Why Women Should Go See 300

March 7, 2007

Most think Frank Miller's 300 (that opens this weekend - March 9th) is a guy's flick completely. It's got gratuitous violence and gore, badass fight scenes, stylized visuals, harsh language, and plenty more. However, there's also quite a bit in it for women, too. While I was screening 300 out in Los Angeles for the second time a few week's ago, I was looking around the audience and thinking to myself "wow, there are a lot of women." I was trying to think what might appeal to them, and so I came up with this brief list. Sure, some of these may be for the humor, but in the end I think most women will enjoy it when they go see it. If any women out there are having doubts about whether to accompany their husband or boyfriend to this, then read on and you may change your mind.

1 - Gerard Butler

This entire list could just be "Gerard Butler" and thousands of women would still go. I really don't know what it is, but this guy makes girls fall head over heels. Endless women have invaded Comic-Con (all of them representing GerardButler.net) multiple times just to stare and ask ridiculous questions. As Angelina Jolie is to guys, he is to girls - the very top of the line. Just the presence of him, either in a movie or real life (if that dream comes true for a few women) is exciting, I suppose. And heck, for all you ladies who love a hot hunk (did I just say that?) like Gerry, then you definitely will want to go see 300!

2 - Gerard Butler Naked

Oh crap, did I just say that? Yes I did! If I didn't already get all the women to go see 300 based off of #1, then I just did now. And the funniest part is this is going to make guys NOT want to see it. It's only one brief scene, but yes, Mr. Butler is completely naked, glimmering in the moonlight. And for the remainder of the movie, he's almost entirely naked, wearing nothing but a helmet, a cape, and a very small crotch plate - see any of the photos.

3 - Empowered Women

Director Zack Snyder added an extra subplot not from the comic book that shows a great amount of empowerment for women. In general, Spartan women are treated as equally as men (in general) and in very high regards. There's a great line from the movie said by Queen Gorgo (played by Lena Headey): "only Spartan women give birth to real men." And there is a scene where everyone, men and women alike, will cheer loudly that involves empowered women, but I can't give that away. You'll need to see it to understand!

4 - Strong Relationships

Everyone's tired of broken relationships and adultery. The connection between King Leonidas and Queen Gorgo is very strong, and the two have an unbreakable relationship, even when her husband is off fighting Persians and probably going to die. She will do anything to stand for him. As much as this little minor detail won't do much for guys, it may be something to look forward to for women. At least give it a chance and see if you can find the strength that Leonidas and Gorgo have together.

5 - 300 Nearly Naked Men with 8-Pack Abs

Fortunately, as a guy, I wasn't drooling while watching these Spartan soldiers kick some Persian ass. I was enjoying the fighting, but that's just me. For women, the entire movie is eye candy. For 2 hours you get to stare at the hottest guys with unbelievable 8-pack abs fighting tirelessly for their homeland wearing hardly any clothes. It's almost like "Guy's Gone Wild" (but, thank goodness, for the sake of men, it's not that bad). Even if you're not a big fan of Gerard Butler, you've got 299 others to choose from.

I hope to see all you ladies out at the theaters this weekend! From what I've seen and what I've heard, these are pretty accurate and you'll be guaranteed a good time. And if you are female and read this, let me know if I got it right…!

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Okay, you convinced me. Where's the movie and when does it start???

lisa on Mar 7, 2007


Interesting. Except, as you point out, this is a "guy movie." Hot, naked guys in a guy movie makes it a certain kind of guy movie, for a certain kind of guy. I don't think women would like it.

jenny on Mar 7, 2007


You are 100% right, dude! Male eye candy all over the screen is a major plus! Although I think some of we girls enjoyed the battle scenes as well .... they ARE very balletic & beautiful to watch, although I could've done without a few of the beheadings. (I guess that means I'm still a girl, thank heavens!)

