The New Bruce Banner / Incredible Hulk IS Edward Norton!

April 15, 2007
Source: Ain't It Cool News, Variety

Edward Norton is HulkI am stunned, I didn't see this coming from a mile away. That Ang Lee directed Hulk movie that came out in 2003 is going to be lost forever when we finally are hit with The Incredible Hulk coming out in the summer of 2008 now that Edward Norton has been cast as Bruce Banner also known as The Hulk! The news officially comes from Ain't It Cool News, and now confirmed by Variety today. I'm still a bit stunned by this, but if anything it reaffirms my belief that this may be the Hulk movie we all wanted and weren't given back in 2003.

This new Incredible Hulk is being directed by Louis Leterrier this time, the same guy who directed Transporter 1 and 2. As mentioned previously, they're looking at it as a complete remake and do-over than a sequel by any means. Out of everyone I thought that could play the role, I didn't even consider Edward Norton to be one of them. I think he can do it though, but we have yet to see. The Incredible Hulk is currently set for a June 13th, 2008 release.

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Wha-wha whaaaaaaat?

Dan H. on Apr 15, 2007



Nick on Apr 15, 2007


"it reaffirms my belief that this may be the Hulk movie we all wanted and weren't given back in 2003" Personally, Hulk (2003) blew my socks off. I have no idea what you could have possibly "wanted" in it that you didn't get. Better box office sales? A Spiderman cameo? And Eric Bana couldn't have been a better Bruce Banner. Just my opinions. SD

SD on Apr 16, 2007


I agree that Eric Bana was pretty damn good as Bruce Banner... but I thought the 2003 Hulk was terrible. It ranks up there as one of the worst comic book movies, but thankfully is not as bad as Catwoman or Daredevil, but it's still bad.

Alex Billington on Apr 16, 2007


"not as bad as Catwoman or Daredevil"... or Spawn

Cranium Oxide on Apr 16, 2007


I was thrilled until I saw who is going to make the movies. Louis Leterrier directed The Transporteur 1 and 2 and both of those movies are beyond awfulness. And I don't really see Norton as Hulk, he seems wa

Camille on Apr 16, 2007


oops sorry :' I wanted to say that Norton didn't look appropriate for the role but he's a very good actor so he can surprise us. At least I hope so, I was very disappointed by the first movie but Bana was pretty good.

Camille on Apr 16, 2007


In my opinion Ang Lees Hulk is a great comic movie. I hope this new version isnt all style over substance and ultimately forgettable (based on the directors previous work). Norton is good, but I cant see him improving on Eric Banas Hulk.

jofo on Apr 16, 2007


Wow. I am definitely shocked by this news, and very disappointed. Edward Norton is one of my favorite actors and this is really not a move that I wanted to see him make. I rather see him take on more interesting and original projects than a big budget comic book movie. And if this does really well then he might end up in a few more sequels which would take his time away from other projects. But I will admit, that I myself am curious to see what Ed can do with this. Also, I didn't think that "Hulk" was that bad. Not my favorite movie by any means. Not even my favorite comic book movie. The editing and the way they chose to do it was really incredible though. And it is one of my older brothers favorite movies. And he has very good taste.

Zach on Apr 16, 2007


A do-over? Does this mean they are going to retell the origin story? Arggg! I cannot take another superhero story where they start at the very beginning. It has become so boring. Why not start 10 years into the Hulk's life?

T on Apr 16, 2007


WTF? Is there really this much demand for freaking Hulk movies? Can we all please just move on? I'm still waiting for a movie based on Cable/X-Force...

