Terminator 4 Updates - Aiming for 2009

September 26, 2007
Source: IGN


Ever since the news hit about the Terminator series continuing, it has been rather quiet. Finally an update today comes from James Middleton, a producer on the TV series "The Sarah Connor Chronicles", who is also overseeing the development of Terminator 4. Middleton confirms via IGN that T4 is still happening and aiming to be in pre-production by this October for a 2009 release. The script is being written by Michael Ferris and John D. Brancato, who co-wrote Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, and that no director has been chosen yet.

The film will be titled just Terminator with a subtitle (like "Rise of the Machines"), not with the number 4. This isn't that revealing, except that the marketing strategy they're trying to go with is starting from complete scratch. Given that The Halcyon Company bought the rights entirely last year, it's obvious their strategy is to start from scratch without really continuing what was essentially an unsuccessful Terminator 3.

The story in T4 follows the events of T3 and will be post-apocalyptic including the characters of John Connor and Kate Brewster, the two who survived at the end of the movie. As for whether Nick Stahl and Claire Danes will return, that is dependent on "many factors, including the thoughts of the eventual director and others involved." Middleton also adds that T4 will feature a new hero, explaining "Ben-Hur was influenced by Jesus Christ, but it was his story. Much in that way, this character will be influenced by John Connor." A Jesus Christ reference in the Terminator world? Is that good or bad, I don't know.

The Halcyon Company is still going to produce a complete trilogy of new Terminator films. Right now I will say that I'm excited, but also a bit unsure. I know the general response to Terminator 3 was terrible. I remember going on opening day to a nearly empty 500-seat movie theater, it was a shame, although I ended up liking the movie. I'm curious to see how they bring back the franchise and whether it draws crowds. Are you excited for Terminator 4?

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Not excited at all. The only thing they could do is make an all out battle of people versus machines for 90 minutes. That might be ok. I dont need a plot.

Heckle on Sep 26, 2007


i dunno, i am not too overly excited? i mean, batman begins was very well done, but they are trying to re-do something like terminator is going to be hard. i mean, all the t-800s are modeled after arnold and if he is not in it, well, it will stink, if he is in he too old? i think its something that could be potentially disasterous. we shall see, after all, we were blown away at batman begins.

tmac on Sep 26, 2007


Another movie? Sure, excitement and curiosity thoroughly mixed. Another TRILOGY?? That miiiight be rather painful...

Zach on Sep 26, 2007


I think none needs of a T4... i hope to be wrong

ELMANCO / Stefano Ricci on Sep 27, 2007


The only way this will be forgivable is if the movie goes like this : -Re-introduce the characters of John and Kate a few years after T3. -Fight, fight, fight. -Introduce Kyle Reese -More fighting, more fighting, more fighting. (with escalatingly-cool deaths of Terminators by guerilla tactics) -The introduction of the T-800 series that starts infiltrating the resistance. (With a CGi-cleaned-up/enhanced Arnold, so he doesn't look too geriatric) -The final scene is Reese fighting his way into the time-displacement unit and going back.

Satch on Sep 27, 2007


I am so sick of Arnold, who has morphed into a Gray Davis Terminator character that I never want to see any of his movies again. Luckily he was killed off in the last movie. I would terminate him with a blast from a high power stun gun, then, follow up with some blinding hot pepper spray in his eyes, and finish him up with the Taser. Asta la vista, baby!

DefendThyself on Sep 27, 2007


It would be cool if the new trilogy took place at the same time that Reese is back in the past trying to save Sarah Connor, and then during the time that T-800 is back in the past searching for John Connor... Then again...the cool part of those movies wasn't really the "present time" - I think the thrills come from the mix of futuristic machines with present-day people and other words, T-4 risks being a war movie that takes place in a futuristic world...which really isn't that enticing. ...Curious, but not hopeful.

Mikey Billz on Sep 27, 2007


The raw, what it might be like if it happened, scenario from the first two is mainly for me what made them special. Not sure if that can really be recreated in this day and age. There might have to be a different take on it.

David on Sep 27, 2007


Can't wait for it. Just heard people on a celebrity and millioniare dating site talking about it.

lawremce on Sep 27, 2007


#8 - I find your comment hilarious "luckily he was killed in the last one." Didn't he also die in the first two, yet came back? It's time travel, plus he is a machine. No way that he would ever really be dead in these movies (which is why they can make an infinite number).

Jason G on Sep 27, 2007


T3 was lame, not even close to the level of the first two. The scene with the "Elton John" glasses at the bar was hilarious though... I was seven when T1 came out. SWEET! Saw T2 at the theater with dad and bro. This next one better be worth seeing at the theater, twice.

Mike on Sep 27, 2007


OK, Hollywood listen up. You wonder why piracy is running rampant??? It's because it cost us twenty dollars to go see movies that have already been done before. Hollywood has lost every creative bone they once had, all Hollywood knows how to do now is to redo old IP's and call them original works of art. I am done with the rehashing, the remade, and the recrapped out. Give us new IP's and let the old ones die!!

Parrish on Sep 27, 2007


There are no creative ideas left for new IPs. Writer : "Hey, I've got a great idea for a movie/TV show/novel/blog/commercial/annoying IM from co-worker in the next cubicle!" Everyone else : "Simpsons did it."

Satch on Sep 27, 2007


Okay. Terminator's head was crushed in the first one came back and was melted in second one I don't rememmber the third installment because it was shoddy work with great special effects. Do we need another one? Not sure what nmore I need to see. Maybe a Michael Jackson thriller type dance off with the Turdmenators?? Can wait to download it off Pirate Bay.

