War Trailer Debuts: Jason Statham vs Jet Li

May 15, 2007
Source: IGN

War Trailer

War could almost be described as Crank vs Fearless, as it pits two big time action stars, Jason Statham and Jet Li, against each other in a gang war. The plot is a bit ridiculous, as the trailer will explain to you, but it looks like it'll be just as intense and just as entertaining as both Crank and Fearless combined. Just think of how awesome the fight scenes will be!

Watch the War trailer here:

[flv:war_trailer.flv 508 216]

War was directed by 50 Cent and Eminem music video director Phillip G. Atwell. It hits theaters on September 14th.

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yeah! the trailer looks great can't wait for the movie but does anyone know what song that plays in the trailer songs cool thanks .

jon schiller on May 21, 2007


song is called "Force" by a group called D.O.G.

d on Jun 23, 2007


Any place I can find that song?

Someone Else on Jun 28, 2007


i searched the song.. and the group... none of them show up 2gether... r u sure its that..

lalala on Jul 9, 2007


holy crap, jet li and jason statham is in the same fucken movie. Im looking forward to watching this.

john walsh on Aug 5, 2007


This is going to be Face/Off for 2007. And that's a good thing.

kid vorpal on Aug 10, 2007


They were great together in The One! This one should be action packed as well.

Dude on Aug 10, 2007


Jason and Jet were already in a Movie together. THE ONE.

CHUB on Aug 11, 2007


This movie will be very interesting. Especially, that the directors are two well established gentlemen. In the end Li will rise.

Anthony Saucedo on Aug 14, 2007


OK, I saw the movie last night at a sneak preview. As can be expected there were some great fight scenes and an awesome twist in the end. But I didnt like the overall ending, it leaves to much unanswered, but I guess thats what where a sequel would come in!

Jo on Aug 24, 2007


this movie looks great lets just hope it is more like the transporter & less like crank because crank was more of "haha" then "aw that was kick ass"

Dylan on Aug 25, 2007


The movie was ok. Anoher Jason Statham type of movie where it feels low budget and cheest but fun sort of like Crank and The Transporter 2. The twist at the end was VERY lame and weak since it was obviously half way through the movie, since you can't have Jet Li as a real bad guy..... On another note I am looking for the song at the end of the movie, it has a female vocalist and is a little sad. It is not on the movie score soundtrack. Anyone know it?

Sevag on Aug 29, 2007



chantelle betton on Aug 31, 2007


whats the song when the movie finish , like the aline song , he says >> when you go ,,,, you have it to me !! strange Awesome song , plz help me

M.J abdell on Sep 1, 2007


hay! guys wuz-up first want to say the movie I liked because well jet li and Jason good actors hay got me little confused at the end abit but it's good buy my question is the song in the trailer who is that and were can I download that it seems it's not in the soundtrack and I don't think itunes has it eather so maybe if anyone knows where can I get that would be great thank you.

Jon on Sep 6, 2007


The song at the end is 'Afterlife' Produced and written by 'Dr. Dre and Gayle Moran'. I can't find it anywhere, if anyone knows where to obtain this song then please let us know. Thank you.

L. Stelios on Sep 25, 2007


Have you managed to find that song L. Stelios? I'd love to have it too, i've searched everywhere to get it and I've found nothing Theres a song on the end of the Busta Rhymes - Big Bang album called Legend of the falloffs, it was produced by Dr. Dre with Gayle Moran's vocals, but it's nothing like the Track from the Movie!

