The Day the Earth Stood Still Being Remade for 2008 - Confirmed!

February 21, 2007

The Day the Earth Stood StillApparently Box Office Mojo, the best website for all things box office earnings, has updated their schedule for summer 2008 and included a listing of The Day the Earth Stood Still to open on May 9th, 2008 (one week after Iron Man). The original is a sci-fi classic 1951 movie about an alien and a robot that land on Earth to try and save the world from being destroyed. IMDB doesn't even have a listing for this remake, but Box Office Mojo claims it's being produced by Fox, fast-tracked for a spot in 2008's busy summer.

Is this real? We don't know yet, but we'll put in some requests with Fox to find out. I can bet if it is real, it's going to be directed by someone who will give all sci-fi geeks quite a tingle. This movie is a very well-known classic and I don't think they'd risk screwing up a remake - like War of the Worlds, another 50's classic, fortunately they did a pretty good job with that. Updated inside!

Update: Fox confirmed with us that this is true and the date is correct, meaning a The Day the Earth Stood Still remake is definitely underway for summer 2008!

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War of the Worlds sucked balls. What version did you see Alex Billington?

craig hornby on Feb 22, 2007


The one a few years ago Craig, with Tom Cruise - I loved it! I think everyone always says it's crap because the ending was "so bad" but if you look at it with everything up to the ending (all the way through the farm), it was amazing. Very visualized, stylized, great acting (Cruise rocks) and everything. I don't know how people keep saying it was so bad. Sure there is personal opinion, but if that's purely because of the "bad ending" than that's not justified... What else made it so bad in your mind?

Alex Billington on Feb 22, 2007


NOOOOOOOOO Leave it alone!

novabeatnik on Feb 22, 2007


That's complete bullshit, there is no way they (Hollywood) can even touch this movie....Tom Cruise as Klaatu???? My ass!

joe on Feb 22, 2007


Don't shoot the messenger!

Alex Billington on Feb 22, 2007


Alex, are you seriously telling us that you found the idea of a species that plans its meals millions of years in advance more convincing than the original's asteroid landings? The ending was quite possibly the best part of the movie.

Michael on Feb 22, 2007


The fact that it's scheduled for a summer release doesn't bode well. Think dumbed down with lots of splosions.

Gus on Feb 22, 2007


You just know they will try to put some "big star" in the lead role. Who could they get as Klaatu, hmm, let's see, how about John Travolta? And as Helen Benson? How about Gwyneth Paltrow? Think how a "star" ala Tom Cruise helped ruin War of the Worlds. What an medoicre movie that was especially with Cruise in it as his typically repressed, one-dimensional self. Don't know what Spielberg was thinking.

MichaelM on Feb 22, 2007


Who could possibly play Michael Rennie' part, and what would Gort look like? Well for all the comments regarding the War of the Worlds, the biggest spoiler was Dakota Fanning and the over the top screaming. Your normal kid would have just gone into shell shock.

Bob Knight on Feb 23, 2007


I think that MichaelM really summed up what I thought of War of the Worlds. It was a mediocre film at best. The problem is that Hollywood is hellbent on remaking films that are loved. This really is a no-win scenario. Were they to take films that had decent concepts but crappy execution and actually improve on them, I think it would actually generate some good will amongst filmgoers.

FS Dave on Feb 23, 2007


Why should the alien, in the remake of "The Day the Earth stood still" be a male? Sanaa Lathan (AVP) can do the character justice. Also why should it be a "remake"? why not continue the story line? Bring it up to date since the earth is more messed up now than in 1951!!! Boy do we need some kind of a savior today!!!

BVELAZQUEZ on Mar 2, 2007


I say leave it alone. The original is good enough, and the music soundtrack fits the mood of the film.

SciFiSenior on Mar 2, 2007


If they are going to do it I hope Fox will consider revising the storyline to align with Harry Bates original short story, "Farewell to the Master", which was the inspiration for the original movie. There were concepts he introduced in "Farewell to the Master" that were omitted out of the movie script (like cloning, space-time travel, and artificial intelligence) because it was felt that they wouldn't be well received by audiences of that time period. I think the time has come to redo it the way it was originally written.

RHARRIS on Mar 12, 2007


The film was a classic in its own right and sooooooooooo far ahead of its time. If they can create the same "ahead of its time" feeling and clever use of the special effects available, then they are on to a winner. Cant wait............ 😉

Barbados Rum on Mar 14, 2007


Being a baby-boomer and having grown-up with the classic sci/fi horror genre, I feel the same way; if it 'ain't broke,don't fix it'; The original DTESS, is a wonderful classic with great classic actors, it has a 'charm' like most of the 50's horror/sci-fi, that can never be duplicated, yes, I am very biased about these films, because it i mostly about fantatstic special effects and lots of action and blood today,granted they are fabulously produced, but I will take these 'black/white' films any day. I recently viewed 'Monster on the Campus w/Arthur Franz and Whit Bissell on the new DirectTV Channel TV "Chiller" station, and it was just as enjoyable to me now as it was back in '58, relying more on 'atmosphere and imagination' then f/x. regards

Jay Maggio on Mar 19, 2007


Instead of coming 4 million miles to reach earth how about 4 million light years.Intstead of the doctors smoking cigarettes maybe they can smoke a joint.

Bob on Apr 8, 2007


As a baby-boomer, this flick is one of my all time favorite sci-fi films! I'm constantly talking about this movie and was wondering when they'd ever do a re-make of it. Imagine the special F/X on this one! Jeeezz!! We've already got problems with surmounting global warming as it is! You wanna know what would make this re-make flick truly off-the-hook? Live the film title...literally! It's called "The Day The Earth Stood Still"... so, just imagine the chaos of our world as we realise our planets' rotation around the sun is actually slowing down to a halt. Oh, I'd think we'd all start listening-up real good when that humanoid and his giant alien robot companion start laying down the terms.

Keith Welch on Apr 25, 2007


Please Hollywood, do this right! I was obviously not alone in crushing disappointment withWOTW. Gushing sentimentaliy aside, the impact was totally lost in our modern world. The victorian era was a perfect setting for the insideous invaders from Mars with their unheard of technology( Wells! what a visionary... I think he did have a time machine!). I concur with BVELAZQUEZ that the modern setting would work well- given that it's even more screwed than '51. I remember watching the original as a chld in the sixties and this laid the foundation for a lifetime love of science fiction. If they ruin this one... they'll have me to deal with

Klatu Barada Nictu on Apr 28, 2007


Certainly the original movie is a product of its times. I read Harry Bates short story, "Farewell to the Master", and I'd have to say the movie's screenplay is to say the least loosely based upon his short story. The message of the movie can be interpreted in many ways depending on what we want to read in it. The mysteries of, "2001: A Space Odyssey", about an advanced mysterious force in the universe that transcends time and space verses Klatu's, "We of the other planets". The 1950's version that promotes worlds not unlike our own, seems naively understandable by comparison with the mysteries of the universe as depicted in 2001. Since the fall of the Soviet empire and the declining threat of the Nuclear missile, the new lower tech terror weapons of the car bomb, the passenger Jet missile, the machete, issues of global warming and environmental degradation and destruction. We need Klatu to come back and guide us to a more altruistic outlook, rather than the self absorbed materialism what our church and politician leaders seem incapable to address. Did the making of our machines grind to a halt change our attitude, we saw Klatu as a threat. Klatu came across in the original movie and a friendly, naive neighbor from out of town willing to help others. A descent person trying to understand unreasonable childish attitudes. He left us more confused with no solutions. We knew after seeing the movie that we were doomed. Yeah I think we need Klatu to come back and present us with a viable alternative and more importantly a solution. Do we need the Earth to stand still, I think we need our attitudes to move forward.

Jon Hornstein on Jun 10, 2007


I am a big fan of TDTESS, and it has been in my top 10 favorite movies since I saw it on TV as a kid. I am the product of the 70's and have seen sci-fi grow to a higher popularity than ever before. I grew up with StarTrek and then it's subsequent reiterations(not all of them worth the time to watch). I'm not sure weather to welcome some new version of a well done story or be fearful that it will be mutated into the craptastical remakes that have been rehashed in recent years. Besides hasn't the story already been redone recently - The Abyss

Shock System on Jun 11, 2007


Bye Bye Klatu...

Johnathan Baxter on Jun 15, 2007


Are we sure that this isn't 01-08-08.... or CLOVERFIELD??

MadDog on Jul 16, 2007


The only actor who could play Klaatu properly is Christian Bale. This is my all time favorite movie due to the theme. If they are going to do a remake, hopefully it will be first class.

Alexandria on Jul 17, 2007


Back to WOTW: After seeing the '05 version (and having seen the George Pal version decades ago), I went back and read H.G. Wells' original. The '05 version followed the original story amazingly closely--much moreso than the previous movie.

Rob on Jul 20, 2007


I've been afraid someone would remake this movie for a long time. Please, Hollywood, take a hint from the HULK bomb and all the other remakes and leave the story alone and just update it to today's society. You can never touch the coolness of the ship or the robot Gort with computer graphics and Star Trek or Star Wars ship designs....few actors could pull Klaatu off - Gene Hackman is one and of the right demeanor and age - don't put some young Hollywood hunk in that role - remember this is an advanced race who has lived a long time, not a planet of punk rockers. And as a side note, if you think a remake of this movie is a touchy subject, there is a script available for a remake of "Forbidden Planet" in which a group of men AND WOMEN astronauts "beam" to a planet inhabited by a scientist and his daughter....a travesty!

OKSteve on Aug 10, 2007



Mickie Perell on Aug 14, 2007


OH NO!!! I've been fearing this for years, and now the tossers in Hollyweird are gonna do it! I just watched the film again 2 weeks ago, must be the twentieth time I've seen it....IT CANNOT BE IMPROVED UPON! And NO it's not because of it being a 'generation' thing that I say these words. I saw TDTESS when I was maybe 10 years old when the film was nearly 25 years old!!!!! I was struck with awe (one of the few occasions when the word 'awesome' can be used legitimately). It still fills me with fear and excitement at the same time..a masterpiece...JUST LAY OFF HOLLYWEIRD...ah, I'm wasting my breath. Already I can see the hype, the plastic Hollyweird 'stars' lining up to say this their 'Favourite film, and an honour to be part of the reworking and to bring it up to date" load of 'paycheck' bullshit!! DUH! IT AIN'T BROKEN, SO DON'T BLOODY FIX IT! (If I hear Tom Cruise is involved, I might have to hire a Hit Man!)

