'Whatever It Is, It's Winning' - J.J. Abrams' Cloverfield is Back!!

November 15, 2007

Cloverfield Trailer

After 4 months of absolute silence, J.J. Abrams' secret monster project is back! 1-18-08 aka Cloverfield has a new trailer debuting in front of Beowulf - I can confirm it's true and you will see it. I was shown the trailer and I watched it myself in digital down at my local movie theater. It picks up right where the first teaser trailer in front of Transformers left off and damn does it deliver! It is also officially now known just as Cloverfield. It's not as shocking as the first trailer, as it's very much a real movie trailer showing clips and flashes of all kinds of scenes and elaborating a bit more on the story and monster, or perhaps monsters.

The new trailer is up and can be watched on right here!

This is one of those trailers that is really, really hard to describe (even CHUD tried). It flashes so many quick scenes so fast that you can hardly make sense of it or remember anything that just flashed in front of your eyes, but I'll go over as much as I saw.

Multiple sightings of case designated 'Cloverfield'
Camera retrieved at incident site 'U.S. 447'
(Area formerly known as Central Park)

It starts out (after showing that text above) by going over the very first trailer again, by rewinding backwards quickly through Rob's entrance at the party. The intro ends again when the statue of liberty's head hits down and then it shows a completely destroyed building that's falling over, which I think was the Empire State Building. Then it shows Rob speaking into the camera saying his name, "Robert Hawkins," and continues on with the rest of the story through all kinds of scenes. Basic rumors are confirmed: it is a completely hand-held camera movie with Rob and a small group of friends traveling all around Manhattan. There are some awesome, awesome shots that perfectly use that concept of the hand-held cameras, including a guy being killed and falling to the ground (you see his feet) and then it shows Rob running up picking up the camera.

Some of the other great moments that stick out were Rob and his friends running everywhere down streets, including into the medical tent that was described on AICN. That's where Rob asks one of the military guys if they know what it is and he replies with, "Whatever it is, it's winning." There is also a shot 2/3 of the way through where Rob and his friends come up near Central Park and the streets are entirely empty and the buildings are all destroyed around them and a horse-drawn carriage, like they offer rides in in New York near Central Park, slowly walks by being drawn by horses but with no one (or presumably dead bodies) in the cart. Rob then says, "People are going to want to know how it all went down…" Which explains why they want to capture it all on their own video cameras.

As for the monster, there is a moment where you can see it run behind a building that it just destroyed, but it's a quick flash. There is also a moment where you see a white sheet or piece of plastic up and via silhouettes someone being attacked and killed by two smaller monsters that are almost human size, although it was a very quick shot and hard to make out. This confirms the rumor that there are smaller monsters in addition to the very big, main monster. There is also another part where Rob and his friends are running down a dark street and you hear some buzzing-like creature noises in the background/air and you hear them say "did you hear that" as the noises get closer.

Now for my own favorite parts of the trailer! Everyone has seen the poster (shown below) that shows the head of the Statue of Liberty ripped off. There is a camera shot that somehow zooms up and shows the head ripped off, which I think ties into the helicopter scene that is near the very end of the trailer. At the end it shows some people get inside and fly up in a helicopter and then a bit later it shows the helicopter being whirled at very high speeds spinning around and around in circles and roars and noises going on all over outside of it. My guess is near the end as they're being evacuated they get attacked by the monster in the helicopter and it grabs/throws them around. This is one of those most intense and energetic parts of the entire trailer, as everything is just going crazy at this point.

There is also a part that plays on the whole "it's alive" versus "it's a lion" argument. They are in a small convenience store somewhere holding out while the monster passes by outside and you hear the guy next to Rob (on the camera) say very loud and very clearly "Rob, I saw it…" and then there's a pause and then he says "It's alive." It's very debatable again what he says again, which I think is part of fueling the argument that maybe it is a lion. Maybe they're emphasizing that part so much that maybe it isn't just alive. However, we'll need to see it again multiple times to figure it out.