TB on Mar 7, 2007


This film appeals to me for most of the reasons you mention, but mostly because it has kick ass battle scenes - not something you'd expect a mother of 3 kids to go for. The fact that Gerry, David Wenham, a couple dozen other hot guys, and Rodrigo Santoro are in this film, is ICING on the CAKE. Lena Heady is gorgeous and fierce in the clips I've seen. I've got my ticket for the 3/8 midnight showing. PS - I think beheadings are wicked cool (in a historical context, of course - LOL)

S. on Mar 7, 2007


I am a woman and I have seen it twice. I was present in the very first audience ever to see it at a test screening and I saw it again a couple of weeks ago as a final product. I think this movie is amazing. It has a great story and visual eye candy (including the naked Gerry aspect). This is a film I will see again and again, and in fact will be seeing it again on IMAX Friday night. Now that you mention it, it IS kind of like "Guys Gone Wild", to a degree. Too bad Zack did not think of having them jump on trampolines.

GJ on Mar 7, 2007


Ya...I got to #1 and said...YEP! That's enough, lol. UNTIL I got to #2...and said, "Well, I'm not one to turn my nose up to that!"

Anon on Mar 7, 2007


Gerard Butler in 300 - I'll definitely be there then. He's a great actor besides being hot, handsome, and hiliarious.

MissDebbieblue on Mar 7, 2007


And for all these reasons, we will go. And for the other reasons, so will our husbands, boyfriends and male companions. That's our guy.

Ann on Mar 7, 2007


Gerry Butler might be eye candy but he's a terrible actor. What film has this guy been in that's actually been worth seeing? Tomb Raider 2? Yeah, that's a classic. It's a shame women need to be cajoled into seeing a worthy film by the prospect of a naked man rather than an outstanding film experience.

Jessica on Mar 7, 2007


Yes, I'll definately be seeing this film and Gerry is the main reason why. However, the concept and context of the film appeals to me too. I love action flicks - not every woman needs to see romantic comedies. I live to mix up my viewing experiences.

L. on Mar 7, 2007


I haven't seen the whole movie, just lots of pieces. I can't wait for Friday. I'm 60 yrs old and have always love sword and sandal movies. This promises to be the best ever. Gerry Butler has a great sence of humor (check out a few interviews) and he just smolders on screen. Too hot!

BirdieG on Mar 7, 2007



PBS on Mar 7, 2007


First, thank you Alex, for being a good sport about this. I have another reason to add to your finely constructed list. Don't get me wrong, I love kids I even have some of my own, but I occasionally like to go to a movie to actually see and hear the movie. Most BIG movies are aimed at tweens, that means 2 hours of squealing, giggling, talking, popcorn throwing, seat kicking, musical chairs. I am looking forward to seeing an action packed, CGI filled movie, at a theater, at night, on a weekend with other grownups for a change. Usually, I go during the day, in the middle of the week or I just wait for the DVD.

Candide on Mar 7, 2007


Did Warner Bros. pay you to write this, Mr. Billington? If you didn't get money - you should have. WB is throwing around millions on marketing to make certain that every man, woman, child, puppy and kitten in the waking-world is already sick of this ridiculous movie and the bellowing phrase, "THIS IIIIS SPAARRTAHHH!." Though I've not seen this movie, I have seen perhaps 25 clips that strung together must comprise at least 1/4 of the movie. Unlike Jessica, I like Gerard Butler and believe he's capable of truly great work. However, I think I can safely say this is not his best. Jessica asked, "What film has this guy been in that's actually been worth seeing?" I can answer that: "Dear Frankie", "The Jury", and "Mrs. Brown", to quickly name several. Also, sometimes actors do their best work in movies that are not good. It's deeply difficult to be the lead actor in a movie you know is bad, and then to have to promote it as well. Too often that's the case with acting. A couple of things about Hollywood and moviemaking: A-list actors get the first shot at the best scripts; and film is a director's medium - they and their editors control the final product, not the actors (the actors only look as good as the director wants them to). Liking an actor's WORK or not is not always w/i his/her control. Liking an actor to listen to, or look at, or what ever other intangible strikes an audience is another thing entirely (maybe personal taste).

