Sorry, The Serenity Sequel is Not Happening

October 24, 2007
Source: MySpace Blog

Sorry Browncoats, but it just ain't so. This rumor all started a few weeks back when Alan Tudyk made some comments that were taken out of context and presumed to be talk of a sequel. Some other speculators were claiming that it was just a big, confusing rumor to begin with anyway and apparently that was the case. The update comes from the girl who plays Kaylee, named Jewel Staite in real life, who wrote a blog update (via CinemaBlend) about the whole fiasco.

Here's Jewel's update from her blog on MySpace:

Lets address these Serenity 2 rumors before anything else. I have no idea what you people are talking about! Seems to me someone (with a name that starts with A and ends in LAN) said something in an interview that was misconstrued as the sequel being greenlit, which is not the case at the moment. I will never say it will never happen, because that's just blasphemy in my opinion, but it's not happening at the moment… no matter what you read on the internet. You know better than to believe everything you read, anyway! (except this blog… cuz it's all true.)

Unfortunately now I must say "that's that". I was really hoping the rumor was going to turn out to be true, being a huge fan myself, but alas I just knew it couldn't be so. Unless Universal is keeping this secret from even one of the middle actors in the series, but that's probably just as ridiculous as this rumor to begin with.

Now the question that remains is if there was the right emphasis from the right amount of people (say, Browncoats?), could Universal actually be smart enough to do a sequel? And if they did, would it actually succeed? If they made a sequel for 2009, that would be four years after the first movie and six years after the end of the series. Would another sequel that late and that far away from the hype actually do well? What do you think?

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Oh well....if its too good to be true then it probably isn't.

Heckle on Oct 24, 2007


Forgot to add something... MMmmmmmm Kaylee......

Heckle on Oct 24, 2007


Can't you people read? Jewel has merely said that a sequel has not been greenlit, not that there will be no Serenity 2. Alan got his info from Nathan, and all that was is that they (read Universal) are talking about a possible (key word) sequel, depending on the sale of the Collectors Edition of the DVD. Alan never said it was greenlit, NO ONE has said it was greenlit. The ONLY authoritative voice on this is Joss Whedon himself. He is aware of Alan's comments and has remained silent - keep in mind he's been quick to squash false rumors in the past. It's been over 20 days since the Moviehole interview appeared. Alan has come out and confirmed his comments on video: It isn't over yet, Browncoats. It ain't over until Joss tells us so.

xardoz on Oct 26, 2007


OMG - Why does universal continue to deny its fan's the sequel we deserve. The DVD's have sold like crazy and yet they refuse to make another one. Every couple of months I check to see if there is any news on a sequel, I'm glad to see the intertubes are still buzzing with talk about the show. Frankly, its like some old suit at Uni. dislikes the show and spites the fans because of it. WE NEED ANOTHER SEQUEL (if only shouting on a forum actually did anything).

Spyder on Dec 7, 2007


i am very confused. Firefly is a beautiful, beautiful series filled to burst with some of the most well-developed, intelligently scripted characters i've ever seen on any sort of screen, played by brilliant actors. It was created by a hugely successful and widely renowned writer, who had already proved himself long before this show first aired. If not for being the victim of lack of faith from the powers that be, it surely would have been a great success, seeing as despite circumstances it amassed a huge following. I love 'Serenity', despite the fact that it unnecessarily and inconsistently attempts to wrap-up all loose ends (e.g. the reavers? it's like they forgot they made 'Bushwacked'!!) - and despite a less than ideal box-office reception it has gone on to sell a great quantity of dvds. Multiverse are even using the 'firefly' universe as their flagship MMORPG!!! Now why, oh why, has there been no news about some kind of continuation? BEFORE LONG IT'LL BE TOO LATE!!!!!

desertskiff on Dec 8, 2007


It would be most interesting to see a Serenity sequel reach release, assuming it utilizes the same great cast as before (thinking River, the Captain and the Alliance Operative/Assassin mostly). More than anything I'd like to see this so called Parliament play a bigger role in the sequel since we only got vague clues about what they are like. I suppose the Reavers are now explained and wouldn't need to be the base storyline. Also it'd be neat to see another member of River's experiments, perhaps a male who is truly a killing machine for the Alliance. Something intense to that effect.