Ahnold's nutsack on Sep 27, 2007


I like this movie, but forgot when was the first generation that I'd watched? i would like to see all the previous actors and actress from the first movie acting in this new Terminator 4.

diggmediggyou on Sep 27, 2007


DefendThyself, you can't kill Arnold alone because I'll be there kicking his ass as well. Arnold was the man until he went into politics. I'm from Ca so I know first hand that he is a piece of shit.

starams5 on Sep 27, 2007


Puaj, por favor no mas Hollywood, asta cuando con la explotación de franquicias! en el link expuse mas la maldita manía de Hollywood de convertir series y películas dignas en sagas mediocres y asta incluso estúpidas. me pareció relacionado con el tema (asta incluso menciono Terminator de la 4 a la 6). saludos

Slacker on Sep 27, 2007


T1 was great. T2 was excellent. T3 was so awful, it killed T1 and T2.

Mihael on Sep 28, 2007


Like post #1 said: Set the new movie in the future (fer chrissakes, it's about time we saw this robot future war!) with an adult John Connor (I'm sick of whiny bitch teen dramas) and have plenty of man-versus-machine battles (yeah, go nuts with the CGI for once). I saw the original Terminator in the 1980s; T2 in 1991; T3; and the pilot for The Sarah Connor Chronicles (sucked). I don't wanna see Arnold back _again_, he's history. I hate all the remakes around lately but what the heck; if this is all that Hollywood can do right now, give me a Terminator reboot.

Mark on Sep 29, 2007


The movie will never be any good if they don't have the right director. I don't think the fourth one will be any good. James Cameron did the first 2 and they were great. The second one was kinda corny.

Wolfster on Oct 9, 2007


Meant the 3rd one was corny.... for the above comment!

Wolfster on Oct 9, 2007


Its retarded to make more Terminators without Arnold. Arnold IS the terminator. Make a fucking original movie already.

HulkingUp on Oct 9, 2007


I disagree with you: Terminator 3 was a good movie!

Terminator 4 on Oct 19, 2007


T3 sucked because of no James Cameron. Think about it, who would take the same idiot directors that made Catwoman and the Last T3 and expect to produce a great script. I can write a better script and I will do it for free. Because I hate to see the Terminator franchise continue to show at empty theaters. Contact and I will email the Producers of the upcoming flop a chance to redeem the series!

james thorne on Oct 21, 2007


First of All, T1 was a good movie. Then came T2 which was a more than excellent movie at that time. I would have given 9.9/10. This is my all time favourite action movie. It had it all. I watched it 3 times at the theatre. Then after 12 years came T3. I had the same expectation as it was like forT2, but T3 came out a little bit disappointing. I liked it, but it was just average. I was heart broken because I felt T2 was betrayed. I think only Mr James Cameron can make a great T4. I don't want to trust the guys that made T3. If they're on it, then just expect an average movie with only a few high moments.

Akshay (Mauritius) on Oct 25, 2007


The original Terminator is a classic. Nuff said. "Wash day tomorrow. Nothing clean, right?" 🙂 Back in 1991 I saw T2 at least half a dozen times at the theater - I couldn't get enough T2 stuff (good marketing machine back then, too :p ). The CGI was awesome back then; hard to imagine now how groundbreaking it was. It's still cool, but its weak spots stand out more and more over the years. T3 was forgettable, really. Not the same actors; an aged Governator; an attempted retread of T2. If the setting was actually in the future, humans versus robots, this could be good. But the Terminator franchise sorely misses James Cameron's skills and scope.

avoidz on Oct 25, 2007


Most of the Terminator films always have a 7-10 year break after each film which in my opinion is bullshit. I agree with #1 as he introduced: The movie in set in the future (fer chrissakes, it's about time we saw this robot future war!) with an adult John Connor I would would prefer if all the old characters were back in the film, classic actors, Arnold I wouldn't mind but if you dont want him back who else would play the terminator? The Rock?! HAHA For the past year i've been googling Terminator 4 trying to find information about the upcomming movie but have been disapointed many of times because of 2009 - 2010 production, proberly by the time then I would have overgrowned the whole idea of Terminator. The good point about making it then is NEW technology would propberly been introduced in studio's so the graphics will be much tastier X] Stright to the point! JUST START THE FORTH FILM, FINISH IT, RELEASE IT, WATCH IT =] everyone is happy. In about 1-2 years start to remake the whole triolgy and hopefulyl they wont fuck it up this time!

Annomous on Oct 29, 2007


I can't wait for it to come out. I'm also happy old butt Arnold isn't in it. His is a crappy Governor and has no business getting back in those awesome movies. It's suppose to take place after the nuclear war so we'll see. And you stupid little cry baby people need to get a clue and shut the hell up. If you don't like T4 or any other one then just don't watch it.

philipo on Oct 30, 2007


Anyone who's big and stupid who can also not talk could play that part.

philipo on Oct 30, 2007


Don't want to put my comments on here. Well you can blow me.

philipo on Oct 30, 2007


@philipo: put your head between your legs and blow yourself, buddy 😛

avoidz on Oct 30, 2007


Hey buddy I would but your moms already beat me to it.

philipo on Oct 31, 2007


It's easy to talk shit on a message board huh you little bitch aviodz.

philipo on Oct 31, 2007


philipo, I cannot deny it: you're more experienced than me at talking shit 😛

avoidz on Oct 31, 2007


so do we know who will be playing john connor in the new movie ?if it is another new charictor its going to be worse than the third installment which was badly directed, cast and written!