anon on Mar 7, 2007


Why should women see 300? 1. Gerard Butler - well, why wouldn't a woman want to see the delicious Mr. Butler? He's a highly photogenic actor with tremendous charisma. Every project he does, he throws himself into. Want some singing? He'll study for months to transform his voice into black velvet. Want an athletic bod? He'll train for months until he's possessed of the most exquisitely ripped torso you've ever seen. If only the other leading men worked as hard - the cinema would be an exciting place! 2. Gerard Butler Naked - oh, be still my beating heart!! To be fair, he's been naked on screen before (Mrs. Brown, anyone?) and that DVD gets a regular workout on the slow motion and pause buttons. But he was just a kid back then, and my, oh my, how he's grown up! Ahem... Check back with me later. 3. Empowered Women - works for me! Honestly, though, did you expect that Spartan women would be shrinking violets? Women should feel empowered to take charge of themselves and their destinies, and no one more so than the Spartan women who nurtured those men who lived and died by the warrior's creed. Those women had to be tough as nails, and they were. Maybe there's hope for the rest of us poor creatures struggling to juggle family and career. At the very least, there's less blood involved. Unless you're trying to climb the corporate ladder, that is. 4. Strong Relationships - Unfortunately, this is something we see all too little of in modern movies. Fatal Attraction and The Breakup spring to mind. It seems a bit ironic that it takes a trip to the farthest reaches of recorded history to show a strong, healthy relationship. Dr. Phil would be proud. 5. 300 Nearly Naked Men with 8-Pack Abs - I don't think we need any more reminding, as the promos and trailers have given us all the idea that, yes, this is a definite feast of eye candy! I'll be tucked up in my seat in front of the IMAX screen enjoying the delectable view! Don't laugh. I've got my ticket already. 🙂 Oh, yes, you've got it about right. 🙂 There are plenty of reasons why women would want to see this movie, and I can't wait until it opens so I can do my impromptu head count to see whether women lead the pack. The scrumptious Mr. Butler has not gone ignored by women, and many more than are self-acknowledged fans will be waiting in line. But ultimately, it is the highly stylized look and feel of this movie that is the draw. It's been a long time since a director with such a definite vision has had the chance to practice his craft. Zach Snyder may not have many movies under his belt, but with an offering like this he's going to be one to watch.

Deschats on Mar 7, 2007


Hey, Alex - LOL! Really enjoyed your reasons-for-going list above - good form! And I have to say that I agree with most of your postulations, starting with #1! It's also good to see that I'm in such agreeable company on the matter of Monsieur Butler's various 'n sundry charms, as well as the v. high probability that there may just be as many (or more!) women attending the film as males. 'Twould definitely make my day! Write on... Cait ;o)

Caitlin Cargill on Mar 7, 2007


You got it right! Gerry Butler, say no more.

ts on Mar 7, 2007


I saw "300" months ago and loved it. I never needed any persuasion to see it. Not all of us chicks who went to ComicCon were representatives of GB.net. Some of us were just geeks. I was there and asked a halfway decent question. (I'm the redhead who asked about the costumes) I like Butler, but I'm a fangirl and film reviewer first and foremost. I went for myself to see the "300" footage before everyone else and geek out completely. And I wanted to see David Wenham to satisfy my LOTR-loving heart. Incidentally, I also was at the BNAT 8 screening back in December and I'm the first chick to have ever published a review, thanks to Harry Knowles. (http://www.aintitcool.com/node/30953)

Elisabeth on Mar 7, 2007


I'm a woman who has seen it twice already, and loved it from first minute to last, and I already have tickets to see it two more times opening weekend! You got it all right with the exception of the statement that ALL of the Gerry fans who invaded Comic Con represent GB.net - the man is the most popular actor most people never heard of and he has a plethora of fan sites dedicated to him and his craft, including (to name just a few of the others) GALS, Angels, Celtic Hearts, GBUSA and The Butler Did It, along with sites in several other countries and languages. There is a whole network of Gerry supporters out here. Oh, and Lena is fabulous as the strong Queen, Vincent Regan amazes as The Captain, and the battle scenes are choreographed like a fine ballet or a moving piece of art. So just see it!

SMP on Mar 7, 2007


P.S. - most "ridiculous questions" at Comic Con were NOT asked by Gerry fans - he often commented that the questions the fans asked were intelligent and sometimes difficult to answer.