William Hart on Dec 11, 2007


if you watch serenity collectors edition and the new commentary joss does mention a possible sequel right near the end of it.

Sean on Dec 22, 2007


Here's an idea! "Earth that was" is actually a big alliance cover up for "Earth that still is". The Alliance got the crap kicked out of them and driven off the "mother" planet, where the Browncoats have developed their own society (cut off from the rest of the outer planet Browncoats). I'm no writer, but just a thought that spark someone who is.

Cliffystones on Jan 25, 2008


Ok if i just now got into the series and am still finding people interested in it then yes 2009 there would be still hype! The sequal would be a good idea! If i were them id make it and Zoe would be pregnant or something like that (sorry had throw that in there). WE FANS NEED A SEQUAL PLEASE DONT LEAVE IT TO OUR IMAGINATONS..... OUR IMAGINATIONS COULD DISSAPOINT US SEEING AS WE ARE NOT AS GREAT MINDED AS JOSS!

Tyler on Feb 20, 2008


Mals Hot Wife should be in it. Being all hot and so forth.

wolfman on Mar 13, 2008


there needs to be another firefly. that was the best, the best show on television. i bought the boxset for my mother, for all my friends and my roomate bought it for his mom. we are avid firefly fans here in texas and by god we demand a sequel!

douglas on Mar 26, 2008


If they make a sequel they should include in the story background into the creation of the parlaiment agent program: training, supposed philosophy, psychology... the idea of brotherhood should be explored in dialectic--the training would be solitairy, instructers many and aloof (beyond competetive, passively confrontational). control should be emphasized, faith in power. Vanity, but hidden behind tokens of self-sacrifice. recruitment should occur through the pool of military personel who have certain red tag experiences in the course of duty renderring them suitable or revealing predisposition to success in the program--one of which would be having committed torture. Torture could be explored as a mechanism for seperating the individual from the community; that is making some thing of the perpetrater, controllable to an obsene and horrific degree, less and less sentient more and more animal whose cleverness is revealed by a facade of civility and physical and mental ability, hiding a raging at an impotence in the inability to control as greatly as the power of his title and position might suggest (loss of identity, family, personal life to a hubric sense of duty), manifest as brutality. a kind of Byzaqntine ornateness Contrast against poverty and harshness of life (among subject planets) due to demands of tribute to support war machine... etc.,.

lada on Mar 27, 2008


Alright. I actually came late to firefly fandom. Oddly enough what sparked it wasnt the serenity movie. i saw it when it came out on DVD the first time, but it was sci fi's re-airing of the series. I have a friend who is... lets say "very outspoken" about his demands of continuation, and he started the whole phase. anyway, since I caught my first ep a few months ago I've been hooked. i subsequently purchased the series box set and the dvd. the graphic novels, and I've started (but still reading) the novel. They are putting out the 3rd graphic novel series this year, so the show is far from dead. However, I don't know if the box office would quite fit for it. If they aren't going to continue the series, then why not a mini-series? i was extremely impressed with tin-man, and I could see the series wrapping up nicely in 6 hours, if not a rebirth of the firefly series. So, what would happen if the legion of brown coats began demanding constant airing by sci-fi? It might generate the spark needed. Visually, the series stacks up against anything being produced right now. I think the biggest problem would be funding. This story has (unfortunately) failed twice in the eyes of the big wigs. The cancellation of the original series and the flop of serenity don't really inspire funding. The possibility is there, but its still almost cult. Make it main stream and we will see some changes. Right now demanding the series is the same as asking for money based on a "third time's a charm" philosophy.

Piff on Jul 19, 2008


Firefly...Serenity; The perfect antidote to the oh so "shiny" world of Star Trek. More please and soon.

hashmcgandy on Aug 1, 2008

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