There WILL Be a Transporter 3 - Shooting Next Year

March 13, 2007

Back in our heyday in late August of last year, we posted a bit of news stating that there may be a third Transporter movie possibly in the works under producer Luc Besson. Confirmation came via Rotten Tomatoes and Luc Besson himself, who stated that it would start shooting "probably March/April" of 2008. The first two have been mildly successful, earning a cult following more than anything, and gaining more recognition for action movie staple Jason Statham. Besson didn't direct either of the first two and won't for the third either, but will still definitely stay creatively involved and probably work as a producer on the third film as well. I'm not the biggest fan of either, and it is yet another trilogy film, but why not, if people enjoyed the first two!

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I'm glad they are turning this thing into a trilogy. I just hope part 3 is more like part 1.

Marcus Sonsteby on Mar 13, 2007


Part 2 sucked major a**. If part 3 comes back to it's roots I'll be a happy camper.

kamy on Mar 14, 2007


I agree with the above comments,hopefully it will be like part 1.part 2 was really bad,bring back the bmw also

paul on Mar 22, 2007


Woohoo! Frank Martin rules!!

Jason on Apr 7, 2007


I just saw 2. Though insanely over the top (flipping car to remove bomb, leaping car across buildings, fighting in a 15 G airplane spin), it was clever. But obviously, no depth. Almost a Superbowl commerical at times. But it violated the first rule (yes, rules) of a good film - the main character didn't change at all from beginning to end. He changed in the first (breaking his rules), but not the 2nd. To make a good 3, they have to get into Stratham's character history. He has to change, grow, etc. Take him out of the car into something completely different.

RP on Apr 27, 2007


I agree with those of you who say that The Transporter 3 should be based on the roots of the first one. I think the second Transporter should've picked up a little after where the story left off. It should've told when Frank left Paris to the US, when he became the kid's bodyguard and driver, when he met the family, talked about LAI (It left me wondering), talked more about the inspector, and all sorts of stuff. It should've shed more light on the background of the story.

Chris on May 7, 2007


Make sure theres a hot girl. Not that ugly flat-chested one from the transporter two.

Nate on May 20, 2007


I would love to see a transporter 3 movie made. The producers would have to invent a great story plot,lots of action scenes,and beautiful women just like in the James Bond films.You can start the Transporter 3 movie by having Frank flying to France to visit the inspector;while the plane is being taken over by bad men...Frank discovers that one of the men is wanted by the CIA for planning terror in the U.S.Frank must stop these mad men.

john on May 20, 2007


2 sucked, so, they need it like 1. What? The audi was nice! Want a BMW, lord, your crazy! They should put the RS4, I would like that.

alex on May 31, 2007


i think that a mercedes cls63amg would be a very nice car or a maybach 62.

sergiu on Jun 10, 2007


screw a mercedes cls63amg, u gotta go with the mclaren f1 that he steals like he did with the lamburgini

kjarsten on Jun 15, 2007


If there is a Transporter III, I also agree that it should be more in the spirit of the first one; the first film was a bit darker than the over-the-top second one, and worked to some dramatic degree because Frank broke his rigid rules. The car and action sequences in T1 were well done, and the music by Stanley Clarke was just right. While the seond film did have its moments, the Audi A8 was scripted to perform like KITT (it just didn't talk), and some of the action sequences (jumping the jet ski to catch the bus?) really tested your suspension of disbelief. T3 can be a good movie if the approach in the first movie was used--focus on developing Frank's character, and how he became the Transporter. The French inspector is a must, as is--perhaps--a BMW M5. And don't forget the Panerai Daylight Chrono watch either!

Frank Martin on Jun 28, 2007


No BMW, The audi kicks ass 😉

mackan on Jul 6, 2007


Audi is nice, but BMW rocks. As long as it's another upscale luxury car with performance! Two dropped the ball so much. The location wasn't as exotic as the south of France. The realism was completely gone. So much was over-the-top that it just didn't jell the way the first one did (even discounting the car jump to the truck in one). Maybe put Frank in jail, or have him just being released, after all, he was a criminal in the first, a criminal with a bit of heart, play on that. And bring back Qi, Francois was nice to have back, but Qi is hot! Put Frank on the spot by saving Qi's life by winning some underground race in France or Germany.