Overall this new trailer just kicks ass. I walked out fully pumped up and nothing but good things to say. I'm pretty damn excited, which is interesting given the hand-held concept didn't work so well with George Romero's Diary of the Dead. I've just got a feeling from this trailer alone that Cloverfield will be The Blair Witch Project x100 combined with J.J. Abrams' brilliance from "Lost" and everything else all packed into a modern day monster movie. I really can't wait! It's not a blockbuster tentpole movie, it's one of those that's so incredibly unique and so awesome that it changes Hollywood forever once it debuts. Like Rob says, "People are going to want to know how it all went down."

I've heard that the trailer will be online on Monday, but I strongly suggest you go see Beowulf! Not only is that movie worth it, but this is a trailer you need to experience for the first time in the theaters. Let us know your thoughts!! We'll be updating the site with the trailer once it debuts next week.

The new trailer is up and can be watched on right here!

Cloverfield Poster

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Awesome report! I can't wait to see it tonight!!! on Nov 15, 2007


I give you permission to post the trailer now. Thank you. Any time you're ready.

J.J. on Nov 15, 2007


like i said on the other board, your awesome alex lol my mind is set on friday afternoon now and nothing else, and is beowulf really worth seeing? or should i just catch the trailer and then sneak into a different movie?

geezer on Nov 15, 2007


Kick.Ass. I haven't been this excited for a movie trailer since...early 2000. Shit. Anyway, thank's for the description man, looking forward to seeing it on the big screen this Friday (or, unfortunately, Saturday)!

Gabriel on Nov 15, 2007


Finally something! And not just something, but as you describe it something fucking fantastic!! Cannot wait to see the damn trailer. After that... jan 18 is going to seem so far away... πŸ™

Tim_kick on Nov 15, 2007


I know I've been bitching about this for awhile, but now that we finally have some answers, I can't help but feel a little melancholic. The quest for answers, the deciphering of clues, it was a great ride. I commend JJ and all those responsible for the marketing, and you can bet I'll be at the first of the movie line on 17-01-08 (seeing as how Australia gets it a teensy bit earlier).

Nathan on Nov 15, 2007


You know, if I had lot's of money I would fly to Australia just to see this movie one day earlier. That's how excited I am. I'm a little misty eyed with joy.

Cowpattybill on Nov 15, 2007


I can't wait! we will not be disappointed...

DeniSSe on Nov 15, 2007


Nice one Alex.. i ahve been following the viral marketing of this movie ever since the first trailer with Transformers and yes I am goign to go see Beowulf JUST for this trailer. Oh and when you gonna hook me up with a Slusho shirt man? lol

CSpuppydog on Nov 15, 2007


It comes out tonight at midnight...i will be on here at 2 to see the trailer on You Tube. I am so glad something is finnaly happining!!!

Ripper on Nov 15, 2007


this is great. 1-18-08....i can see it now, itll be like a second christmas! oh and it depends, if u like stories like beowulf, u might wanna have it 50-50 on seeing beowulf. i will see beowulf and this but more this! its amazing!!!!but what about the site? it seems J.J. forgot about it.

M1$$1l\lG0 on Nov 15, 2007


This looks to be an excellent monster movie, but can we please stop calling this "J.J. Abrams' Cloverfield?" He is neither the writer or director of the movie. He's just a producer. One of four, to be exact. If anything, we should be calling it Matt Reeve's or Drew Goddard's 'Cloverfield.'

RD on Nov 16, 2007


Is it just me or does this scream Sequel to the Godzilla movie from 1988 (with hank azaria)? I seem to be the only person thats said this, but it definitely seems to fit. Clearly its a water-faring creature from the poster above, and it apparently loves terrorizing cities and knocking the shit out of buildings. Plus the end of the previous Godzilla had a bunch of eggs and a presumably dead/gone main godzilla. Idk, you tell me, but thats definitely what these puzzle pieces are turning out to look like to me. Until something else proves me wrong.