ben on Nov 6, 2007


I love the terminator series and can't wait to have the story finished. I can't believe how many people are bashing the project because they didn't like T3. Admittedly, T3 was my least favorite as well but so what! Out of 3 anything - you'll have a favorite and a least favorite. What did everyone think of Star Wars episode 1? It was BORING, but essential in developing the overall plot. With the "plot" idea in mind, I'm getting really sick of hearing the same old wining about needing Arnold to come back. Did everyone forget that the series is about a war of machines against humans? Arnold was only one of 3 terminator models SO FAR. Nobody seems to miss the cop or the chick terminators which were both superior machines. Arnold was the Commodore 64 of Terminators - totally forgettable! If T4 starts when the machines JUST take over, ARNOLD (the T-1000) ISN'T EVEN BUILT YET! Since we've already seen the time travel thing done 3 times already, I'm saying that we BETTER NOT see Arnold in the next installment!

Kris Cornolo on Nov 11, 2007


I don't think the "Governator" is essential to further Terminator movies - he's done his bit. I just bought the Commando: Definitive Edition to watch Arnie in his glory days. To The Austrian Oak: thanks for the memories. (On the subject of Star Wars: TPM, it _wasn't_ essential to the overall plot. A lot of the myth of Star Wars disappeared with "those" movies; "Midi-chlorians" anyone?.) The next Terminator should look just like the opening of Terminator 2. Go on, grab the T2 DVD and watch that opening battle in the future; it looks terrific, even now. That's what I want to see more of 🙂

avoidz on Nov 11, 2007


Arnold is really not at ALL a requirement for any further movies, and in fact was one of the MANY blunders of the clusterfuck that was dubbed Terminator 3. I swear there was an overall theme of "let's get this over with" in that movie.....rushed, incomplete, and utterly non-thorough. So many plotholes and desirable components extremely minimized or even left out ENTIRELY. I want there to be a Terminator 4 if nothing else, to cancel-out the catastrophe that was T3. Of course, the thing I look forward to the most in this next installment are THE MACHINES. The ONE thing that was UNDER-played in ALL of the previous movies was the Terminators sans human-disguises. I'd especially like to see more T-800's WITHOUT the "Arnold-Suit". But on THAT note, I would LOVE to see what has only been dubbed as the "Bio-Flesh Generator".....the MACHINE that covers the MACHINES!!! Let's just all cross our fingers. knock on wood, slap ourselves up-down-left-right or whatever the Holy Fuck people do to ensure that something does NOT get jinxed and/or botched-up to ensure that THIS movie goes smoothly and without any hitches!!!

The Apothecary on Nov 18, 2007


bring out terminator 4 now!! t3 was wank , i think it was aimed at kids, make t4 extra gory and bring back the decent music

leelee on Dec 3, 2007


I am excited! I can't wait to see the movie unlike some of the comments I've read above. The special effects are very cool looking and scary as well as it lays the foundation of what really happens after T3. I can't wait!

Rahul on Dec 5, 2007


First of all, I cant believe they are makin a Terminator 4 after the shambles of 3. I knew it would be shit when I saw it was only a 12 rating, but hey ho, you go watch it, its Terminator!! Christian Bale as John Connor would be great, incredible actor. Robert Patrick was a fantastic Terminator in 2, perfect foil for Arnie and his facial acting was awesomely creepy!! Would be good to see him back in it. However, the one thing I would love to see in this film is the return of Kyle Reece. The story would be great if it was like the story of the game Terminator - Dawn Of Fate, where Reece is like the main character (Nice bit of keeping true to the first Terminator film too. When Reece is being interogated in T1, he says he was serving under Perry, and in the game you can play as a character called Perry who is Reece's superior, just thought that it was quite smart haha) If they do bring back the character Michael Biehn would have to play him, he's just awesome, with the ending being him going back through time, perfect. The only good thing about T3 incidentally was that Nick Stahl looked more like he could have been a child of Michael Biehn, unlike whiny Edward Furlong, who looked nothing like either Linda Hamilton or Biehn. What do you reckon then?

The Duke on Dec 6, 2007


It will take some serious creative work from the directors, writers, and producers to make a success out of a second trilogy. It could be done but to be honest (despite being a massive fan) the franchise is dead! Fingers crossed though!

stuart macdonald on Dec 10, 2007


i dont think its dead but they need to stop ainming it at kids make it an 18 and a good action movie like all the best action movies! this could be the greatest part ever however i wont hold my breath if the last one is anything to go by!

ben on Dec 11, 2007


I thought that Terminator 3 was okay. The thought of the terminator coming back to save Kate was good, and ending up saving John as well was just as good. The wrong turn was that they tended to add some unneeded humor in the movie, as well as there wasn't the same feel as there was with T1 and T2. So far, i still think Terminator 2 was the best! It had some small humor, but kept the seriousness of the story. It's talking about the world being overrun by robots!.... some of the humor should not have been in T3! And they tended to try to catur to everyone with the movie, (people that haven't seen any of the originals, as well as people that have.) It is a serious movie! A little humor here and there isn't bad, but this movie isn't suppost to have much. It needs to be dingy back streets, not suburbs. T1 and T2 had that... T3 didn't, so i felt. And.. if they r going to have T4, Arnold needs to be in it! He is what MADE the movie. T4 without him will be hard to deal with. If they can't make a good story, with Arnold in it, as well as with the aspects of the original 2... then a fourth one should not be created. I'd rather it end like it did then have it spat upon in the future!

