The Bourne Ultimatum: An Amazing End To An Amazing Trilogy

August 3, 2007

Walking out of The Bourne Ultimatum I was torn between extreme joy and extreme sadness. Joy that I can now without hesitation add Jason Bourne to my list of all time greatest action heroes, while at the same time feeling sadness that this will most likely be the last time we see Bourne tearing it up on screen. Then I get angrier as the more I try to come up with reasons for a sequel, the more I realize that a sequel could wreck everything that we have come to know and love about Bourne.

What I love about the Bourne series is that it is different from all the other action movies that I have seen. Now don't get me wrong, I love John McClane and John Rambo, but they are basically the same hero with different occupations. Jason Bourne (played by Matt Damon) is entirely different. He isn't chasing down a villain who is set on world domination. Nor is he trying to save some hostages that just happen to include his wife and/or daughter. He is just a guy trying to find out who he really is and people keep getting in his way.

Jason Bourne finally discovers the truth about his past and confronts his creators in The Bourne Ultimatum.The Bourne Ultimatum Review

Over the course of the three films I have watched as Bourne slowly finds out more bits and pieces of his past, all the while his almost super human kick-butt skills become more and more sharp. This is why there cannot be a sequel. The Bourne Ultimatum completes the series entirely. His purpose is over, he finds out who he is and why he is the way he is. If they make a sequel it would turn out to be just like every other action movie, and it would wreck what sets Bourne apart from all the rest. Sadly, very sadly it must end with this third installment.

Still Ultimatum is by far my favorite of the three Bourne films. I really enjoyed the first two but I thought that each one got better as the series went along. This makes sense as Bourne also was remembering more and getting stronger and faster from film to film. I'm glad they chose Paul Greengrass to direct this third installment. Although I haven't seen any of his work before The Bourne Supremacy, I think he learned exactly who Bourne is and was able to bring the familiarity he had with the character to this film. He did a great job with Supremacy and I think through also making United 93 he has grown into an exceptional director.

I hate to talk about scenes from movies in a review, BUT, there is this one scene in a train station that was so tense that I couldn't breathe until it was over. It was awesome and unlike anything I had seen before. If you haven't seen the first two Bourne movies, do not see The Bourne Ultimatum! However, if you have seen them then leave work early and see the newest Bourne as fast as you can! Take your girlfriend or wife, as my own wife absolutely loves this series - it's worth it!

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I haven't seen the movie yet, but definitely will this weekend. I've heard it's amazing! As for this being the last one, it probably will be. At least with Matt Damon. But at the same time, the movies didn't follow the books at all minus a piece here or there. The main books could easily be transferred to movies 4, 5 and 6 (with some obvious updates to the script). I doubt they will, but it would be great to see. I would love to see Damon in more of these!

AT on Aug 3, 2007


I'm pretty sure Damon has said he doesn't want to do any more Bourne movies. One part of me wants this trilogy to wrap up perfectly and stay that way forever. The other part is the one that paid to see Live Free or Die Hard. I still feel dirty.

CajoleJuice on Aug 3, 2007


i saw this first showing of the day. I really enjoyed it. It definitely caps off the trilogy and is arguably the best of the three. What really struck me was the tension, the cat and mouse aspect which as cliche'd as it sounds, really had me on the edge of my seat! The action is amazing to watch, and the car chases are just as good as the one from the first two. Damon is great in this role. Julia stiles kind of felt a little redundant, but another aspect i liked was some of the crossovers from the first two films. i thouughly recommend anyone to see this film. My favourite of the year, way better than transformers:P

machernucha on Aug 3, 2007


Spoiler *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** Only gripe: why no wrap up of Nikki's claim of a prior relationship with Jason? He still doesn't remember her.

Happy Phantom on Aug 3, 2007


A wonderful end to a wonderful trilogy the action in this movie was something that i have never been through in my life. It was so tense. And yes i wonder about the relationship too. Do you think he would reunite with her after...where does he go? I highly recommend this movie and this review is perfect.

kevin on Aug 3, 2007


I hate to that this is the end of this series even though I understand why, I just love these movies . Movies this great are hard to come by and I think these movies have set a tottlly new standard for action movies, it has for anyway and dont think any thing will come close for a long time. Thanks for such a great trilogy.

Ryan on Aug 4, 2007


Great movie, i want another is so doable. His relationship with Nikki, where does he go from here so on and so forth. Plus they are still writing books about bourne, why not do another movie. i would def. go see it.....