Eliot on Nov 16, 2007

14 Enjoy πŸ˜€

Punisher on Nov 16, 2007


Wow....from the description of this trailer I remain as ambivalent about this movie as I was after watching the first trailer. Seriously, where's the kool-aid you guys are drinking? I'm tired of thinking for myself...I want to be a part of something cool. Help me?

idchee nuhts on Nov 16, 2007


Could it be ULTRAMAN!!!

Rashomon on Nov 16, 2007


Wow, great trailer. I'm happy about the title. Always loved "Cloverfield". *Possible SPOILER* "There are some awesome, awesome shots that perfectly use that concept of the hand-held cameras, including a guy being killed and falling to the ground (you see his feet) and then it shows Rob running up picking up the camera." Oh now, they killed HUD (Hudson Platt), my personal favourite!.. (T.J.Miller, who plays HUD, said, he will be shown only some minutes, because he is actually the cameraman)

Merzmensch on Nov 16, 2007


Tools! RD is the only voice of reason here. Stop worshipping these idiots. The guy is a TV director FFS. Lost sucks. Transformers sucks. This will suck. Hollywood.

A clue on Nov 16, 2007


Meh... I've already seen Blair Witch. The first trailer was better. This sucked. Enough of the short cuts and handheld b.s. I just went from being incredibly interested in seeing this film, to planning on a DVD rental ... or maybe I'll catch it on an airplane. Next.

Popo on Nov 16, 2007


It's Tacgnol.

Dirac on Nov 16, 2007


The "little monsters" that you see in silhouette... To me they look like dudes in hazmat suits.

MS on Nov 16, 2007


Yes! the 'little monsters' on the second trailer are dudes in hazmat suits - for sure. look at the 3 new pictures just released. the two guys holding her have the suits. the same pointy hoods and backpacks that you see behind the screen. look close at the shape of the suits!

iffysok on Nov 16, 2007


J.J. Abrams and a monster movie? Ooh.

David Mackey on Nov 16, 2007


Nice assesment, but I concur with the hazmat suits and not little monsters. I also do not think that just because the trailer was in "hand held camcorder mode" that the entire movie will be like that. I think there is only 1 big monster. I have been posting on 2 of the other /film blogs about this since day 1. I believe this movie is 1 of 2 things.....and if I am wrong.....wouldnt be the first time, as my wife, I am wrong all the time. Scenario 1 is that it is a modern adaptation of the Ray Bradbury story that later became The Beast From 20000 Fathoms. The monster thawed out (notice the warm January temps), came ashore in Manhattan, anyone who got near it got sick or became infected, the monster was killed in Coney Island (all the shooting that took place there), and in the original poster for that movie there is a person running down the street with a bubble above their head that says ....and I quote...."ITS ALIVE" (not too different from the guy saying "its alive and its huge" running down the street in the first trailer. the sign of the times then was nuclear war today it is global warming. I didnt say remake, just a modern retelling by different people. Too many coincidences if you ask me. BUT, to go with my other thought and least likely scenario, its a sequel to 1982s John Carpenters, The Thing. Lots of little monsters infected with the alien (if thats the case), anything can be a host (like the dogs in the first movie or all the animals on the Slusho site), the monsters can blend to make a bigger monster, the alien came alive because it thawed out (again the warm January). Sounds crazy but it could work. I am sticking with my BF20KF as I did from the start though. All I can say as I am glad its finally coming. Have fun folks and lets hope it is good.

Rick on Nov 16, 2007


I also disagree that the second trailer is not as shocking as the first. The first, while full of mystery in the end comes off as almost hokie, hence all the people who thought it was Godzilla (which I love) or Rampage or something to that effect. I think trailer 2 is much darker, scarier and makes it more realistic and is a far cry from the feel of trailer 1. My 2 cents.

Rick on Nov 16, 2007


Beast from 20k Fathoms... Sir, I think you are on to something! I'll have to read that again, it's been decades.

MS on Nov 16, 2007


I just saw the second trailer. It wasn't nearly as good as the first.