Kit on Sep 28, 2007


L. Stelios & Kit - any success of looking for "Afterlife" [Contains a sample of "Do You Ever" written by Gayle Moran] Written by Dr. Dre & Gayle Moran ?

grzeraf on Sep 30, 2007


Try this one: 2min26sec - mp3 128kbps - i made it by riping and cutting original movie war2007.

grzeraf on Sep 30, 2007


awesome movie, although the end is not so good.

mark on Sep 30, 2007


Thankyou! I tried doing that but these USB headphone thingies stop stereomix from recording sound from my card 🙁 Thanks again! x x

Kit on Oct 1, 2007


Hey grzeraf THANKS for that clip you have hosted. I really appreciate it man. I love that song. The Dre one Legend Of The Fall Offs is good too, but just not the same. Thank you.

chance on Oct 2, 2007


you can find "Force" on iTunes but D.O.G is labelled as "dog" Also there were loads of funky remixes with asian stylee samples. No idea what they were called but they aren't on the soundtrack either! Any ideas anyone?

alimou on Oct 3, 2007


Thanks. That song at the end is amazing. A sirens call for stories and drama and life and it and death and stuff and phant'sy.

S. on Oct 5, 2007


I enjoyed the movie. Plot twist was OK-ish. But what happens in the end? Can someone tell me? Who does Jet Li gun down and why? You can either post it here with spoiler alert or e-mail me at my pm. emthree1 at msn dot com. Thanks.

V on Oct 6, 2007


grzeraf you're awesome! i love this track, thanks for the upload man, really appreciate it :]

milo on Oct 16, 2007


thanks for the upload! very nice song. grz

sm4sh on Oct 18, 2007


can any1 make a torrent of that song for me plz? cuz i cnt download things from that website

D on Oct 20, 2007


Wow, grzeraf Thanks so much for this free upload, fantastic, I love this tune, been looking everywhere for it. I thought that the movie was good, acting was good, martial arts were like alot of western movies, why kick its ass when you can shoot it philosophy! the martial arts where there, but not enough! Jet Li rulz!

Rune2099 on Oct 20, 2007


hello, pls, how called the song, when jet li came to the club to kill boss, lot of nice cars are around him, its so short song. it begin, when he are prayed or meditate... pls...

zegee29 on Oct 23, 2007


Does anyone know the name of the song which began with the chinese stringed instrument then the fattest bass line ever came on? Apparently its Space Cowboy - China but I can't find that anywhere.

voltoor on Oct 26, 2007


Yeah I would like to know the same....the name of that song...or the way how to get it...It begans when Jet li sits in his room in front of a BULLET and 2 CANDLES...does anyone know??? please...thanks

PePo on Oct 26, 2007


Gey, grzeraf, thanks so much for that song. I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm still looking for the song that plays when Jet Li is meditating in front of the candles and bullet casing.

user on Jan 12, 2008


the music is called 1O dollar - by M.I.A !! cool song 😉

wesh on Jan 22, 2008


the whole thing is on itunes. look up brian tyler or rza

juiceface on Jan 26, 2008


does anyone know the song that plays when jet li is opening his closet full of black suits and belts and shoes and he goes in his safe full of guns then he's driving on the bridge to Chang's Mansion?

charles on Feb 27, 2008


does anyone know the name of the song where jet li is getting ready & taking out the black suits & guns?? out of his closet

anonomous on Mar 20, 2008


LOl wesh.. i just had a blonde moment!!! i was like sweet someone posted it!! and to find out i already had it.. how sad is that omfg.. /facepalm

chel on May 1, 2008


hey i'm looking for tht song too! the one where he's meditaing in the room with the candles. i need help looking for it

anubaby on Jul 9, 2008


why is it D.O.G doesnt have any web information on them? I think you may be wrong about the song title D. If you know what it is or have it kinda put some rapidshizz together or provide where you found out.

kham on Aug 27, 2008


nevermind , i found it 🙂 thx yo

kham on Aug 27, 2008


THE SONG PLAYING WHEN JET LI SITS IN FRONT OF TE BULLET CASING. Guys i found it and you can get in in mp3 form! i DONT KNOW THE ARTIST . COULD NOT FUND THE CUT FROM SPACE COWBOY BUT HERE IT IS. Go to youtube type in : War Soundtrack - China (Remix By Astudios0) on the right you wil lsee a dialog box that says :more info" you can the get the copy for free in mpe form enjoy!

jaigee6 on Sep 4, 2008

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