!!! Who says it is? I need to know! I cant sleep until I know that Will and Elizabeth can be together!!!!

Louise on Jun 1, 2007


want a good review? then just go to! it tells all about the will/elizabeth thing if your as confused as i was.

bobby joe bo on Jun 1, 2007


bobby joe bo - once on where do Igo? Thanks

Louise on Jun 1, 2007


there's a search bar halfway down the page type pirates 3 and it comes up:]

bobby joe bo on Jun 1, 2007


i loved it i cryed when will diues but at the end he comes bk to life will elizabeth and there son i live will and jack and there better better better be a 4 one or i might die!!i love love love love love love love love these movies!

willandjacklover4ever on Jun 2, 2007


*WARNING: MAY BE A SPOILER COMMENT* I watched Pirates 3 last night and stayed for the extra clip after the credits, but im still confused about the ending. After the credits, did the green flash in the horizon represent that the curse was broken, or did it represent that Will was just simply coming back into the world? I've read like a million reviews and people are just arguing about the ending. What really happened? Anyways, I thought the movie was so-so. There were some parts that i absoloutely hated, and there were others that i loved. For example, the whole tough girl Elizabeth thing sure got annoying. In the first movie, she was like a princess and she could needed help doing everything. But now in the 3rd movie, she's pirate king (well..queen) and she thinks that she's one tough cookie. Her little "inspirational" speech that she gave to her fellow pirates was unnessecary. Well, dont get me wrong, i like her transformation, but they really over-did it in this movie. I also disliked the fact that Norrington died. He was a major help during this movie, and ofcourse, he doesn't get the chance to come back like Sparrow or Barbosa. Elizabeth's little goodbye kiss was a nice touch, and I guess that Norrington's death did eliminate the love triangle, making the movie a little simpler. The part of the movie where Calypso is revealed and turns into a giant wonder is extremely ridiculous. And when she melted into crabs...I mean, COME ON! They should have gotten more creative. Despite those select parts, I loved the part when Will embraces Elizabeth after she learns of her father's death, despite the fact they were in a fight. It showed how much they truly loved eachother.

Chandra Cloud on Jun 2, 2007


* some spoilers* This film is without dout a great ending to the trillogy.Definitly more action.The love part was delt well and to those of you who go on how the ending with will is sad.He does return and yes the curse is lifted because elibeth waited for him.Now i am looking forward to a spin off with barbossa and jack ect iN Pirates of the Caribbean: the fountin of youth or something.This is not official so don't get to exsited but i defintly belive a 4th is in order.Jonney Depp said he would like to return as jack and they left it open.Thow i do belive the will and elibeth story has come to a end.Will and Elibeth now have a kid and live on land.I do not understand how people can say a movie is good just because the actors are hot. I would much rather do barbossa than will lmao ( joke btw).The effects was great i only hated the cylipso thing.What was the deal with her turning big?Surely her soul could have just come from her boady and gone into the sea?I see all 3 films as one big story.I wished barbossa was still cursed thow.Haveing said that he was just awsome.I am waiting for this to come out on dvd πŸ˜€ also the davy jones ending was great because when he was falling into the sea his last words was "calipso" so they are reunited πŸ˜› ... great action great love stoory thing but i do miss the kracken.This was exsplained in the film that norington told him to kill it.Because it ovisly was takeing out all the ships?Also how barbosa came back was not exsplained to well.Anyway great film!

James on Jun 3, 2007


* some spoilers* This film is without dout a great ending to the trillogy.Definitly more action.The love part was delt well and to those of you who go on how the ending with will is sad.He does return and yes the curse is lifted because elibeth waited for him.Now i am looking forward to a spin off with barbossa and jack ect iN Pirates of the Caribbean: the fountin of youth or something.This is not official so don't get to exsited but i defintly belive a 4th is in order.Jonney Depp said he would like to return as jack and they left it open.Thow i do belive the will and elibeth story has come to a end.Will and Elibeth now have a kid and live on land.I do not understand how people can say a movie is good just because the actors are hot. I would much rather do barbossa than will lmao ( joke btw).The effects was great i only hated the cylipso thing.What was the deal with her turning big?Surely her soul could have just come from her boady and gone into the sea?I see all 3 films as one big story.I wished barbossa was still cursed thow.Haveing said that he was just awsome.I am waiting for this to come out on dvd πŸ˜€ also the davy jones ending was great because when he was falling into the sea his last words was "calipso" so they are reunited πŸ˜› ... great action great love stoory thing but i do miss the kracken.This was exsplained in the film that norington told him to kill it.Because it ovisly was takeing out all the ships?Also how barbosa came back was not exsplained to well.Anyway great film! πŸ˜€