Mark Morgan on Aug 15, 2007


Looking for a science fiction short story published circa 1950's titled "I am the Master." Don't know the author, but it is about a spaceship landing in the USA, an alien disembarks from the ship with a gigantic robot, and the alien is shot. The robot freezes in one position(sound familiar?). Later, it turns out the robot, named I think Knute, is trying to restore life to the alien. He succeeds temporarily, and at the end of the story is leaving with the alien in the spaceship. The human protagonists talk with him briefly and ask him about his master, the alien he has saved temporarily. The last line in the story reveals the true nature of the relationship between the two, when he replies to a question put to him about his "master." His reply is; "You're both wrong. I am the master." If anyone knows of the story &/or author, please respond.

scifi researcher on Aug 16, 2007


Hello, When I was a very your boy (I'M now 60), my dad took me to a movie that had a sceen in it taking place on another planit where an invisible creature terrorized a work crew and they put up an electric field around their ship and when the creature came in contact with it you could see it. I can only remember that the crew referred to it as "The IT Monster". Anyone out there ever heard of this film? David

David Robinson on Aug 20, 2007


FORBIDDEN PLANET!! Only one of the greatest Sci-Fi films ever made (apart from The Day The Earth Stood Still). I thought everybody on this this little planet knew about that film! MONSTERS FROM THE ID!

Mark...again. on Aug 21, 2007


Number 39 "scifi researcher" check out the story is online at:

Jon Hornstein on Aug 21, 2007


To Jon Hornstein. Got it. That is the story, and it is a great website. Many thanks.

sci fi researcher on Aug 21, 2007


I don't want Tom Cruise to portray Klaatu. It will spoil Klaatu's reputation. Now I can see Christian Bale playing him, or George Clooney if he stayed Serious. Klaatu is handsome, but an older man. If the producers prefer to stick with the original story from the book, I don't think we will enjoy it half as much as the "fake" "The Day the Earth Stood Still". I read the original version and it came up way short of expectations, to me. I don't think Jakie Gillenhal should play him either, not after that gay movie, because it leaves bad images in my mind.

R.S. Habeeb on Aug 26, 2007


There is nothing better than scifi! Just have a well known superb director doing the movie please! I wish Spielberg was doing it.

R.S. Habeeb on Aug 28, 2007


This marvelous film was the wonder it was due to the fact, it had an interesting plot, the right actors and an altruistic message that carried beautifully in those times. The special effects were the best available and used very well. The choice of Michael Rennie was a heaven sent gift in this role where diction, delivery, elocution were what made his part stand out so well, ie, the explanation to to the boy on how the ship was powered while standing in the crowd. It is very hard to find the perfect actor to play a role. Of course, Patricia Neal did an excellent job of mirroring his energy. She gave no cheapness anywhatsoever to the importance of what Klaatu was doing. It will require the perfect actor to deliver this role. Keanu Reeves is a great lead actor but this part must be handed to the one person custom made for this part; Crispin Glover. When an Elvis Pressley biography was made with Curt Russell cast in the lead role people in Hollywood scoffed an guffawed at the idea that this former Disney contract player could portray the king. But, he made a lot of girls wince, scream and jump when they saw him on the screen. Crispin Glover, with proper direction, could burn out the THX digital sound system. No other actor will come close to what he could do. He will bring Gort to life, and a new more modern theme/ threat to our planet made real. Once again, the times, situations and direction people and our society is moving towards sets the stage for a film that could change history. I believe there is a very interested audience for just such a feature film as this right now. Here's to a bright Futur, Tony Powrhouse

Tony Powrhouse on Aug 30, 2007


There ought to be a law about remakes of classics - they should only be done if they honor the original points that made the movie a classic and improve on the relevance to the current audiences. There is an obligation here not only to millions of scifi fans but to the world that dearly needed to heed the lessons of DTESS in 1951 and unite as a single world of beings to solve our little planet's problems together. In this regard, the original movie was a failure; the remake gives the story another chance to have a positive effect - don't mess it up!

Frank Erickson, M.D. on Aug 31, 2007


Keanu Reeves is a terrific actor but he is terribly miscast as Klaatu. The perfect and I mean absolute perfect choice would have been Raph Fiennes. He has that classic urbane style and manner that most closely resembles Michael Rennie. I have been waiting years for a remake of this movie. Let's hope the script is good and the supporting cast is up to par. I wonder who will play the Frances "Aunt Bea" Bavier role. Will Mr. Carpenter stay at a boarding house? Are there any left in DC?

Stephen Dicht on Aug 31, 2007


I agree that the classics should be remade, brought up to date with the technology we have now. But I like the classics to remain in the original "time period", and not brought into this millenia. I believe that modern people should see the older time periods to some of the classics, but for The Day The EARth stood Still, I feel the people of today need to be taught a lesson, a lot harder than stopping electricity. I don' t even think that Gort should spare Earthlings. Just my feelings, 'cause we have failed in our calling. Krispin Glover. I can't bring my ears to hear how he sounds, but I do like him as an actor. Michael Rennie, and Claude Raines (The Invisible Man, The Wolfman) had very elegant, sexy voices. Women loved them for their speaking prowess. OH. Aunt Bea could be played by Queen Latifah, or The Guy Who plays in the, "Mama's House" movies. The little boy could played by a girl this time. How about the little girl from "The Lions, Witches Wardrobe" or whatever that title is.

R.S. Habeeb on Aug 31, 2007


I am a big fan of sci-fi, especially of the classics. If it is carefully written, produced & directed "The Day The Earth Stood Still" could be a blockbuster. here are the main points: 1. use the original music score 2. use unknown actors/actresses 3. use minimal special effects but make sure the effects used are fantastic 4. polish the script & story board to perfection(will be difficult in todays world) 5. NO "morphing" of Klaatu!! nobody can replace Micheal Rennie, his speach pattern was unique. Instead of trying to imitate Klaatu's speach pattern, develop something totally different that comes out very compelling. "The Thing" was so so and "War of the Worlds" was ok, I hope this one is a winner!!!!!!

R. Raines on Sep 6, 2007


for a real treat the music of "The day the earth stood still" has been re-mastered(re-recorded) with period instruments. it is on the "Varese Sarabande" label. produced by: Robert Townson. I purchased my copy thru CD Universe online. it sounds exactly like the original but it is very "crisp". try it. Ron

R. Raines on Sep 6, 2007


Steven Spielberg should be given the Directors role and he should make this movie greater than his "Encounter of the Third Kind" movie. Ala Special Effect/CGI. Make it so.

Kim on Sep 11, 2007


This timing is more relevent that you know. Reference

Citizen on Sep 11, 2007


I would have liked Spielberg doing it, only he tends to be a bit childish and corny, in some of the things he does in his films. Close Encounters was ok, but it was corny in a lot of spots. I would make "The Day the Earth Stood Still" a very serious movie. Yes, keep true to the original soundtrack and even make it better--I still hope the Robot does a lot more damage this time. If coming to Earth is going to be their *Klaatu's and Gort's* 2nd time, then I think it will be curtains for a lot of humanity.

R.S. Habeeb on Sep 11, 2007


Oh great, another dumb Hollywood movie designed to make the ignorant masses fearful of extraterrestrials. Governments across the world will cheer the day we are contacted by aliens, even if they are peaceful beings some governments will jump at the chance of boosting their own power in light of an imaginary threat.

Not surprised on Sep 16, 2007


I just saw this classic movie yesterday, thanks to my new verizon Fios TV. It was my first time and I was glued to my chair and will not answer my telephone. I really enjoyed it and like many others have said the ending was very terrible so I hope the remake will make it up. I will love to see what became of the boyfriend who wanted to sell the diamond and also if our leaders complied to Klaato's demands, if they did how was the message sent to the alliens. I would also like see if the gov't charged the lady with conspiracy, after all that is what they always do. When they are not able to solve their mess key players become conspiritors.

Kwame Peter, MD on Sep 17, 2007


Do you think they will add humor to this version? I mean there is that part where Klaatu gives Bobby the diamonds. I don't think the message of the old film is to make humans fearful of aliens. It is the humans that should fear humans and we do already. The trick to TDTESS is for humans to think of a working way to get control of our irrational selves. We either take control with robots, stem cell research, dna alterations, and chromosome alterations, or do it with robots. I'd rather have my own personal Robot, like all humans should have. This movie can go so deep down into what humans really need. Because I think overall, we are hopeless lunatics.

R.S. Habeeb on Sep 17, 2007


You hit the nail on the head there, R.S. I realised a long time ago that we need to genetically alter ourselves as a species for us to go forward. If we could make ourselves less obsessed as a species with religion, breeding and destroying, we could go a long way!

Mark on Sep 18, 2007


The day the earth stood still, Best science fiction film ever made, Can never be beaten, Even today.

Peter, London, England on Sep 22, 2007


The whole point is...IT'S SO GOOD IT DOESN'T NEED REMAKING! Duh! Honestly. Might as well bang my bloody head against a wall!

Mark on Sep 23, 2007


Songs get remade. Stories get remade. Washers and Dryers, and other things get remade. Even people. As it now stands, there aren't alot of new people even knowing who Klaatu is, and why he came to Earth. They need to know, and they aren't going to pay attention to an old black and white film that some of us were fond of. I am glad it is going to be redone. I am hoping it is going to be very good. If not then, I will beat my bloody head on the wall too.

R.S. Habeeb on Sep 23, 2007


R.S. I saw that film when I was 10, it was an old Black and White movie even in those days. It left a bigger impression on me than even Star Wars did just a couple of years later. Hype is an awful thing, as an adult I've never been party to the 'latest thing' hype mentality. Some of us just see it as it is, when it's happening and we don't need to be part of the crowd who only join in with the inevitable condemnation when enough other sheep have followed. Bad fashion is bad fashion, bad TV is bad TV, bad music is bad music. Classics are classics in all genre. If it was a crap film, then yes try to make it better, but it wasn't bad or even mediocre. If we have to make it different so 'modern' kids can 'get it'...then we have truly messed up...big time! I just fear that the greatest thing about the film - the message - may be lost in Hollyweird CGI and jumped up over rated 'actors'. A 'virtual' movie for a 'virtual' audience. Sad indeed. I would be happier than anyone if Hollyweird could break the mould and do it justice. We'll wait and see shall we? Fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed.

Mark on Sep 24, 2007


It is bad fashion to be human but that isn't our fault. Over reacting is one of the poorer attributes we have. And we tend to over react over small things like children do. I don't really care anymore, how they do the movie. I have the black and white version and that makes me happy. If the remake sucks, I am certainly not going to have a "spleen fit over it", that would mean I learned nothing from the black and white version. Mark, Klaatu never got bent out of shape...but Gort did. Gort was the destructive side of Klaatu. I would rather have my emotions in check like Klaatu. And like you said, if they remake classics and you don't agree with them remaking classics, then you can sit at home and not be party to it. I don't like the fact that Keanu Reeves is playing Klaatu, but it is not important enough to me, to get me boiled over.

R.S. Habeeb on Sep 25, 2007


I've always been the little boy in the timeless story "The King's (or Emperor's) New Clothes". Nuff said. Bye for now!