Koury on Dec 11, 2007



KRIS Cornolo on Dec 11, 2007


Robots vs humans is still a good concept, having the terminators mingling amongst society in a race against time could still be a great plot, stay away from all the fancy reforming super strength robots, its too comic book. The film needs to be 18 cert, have gritty actors, be dark and moody like the first film and be as realistic as possible !!! it might just work then.

Vernon on Dec 20, 2007


Who was blown away from batman Beginds? not Me. Fuck that Movie

joe on Dec 21, 2007


who is gonna replace arnold as the terminator only person i can see would be good for the role would be dwane the rock johnson he would be good for there marketing

jay on Dec 22, 2007


I for one thought Terminator 3 was pretty cool, but too lighthearted compared to the other 2. Making a new trilogy is just a big money making scam. They only need to make one more to finish the story, and complete the 'time paradox'. If they dont end it with Kyle Reece and the terminator going back in time then they have wrecked the story completely. (If you remember Skynet built the time machine because they were losing). And whats the deal with the tv series? Is it full of useless female drama that plagues shows these days? It will come to Australia soon, is it worth a look?

Greyfox on Dec 23, 2007


fight fight fight yahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, freedom, i hope we win againts the robots yahhhhh, cant wait until the movie comes out yahhhhh, ..

evil t 1000 hardcore fannn on Dec 26, 2007


i thought all the movies of the Terminator was well made, but i hope in the new one, we can see more fighting, like more robots. the rock would be good, but he has to loose a few pounds.

t4 evil t, fan on Dec 26, 2007


OmG!!!!!! T4 better hav the future war of man vs. machine. I agree, they do need to have the movie be like the begining of T2. But seeing how John Conner in this movie is going to be in his 30's, they may kill him off, cuz if I can remember right, in T3 when there in the Rv, "Arnold" tells John that he will die (if I can recall right) on July 4, 2032. But dont 4get that John and Kate are supposed to have children. So if they kill off John, they can always keep the story going with the kids in like T5 latr.

T4 bettr be good!!! on Dec 27, 2007


I'm excited to see T4, i hope there is alot of action, not too much drama, and make a good ending. not a dumb ending like in T3.

gina on Jan 6, 2008


57 it's already been stated that the first one most likely will not even have John Conner in it. They are going to introduce a new character and that he won't be involved until the 2nd or 3rd part of the trilogy. I personally thing the story of Reece would be a great start at the end he leaves. Then get onto the war and future plot. On a side note, personally I've probably seen #3 more times than 1 or 2. I just liked the action it had and the way it ended. I'm a huge fan of post-apocalyptic style movies, so I'm a bit biased. #2 was great saw it when I was 8, but I enjoy 3 a little more. 🙂

No Name on Jan 8, 2008


are all of you retarded the reason he coms back after dyin is because its different ones they are manufactured he's 1 of the model 101's it clearly states that in T3

overlord on Jan 9, 2008


I had been woking for about a year on a story that would go well with T-3 and give the fans what they really want. however im nota writer but I do have a interesting story taht would go well with T-3. We would have to set the time back to T-2 at the point where Sarah is lowering Arnold into the steel, Instead of ending it like that, What if Skynet inticpating the future loss of it's prototype sent back another Terminator same make and model as the first. Basically arnold fighting arnold. We now have the technology in computer graphics to do this. So the story would start there and Sarah and John would barely escape alive as both Arnold duked it out. Basically the secodn Terminator sent back would win thus thats why Sarah and John was constantly hiding and thus this would be why T-3 never happened. Not being able to locate John to Terminate him, The Terminator would take up a role in helping to ensure the survival of Skynet and quickening the pace of the war. John would live to see his destiney full filled only to unveil a horrible to truth that Kyle Reese whom he sent back to protect his Mom was actually his own Son. twisted but interesting being taht we seen clearly in T-3 how they stated that there children would play a role. Also the Termantor whom survived the steel plant would still carry out it's mission in befriending John later in his life to kill him. It ties it all in and shows how a paradox works in time travel. Of course in my story I talk alot about the war and show how it is to survive ina post apoclyptic world.

Joshua on Jan 9, 2008


I like the idea of a new Terminator movie set in the future, and see no need to include Arnie, unless as a cameo in the final act (showing both good and bad being sent back in time). The issue of Arnie being the only model for the T-800 series is totally wrong, the model is the frame work underneath, if designed as a infiltration unit then there will be several disguises... Kyle would also need to be introduced as a child/teenager that John maybe seeks out, so maybe the three new films can follow his story, growing up in the future setting and helping John's restistance. So maybe like this: T4 - The building up of the resistance, John is taken by the machines (but they are basic models and don't realise who he is) meets a young Kyle in the machine's concentration camp. The final act is with them breaking out of the camp. A very dark and grim movie. T5 - The resistance is in full swing and Skynet introduces the first Terminator infiltration unit (not Arnie). The machines and the resistance battle it out, John gives Kyle the picture of his mother and spends a lot of time worried on if his future father will survive his encounters with the machines (the future is not set and remember Kyles scars...). By the end of the film John gains info on the location of the Time Displacement Machine. T6 - The race is on to finally smash Skynet and find the Time Displacement Machine. Kyle goes back in time, then they discover that 2 other machines have gone back and so hot-wire 2 Arnies, one of which kills John before he is hot-wired (cameo and CGI) and sends them back (I think that T4,5 & 6 should not have any cyborgs set back in time, the movies need to move on from that idea and branch out into the future war). The war is over and mankind can start to rebuild.