JeffJ on Jul 7, 2007


two was different but it didn't suck!!! it was more family related then 1 but it was good!!!

sammarah on Jul 21, 2007


1 was awsome, but 2 broke from the story line. He wasn't really a "transporter" like b4. 3 had best continue the traditional story we all loved and maybe a bigger # of ones at that. A freakin sweet transport vehicle though, would be a Mercedes AMG CLK-GTR. But really, who would use that in a movie where everything is destroyed? X)

Azrael on Jul 23, 2007


oh my god you guys, Transporter 2 had like the best car action stunts ive ever seen. The story was maybe cheesey, but it was an action movie none the less. I mean have you ever seen a car do a barrel roll and even land it in a movie?

BOB on Jul 30, 2007


In the 1st part the hero looks more proffesional than da 2nd part. HOPE this time he does more proffesional work......

shiva kumar naidu . k. v. on Aug 3, 2007


2 was over the top with fx but it was good! 1 was beter though! hopefully 3 will come out. they should use a vw phaeton w12, its similar to a audi in the film but a bit bigger. or a 1967 vw bug!!! with a porsche 911 engine in it!!!

tom on Aug 4, 2007


i never thought they would make a third, but do you know what would make it better i little bit more like the first and a bit darker.

john walsh on Aug 5, 2007


I thought the first one was amazing..the second was ok but I think the should really make a 3rd to make up for the second one. I love jason statham in these movies and I am really looking foward to this

Cat on Aug 5, 2007


YAY!! godbless transporter man its the best action movie i have ever seen! Hope number 3 is like no1 !

VeNoM on Aug 11, 2007


I am glad to see that production of Transporter 3 is slated for next year. However, Frank's character needs to return back to his roots. If the production team for the Transporter 3 reads this: KEEP THE KIDS OUT OF THE MOVIE!!!! Frank is ex-military, not a baby sitter! What I would like to see is the relationship between Frank & the Inspector deepen. As a suggestion to a plot, I would like to see the Inspector's "son" become a "transporter" of sorts or maybe even Shu Qi coming back where her daddy left off....Just a thought 🙂

Gerald on Aug 11, 2007


One more thing. When it comes to the soundtrack...PLEASE bring back Stanley Clarke. If it is all possible include the Original Movie Score with the soundtrack (for those who don't know the Original Movie Score is different than the soundtrack). The Original Movie Score is considered the European Version of the soundtrack & can only be purchased as an import record. I bough mine at

Gerald on Aug 11, 2007


hot girls heh? make sure you remember those, not like transpoter 2 and give frank a mercedes clk, mclaren

remi on Aug 22, 2007


haha I just wanted to say I agree with the hot girls part. Truly a staple to any action movie. I don't know what they were thinking with that chick in 2. Girls with guns doesn't automatically mean hot. But I gotta hand it to some of those action scenes, I mean it's not like I watch these movies for the realism. If they wanted to get my attention with a hot chick they'd bring back the schoolgirl outfit like they did for the first 2 minutes of 2. BEST PART OF THE MOVIE!!

Shawn on Aug 25, 2007


I don't know why you are all picking on Kate Nauta from 2. She is freaking hot. And yeah Transporter 2 wasn't that deep, but truthfully it's an action movie and who is going to say that it wasn't full of action. And the car doesn't really matter, it is how it is used, right? I am personally looking forward to 3.

Neil on Sep 6, 2007


If James Bond can be a on-going series, then transporter should be also. Jason Statham is a great action movie actor and one I have followed since his Guy Richey films, it should be franchised. There is a lot more they could do with the films, along the lines of story and plot. Maybe the next one could be set in the character's home country "England", where there could be some more story to his origin. All-in-all, this could be a great series, if given the opportunity.

Le Mark on Sep 14, 2007


I really loved 1, as others said, 2 wasn't as good as 1, but the action was great (but a bit over the top.) The second movie looks more like a link from 1 to 3, since it ends with 'I'm looking for a transporter' while at the start he was just driving a kid to school and back. I hope they'll go easy on the fx in the third movie. Anyways, glad to hear there's a part 3 coming!

