The New Incredible Hulk Is Not Green - He's Grey?!

April 20, 2007

HulkJust earlier this week the news hit the internet that Edward Norton would be taking on the role of Bruce Banner aka Hulk in the 2008 "redo" titled simply The Incredible Hulk. Some news has been creeping out about the film, which will hopefully be a better comic book adaptation than the 2003 Ang Lee movie, and it deserves to be mention since everything so far sounds like it's going in the right directon. Marvel ex-CEO Avi Arad, who now heads up production on almost all major Marvel films and is currently out promoting Spider-Man 3 due out in a few weeks (another awesome Marvel adaptation that you should be excited to see), spoke earlier today and hinted that he may not be the same color as we saw previously. Although he wouldn't confirm officially, the rumor is out that the Hulk may be grey this time.

UPDATE: As I mentioned, this was only a rumor, and Avi Arad later confirmed that he wouldn't be grey, but rather a different shade of green. Read on for the update.

During the interview when asked about Incredible Hulk and if they would use any CGI from the first film, Avi responded with:

"None, no. It's a new Hulk, new direction, new size, new color, new attitude. Anything that was done before is not in this movie. It's a very different kind of Hulk. It's more of a love story, it's more of a heroic Hulk. It's a kind of Hulk we loved in the show, so it's kind of more influenced by the show than anything else. It's very human, very touching, and huge action."

When asked if there was any truth to a grey Hulk, he didn't respond initially and said "uh, we'll see". Given what he said and that response, it's likely that the truth is that the Hulk is grey this time around. He was then asked about how they were able to get someone of such "caliber" as Edward Norton.

Avi said, "Let him read the script. Let him meet the team. Let him understand what the character is about, what the journey is about. And he actually turned down Hulk 1, so I guess second time around is more convincing."

It really sounds like they've got some good things going forward on this one, enough so that Edward Norton actually agreed this time. In the meantime, make sure you catch Spider-Man 3 opening May 4th, Marvel's latest upcoming film and one you DON'T want to miss!

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it's about time they come up with a good Hulk story. The first movie sucked. Get it right- please!!! Get it right!

gamma critic on Apr 21, 2007


What's that bit at the end of the article about Spider-Man 3? Is there a new Spider-Man film coming out? Wow, I had no freakin' idea.

T. Caldwell on Apr 21, 2007


I just hope that he doesn't mean by "it's kind of more influenced by the show than anything else", that Hulk will just be some bodybuilder painted grey. Hulk needs to be big!!! He's like a giant in the comics...although, Grey Hulk was smaller than Green Hulk, so that's something to consider there. I actually am one of those rare geeks that loved the Ang Lee Hulk film. All the actors were awesome, the story moved along at a good pace, and Hulk looked radiant! My only beef with it was the choice of villain...his bleepin' dad? Wat?!

Bluraven on Apr 22, 2007


Cool... I loved Mr. Fixit in the comics and they could really make a dynamic movie if they do this right. Ed Norton is still an odd choice for Bruce. However, he's a great actor and I'm sure he'll do well.

Mr Hymes 01 on Apr 23, 2007


this hulk with no cgi would suck the whole thing that makes hulk so great is that he turns into this big giant green monster that represents power if you take that out it would just suck the first hulk was good plz dont ruine it please

suk it on May 9, 2007


The Grey hulk might talk like in the hulk film game & 1996 series.

conor francis farrell on May 26, 2007


The grey hulk might speak like in the hulk film game & like in the 1996 series.

conor francis farrell on May 26, 2007


Hi guys, The Hulk 2003 film in my opinion was alright, not great but it was good, the actors were excellent at portraying their characters, the story moved at an acceptable pace and the ideas about Bruce's transformation is good, but what I thought the idea of his Dad a villian is for the story, to top it off, why did you call Bruce's Dad David? I thought it was Brian Banner. All I ask for is not to get a bodybuilder and put him in a Hulk suit to make him more realistic, I am more comfortale with CGI but not too flashy. The idea of a Grey Hulk in my opinion should of been done in the 2003 film, and I doubt he would be in the 2008 one, for Banner transformed into the Grey Hulk first before Green in the regular Marvel imprint, though he is still Grey in Ultimate Marvel. Unless they use him as some sought of a plot point and explain why Bruce Banner changed to a grey colour.

