What's Your Best and Worst of the Year So Far?

June 20, 2007

Inspired by our latest HypeCast Episode #44 about the Best and Worst of the year so far, I've decided to open it up for all of you who don't listen to chime in with your own thoughts. We're timing this perfectly right before we kick into the big summer flicks that may overtake your list once you see them, but we want to hear your thoughts so far.

Best and Worst of the Year So Far

What are the best 10 films you've seen in 2007 so far? And what are the worst? Are you hoping that the rest of the year gets better, or will there be a single film that stands out and lasts the remaining six months (like V for Vendetta on my list last year)? Chime in and let us know in the comments below!

Before we jump right into your lists, here's my own that I wrote up for the HypeCast as well.

1) Grindhouse
2) 300
3) Disturbia
4) Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
5) The Good Life

(And let's say, although I've actually already seen these two, I can't yet add them: Transformers and Hairspray, but they both deserve a spot on my top 10 list.)

1) Cook-Off
2) Home of the Brave
3) Arthur and the Invisibles
4) Shrek the Third
5) Nancy Drew

Have at it - we want to know what you think are the best and the worst of the year so far!

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Best (in no specific order): Zodiac, 300, The Lookout, Grindhouse, Hot Fuzz, Mr. Brooks, Sharkwater, Away From Her, Once and Knocked Up (Fido and Surf's Up are close too). Worst (in no specific order): Ghost Rider, Shooter, Bug, Pathfinder, Vacancy, The Invisible, Lucky You, The Ex, Hostel 2.

Jeff Warner on Jun 20, 2007


I've seen 300 3 times. Last time I saw a movie three times in the theatre was Aliens. In fact, I'm so overcome by how awesome 300 was, I have nothing else to say. 300 was awesome.

Shawn on Jun 20, 2007


(in no order, too) BEST: 300, Mr Brooks, Vacancy, Knocked Up, Zodiac (Martian Child as well) WORST: Hostel 2, Shrek the Third, Spider Man 3, Waitress, 28 Weeks Later

Kevin Powers on Jun 20, 2007


And I wanted to thank Alex for putting the rest of our lists up 😛 Here's mine and I'll put up Barry's a little while later. Best: 6.) Ocean's 13 5.) Air Guitar Nation 4.) Grindhouse 3.) Reign Over Me 2.) Zodiac 1.) Hot Fuzz Worst (In no order because it would require me thinking about them): -Ghost Rider -Shrek the Third -Hannibal Rising -Shooter -Epic Movie (OK, this is number 1 right now because I almost went into convulsions just typing the name)

FS Dave on Jun 20, 2007


Best of 2007: 1) Hot Fuzz 2) 300 3) Knocked Up 4) Black Snake Moan 5) Grindhouse Worst of 2005: 1) Hostel Part II 2) Ghost Rider 3) Reno 911! 4) Spider-man 3 5) Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Kramertron on Jun 20, 2007


Keeping in mind I still have a bunch of movies I am still desperate to see (The Hoax, The Lookout, Once, Black Snake Moan), these are what I've enjoyed so far: 5) Knocked Up 4) Hot Fuzz 3) Grindhouse 2) Breach 1) Zodiac And the ones that just depressed me with their awfulness: 3) Blades of Glory 2) Smokin Aces 1) Alpha Dog Bless Dave for even going near Epic Movie. I know that feeling when you want to see a really bad movie to make the good ones look all the more better, but I could never bring myself to watch that.

Charlie on Jun 20, 2007


Best of 2007 (so far) 1. Zodiac 2. Grindhouse 3. Hot Fuzz 4. Knocked Up 5. 300 6. The Host 7. Sunshine Worst of 2007 (so far) 1. The Numbers 23 2. Fantastic Four II 3. Next 4. Blades of Glory 5. Ghost Rider 6. Norbit 7. Epic movie 7.

TheGuyInThePJ's on Jun 20, 2007


Best: The Host, Waitress Worst: Shrek the Third, Amazing Grace

Sam on Jun 20, 2007


Well, I've only seen 5 movies at the theaters so far this year, so I can't really make a "Top 10" list. But anyway, here are my thoughts on what I have seen. BEST [in my opinion]: 'Hot Fuzz' (my only regret is that I only got to see it once) WORST [even more in my opinion]: 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End' (not because I thought it was bad, per se, but because I was so incredibly disappointed by it) THE REST [in no particular order]: '300' (so much fun!) 'TMNT' (huge nostaliga factor, and I liked it a lot more than I expected to) 'Spider-Man 3' (yes, I know it had some problems, but I loved the whole climax so much) If it seems weird that I've only seen these 5 so far this year, I really don't go to see a film at the theater unless I am pretty sure I will enjoy it.