Mark on Sep 26, 2007


I'm sorry, but I have to do this. TDTESS is my favorite movie- period. And for the record, I'm not a one-trick pony, all sci-fi, all the time. But this film is being made for the money, not the message- and that's wrong. IMHO, Keanu Reeves not only is completely wrong for Klaatu, he pretty much can't act his way out of a sandwich bag. Just watch "The Devil's Advocate" some time- he gets blown off the screen every scene he has with Pacino. You need depth to portray someone who has just travelled millions of miles to give you a message, then turn around and be awe-struck and reverent over the words of Abe Lincoln and the sight of Arlington Cemetary. You want me to believe remakes are inevitable? I'll buy that if you can assure me the remake will have something better to offer. Think anyone's ever going to remake 2001? A Clockwork Orange? To Kill a Mockingbird? Although not a remake, I feel the same way over this as I did in anticipation of "I, Robot". THIS is how Hollywood does things. But, alas, it will be made and likely it will make a few million for the studio... then be forgotten. And we can wait for the new and improved "Forbidden Planet" starring Brad Pitt as Cmdr Adams and Jack Nicholson as Morbius.

The Doctor on Sep 27, 2007


My aunt took me to see Forbidden Planet when it first came out. I was very little then. Forbidden Planet is the least of my favorite '50's movies and I have seen a very good many of them. I loved "I Robot" with Will Smith and I look forward to "I am Legend" with him in it. I loved Vincent Price when he was in, "The Last Man On Earth" too. One movie that I saw in the fifties that was very good was, "The Incredible Shrinking Man". I consider this film to be very depressing though. Another mood dropper is, "The Wicker Man" with Christopher Lee. They remade it and I didn't bother going to see it. "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers" classic '50's version was superb, and so was the remake in the 1970's. I liked Darryl Hannah in the remake, "Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman". Movies I would like to see done over and continued, "The Thing From Another World" John Carpenter's Version. I simply loved it!! And loved the remake of, "The Blob". One more to be remade in my book, is "The Creeping Unknown"aka "Quatermass Experiment". 2007 ME is a time when people are losing their conscience-ness, and they are losing their ability to feel, so movie producers are not worried too much about "messages" anymore. Just making money like you say. People in these days could care less about a story with Jesus coming to Earth, let alone a "Mr Carpenter". I am going to see TDTESS because I am a child of the '50's. That was a very magic time for me, and others of same ilk. I don't care too much about the people of Earth in these days and times. They've come up short, and I don't think are worthy of continuing to rule Earth. Who knows. We may have already been "invaded" by aliens long time ago--and Gort and Klaatu may have found a more gentler way to get rid of having us get rid of ourselves.

R.S. Habeeb on Sep 27, 2007


"I don't care too much about the people of Earth in these days and times. They've come up short, and I don't think are worthy of continuing to rule Earth." AGREED! I wish Klaatu would come here for real and knock a few stupid heads together!

Mark on Sep 28, 2007


Perhaps I shouldn't be so cynical, and I will go see the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, but I'm not expecting very much now that I know Keanu Reeves will be Klaatu and since I've read a synopsis of the new film in which "Klaatu arrives on earth with his HEAVILY ARMED robot, Gort. Sounds like Gort, instead of having a very cool disintegrating ray and an insdestructible body, will be more along the lines of a Robo Cop droid with machine guns... I think I mentioned this before but the script for a remake of Forbidden Planet lies waiting for an offer for a studio. In it, "a crew of earth men and women BEAM DOWN to a planet where a scientist and his daughter have been living alone since their spaceship crashed"....don't look for any cool saucer landings in this update.

Steve on Sep 29, 2007


I'm confident that this movie is gonna be great.tomy viewpoint (contrary to Steve) the presence of Keanu Reeves in the cast is a real reason to be optimist! 🙂

The Day The Earth Stood Still on Oct 22, 2007


So wrong! It should be a mature well spoken English actor..that's what made Klaatu so great..for crying out loud!! Why does everybody have to be American, unless they are a bad guy? Pathetic.

mark on Oct 22, 2007


I think they should have used a being from another planet. Afterall Earth isn't the only habitable one. How about an actor to play Klaatu from his planet? :-p

R.S. Habeeb on Oct 25, 2007


The Day the Earth Stood Still will remain an excellent film even after the remake. Reeves will do a good job with the charachter as he is somwhat drab in his delivery. They will miss an excellent oppertunity by not casting Stephen Hawking as the professor to give it some current credibility. There is an unfortunate cycle now of remaking older Science Fiction movies instead of tapping into the multitude of great books that can now, with the capabilities of CGI to create images that would have been impossible 10 years ago. Some that come to mind immediately are "Rendesvous With Rama"," Ringworld" or if someone is really ambituous any of the Larry Niven "Known Space" stories. Lots of new stuff to be done before redoing the oldies.

S.Ray on Oct 28, 2007


Who the hell would ever say that War of the Worlds was good. That movie sucked harder and more than a 2 dollar day hooker.

Johnathan on Nov 1, 2007


KLAATU is one of my favorite bands from the 70s.....any movie remake should use the music from this band. My biggest fear is not seeing aliens invade is todays punk generation messing up one of the greatest movies of all time! Calling occupants....of interplanetary crafts.................

Jimmy on Nov 1, 2007


I just read seventy six comments about the movie and no one has mentioned a very special instrument used in the musical score. One attribute about this movie was the musical score and especially the eerie THEREMIN that was used in so many of the scenes. An LA podiatrist by day and thereminist for many of the films in the 50's was Samuel Hoffman who gave this picture it's novelty and scary effects. I certainly hope that instrument will resurface in the remake played by a reputable thereminist.

Purple Haze on Nov 8, 2007


go to search for: the day the earth stood still in the cd section under the category: soundtracks. there is a cd that has the music re-done with PERIOD instruments, including the Theramin!!! it is great, it sounds exactly like the original except it is really hi-fi.

Ron Raines on Nov 8, 2007


I am interested in buying the CD you mention but I don't know which one to get. Why didn't you give us the version you have, who it is by etc? Leonid/Leon Theramin created the Theramin. He was from the soviet union and when he traveled to America with the Theramin showing it off he was under house arrest when he returned to Russia. He was a reknown scientist. The Theramin is using sinewave language, and some type of oscillation. I used to hear this oscillation when my Aunt was building her own Oscillascope, back in the 1950's. Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys used the Theramin in the song, "Good Vibrations", and there was a famous woman who used the Theramin in classical music. More '50's movies used it and the Theramin was used in Tim Burton's, "Mars Attacks!". 🙂 I love its sound.

R.S. Habeeb on Nov 8, 2007


P.S. Celia Sheen Plays the Theremin.

Ron Raines on Nov 9, 2007


Purple Haze, perhaps my last post (#76) was not specific enough.....I loved the music in the Original movie , and was meaning to point out that , the 70s rock band "KLAATU" ,and it's fans are very familiar with Samuel Hoffman and the Theremin. My point intended was that...the NEW movie should include a music score done by KLAATU. Sci-fi fans can hear KLAATU @ KLAATU.ORG Jimmy

Jimmy Askins on Nov 9, 2007


I have always thought if a remake was ever done Klaatu should be played by a lesser known actor as in the original. My choice would have been Steve Burton. (Jason on General Hospital.) He has the piercing eyes of Michael Rennie and the body to carry the role. A known actor such as Keanu Reeves cannot be separated form Speed or Matrix. I don't think his presence is strong enough for the role. Even if the plot is brought up to date you still need a strong lead actor that commands attention and is authoritive enough to carry that role. This is way beyond Keanu Reeves ability. 20th Fox should save their money!

James on Nov 14, 2007


The original TDTESS movie is one of a handful of sci-fi movies that changed not only movies themselves but makes you believe that great movies are possible. Metropolis and Blade Runner come to mind personally. You have to consider that those of us who were kids when Star Wars came out were never exposed to any of the older sci-fi's. Thankfully I had parents who exposed us kids to a variety of films all the way back to the silents. I was both sad and excited when I heard this movie is being remade. The original is close to perfect and I can't see them improving on the formula. Hollywood will probably do the standard extreme makeover, ie., special effects, load noises and split the screenplay up between 3 to 6 screenwriters who have no business tackling a story like this. I have always wondered why they do it this way but its simply money. The War Of The Worlds remake would have been exceptional except for Tom Cruise, the screaming (constantly) daughter, the unlikeable son who just " had to see it for himself" and the goofy ending. The machines were incredible, the effects were great, but the story kind of got glossed over in favor of looking at Tom and the special effects. I am not getting my hopes up on this one. If they let a director, say Ridley Scott, Alfonso Cuarón or someone who knows how to pack the visual punch AND give you characters you care about (Joss Whedon?), then it might live up to the hype. Then again, the movie just may be one of those flukes that people identify with. Just my two cents.

Jason on Nov 14, 2007


The original TDTESS movie is one of a handful of sci-fi movies that changed not only movies themselves but makes you believe that great movies are possible. Metropolis and Blade Runner come to mind personally. You have to consider that those of us who were kids when Star Wars came out were never exposed to any of the older sci-fi's. Thankfully I had parents who exposed us kids to a variety of films all the way back to the silents. I was both sad and excited when I heard this movie is being remade. The original is close to perfect and I can't see them improving on the formula. Hollywood will probably do the standard extreme makeover, ie., special effects, load noises and split the screenplay up between 3 to 6 screenwriters who have no business tackling a story like this. I have always wondered why they do it this way but its simply money. The War Of The Worlds remake would have been exceptional except for Tom Cruise, the screaming (constantly) daughter, the unlikeable son who just " had to see it for himself" and the goofy ending. The machines were incredible, the effects were great, but the story kind of got glossed over in favor of looking at Tom and the special effects. I am not getting my hopes up on this one. If they let a director, say Ridley Scott, Alfonso Cuarón or someone who knows how to pack the visual punch AND give you characters you care about (Joss Whedon?), then it might live up to the hype. The movie just may be one of those flukes that people identify with. Just my two cents.

Jason on Nov 14, 2007


Oh Jason! If only the mindless masses were as caring about these things!!! I need a frontal lobotomy, I want to be a sheep too! TDTESS is a close second behind The life of Brian for me in the all time greatest movies category! I'm just so sad that the wonderful concept and message of the great movie will be trashed by the "Money for Money's Sake" ideology. There's nothing the little boy can do about the Emperor's New Clothes!