Steve on Jan 10, 2008


I'm totally with ya Steve, The Terminator series needs to realize the overall plot already created and move forward with explaining the story. I totally agree that the time travel thing should not be done for a while again - It's been used in ALL terminator movies so far. That's fine and good since they've all (so far) taken place in present time. We've seen the machines' last ditch efforts to stop the resistance. As for seeing Arnold, this story is not about Arnold. He is simply the resemblance of one machine models exterior covering. Looking at the big picture, his character should become just a couple tidbit episodes in the overall story. furthermore, if T4 sets at the beginning (or early years of the machines taking over), the machines technology will not be as advanced as they obviously become later and therefore should not have even built a "T-1000" / Arnold model yet. All the Arnold-lovers out there need to just appreciate how truely great he was as the character we've seen, but pray that the writers stays true to the tracks already laid and develop the characters and scenes needed to bridge the story gap leading up to him. We shouldn't see him at all in T4. A cameo in T5 would be cool, and we'll need him back in T6.

Kris on Jan 10, 2008


Cheers Kris "Middleton also adds that T4 will feature a new hero, explaining "Ben-Hur was influenced by Jesus Christ, but it was his story. Much in that way, this character will be influenced by John Connor." If this is true, then the character has got to be Kyle Reece. For one he is strongly influenced by John Connor, he said in T1 that he would die for him. Since Skynet is unaware of who John's father is there will with luck be no time travelling involved this time. Lets kick-off this serires with it being Kyle's story, growing up and surviving in the remains of humanity, working in the death camps of the machines and finally being freed at the end of T4 by John Connor. I'm quite looking forward to this type of revamp, just aslong as the time travelling cyborg is finished with, its been flogged to death.

Steve on Jan 10, 2008


Terminator 2 was the greatest action movie of all time, the movie had everything, the storyline was spectacular and so was each of the characters, Arnie, Linda hamilton, Edward furlong and Robert patrick, the movie is legendary and without doubt the greatest action movie of all time, the ending was emotional to bcoz of the bond that formed between john and the termintor, i was luking foward to T3 coz i wondered what wud of happened afta the ending of T2, the movie should hav never been made it was shocker, and to have a female terminator what a joke, i wish they had sent a terminator back thru time to terminate the directors of T3 so it wud never have been made, and hope it happens now coz all of these upcoming films are gna be a JOKE, i hope T4 fails so miserably that they will stop playing it in the circuits afta a week, its betrayal to arnold and especially the mastermind behind the film, james cameron, but it doesnt mata coz arnie will always be my hero bcoz of T2 and edward furlong, long live T2 JUDGEMENT DAY

yaseen on Jan 15, 2008


I actually found that T2's begining was way to slow, it seems to drag before the main action really starts to kick-off. If you've ever seen the extended version, which while good, just drags even more. Personally I think Predator is by far more of an Action Movie than T2.

steve on Jan 17, 2008


i agree it is abit slow, but when the action starts and john connor gets chased by that black truck it really gets action packed, especially when u watch it for the 1st time. predator was a cool movie but was no real story line, was predictable 2, with terminator 2 u never knew what was gna happen coz the t-1000 just wudnt die and was the most relentless villan in a movie that ive seen, and every time he came close to catching john it wud make u tense.

yaseen on Jan 18, 2008


I don't really understand why people who have liked the films are so NOT ready for the next incarnation. Think about it this way, while I marginally liked the 3rd one, I loved how it ended. Now all the stuff we've heard about in the first three films we get to dive into. We've been hearing about the war and the great John Connor and now it's that time. Come on, what's not to be excited about? And the rumors are that Christian Bale is going to play John Connor. Seriously people, you make no sense to me not being excited.

ueto on Jan 19, 2008


I read that Arnold has agreed to do a cameo in the future, were his model number kills John Connor, just like he said in T3.

Jim on Jan 20, 2008


Why in the hell do people keep complaining about T3 and how it sucked and didn't follow the rest of the trilogy, “WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM" T3 was awesome compared to the other 2 films? T3 did make a lot of sense weather you agree or disagree, I know it wasn't absolutely perfect and long enough but anyways it was still really good regarding the characters and the action and the technology used, and also the special effects used in the movie through out the story. "WHAT", YOU THINK T4 WILL BE BETTER AND MAKE MORE SENCE, THINK AGAIN", if Christian bale plays as John Conner and a new character for Katherine Bruster and above all if Arnold isn't going to be the next T4 or in other words be in the movie at all, this movie is going to be the worst terminator movie up to date just another pile of B.S. like the stupid non-making sense series the chronicles of Sarah Conner (WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPOSE TO MEAN??), which really embarrassed and ruined the whole trilogy and the whole business franchise by making it, it's just sad really sad what they did…… I have a feeling this new trilogy is going to be a big waste of time unless that is if Arnold plays the terminator just like in T3, because remember in the movie T3 when the terminator jumped under the giant blast door and held it while John went through and said "thank you" and then Arnold said " will meet again" so that should mean he's going to be in T4 which I really hope he will be " it just won't be the same without him" I assume everyone agrees on that, and same goes for Nick Stahl and Claire Danes there just the right actors and the right people for the set. Why in the world do they keep complaining about how the story doesn’t follow??? "YOU KNOW WHY? I'LL TELL YOU WHY BECAUSE, THEY ALLWAYS KEEP CHANGING THE DAMN ACTORS, THAT’S WHY IT DOESN’T QUITE FOLLOW THE STORY, THE WAY IT SHOULD BE". And by the way why Christian bale out of all the actors who could play as John Conner way better then him "WHY HIM …why?? "You know what" I really hope the people involved in making this film and planning it will take a second look and actually see what there missing ( I just hope you guy's will make the right choice, this is a big franchise that we're talking about here).

