Sunday Suggestions: How Can We Improve for 2008?

December 16, 2007

We're in the process of working on a number of updates, tweaks, and fixes for January 1st to kick FirstShowing.net fully into 2008. However, we wanted to turn to the readers to hear what all of YOU have to say and how you think we can improve. We are constantly wondering how we can make the site work and operate better and how we can provide more of the content you want (and less of the content you don't want). We want this to be a place you enjoy and you visit regularly and you tell all your friends about, so fire away! Leave some comments below or e-mail us - let us know how YOU think we can improve.

As an extra incentive, whoever we determine gives us the best suggestion for improvement will get a $20 Best Buy gift card! We love movies so much and want to share that with you, so in exchange we'll personally send you your own choice of movie from Best Buy. Please make sure you use your real e-mail address in the comments below or you won't have the chance to win!

You can be as mean as you want (but please don't use an profanity or ALL CAPS), but we'd really appreciate some constructive criticism or great ideas and suggestions. You are free to comment more than once but we will only count each email address as one entry even if you leave multiple comments. Some examples:

- Better or more interviews with certain types of people (or even specific people).

- More or less trailers in certain formats.

- Better website design or positioning of links, etc.

- Improvements to the Release Schedule or other areas of the website.

- Anything you can dream up that would make this a better place for all of you…

From all of us here at FS.net, we thank you for your continued support and suggestions.

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I like everything you have done so far Alex, the only thing I would enjoy seeing being added on is a forum, and that can double as the talk back on the news you post on the front page and would probably be easier then the comments. You would also get more of a chance to see what your readers are into and what they are talking about. Keep up the hard work.

Stephen on Dec 16, 2007


Yeah I agree a forum would be awesome, where people can talk about movies they've seen or dvds they collected. Als also... I would love to see some more discussion on older movies, not just the ones that are coming out now. An occasional discussion over an old classic would be awesome. For the rest, love this site...its my number one movie website.

Ricardo on Dec 16, 2007


The idea of the forum is great but what if you can make a chat room in skype or Paltalk that you have a special room for movies and anyone can come in and speak ...it will be better .. I think if we can speak not just write will be better and it will look like we sit all together in one room face to face speaking about a movie ...and I think it will be great job to do ... For myself I can promise you that I can handle this job making a room in Paltalk and every week one day more than 3-5 hours to lead the room and give ideas and speak about things of course if you like it and if there will be real people who love movies and love the idea .... and if there will be others who can control the room for one day a week it will be great we can have it every day 🙂 For more information I did such a room in skype before a year alone and it was nice there was a lot of people who come and injoy and learn one from another : Let me know if you like the idea .... 🙂

shero on Dec 16, 2007


This site has the best layout of any movie blog that I've seen, so I wouldn't change a thing in that regard. The trailers are fantastic; I love the video format you guys use (a lot better than the YouTube links that some sites give to their readers). The contests you guys run are fantastic, as well, so a spike in the number of promotions you run can't hurt. And I really appreciate your coverage of the Writer's strike - that is really relevant to the industry and is something every movie fan should be paying attention to. The release schedule is fantastic: it's my number one source for accurate information about movies coming out in the not-so-distant future. Personally, I'm not a fan of the forum idea, but as long as there aren't excessive posts on the home page about goings-on in the forum than it wouldn't hurt to have it for those that enjoy that type of thing. As an improvement, I'd suggest trying to score some more exclusive interviews with anyone you can (actors, directors, screenwriters). You have definitely done this a few times already, but even more would be great. I think that would add a more personal feel to your site, along with your current posting of snippets of interviews taken from other sources. Don't get me wrong, I love those kinds of posts - but any interviews we can't find on other sites would be awesome. This is my favorite website (of any kind) to visit, so thanks for listening to our input and keep up the excellent work!

Ben on Dec 16, 2007


I love everything here, one suggestion for an improvement: Trailers category for all posts that contain actual trailers for upcoming movies. Search works well for finding specific trailers and posts, but it would be nice to see all recent trailers one below the other, newest to the oldest, and surf through some things we've missed first time around.

Emir on Dec 16, 2007


Heh, latest trailers. 🙂 Nevermind me, I think I actually used that option before but didn't think of it while writing the comment. 😀 You're perfect like you are. 😉

Emir on Dec 16, 2007


I think it would be cool to have a monthly First Showing reader post, in which a selected reader can write a post on anything regarding film and it will be posted to the site. They could do reviews, rants, discussions, etc. The writer could be chosen via contest, random draw, whatever else.

Jeremy on Dec 16, 2007


Yeah i agree with the forum idea... other than that I can't really think of anything else that you could do... I mean Alex you could hook me up with a Cloverfield poster and that would be kelw for '08 lol... but dude... a forum would be awesome.

CSpuppydog on Dec 16, 2007


I'd like to see more reviews (of more/different movies). That and a forum would be cool.

Sam on Dec 16, 2007


Cover more foreign films. I mean I realize that firstshowing "connects hollywood with its audience" but foreign films are just as important if not more important than hollywood films. I dont really like the idea of a forum, just because the comments section are an output for people to voice opinions and such. Its sort of like youtube, only specifically movie related, and youtube doesnt have a forum (thank god). As for the good; I constantly come back to FS just because of the organization/layout you guys have. Everyday a few updates kept in an organized fashion really have an effect. Maybe change the colorscheme just for the sake of change and clean up the heading up top (it looks a little cluttered). But yeah, great site!

ramez on Dec 16, 2007


While I love the information and the service you provide, you really don't interact with the commenters or foster any sort of feeling of community on the site. It seems to be a one way street - you post, we comment and that's that. Readers and people who take the time and effort to comment are a gift to your blog, not a given.