Brade on Apr 16, 2007


to SD: are you retarded? The last hulk from 2003 was the worst thing. it was comparable to elektra and catwoman.

e on Apr 16, 2007



Zift on Apr 16, 2007


Hello: First viewer commenters, I just want to say that Hulk is nowhere in Catwoman's and Elektra's category of Comic Book films. I will truly, miss Eric Bana playing Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk. Edward Norton is a phenominal actor he favors Michael Keaton who played Batman in 1989 and 1992 against Jack Nicholson's Joker, Danny Devito s Penguin and Michelle Pffeiffer's Catwoman characters. One of my favorite Edward Norton films is 25th hour Edward plays a Cocaine dealer Montgomery Brogan who just wanted to try the drug life to see how far he would get in life and it turned out to be very bad for him. It almost costs him his father's life, his girlfriend and friends. Anyway, Edward Norton as Bruce Banner and The Hulk will be new to me I pray that he can pull off the real Banner.hulk origin,; picture Norton with a white lab jacket, Balck T-shirt, purple pants and black framed glasses. Do any of you think that Jennifer Connelly will continue playing Betty Ross with Norton and without Bana behind the camera or do you think she will be replaced. Jennifer is an academy Award winning actress I remember her from Labyrinth from the 80s. Will Sam Elliot return as General "Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross" maybe, he recently starred in Ghostrider with Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Donal Logue and Wes Bentley. Eva Mendez might star as Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk The Incredible Hulk's gorgeous cousin Nicolsa Cage is trying to get film rights from Marvel to make She-Hulk. We might see Supergirl return in the Superman Returns sequel in 2009. She was last scene on the big-screen played by Helen Slater in 1984. The girl of Steel cousin of Superman could be played by a number of actresses. My first choice would be Hayden Pannettiere she is gorgeous and has played Claire Bennett very well in Heroes 04/23/07. Second choice, Mischa Barton (O.C.) she is very beautiful too and has a twin sister in real life. Third choice Elisha Cuthbert who starred in 24 with Kiefer Sutherland as his daughter I wounder what happened to her. Well, that's it folks I can't wait to see Louis Leterrer's new Incredible Hulk movie Abomination will entertain and scare us all. Peace out everyone!!! Kevin Ladies if you want to comment back to me feel free!!! Love Ya!!!

Kevin on Apr 22, 2007


So how are they going to keep people from thinking its a sequel?

Motorcycle Guy on Apr 27, 2007


Alot of the comments I've read so far have nothing good to say about Hulk 2003, which is unfortunate because I think overall it was a good summer movie. I also noticed that some of you are comparing Ang Lee's Hulk to "Catwomen and Elektra", but I'm sure these are the same people who liked "DareDevil", which to me was the absolute worst of the Marvel movies. I'm sure Ed Norton will do well, but I think Paramount should have stuck with who they had in Eric Bana and Ang Lee. For those of you who aren't familiar with Louis Leterrier's work, please rent the Transporter movies, and after you're done laughing your ass off at how ridiculous the plot, acting, and action sequences, comeback and let me know if you still think this new attempt at the Hulk will be any better than 2003's version. Not every franchise is going to get it right the first time. Case in point "The Fantastic Four", a bit of a snoozer while watching it, but not too bad for its first run. Now you have the sequel, and it looks insane. The point I'm trying to make is that Hulk 2003 didn't even get the chance to get off the ground, so to say it was bad, is unfair. One last thing for you nerds out there, if you came out of Hulk 2003 saying "Dude, he didn't even look real" you're a dork who can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Last time I checked, Ang Lee was an award winning Director. Incredible Hulk 2008, good luck with that Lou.

Ernesto on May 8, 2007


I don't see how anyone could have liked Ang Lee's god-awful version of the Hulk. The actors had ZERO chemistry, and the plot was flat out STUPID!!! You mean to tell me that the best thing they could find for the Hulk to fight was 3 giant dogs?!? GET THE F*CK OUTTA HERE!!!

Jesse on May 8, 2007


Ed Norton is the WORST choice they could have made to play Bruce Banner! They are going to ruin it.

Tom on May 23, 2007


what happend to Eric Bana????

Ben Moore on Jun 26, 2007


All comic book movies have sucked so far. Yes Hulk 2003 blew. But so did Superman Returns. That movie was retardedly bad. So was X-men 3. What a piece of crap. Spiderman series was crap but it was still probably the best so far. Here is some advice to directors: Don't rely on visual effects to carry your entire movie. Don't rely on action to carry your entire movie either. Don't rely on the gimmicky superpowers of your characters to have them each contribute their own special way to save the world. Sometimes a characters power will not come into play in a random situation and that character should die. Don't have a dumbass plot like Lex Luther tries to take over the entire world and then superman stops it but not after he gets stabbed with kryptonite and have to overcome it. Maybe batman 1 and batman begins weren't as bad as the others, but they still suck. I bet most of you have seen all of these movies i just talked about. Guess what? We were ripped off. Some advice to studios who make movies out of comics: Even a pretty good director like Christopher Nolan cannot save your movie from being terrible. You need to hire some freaking good screenwriter to write your shit. Then get Michael Mann to do your flick. Give him all the freedom he wants. Even to make the movie NC-17 rated.

