Street Fighter Movie Grabs a Director: Confirms It Will Suck!

September 5, 2007
Source: Variety, deviantArt

Andrzej Bartkowiak

It's almost guaranteed: the Street Fighter movie first mentioned back in last October will suck! The producers have signed on "action specialist" director Andrzej Bartkowiak (that's him in the photo above) for the film. Here's his credits: Doom, Cradle 2 the Grave, and Exit Wounds, Romeo Must Die. Oh no, it's this guy directing our beloved Street Fighter movie? Here comes Jean-Claude Van Damme all over again.

I dare you to guess which awful studio is putting out this load of crap. Yep, it's Fox, that same studio we've talked about plenty of times before. Production is set to begin early next year (pre-Screen Actors Guild strike as always) on the live action feature film.

The script was written by Justin Marks (he's also writing the upcoming Masters of the Universe and Voltron scripts), who is currently polishing the rusty hubcap of a script into a gleaming pile of crap. As also originally discussed in October, the film will focus on the female fighter Chun Li and her journey for justice.

You know, I really was hoping for an actual good Street Fighter movie. That game has a certain place in my heart (and millions of other peoples') and I know we all want a good movie out of it. Unfortunately that's just not going to happen.

Street Fighter
Image courtesy of doocell via deviantArt.

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Jean Claude's "inspirational" speech in the original Street Fighter is one of the greastest scenes in the history of film, EVER.

Ethan on Sep 5, 2007


This one sounds like it may even be worse than the first Street Fighter movie ZzZz...

PG on Sep 5, 2007


The first movie was terrible. They should let Zack Snyder handle this one after The Watchmen.

Heckle on Sep 5, 2007


The same writer of Masters of the Universe, that has the characters appearing on Earth, not Eternia? Yeah, this is going to be even worse than expected. I wish this had made it onto my list of pathetic geek movie remakes.

Great White Snark on Sep 5, 2007


Well...i'm not so sure about that... Bartkowiak is a Polish cinematographer so I can't predict anything 🙂 there are many great movies from Polish Film School (in Lodz city) Students (and Bartkowiak is one of them), so you can't be sure if it will realy suck - maybe that's Bartowiak's time to make something amazing. Cheers for Poland 😉

Oro_Spain on Sep 6, 2007


Well, Street Fighter fans, I will say, let's see what Bartkowwiak from Poland, Europe can do. There have been many great, Polish films for centuries. I think, he will bring a fantastic Street Fighter movie to the big-screen. Zack Snyder is another candidate, he did a fantastic job on 300, a Epic-Adventure film that is taken from mythology with a Sin City environment twist. Street Fighter in 2008, can become the Video Game film of the Millenium that Capcom fans have been waiting for. So, do any of you speak negative, let's just see what happens from now until, 2008. Street Fighter I feel will be drawn from Udon's Comic Book research elements. All of the SF characters will be redrawn, redone, recasted and given their original storyline plots.

Kevin on Sep 6, 2007


Why Street Fighter now? Like the Simpsons movie, this idea is about ten years too late. There are still SF fanboys around (like me), but the whole thing is gettin' old (like me) 🙂 The way remakes are going lately, this new version could make Kylie Minogue look good 😛

Mark on Sep 6, 2007


I was always partial to Streets of Rage myself... first Street Fighter movie was stupid, I don't expect this will be any better.

Bulbous Pierre on Sep 7, 2007


I think people need to chill out. Wait for SOMETHING to come out of this before judging it. We don't even know who will play Chun Li yet and you're saying it will suck. Give it a chance for Christ's sake

DiddyKong on Sep 17, 2007


STREET FIGHTER MOVIE PLUS TALK ON TEKKEN MOVIE. Now that Andrzej Bartkowaik is directing this Street Fighter film him and Justin Marks will have to play the game and Marks needs to chnge the script and the movie needs to focus on Ryu and Ken and not that Chun Li storyline off corse the movie will have Chun Li in the film. The Tekken film is still in development but the production company Crystal Sky should make the changes like Ronny Yu to direct the film and hire some Asian screenwriters to rewrite the script as the story will focus on Kazuya Mishima. The live action Virtua Fighter movie would be good as long and Jackie Chan would star in the film if he might be keen. I hope that Street Fighter doesn't turn out like the 1994 movie version did,it needs to be more realistic to the games. Thank You. BRUCE ACOSTA AUSTRALIA.

Bruce Darren Acosta on Sep 24, 2007


I would love that the new Street Fighter movie will hit to theaters this Summer sometime in July or August? Johnny Young Bosch - Ryu Sean William Scott - Ken Kelly Hu - Chun Li John Cena - Guile Brazilian Actor - Blanka Nathan Jones - Zangief Adam Beach - Dhalsim Sumo Actor - E Honda Lil Jon - Balrog Orlando Bloom - Vega Bruce Willis - Sagat Tom Cruise - M Bison Eliza Dushku - Cammy Batista - T-Hawk Rey Mysertio - Fei Long Snoop Dog - Dee Jay Vin Diesel - Akuma Ernie Reyes - Adon Jet Li - Gen Mike Vogel - Charlie Jason David Frank - Dan Julia Hsu - Sakura Vera Farmiga - Rose Terry Crew - Birdie

Eric Weissman on Oct 25, 2007


i like street fighter very2 well... my suggestions:- 1) see movie " ONG BAK, TOM YOUNG GON "( FROM THAILAND ) 2) see movie " UNDISPUTED 2" 3) see movie " THE QUEST" :- now u will find many actor there, example:- a) TONY JAA ( Ongbak )-he can play like FEI LONG or Vega, b) aCTOR IN UNDISPUTED 2- he can play like ZANGIEF or T-HAWK or GUILE,- white men ( i don know what his name ) c) NATHAN JONES - as zangief, 4) DJ, E- HONDA - u will this actor in film " THE QUEST" ( THIS GUY WAS VERY POWERFUL WITH OWN MARTIAL ARTS...I LIKE TO SEE IF THEY JOIN DIS FILM ).. AND I HOPE THIS MOVIE SCENE FIGHTER LIKE MOVIE " UNDISPUTED, MATRIX " - don use any trick camera orait...WE LOVE REAL MARTIAL ARTS AND THEIR MOVEMENT !!! BRAVO STREET FIGHTER!!! don forget to give many power like film x-men, superman..THEIR OWN POWER OK

Predator on Oct 29, 2007


There's no need to make a Street Fighter movie, that movie was made in the 70's. It's called ENTER THE DRAGON. They're going to have Chun Li avenging someones death at a world tourny like Bruce Lee did. Total remake.

Synopsis on Oct 31, 2007


I can't belive this movie was not rated R give me a break it makes me sick that it shows bison using a woman for a punching bag and riping out his baby from his wife tummy! It makes me sick these Director need to take some responsible for these films. No wonder children go to prison at age ten!

Patricia needham on Oct 11, 2009

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