Ashley on Aug 5, 2007


The movie was great fun, though not as solid the first two. A little more sloppy, but who cares? I hope that--down the road--they do at least one more film. There are still aspects of Bourne's character to explore: why he chose to join the program in the first place, his relationship with Nikki, etc. But I feel they will need to get away from the CIA baddies and try something fresher. All in all, a satisfying threequal.

Dan Blanchett on Aug 5, 2007


fao ashley: hmm i think ulitmatum is a good ending to the story. Yeah it was annoying they didnt say anything about him and nicki. Matt damon also said in an interview he'd do another one, but 20 years down the line (his words). also have to remember that the films dont have the same storylines as the books. i would like to see another though, not sure how many more people's asse's in the cia bourne can kick!

machernucha on Aug 5, 2007


this is actually, to me, the best action film ever next to italian job with mark wahlburg.. its way different from all movies..its not just a kill him kick his ass movie its also an oh mann this guy is so smart and clever kind of movie.. especially in the train station where he directs the guys every move so he cant be seen from those cameras..effing brilliant! he never gets caught and you just wonder how the hell he does it.. and yea i agree that they should do another movie..just one last one to see what happened after he swam away..and im also wondering what happened between him and nikki..why didnt they cover tht part? my mom was just watching entertainment tonight 10 mins ago and they said that its rumoured tht they might have a sequel to the ultimatum..i hope thats true..i need to see bourne one last time.

m-j on Aug 7, 2007


Well, at last! I have read all three books and seen both DVDs. I cannot wait to see this one, which must be the last of the series. I just wish Jason's wife hadn't died. I felt her support in helping him regain his true life in the second book was very important. However, the screenwriter's chosen path for Jason in that movie was excellent, so I couldn't complain too much. I can't even imagine how this one will end. Jason is so totally tough in all his marcial arts scenes, who can beat him? Maybe I don't want anyone to win. I want Jason to walk away on a new chosen path, one that carries him to heights beyond his greatests hopes or dreams; beyond excellence in marcial arts into a kind of body, mind and soul strength that no one can equal! Matt Damon, I love you and the way you played Jason Bourne! I just hope and pray that you continue to bring that power of performance in all your roles! My best to you!

Lila Duckett on Aug 10, 2007


SPOILER Yes, I too was a little put off that Nikki's supposed relationship with Bourne was never really explained or put into detail, that really saddened me. When Jason was watching Nikki die and cut her hair, it was an exact flahback to The Bourne Identity and Marie. I figured at that monent, coupled with Nikki's claim that they dated, that Jason would kiss her like he did with Marie, but I guess that was wishful thinking. I just wanted more detail, because when she said that line, my mind ran off with Jason and her being an item once and I retraced all the movies to figure out why she never brought it up before. I LOVED this film, best action movie I've seen in a very very long time and that fight with Desh completely solidified it. I too Ken am very sad that we won't be seeing Bourne on screen anymore and although I'd love too see him again, I know if we did, it would really tarnish the series' reputation. So, I'm happy with this ending, great action and an ending that was pretty obvious. Duh, he volunteered, no shocker there. I just wanted a tighter ending, it was pretty loose. I wanted Nikki and Jason to be on the run together, or have Jason meet up with Nikki at the end like he did with Marie in the first. Also, it would make sense that Jason would meet up with Nikki, because she could tell him more about who he was, seeing as they dated supposedly. I just didn't like the up in the air ending with Jason swimming away. I still have some questions I really wished were answered with the ending. Here's to what could have been though, great film all around, 9.5 is perfect score for the film. If the ending was tighter, it'd be a solid 10, no doubt. Byt Bye Bourne, we'll miss ya, God, John Rambo is gonna suck.....

Alex Garcia on Aug 15, 2007


Love this film to bits. Greengrass approached direction in a different, more intense way to make this the best of the three. Don't get me wrong. I love the first two, especially Supremacy. It's just sad that we won't see Jason Bourne anymore.