Mark on Nov 14, 2007


Well it is obvious that the remake has been made....or is in it's final moments. I agree....that KLAATU should be played by someone who is unknown. And...I agree...that THIS MOVIE can not be redone.....but,,,it Let the Earth Stand Still a new generation see's what a wonderful film this was...perhaps...any new viewer should be requied to see the original first. And...once again...I want to point out the music that DEFINED movies to come!. I will be curious to hear the new music from the new movie...but still say...that the new movie should include the original music plus new music by the ''70s band----KLAATU". As far as GORT goes....even today...a robot such as GORT could put fear into the MUSLIM world as well as the Christian world....even though the Christian world could accept this as truth....and in would prove once again that the faith of Islam is false...and that Mohammed was a False Prophet. Also remember....that in the original ''book''....GORT was the emissary...and KLAATU was the ROBOT.! Hear KLAATU @ http://WWW.KLAATU.ORG JIMMY THE LITTLE NEUTRINO

Jimmy on Nov 14, 2007


Who has info on getting a copy of the original short story by Harry Bates: 'Farewell to the Master'? Perhaps an anthology of science fiction? Titel and anthologist would be helpful to allow looking for a copy on BTW the Theremin rocks - I built one from scratch and got the video of the concert violinist who became the American Theremin diva, Clara Rockmore. For more info and audio samples:

Frank Erickson on Nov 14, 2007


"As far as GORT goes….even today…a robot such as GORT could put fear into the MUSLIM world as well as the Christian world….even though the Christian world could accept this as truth….and in would prove once again that the faith of Islam is false…and that Mohammed was a False Prophet." Why does someone have to lower the tone and bring dumb religion into this? Religion on ANY kind is just a form of madness you know! I'm right he's wrong, no, he's wrong and I am right etc etc... What a load of b*****ks!!!!!!!!! Just because you 'believe' something, doesn't mean it's true! Quote: "You are the Messiah, and I should know, I've followed a few!" Unquote. Life of Brian, one of the best films ever made!! Now then, when is the next stoning?

mark on Nov 15, 2007


To S. DICHT: Perhaps, if we are lucky, Keanu Reeves will be cast as GORT, and not KLAATU. Reeves is completely inappropriate in this remake. Rennie (in the original) sounded suave, looked older than his years. The effect was to lead the viewer to believe in his superior intellect. In the MATRIX films, for all of the F/X, you never have the feeling that NEO is the techno-master that he's supposed to be. In other words, decent actor, completely miscast. What's next, Tommy Lee Jones in a remake of THE LIFE OF CHRIST ? ("Y'aint sinned -- y'all cast thuh fust stone.") Or maybe Whoopi Goldberg in THE ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY STORY....

Mel Lanoma on Nov 20, 2007


When are the idiots in hollywood going to learn to NOT re-make classics. Movies such as War of the Worlds, The Thing, Gone With The Wind, etc, can NEVER be re-made. And The Day the Earth Stood Still is in that same catagory. The unknown (to American Audiences) actor Renee, added mystery to the flick, since he was not known to the audiences here in the States. The musical score was very sci-fi-ish, not like all the commercial hip-hop and rap that is the background to most movies today. The visuals, in a pre-computer generated era, were better than most of the stuff today. Just like in the original War of the Worlds, explosions looked real because they were. Not like the explosions today that look fake because they are computer generated. There should be a law against re-making and RUINING great movies of the past! I for one will not give my money to the box office to support the destruction of a classic.

Steve on Dec 11, 2007


This is my all time favorite movie. I hate to see it messed with. I dont think a remake of this movie is possible unless the original score is used along with the exact dialogue. I also believe making the movie take place just as it did in 1951 in Washington DC would improve its effectiveness. The film was way ahead of its time when it came out. We dont need a lot of special effects. The movie was more suspenseful then it was an action movie. I think Clive Owen would be a good pick for the role of Klatu and some unknown actress to play Mrs Benson. If FOX screws this up they will be seeing " The Day the Box Office Stood Still "

Paul on Dec 24, 2007


"As far as Gort goes...", Heck. If it were up to me, be he muslim, jew, or whateva, if you are "human" beware o' ye universe. Get a "Gort" for every man, woman, and child for this planet of el whackos!! 🙂 *holds Patricia O'Neal, so that she never shows up to give Gort that "important" message. KABOOOOM!!!

R.S. Habeeb on Dec 24, 2007


Trust me ......GORT is no muslim

Jimmy Askins on Dec 24, 2007


Not sure, but I'm sure that I heard Keanu Reeves is playing Klatu. But with his acting ability, he'd definately make a better Gort. Stand and point.

El Blanco on Dec 29, 2007


LOL, EL Blanco I couldn't agree with you more!!

R.S. Habeeb on Dec 29, 2007


I sure hope they do make a remake of one of the best sci-fi movies ever, and I hope they don't screw it up. I thought the remake of "War of the Worlds" was absolutely terrible. Steven Spielberg turned an interesting and exciting story about an invasion and how it was being coped with into a soap opera about Tom Cruise and his dysfunctional family. I can't begin to describe how disappointing I found it. Please let "The Day the Earth Stood Still" not get side tracked in a similar fashion!

Steve on Jan 12, 2008


RE: Who has info on getting a copy of the original short story by Harry Bates: 'Farewell to the Master'? Frank Erickson on Nov 14, 2007: Just enter 'Harry Bates' in Amazon / Books search, to find "The Day the Earth Stood Still and Other Classic SF Novellas" (Kindle Edition) by Harry Bates. It is also collected in an anthology from long ago .... .

stcoleridge on Jan 14, 2008


No matter how the remake turns out, NOTHING can change the fact that the original is a great masterpiece!!!!

Ron on Jan 14, 2008


Harry Bates Story is online @

Jon Hornstein on Jan 30, 2008


Please please put some time and into this remake don't just go for over the top special effects. we want a story as well one that is in context. EG. like Thunder birds could have been a great movie sorry but kid saving the thunder bird team what a waste. Alien VS Preditor out of context with the original story the alien took days to gestate not hours. The list is endless of remake and follow on movies the failed.

paul Rogers on Feb 2, 2008


I pray that they are not using the storyline from the original one by Harry Bates. I hated it, when I read it. It was very short, and boring. The movie was so much better. So Keanu Reeves could be "Gort" and Kathy Bates "Klaatu" *err have to reverse the names for this.

RSH on Feb 8, 2008


I can't wait, bring it on guy's!!!!! Best thing to happen in my life time!! I have chills all over!

Patrick Mignery on Feb 9, 2008


Please leave this classic alone it deserves more respect!

alan walsh england on Feb 19, 2008


This remake will be a dud if it doesn't have a great music score. Go to and sign the petition to get Canadian rock group do the music score. Songs like...Around the Universe...Little Neutrino...and...Calling Ocupants of Interplanitary Crafts , would add a bonus to the movie. Remember...if Klaatu Barack Obama wins......the Earth will lose.

Jimmy Askins on Feb 29, 2008


Christopher Walken should be cast as Klaatu!! That would mos def roKK my soXX

PennyJ on Mar 2, 2008


There was a message in the Movie relayed by Extraterrestials to the Peoples of Earth for that period, which has more or less gone unheeded.The Movie served a purpose bringing to the Nations of the World Earths Fate or Inevitable Contamination.They need to make the sequel to this Movie as the timing is right.Without meaning to be presumptuous,I have the" Final Message" or Warning relayed.The Engineering of which will blow your mind.But my task is to pass it on to the person in authority. With Steven Spielberg in Mind,I Need the means to make contact with him direct to deliver the 'Message from the Moon',without giving anything away or coming across as some sought of crackpot or nut case.Somehow I have found myself here as a possible avenue to acheive this task,as I realise that it will not be easy for a nobody to make direct contact with the Man himself.

wayne on Mar 3, 2008


i knew people would get all emotional about this the truth is let them remake it if it's crap then what exactly does that do to the original NOTHING..

Neonblue on Mar 15, 2008


...del Toro, or the actor who played the assassin in "No Country For Old Men", who have been great looking for this film. In the original story the main character was Gort, not Klaatu. Who do you think should play the robot???

RSH on Mar 28, 2008


Klaatu is going to be portrayed by Keanu Reeves. I liked him as Robert Arctor in a Scanner Darkly so I hope he soes a good job.

Robert on Apr 26, 2008


If anybody wants to look at possible followups to TDTESS, Ray Bradbury did two screenplays in 1981 (the 30th anniversary of the original film). His protagonist in both was Klaata, Klaatu's daughter. His working title for the screenplays was "The Morning of the Second Day". Browse the Internet. You'll find a master at the top of his form in both versions.

Tom Amies on Apr 29, 2008


I think it's the perfect time for this remake. At first, I thought, great, another Hollyweird liberal/regressive propaganda piece disguised as a science fiction movie. Preaching to us how you have to try to "understand" the murdering psychotic enemy who's trying to destroy you. That you have to try, somehow to "kaffe klatch" with evil dictators and armies of terrorist homicide bombers. But then I saw that Fox is making it, so I figured the studio that brought us PATTON and INDEPENDENCE DAY (the movie in which we kick ET's ass) must know what they're doing. When you think about it, the story is really more about the conservative "fighting fire with fire" (peace through strength) than the liberal "peace at any cost" (throw flowers at killers and sing kum-bayah to them). In a way i think WE are in the process of creating GORT, or becoming him, and ulimately, the police force of the galaxy. In the same way we are now telling the Islamo-Fascist terrorists of the Middle East: "Cease your evil, your killing, your bombing, your terror, or you will be completely and irrevocably destroyed!"

Dick Doper on Apr 30, 2008


Keanu Reeves is perfect for the role. He is known as a mysterious person althrough his career, and he is alienated from typical Hollywood because he is his own person, and interesting . He has a slightly exotic look and that is right for a man from outer space. He's been coyly, called " Zen Master of the Universe " and stuff like that . Sometimes the camera does'nt do him justice , because I have read many a time that he is striking as far as looks go . One writter called him "supernaturely beautiful " when he was younger . He's right for the job .

Darlene on May 4, 2008


Darlene: Think of Keannu Reeves, think of Michael Rennie and then think of Ralph Fiennes. There is no doubt Michael Rennie IS Klaatu. Ralph Fiennes is the perfect modern day Klaatu and without a credible star the movie will fail. Being beautiful is way down on the list of requirements for a believable man from outer space who frightens the entire world.

SPD on May 4, 2008


Keannu Reeves is so wrong for the part. To begin with its a travesty to remake a classic like this one. Hasn't Hollywood learned remakes usually bomb.

magc on Jul 2, 2008


Saw the trailer today. Remake or no remake this film looks intense. I love 'afraid of what' and then ch ch ch ch as the lights turn on to Keanu in that chair. Awsome scene. I think I actually raised my hands. I can't wait to see that. Of course J.C. is as beautiful as ever but I want to see more of her!!!! When can we find this trailer on the net?

steven56 on Jul 2, 2008


I saw the trailer as well. It looked interesting. It may actually be worth seeing.

John on Jul 3, 2008


I'm so sad that they didn't choose a well spoken English actor for the role of Klaatu. It would give the American audience a sense of 'danger'....oh how that annoys me! So strange! So very, very strange!

Mark on Jul 3, 2008


I saw the trailer and I was so disappointed. Seems the only thing the movie has in common with the original is the title. Mags

magcor on Jul 7, 2008


I agree with Mags, sadly. I expect 'The masses' will love it, until the next Hollweird remake comes along, but the original will remain a true classic, and I'm sure I will still be watching it until the day I'm gone. (Maybe the selfish ape-like Human race won't be far behind?) Who knows? I'm certain that the remake, with all it's CGI claptrap (like so many others), will become dated VERY quickly! Having said that, I WILL give it a chance! I live in hope!

Mark on Jul 7, 2008


Perfect person to have played Klaatu: Hugo Weaving.

Joe on Jul 9, 2008


Sam Neill would also have made a reasonable Klaatu.