Richard on Sep 25, 2007


I like to see Jason Statham in HITMAN MOVIE .Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

han on Oct 1, 2007


Its not a matter of whether its getting back to the roots or not.....remember the ending of no 2.....which i agree was worse than the first......Frank's phone rings.....he picks up.....and you hear a voice....."I'm looking for a Transporter.." and then Frank calmly replies, "I'm listening." this i think was the best part of the movie because to me it meant there was defiantely going to be a third and he was actually going to BE a transporter in this movie.........NOT A BABYSITTER!!! i honestly cant wait

Matt on Oct 4, 2007


its too bad hollywood gets hold of sequels because the 1st one was like an amazing film then the second was lyk WTF !!! crashing lambroginis (sorry for the bad spelling there) into billboards, climbing onto planes , injecting a child with a virus. i mean come on how much a** did that suck and who goes from a BMW to an Audi ? they should have stayed with the BMW and gone with none of that special effects crap i mean blowing up that helicopter in the car park with less then 1 round of uzi ammuntion i mean COME ON WHAT WERE THEY THINKING !?!? back to the point i would love to see a 3rd transporter movie i mean ok the 2nd one was mildly entertaining , nothing to get excited about though but if it goes back to how the 1st film was then yeah go for it ! i personally myself watched the first one n hoped they would bring out a second movie then i saw it and thought no shouldnt have hoped for a second one, and i agree wid han he should have been agent 47 in Hitman but instead they went with some other guy i never heard of lol.

matt on Oct 23, 2007


i love Transporter movie..........

tejas on Oct 24, 2007


Things to include in T3: REALISTIC stunt driving - no cars jumping off bridges from a dead stop and no cars flying through the air, please ! Background music just like T1 - it set the mood perfectly !!! Don't forget to put the instrumental stuff in the soundtrack this time, please ! Keep the fight scenes shorter and more realistic, too. Think "Bourne" movies ! Make sure to include the Inspector - he's GREAT ! More scenery like the first one - The location and top notch cinematography was great.

JustAnotherCritic on Oct 25, 2007


I love him in the Transporter Movies. Make as many as you can............I will buy them!!!!!!! Great Stuff...... dont care what lame stuff ....lame people say...................... Just make them clean so rest of family can watch too.... Please

Julie on Nov 3, 2007


Wat are you on about, transporter 2 was better than transporter i know this because i have seen both like 100's of time and i still found out that transport 2 was better

Will on Nov 10, 2007


I think the two transporter films are the best films I've ever seen

Sergio on Nov 16, 2007


I heard that David Belle was going to be in the 3rd. is that true, or just a rumor? If it is true, then the 3rd should be pretty good! Anything with David Belle will instantly get traceurs from all around the world to watch, even if they've never seen a Transporter movie. Besides, with him in it it should be a little more realistic than the 2nd movie.Anyway, does anyone know for sure?

Julia on Nov 18, 2007


i missed some more car action,compared to the first movie,but i liked the guns that they use for nr2,if i am not mistaken,it were 2 glocks with long mags.i look foreward to part 3,hoping for some more car action.

chris-mc on Nov 26, 2007


Hi, I think Transporter 3 should follow his past in the military.Can introduce rival military thugs who are out to do some damage and Frank gets pulled into it,even though he just always follows the rules. Just a thought.

Samuel on Nov 29, 2007


The best part about T2 was Amber Valetta. I thought it was a decent movie, but T1 was better no doubt about it. I can't wait for T3!

TB Lightning on Dec 26, 2007


T1 fighting waz intense and the driving in T2 waz so good so it would be gr8 banta if dey put both driving and fighting as good as T1 and T2 and if david belle in the movie den dat would be the bomb

Greg on Jan 16, 2008


Well i'm a HUGE Jason fan, my husband puts Transporter 2 on so I get all horny!! (I've got T2 on now!) I actually prefer T2 as he gets his top off and you get to see his goregous body!! but also I just prefer the T2, T1 was good especially when they finally get it on!! but he had that awful blue t-shirt done right-up it looked awful. I hope the girl in T3 isn't too gorgeous, i'll get sooooooooooo jealous! I'm counting down the days until I can see The Bank Job at the cinema then looking forward to Crank 2. (He can slap my backside anytime). Lets just hope to see more of his goregous bod in T3, what's the point of having him otherwise? sod the cars and music, lets just have Jason naked throughout the whole film! they'd make a fortune with us girlies going to watch his films!! I LOVE YOU JASON!! Sex on legs xx

Julie H on Jan 28, 2008


I liked both movies alot.I enjoyed the action in the movies.I hope you don't change the lead actor jason statham to someone else.

David Patrick on Feb 10, 2008


hey out there. i'm so happy if the 3rd Transporter film will be successful. I'm one of your fan Jason here in Philippines. i'm expecting more drifts, chassing, & actions in this coming movie. & especially Mr. Frank, your Rules will be more creative but your such a terrific actor. To the Staff & Director, those 2 past film was so GREAT i hope that you can break it. David Belle vs. Jason Statham?