SMP on Mar 7, 2007


Hi Alex!! Loved your light-hearted review of Zach Snyders' "300". I too, was lucky enough to see it at a special Sneak Preview three weeks ago in Century City!! I'm a very devoted Gerard Butler fan and would see any film Gerry is in. I was a little nervous about seeing this one simply because it's not my genre, and I was concerned about the "slicing and dicing" aspects of the battle scenes in the film. At San Diego's ComicCon last summer, the trailer was shown THREE times (by popular demand!!) during a panel featuring GB, David Wenham, Zach Snyder and Frank Miller and although it is a warrior film, the more violent scenes, believe it or not, are actually easier to take because of the artistic way the film is shot, as well as the coloring and tone of the film. The fierceness of the battle scenes sprinkled with "The Matrix" type of slo-mo action is fascinating and sets the film apart from other warrior-battle films. It is a totally entertaining film with the same spirit of BraveHeart, or Kenneth Brannaghs' Henry V. It is awesome!! Go see it...you will not be disappointed!! And P.S. there are several Gerard Butler sites besides the one you mentioned and they are all represented at Gerry events. :o)

AG on Mar 7, 2007


I saw GB on CBC's The Hour last night and thought, "YUM-MY". He's quite the catch - witty, humble, disciplined, ambitious and lets not forget, attractive! Chances are I won't go and see "300" after falling asleep during Miller's "Sin City". As a fan of more indie flicks the CGI/action genre doesn't do it for me.

RR on Mar 8, 2007


I have seen the movie twice, the most recent at the premiere in L.A. The first time I went just to see Gerard. But it was so much more. The movie may be violent, but the battle scenes are beautiful. The director did an awesome job.The story is incredible. I loved this movie and plan on seeing it several more times. And yes, Gerard is beautiful and such a great actor.

Diane Diedrich on Mar 8, 2007


Makes sense to me that women would like it for those reasons. However, oddly enough, I was thinking before I read this that it's kind of the ultimate gay man's film, in the sense that it has hot naked men that will appeal to gay men because...well...they're gay, and lots of great action scenes and Lord of the Rings-type fantasy aspects that will appeal to them because...well...they're men. 😉 Not trying to disparage the film at all by saying this as I myself like the film for the above reasons. Maybe I'm just saying that it will have universal appeal, which is a good thing! 🙂 Oh yeah, and Gerard Butler is very very hot! 😉 P.S. and so is Michael Fassbinder and David Wenham!

MP on Mar 8, 2007


It's shameful that seeing half naked men with "6 pack abs" fighting to the death has to be a reason why women should go see this movie. It's appaling to me!..... Zach Snyder is a sick twitsted freak with definite issues and this is just another example of the freakishness and sick twisted minds in the movie industry forcing their darkest passions on the rest of us!... What a sad world we live in and it's not going to get any better!

pat on Mar 9, 2007


I saw this at the premiere and it was AMAZING! Not only is Gerard Butler a stud but the fighting is great and the cinematography is beautiful. I love this movie...and I'm a woman.

Celeste on Mar 9, 2007


The movie just screened yesterday in Malaysia and you definitely got it right. For me reason no.5 worked very well. I thoroughly enjoyed the kick ass fighting scenes, it was worth the watch.

Aki on Mar 9, 2007


hey yeah i watched the movie last nite and it was amazing...not just because of the reasons you listed, but they are accurate 🙂

laina on Mar 10, 2007


Another reason why women might want to see it is because they can watch hot white men slice off the heads of demonic looking Middle-Eastern people. After all, we're all ugly, unsophisticated, uncivilized, and women-oppressing people, right? The last time I checked, it was Cyrus the Great - a PERSIAN king and democratic ruler - who chartered history's first declaration of human rights. This movie is racist (not to mention historically inaccurate). If you're not Middle-Eastern or dark-skinned and you don't think this movie is racist, then I don't expect you to understand our feelings.

Dervish on Mar 10, 2007


Hey Dervish - how do you get to be a king and a democratic ruler? Just curious, since the one kind of precludes the other.

Dervish's Mom on Mar 10, 2007


You saw middle-eastern people? Where did you see middle-eastern people, not in this movie you didn't! The rest of us saw British and Australian and Canadian people, we saw a Brazilian and some people made out of latex. Are you sure that you weren't watching an Al-Jezzera network feed by accident? Understandable mistake if you were, with the beheadings and all.

Candide on Mar 10, 2007


Candide, Um... the battle is between Spartans and Persians. Persians are Middle-Eastern. You said: "Understandable mistake if you were, with the beheadings and all". Wow, you're doing exactly what this movie does: Stereotyping! Do you even know any Middle-Eastern or Muslim people? You think that's what all of us do? Behead people? I didn't say anything racist towards anyone in my comment, I was simply expressing my concern as to how people will perceive Middle-Easterners after they see this film. You want to say something racist, go find the KKK and they'll be happy to accept your comments. Don't insult me just because I'm of a different ethnic background than you. That's not only racist, but also immature and childish.