William Mize on Dec 16, 2007


Well, firstly I wish there were a way to embed the trailers y'all put here onto our own blogs (with a link back to the original article to lead people to firstshowing.net). I dislike having to rely on bad quality youtube embeds or a tiny link to yahoo. Also, there should be a directory/tagging system for each movie/project - so we can look up information on particular upcoming or newly released movies. This would make it easier to talk about the content on other communities/boards and link back to this site. One of the things I find lacking is spoilers, reviews and discussions - I probably won't watch I am Legend since horror films traumatize me - but that does not mean I don't want to read about the movie and developments in regard to it. Lastl the text in the header: "hosted by mediatemple", "summer event calendar" etc. just seem so random and glaringly weird in an otherwise ideal layout. Other than that - I'm pretty happy with firstshowing.net 🙂

Glacia on Dec 16, 2007


If there is one thing i don't want to see disapear from the blog in 2007 its "worth watching" section I like the fact that you post the trailers in your own flash lector and not only emmbed youtube or daily motion. And there's in good quality each time, that allow people who don"t have quicktime or big broadband to saw the recent trailers available on the web So for 2008, "worth watching" have to stay !! ^^

Logan on Dec 16, 2007


what ever you do, plesase DONT change the method or format you use for posting the movie trailers...it gets by the many filters we have on our server and I can actually see them here...most other sites that have movie trailers get blocked but yours do not...thank you vrey much....;)~

larry on Dec 16, 2007


Improve the podcast audio quality.

TheSnowLeopard on Dec 16, 2007


i have to say, i love everything about this site. i check it everyday for the latest news on the movies i care about and waiting anxiously to see. i think if maybe u didnt do any major changes to the site it would be good because its best the way it is

casey on Dec 16, 2007


I love the site as it is, I would like to see a podcast going again and more movie trailer updates. However I would like a box office section too with numbers/predictions and what not and some more contests. Anyway, I have moved from comingsoon.net to here so keep up the great work Alex!

Ryan on Dec 16, 2007


i agree on not changing the format for the trailers, it is the only site that doesnt get blocked. (a good way to corner the market regarding movie geeks at work!) i hate sites that just stick a youtube link in there. also, either in the forum or as a link on the home page, maybe you could have a section for events all over the US, we could post them or let you know and you could post them. either way it would be nice for all of us to be able to enjoy movie screenings/events in our own towns. I have one allready, they show older/popular movies once a month in downtown portland (oregon), they did Goonies, Boondock Saints, Pulp Fiction, and this month its Gremlins. (it is over 21 though) im sure there are lots of towns doing things like that, so lets hear about them.

sarah on Dec 17, 2007


Great job this year, guys. I would like to see a wider array of films covered. I love the site, but it seems like a lot more of the comic book movies and the blockbusters are covered in favor of smaller independent and foreign films. More interviews would be amazing, that is if it's possible. Perhaps a forum section where people can discuss recent movies they have viewed and give a little review about the film. Or even a DVD recommendation section. I would definitely love to see more reviews, and maybe even every so often a "classic" or "cult classic" movie review of an older or overlooked film.

Zach on Dec 17, 2007


Not sure what you can improve. I've really enjoyed reading the stories and watching the trailers and posting some comments (I don't care much or have time for forums, personally). Thanks! 🙂

avoidz on Dec 17, 2007


Merging FirstShowing and Slashfilm.

Matt on Dec 17, 2007


Thanks for all the great suggestions so far!! Please keep them coming, or if you think of anymore while browsing in the next few days, feel free to add them below. We truly appreciate all of your support!

Alex Billington on Dec 17, 2007


Hi, I would personally say to do some text linking so more people will find your site better with the Search Engines. I have never heard of your site until today. At LinkWorth, we can help you with any optimization needs you may have. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. Thanks and happy holidays, Scarlett LinkWorth Staff 214-440-3908

Scarlett Tarjick on Dec 17, 2007


Enable trackbacks on your articles.

Quicksilver on Dec 17, 2007


I think that you could use a few improvements to the graphics on the website. Nothing serious, just get a graphic designer to come up with a few new images to give the site a fresh look. And I agree with someone above me about getting the hypecast running again. But have it be more energetic and... well... "Hype-ey". And it sure would be fun to give more of the posters that you receive for events to your web readers as well. I bet some of the people in Colorado who get them care a WHOLE lot less than your loyal readers.

Icarus on Dec 17, 2007


#5 Emir - That's already available right here: https://www.firstshowing.net/category/trailers/ I'll just work on making that link a bit more visible in all trailer posts. Sound good? #11 William - Thanks for the suggestion - we're going to work on that and try and reply a bit more. Sometimes I feel like my opinion is stated clearly in the article and there'd be no reason to write a comment and say that what I think is just written above. However, all of us will definitely try and get more involved. #19 Zach - We're definitely working on that, which is why I started the "Indie Spotlight" series of articles a couple of months ago. It's hard to find good content on small indie movies, but when I do, I'm always trying to diversify what we're talking about. Also, keep your eye on anything that shows up in the indies section here: https://www.firstshowing.net/category/indies/

Alex Billington on Dec 18, 2007


Hi, I agree with the other posters that your layout and look is excellent. To those that want a place to discuss movies, I would like to suggest the IRC channel on irc.freenode.net called ##cinema where a small group of us hang out and talk about movies. A lot more people show-up on Oscar-night and we watch/talk-about the awards in real-time. The only criticism I have is that some of the articles could be better written, for example, from the Raimi/Hobbit posting: "Sure, it was Raimi who ended up making the movie, but after hearing the things he had to say, there is no way he could've made this bad of a movie if he would've done the exact story he wanted.", could have been written differently.

Luis on Dec 21, 2007

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