James on Jun 3, 2007


Sorry for the double post

James on Jun 3, 2007


The movie was Phenomenal, I almost cried when will died! There should DEFINITELY be a 3rd 4th all the way to the 8th!! I want to know if Elizebeth and Will ever get to be together, If Calypso and Davey Get together, If jack turns "good" and are they going to look for the fountain of youth so elizabeth never ages and stays immortal with Will? And what will become of Wills' father Bootstrap? Why did he repeat himself while talking to Elizabeth? There is way too many open endings to NOT have a fourth.

Jackie on Jun 4, 2007


i'm, like many women, and all the women i know, was disappointed by the ending. it was so sad to see the two lovebird not being able to se each other for 10 yrs. i'm just a hopeless romantic. but to tell you the truth, i don't think it would have made the movie better with a different ending.

yasia on Jun 5, 2007


to yasia: The first time i went to see pirates of the caribbean 3 i was also disappointed and sad at the ending. i later found out that there's a scene at the end of the credits. It was so good, and to me it made the ending so much better .......go check it out! its awesome!

stina on Jun 8, 2007



BETH on Jun 10, 2007


I thought the movie was fantastic. I have never seen anny movie begine like that I could hardly say annything. I was a little mad about Barbosa but e proved to be a good carector. I cryed all though the ending. Orlando has never doon a dieing scean befor but he did a good job. I love Will and they shoulden't have killed him and made him the new Davy Jones. But if it weren't for Jack and carving out his heart he would be realy dead. There has to be a forth movie. There are to manny loss ends.

Kaitlyn Coxon on Jun 13, 2007


Did no one notice that elizabeth and will's son was the boy from the beginning that was hung and when he was hung he had jacks piece.

Taylor on Jun 13, 2007


are u sure about that? because Lord Beckett is in it & he does most of the other people. and he's very much alive at the end? now om just plain confused..:[

bobby joe bo on Jun 13, 2007


o.k. so I think there will be a fourth pirates. But I can't think of any good villian. They should put more to Jack and Barbossa. The therd was the best so far the best I've seen. Oh and at the ending Elizabeth and her child walk to the edge of a mountain and see will return with the flying Duchman. And the green light at the end reperzents that the curse of the one day on land and ten days at see is brooken. When I was googling potc I found the information and the derecter rought it himself. Will and Elizabeths story should countinue with their child becoming a pirate. I think with the fourth their should be another crew of skeletons. Go to and search Keira khightly but don't go to the botom of the page.

davy jones on Jun 13, 2007


this movie was silly, went for too long and was boring... NINJAS RULE

steve on Jun 14, 2007


I loved the movie.. well most of it anyway. I didnt like how they made Will and Elizabeth seperated so to speak. All of my friends agree with me. We hope if there is to be a 4th that Elizabeth and Will end up together forever and that Capt. Jack Sparrow gets a girlfriend.

Chelly on Jun 22, 2007


OMG ! wat in the world happened at the ending???? huge question ??? ok does liz only get to see will one time every ten years for the rest of her life or is it that after the ten years the spell is broken and she can be with them ( liz and son) forever? o and why wasnt will and scary octopus??? major questions that are bothering me !!!

not avaiable on Jun 24, 2007


i just found out the true ending in pirates three!!! i am soo happy ! it turns out that will and liz can(!) see eachother forever after their ten years apart!! (p.s) I LOVE ORLANDO ! but mostly as a pirate!

not avaiable on Jun 24, 2007


my friend and i recently watched it... and we're debating wether or not the young boy who was hung in the beginning, supposed to be Will's son???