RS on Nov 17, 2007


Holy crap, it's gonna be a riot when this movie doesn't deliver. Clearly, we're now at the stage where the trailers keep us in a state of such hopeful optimism that we review those instead. How great it would be for any movie to be as good as the bullshit that follows it around. And do you guys really care so much whether there are "monsters" or not? Then go see I Am Legend when that hits. What has J.J. Abrams done to deserve all this? Felicity? The lightning-in-a-bottle, and now far-overreaching Lost? The drivel that was Regarding Henry? I grant him MI: III and that's it. Norm

Norm Schrager on Nov 17, 2007

30 has a leaked video of the cloverfield trailer before beowulf. its kind of blurry but it matches the description perfectly and the sound is good so if you don't want to wait until monday go to and check it out.

J.D. on Nov 17, 2007


The new trailer (available in HD) is officially up on the Apple orcan be linked from the Paramount site. Have fun with it folks.

Rick on Nov 19, 2007


Just a thought about the hazmat tent seen, it looks like it is two hazmat workers trying to restrain a woman. As the woman thrashes about she mutates into something. My take on this is that whatever is attacking the city is emitting some sort of infectious parasite that is using humans as hosts. This would explain a few of the still shots with people bleeding out their eyes and what not. They are probably infected. I recall postings about some link to a "parasite" source. Would make sense to me. Just a thought.

MNN on Nov 19, 2007


Just looked into that Beast From 20000 Fathoms posting. Rick, I'm giving you my vote of agreement. That has got to be it and here is why (in my opinion): 1) Beast attacks Manhatten 2) Global Warming is a good current event as oppose to nuclear threats 3) Beast carried a virus, seems like everyone is getting sick in the movie. ...and the kicker 4) In modern day Hollywood no one ever comes up with new material. Hollywood is eating up remakes of earlier films! We are naive to think that JJ would create a new monster. Original thought is soooo played out. Giddy up.

MNN on Nov 19, 2007


and number 5) Check out IMDB for beast. The main tag line is "It's Alive". Haha.

MNN on Nov 19, 2007


(from 37) "As the woman thrashes about she mutates into something. My take on this is that whatever is attacking the city is emitting some sort of infectious parasite that is using humans as hosts. This would explain a few of the still shots with people bleeding out their eyes and what not. They are probably infected. I recall postings about some link to a "parasite" source." Maybe they drank too much SLUSHO!!!

jason_md2020 on Nov 19, 2007


In response to Rick (Post #26) and MNN (Post #38). I think you've cracked it. A retelling of "The Beast From 20000 Fathoms." To reiterate and contribute to the proof already supplied: 1) Beast attacks Manhattan. 2) The sign of the times then was nuclear war, and today it is global warming, hence the thawing out of the Beast. 3) Recycling of the "It's Alive!" tagline. 4) According to Rick, the beast rises from under the sea and comes ashore. Take a look at the movie poster. There is a wake in the water that leads in the direction of NYC. Totally fits with what Rick said. 5) Beast carried a virus, and new stills from the image show men in hazmat suits. There's also a shot in the new trailer that shows two silhouettes that appear to be people in hazmat suits helping a girl. 6) The whole SLUSHO thing is probably a metaphor for thawing and global warming. Ice melts and becomes slushy. There you go. Great thinking, Rick.

Adam Polselli on Nov 19, 2007


I think the woman behind the silhouette with the hazmat guys, could be possibly changing into one of the "LITTLE" monsters.......just a thought. That would be cool but chances are.....her ass blew up.

Wes on Nov 20, 2007


Dudesone of the guys in the hazmat suits behind the silouhette seemed to be "ATTACKING" the girl i know u only see a few seconds of it but that leads me to believe their probably is a third danger.. 1 monster 2, virus 3, mutated virus infected humans/monsters?

JAWBREAKER-BOY on Nov 20, 2007


I don't think there attacking the girl. Slow the video down, there just holding her up. Then her body starts expanding......some creepy shit.

Wes on Nov 20, 2007


I love the number of "CONFIRMED: Little monsters!" that I am reading because people assumed the people in HAZMAT suits were little monsters or something. Note: It's not CONFIRMED if you just see a silhouette.