John Smith on Aug 12, 2007


I want to chime in and pay my respects to Ang Lee also: I think that the 2003 Hulk was one of the best comic adaptations ever. Very coherent plot, excellent performance from involved (particularly Nick Nolte), incredible editing, great sound, judicious use of incredible special fx (special fx have never looked as real as they did when he burst out of the underground lab into the desert).

J on Aug 12, 2007


hello..thanks for your board...i dont believe ....whwt?edward norton ?hulk is edward norton...very dear edward norton...see u..

leila on Sep 4, 2007


edward norton is the wimpiest actor. he needs to beef up his body and especially his voice.

rosalie alosi on Sep 25, 2007


Rosalie... hire out American History X then come back here and ammend your statement. actually here is a link.

Dollhouse on Jan 9, 2008


what..?? norton plays bruce banner/hulk?! what the fuck are they thinking!? o well, il just wait and watch the fucking movie! that iv been waiting for a siquel, and have been remake!! i just hope these one got a sequel. and dosent restart over at the begining again!! see you in theatrs!! fucking remake....!

nash on Mar 8, 2008


As a fan of the comics, I think Edward Norton is the most ideal person to play Bruce. I was seriously disappointment with the ‘Hulk Smash’ nonsense from Ang-Lee and who one earth though to cast the muscular Eric Bana as a nuclear scientist!!! I think I will finally get to see the character that loved as a teenager on screen portrayed by a first class actor. Great choice!

Reza on Mar 14, 2008


"edward norton is the wimpiest actor. he needs to beef up his body and especially his voice." I think that is the whole idea, he is suppose to be whimpy especially in contrast to his alter ego, The HULK!!...Ed is a great choice for the movie, IMO. I think this version of the Hulk will knock our socks off (if the plot is good) :o)

loswl on Mar 24, 2008


Edward Norton is too much actor for this movie, he is one of the best actors of all time, I ´m sure that he will be perfect as Bruce Banner, Banner is a scientist, a very intelligent man so none better than Norton to play this role, Everybody knows that Norton is cult, brilliant, elegant, with an incredible intelligence.. I´ll go to see Hulk only because Norton is in it

maria on Apr 10, 2008


Why on Earth would they make a DO OVER?? dont they have any other ideas or super heros to DO?

Herbert on Apr 29, 2008


"Why on Earth would they make a DO OVER?? dont they have any other ideas or super heros to DO?" They sure as hell do, and it completely ROCKS. Go see Iron Man people, best Marvel movie I've seen in a long time... very very well done and entertaining, even if you liked the first Hulk movie you'll see how sub par it is once you see what they can really do with these movies and the level of quality you'll see in Iron Man, it will definately leave you hoping for a better version of Hulk.

Medryn on May 2, 2008


Well what i've seen so far, HULK 2008 looks god awful. When I go to see this movie, I'll take two things with me: Xbox controller and a gun. When all that lame-ass-military-bullshit continues too long i'll just shoot myself but if i'm lucky enough, i may play the newest HULK-based videogame with "awesome" graphics before it. And yeah, Mr Banner, go to tibet and seek yourself. Do what Mr Wayne did already. Blah.