Tim Monforton on Jun 20, 2007


Sorry but I actually liked Alpha Dog and Smoking Aces... both are not perfect movies but are solid films. I am very excited to see Transformers, Live Free or Die Hard (Despite Rating), Eagle Vs. Shark, and the new Harry Potter film. Best of 2007 (so far) 1. 300 2. Grindhouse 3. The Lookout 4. Hot Fuzz 5. Knocked Up 6. The Host 7. 28 Weeks Later Worst of 2007 (so far) 1. Ghost Rider 2. Norbit 3. Next 4. Delta Farce 5. Shooter 6. Epic Movie 7. Blood & Chocolate Jim Check out for movie reviews

Napier's News on Jun 20, 2007


I've seen 13 movies this year so far. My Top 5 1. Grindhouse 2. Hot Fuzz 3. Zodiac 4. 300 5. Knocked Up My Bottom 5 1. Epic Movie 2. The Hitcher 3. Ghost Rider 4. Alpha Dog 5. Smokin' Aces

Orange on Jun 20, 2007


Best: 1. The Lookout 2. Air Guitar Nation 3. Waitress 4. Reign Over Me Decent: 300 Worst: Spirderman 3 I haven't seen as many newer movies so far this year. I really need to. But I have definitely been catching up on a lot of classics that I missed.

Zach on Jun 20, 2007


Best: ----------- 1. Zodiac 2. 300 3. Baixio das Bestas 4. 28 Weeks Later 5. O Cheiro do Ralo Worst: --------- Norbit and Fantastic Four 2. I added two brazilian titles on the top five I think everyone abroad should try and watch it. Just to let you know, "Baixio das Bestas" is a raw viceral visual orgy about child prostituion in the northeast of Brazil. "O Cheiro do Ralo" is a much lighter material, very humorous e subtle and with a great cinematography work. Good stuff.

Led Brasil on Jun 20, 2007


'07 movies I've seen so far this year... Best: 1. Grindhouse (easily THE BEST movie I've seen this year!) 2. 300 (everything I imagined it would be and more) 3. 28 Weeks Later (best horror movie of '07 so far IMO) 4. SiCKO (how a good documentary should be) 5. Breach (best movie I've seen in awhile with no action at all) 6. The Host (it's really a '06 movie, but it's still movie makin at it's best) Worst: (I try not to watch movies that I know I probably won't like so I don't have many to list here) 1. Hostel: Part II (never saw the first one and probably never will cuz this movie is crap! I'm all about movies with a certain artistic style like Grindhouse, but this is just doin it a certain style just for the sake of it) 2. Spider-Man 3 (being a huge Spidey fan this made me angry and sad at the same time. Horrible movie!)

PG on Jun 20, 2007


I forgot to add Ratatouille to my best week. I went to the sneak preview showing last weekend and it was amazing. Great story, amazing animation and jsut everything about it was perfect. I also loved The Host which I would also consider a 2006 movie.

Jeff Warner on Jun 20, 2007


Best: 1. Zodiac 2. Hot Fuzz 3. The Lookout 4. Away From Her 5. Ocean's Thirteen 6. Grindhouse 7. Knocked Up 8. Smokin' Aces 9. 300 10. 28 Weeks Later Pretty Good, Too: -Blades of Glory -Mr. Brooks Worst -Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End -TMNT -Spider-Man 3

Dan on Jun 20, 2007


Best: 1. Once 2. Zodiac 3. Away From Her 4. Waitress 5. Grindhouse 6. The Hoax 7. Starter For 10 8. Hot Fuzz 9. The Lookout 10. Mr. Brooks Worst: 1. The Tripper 2. Shrek The Third 3. Smokin Aces 4. Ghost Rider I've missed a ton of the big movies though. I peek at some movies for 5 minutes at work and I get the feeling I can avoid the worst pieces of crap ever- I'm really glad I didn't see Perfect Stranger, The Invisible, Fantastic Four and Norbit because they look beyond terrible. Anyone dumb enough to go see Epic Movie after seeing the trailer deserves what they get.

marty mcfly on Jun 21, 2007


Hahaha The Tripper Marty - sorry to have put you through such a painful experience! I'm glad to see Zodiac on so many lists. It was such an underrated film, and didn't earn as much as it should have in theaters.

Alex Billington on Jun 21, 2007


Best so far: 1) The Good Shepherd 2) Zodiac 3) Apocalypto 4) Blood Diamond 5) Shooter Worst so far: 1) Epic Movie 2) Night At The Museum 3) Taxi 3 4) Ghost Rider 5) Next I'm looking forward to: Grindhouse, Die Hard 4.0, Transformers, The Bourne Ultimatum, I Am Legend (2007) American Gangster, John Rambo, Indiana Jones 4, Sin City 2, Bond 22 (2008) Grtz from an avid moviefan from Belgium

Kenneth on Jun 21, 2007


best-->[[in no particular order, except the first one]] 1.Pirates 3 2.Disturbia worst--> 1.Nancy Drew 2.Norbit 3.The Messengers :]] tho it looks like i haven't seen many movies, i have its just me trying to remember everything 😀

bobby joe bo on Jun 21, 2007


I forgot about Days of Glory, which I don't think anyone has mentioned yet. A great war movie to check out for fans of the genre.

