Story Revealed in Christophe Gans's Onimusha Adaptation

November 7, 2007
Source: ComingSoon


As everyone knows with the current state of Hollywood, video games are being adapted left and right. Another one that will be heading into production starting in April next year is Onimusha. The Capcom game originally hit shelves for the PlayStation 2 back in 2001 and focuses on a demon-fighting samurai. The feature film adaptation with be directed by Christophe Gans, who directed the Silent Hill movie from early last year. A brand new story synopsis has been released for fans of the game to determine just how Hollywood-ized it will be.

In feudal Japan, 1582, the warlord Nobunaga is ambushed by ninjas, led by the brave samurai Samanosuke. Trapped, Nobunaga commits seppuku, but two sinister sorcerers reanimate Nobunaga's corpse with a half-human insect larvae. The resurrected Nobunaga orders the capture of two very special women to fulfill his evil plans.

When Britta, the daughter of a Dutch merchant, is abducted on board a ship by seemingly invincible warriors, her tutor and confidant Jacob pursues her captors, vowing to rescue her at all costs. Meanwhile, the beautiful Princess Yuki is also kidnapped, this time by ninjas that reveal themselves, incredibly, to be part spider. In search of Yuki, Samanosuke joins forces with Jacob to vanquish their common foe. In the Cave of Elders, he receives a magical sword that will slay all within its reach—friend or foe—and learns of a sinister ceremony at Inabayama Castle intended to blot out the sun.

Performing a dangerous, stealthy invasion of the castle, Samanosuke and Jacob find the women they love dressed as Moon Princess and Daughter of the Sun, ready to be wed to and ravished by Nobunaga. Aided by their allies, the two warriors attack the insectoid hordes, but Samanosuke falls in battle, seemingly dead. In a mystical encounter, he is given the option to survive and fight—but it comes at a terrible cost…

The game currently has four sequels, including Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams which was released on the PlayStation 2 just last year. Although I didn't love Silent Hill, I did enjoy it. I think it is one of the better video game adaptations in the recent few years, and I'm hoping Christophe Gans doesn't go all Uwe Boll and turn Onimusha into a pile of crap.

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ONIMUSHA STORYLINE.(NINJA SCROLL) This plot is not much more like the game but it should be more focus on the Genma demons and the other parts from the first game.Don't get wrong I'm not really into Onimusha anyway I just read news and artcles and I think this storyline could be false. The film will have Japanese and Chinese actors in the film and Christophe Gans needed to sort out the script before filming. And the filmmakers of Mortal Kombat are also working on the Ninja Scroll remake but the film will be more from the anime itself with techno Japanese sound and it will feature the Eight Devils in the film. Thank You. BRUCE ACOSTA AUSTRALIA.

Bruce Darren Acosta on Nov 8, 2007


I am preety mad about the plot line i think they are tryng to make to film suitable to the american audinces . i think it should go more with the feel of dark feel kind of like a hooror action because thats what the game is . IN fact i think they should go with the exact plot line of the first game but add to it and make it a little more lively what i mean is add some characters that wont mess up the story and wheres kaide she plays a big role in the movie she should take the role of the jacob and knock off the stupid dutch merchant crap and nobunaga marryng princess yuki please sounds like Big Trouble in Little China all over again the like when the bad dude tryng to marry the girl to fufil his plans its stupid conclusion it should be more true to the story line and ultimately it will be better movie and for F**K sakes make them demons not spiders more of a demon genma origin the fundimentals of the history should be oni vs genma dam i hope this isnt the acutal plot line of the movie

EA on Nov 11, 2007


ONIMUSHA WILL BE FILMED IN JAPAN. Christophe Gans will make the changes the location of the Onimusha from China to Japan, So the film is in pre production and Samuel Hadida should think about the change of the location so that the Onimusha will not be filmed in Benjing China so there is going to be a chnge of the location and the location for the Onimusha film is Japan. Capcom will work on the storyboards and the concepts for the film and the plot will be based on Onimusha Warlords game just like I said. The Tom Curise movie The Last Samaurai was filmed In New Zealand and Japan so that movie was good. Mr Gans can you make the props for the Onimusha movie for the Japan location? Thank you. BRUCE ACOSTA AUSTRALIA.

Bruce Darren Acosta on Mar 6, 2008


Guys,this aint even a matter of debate,the plot clearly SUCKS and it never gets sucker than that. Firstly,who is Britta or whatever ,where's she coming from and what the hell is a Dutch merchant doing in a movie like Onimusha? Secondly, Onimusha a Love story......PLEASE!!!

Mutenta Nyambe on Mar 26, 2008


OH just in case Christopher Gans is really stuck on this one,he can please check my version of how the Onimusha plot would have been on '''' in the group ''onimusha freaks''......Im just trying to help.

Mutenta Nyambe on Mar 26, 2008


i love u soki and jubie

hihihihi on May 1, 2008


ONIMUSHA MOVIE DELAYED. Onimusha movie has been delayed,because the death of Heath Ledger and Christophe Gans is working on the novel called The Swedish Cavalier,Gans will work on the Swedish Cavalier movie then he will get back to work on Onimusha. Good thinking Mutenta Nyambe. I think if you guys talk to Christophe Gans about rewriting the plot and the screenwrtiters will need to listen and to start the plot all over again it needs to be based on Onimusha Warlords game. Catch Ya. BRUCE ACOSTA AUSTRALIA. OK I'll Shut Up.

Bruce Darren Acosta on May 2, 2008


I never really liked Christophe Gans to begin with. I love the Onimusha video game series and was really excited to hear about the release of a movie but this sounds like total crap. Dutch merchants? Spiders? Samurai/British love story? Sounds like Capcom needs to stick to making video games.

Ian_shadow on Jun 10, 2008

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