Dervish on Mar 10, 2007


As a woman and a film freak, I loved it it all. The cinematography was stunning, the battle scenes were violent and perfect, and the beautiful nearly naked men were just an added bonus. I went with a big group of people to see this (mostly women) and we all loved it.

Lux on Mar 11, 2007


Those are the reasons I gave my fellow female friends. There is another reason a female may like the film and that would be the fighting. I am a girl who sword fights on the weekend and watching the Spartans fight was really cool and makes me want to get better. LOL

Karla on Mar 11, 2007


I do agree with you on some points dervish, but it's just a movie. It's somewhat inaccurate but somewhat correct. They were trying to portray the Spartans as brave and ...whatever find another adjective, so they exaggerated it. Unlike some of you, I do have persian friends who are muslims and they are great people. It's a war movie, one side is got to be the "bad guys" and the other side the "good guys" ..-_-. I don't really think the cinematographers cared what race each side was.

Jaden Lu on Mar 12, 2007


there was plenty of eye candy for the guys too. the oracle as well as the queen had some good eye appealing scenes too

aj on Mar 12, 2007


This movie is racist (not to mention historically inaccurate). If you're not Middle-Eastern or dark-skinned and you don't think this movie is racist, then I don't expect you to understand our feelings. dervish's right. xerxes was, by his own mouth, superior to all. when one race proclaims his/their race superior to the other, thats a racist/racism. check the definition of the word.

deverish is right on Mar 12, 2007


HEY Dervish!!! ***Another reason why women might want to see it is because they can watch hot white men slice off the heads of demonic looking Middle-Eastern people.*** ***Wow, you're doing exactly what this movie does: Stereotyping!**** THOSE are ALL YOUR words!!! You are the one who started the stereotyping!! The American public did not have anything to do with what happened to the World Trade Towers, Just like I assume you didn't. If you came for a battle of wits, you came unarmed, and to the wrong place!!!!! This is a site for entertainment, entertainment that would not even be allowed in a middle eastern country, it is allowed here because of freedom of speech, because of democracy, and while it may not be perfect, it is a da*n sight better than the alternative. Now, I am going to tell you a story, though it is none of your business but maybe it will help you understand. I really hate to be the one to tell you this, but 90% of Americans do not know that Iran was ever called Persia. In your zeal to make something out of nothing, you have now informed a few of the fact. I have known this obscure fact for almost 40 years because when I was a child, a Doctor who was doing leprosy research, lived across the street from me. He and his wife were from Iran. They were friends of my parents; I spent a lot of time at their house. I would let myself into their house and feed their animals when they traveled. They would send me presents from far off countries and tell me stories of their travels. I loved them, I love them still. They were real heroes! They were proud of who they were! They never tried to make others feel bad about themselves to achieve that pride.

Candide on Mar 13, 2007


It's nice to finally see a truly manly man in cinema again and Gerard Butler IS the alpha male. Too many recent movies have featured actors who were woefully miscast for roles of this type. Finally a director hired the right guy. I'm a woman and I've seen the film twice already and probably will see it a few more times in theaters. But Butler is not the only reason it appeals to me. The themes of love of a husband for his wife, his son and his country and the sacrifice men will make for us are what drives the film and ultimately, the female audience. This movie has that. It is also beautiful to watch. Each frame looks like something you could frame and hand in the Louvre. I love it. 10/10

Nicole on Mar 13, 2007


saw an advance screening of it in New York and was amazed at the CGI. When I saw the "Persian King" being interviewed I could not get over it. Wow!!!

kell on Mar 14, 2007


Hey I have Persian friends, and we all went and saw the movie togeather and enjoyed it.This movie is not racist. Its just a movie!! and persians are not demonic looking. Persians are actually very beautiful people. I am a Gerard Butler fan and I think he is smokin hot but you should meet couple of my persian guy friends!!!HEHEH

Tiffany on Mar 15, 2007


Trust me when I say that whether you're a man or a woman - you WILL enjoy this movie. Not only will it allow every man to think of himself as some warrior that could stand for what is right and his, but it should appeal to women to know that we, as the ultimately feminine creatures on this planet, can and should give birth to such power and strength. I personally think that every man and woman on this earth needs a little of Sparta in them. Maybe then men would "real men" and women could be real women.

