Top 5 2007 Horror Films To Look Out For

February 7, 2007

This looks like it's going to be a great year for horror fans! I've looked over all of the horror films opening this year and put together a list of what I predict will be the goriest, scariest, and most terrifying flicks to come out in 2007!

Captivity Poster5. Captivity - May 18 (Updated)

The stunning Elisha Cuthbert plays a supermodel named Jennifer who is captured by an "unknown" psychopath. Having studied her every fear, the killer begins to physically and mentally torture her. When all hope seems lost, she finds Gary (Daniel Gillies), another person in captivity. She and Gary begin to form a plan to escape before it's too late.

I think the film looks really interesting. The trailer features many interesting traps that Elisha's character goes through, but different than something you might expect from a Saw movie. The film is set for only a limited release on March 16th. Hopefully it will make enough money in the first to weeks to expand to more theatres for everyone to see.

Dead Silence Poster4. Dead Silence - March 16

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago when the trailer debuted, and the trailer has still been fresh in my mind. Many people have commented that they don't think the film looks very scary, which I question if they saw the same trailer I did.

The film is about a sleepy town named Ravens Fair. There is a legend in the town that speaks of a lady named Mary Shaw who was a famous murdered ventriloquist. Now her ghost haunts the town and it is up to Detective Jim Lipton (Saw regular Donnie Wahlberg) to dig deep into the town's history for the answer on how to end her violent rampage. As I said, the film looks tremendously terrifying. Something we can expect from the two Australians who brought us Saw - James Wan and Leigh Whannell.

1408 Poster3. 1408 - July 13

A man who specializes in debunking paranormal occurrences checks into the fabled room 1408 in the Dolphin Hotel. Soon after he arrives, he begins to experience genuine terror. The film stars John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. The movie looks a little bit like The Shinning, not surprising since 1408 is based off of a Steven King story. I personally really enjoyed Cusack's last thriller Identity. And I must say, 1408 looks really promising!

Hostel: Part II Poster2. Hostel: Part II - June 8

I usually avoid talking about Hostel for the reason that many critics hated the film. I however, loved it. The criticism that I heard over and over again was that the first half of the movie was soft-core porn, and the second half was over-the-top horror. While I can't disagree with that statement, I felt that Eli Roth did a tremendous job with of portraying an eerie similarity between sexual and violent pleasures. I argue that while the movie was incredibly conventional, it did so to establish this similarity in a brutally disturbing fashion that I hadn't seen before.

That said, I can't wait for Hostel: Part II. Almost nothing has been released for the film besides a quick teaser that shows no footage of the film. We do know though that the film is set almost immediately after the first and features three American college students who are studying abroad and are lured to a Slovakian hostel. They soon discover the grim reality behind it. Hostel: Part II is sure to deliver more gore and violence than the first once achieved. I'm sure the MPAA is going to have a blast with this one.

Grindhouse Poster1. Grindhouse - April 6

I don't know what I can say that already hasn't been said about this film, or rather two films. Every hot actor in Hollywood is in this movie and I can't wait to see what Tarantino and Rodriguez bring to the table for their individual films. The last time these guys paired up, they brought us From Dusk Till Dawn, a unique vampire film. So it's safe to say that these guys know what they are doing. And the best part? The queen of scream Mary Elizabeth Winstead will be starring in the segment Death Proof. This is definitely going to be the hottest ticket this spring! Grindhouse opens nationwide on April 6th.

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Normally, I don't like horror films, However, I will HAVE to see 1408, because it stars Mr. John Cusack!

Donna Vitale on Feb 8, 2007


I know what you did at halloween last year!

Peanuts? on Feb 22, 2007


well.. they were right about dead silence. it sucked! borrringgggggggg.

dead silence sux on Apr 1, 2007


Now the only reason u say that dead silence sucked is because u didn't see it or not the only unrated virsion. U only said it sucked u are scared it was going to happen. Do u think that Puppet Master is scary. That movie sucked. Now SEE NO EVIL ROCKED. U suck.

Scott on Jul 16, 2007


captivity - amazing dead silence - stupid 1408 - scared the shit out of me hostel part 2 - great grindhouse - i only saw deathproof and it was very good

cody on Nov 19, 2007


Dead Silence was so effin boring. Seriously. It looks good but the whole doll thing is so played out after a while the movie gets boring the beginning is the only good part. As to 1408, oh please. that movie was a mix of the twilights zone and a cheap attempt to make a scary movie. It was stupid, all in all, and it just messes with your mind The end is horrible and the only good part of it are the special effects.

Jo on Dec 26, 2007


I saw 1408 and it ROCKED!! it was soo good! I'm a huge horror fan, and I must say that I was pleasentley surprised:) I also saw Hostel: part 2, which was even BETTER! seriously, the second movie is better than the first one XD I hope there will be a third part. Quentin Tarantino is a genius.. I really liked the episode of CSI that he directed:) I also enjoyed Grindhouse.. I think that Dead Silence and Captivity look quite interesting, so I will definitly check them both out:D S'ya...

Emelie on Jan 1, 2008


Dead silence sucks!!!

SweetEmoGirl on Mar 1, 2008


I only saw Dead Silence , 1408 and Death Proof...........and Hostel i'm dwnloading Captivity and Hostel 2. About the movies that I saw I liked a lot Death Proof "Quentin Tarantino is a genius.. " and this is also my opinion, and the end of Dead Silence. 1408 is very interesting ....:)And about Hostel 1 the first part was porn but the second part i found it very nice:D....I like a lot horror moviesXD

blue.eyes_rockgirl on Mar 9, 2008


1408 and Dead silence are completely stupid movies.....Has anyone of you watched 30 Days of night? That is the best horror movie in 2007.... the best vampires I have seen in a long time... 🙂

milena on Mar 16, 2008


i seen them all ok...huge horror fan...however, not one horror movie in this entire world had scared me to the slightest. The only thing i like about horrors are the special effects i guess...can somebody name me one good, god damn horror that i will shit my pants to? Thanks, much love! 🙂

scott on Apr 11, 2008


First time I saw Grudge, couple years ago, I was delighted and liked it a lot :-)....hmmm, and The Descent was good.... I hate the "horrors" with stupid teenagers, and people who's best idea in the movie is:"Let's split up so the mutants/serial killer could have more easy chopping to do!"

milena on Apr 12, 2008


Well the best horror and story based movie till now i have seen is "The Mist" In this movie i like the actor playing role and his personality he is great "Thomas Jane". His movie is all clear nothing porn. Well i hate hostel 1 cause its all porn sex and part 2 ending sucks.

Broly on Apr 18, 2008


i seen 1408 and it fucking sucked ass i also seen hostel part II and it also sucked ass dead silence bored the shit out of me captivity and grindhouse are the better movies out of the 5 movies there but i would say 30 days of night was better then grindhouse alot better

bulldogz on Jun 10, 2008


white noise 2 its fucking awesome man , check it out

boby on Jul 9, 2008


among the 5 movies presented only grindhouse is the worst of all, let's say tarantino movies are all worst movies, in the movie GRINDHOUSE, how can the M16 rifle can fire without pressing a trigger, you see? its a dullest thing you ever imagine? when i saw the movie i thought it was a horror movie but it turns out to be a IDIOT movie... director pls be realistic.

politiko on Nov 26, 2008

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