Dr. E on Jul 9, 2008


I can't get this ot of my head, with KR as Klaatu: "Dudes of Earth! Unless you all stop acting totally bogus, we're going to have to burn you all crispier than a Dead concert crowd! Whoa! But if you're all like cool, then we can just Party On!" First impresions . . . .

corquando on Jul 10, 2008


I dont know how you can really make a remake of an already perfect film. I mean this is already on the top 100 films to see before you die list. Whats next? Citizen Kane?

Meg on Jul 17, 2008


OK, let's see about remakes of past films: Invaders From Mars: Remake = Crap. Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Remake = Crap. War of the Worlds: Remake = One Degree Above Crap. The Omen: Remake = Crap. Attack of the 50 ft. Movie:" Original is crap but campy crap and the remake was worse and didn't come close to the original. I know I'm forgetting some of the other remake disasters, but with a track-record like this, why would we thing a remake of "Day" would be any better? I truly hope it's better. The sad thing is that there are zillions of people who's only exposure to this story will be the remake. If the remake is a disaster, their reaction will be "What a crummy movie and story" and they will never have experienced the gem that was the original movie. Since this movie will probably be ruined during the remake, why not turn it into a musical? Just think...a chorus-line of dancers around the space ship and Gort turns into the largest boombox!!! Please don't steal my idea.

Dan Filice on Jul 18, 2008


Hey i like the WAR OF THE WORLDS MOVIE it had great graphics and I love the ending when Morgan Freeman told about what happened and i like how he said something about god in his speech. So i think this movie wont be crap.

Christopher V. on Jul 19, 2008


Citizen Kane sucked. I saw the trailer for The Day the Earth Stood Still last night, and it looks like it is going to do justice to the original. If the moral of the story remains intact, it might be worth watching. I saw the original in the early 60's - back then, you could see re-runs from the 40's and 50's at local theaters, especially on Saturday afternoon. It was great! I paid my 25 cents for three Saturdays in a row . I am sure it will be entertaining.

Steve V. on Jul 19, 2008


..and there it is in a nutshell! Christpher V said: "Hey i like the WAR OF THE WORLDS MOVIE it had great graphics".....and as if that wasn't enough, he went on to say: "and i like how he said something about god in his speech" DUH!!!! Hollyweird loves you Christopher! BTW, if you are a young child, then your comments are totally understandable!

Mark on Jul 20, 2008


I'll bet they change the phrase to stop Gort to: "Klattu, Obama, Al Gore"

Perry M on Jul 20, 2008


They'll probably have the heroine just text message Gort: KLATU BRADA NKTO DUDE 😉 [which could be misinterpreted due to the abbreviations and he nukes the place instead for a plot twist - part of what happens as a consequence of dumbing down the population since the 50's]

Dr. E on Jul 20, 2008


I saw the trailer to the new movie, and can't say I was real impressed. Of course it didn't show much, and hopefully the rest is better. We will have to wait and see. Like I said earlier, I thought Spielberg's remake of War of the Worlds was terrible; more about Tom Cruise and his dysfunctional family than the original story line. Hollywood is playing to a new audience these days, one I usually find to be immature and unappreciative of the classics as they were, more dependent on story line than special effects and triteness. I have my fingers crossed.

Steve on Jul 20, 2008


Spielberg was trying to make it relevant to a modern audience which he perceived at the time as a lot of NASCAR dads with sociopathic tendencies and dysfunctional families - you know - Republican voters.

Dr. E on Jul 21, 2008


I think you're on to something there! (smile)

Steve on Jul 21, 2008


Dr.E said: NASCAR dads with sociopathic tendencies and dysfunctional families - you know - Republican voters. Well...I may be on the other side of the pond, but that makes total sense....sadly! How come I get it!? I'm sure the U.S. isn't full of frightened right wingers...but they have the biggest mouths sadly!

Mark on Jul 21, 2008


...and they LOVE guns!

Mark on Jul 21, 2008


Unbelievably horrible news, but not shocking. Of course, they had to wait until Robert Wise was dead because he held the rights to this picture. The Day The Earth Stood Still, as originally done, had a lot of underlying messages in it. It was, first and foremost, a morality tale and was brilliant for it's day. For 2008 this will obviously be nothing than a typical overblown, huge budget, special-effects extravaganza where whatever story line there is will no doubt be lost. I won't even go into the casting of Klaatu. A very difficult role to cast. This is the role that introduced Michael Rennie to Hollywood. It fit him like a glove -- it was kismet. Well-known actors such as Claude Rains and Spencer Tracy had been considered for the part, but it Wise was asked to look at Michael Rennie. He was impressed, but he also felt that this was the perfect role for someone who was not well-known. It would add to the mystique of the film and it's timeless message. Regardless of its 50s setting this is a timeless film and way ahead of its time in its message. It is a Robert Wise masterpiece. And as far as music, I truly hope they don't have the right to use the Bernard Herrman score as was done with the atrocious re-make of "Psycho." I have yet to see Fox do a really good re-make of any of these classics. The original 1951 The Day The Earth Stood Still will fortunately remain a classic and this one I'm sure will be relegated to the growing heap of forgettable big-budget remakes of classic films that simply could not be made better. Yes, I got through about 15 minutes of the re-make of War of the Worlds and simply couldn't take it. Truly was horrible. Special effects extravaganza with a poor script and -- for lack of a better term -- no soul, no humanity -- which is, after all, why all of these earlier films are classics. No matter how many years go by they are timeless. And set in New York City instead of Washington, D.C.? Ummm. I love New York, being a resident, but sorry, there was a reason Klaatu landed in D.C.

Cathy on Jul 22, 2008


Cathy, Great insight and comments. I couldn't have said it better. I totally agree about the many underlying messages in the original movie. For me, one message was a social message with racial undertones: Being afraid of someone who looks different. Yet when Klaatu shows up to rent the apartment, although he IS different, no one is afraid because he looks the same as the other people and there is no question about his legitimacy. And I agree about the need or reason for the saucer in the original "Day" to land in D.C. instead of N.Y. Is this another token favor to N.Y. after the 911 tragedy? And yes, yes to the comment about the remakes not having any soul or humanity. The M.O. seems to be "Make big effects and forget the storyline." In the original War of the Worlds, Gene Barry chops off the head of the "scout" alien, and brings it to the labs at JPL or wherever it was, and I loved the investigation done to figure out what we were up against. This was sadly omitted in the remake. I found it an essential slice of the movie that gradually gets us involved with the aliens and allows us a close-up look into these things. I did enjoy the alien creatures in the remake and the sound effect they made when attacking, but as someone else said here, the remake revolved more around Tom Cruise and his dysfunctional family rather than the aliens. I think in the remake, there should have been a little time spent explaining how or why the aliens were buried underground for eons. This was only brushed over and it could have added some substance to the storyline.

Dan Filice on Jul 22, 2008


Well said Cathy and Dan Filice! I also got the feel from the movie trailer that Klaatu wasn't as much in control of the situation has he should have been. Though taking him to Walter Reed hospital in the original, he talks to a couple of people than escapes. The new movie includes him being hooked up to a lot of instrumentation with people watching etc.. It just seemed to take away from his dignity and power. I see no need for him to be subjected to our political and bureaucratic BS machine. After all, he has come to Earth to give us an ultimatum, not to be subject to our nonsense. Maybe I'm jumping the gun, but this is the impression the trailer gave me, and as we have stated re: present day Hollywood pandering to certain audiences I fear there is a lot of room for potential triteness.

Steve on Jul 22, 2008


I take it none of you have read the original story? Do a google for "Farewell to the Master." Klaatu was NOT in control of Gort. It was the other way around.

John on Jul 22, 2008


Hi John, To be honest with you, both the short story by Bates and movie were excellent, regardless of the order of the two main characters. However, I don't believe either will be recognizable in this film and there will be a lot of disappointed fans who are hoping for this. I'm not surprised that "Forbidden Planet" is in the wings, too, for a modern Hollywood CGI makeover, complete with lots of noise and destruction. Like the TDTESS the script is key here and it's very mature and deep with all kinds of meaning. It's not a simple movie -- entertaining, but not simple, and in the end very sad. As with TDTESS, I had the opportunity got to see this on the big screen in a local theater after it was restored the first time around. What a pleasure. Really the only re-make of a classic sci-fi movie that came close to matching the original, was "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." And that re-make was a long, long time ago now. Of course, none these things matter, because this Reeves' re-make -- good, bad or otherwise -- is a fait accompli. And we're going to be able to watch trailers ad nauseum for the next five months -- what fun!

Cathy on Jul 22, 2008


GORT was in control! As it should be!

Mark on Jul 22, 2008


Wasn't GORT an interplanetary police robot that kept peace among the different solar systems and planets and made sure that inhabitants of other planets didn't go to war and destroy themselves or others? Klaatu, in my eyes, was a creature that had the ability to communicate with earthlings, so he was chosen as a spokesperson to tell earth people to not spread their killing ways to other planets, now that space travel was within our grasps back in the '50's. So, I can see how GORT was in control. Klaatu was the diplomat. Maybe Reeves can learn how to speak with a proper English accent.

Dan Filice on Jul 22, 2008


I do recall Michael Rennie, when referring to the race of robots they had created, saying, "In matters of aggression we have given them absolute power over us." Klaatu's race had given control to the robots, apparently not even trusting themselves. I imagine Klaatu had the authority except when things became violent beyond a certain point. To tell you the truth, I wouldn't mind such a ship landing in Washington DC today. The chronic and habitual predilection of Homo sapiens for war and violence is getting quite old.

Steve on Jul 22, 2008


I've often thought about this, Steve. The movie is so valuable today just for that Klaatu's closing monologue. It says it all. They even used it in an NPR commentary a couple of weeks ago, and I think it had to do with just that. Since the time this movie was made we have been destroying ourselves. This earth will become a "burned-out cinder" by our own actions. We don't need aliens in spaceships to do it for us. I'm not sure about this, but my brother told me tonight that Reeves' production company are executive producers of this "project." Ego in action. So I guess there was never any competition. In any event, I don't think we'll have to worry about any hard-hitting monologues in this version. If the trailers are truly what this movie is about the earth is going to be flattened anyway by the end, so I guess there's no point in giving a warning speech. The scene of the spaceship lights coming over the Empire State Building is a copy of the scene in the beginning of "Independence Day" which was the last time I saw a modern sci-fl flick that was good. Actually, the poster also looks like variations on a theme of "Independence Day," uninspiring and bland.

Cathy on Jul 22, 2008


The original is my favorite of all time....I am not too crazy about the brief trailer that I have seen...Keanu is a bad choice...and from what I have seen, Gort does not even look like a robot...more like a muslim terrorist. I loved the original music score too...I hope the new movie uses good taste in music...not rap or hip hop crap. They should use the music from the Canadian band named KLAATU.... To hear Klaatu's music...go to

jimmy on Jul 25, 2008


Well, the trailer on YouTube left me feeling....well, underwhelmed. Sheesh, it looks like a poor version of Independence Day and X-Files combined. Speaking of X-Files, Chris Carter could probably have made an interesting remake of Day. What a shame. I hate to say it, but it looks like we're doomed here.

