Seen Superbad? What Did You Think?

August 18, 2007

This teenage comedy almost came out of nowhere but quickly materialized into a strong contender for best comedy of the year next to Knocked Up. Is it that good or is it just another forgettable teen comedy? Does it hit well with everyone or just certain types of people? Will this become a classic for years to come or just another one of 2007's better films?


Just drop by, leave a comment, and create some discussion! To fuel the fire, I loved every last second of Superbad. It's my own favorite comedy of the year, or at least coming in a very close second to Death at a Funeral. It was such a genuine story that related perfectly to my own high school life and was incredibly well made with hilarious laughs throughout. I think it's going to quickly become a comedy classic and McLovin will never be forgotten. I'm even still listening to Van Halen's "Panama" right now wishing I could be doing donuts in a cop car in a parking lot somewhere…

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It was hilarious of course and Michael Cera is a freaking genious. I love him in everything he does, even though Arrested Development is a stupid show. However, I though that the story was a little far-fetched and over the top, especially with the police. I found Knocked Up more realistic and funnier so it is still my favourite comedy of the year (and funniest).

Jeff Warner on Aug 18, 2007


I definitely give Knocked Up the edge over Superbad as a better movie. As far as gut busting laughter...this is at least tied for the best of the year. There's no doubt that "McLovin" is forever engrained in cult fame after this movie. Jonah Hill's "artwork" had everyone in the theatre laughing so hard I think it might have registered on the Richter Scale.

Nate on Aug 18, 2007


I am yet to see knocked up and really can't wait too, but this movie is definitely a comedy worth watching. Mclovin was classic. There were so many random one liners that would almost make you piss yourself. I haven't ever heard a louder laughing level than when i went to see it. I can see this movie becoming a comedy classic for anyone.

kevin on Aug 19, 2007


Maybe the hype did it for me, but I wasn't amazed by this picture. That is not to say I didn't like it. I would give it a passing grade but the film often felt hit and miss to me, with myself and much of the audience in hyterics at some points and silent in others. I think in the end I give it more leeway than most comedies because it had a better story and stronger character work than others (seems to be an Apatow trademark to ben funny and honest). Something inside of me says that in the coming weeks I will talk to friends and acquaintances and be told again and again that Superbad was the comedy of the summer and I will have to defend the superior Knocked Up. Reminds me of two summers ago when person after person praised the average Wedding Crashers and I told them it was all about the 40 Year Old Virgin (wouldn't you know it, Apatow directed that one too!)

Charlie on Aug 19, 2007


Charlie, Thank-You! I'm not the only one. I hated Wedding Crashers and found myself constantly defending The 40 Year Old Virgin! It was far superior and the best comedy of 2005!

Jeff Warner on Aug 20, 2007


As lame as this is going to sound, Superbad was super awesome! The entire theater was literally roaring with laughter every few minutes. I almost have to drag my wife to see movies that this and she gushed about it more than I did. McLovin is going to be on so many t-shirts soon it's not even going to be funny, wait, YES IT WILL! Superbad is the funniest movie of the year hands down.

Complete Geek on Aug 20, 2007


This movie was very enjoyable. I personally hated seeing it with annoying teens not old enough to be in the R rated movie so that put a damper on my viewing but I love Cera and Hill and think Apatow has a great sense of taking real situations and making them amazingly funny!

Napier's News on Aug 20, 2007


Honestly, I was pretty bored throughout Knocked Up. Maybe it is because I have 2 kids and have been through the whole pregnancy thing. I just didnt think it was that funny. I will have to admi that I didnt like the 40 year old virgin until i watched it 3 or 4 times. Maybe it has to grow on me. Superbad got quite a few laughs out of me. There were ups and downs like others have said. Some parts were really slow and some were freakin hilarious. I think the best scenes were with the cops. Not as funny as Road Trip or American Pie, but best I have seen this year.

Daniel on Aug 20, 2007


As most here have shared, both of these pictures are just a ball. They may act as equals, with regard to pure laugh factor. But what Superbad does––and maybe where Knocked Up falls slightly short––is relate to its audience on an intensely sincere level. These two guys––Evan and Seth––embody everything human about teenage life. Each of their experience is so candid. I do not think that it's too unjustifiable to believe that ten years from now, Superbad will be remembered as a classic of the modern comedy canon. It reflects such a genuine perspective on the eternal experience, in such an insightful and fresh fashion, and it's easy to see the way kids are reacting out in the streets.

Jimmy on Aug 20, 2007


Did someone on here say Superbad wasn't as funny as Road Trip?!

Nate on Aug 20, 2007


Hey guys... yeah I saw Superbad and I have to say I liked it better than Knocked Up... Probably because of my age... since I am around the same age as the characters in the movie I relate more to them.. therefore its one of those "It's funny 'cause its true" kinda things. But yeah I loved it... and I think it is the funniest movie i have seen this summer.

CSpuppydog on Aug 21, 2007


oh my,i was so pumped up to see this film and it was such a massive let down. Michael Cera played as his usual character from Arrested Development George Michael Bluth...yea and we all loved him in that such a quality character...not...and is also joined by Jonah Hill some fat jerk who im supposed to laugh at because he swears alot and tells lame sex jokes...wooohooooooo your not funny want to make me laugh walk into oncoming traffic dooche. Even that fat knobhead from Knocked up is in it Seth Rogen,now come on he was 'ok' in 40 year old virgin but seriously...Knocked up sucked but hey yea cool lets try and make this movie appeal to men too with dudes and weed refrences,my mrs dragged me to that and all i saw was a plastic vagina and an overweight jew who made me chuckle with just the thought of somebody actually having intercourse with him... Actors sucked,didnt find them entertaining and story was stale...

rotskat on Oct 21, 2007


do you think they are going to make a second superbad of when they are at college or anything just wondering what people thought.

Justin on Dec 3, 2007


i hope they make a sequel. It'll be awesome.

milo on Mar 4, 2008


The first time I saw the movie I thought it was hilarious, but after watch it 4-5 times it really isn't funny anymore

Don on Apr 8, 2008


Superbad super sucked. I was expecting laugh after laugh after laugh and i was severaly disapointed with the final product. I laughed 1-3 times the whole damn movie simply because of the jokes were dumb and childish even to my standards (i still laugh at some good fart jokes every now and then). Seriously, the best and funniest part of the movie was when the credits rolled because of the funny pictures of the penises (Mr. t penis was the funniest imo). It was completely out of no where and funny as hell. The rest was utter garbage and so despreratly trying to be this generations Animal House. The other movie i watched was Juno and that also sucked. The only part i laughed at was when the father said he go was go punch the kid in the weiner. The rest was just another lame chick flick of a dumb teen thinking everyone around takes life for granted and are dumb.

Matt on Sep 4, 2008

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