RULE 2: No Names on Feb 14, 2008


What the fuck are you guys talking about!?!?!?!?! Transporter 2 was fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It had a lot more action than the first!!! I enjoyed that one more than the first!!!!!!! The 3rd transporter has a lot to live up to!!!!!

David on Feb 25, 2008


both great films look forward to the next (transporter3) , great soundtrack, credit to all involved

Paul Hawkins on Feb 26, 2008


I loved the first 2 and i wud love to see a third and possibly a 4th made someday. cant wait

Mike on Mar 1, 2008


what are you talking about transporter 2 was nasty....

Jordan on Mar 1, 2008


Seriously both were good, 1 was better for the scripting, but 2 still delivered the action, besides other than the small handful of action movies, how many truly dont have cheesey shooting and explosions. Majority so to really slam this movie for that is kind of pointless, even the Bond films have thier moments. Either way good to hear bout the 3rd coming out, keep the same actor and tone down the sfx.

S to the d J on Mar 2, 2008


the car sould be an aston martin or some other exotic, there are no great american muscles out now except for the new camaro, or some really rare car like the spyker or the ccx, cant wait to see the third and all of u who said that 2 suked do suk cuse their aint nothing bad about a movie that has some crazy action in it, yea some characters should change but it just makes frank seem more macho lol

ahab the arab on Mar 2, 2008


i love transtporter 2

sahar on Mar 2, 2008


The big line that I've always thought needed to be explored was when Frank and Tarconi are talking in the office after Frank's house has been attacked, in the first film: Frank: "I left the past behind when I moved here." Tarconi: "Huh. A past like yours, you never leave behind." So I think Transporter 3 needs to drag up a secret from Frank's past military life, and go back to it's roots and be more like Transporter 1 in the way it's scripted, cinematography and soundtrack, rather than the all action stupidity of Transporter 2. And of course, Tarconi has to be involved again, somewhere along the lines, and not just have him cooking. I don't mind lots of action, but I would prefer it if it was a little more plausible than flipping cars over to knock a bomb off of the underside, etc.

Andy J on Mar 3, 2008


well those who hate are sick and f**ked up the movies were good make as many as posible i will buy you cant let us down from what done youre great. lame pple cant see nice movies, let 3 be a kickass, am waiting for the realease date the movie was dope you know what i mean. jason keep the atitude and any car you use i know will carry the day.

George on Mar 7, 2008


Transporter 2 is brilliant, deranged perfection. I tip my hat to its utter contempt for reality. When Statham busted out the shrink-wrapped tux from the trunk of the car I knew I was looking at a classic of one sort or another. I sincerely hope Transporter 3 takes the story to even more advanced levels of insanity if it really gets made.

Pro Bono on Mar 13, 2008


Hiya All. I can confirm that Trans 3 is well into production. My friend Silvio Simac, who some of you will have seen in DOA & Unleashed with Jet Lee has just got back from France where he was filming with Jason, he told me this in an e-mail he sent me, so it all looks good guys.

Paul Drury on Mar 14, 2008


I hope this time they use BMW M3 or M5, they look great and a hot chick

veli korkmaz on Mar 16, 2008


i just want to say i love transporter 2 movie i have never seen in my life like that movie i love that movie aud i also like audi car so much i like to buy that car

sahar on Mar 20, 2008


Yay! Transporter 1=Great! Transporter 2=Ehh.... ok Transporter 3=Can't wait!

tommy on Mar 28, 2008


Yes obviously transporter one is the only reason i watched transporter two, i was a bit dissappointed to be honest but still an immense film and some shockin driving. i think jason statham is the perfect character for the role i cant imagine it being anyone else. hope its not too late into 2009!!

Lee Smith on Apr 3, 2008


The film is shooting today in Marseille, France.

Soso on Apr 22, 2008


Transporter 1 was mint, 2 not so good, there was too many 'as if' moments, i say they use a Mercedes next not a BMW or Audi, use of of each, anyways hope Transporter 3 is mint !!!!!

Scott Chegg on Apr 24, 2008


I am a huge fan of both movies. I just love the idea, and Jason is a great action actor! I'm amused at all the talk about what car to use.... To me, it was painfully obvious that Audi had something to to with the production of that movie. He drives the A8, the mom drives an A3, then he busts out with the Lambo..... One big commercial for Audi! hahaha I say bring the Audi back.... new RS6 baby!

covertdriver on May 7, 2008


frank should have a rolls royce

eric on May 10, 2008


Another fan here. I didn't care for the second one but would love a third one more in the style of the first one. My mom is even the fan. Good luck Luc.