Dan Filice on Jul 25, 2008


The X-Files has always given people food for thought. It's never been a CGI extravaganza. That's what TDTESS would need to be a successful re-make. My first thought of the trailer and the poster was "Independence Day" without the originality. Chris Carter would have handled this re-make probably the same way that Robert Wise did the original -- with integrity and respect for the subject matter. But it is what it is. It will be successful in "return on the dollar" no doubt, as was the re-make of "War of The Worlds." I know that I will not see this on its initial release but wait for cable. My $$ are too precious to waste on something I may just have to walk out of -- from the volume factor alone, which is probably going to be intolerable. I was able to sit through 10 to 15 minutes of "War of The Worlds" on cable before I became bored out of my skull.

Cathy on Jul 26, 2008


Having seen the trailer, and realizing how trailers are designed to pull an audience into the theater, I was trying to figure out how they could have a tractor trailer truck and several miles of landscape and buildings being destroyed in the remake, when in fact the demonstration to 'make the earth stand still' in the original was totally benign. We have to remember that in this 're-imagining' of the original, Keanu Barrada Blando is hear to warn us of an invasion under way, not that if we don't join the intergalactic police force one will take place. I'm thinking once Keanu is shot, the big orbs begin the destruction which is what we see in the trailer, and then Gort is contacted and calls them back. After all, we have to get that CGI in there, don't we? I admit, the orb rising out of the sea is cool looking, but we haven't seen a simple flying saucer in a film in years and it would have been even more cool to have one like the original with it's seamless entrance and hidden ramp, land in New York, or Washington without the CGI extravagnaza we appear to be in for.

Steve on Jul 26, 2008


Yep, I agree about the CGI angle. It's often forced down our throats just because it can be. To me, a film becomes great if it does not need to rely on over-done visual effects, but rather story and character development. I think many people go see a movie to see "wow" effects rather than story (at least in this genre). The original Invaders From Mars had hokey effects (bubbling spaghetti sauce for melting dirt walls and zipper in the alien suits), but the characters and story were great. The remake didn't hold a candle to the original. In addition, the remake of The Omen was so lousy I could not watch it. It followed the original line-for-line, so what could have gone wrong? Louse directing and lousy acting is what went wrong. The actors (sorry Liev Schreiber) stunk and couldn't carry the emotion that Gregory Peck and Lee Remick did.

Dan Filice on Jul 26, 2008


I recall seeing a part of the re-make of "The Omen" the other night and it was "not good" -- to put it mildly. "Psycho" did the same thing -- simply awful. So somewhere in these comments I read that "Forbidden Planet" is next on the list to be re-imagined, or whatever you want to call what they're calling re-makes this days -- have to admit, this is a new one to me. This story in this is based on Shakepeare's "The Tempest," I believe. So, folks, once again, it's all about story and characters, but it's set on another planet, so it's sci-fi. Special effects are secondary. I have to admit, I've never watched a true classic and said, gee, I can't wait to see this one re-made. No, I like originality. To quote Stephen Colbert: "If you make the first one good enough, you don't need to write another." This was referring to his very funny book "I am America and So Can You." It could be aptly applied to classic movies: If the first one is that good, why do it over." Go original. Make something that 20 years from now will be considered a classic. We have a few but not many.

Cathy on Jul 26, 2008


I think remakes come about because there is money to be made. And, if a film is remade 20 years after the original, then there are generations of people who never saw the original and are ripe candidates for the remake. The remake to these people is not a remake, it's a new movie. The people in this blog who are complaining about the remake of "Day" (like me) saw the original. We have something to base our complaints on and we kind of have a vested interest in the original film.

Dan Filice on Jul 26, 2008


They should NOT remake 2001. Period. You just can't beat the movie. Dave, HAL, the Monolith. They just can't be beat. If they ever remake the movie, I'm going to have to kill the director. Oh, and also I wish they would stop making alien invasion movies for a while, I'm getting sick of them.

Anonymous on Aug 8, 2008


I like Keanu as Klaatu. I only wished that they'd do the story closer to "Farewell To The Master", which it was based on. Of course, if they did, it might draw some fire from the "Terminator" fand and the few who may draw similarities to "Sphere". When the news first leaked that they were planning a remake , our SF discussion group ran overtime at our bi-weekly meeting. I had been toying with an idea for a sequel to Forbidden Planet. It's in treatment stage, now. Much of it would depend on how they end the remake.

SciFiWriter on Sep 3, 2008


I think this article says it all. No, this movie did not and should not have been re-made, re-imagined, or whatever BS thing you want to call it. I think about TDTESS very often when I look at society today. No, the message has not changed. I only hope that this re-whatever-you-want-to-call-it doesn't bury the original gem or the totally timeless message: A world without war and violence. For those who do love the original you'll love this article. It really says it all. And it underscores why we love this film so much. Films are not always "just entertainment." They can make us look at ourselves and yearn and work for something better. Hollywood has forgotten this.

Cathy on Sep 4, 2008


I agree. The message has been forgotten. Not just by Hollywood, but, sadly by the viewers, as well. I remember the fist time i saw it. I as in awe of the spaceship, Gort and that laser beam when it melted the tank. I was a kid then and the message escaped me, even though my father was an area coordinator for Civil Defense. Only later, when I studied the films I watched more critically, did it hit home. It was while researching a composition on "The medium and the message" that I read the story the movie was based on. Though some of the details were changed and names were changed ('Gort' was originally 'Gnut', and the space ship was originally a time ship), the theme was the same. I'm really thnakful that Turner hasn't bought it and colorized it. It is best viewed in black-and-white, to add to the cold, hard and truth it tells. It's a waste of time to hope that remakes won't be made of the classics. It is because they are classics that they are remade. No one had made a remake of "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" yet, thank the powers-that-be. I won't pay to see remakes in the theatre. I'll wait for Netflix to have 'em.

SciFiWriter on Sep 6, 2008


Turner actually stopped colorizing movies some years back and instead poured money into restoration and preservation. "Citizen Kane" was one of the first and was placed into a successful limited theatrical release. It was really beautiful. This idea, of course, is what has made TCM so successful.

Cathy on Sep 6, 2008


One of the primary reasons for colorizing films is quite funny. It was because the "general" public did not want to watch B&W films because they looked old and B&W had no visual stimulation. Someone made a stupid decision to colorize some of the B&W films, otherwise, as it was thought, there would be no market for them. Of course, these reasons are my interpretation of what caused it all, but they're close to the facts. I've raised both of my sons with the "old" films as a foundation, and today, although they like most of the new films, they appreciate the "classics" and have commented how much better the original films were as compared to the recent remakes. I think I'm going to have my own boycott when the remake of "Day" comes out this December. I'm going to make an icy-cold Martini and watch the original on opening night of the remake! Shaken, not stirred, of course.

Dan Filice on Sep 6, 2008


I first saw this wonderful sci-fi when I was 6 years old and had trouble understanding why anyone would shoot a visitor from outer space, especially when he was going to present humanity with an unbelievable gift. My father explained that people are always afraid of the unknown and aliens were unknown to viewers at that time. I have spent a lifetime studying the unknown and alien stories. I have seen the original "Day" 15 times and can't imagine how it will be presented in this remake. I'm skeptical about this version because we have all grown up with alien movies, so the awe and fascination of visitors from out of space has become mundane. At the time the original was made, this concept was a real novelty. I'm looking forward to seeing this version so I won't prejudge it. I hope they haven't made Gort and the story-line ridiculous.

Jesse Simon on Sep 9, 2008


Here's my two cents worth . . . The original Day The Earth Stood Still is as classic as Gone With The Wind. It is a beautiful movie with a relevant message that is as pertinent today as it was in 1951. After viewing the promo, I'm not sure the remake will stand up to the original. I will, however, see the movie and judge for myself. It'll be a real pity if the storyline doesn't jive with the original. Is Hollywood that hard up for material that they have to remake old movies?

KK on Sep 14, 2008


Yes KK, Hollywood IS "that hard up for material!" Most of the movies I've seen this year (and I love to go to the movies) have been crap. There were two lately that I thought were above par to very good, namely, "Traitor" and "Righteous Kill." I've seen the trailer for "The Day the Earth Stood Still" several times now. Each time my heart sinks a bit lower. Like you, I thought the original was a classic, with a definite message and right on that message. From what I've seen of the new movie I can't imagine how it is anywhere close to that message. Sure, I could be wrong, not having seen it in its entirety, but..... The original was basically benign. An intelligent and enlightened man from space comes to kindly, but firmly, warn the world about the pickle it might be in if its aggression spreads into space. He is attacked, more than once (actually killed and brought back to life the second time), but remains calm and non-belligerent. The new movie seems very much different, with the aliens being quite threatening, both in word and deed. Of course, one must create a vehicle for lots of gratuitous violence and special effects. We shat see what we shall see.

Steve on Sep 14, 2008


After seeing the trailer, my gut feeling says: Overdone effects, underdone story.

Dan Filice on Sep 14, 2008


KR will be just fine...I loved the original too, but lets see a different perspective. You cannot expect this new dilm to be the same as the old one, there would be no advancement. Like many have said, no matter how this film comes out, the original is still there. Also, we all cannot be Producers/Directors. If you don't like who was selected for a role, make your own movie.

H leon on Sep 23, 2008


Why say the film is a remake if it isn't? They should have called it something else and not made mention of the the original.

Maria on Sep 24, 2008


Good point Maria. I'm not sure what to make of the promos I've seen. In the original film, violence and destruction was what Klaatu preached against. Gort would only act when needed, such as to control violent outbursts from other beings in the universe. In the promos, I've seen mass destruction of buildings, trucks, etc. I wonder how these acts of alien violence relate to the peace that Klaatu preached in the original. Only a few months until our curiosity is rewarded.

Dan Filice on Sep 24, 2008


Yes, if this is so loosely-based on both the original story and the movie, why not just leave it as another blow-em-up, knock-em-down CGI extravaganza with some live actors thrown in? I think the title is all that's being used and character names. It's really silly, but it's beginning to look like this was done just to get the public's attention. Anyway, with the economy tanking big-time this movie might just end up being a mere blip on the map, anyway. Things are pretty bad out there, and by December it's most likely going to be worse (just the reality of the situation, folks), and even the demographic that normally goes to these flicks is pulling back on all kinds of things -- like clothing, eating out and going to the movies. I've thought of going to a couple of movies this past summer and nixed that idea quickly.

Cathy on Sep 25, 2008


Cathy, With the lousy economic situation our country is in, maybe the best movie for the times is "Grapes of Wrath." Then, while I'm being depressed, I can pull out my recipe for Rock Soup and have a good 'ol time. 🙂

Dan Filice on Sep 25, 2008


Klaatu has left the world a possible solution for a better future. It is in essence a BLUEPRINT of peace. It is called: " THE NILE OF DENIAL by Klaatu" It is very interesting... Very.