Ilona on Mar 16, 2007


And every man and woman on earth needs a little Persian in them too 🙂 Check out some great Persian poetry here: http://khamush.com/ And some very beautiful Persian paintings here: http://www.afghanforums.com/showthread.php?t=2902

Dervish on Mar 16, 2007


This is one of the greatest movie ever made.. and I'm not just saying it because I'm a woman and enjoyed the 2 hours of eye candy! It's a movie, it's based off a great graphic novel, and they did a great job at adapting it to the big screen. Some complain that it's not 100% historically accurate.. well, guess what, it was never intended to be. It's based off a novel, and to that this movie is completly accurate. Go see if for the story, and for the graphics... I thought Butler was a good actor in his previous roles, but this one totally made me skip a heartbeat, he's THAT good. All the other people are very much in character as well, and this movie will definitely keep you glued to the seat. By the time the credits roll, it will make YOU want to fight for Sparta!

Luvr on Mar 19, 2007


I liked the movie but honestly, eye candy was all this movie really had going for it. It was basically a movie that was made for the "cool fight scenes" and thus the plot suffered and didn't flow well all the time. And don't even joke about empowered women- the only thing somewhat "empowered" about that Queen throughout the whole movie was her lame "Spartan women give birth to real men" line. Maybe the Queen was assertive when her husband around but to get things done when he left, she was forced to sleep with a man. She still ended up becoming the character who had to use sex to get what she needed and it demeaned her character, stripping her of any power she might have had before. Really empowered there. As a woman, I definitely needed more than eye candy to make this movie worth watching a second time.

Cat on Mar 19, 2007


Not only was I impressed by your commentary on "why," but I am even more intrigued by the discussion it generated! Yes, I am probably going to go see 300 just to see if I agree with you. BTW, tx for thinking about it from a woman's perspective!

Maryann on Mar 21, 2007


So, a guy is telling woman why their perspective should focus on hot naked men? May I beg to differ? Men would like to think that women are as shallow as they, but I suggest that's a minority. This is a violent cartoon of a film ... and like a good cartoon, doesn't ask much of the audience except that they should check their minds at the door. In this case, however, a strong stomach was also required, and a willingness to overlook the prevailing homoeroticsm driving the film, along with the rampant racism and glaring historical inaccuracies. Butler has shown some promise in past films, but in this film he's ludicrous, if gym constructed hard bodied hot and nearly naked. He bellows, and shows about as much subtlety as an enraged elephant. I enjoyed about 10 minutes of the film, then became very bored by all the gore, simplictic plot and bellowing. I loved Gladiator, by the way....

Marsha on Mar 21, 2007


Marsha, Where are you getting the "homoeroticism driving the film" from? That is ludicrous. I've seen the film several times already and will probably go again and I can tell you for certain that these were the most masculine of men. Maybe some homos will go to see it, too, just because the men have no shirts on but they will be disappointed if they expect anything more than that. If men with their shirt off is homoerotic to you then maybe you should avoid the beach. What drove the film WAS the masculinity and the the sacrifice of men willing to lay down their lives to save their country from subjugation. It was also the fine acting by Gerard Butler and the rest of the cast along with stunning visuals and amazing action sequences the likes of which we haven't seen before. I wouldn't pay money to see a 'homoerotic' film. No way. But this I've paid for 3 times. Go watch Brokeback if you want to see homoerotic. Maybe that will be more to your taste. And by the way, I liked Gladiator, too, but compared to 300 I have to say Gladiator was on the boring side.

Nicole on Mar 21, 2007


I've seen it twice..the second time just to drool over Gerry Butler.

Rhonda on Mar 21, 2007


To quote Nicole: "And by the way, I liked Gladiator, too, but compared to 300 I have to say Gladiator was on the boring side." I have to agree. This movie is not for the faint of heart, thats for sure.. and all the guys worked really hard and endured weeks of training to look the way they did. They trained together so they would look like they came out of the same spartan training.. it wasn't an easy task, those who have doubts, go watch and read the movie's blogs. It's not even close to Gladiator because it's NOT Gladiator. They are almost different genres, this movie wasn't made with drama at its core, but graphic war battles depicted with a sexy, fun, energetic hint. This movie is one of a kind, it's beautiful, and it recreated PERFECTLY what could only be imagined while reading the graphic novel, which is just amazing.

