Sunday Discussion: The Dark Knight Buzz?

December 9, 2007
Source: Comics2Film

The Dark Knight

It seems like every single day a new photo, poster, or magazine cover related to The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins, hits the internet. Along with one of the most extensive and impressive viral marketing campaigns I've ever seen, the buzz right now on The Dark Knight is pretty incredible, at least from my standpoint. But the movie has 7 months until its release next July, and not everyone out there really knows about it yet. In addition to running a couple of new photos today, including a full-frontal look at Batman, I'm asking you to let us know what you think of The Dark Knight buzz.

Although the buzz surrounding the internet marketing side of The Dark Knight is quite immense, I was talking with a friend last night who, although he isn't a big Batman Begins fan, didn't even know that The Dark Knight even existed. I have to give him the lowdown on the Joker and Heath Ledger and Nolan filming scenes in IMAX and everything. It makes me question whether the buzz is widespread or just centralized. What are your thoughts on the hype? Make sure to leave a comment below!

These new photos come from our friends at Comics2Film. The first and second ones (skipping the one wearing the mask) are a promo shots of the Joker, and the third one at the bottom it is a magazine cover from the French magazine CinéLive.

The Dark Knight

Have you seen that mask before? I bet you have - here's one of the first photos to debut from The Dark Knight, which is one of the scenes shot in IMAX.

The Dark Knight

The Joker

In the cover photo below from the magazine CinéLive, you can see Batman's new suit and utility belt which has been upgraded since Batman Begins. You've gotta love the Christian Bale Batman, I think he even beats Michael Keaton by now.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight arrives in theaters next summer on July 18th, 2008.

So, what do you think of the hype? Are you excited for The Dark Knight already? How does it rank on your list of movies for 2008?

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The hype and viral marketing surrounding The Dark Knight is awesome - I think that getting people to participate in a film experience like this is ingenius. Bale as Batman is by far the best choice and The Dark Knight storyline is a spectacular way to continue this franchise.

Jeff S on Dec 9, 2007


None of my friends or family really go onto these movie sites and asked them about the question you asked, 'Have you heard about 'The Dark Knight'?'. Out of the 50 or so people I asked only one said yeah. WB really needs to get a poster or Trailer out because I do think the buzz is centeralized, like 'Snakes on a Plane'.

Ryan on Dec 9, 2007


I think the internet hype is great. But that just it, the hype and viral marketing seems to only be reaching those who are active and daily internet users, those who frequent movie sites or who want to follow The Dark Knight news and updates in the first place. If I didnt come onto or other such sites Id have no idea the amount of marketing thats going into the movie. I am extremely excited for the movie. On my list for 2008, its right up there with Iron Man and Indiana Jones. Id say 2nd or 3rd in my top 10.

Keith on Dec 9, 2007


The viral marketing is terrific - and WB is certainly doing it right. Someone commented above about how 50 of his friends/family haven't heard of TDK - but that doesn't mean it's not working. The online campaign is obviously tailored toward the super-fans who love seeing every promo photo, teaser poster, etc. It's not supposed to get interest from my mom or others who aren't big movie buffs. The viral campaign is getting the true fans super-hyped for this movie - and that is who will be in line on opening night. The standard trailers, TV spots, etc will follow closer to the release date to rope in the casual movie fans. Hopefully you guys can get yours hands on that 6 minutes of footage playing before I Am Legend this weekend...

Boo-Yah on Dec 9, 2007


I agree that they do need to get a real trailer out. The teaser has been out for at least 2 months or more and it is true that only the diehards are following the online happenings. But it is time to visually show people what to get excited about for summer.

Josh on Dec 9, 2007


It won't be until the trailer and the six minutes of footage in front of the IMAX version of "I Am Legend" hits theaters that people will start to realize there's a sequel to "Batman Begins" coming out. That should be enough to get movie goers excited about it. And it won't be until they bombard TV viewers with commercials for the film that people will really seek it out.

Dan Geer on Dec 9, 2007


TDK is No. 1 on my list. Buzz is not just 'the buzz', it's a superb act of modern internet and a great example of smart ideas turning everything upside-down, just to make us involved and busy until 7/18/2008. Christian Bale. Michael Caine. Gary Oldman. Heath Ledger. Morgan Freeman. Aaron Eckhart. Maggie Gyllenhaal. Hans Zimmer. James Newton Howard...and yeah, Nolan above them all. Best. Film. Ever.

m4st4 on Dec 10, 2007


Guys, "Why So Serious?" IMDB has the release date for this film at July 17th. That is over 7 months away. As much as I love the Bat and as much as I love movies in general, its just a film. Its just One film. So much is overhyped these days and much of that is done very early. I'm very content to wait 3 months for a trailer so that I only have to endure 4 months of excruciating impatience. The viral marketing is great and its exceptionally clever. I'm eager to see what they will do with their army of clowns ..... Dr.D

Dr. Duvel on Dec 10, 2007


I'm excited! It's #2 on my '08 movies list, after Indy. I think the average movie goer probably doesn't know much about it because they're just that, the average movie goer. But you talk to any movie buff or fanboy and they're stoked about this movie. I think all this pre buzz and viral marketing is intended for the movie buffs and fanboys anyway. I don't think they'll lose much in terms of ticket sells once the movie gets close to release date because at the end of the day, The Dark Knight is still a huge summer blockbuster. People don't miss those kind of movies, even your average movie goer.

PG on Dec 10, 2007


I'm loving what they're doing with this movie. While I am wanting to see a trailer, I agree with Dr. D in that we can have a bit more patience. I definitely think that at this point WB has the Bat "Superfans" right where they want them. They're not spending tons of money on trailer advertising and print ads (yet), they're spending it on Phones in Cakes! Which by the way probably costs way way less. Oh yeah, and did anybody else notice the new Iron Man poster on the bottom of the cover of that french mag? Looks pretty nice to me and I haven't seen it anywhere yet.

Icarus on Dec 10, 2007


I really have to agree with what most have been saying above me. As creative and down-right remarkable their viral marketing has been online, it just has stayed ONLINE. I know the whole "phone-in-a-cake" stunt was just awesome and worthy of note, but it's nothing really more but a great conversation piece. Dr. D was right anyway, it IS just one movie. The best thing anyone can do at this point is just wait it out and see what happens later on.

Zach on Dec 10, 2007


the new dark knight should rock, even if it's only half as good as batman begins

patrick on Jan 7, 2008


This movie looks better than Batman Begins. I am really looking forward to this movie.

Andrew Strub on Jan 12, 2008


Everyone watch this!!!!! It's the funniest trailer for Batman I've ever seen and I've been searching for spoofs for months!! I'm so excited to see it tonight, but this helps ease the anxiety!

Bethany Clayton on Jul 17, 2008


ok so u no the police chiefs son, i think he will become robin because he was used more than twice in this movie and he and only commisionar gordan know tha truth that batman is innocent so the boy will follow his heroes footsteps and train and everything than b robyn.................... email on your thaughts ~RIP Heath LEdger

T~Rell on Jul 19, 2008

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