Seen Shrek 3? What Did You Think?

May 18, 2007

Another trilogy kicking off this summer has finally hit theaters around the world and we want want to hear your thoughts! What did you think? As good as the first two and worth your time and money? Did Shrek the Third live up to all your Ogre fantasies and expectations?

Shrek 3

Just drop by, leave a comment, create some discussion! To start it off, I hated Shrek the Third and it's another huge let down for 2007. I don't even like the 2nd one much, but this one just had so many stupid and unfunny moments packed in, that I didn't laugh at it for a single second.

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I really enjoyed it. I'm a pretty big fan of the series as a whole and think they're all just great entertainment. Does this one not feel as fresh as the other? Of course, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying what it has to offer. Since it's a series I think many are expecting each installment to top the last; that's not necessary. I laughed a lot, as did everyone in the theater, and these characters are just very endearing and well developed so I enjoyed spending more time with them. I do not think Dreamworks is using this soley as the cash cow it is. There was some good development for the characters and the movie didn't feel like a STV or made for TV movie at all. And unlike many critics think, it hasn't lost its edge. The scene with the Frog King shows that. It's my least favorite of the 3, but it's still a very worthy entry in an entertaining series. Shrek gets an 8.5, Shrek 2 gets a 9, and I'd give this an 8. And I can't believe you didn't laugh once...I could list off at least 10 things I laughed at, and laughed hard.

chrisg on May 18, 2007


I think we're going to see A LOT of reactions like chrisg's in this thread. With just how much bad word of mouth this is getting from critics, the bar has been set very low for the audience's expectations. With everyone expecting absolute crap, you're going to have a lot more people who are pleasantly surprised. Does that make the critics wrong? That's for the public to decide.

FS Dave on May 19, 2007


I dont know if i like it or not because i havent watched it yet................. so like yeah. but i bett i would like it. i like all the shreks.Also i cant what to watch it. {kiss Kiss}

desiree on May 20, 2007


i wish i could be in a movie.But w/e. i like it alot and its awsome.i couldnt wait to see it.

Lily on May 20, 2007


I liked it, i brought my daughter to it for her birthday(shrek freak). There were a lot of laughable moments. some dull parts, but in no ways was this a crappy movie, it does what it was intended to do, entertain!

darrell marsh on May 20, 2007


I thought it was good. I liked it I would give it a good rating. I would watch it again.

Craig on May 25, 2007


I really disliked Shrek the Third. The whole movie felt rushed, the plot was so thin it's laughable to call it a plot. I love the first 2 Shrek movies and really felt disappointed by this one. I also didn't care for how they "prettied" Shrek up. I don't recall him having eyelashes like a girl or a soft gentle look about him... Overall I think I would have been much happier to not have seen this one at all...

Lisa on May 27, 2007


I loved Shrek the Third! I was also impressed with Timberlakes voice acting, he did much better than I had expected!

Michelle on May 27, 2007


I agree with the review, I was quite disappointed. I only saw the first two installments with my niece and nephew on dvd. I thought they were pretty good so i went on a rainy day to see this and wanted my money back. I thought most of the humor was too high level for kids to understand and too stupid for an adult to care. It was probably the worse of the trilogy movies I saw this summer, Pirates tonight being the best.

jase on May 27, 2007


3 stars why okay but then not okay funny but then not funny you get the picture

joe on Jun 1, 2007


My 6-year-old daughter and I are big Shrek fans. 🙂 I took her to see Shrek 2 when she was 3 years old and we both loved it. We loved the first one as well. I think the first one was excellent, while the second one was even better. So I couldn't wait to see Shrek the Third and we went to see it yesterday. Well, it was a bit of a letdown after the second one. I don't think anything could top the second one for its storyline, characters and soundtrack. The third one was good, I enjoyed the animation, and I'm actually planning to go to the cinema again to see it, but the things that let it down were: 1) Too many characters. Each instalment has brought a bunch of new characters, but I think in the third instalment things are getting crowded. I didn't particularly like any of the fairytale girls (Cinderella, Snow White, etc). I would have preferred more of a focus on Fiona. 2) Storyline was too packed and fast-paced. It gave me a headache trying to keep up with it. 3) No soundtrack. What happened to the soundtrack?? With Shrek 2 they had a whole orchestra making the background music, and they brought in musicians to compose new songs from scratch or to revamp existing songs. In Shrek 2, I loved the opening "Accidently in Love" song, the "I Need Some Sleep" one where Shrek is going through a bit of an emotional crisis, and the revamped "Changes" when Shrek transforms into a man. From what I recall, there were no real songs in Shrek the Third, and they just reused the background music from the second film. Looks like they spent so much time on the animation that they couldn't be bothered with the soundtrack. And I was expecting an opening storybook sequence like they had in the first 2 films. I thought it was a lovely and effective beginning with the first two films and that they should have used it for the third as well. Still, it was exciting seeing the beloved Shrek characters again and I thought the humor was just as good. And I thought it was sweet seeing Shrek and Fiona become parents. It made sense. In the first movie, they meet and get married at the end. In the second movie, they're newlyweds, and in the third they become parents. Cute 🙂

Loxxa on Jun 10, 2007


UGHH it was horrile compared to shrek 2... it wasnt funny exept for a laugh every now and then. shrek 1&2 were hilarious!!! i give it 3 starz tho... iv seen worse.

teknikolortypa on Jan 15, 2008


this movie sucked

Darrin on Jan 29, 2008

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