A Guy on Nov 20, 2007


I agree Guy. I love all the "confirmed" and "been proven", "not possible", "dont have the rights to that". No one really knows squat. Fun to talk about it.

Rick on Nov 20, 2007


"Little monsters" are far from confirmed. But there is a scene where people hear something buzzing around them in the dark... so I think there's a good chance we'll have them. It also provides a foethat can fit through a doorway, which is useful for the story. Though FAR from necessary; I think 1 big monster + the disease + your fellow man = enough enemies. My theory: the "swelling" woman is infected, contaminated, whatever... and the "little monsters" pop out of people like that.

MS on Nov 20, 2007


YEAH your right Wes, the chick behind the sillouhette WAS actually expanding and not being attacked by one of the dudes in the hazmat suits as i previously thought... i,m blind as a fuckin bat.. i had to slow it way down to see eyesight sucks *crying*

JAWBREAKER-BOY on Nov 21, 2007


Hell, there's so much speculation going on, with proofs and whatnot, I'll throw my hat into the ring. ... It's Cthulu. Huge monster rising up from the sea. Looks green from the glimpse of it tearing through the building. If there are smaller creatures they would be the cthulli, a human sized servator race. Cthulu's psychic emanations can cause various effects depending on the individual, from madness to death by anuerism. probably not though.

Nephren-ra on Nov 21, 2007


I checked out the HD trailer closely. THere is a soldier in the trailer whose face is pixelated, for some unknown reason, Matt Reeves and JJ Abrams wanted to hide his face. The soldier's torso was not pixelated and I can see the name tag PRYCE. A clue? Why would they hide the face and not the name tag?

Scott69 on Nov 21, 2007


I think the face was pixelated because they wanted the trailer to seem as though it was confiscated evidence from the incident, and they were hiding the identity of the soldiers involved. The opening tag in the trailer indicates that the trailer itself is remaining footage from the main character's video recorder that was discovered in central park. I'm still going w/ Beast based purely on the fact that in the first AND second trailer, JJ Abrams made it a point to recite the line "it's alive". On a side note, I agree that all of this is speculation but it is fun to discuss. Not to mention the hilarious spin-offs that people think of...Willy Wonka's revenge haha.

MNN on Nov 21, 2007


It's probably Gamera from all this fan-boy turtle talk. You realize that Hollywood slickie makers are now relying on you fan-boys (I noted the lack of women posting) to hype their films don't you? Snakes on a Plane anyone? Hand held is french for LOW BUDGET by the way... Watch a Doc or, better yet, read a book.

Spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large on Nov 21, 2007


Check out the word, "CLASSIC", written on either a building or a ship on the right side of the screen during the scene in the trailer where they are running down the street...a clue to the origin of the story

alex V on Nov 21, 2007


SPIKE MURDUCK Shut the fuck fuckin nerd...why are you "noting all the men" are you fuckin gay? no one cares wot you think i,m not a fuckin fanboy plus i dont mind hyping hollywood films if they are good... so go fuck your book...

JAWBREAKER-BOY on Nov 22, 2007


I like how people make things up. All the so called clues and symbolism out there. It has to be cthulhu because you THINK you heard someone say "the myth" in the trailer? Well there was Japanese stuff so it MUST be Godzilla? There is an explosion so it MUST be die hard 5? The lady swells up so it MUST be the revenge of Violet Bauergard? I saw the statue of liberty it MUST be Ghostbusters 4? How about that none of it is clues and its just a movie trailer. After all, look at all the energy and time people put into deciphering what Cloverfield was code for or what the real title was going to be......and low and behold....the title was Cloverfield all along. No big secret or clues in that was there. I think you all are giving JJ Abrams tooooo much credit. The same guy who did Felicity.