PG on Jun 21, 2007


I've only seen some of the big ones, but... Best - 1.) Hot Fuzz 2.) Grindhouse 3.) 28 Weeks Later... 4.) Hostel Part II 5.) 300 6.) Fido 7.) TMNT Worst - 1.) Spiderman 3 Better than expected, but by no means on Best - 1.) Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 2.) Black Sheep I'm positive that Ratatouille will end up on that best list once I've seen it and Transformers will end up on the better than expected list.

Luke on Jun 21, 2007


1408 is now on my list of worst

bobby joe bo on Jun 23, 2007


Best: 1. Knocked Up 2. Hot Fuzz 3. 300 In the Middle: - Zodiac - Grindhouse Worst: 1. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Haven't seen much this year. Waiting for The Bourne Supremacy to rock my face off.

CajoleJuice on Jun 24, 2007


hey.. I actually like Arthur and the Invisibles 😀

ulma haryanto on Jun 25, 2007


Best: (no particular order) 1) Zodiac 2) Grindhouse 3) 300 4) Oceans Thirteen 5) Waitress 6) Black Snake Moan 7) Hot Fuzz 8) Knocked Up 9) Reign Over Me 10) Ratatouille Worst: 1) Ghost Rider 2) Smokin’ Aces 3) Epic Movie 4) DOA: Dead of Alive Biggest Disappointment: 1) Black Sheep (Man I wanted this to be so good!)

Ken Evans on Jun 25, 2007


THE BEST: 1. Bridge to Terabithia 2. Knocked Up 3. Grindhouse 4. Wind Chill 5. Freedom Writers A lot of mediocre movies in the middle and... THE WORST: 1. Smokin’ Aces 2. Aqua Teen Hunger Force 3. 300 (Most Overrated Movie of the Year) 4. Shrek the Third 5. Reno 911!: Miami

Chris on Jun 25, 2007


Best: Some of these are technically 06, but they weren't released in the states until recently: 10) Ocean's 13 9) Black Snake Moan 8) Zodiac 7) Day Watch 6) 28 Weeks Later 5) Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon 4) Paris Je'Taime 3) Once 2) Wind that Shakes the Barley (cannes winner 06) 1) Grindhouse WORST: I try really hard NOT to see bad films, but... 4) Disturbia 3) Smokin Aces 2) Pirates 3 1) Spider-Man 3

Andrew James on Jun 26, 2007


1.Freedom Writers 2.Breach 3.Ghost Rider 4.Alpha Dog 5.Nancy Drew 6.knocked Up 7.oceans thirteen 8.300 9. Pirates 10.Migthy heart worst 1.norbit 2.Black sheep 3.Fido 4.Hot Fuzz 5.Blades of Glory

troy on Jul 1, 2007


Best. 1. 300 2. transformers 3. pirates 3 4. grindhouse 5. Oceans 13 i really had trouble picking the top 3 but i went with 300 because i've already watched it online at least a dozen times and its great everytime. transformers was awsome too.

jay on Jul 5, 2007


Whover picked PIRATES as the best of this year, you don't know movies!! That movie is a joke, and if not for the charisma and acting of J. Depp, would be a "BOMB" rating!! 3 hours of nothingness!

Dave D on Jul 14, 2007


my best movies of the year so far ( in order;) #1 pirates 3 #2 transformers #3 300 worst #1 spiderman 3 #2 knocked up

phoenix on Jul 23, 2007


the number 32 who mentioned how bad pirates was is a fake! a joke! cant this guy understand how gud the pirates 3 was...i guess he coudnt even understand the plot, haha ! because he's so obsessed wit pirates! pirates 3 is the best movie so far!

ray on Jul 23, 2007


Ok. honestly, all of you are entitled to your opinions, but you're just all picking summer movies that make lots of money but aren't anything close to quality movies. The best: 5.The Lookout 4.This Is England 3.Once 2.Eastern Promises 1.The Assasination of Jesse James The Worst: 5. Pirates of The Caribbean 4.Smokin Aces 3.Transformers 2.Underdog 1.Dragon Wars

Shane on Oct 1, 2007


i shall give u my worst first 1 pirates 3 (because every thing was crap until the end) 2 Spiderman3 (this is a lod of non sense and the special effects looked really lameand spiderman and spiderman 2 sucked) 3 Harry potter (what an upset the fourth was incredible but this one was boring) 4 Shrek 3 (well u know because u saw it) 5 epic movie now the best 1 transformers (the best michal bay flick) 2 300 ( this was epic) 3 Reno 911 (i dont even watch the show but this was good) 4 Disturbia (funny, not that scary but really interesting) 5 28 weeks later ( fun, scary, and lots of action)

Darrin on Jan 30, 2008


Best: 1:300 2:Breach 3:Disturbia 4: Transformers ( almost purely for how they looked) 5:Knocked Up Worst: Bridge to Tarabithia ( I walked out of the theatre) Epic Movie( my bf wanted to see it ) Ghost Rider Spiderman 3 Fantastic 4 ROTSS

jess on Feb 22, 2008

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