David on Jan 20, 2008


i agree that Arnold should be in it, he is "THE TERMINATOR" how can u even think of making any1 else play the role, the terminator is a unique movie u cant just let any1 be the termintor, this isnt james bond, it would be sad and betrayal to arnold if he didnt play the role of the terminator again. The man made the movie what it is today and every1 remembers him for T2. as for T3 being "awesome" compared to T2, what on earth are u trying to say, that T3 was better that T2???? we should have voting poll of what is better between T3 and T2, i bet T2 will get 99% of the votes, i dont hate T3 i was just really disapointed, i was luking so foward to it, in 12years thats all they could cum up with, i bet if it was james cameron who directed it woudve been almost as good as T2, they should have let robert patrick play the terminator nemesis again, he was the best villan in a movie for me, the female terminator was just plain dumb, its called TERMINATOR not TERMINATRIX. the only way this movie could be saved from disaster is if all the characters of T2 cum back, and of course james cameron, but sadly that will never happen, kyle reese should be brought back to, he played a great hero in T1 just as arnie did in T2.

yaseen on Jan 21, 2008


Let me ask everyone once and for all what would be dumber (for T4) . . . 1. Staying true to the story and timeline and NOT have Arnold (since he wasn't invented yet at the start of the war)? OR 2. Having Arnold in it, and having to do the time time travel thing YET AGAIN? Can everyone stop crying for Arnold for a second and take a good look at the .jpg at the top of this page? Or maybe throw in T2 and watch the beginning (where they show the future with the machines army)? Did anyone see any human likeness's walking amongst the chrome clad killers? Why do you all want to see that change? Aren't those scenes scary enough for ya? THAT'S what the terminator movies are about (overall)! THE FREAKIN' WAR OF THE MACHINES! We've seen 3 movies about the attempts to stop THE WAR, and scary glimpses of THE WAR, and at the end of part 3, we realize that THE WAR was inevitable and couldn't be stopped. LET'S SEE THE WAR ALREADY! We're about to finally see what 3 movies have been building up to. Let's all be grateful that the early part of the story (that lays the tracks and explains the OVERALL plot) which is typically the boring part WASN'T! If Star Wars was released in the right order (episode 1 in '77 etc.) would you all be bitching that episode 4-6 were gonna suck without Anakin & Jar Jar Binks? PLEASE!!! I'm anxious to see the REAL characters of the Terminator series - the Han Solos and Luke Skywalkers! Let's get the real action underway and just HOPE that Hollywood DOESN'T disappoint us because EVERYTHING has been done right SO FAR! There is some real opportunity here in finally getting to the nitty gritty. There is a series potential to WOW us in the next 3.

Kris on Jan 21, 2008


let me ask everyone sumthing? do u honestly think this next trilogy will be a success, beta than the 1st two terminators? lets think of it this way, what if we never watched the 1st 3 movies and didnt follow the story and just watched from part 4 onwards with THE WAR between man and machine, i doubt many people would like it. sure it might be action packed and exiting but there wont be a story line like in the 1st two, it'll get boring afta a while its just gna be shooting and fighting bombing each other to pieces, there aint gna be suspense anymore its gna be so predictable and i bet these directors are gna go way off the storyline and make up their own shit, they did not create TERMINATOR, JAMES CAMERON did, he created this masterpiece and he is the only who can save this disaster thats about to come, Judgement day will come for the terminator franchise if sumthing is not done, the 1st two terminators got full star ratings from most reviews, im really really sad that the story is gna be ruined:(

yaseen on Jan 21, 2008


The Terminator is a classic of a movie, but why are people so hung-up about Arnie not being in any future movies. Yes he gave the film and the cyborg character the special touch, but it was the orginal script by Cameron which is what made it special. If Arnie has agreed to make a cameo apperance in the future films then great, we'll see three versions of him in the future, the one sent to kill Sara, the one sent to kill John and the one sent back to make sure John survived the start of the war, even though he himself killed the John of the future. That will be way cool. Yes david, he did say thanks and we will meet again to John at the end of T3, but guess what, its true because he'll see him in the future when he kills him. Please Dave just grow up a little! I'm afraid that for all you that live in the past new actors will be needed, hell even a cameo by Arnie will need some CG, how old and different will he look in the next 2-4 years when compared to T1-3? We need a new Kyle Reece, becasue he will be a young character, he said in T1 that he grew up in the ashes of the war. Ok maybe John could of been done with either of the actors that played him in T2 or 3, hell even the guy shown at the start of T2 he looked pretty cool. However if this series is going to sell they need a big actor for the part of John and with Bale you have it, its that simple folks, John is going to be the hero this time, not Arnie....

Steven on Jan 21, 2008


What this movie will be awesome. The 1st Movie was good and the second movie was the best one. The third one was really good to though. Why do you think that it was horrible? I thought it was really good, and i think that this series needs to keep on going because it is the best series of them all. You guys like Star war or other series movies, some of them are not as good as the other ones in the other series. I want this movie made really bad. Who cares if Arnold isn't in it, although it would be better if he was in it. Well last i heard. the Sara Connor Cronicles was the #2 or 3 show watched on Fox so i think anyone that has seen the first three would like the 4th one and show how this series ends, i mean in the last movie there has to be more they can't finish the series like that. This movie will be AWESOME, i can't wait for it to come out.