Over it on Nov 24, 2007


> ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ghostbusters 4....would be cool-wouldn't see it coming.

ha ha on Nov 25, 2007


I agree with Eliot (#13) in that this looks too much like Godzilla. And if it is then I really hope it's better then the steaming pile of camel dung that Roland Emerich and Dean Devlin created about 10 years ago. If they (Cloverfield producers) really wanted to create a lot of hype and intrigue about this movie, they should have stuck with the original teaser and left it at that. Hollywood tends to reveal too much in their full trailers like this. I also agree with a clue (#14). Transformers did suck! Get over it people!

The Chad on Nov 26, 2007


Hmmmmmmmmmm.... Concerning The lady behind the curtain... Looks like she's morphing to me. Mabey into a big ass Clover ...What is a clover anyway???? Clover or (Trifolium) is a genus of about 300 species of plants. The genus has a cosmopolitan distribution. What the hell is cosmopolitan distribution ?= a cosmopolitan species can be found around the world, but only within the conditions suitable for its habitation. I also don't think the pixelated face (to disguise the mainstream African American actor.. who I think is Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje... From lost and the HBO series OZ) is important... (or mabey it is if this movie has anything to do with lost.... the begining????) Anyway, Listen to what he said in that scene concerning one of Robs freinds... "There is nothing you can do for her now". Clearly there is some sort of infectious.. PARASITIC event taking place... That thing has the cooties dude πŸ™‚ As for the monster: I think it's an alien.. (Mabey The Thing.. frozen in a glacier, global warming, the Ice caps melting, huge chunks of ice like B-10A break off, float out to sea and melt... It makes sense. Also, The statue was the 1st thing more than 22 million immigrants saw when they came to America back in the days. Lady liberty welcomed all the Alien immigrants.

Hollyhood... on Nov 27, 2007


why the hell do people still still think its Godzilla & Cthulhu?? Abram did an interview weeks before the 2nd trailer was released.. he didnt really tell us much more than we already know about the movie 'But' he did mention were he got the idea for his movie from, he was in a 'Japanese' toystore with his son & seen all these Monster toys, Godzilla Cthulhu etc.. & he said that 'We need a NEW monster!' soooooo.. in conclusion it has to be something NEW!! unless he's taking the piss haha Im also hearing all these rumours that its a turtle or a crab lol WTF?? i seriously doubt it & also pray to god that it isnt true. people are saying this after watching trailer part 2 which shows a slight glimpse of the beast! ive watched it myself a few times & i dont see were people are getting the turtle or crab thing?? they say theres a shell.. where?? on its leg/back..?? ive went over it a few times & it looks to me like a Fluent movement like a tense muscle or 'cloak' mmmmmm rather than that of shell..??? what do you guys think????

Gary O'K on Nov 28, 2007


so much speculation over a monster movie. I love monster movies. but after reading ALL of the posts here and on the other board ( over 2000 in all) I am having a hard time with expecting anything NEW. it is going to be rehash/remake/remodel of some kind one way or another. I mean look at what there is: giant monster rises up from the ocean depths - its been done. parasites causing people to explode/hatching from inside - its been done. my hope is that it simply delivers a few thrills as a good monster movie. I cant get into all of this "hero worship" on Abrams. Lost wasnt that good. but, best wishes to all involveded on this project. JMO

HMC on Nov 30, 2007


So, I don't think the monster (whatever it may be) is woken from global warming or nuclear weapons. I'm thinking it has something to do with offshore drilling. On the slusho website (, click the first bubble (which is titled distrubution oppurtunities) it mentions there are job oppurtunities through their parent company "TAGRUATO." At tagruato's website ( you will find that it is a deep sea drilling company of some sort. There's all kinds of interesting stuff on that website. Such as an article about one of the subsidiaries of Tagruato (Bold Futura), recruiting young college grads. This could explain why Robert Hawkins is going to Japan. And why one of the guys at the party is wearing a slusho shirt. And has been confirmed as a viral website for Cloverfield. Also, and more importantly, on Tagruatos website, under the Deep Sea Drilling tab, you can load an interactive map that shows all of the deep sea drilling sights. Notice the one titled Chuai Station, off the coast of North America, close to New York. Under the information for that sight is says opening in Sept. 2007. And The E. U. R. R. (estimated ultimate recoverable resources ) is in development. So, it seems to me that the new drilling sight is what wakens the monster. I also noticed that each drilling sight has been named after a Japanese emporer, not sure if that is relevant at all though. Lastly, there is an article about Bold Futura (Tagruato) launching its first satelitte. The CEO of the company Ganu Yoshida said "Bold Futura recently announced that one billion Yen will be allocated towards space research." β€œThe future of man depends on our ability to spread outwards into the universe. At Tagruato, we want to be the first to take you there,” Yoshida added.” So, that makes me feel there is still a small posibility that it could be aliens. I doubt it though, I'm still thinking it's the deep sea drilling thing.