Klaatu on Nov 26, 2008


The short story, "Farewell to the Master" by Harry Bates, served as framework for the movie, "The day the earth stood still". In the book, GORT was called GNUT and the ship did not come from another place , but another time. ---------- Of all the things Cliff had wanted to say to Klaatu, one remained imperatively present in his mind. Now, as the green metal robot stood framed in the great green ship, he seized his chance. "Gnut," he said earnestly, holding carefully the limp body in his arms, "you must do one thing for me. Listen carefully. I want you to tell your master — the master yet to come — that what happened to the first Klaatu was an accident, for which all Earth is immeasurably sorry. Will you do that?" "I have known it," the robot answered gently. "But will you promise to tell your master — just those words — as soon as he is arrived?" "You misunderstand," said Gnut, still gently, and quietly spoke four more words. As Cliff heard them a mist passed over his eyes and his body went numb. As he recovered and his eyes came back to focus he saw the great ship disappear. It just suddenly was not there anymore. He fell back a step or two. In his ears, like great bells, rang Gnut's last words. Never, never was he to disclose them til the day he came to die. "You misunderstand," the mighty robot had said. "I am the master." ---------- The short story s available on the Gutenberg Project website in its entirety. Give it a read for contrast...

Roger McMillian on Nov 26, 2008


I tried to find this on the Gutenberg Project website through search and nothing came up.

Cathy on Nov 27, 2008


I saw the trailer for the first time on TV last night. I'm convinced they just should have called it something else. It's a totally different everything. All I saw was that one scene with Reeves sitting down with the electrodes, or whatever (and who cares) and lots of things blowing up. It's probably my age (52) but I can't stand movies where all I see is the world exploding. I can sadly do that by turning on the evening news. Yes, I prefer the intelligence and gentleness of the original.

Cathy on Nov 27, 2008


They must have removed it from the site. Probably a lot of downloads keeping the site busy.

Roger McMillian on Nov 27, 2008


Thanks. I just found out that on December 2nd TDTESS will be out in a new special edition 2-disc DVD and it has on one of the disks an audio version of Farewell to the Master. Apparently this is a very hot item. It's ironic that they are releasing this a week before this reimagines thingy. Anyway, here is what's on the 2-disc set: # Disc 1: # Commentary by Robert Wise and Nicolas Meyer # Commentary by Film & Music Historians John Morgan, Steven Smith, William Stromberg & Nick Redman # Isolated Score Track # Disc 2: # The Making of The Day The Earth Stood Still # Decoding "Klaatu, Barada, Nikto": Science Fiction as Metaphor # A Brief History of Flying Saucers # Edmund North: The Man Who Made the Earth Stand Still # The Astounding Harry Bates # Farewell to the Master: An Audio Presentation of the Original Short Story # Fox Movietonews from 1951 - Featuring the Film's Premiere # Restoration Comparison # Theatrical Trailer # Still Galleries

Cathy on Nov 27, 2008


CATHY said: "It's probably my age (52) but I can't stand movies where all I see is the world exploding. I can sadly do that by turning on the evening news. Yes, I prefer the intelligence and gentleness of the original." I'm 7 years behind you and TOTALLY agree!!!!

Mark on Nov 28, 2008


I'm 57 and I too agree. I'd rather see 50 where they save the world, than one where they don't, but onle if both the prolem and the solution are both plausible.

Roger McMillian on Nov 28, 2008


Cathy, The new TDTESS disc will also be available in Blu-Ray. Since I have Blu-Ray I will definitely buy that, but I may also buy the standard DVD so I can have it to take on vacations with me. Some of the "Extras" look like what was included when they played the movie on AMC recently and they had a special about the "Making Of" the movie, so I hope this disc includes it. From the website, here is what the Blu-Ray disc will include. I can't wait!! The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) (Blu-ray) Fox Home Entertainment / 1951 / 92 Minutes / Unrated Street Date: December 02, 2008 List Price: $34.99 (Buy it at Amazon and save) This disc has not yet been reviewed. The following information has been provided by the distributor. Genres: Science Fiction Starring: Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe Director: Robert Wise Plot Synopsis: An alien lands and tells the people of Earth that they must live peacefully or be destroyed as a danger to other planets. Disc Features: • Audio Commentary by Robert Wise and Nicolas Meyer • Audio Commentary by Film & Music Historians John Morgan, Steven Smith, William Stromberg and Nick Redman • Isolated Score Track • The Mysterious, Melodious Theremin • The Day The Earth Stood Still Main Title Live Performance by Peter Pringle • Documentary: "The Making of The Day the Earth Stood Still" • Featurettes: "Decoding 'Klaatu, Barada, Nikto': Science Fiction as Metaphor," "A Brief History of Flying Saucers," "The Astounding Harry Bates," "Edmund North: The Man Who Made the Earth Stand Still" • "Race To Oblivion: A Documentary Short" Written and Produced by Edmund North • " Farewell To The Master": A Reading By Jamieson K. Price of the Original Harry Bates Short Story • Still Galleries: "Advertising Gallery," "Behind-The Scenes Gallery," "Portrait Gallery," "Production Gallery," "Spaceship Construction Blueprints," "Shooting Script," " Interactive Pressbook" • Fox Movietonews from 1951 • Theatrical Trailer HD Exclusive Content: • Interactive Thermin: Create Your Own Score • Gort Command: Interactive Game

Dan Filice on Nov 29, 2008


From watching the latest trailers I'm beginning to suspect that the movie might actually be meant as a sequel to the original. One graphic in particular said, "We should have listened." If this is the case, I think the title should have been reworked to reflect it, but it will not disappoint if this is indeed the case. We'll see.

Stephen on Dec 1, 2008


Despite all the great hopes, it now appears that the movie will deal with Klaatu coming to warn us about ... you guessed it... global warming. Way to go, Hollywood. Take an outstanding movie that has stood the test of time and turn it into a political platform to push a theory that is still debated, and cram the agenda down people's throats. I, for one, have no intent of seeing it and will stick with the original. The saddest part is that when I talk about TDTESS now, people will think of this slop the same way they do with Mr. "Jump on the Couch's" version of The War of the Worlds.

The Doctor on Dec 1, 2008


I plan to see the movie, but not as a "Remake", I plan to see it as a whole different movie. I saw new previews this past weekend and it looks really good.

Ron on Dec 1, 2008


Global warming -- it simply had to be, I guess? Sad, sad, sad. Hollywood can't help itself. Violence is more prevalent than ever. The Bush Administration's legacy has been to extend and promote violence and terrorism. Where to start? There is so much violence all over even -- even worse than when the original came out. For the me the closing monologue says it all -- is it as timely today as it was in 1951 -- maybe even more so. And we do have the Special Edition -- apparently Fox still understands the value and popularity of the original, otherwise they would not have put this edition out -- after all, there is a perfectly wonderful DVD out already. I hope they have a premiere and I hope that Reeves arrives in an original Hummer. Now that would be something worth watching. Yes, they are bumping up the trailers and the product tie-ins for this movie.

Cathy on Dec 3, 2008


To Cathy: Violence is not more prevalent than ever. Where do you get your facts? I understand that it may seem so because you see it all the time on television or read about it in every news paper, but, if you compare the number of people killed by human hands from 1776 verses 2008 - the numbers will show otherwise. Just because you're SEEING more of it - doesn't mean there IS more of it. Get real and stop talking jibberish.

Gregory on Dec 3, 2008


Why do ignorant liberals blame Bush for everything? There is, and always has been violence all over the Earth. If you want to point fingers , blame Al Gore and Hollywood for destroying the story line of a great movie. By the way.....there is global warming on Venus and Mars.....did man cause that?

Jimmy on Dec 3, 2008


I subscribe to the notion that man has contributed to global warming, but what I never hear about is the fact that the earth, over it's 5 Billion year lifespan, has naturally gone through it's own massive cycles of heating and cooling. Over the eon's of time, the earth has froze, heated, froze, heated, etc. Regardless of what puny mankind does, the earth will continue to go through it's cycles. Mankind is just another passing lifeform on this earth. We weren't the first and we won't be the last. The pollution that man creates will only shorten his time on this planet. In the longrun, I don't think that it will affect the earth as a whole. OK, I've stepped off my soapbox now.

Dan Filice on Dec 3, 2008


To Gregory and Jimmy: Stop talking gibberish and get real? Ignorant liberal? Were do you two get off hurling insults at someone you don't know? What is your problem? This re-make is apparently bringing out the worst in people. I hadn't commented in this forum in a long time and this is why. It's a very unpleasant here. But if you really must know, I feel by 2008 we should have been able to figure out how to resolve our differences than through violence.

Cathy on Dec 3, 2008


Thank you Cathy for saving me the bother.

Stephen on Dec 3, 2008


Cathy, No one (at least not me) is hurling insults at you. I advised you to stop assuming that the world is far more violent than it used to be. JUST BECAUSE YOU SEE IT ON TV, DOESN'T MEAN IT HAS INCREASED. That is all I'm saying. Humankind has cut the amount of killing by 90%. That's a HUGE number. HUGE. Bash Bush all you want, but here is not the appropriate place. As for the movie, it is what it is. If it's about Global Warming, so be it. Who cares, it'll be forgotten in a couple years anyway. Anyone remember Johnny Nemonic or whatever it was called? G

Gregory on Dec 5, 2008


I will be able to see a screening of the new TDTESS on Dec 20. I'm not holding my breath, but I need to see it just because. In the meantime, I bought the new DVD release of the old version. I haven't watched it yet, but it includes all of the "Making Of", commentaries, documentaries and other features that have aired or were scattered around here-and-there about the original. THIS is worth the cost, even though this will be the 3rd version of the movie I own. In fact, I bought both the Blu-Ray and standard DVD of the re-release, so technically I will own 4 versions of the old film.

Dan Filice on Dec 5, 2008


The only film I could ever consider owning a "backup" copy of is something out-of-print. I can't imagine owning four copies of anything. Although I did at one point consider purchasing a extra cope of the JFK Special Edition and The Dark Knight but opted against both. Greg

Gregory on Dec 6, 2008


I kind of agree Greg, but I've been caught waiting for a film to be "out of print" and missed my opportunity to have a "backup copy" of a film. My first copy of the film is a VHS, which I will donate to my local library with a hundred other VHS movies, then when the movie first came out in DVD I rushed to buy it because I feared it would never be issued again. I bought a second DVD of it two years ago when it was reissued on DVD, and it was re-mastered. But this copy never had all of the "Extras" that were so important to supplement this film. I had recorded a separate program on AMC that was the "Making of The Day The Earth Stood Still". This program was recorded on VHS and I burned a separate DVD of it. I recorded a similar program that appeared on TBS. Now, with the lates DVD, all of these scattered "Extra" shows are now included in pristine quality on both DVD and Blu-Ray. If you don't have a Blu-Ray player and a HDTV, then you don't know what you're missing because the quality is jaw-dropping.

