Transformers Trailers In Front of Shrek 3 Are Completely Different!!

May 18, 2007

Optimus Prime

I just swung by a 10PM showing of Shrek 3 that's happening in a few very limited theaters around the US. I stuck around only to rewatch the same trailer that we posted earlier on a big screen - or so I thought! What I saw was a take on the newer "international" trailer with a much different set of scenes and plenty of changes! Given I was shocked to see so many changes I can't describe all of them, but I'll tell you the ones that stuck out in my mind.

Here's the major changes I can remember:

» It was a lot more flashy, with more quick shots of all kinds of Transformers. It cut a lot of the longer scenes in the other trailer and was much more flashy and quick.

» There was more with Blackout (the helicopter) fighting at the base and then showing Scorponok jump off his back and into the ground (part of the scene I saw at ShoWest).

» It showed a bit of Optimus Prime on the side of a building jumping off in mid-air during a fight (reminded me of Spider-Man 2).

» It had the little Transformer guy under the seat that's been in the TV spots (with that same scene).

» There was an awesome scene where Optimus Prime was driving in truck from and I guess got T-boned from the side and then the truck starts rolling on its side and coming towards the camera then you see it start to transform in mid-air as it flies into the camera.

» There was another bit from a scene at ShoWest where Optimus is at Shia's house and he has told them to hide from his parents, and his dad is walking down a hall and you can see Optimus through a window outside and right as his dad turns to look (cause he "thought" he saw something), Optimus darts away from the window out of sight. It also does have the same ending bit from the international trailer.

» The fight where Bonecrusher skates up into the bus and breaks it in half, in this new trailer, it cuts right before he event hits the bus and goes to some other scene (and doesn't show the rest of that fight). It also never shows the part where the army has captured Bumblebee on the highway and Shia is yelling at him, I think. But it does show the part where Megan Fox says "I'll drive, you shoot" and scenes with Bumblebee shooting off the back.

» There's no "Bring It!" from Tyrese Gibson anymore, and Starscream (the plane) only does his transformation in-flight once (where he does it twice in this trailer).

» The first 30 seconds are pretty much the same, the intro with Shia getting his car, but then when it gets into the montage and for the last minute it's completely different sets of scenes and new footage! I first noticed it was way different when it didn't show the fireball from space hit the stadium…

That's all the changes I remember for now. It was WAY different and definitely well worth seeing, as there was so much new stuff! I'm always intrigued when they pull something like this, it's such an expansive bit of marketing with at least three different trailers, if not more. Saw III did a stunt like this where it said "Hello" and the name of the city where you were (e.g. New York, San Francisco, or if you weren't in a big city, just "America") in its trailers.

We'll update you once a full descriptions comes through or another version pops up online, but for now you're just going to have to take one for the team and brave your way through Shrek 3 to catch this trailer, too!

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Good! It was suppose to be a different one, I'm glad.

Stephen on May 18, 2007


WHY? Alex why would you go see Shrek 3 when Dave Minkus already saw it and reviewed it? Are you a sadist? Why must more than one person suffer?? WHY????

Heckle0 on May 18, 2007


Hahaha... You know, I just went to watch the trailer, I didn't stay and watch Shrek 3... I just watched this trailer and left. 🙂

Alex Billington on May 18, 2007


Even worse, Alex saw it with me. I think this is the "Meet Joe Black Effect" where they showed the Episode I trailer and people went to see that, then leave the theater.

FS Dave on May 18, 2007


Does anyone know where the trailer is available at? The one before Shrek 3? I know they pulled it but it's been 3 weeks, it should be available for download know.

Chris on Jun 5, 2007

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