Will Ferrell's Semi-Pro Full-Fro Trailer

December 6, 2007

Semi-Pro Full Fro Trailer

Semi-Pro is looking like another Blades of Glory kind of hit: February release, sports related comedy, Will Ferrell in the lead. This is the first full length trailer that debuts in front of Golden Compass and it's pretty damn funny. Will Ferrell's movies may be the only ones that don't need the "Judd Apatow touch" to do well, but this could end up being terrible. On one hand it has a lot of hilariously Anchorman-like moments all while he's sportin' an awesome fro, and on the other, it's bordering on the edge of being too cheesy and stupid. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.

Watch the trailer for Semi-Pro:

[flv:semipro-trailer.flv 500 200]

Semi-Pro is directed by Kent Alterman, who is directing his first feature film, and written by Scot Armstrong, who also wrote Old School, School for Scoundrels, and The Heartbreak Kid. The movie arrives in theaters on February 29th, 2008.

Semi-Pro Poster

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After Anchorman, then Ricky Bobby, I've determined that the only way I'll go to a Will Ferrell comedy is if it's R-rated (or very close to it, Anchorman-style). Ricky Bobby just felt like a watered down version of Anchorman, and Blades of Glory (which I didn't see) seemed like a watered down version of that. Semi-Pro looks like it'll be a step above that Heder-tripe, but I doubt it can match Anchorman. The bear fight is gold, though.

Joe H on Dec 6, 2007


Anchorman, Elf, Blades of Glory, Old School: great comedies. Let's hope this falls into this category and not the Bewitched, Kicking and Screaming, Talledega Nights category.

Mark on Dec 7, 2007


Ridiculous. Isn't anyone sick of Will Ferrell playing the same character just in a different movie script? Old School was the only recent film he acted in that was good, and that was because he wasn't the only leading actor. He's funny, but in small doses. The only reason I would ever watch this new film is because I live in Michigan and his team is the "Flint Tropics". Cool, but not enough to get me to pay good money to see this "soon to be terrible" film.

Joseph on Dec 7, 2007


Looks pretty funny.

Ryan on Dec 7, 2007


I threw up in my mouth when I saw this trailer. Seriously. What the heck. Let's redo the same movie over and over with slightly different antics, that will make a great movie. HA! What creativity! What originality! That trailer made my eyes bleed. Joseph is right on. Ever see that episode of family guy when Stewie travels a great distance just to get to Will Ferrell's house and beat him over the head? Yeah, that was great.

Newman on Dec 7, 2007


is it just me or does anyone else feel that Will Ferrel = not funny....maybe I am just not up with the times...but what a bitchin' sound track...might be worth watching for that alone...JMO

larry on Dec 7, 2007


Will Ferrel is a comedy genious & it's going to take more than 2 or 3 mediocre movies to change my mind on that. I will probably wait to rent this one & then say, "That shit was funny, I should have seen that in the theater".

Sinner on Dec 7, 2007


I love Will Ferrel!!!!! he is funny and does have different characters thank you very much. he will always be one of the best (despite bewitched and kicking and screaming). cant wait to see this movie.

sarah on Dec 7, 2007


I'm french and I love Will Ferrel but we don't have the chance to see his films in france (except in video) I don't know why, he's really good (I think he's at least). I saw anchorman, ricky bobby and blades of glory and I want more ! Yes, it's quiet the same thing from one film to another but doesn't matter for me cause he's too rare in france. Instead, we have our shitty comedy (what a pity), hope I could see this one too.

Olivier on Dec 12, 2007


I go to this type of movie to laugh. I don't care if it is another formulaic script & characters. Thing is, I know I'm going to go and get some laughs and enjoy it. If you are looking for Oscar winning, thought provoking, life changing movies, you may want to look elsewhere. But, if you are looking for a couple hours of entertainment, Will Ferrell delivers over and over.

John on Dec 20, 2007


This movie is going to be AWESOME! To all of you haters: Nobody is going to force you to see this movie so STFU!

Brian on Jan 1, 2008


Is it just me or does Will Ferrell keep making the same movie, same jokes, and same story with a different sport?

blake on Feb 8, 2008


Exactly, right on Blake. Same crap, different sport. I don't think anyone is looking for an Oscar winning performance from Will Ferrell, that's just ridiculous and will never happen in this lifetime. Yeah, if you wanna laugh for a couple hours, great, maybe watch this movie. But the point is, what about his next movie, and then the next, and the next after that, are you still gonna be laughing? I doubt it, cuz their all gonna be the same film. Wow, he's playing, um lets this time, woo hoo, look he's fighting the mascot, oh and trying to be sexy when he's not, etc. Ferrell needs to take a sabbatical for a couple years or more otherwise he'll be an old man wondering why nobody is laughing at him anymore.

Tim on Feb 15, 2008


Sarah we should exchange #'s. I look just like will ferrell.

will ferrell on Mar 10, 2008

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