Dymetree on Dec 1, 2007


I retract the whole monsters behind the curtain..I said in 65.. just went to apple and watched it screen shot by screen shot. They are definitely walking the woman and it's def. hazmat. The as they are walking her she expands. and you hear a squishy noise as she expands. I figure she dranks some bad slusho. ha ha. okay AS FOR HUD ACTUALLY DIEING YOU DON'T KNOW. HE DOESN'T TAKE THE CAMERA REALLY. HE JUST RUN BACK TO HUD WHO'S BODY FROM THE LOOK OF HIS SHOES AND LOWER LEG SEEMS LIFELESS. (I HAVE THIS IN CAPS SO YOU'LL SEE IT, NOT SCREAMING.) ANYWAYS HE RUNS BACK TO HIM SCREAMING "HUD HUD!" IN WHICH IT LOOKS LIKE HE'S GOING BACK TO SAVE OR GET HIM. NOT THE CAMERA. There is def. a virus of some sort by the way that woman expands...and the whole hazmat suits things.

jaybear on Dec 7, 2007


Is that a tail im seeing at about 1:29 or so??? Thanks. Gamera?? Monster Zero?? Prob not.

Morgan on Dec 8, 2007


JayBear is right. The woman definitely expands as she is escorted into the secured area. At first I thought the guys in the HazMats were getting pissed at her for not cooperating and one of them punched her in the stomach, which would make her fly back a bit and produce the "expanding" effect in her silhouette. Then I took another look and paused it; she DID expand. This is corroborated by the "squishy" noise and the fact that the lead HazMat looks behind at her in surprise. I'm personally not sure what to think of all this hype. At first I was really looking forward to the movie, but now I'm not so sure. There have even been some people who claim that Slusho! is the direct cause of the monster attack, that everyone drank tainted Slusho! which results in their infestation. (The reasoning being that Tagruato mines "Seabed Nectar" from deep beneath the sea, the element that gives Slusho! its psychoactive (happiness, giddiness) properties. But c'mon, a SOFT DRINK causing a MONSTER to attack. Blech, no thanks; that's just too bitter for me to drink down.)

Jinshin on Dec 14, 2007


Ah, a question regarding the army officer whose face is pixelated; does it sound to anyone else like he's saying, "There's nothing you can do for her now"? Would that then imply that perhaps the army knows what's going on?

Jinshin on Dec 14, 2007


When they are trying to take off in the helicopter at the end, you can see something standing in the water pushing the bridge into the air. It looks like something from predator, but obviously sea based. It does seem like something to do with the ebast from 20k leagues. The "it's alive" tag line is far too coincidental. Plus, as others have said..nothing new out of Hollywood

Scott on Dec 16, 2007


That would suck if at the end, they show it's the staypuff marshmallow man.

me on Jan 9, 2008


Saw the movie. All those references to Beast from 20,000 Fathoms are a tribute from JJ Abrams towards the movie. It's totally unique (to some degree). Go see it, you'll love it or hate it...

MNN on Jan 18, 2008


Wow, that was the most intense romantic comedy I have ever seen.

Chris on Jan 18, 2008


Nah, i saw the movie. the woman gets bitten and then she gets dragged into the tent with th etwo hazmat guys and then she blows up behind the tent adn blood splatters everywhere on the canvas. But it was really quick

Calvin on Jan 22, 2008

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