RayR on Jun 10, 2008


the movies of transporter are the best movies lve ever seen. they have great action and i really liked it. get a convertable in the next movie, to make him look cooler. but besides that do what ever you want. i cant wait til it comes out

Dustin on Jun 21, 2008


it will be better because it's in France.

eric on Jun 22, 2008


I like this man because he know what he want but their is already problmes in first and the second movie one of thim the movie talking abaut a driver but we see the driving parts its not tomuch. and thier is action tomuch when it must be less >>>>>>>>I whop to locke at hitman an born movies.

hany mohsen on Jul 19, 2008


There are other ways to transport something. Like maybe a semi truck. Let's see Frank Martin flip and spin one of those...

twinstick on Jul 29, 2008


the car used in transporter 3 is a camaro ... orange one ... i saw the shooting in Jordan 25-10-2008 .. and i have a short video of that ...

mothufur on Oct 27, 2008


hi i saw transporter 3 it is great movie, but the best is the AUDI !!!

Jason S. on Dec 3, 2008


i love it looking for part 4

justin laryea on Mar 9, 2009


Well This movie have been released, I dislike it, there were to many mistakes in this movie, for example at the beginning of the job the audi gets stolen so the transporter to get it back breaks trow the pilots window kicking the robber out, but in the next scenes the audi still has the window, i guess audis grow windows like people grow nails

Nasgul on Mar 25, 2009


Hey just saw trailer.Ok was not what I expected but I hear its good some the reviews anyway. Just on a T4 note taking on cue of Geralds idea 'What I would like to see is the relationship between Frank & the Inspector deepen. As a suggestion to a plot, I would like to see the Inspector's "son" become a "transporter" of sorts'. I was thinking this movie could be based on the Inspector's past as well as Frank'. For a long time the inspector had lost touch with his son since either through divorce of the mother or she passed away after that time they were'nt very close.That could explain why the inspector turns a blind eye on Frank's illegal work and has a close relationship in a sense with him. While the Inspector thinks his son is upto no good in underground racing and other criminal activities he is actually an undercover agent for the French Ministry Interior posing as an arms dealer in Morocco at the current time.Since his mother was Algerian he is tanned brown in complexion so was posted there as well as his knows French and maybe Arabic. The son lets call him Pierre gets caught even though he is a master of disguise by the bad guys who are actually a crime syndicate working in Morocco.Pierre's close friend and agent Marie makes a call to the headquarters of the French Ministry saying something went wrong and Pierre was caught out in the deal.The Ministry say they won't negotiate any deal about a seized weapon in exchange for Pierre.So Marie contacts the Inspector and he cannot believe what she is saying,after all the years he was always questioning about his son and decides to get in contact with some close connections in there and confirm he has been captured. Inspector contacts Marie at her private number and they discuss things and decide they need someone to transports the goods to the syndicate in Morocco and the Inspector mentions that he thinks he knows the right man for the job,'Frank'. So Inspector calls Frank and tells the story over and they decide on taking a decoy over to Morocco instead of the real weapon and Marie arranges someone to produce the decoy. The other thing is how was Pierre caught in the first place? There were some corrupt Ministry officials working closely with the syndicate. Frank gets a load of goodies to use a twin engine plane and new car from Marie's contacts to head to Morocco as anyone might want to get their hands on the real thing even though it is just a decoy. So Frank has troubles with a few gangs along the travels and has to fight his way at the same time. The real mission here is to transport a real person back and out of Morocco and somehow expose those corrupt officials back home and put an end to the syndicate. The twist is the people in the syndicate are actually from Frank's military past,soldiers now turned mercenaries in Morocco posing as gangs. Frank wanted to leave behind his military past.Could it be that he fell out with these soldiers but also had a love interest in the special forces who just went along with the others in a scheme she did'nt think would turn out the way it was planned in an evil scheme of things blind to see her fellow soldiers are actually that corrupt first place. Frank meets his old flame and she helps him get Pierre out in exchange that he takes her with him out of Morocco. Frank also gets access to special tanks,APCs,helicopters and other military goodies 🙂 making this movie a bit bolder that the previous ones.

Sam Selva on Apr 5, 2009


Truly disappointed with this movie, was not what I was expecting........

Victor on Feb 14, 2010

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