The Writers Guild Rejects Golden Globes and Oscar Writing Waivers

December 18, 2007
Source: AP

The Writers Guild Rejects Golden Globes and Oscar Writing Waivers

The awards season is in dire trouble now. The WGA is refusing to allows its members to write for the Academy Awards or Golden Globe presentations and has denied waiver requests from both the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (for the Globes) and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (for the Oscars). The HFPA requested a waiver to allow writers to write for their show, but were denied. In a separate occurrence, the Academy was denied their request to use clips and old footage from previous shows during its telecast on February 24th. Things might have taken a turn for the worst with the Writers Strike, especially if both organizations can't recover their awards shows.

This is all starting to sound bad. I'm not exactly sure what the Golden Globes show, being telecast on January 13th, would be like without writers on board, but it'll probably turn out quite bland. However, neither the HFPA or the AMPAS is giving up so easily, and each is seeking different methods for approval. Dick Clark Productions, the company producing the Globes, said (via Variety) that "We are encouraged by the fact that the WGA has announced that it plans to negotiate agreements with independent production companies. Therefore, we will attempt to reach some type of agreement with them on behalf of the 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards."

As for the Oscars and AMPAS, their request for clips was a "standard, annual request" that goes out to all relevant industry guilds. I'm not entirely sure whether a denial from the WGA means that they'll be forced not to show any clips (especially if they receive approval from every other guild). However, I can say an Oscars show without clips would be like a basketball game without a basketball. Whatever the case may be, fear for the worst with both the Oscars and the Golden Globes. If things don't start to come together anytime soon, this may result in a big, ugly mess.

The Golden Globes will be shown live on NBC at 8PM (EST) on Sunday, January 13th from the The Beverly Hilton in LA. In a funny note, Alec Baldwin has offered to host the Globes at his apartment if the strike isn't resolved (via The Huffington Post). The Oscars will be hosted by Jon Stewart and shown live on ABC on Sunday, February 24th from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. It's likely both shows will include picket lines outside.

If you're curious to read about more, including about the meeting that was held on the matter earlier tonight, head over to Deadline Hollywood. On Wednesday, the Los Angeles City Council will hold a hearing about the Writers Strike's economic impact and the AMPTP and WGA will both testify.

And in other related "lighter" writers strike news, a new video has arrived online titled Hollywood Rumble. It's just a fun all-out Anchorman-style fight between the producers and writers. There's even a "that's what she said" line in it. However, my favorite part is "I'm watching this on the internet right now!" and "Download that!" Oh, those creative writers… Check it out via YouTube below:

What's your take on this whole matter? Are the Golden Globes and Oscars really doomed? Is the WGA taking this too far? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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sweet visualization of the whole fight ... . I do miss tv shows etc that aren't aired because of this, but I am also on the writers side, since all of the clever stuff that I download are written by them and I believe they should benefit from that somehow as well 😛

CD7 on Dec 18, 2007


"Is the WGA taking this too far?" You Can Never Go To Far - Ferris Bueller

TheGuyInThePJ's on Dec 18, 2007


I am really confused by this... they are acting like 5 year-olds. Its like a kid goes into Toys R Us.. The kid wants a $150 toy... mom says "No sweety you haven't deserved that one.." Kid throws tantrum screaming "THEN I AM NOT LEAVING THE STOE!"... the mom points out smaller, cheeper, just-as-awesome toys for the kid and will buy them for him... kid continues throwing tantrum screaming "NO I WNAT THAT BIG ONE!!!!" .... yeah it is pretty much like that.

CSpuppydog on Dec 18, 2007


@ CSpuppydog: Umm...are you referring to the writers or the producers with your not-so-subtle analogy? If it's the producers (unlikely), then it doesn't make sense. If it's the writers (likely), then you're completely in the wrong and don't know much about the actual numbers in regards to writers' pay in Hollywood. Here's a hint, don't look at the 'average' salary (turns out to be around $200K) since it's skewed by the very few, very successful, very rich writers - look at the 'median' salary (it's $5K...yeah, $5,000 per YEAR) since it's in the exact middle of all writers' pay. Once you realize that most writers in Hollywood don't have stable, regular jobs, then it's easy to understand why they want to make it more secure. It's nothing like wanting an extravagant toy that you don't need at all. Not even close.

Micah on Dec 18, 2007


The writers need to realize that the studios really don't need them. All they are doing is distancing themselves from the rest of the industry. For every one writer there are 200 below-the-line people that are out of work. As we speak studios are buying up options from non-union writers. Some people say that if the studios go for the non-union scripts, the quality will diminish. Lets be honest, quality has not been very good for the past few years. Don't act like "The Office" is original, don't get me wrong, it's good, but it is just a copy of a far superior British TV show. The writers complain that the studios make alot of money on their product, well more power to the studio. If it wasn't for the studio the "writer" wouldn't have a job to begin with. The studio has employees to pay also, it's not like there's studio exec, with a giant cardboard check all to himself. There are 12,000 writers in the WGA, and there are about 100,000 people trying to be writers, but the studios can't hire them cause the guild will stop writers from writing "Gossip Girl". Please!! The writers also want reality-based television to be covered in the WGA. WTF?? Little jealous aren't they. One last note, if the studio puts the shows on the internet for free, then why should the pay you, if there is no advertising revenue. HEY WRITERS…SAY THANK YOU, THEN SHUT UP, and GET BACK TO WORK, BEFORE IT ALL GOES AWAY. Good Night and Good Luck

scorpio on Dec 18, 2007


@ scorpio - you're not a spin doctor for the AMPTP, are you? 😛 The Academy Awards will probably go ahead regardless. I couldn't care less for awards show, however. The writers should stick to their guns, though; it's worth fighting for.

avoidz on Dec 18, 2007


Haha, I wish, but nope, not a spin doctor, just telling the facts. They were offered compensation for the internet, but now the want reality. The only people getting hurt right now, are the people below-the-line. It should be individual negotiations, like what they are going to do with late night. I hope Alec Baldwin's offer to host the award show at his NYC apartment actually happens. He even offered to cater the event, and already has a menu list for the participants to chose from. Alec Baldwin is awesome, and that would be "real" must see TV.

SCORPIO on Dec 19, 2007


If you make an average of $5000 per year then find a new line of work. Want royalties from your writing, try writing a book. Oh yeah you have to be original to do that, never mind not for most of the hollywood writers. I personally hope they get new non union writers, at least it will be a new stream of originality. I think they should ask fans to write episodes, have those scripts polished by professional (non union) writers and see what becomes of it. Make it a contest.

Green Bay Gentleman on Jan 8, 2008

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