The Dark Knight Teaser Trailer Revealed!

July 28, 2007

Although this trailer was never at all shown anywhere out here at the San Diego Comic-Con, it did hit the web in fashion this morning and is quite a sight to see! The interesting thing is that instead of being a full-on trailer with footage, it has no visuals at all, but only audio, and enough of the right audio to really give you chills down your spine! Any Batman fans big or small won't want to miss this very first The Dark Knight teaser trailer right here on!

Watch the first teaser trailer for The Dark Knight here:

[flv:TDK-teaser.flv 502 282]

The Dark Knight is directed yet again by Christopher Nolan and is set to hit theaters next summer on July 18th, 2008. Let us know what you think - good teaser??

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Saw it yesterday, good stuff. The why so serious stuff was fun.

Stephen on Jul 28, 2007


I'd say it looks terrible, but since there's no footage from the movie in it, I guess I'll just say it sounds terrible

Andrew Wickliffe on Jul 29, 2007


with this, and the Norton / Hulk news thats been surfacing this week, Summer 08 is looking great for films already.

Andrew on Jul 30, 2007


I think that the new Batman film will be 10X better then the last one. And the last one kicked major ass. I think DC has the right idea of slowly putting out movies and doing them justice. Superman returns was a bit of a letdown. Marvel has to keep remaking and recasting all the movies they do. But then again how many Batmen have there been? But I think DarkKnight is going to bring the pain and The Joker looks kicking. AllmightyKeim

AllmightyKeim on Aug 1, 2007


... Still not convinced that Heath Ledger is the right fit for the joker... that voice didn't sound very good... but its only a voice, right? The pictures still look pretty good... ...

Mondo Jay on Aug 1, 2007


Mondo... that voice sounds wayyy more like Bill Hader (from Hot Rod) than Heath... But I'm still confident in Heath. I think we'll all be "delightfully" surprised come next summer when we see how amazing this film is and how perfect the entire cast is.

Alex Billington on Aug 1, 2007


... Hahaha... never thought of that Alex, but now that you mention it, it does sound like Bill Hader... (Bill was great in SuperBad btw, the advance screening was awesome) Don't know if thats a good thing, but it sure is funny... I have faith in Christopher Nolan, so I'm going to have to believe that Leger is the right pick... but doesn't mean i don't have my doubts... ...

Mondo Jay on Aug 3, 2007


reconfigured my calendar... set year to 2008...

miracle disease on Aug 3, 2007


That's gonna be a damned good movie ! And judging from the official pictures released by Warner, the Joker will a really interesting super villain !

Dark Knight on Aug 4, 2007


From the photos, he looks perfect for the role in many aspects. As long as they focus on the psychopath more than the supervillian, this should be amazing. BUT if Christian Bale is focused more than Ledger or any of the other character's backgrounds? That would be the biggest downfall it could really have. The Joker is arguably the most interesting of all Batman villianry, as long as they can KEEP that interest going and not fall back on Christian Bale too much. It should be one damn good piece of film.

Zach on Sep 7, 2007


there not gonna how too much with almost a year to go... but they give spoilers hints that batman was kicking the mob's ass and they enliststed in the help of the joker not knowing how much of a lunatic he really is and joker takes over organized crime in city and of course batman is stuck to deal with him...

brandon on Sep 16, 2007


Batman is old fashioned... Hollywood should focus on other superheroes...

Alien vs Predator Requiem on Oct 2, 2007


Andrew, not only those, but Iron Man is coming out May 2, 2008 as well. Preview: I personally like the snapshots they have released of joker. Apparently, Two Face will be in this one as well...or at least a glimpse. I saw a clip of him facing a bar with his back to the camera and a half purple neck, when a man says, "I thought you were dead." And he says, "Half." More likely than not, that was the very end of the movie and they were setting up for a third, but you never know.

Rocking Movies on Nov 8, 2007


RE: #12 ... Yeah, Batman may be "old fashioned," but has a storyline that can be redone, retold, reinterpreted if done right. Just look at the Batman serials from the '40s to the TV show of the '60s to Tim Burton's retelling in the '80s (try and forget Val Kilmer, George Clooney when Burton dropped the franchise) and then the new version. Also, the Alien franchise was born in 1979 ... Predator in the late '80s ... still talking "old fashioned?"

John on Dec 16, 2007


So they didnt show anything but a joker card... Not gonna lie Im slightly disappointed...

ALyssa on Jan 15, 2008


This movie is going to rock all you "dissapointed" people out there. Heath will be bad ass and the movie in general kicks every super hero film ever made by marvel's ass.

Paul Westerhold on Feb 19, 2008

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