Joe Leong on Aug 19, 2007


SEQUEL or PREQUEL is still possible for Bourne's comeback !!! ***Possible SPOILERs included *** I had actually missed the first one in theater until my friend asked me if I had seen The Bourne Identity and when I said NO he got it on dvd and since then I have become a huge Bourne fan. I also went and read all the Bourne books and am going to read the latest The Bourne Betrayal soon. It is way late in the night and so I am just typing whatever comes to mind, but I am damn sure that a couple of more Bourne movies can still be made. For starters, there can be a prequel made where we learn about who David Webb is and how and why he was trained to become Jason Bourne, perhaps by using the main story from the book about him vs Carlos the Jackal and with some real good training stuff that would include martial arts, avoiding traps and detection, using weapons and technology to some superb driving skills lesson would make a really exciting movie. Add to that a part about Bourne/Webb being an army guy with family and his family gets killed with no bodies found, specially of his son (leaving a chance for his son to come back in another Bourne movie) and Webb/Bourne going into the Treadstone program to become the lethal weapon he is. I am sure this storyline would make an awesome movie. Just like it was fun to watch how batman became batman or how spiderman became spiderman, I am sure it would be awesome to watch Bourne become Bourne the lethal weapon who is damn hard to find and slippery as an eel. This story line could also include his romancy with Nikki that we get a hint of in the third movie (The Bourne Ultimatum). Add to this some really good cat and mouse chase between Bourne and say Carlos the Jackal or some other bad guy where each one sets up traps for each other, some exciting new locations and we got a damn good movie. Though I would wish that this time there won't be too much of the free-hand camera style else it becomes really hard to figure out what is going on. Somewhat like that Tangiers scene where he jumps through a window and if you blink you would miss the shock on the face of the people who see him come crashing into their home! The SEQUEL could be made using the above storyline in flashback mode as well and add some bad guys that are either from his past or want to get him blamed for some stuff he didn't do and that would work as well. Perhaps with him and Nikki gone into hiding and Bourne getting most of his memory back along with Nikki's help, the memory flashbacks could use parts from the stuff I mentioned above. So yeah there is a possible story or two that can make Bourne come back to the big screen. Hopefully the director and Matt Damon read this and decide to make a couple of more bourne movies and we can all enjoy more of Jason Bourne. As far as Ultimatum goes, I wish they had made it a bit longer, it is so awesome that once I was in the theater and then I was out thinking just one word: WOW ! I am definitely going to see it a few more times on the big screen for sure. *** For KEN EVANS : I totally agree with you about that train station scene. It was simply AWESOME and perfectly described the word : Breath-taking, as you would not breathe until it was over and once it was you would take a long breath! ** Bourne in BOOKS for those who want to read up: 1) The Bourne Identity 2) The Bourne Supremacy 3) The Bourne Ultimatum --- the above 3 books are by Robert Ludlum 4) The Bourne Legacy 5) The Bourne Betrayal ---- Legacy and Betrayal, these 2 books are by Eric Van Lustbader.

Rocky on Aug 21, 2007


Hi Rocky, I so-o-o agree with your ideas. They had Ultimatum on the TV last night & for the uumpteenth time I have been wandering all day wondering just what happened beteewn Jason & Nikki.Surely there is room for another one... could his son return? In the Day of the Jackal the entire suspenseful moment humg on the fact that the Frenchman kissed on both cheeks & if the assasin was English he only had the one bullet for a one kiss. So we need to know what happened between Jason & Nikki that he has forgotten... you did a good job of writing possible ideas & I hope that someone sees it & follows through. PBW

Phyllis on Jul 4, 2011


PLEASE EXCUSE MY TYPOs in that long post as it was 4am when I wrote it!

Rocky on Aug 21, 2007


Absolutely terrific -- easily the best film this year, and quite possibly the best Bourne movie of the trilogy (though they are all excellent). Oliver Wood's cinematography is just a bit too shaky throughout, but it's hard to criticize too much because the rest of the film's assets are just so strong. Brilliant.

Mark on Aug 28, 2007


I've watched Bourne Ultimatum several times. The first time, in the theatre was the best by far. Bourne movies are amaaazzing in the theatre. I hope there's a sequel. The ending of Ultimatum did allow for it, since Bourne left the CIA compound while still being hunted. I'm sure the writers could get creative and find some other reason for tracking Bourne down. Hopefully it would incorporate Nikki and her psychoanalytical background to tie in any romantic nuances but also tackle the residual psychological effects and more training flashbacks.

Nadia on Mar 12, 2008


There are rumors that there is a 4th Bourne movie in the works. I do agree with your point that Bourne's "use" is complete, nullifying a believeable fourth film, however don't rule out..... a prequel! Couldn't this be a great way to delve into Bourne's history with Nikki?

Jenna on May 28, 2008


Jenna, How about this title for the prequel: "Bourne Yesterday." And for the sequel: "Bourne Again."

Happy Phantom on May 29, 2008


no just let it go bitch

Nadia on Aug 8, 2008


This is an excellent trilogy. Worth re-wathing.

Michel Lavergne on Feb 8, 2010

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