Star Trek XI is a Reimagining, Says Writers

March 8, 2007

The buzz has been building quite a bit recently for Star Trek XI. Just yesterday got an exclusive interview with the two screenwriters, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, where they spoke more about the film. One of the key points they mentioned was that it's not necessarily a prequel, but rather a reimagining.

In the interview, Orci discussed more about how the universe will look and details on the direction.

"We're not going to start totally from scratch," Orci said. "We want it to feel like it's updated and of the now. That's actually the discussions we're having now: how to keep the look of the universe yet have it not look like nothing's new. It's tricky."

In addition, he spoke more about the budget, and how much bigger Star Trek XI will be.

"The economic models of the other [films] were very much based on the fans out there and their purchasing power," said Orci. "With this one we're going for the broad audience to bring people into 'Trek' for the first time."

These are some very interesting takes on what we'll soon see in Trek XI. I'm quite impressed that this thing is "coming back from the dead" in such a big way. And given the buzz and support for it so far, it might just have a fighting chance next Christmas Day.

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I love how it was quoted that these people want to broaden Trek into the normal population, when just about every Trek movie has tried to do this. I'm not saying it won't work, I'm just saying try someting else. I don't think Trek needs to be re-imaged.

J.D. on Mar 9, 2007


I just wish they'd stop trying to "broaden the audience" and concern themselves more with satisfying the desires of the core fans al over the world who have been there for every good ST movie and every series, except "Enterprise". The fans ditched "Enterprise" because the producers abandoned the fans. Everone understands the economics of making Star Trek movies but the real issue is that if you make a good Star Trek movie, the fans will make you a good profit. Unfortunately the folks in charge at Paramount are more interested in misguided attempts to make a fantastick profit. Without the core fans, the Star Trek franchaise is worthless. During the life of the franchaise Paramount has solidly failed to maximize the earning potential of the series and the movies. They simply don't understand what they have or how to make it work. They move slowly, cautiously, everything's brown darker. When they finally decide to act, lately, it's been the wrong move. They need to go back to what worked in the past and stop trying to attract a broader audience that doesn't really exist. Bring back the action, bring back the color and the humor. Bring back the Star Trek of the past and stop trying to rewrite Star Trek history.

James on Jul 27, 2007


I would like to mirror James' thoughts. Star Trek for the first time? You muist ne joking. This is the same mistake that they did with Enterprise by attempting to make a show that failed to attract new people (ergo the reason for not calling it Star Trek: Enterprise) and failed to entice the longtime fans like myself who enjoy the franchise. Reading trite like this is insulting to me. Insulting that someone is thinking "we can put out any old garbage for the fans but when it comes to the rest of the world it needs to be better." It is like fans are a lower form or an undesirable. My only hope is that they put out a good movie. I haven't gone to see a Star Trek Movie in the theatre since First Contact. Hopefully it won't suck.

CJ on Oct 14, 2007

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