Tobe Hooper Directing Stephen King's From a Buick 8

October 11, 2007
Source: Variety

I've already made mention back when the trailer for The Mist came out that I'm not sure Stephen King adaptations are as cracked up as they used to be. The Mist looks good, but I'm fearing for the worst. Confirmation arrives today on horror legend Tobe Hooper's feature adaptation of Stephen King's novel "From a Buick 8" . This might actually be good, considering Tobe Hooper isn't one of those old-time horror director's who's turned out nothing but crap in recent years, unlike William Friedkin.

"From a Buick 8" is about a mysterious Buick stored in a state trooper barracks. After one of the troopers dies, his son becomes obsessed with the mysterious vintage automobile. Actor/writer Johnathon Schaech and Richard Chizmar wrote the script.

Tobe Hooper is the same horror genius who brought us the original 1974 Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Poltergeist, Night Terrors, and plenty of others. He hasn't done that much recently besides a couple "Masters of Horror" segments on TV. Given this is aiming for a 2009 release, it could be called a comeback if he pulls it off. Here's what Hooper had to say in regards to the project.

"From a Buick 8" will not be "your stock horror film by any means. There's a really cool, layered quality to the story," Hooper said. "The producers, writers and I shared the same sensibility about the project and responded to it in a similar way."

Sound like a good horror movie in the making? Those of you who loved 1408 and who are looking forward to The Mist may be adding this one to their list of future movies to watch for.

From a Buick 8

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Unlike past films (Needful Things, IT, Dream Catcher, and Hearts in Atlantis) I am hoping The Mist and From Buick 8, will not be disappointing. The Green Mile, ShawShank, and The Window have all been great films and hold true to SK and his creativeness. 1408 while it held it own still lacked the suspense and fear that was presented in the short story. Overall the movies may carry his name as the originator of the story, the poor adaptation of past and possible future movie flops should not lead those movie watcher to believe the movie is what was written. I enjoyed all the stories mentioned in my post and will continue to be an avid SK reader long after the master stops writing. Triston

Triston Ludlow on Oct 12, 2007


Tristan, You add IT in with the "disappointings"? Of course the books are always better and more intricate but to call IT as a movie disappointing tells me of what must be your limited mental capacity. Ooops, let me make that simple just for you. You're an idiot.

Doug on Oct 13, 2007


Doug, Excuse Me??? Who you calling an idiot. Granted "IT" is a awesome book, but the movie is a flop. The best acting and overall aspect of the movie was Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown, as for the rest of the movie and not to mention the actors chosen for the movie, it was a TV flop. One thing is for sure IT would be a pleasure to smack you up side the head with the book, but then again IT may damage the limited vocabulary that you have so graciously displayed in your response. If you'd like to continue this little childish banter of yours please do continue. We can start with all the great and wonderful movies all the actors have played in prior to the making of it in 1990, and then we can start with the wonderful and oh so talented director Tommy Wallace and his great line of works. Triston

Triston Ludlow on Oct 15, 2007


Threats of physical violence when intelligence wears thin. Typical

Doug on Oct 30, 2007


From a Buick 8 is the worst King book I've ever read. And I'm an avid King reader, I've probably been through 25 of his books at least and I enjoyed the vast majority(I absolutely LOVED some, The Eyes of the Dragon, The Stand, all the Bachman books, all his short story collections), but this one was sub-par. It's not scary. It's weird only in a comic-booky predictable way. There's nothing original about it. I suffered through it waiting for something to happen, but it just never did. Terrible choice. Even Cell would have been better.

Brad on Nov 21, 2007


Brad, to understand From a Buick 8, you have to be "avid King reader" and you apparently are not. From a Buick 8 is one of his deepest novels and has significant importance to his most important works, The Dark Tower series. If you were an avid King reader you would know this. Im glad you have been through 25 of his books but read The Dark Tower series, you will then appreciate From a Buick 8 more.

nolan on Dec 2, 2007


I am a Stephen King reader, I read all his books, my favourite is IT, this is still the best book he has done, my other favourites are, Rose Madder, The Dark Tower series, Christine,Thinner. The IT mini series was good, although it was different to the book, a lot was cut out of the book, when IT is remade, who ever plays Pennywise the clown, will never beat Tim Curry, he was superb in the role,I collect IT in different languages, I have it in french and polish Nick .

Nick Goddin on Jul 13, 2008

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