Drea on Jul 7, 2007


I'm sorry but the show kind of sucked compared to the Peter David/Dale Keown hulk comics from 1990-95. I'd like to see the well written grey hulk personality from that era as well as the banner/grey hulk/green hulk story arc that ended with Doc Samson joining all three together. As an avid Hulk comic fan I'd like to see it done right. I always thought the show left alot to be desired.

Killroy on Aug 27, 2007


Actually, the very first appearance of the Incredible Hulk showed him as the "grey" Hulk. Back in the late 80's to early 90's, I believe the storyline in the Marvel Comics had him turn Grey and only come out at night. They then later changed it back to Green but Banner was in control of the beast. I thiunk the expirament was done due to him constantly growing like dough every time he gets hit. Take a look at the first movie again and watch how quick he grows every time he gets hit by bullets or whatever. In several sequels, he'll be way too big. I expect and predict Banner to be in control of The "Green" Hulk in the third movie.

GlassJoe2 on Oct 8, 2007


Guys, did you read the text through again? It's not "No CGI", but "Will you REUSE CGI from the first Ang Lee movie?" Of course there's gotta be CGI! That's what Hulk is all about! I was so disappointed the first time around, like great slab of the Marvel fans out there, so I'm glad they've got a good cast and crew on board to HOPEFULLY do it well. Because, if this flops, there really are no do-over do-overs.

Bailey on Oct 20, 2007


Well the 2003 film was very good i liked a lot, maybe the story was a little tweaked, his father etc..., but what i really liked is: that film showed the REAL POWER of the incredible HULK, as more angry he is the more stregth he has, his healing powers, and the size, The color Green very important!!, the rage, all was perfect just like in the comics, about the grey Hulk i never liked he was rageless and because of that he was weaker, breaking the concept of the Hulk merging the mind of Banner with the power of hulk and the grey Hulk extra power was flying and not giving huge laps just like he did in the 2003 movie... I Dont know but if this new Hulk movie is going to be like that old TV show, will be very disappointing

Zhar on Nov 3, 2007


I found the 2003 movie satisfying, but did wish it was a bit different. I think the issue with the CGI in this is trying to replicate the Hulk himself. As a hobby 3D artist, I know that it is easy to model a CG character like the hulk, but when his entire body ony cosists of rippling muscles and tendons, his movements are extremely difficult and complex to mimic with CG (all in all, they did a reasonable job with the 2003 movie, but it didn't push any envelopes). Consider how the shape of a muscle contracts when flexed and the shape when it contracts (moves) while relaxed -- two completely different things altogether. Imagine trying to trace which muscles are tense and which relaxed through every second of every scene for all the Hulks 100+ visible surface muscles, and now consider that the skin is a loose entity that the muscles and tends slide around underneath -- try animating that! Reproducing regular people for CGI is fine because you never really have to consider these things much. These days, however, there are some awesome character animation tools out there that allow you to set up alot of the things that I was pointing out above, so I do believe it would be possible to get a great looking CGI hulk, although it would take some great CGI artists and a lot of time. I can't help but think that a non CGI hulk would just look like a regular person enlarged, which wouldn't be accurate. For one, if a being really were that size, he would have different proportions to be able to cope with gravity pulling on his 1200 lb body -- it wouldn't look like a 300 lb bodybuilder blown up to epic proportions . . . . also, if his arm weighed 200 lbs and he swings back to throw a punch, the laws of physics are going to make it move like a 300lb arm . . . not like 35 lb bodybuilder arm. It may seem like I'm being finicky, but these details WILL be noticeable, expecially to people like me. A good CGI hulk can address all this, but it would take a ton of planning and developing the character to it fullest potential. This would be an awesome challenge, the technology is available, and I'd like to see it happen . . . .

MIKE on Dec 31, 2007


I loved the 2003 movie. Yes, the first half was slow, but the second half made up for it. I particularly liked the action and power the movie carried... too good. It's one of those movies that you'd either like or hate, no mid-way. And since Hulk is one of my favourite characters, I'm excited for the 2008 movie 🙂

Abhilash on Jan 25, 2008


I'm glad Lou Ferrigno will get another cameo. He was not used right in the first film. After walking by as the security gaurd at the begining he should have had a second part during the first Hulk out. He should have rushed in to see what was going on, shined a light and then get knocked against the wall. This way he would have been the first one to see and have contact with the Hulk. Much more appropriate in my opinion. I suggested that Jack Colvin be given a cameo in this one. The camera would pan across some reporters after one of the Hulks rampages. Colvin -- reprising his role as Jack McGee -- would ask about "the large hulking creature" which is how he referred to the Hulk in the TV series.