grace on Jul 4, 2007


guys thats not will's son at the beginning of the movie beckett is there and he dies in that battle scene unless im wrong but im sticking to that :DDD

jillie on Jul 5, 2007


Hey, what if Jack found the fountain of youth and that kid with Elizabeth at the ending is not her and Will's child but actually a young Jack Sparrow (after drinking from the fountain of youth)????

penelope on Jul 6, 2007


omg victoria was so right!!! (may 25th, 2007, post no. 13) i cried so much in that movie (both laughter/sadness/shock/sentimental) and that's saying something because i didn't even cry in titanic (no, i am human . . . just not one to cry in movies) but yes, as victoria said, they made jack a bit TOO crazy (oh but we still love him) and barbossa was one of the only ones who did some "good, dishonest pirating" altho johnny still kicked ass liz and will were totally ripped off and i hated the way ted and terry (the writers, for those who are not completely obsessed like i am and have NO IDEA who im talking about) squashed sparrabeth. Liz held the compass in DMC, it pointed to jack. when jack held it, the needle always spun crazily, but at times it wavered towards liz. besides, what do you think made him turn around and go back to save liz at the end of DMC??? and they KISSED! and liz cried when she left him to die!!! and the look of pain on jack's face when she rejected him time and time again could not have been for nothing!!! so what do we get in the end???? "one's quite enough, darling" from jack and "you thought i was in love with him (jack)" from liz!!!!! ITS TOTAL CRAP!!!! YARRRR!!!!!! also, what was with them killing all the characters from COTBP and DMC? well, not ALL of them, but really: norrington, beckett (good riddance), davey jones, govenor swann (nooo!!!), the ENTIRE East India Trading Company (not that we'll miss them) as well as some new AWE characters! (chow's character from singapore, for example) glad to see that pintel and ragetti, as well as murtogg and mullroy (always knew they should have been pirates) got some more limelight - that was good. and another thing victoria was right about - what was with the whole calypso thing? ragetti whispered "i release you from your human bonds" in her ear . . . but she remained human! only bigger! what was WITH THAT???? couldnt she have been a more spirit-like thing? or a prettier, female version of davey jones? the ending was very jack . . . but why isnt he with liz? WHY???? she longs for freedom, he can give it to her!!!! now she's stuck on some island with a kid and she can only see her husband for one day every decade! if they make a fourth (which they better!!!) they have to have jack come to the island and whisk liz away and they have a passionate, 9-year affair, then jack returns liz to the island in time for will to come back . . . and if liz gets pregnant, well . . . "i had twins!" **evil grin**

sparrabether on Jul 9, 2007


πŸ˜€ I'm glad to see that at leats someone shares many of my points of view on the matter. actually makes me feel special.... haha.... sorry i'm being dumb.... Well at least we can all say one thing. The writers must have done something right cause the movie is still in teatres and still makeing huge money! OK ok ok ok ok, I don't know if I mentioned this before but I was thinking about how the ending of the movie could have gone and, just to throw another plot twist in there... what if it was Will's dad who stabbed the heart..... like helloooooooo wouldn't that have solved all problems? Will and elizbeth can be together, technicaly Will's dad is then well still bound to the dutchman but theres nothing he can do about it anymore, and well who knows what would have happened between jack and elizabeth then at that point..... AND I totally have to agree with sparrabether, why did they kill off all the COTBP charaters! like AHHHH.... I can understnad Bekett just cause everyone could see that one coming... and I could kinda see Davy Jones just cause most people saw that one coming too..... BUT NORRINGTON!!!! GAHHHHHH...... FRUSTRATING!!!! I honestly burst into tears when he died and just grrr....... Totally agreed that a fourth one should be in the making as of yesterday haha!

Victoria on Jul 9, 2007


I LOVE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEN!!! I think i like the third the best. Alot of people has questions about the htird move but if you see the third move again your question will be is there going to be a forth!!! I think I mean I now there should be a forth becaues alot of people will be mad it is makeing alot of mouney + these are great moves it is the most seen move. So please make a forth please please!!!

Tiff on Aug 13, 2007


are u kidding me pirates three sucked the only thing good about that film was the last fight

Darrin on Jan 29, 2008

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