MrMonster on May 3, 2008


It's one thing to remake a movie that has lost its cultural relevance - such as Batman 15 years on - but remaking one because it wan't successful the first time is just petty. Marvel can't blame Ang Lee for making a poor film (and it was!) when they sold the licence to Universal to have it made in the first place. This remake will confuse and annoy movie goers who have seen the 2003 version, and if it is on par with the first one it will damage Marvel's credibility. Marvel should have written it off as a poor descision and continued to focus on their other franchises such as 'Iron Man' - which was a sensational superhero flick.

fergotron on May 3, 2008


it's about money, people. Marvel gets to keep more this way.

brad on May 3, 2008


Personaly I don't think the hulk (2003) sucked but I do agree that it could have been better I can't wait to see what is done differently in the 2008 version.

clevins browne on May 17, 2008


Not going to argue the merits or lack of same for the scripts and effects of the first and the new Hulk versions. Agree the first was kind of flat and uninspired...but the prospect of Ed Norton is genius. Keep in mind that the heart of the Hulk tale is control vs. rage ... humility vs. deranged. If you check out Ed Norton in Fight Club, you'll see comparisons to the Hulk split personalities. Was he a bland, yuppy in a dull job or a psycho schizoid who cultivated a cult of violence as a means of feeling something in a numb world? That's the Hulk parallel. Norton will be excellent in the same way Christian Bale a/k/a American Psycho became the best Batman in his first try...The Dark Knight should be a blast. See the new Hulk and I'm certain you'll love Norton in the role. but don't listen to me...I thought Ginger Snaps was one of the best B horror films of all time : )

Bill on Jun 3, 2008


Leterrier's The Incredible Hulk will be everything Ang Lee's Hulk was not. It will be 90 minutes of total gratuitous destruction, with negligible character development, and occasional pauses for idiotic one-liners and situational jokes. It will have a big satisfying fight at the the end with no references to energy-based or psychic combat so that audiences not versed in comics with little or no imagination can feel satisfied with the ending. I enjoyed Ang Lee's movie and do not plan on seeing the "remake", especially now that I hear it's being directed by the guy who did the Transporter movies, which are complete garbage to me. Just like so many of the recent terrible comic book movies, this one will sell great to the summer blockbuster crowd, and then it will be completely forgotten.

Hulk Fan on Jun 5, 2008


wron wrong wrong. the movie was actually good. if all of you were to learn something from how well this movie turned out, it would be that you should never think a director would create a shit movie just because his first two were. the transporter was made the way it was deliberately since it was that kind of movie, but come on this new hulk movie was amazing. the chemistry between liv tyler and ed norton was soo good. The action and drama was good and the hulk actually scared me

good movie on Jun 14, 2008


norton is on a completely different level than eric banner.

fan on Jun 14, 2008


Wasn't his name David Banner?

Daso on Jul 13, 2008


puoi scommettre tutto quello che possiedi: Edward Norton è decisamente uno dei migliori attori in circolazione oggi! altro che Eric Bana...............

patrizia on Jan 2, 2009


I love 'Marvel Comics' movies and I also thinks they are one of the best. In the second Hulk what they need was 'Eric Bana' he will make the movie of 'The Hulk' more interesting. The actor of the hulk, was garbage. If there is another movie of 'The hulk' I remomend them use 'Eric bana' for better results. Edgar Olivero

Edgar on Feb 16, 2009


caro Edgar Olivero, mi dispiace ma tu di attori proprio non capisci niente! senza offesa comunque . Ed Norton was garbage?! ma se Bana non riesce a mettere in croce due e dico due espressioni differenti in un film.... forse rende più interessante Hulk con i suoi muscoli, ma ricorda prima di tutto è uno scienziato e non ho mai visto scienziati così palestrati

patrizia on Feb 16, 2009


WTF? Is there really this much demand for freaking Hulk movies? Can we all please just move on? I'm still waiting for a movie based on Cable/X-Force.

ahmet kekilli on Apr 27, 2009


As far as we can tell, the long rich Ed Norton is maintaining TOTAL SUCK-UP SILENCE in the face of gargantuan revelations of 'peacetime' genocide in Hollywood's 'fave' mass market franchise slum paradise ---ACROSS the Pacific ( 70 million exterminated in 'peacetime' decades AFTER WWII unoutted, unanswered for, unmntioned -FACT- ). Meanwhile, people continue to suffer and die by---the---million on this, the once again 'mysteriously and completely overlooked' 60th Anniversary of the epically relevant, STILL unfolding ---KOREAN WAR... NOT LOOKIN' GOOD ED ----NOT LOOOKIN' GOOD...

eber hart on Apr 27, 2010

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