Sean on Jan 30, 2008


look im as exited as the human potato but where are the pictures if your telling the truth then show us this grey hulk.

william on Feb 2, 2008


the new vid of hulk is on utube

woza on Feb 12, 2008


I wonder if this is really true. The pictures I've seen so far are green.

Mina Pemder on Mar 11, 2008


Most of the comments I've read about Ang Lee's HULK are negative, but I seem to find little wrong with his portrayal of the green monster, in fact, it was rather good. Yes, havin Bruce's father as the villian for the movie was indeedstupid and the ending of the movie with scene in the jungle was the most anti-climatic endings I've seen in a my life, really... but the concept of HULK gettin bigger and stronger the angrier he becomes, how he was actually born with the DNA abnormality that would play a major role in his transformation with a little push from the exposure to gamma radiation (duhh!), the fact that the movie in some way adapted the theme that in the comics most of his enemies were also gamma-radiated monsters and I believe Bruce Banner was the perfect actor to play the role... I must admit though, I am eagerly bitting my teeth in anticipation of the upcoming new HULK movie and thankfully they chose a fantastic villian this time (I mean, who better than THE ABOMINATION?)... And I don't know about this whole grey Hulk thing because all the pictures I've seen so far, the Hulk is a darker shade green then the previous one and what a good idea for the new look of Abomination... How I wish it were June already.... One last thing though, I wonder if there would ever be a movie involving the most AGGRO force in Marvel history... RED HULK or the most unstoppable force which would be... DEVIL HULK I suppose 🙂

diablo on May 27, 2008


What the hell is the point in re-making this film, it's been done not only a couple of years ago, yea it was totally and utterly pants, but still there's no need to try and outdo another producer by making it again just under a differnt name/cast ect. This to me really is a complete waste of money, they sould have atleast make a follow-on or something add some new baddies in, not rescript the whole freaking film and re-release it. For starters it's harsh on Ang Lee because he's spent so much money on making it after so many years of the original for this dude to come along and then then try and out-do Ang's work, I actually hope this version of the film hits rock bottom because quite frankly, it's not needed. And the Hulk isn't Grey what so ever in the film, whom ever started this roumer is an idiot, it all started from 1 picture in google someone edited from a snap-shot of Ang's movie. So get this idea out of your head completly, because there will never be a grey Hulk. The Hulk was never grey, only prevailed as grey in the mags due to color printing, but he's green and green he shall be.

Arron on Jun 9, 2008


OK!! the hulk was not gray!!!! I'm... realy not suprised, and i agree " who ever started that rumor is an idiot." Dispite all the negetave sayings about the movie, i just saw it and realy injoyed it. It did not let down my expectation, it's jam packed of action, drama, rivalry, and romans for the ladies. I highly recomend this movie to anyone looking for a good summer flick, maybe because i realy didn't like the first one. One thing is for sure they couldn't have picked a better actor, " EDWARD NORTON", to play the role of the hulk.OH...............guess what....the guy who played the origal HUlk in the TV in this movie and the ending lives you hanging by a thred!!!!!!

Hex>>> on Jun 14, 2008


This new hulk is nothing short of disgusting...sure the special effects are great but it just ruins the flow of the story and by the way the storyline for this one has so many loop holes and so many dead ends...the story sucked... the previous hulk although not as impressive visually as this one has more depth and has great continuity in the loose ends...and although a lot of geeks and nerds didn't like it...many were actually waiting for a sequel...they could have just improved their shortcomings in the sequel but not for the love of God change the actors or the storyline...and Edward Norton as Eric Bana??? THIS IS ONE MISTAKE MARVEL AND UNIVERSAL SHOULD TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION...AND HOPEFULLY WOULD NEVER MAKE AGAIN IN THE FUTURE... FOR THIS MOVIE, I'D SAY MARVEL,UNIVERSAL AND ERIC BANA ALONG WITH EVERYONE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS... MADE HISTORY FOR SUCKING... YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!! YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!! YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

elartiste on Jul 7, 2008


i love edward norton he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!

angel on Jan 12, 2010


I want someone new to play the grey Incredible Hulk in the next movie.

Joseph on May 28, 2011

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