Dan Filice on Dec 7, 2008


I see your point. Come to think of it, I owned two different versions of several movies in the past but always ended up giving the less-interesting copy away to friends. -G

Gregory on Dec 8, 2008


WARNING SPOILER INFO POSTED!!!! Just saw the film. It was AWFUL! What a way to ruin a classic film. This version has NOTHING on the original. Plot, (Global Warming) WEAK! Beginning sequence disjointed and confusing! More holes in this story than swiss cheese! What did the opening sequence have to do with the story? Klaatu walks out of the "Globe" (where is the ship???) and just as the good Dr. is about to shake hands, he is promptly shot! He wasn't reaching for anything but a handshake the universal sign of 'hello'. Klaatu is taken to makeshift hospital where we learn that he was walking in a 'Plancenta' suit one minute and then the next minute they are marveling about how he was 'just born'. ??? Later in the film he uses some of this 'plancenta'material to bring back to life a cop he just KILLED. It grossed me out when he stuck his finger in the 'planceta' and then in the dead cop's mouth! Why did he bring the cop back, if he was on a mission to kill the entire human race? Later we learned that the Globes were all over the planet, and they were the 'ARK' that was saving stuff to be used after the world was 'cleansed'. (They actually used the word CLEANSED in this context) Then there is the ACTING, (If you can call it that) The acting was DEPLORABLE! Probably the worse I have seen in any movie in the last 10 years! Kathy Bates as Sec of Defense SILLY, OVER THE TOP, NOT BELIEVABLE. ( I kept looking for her to break somebody's ankles) "The One" as Klaatu is just plain PITIFUL and PAINFUL to watch! He sleep walks thru almost the entire film. (Oh wait that is what Reeves calls 'acting') Jennifer Connelly was terrible also. She was not believable as a Scientist nor as a mother! She never connected with Reeves or Jaden Smith on any level! (It may not have been her fault, I don't envy what she had to work with!!!) And the Simth kid, What in the world made them think this kid could act! I looked for the credits to see if they were the producers on this film! I didn't see their name! How did this kid get the part! It didn't help that the part they wrote for him was as a spoiled brat who needed his butt..... (I wish I would call an adult who is now my mother by her first name....) I would not even rent the DVD to see this movie, I am sorry I wasted $6.00 on it. Save your money, The Day the Earth Stood Still was when I wasted an hour and 40 minutes of my time watching this crappy film! Thank you "HollowWood" for messing up another Classic Film! "No soup for you"!

Warren on Dec 12, 2008


I have to admit, I've been reading reviews of this and most of them are moderate to mediocre to downright ugly. I am not surprised, of course. As one review put it, this re-make, re-imagining, whatever, was made for the "Independence Day" generation. It doesn't have to be good, it doesn't have to make sense -- it just has to bring in bucks. Just do a Google search for The Day The Earth Stood Still 2008 reviews. Some of the ones on the RottenTomatoe site are gems -- I have a feeling many will find these reviews more entertaining than the movie could be in a million years.

Cathy on Dec 13, 2008


"I was so looking forward to this remake. After only 20 or less minutes all of us were ready to leave but as it turned out nobody had the courage to say "let's leave". After 30 minutes the pain was just too much and I recommended we leave and everybody happily agreed. My dog could act better (if you call that acting) than the whole cast. It was as if a bunch of scenes were spliced together to kill time. Instead it killed us. Truthfully we want to sue the theater for allowing such garbage on screen. Personally I am boycotting movies for a while to recover from this "horror" remake. All I can say is shame on anyone who had any part of this debacle. Hope this gets posted!" This was one of the comments after the review in The Washington Post. No, I did not write this, as I obviously have not seen the film. I have to be very careful where I spend precious bucks. I realize reviews as just opinions and many times I've disagreed with reviews after seeing a film. However, I have discovered that when so many write a bad review they are accurate. The reviews for the remake of "Marie Antoinette" were dead-on accurate once I saw 10 minutes of that mess on cable. Almost to a "T" the reviewers referred viewers to the "Marie Antoinette" with Norma Shearer and Tyrone Power, where Norma Shearer is an study in great acting.

Cathy on Dec 13, 2008


Klaatu has a manuscript available on the world wide web called: THE NILE of DENIAL by Klaatu. It contains a blueprint for those with an ability to perceive it. This information serves as a guideline for survival for the events that will be taking place in the not too distant future. Dr. Eldon H. Gerico Ph.d Los Alamos testing facility- New Mexico

KLAATU on Dec 18, 2008


HATE TO SAY I TOLD YOU SO! Was it ever in doubt?

Mark on Dec 18, 2008


To the previous poster: Ughhh...please put the pipe down.

Dan Filice on Dec 19, 2008


I saw TDTEST on 12/20/08. This was an interesting take on the story, and it could have been good, but it wasn't. Blame it on a poor story, poor acting, poor plot, poor writing or whatever, it just was so unfulfilling and so unenlightening. The sad thing is that many people will only associate this bomb with the title, and will have never had the chance to see the original. The new film should have been released as a double-feature, with both the old and new films being run back-to-back. Funny thing is, the old film could have been shown first as a "period" picture to explain the old vehicles, and I'd bet most people would have been duly impressed. Then they would have walked out during the second feature, scratching their heads, asking themselves what it was they were just watching.

Dan Filice on Dec 22, 2008


Apparently a lot of people walked out regardless. The film has been excoriated in review after review overall -- from viewers as well as critics. There are the A+ rating crowd around, but they're few and far-between and getting fewer and fewer. That said they were No. 1 -- not hard to be No. 1 these days, it's your ability to stay there that counts. The opening weekend was $31 million, less than half what "I Am Legend" opened at No. 1 this time last year. This past weekend this wreck promptly slipped to No. 4 and sinking. Lots of viewers have talked about the lack of a filled theater on the Internet Movie Database site, while at the same time another film Slumdog Millionaire is packed. Now TDTESS was simultaneously released not just in the U.S. but around the world, so I don't know if the Box Office of $31million last weekend was worldwide. I heard it cost $80million to make, so if that's the case and this was all it made in its first weekend, not very good. CGI blockbusters, unless they are a smash hit on the first weekend, don't usually pick up steam. So, while TDTESS hasn't fallen like a rock it's going down pretty fast. The opposite will probably be true of Slumdog Millionaire, which is non sci-fi but the independent film phenom of the year apparently. Based on the reviews of both viewers and critics I might well pay money to see this and not wait for cable. BTW, a lot of the dismal reviews of this movie are from people who never saw the original and thus reviewed it strictly on its merits. The poor acting was particularly pointed out, with Jaden Smith really rubbing viewers the wrong way. Even in good reviews I didn't hear anything nice about J.S. Apparently he was very, very, very annoying. I hear his next gig is a re-make of "The Karate Kid." Ouch.

Cathy on Dec 22, 2008


I enjoyed the beginning of The Day The Earth Stood Still or"TDTEST" remake but what happened to the end, what a let down, this won't be a classic it was full of PC, and as for Mr Smith from the matrix as a stand in for "Klaatu" crossed with the wooden tops sorry but this remake goes into file 13 as with the War of the worlds and the first Hulk. Gery Anderson puppets could have done better as Klaatu. If this is the best they can do with remakes then it's best to leave them a lone.

Paul Rogers on Dec 22, 2008


Sadly, I have to agree that the "remake" was very uninspiring at best, and stupid at worst. I was wrong about it being a sequel; it wasn't even that. The premise of the film was totally different from the original. The new movie was about destroying just our species (the merits of which are debatable), in order to save all the rest. The original didn't care about this in the least. Remember Klaatu's warning that if Homo sapiens attempted to spread its aggression into outer space, the Earth would be reduced to a "burnt out cinder." This certainly demonstrated no concern for us or the entire planet. What ticked me off the most was Klaatu's total lack of knowledge about us as a species. Here is a guy authorized to wipe us out entirely, who didn't seem to know jack doodoo about us. The member of his own species sent here back in the 1920s to observe us liked us so much that he wanted to stay and perish with us. This didn't seem to touch Klaatu much. The fact of Connolly's character changing his mind at the last minute because she showed some real emotion is rather ludicrous. One would hope that a person charged with the responsibility of determining the fate of an entire sentient species would have a LOT more to go on than this. I thought this was rather appalling, along with the lack of Keanu Reeve's ability to emote much of anything himself. At least Michael Rennie had a bit more emotional range. This has been a VERY bad year for movies in general. It would appear that Hollywood is running out of creative steam, and that it now caters to many of the newer and younger viewers who appear to be much less discriminating that some of us old salts! Oh well... I've enjoyed all your comments over the past year or so!

Stephen on Dec 22, 2008


Firstly let me say that I enjoyed the remake. I was able to watch it on IMAX which no doubt maximized the pleasure. My kids 14 & 16 yo loved it and I found myself cold and clammy and engaged throughout the whole movie. The movie was in name only a remake, I felt its plot was so different from the original plot as to not class it as a remake. The spirit of the movie was however close to the original. I think the movie can stand on its own merits and it isn't fair to compare scene by scene and character by character. Lets forget what is loosely familiar like the names of the characters, the general flow of the plot and 60 years of movie special effects experience. The movie left us with a new experience and a new set of questions much like the original movie. The movie although puzzling at the end left me with more questions than answers much the same as Kubrick's, 2001: A Space Odyssey. And some of the questions I could pose were, why were we worth saving, I would have accelerated the process of destruction. If your so technologically advanced why are were you so primitive in other aspects like honesty, wisdom & philosophical reasoning. And how can such a morally primitive alien species impose such determinations in the first place. Hey your technology was strangely familiar, please show us some of your hot technology! And how the heck can Basil Faulty play Prof Barnhard without me cracking up.

Jon on Jan 5, 2009


OK, forget the remake. I finally had a chance to watch my copy of the re-released original version on DVD. This is a MUST BUY for any fans of the original. Aside from the great commentary over the film with Robert Wise, these extras are absolutely astounding: Documentary: "The Making of The Day the Earth Stood Still" Featurettes: "Decoding 'Klaatu, Barada, Nikto': Science Fiction as Metaphor," "A Brief History of Flying Saucers," "The Astounding Harry Bates," "Edmund North: The Man Who Made the Earth Stand Still" The featurettes on Harry Bates and Edmund North were worth the price alone, but the documentary "The Making of..." is phenomenal too. I have the previous DVD release that had long interviews with both Robert Wise and Julian Blaustein, but these were not included in the new release. But, the new DVD took audio excerpts from these interviews and included them in the new "Making Of", which I found totally absorbing and much more interesting because the audio excerpts included pictures and clips from the film. If you are a fan of the original movie, then go buy this new version. If you have a Blu-Ray player, buy the Blu-Ray disc as I did. I didn't think these documentaries and featurettes would benefit from the extra resolution, but I was wrong. Stellar clarity! AND, the movie is stunning on Blu-Ray. Way better than regular DVD, but regular DVD is still great.

Dan Filice on Jan 12, 2009


I thought the point in this movie was more real the it's predessessor. It truly is an eccletic planet where all life form on it should co-habitate. If humans do not stop wanton waste and destruction of other life on earth then Mothere Nature should YELL AND LET WHAT HAPPENS FALL ON US

Snow Owl on Nov 22, 2009

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