Kasey on Jan 22, 2008


can i point out that not all t-800 were modelled after arnold t-800 was the series with real human skin. the model number 101 was the arnold... basically model 001 would have looked like a different big guy, model 002, 003, 123, 169, whatever all different looking skins t-800 is the combat chasis with living tissue exterior. anyone who thinks otherwise would be because terminator 3 got it all wrong and james camerons masterpiece was ruined.

tangy on Jan 23, 2008


Robot vs human fight fight fight fight, world war 3. hunman use bobot to fight robot. Human reprogram terminator like arnold and go at it like in the T3 where arnold goes up against those 2 manchine. I would love to see human use terminator to fight other terminator. robot vs robot that would be bad ass. 90 minutes of all out battle.

stl 350z on Jan 24, 2008


I like number 7's idea of having the goal of the T4 be to get Reese into the time machine to get to Sarah in the first movie time. T5 could be capturing a T-800 and learning to hack it. Then at the end have the humans decide to send their captured T back to protect John, and reveal it to be Arnold. He could just be sitting their in a chair or laying on a table being prepped to go back in time. The third one I will leave to the experts. For all the haters of the third one, get over it! Sure it wasn't T2 or T1, but it was an entertaining part of the saga and taught us that John's role of leader of the resistance was fate and couldn't be changed. I also love the show except the fact that in the third movie John thinks it was all over after the second movie, but why would he think that considering what is happening in the Sarah Connor Chronicles? Oops, I hope it gets explained or they made a big error.

SteelCityKid on Feb 6, 2008


What!?! T4 could never work like that. Sure it needs to introduce Kyle Reece, but only so much as John Connor saving him from the death camps. If its going to be a whole new 'planned' trilogy then T6 will be when Kyle goes back in the time displacement machine and they re-program Arnie....

Steven on Feb 7, 2008


One more movie is good. I have been waiting for the machine war and I think alot of others have too. The opening scene from T2 is what I have been dreaming of for a long time. i think 3 movies is overkill, but one movie with 2 hours of gurilla combat versus machines is cool. With Arnie or not, if its done right (99% action), it will be a winner

Bobby on Feb 12, 2008


ok first of all if htey cant get arnold they shud offer him alotta of money hjust to get him if it 50 mill to 100 mil lthey sud still get him. Because terminator is not termiantor without him.

Richie Rich on Feb 20, 2008


"Because terminator is not termiantor without him" That is just sad man. OK Arnie is iconic in the role, but grow up. I wish, I really do wish that he makes a cameo in the 2nd and 3rd film of the new trilogy. It would, if the story lines are good, be the iceing on the cake as such and finally bring the films to a close. However these films have a lot of potential, they may fall flat but time will tell. If the 1st is a knockout then maybe Arnie would appear or at least give a voice over to a CGI version.

Steven on Feb 20, 2008


Action is pretty much irrelavant without a story that has genuine depth, hence Terminator 3 being totally and utterly divisive. What exactly did Terminator 3 add to the franchise? Kathryn Brewser! Who? Isn't Terminator essentially about John Connor, wasn't that the whole point of the first two movies, to establish the necessity of keeping him alive in order to lead mankind to salvation. At what stage does he become a secondary character to Kathryn Brewster? Who, according to Terminator 3's version of events is possibly even more essential than John Connor. Terminator 3 as a stand-alone action movie is decent enough but when taken in the context of what came before is an obvious cash-in. The movie is clearly influenced by hollywood's attempts at selling us female impowerment at the expense of respecting the legacy of cameron's franchise, that's why we get a terminatrix wearing leather catsuits and a dawsons creek style Kathryn Brewster character. Linda Hamilton's character is relevant by default, essential to the survival of John Connor and the continuation of mankind. She has a purpose, unlike the terminatrix and Kathryn Brewster. I wish Terminator 3 dealt with the death of Sarah Connor, dying whilst protecting her son as he finally takes the responsibility that has always been his destiny. Terminator is bigger than the Arnold Schwarzenegger character, at a certain point it becomes even bigger than Sarah Connor, but it will never be bigger than John Connor!

Tadhg on Mar 1, 2008


i agree with u on certain things tad, like the terminatrix is an absolute JOKE and a slap in the face to arnie mr cameron and all that were involved in the 1st two terminators, the kathryn brewster character is also a joke i mean WTF, where does the director come with that shit, everything was suppose to be bout john connor but u fucked it up jonathan mostow u idiot, as for terminator being bigger than arnie? that i cant agree with, when u luk at him in t1 and t2 u cant deny that he makes the movie, terminator will not be the same without him and to all u that disagree, screw u, show the man sum respect, as for terminator 3 i wish it was never made, what a fuck up!!! long live judgement day!!!!!

yaseen on Mar 5, 2008


yaseen "as for terminator being bigger than arnie? that i cant agree with, when u luk at him in t1 and t2 u cant deny that he makes the movie, terminator will not be the same without him and to all u that disagree, screw u, show the man sum respect, as for terminator 3 i wish it was never made, what a fuck up!!! long live judgement day!!!!!" Give the man some respect? Is this the same guy that agreed to make T3, the same actor that must have read the script before signing on the line to make the film? Without doubt T3 has its faults, its choice in actor for John being the main one, but if its such a fuck-up as you claim, then Arnie also shares some of the blame. He's a great for the role, but was he just looking for another payday when he agreed to make the film. I think that the new film series, set in the future, has the chance to put the focus rightly so on John Connor, the near destruction of the human race, the fight-back against the machines, and John's difficult choice in sending his father (maybe his best friend) back in time to his death.