Luvr on Mar 23, 2007


I enjoyed reading all the comments. I went to see 300 because I wanted to see how historically inaccurate it was. Believe me, I wasn't disappointed. Yes I know this was only a movie, but how else is anyone going to know the truth of what actually happened? Very few people will take the time to find out themselves, they will rely on the movie to fill them in. And that's a shame. Being a Gerry Butler fan, I wasn't too diappointed. I don't think this is his best role, but he did look good! I appreciate the time and dedication he takes to giving his all for a role. Personally I would go see him stand on stage and read the New York City phonebook! He's got a great accent!!

Jerrie on Apr 1, 2007


Candide, I understand your feelings about this movie and how the Persians (Iranians) are portrayed, but what about the way Americans are portrayed by the Iranians? The Iranian government is being as racist as the American government. It's not about the people of the country, you and I both know people of different ethnic groups that are really fine, wonderful people. It's the government itself that's being targeted. Not every American supports what our government does and I would hope that not all Iranians support the "bad" things their government does. Human nature is basically evil wether we are Americans, Iranians, Irish, Italian or any other ethnic group. Most people choose to be good, decent people; others do not. Since this movie is based on an event that really happened (and they do have the basic facts correct), just accept the fact that the Persians are the "bad guys" this time. I wonder how this movie would be if the Iranian government made it? It's all in the perspective of who's making it. Just read any history book from any country to see who the "bad guys" are. Take for example the American Revolution. In American history books we were the good guys and the English were the bad guys. Read their history books and you will find the exact opposite. It goes both ways. This movie is meant to entertain, nothing more.

Jerrie on Apr 4, 2007


Uh it's 2007-10 percent of our ground troops are women-it seems like all action figures these days are women, think Laura Croft, etc.-not to mention all the female marines in "the Hills have Eyes" for example. Half the cast of the CSI and law and orders are women. Women are discouraged from being feminine even if they want to anymore. What cave do you live in?! BTW I like what was it? "Stunning Visuals." A lost cause to fight and die for, men that are willing to die for democracy, and seem to know how to treat women and know women's importance to the continuation of civilization, that's very appealing to women. BTW all the hard left outrage over the film is absurd, any parallels of this film to the current Iraq war are really just there on a superficial level. If you really think about it, what the U.S.is doing is more similar to the Persians of this film.

Francesca on Apr 8, 2007


Uh are we seriously comparing the Persians in this film to modern day Iranians? Are you kidding?

francesca on Apr 8, 2007


Jerri, that is what I said, the movie was just entertainment and the Iranians are using it for propaganda. They have tainted a cinematic achevement with their petty and very limited view of the world. Every bit of information there is censored, filtered or banned. That is why they are still concerning themselves with events that are 2,500 years old, they haven't gotten any NEW information in all that time. They live in a self-imposed time warp, that is why the technology employed to make this movie is so threatening to them. They only have 35 theaters in the whole country and the government has to approve every movie made or released. They do not allow anything from forgein countries because they say that they don't want their people exposed to any evil influences. That makes them the ultimate racists, so what does that make the people who called this movie racist? The movie involved people of 50 different races and/or countries, that makes the movie anti-racist. There is another reason for women to see this movie, just because someone doesn't want you to see it.

Candide on Apr 8, 2007


Freedom is not a dirty word!

Candide on Apr 8, 2007


Persians back then weren't Muslims, they were Zoroastrian. They would have conquered, enslaved and killed everyone who now inhabits Iran.

Spartan on May 18, 2007


Why were nearly all the Persians black/brown? In reality Persians are whiter than Greeks. Go to Iran and you'll see what I mean. Another issue is that in this day and age, when the US government is desperately trying to present Iran as this huge, looming threat, a film comes out showing that Iranians have been huge, looming threats from time immemorial. Isn't it suspicious? Even so, I enjoyed the film.

Daniel on Jan 9, 2008


I saw this movie on television, but I stopped watching right after I saw that the first person to die was a black man, pushed down a well by "the good guy" for no real reason, just that he didn't like his message.

Magda on Mar 1, 2009

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