Steven on Mar 11, 2008


I hope I'm not the only one that believed a few scenes in T3 to be tasteless. Terminator with cross-dressers glasses? WHAT THE HELL! The T-X growing boobs? HOW STUPID! Word to those in charge of production: stop trying to add your little touches (aka: weak attempts) of comic relief. The Terminator franchise is supposed to be dramatic, full of action, suspenseful, with a serious undertone, maybe a hint of horror (T-1000: It was freakin' "unstoppable", heartless, menacing! How scary is that?). Terminator is supposed to be everything but a GODDAMN weak-ass comedy! Just keep whatever dignity the Terminator franchise has left. Please.

Gonzalo Gonzalez on Mar 18, 2008


I think Arnie should continue to be part of the franchise, even an appearance in the tv show, but that doesn't mean the movie can't go on without him!!! even a look alike could be used since he is supposed to be massed produced in some factory, should this movie show why he was 'special' and how John caught him?

Vid on Apr 15, 2008


Forget Schwarzenegger - he's not going to "be back". Time have moved on... so should the Terminator franchise.

avoidz on Apr 15, 2008


T4 I can't wait for it. Hope nobody screw up like they did AVP and AVP2. T1 exciting beginning, I still can remember the feeling when I first watch it as a kid, the ending part where this kid took Sarah's picture, which was the picture held by Reese all the while in the future. Then comes the storm, with the dark clouds, then the ending touching...The feeling just goes into my heart and it stays there for years...until today, now that i've grown up. No other movie can ever leave a lasting memory like that..not that I can think of so far.. T2 the most exciting when it comes to the chase scenes. Story line superb. Ending also touching, made us so connected to the hearted terminator..even the fact that arnold is on our side is just good enough for me, its like having a robot, a bodyguard of our own which is not advance but was able to save us in any way that it possibly could...imagine somebody willing to die so that we can great is that.. T3 the ending is awesome..they ended up at a place they least expected, but apparently the only place they should be at. There it all will start. Just as they about to give up their lives, some guy in military elsewhere called and asked who's in charge. John says 'I am". Thats huge responsibility man! I am also may be the few who watched T3 a lot more than T2 or T1. Not because of its action only, but seeing how it all started to make sense...machine controlling machines..T1 starts..the flying things started all just adds up and make lots of sense. I deleted any scenes not relevant from my head, as simple as that coz the whole story is just damn good. I read Cameron's comment in some blog, saying that he would have done T3 differently, but the way T3 was done is good (not exactly what he said but please search the quotes). IT IS NOT EASY HAVING A MOVIE(T3) TO BE ABLE TO CONNECT BOTH T1 AND T2, AND AT THE SAME TIME CREATE A BEGINNING FOR T4. I feel that T3 is not a screw up, just not a perfect T3. Some other guy just could have screwed it up even worst like what happened in lots of movie franchise... At the moment, I had all the Terminator collection in one DVD (T!,T2,T3) and to me that's the best most CONSISTENT movie trilogy by far, for me.

laptop on May 19, 2008


I am so excited I could shit my pants. Are you serious? T4! I can't wait! But if they let me down on this one, I might just catch a plane to Cali to kick some director ass.

Gicky on May 21, 2008


Ooooh, I think is a very very very good idea!! I'm adult thanks to bread and Terminator, you know? But; 1) go catch Eddy Furlong, for me the REAL John Connor 2) absolutely with Shwarzy!!!! 3)with a real strog woman for example! OK? Ciao, ciao!

Bonny from Italy on Jun 8, 2008


this maybe good as long as they stay true to the terminator legacy and dont fuck with it. It should be rated R if not thats really weak.well see how this new reese charicter is compared to biehn

richie ziegler on Jun 17, 2008


I would just like to say, James Cameron is the reason the first two were so awesome. I mean, T1 arni said like 5 things, I'll be back, fuck you asshole ect. Same with the 2nd he had very little dialogue, t3 they decided to make sum lame love affair between john and the terminator which gave arni too much to say. Then there's the part when he get's taken over by them nanomachines, "My cpu is not infected" aka i am the product of shit script writing and bad directing. So simply put, the terminator had no feelings or remorse and that's why he was so bad ass.

gfsadgd on Dec 10, 2008


I did enjoy T3 but mostly because it wrapped up the time between the second movie and judgement day... I did always feel it couldve been way better and the story better written... and what fans say is true, arnold had too much dialoge and didnt seem much like the terminator from T2. I think with Christian bale in the new movie and these BA story writers there is definate potential for the new Terminator Trillogy, but as I've read recently... I'm a little iffy on them focusing on a new main character seperate from the Connors. I guess we will just have to see how they do it. The new trailer looks badass tho.

justin on Dec 29, 2008


i thing all off his movies rock off the wall ive seen t1 t2 t3 and comando

alexander on Feb 18, 2009


please complete the movie as early as possible I cant wait.

Vijay S.Shinde on Feb 22, 2009


I like'd all the terminator's. They all equally give somthing unique to the storry as a whole. So get over your self's and just go see the 4th movie!!!

T'yler on May 6, 2009


The script is being written by Michael Ferris and John D. Brancato, who cowrote Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines...Next!

political info on Jun 4, 2009

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