William Gibson's Neuromancer Finally Coming to the Big Screen!

May 18, 2007
Source: Variety


Finally a great science fiction novel is getting adapted for the big screen! Well, not that there hasn't been a great selection of other sci fi novels in the past (like anything by Isaac Asimov or Philip K. Dick), but I have a certain affinity for William Gibson's books. His bestseller novel that was first published in 1984, Neuromancer, is being brought to the big screen by indie producer Peter Hoffman. The project will get a $70 million budget with Joseph Kahn currently set to direct. Kahn has only directed one full length feature so far, the motorcycle film Torque, but he may be better known for directing Britney Spear's music video for "Toxic". I think all the excitement I just had flew out the window.

And get this, the project is being fast-tracked to replace the next Paul Verhoeven project The Winter Queen, a tough blow for the filmmaker behind one of my own all time favorite sci fi films - Starship Troopers. However, it's not because this is a better script, it's because Verhoeven's film is waiting for Fifth Element star Milla Jovovich to have her baby.

NeuromancerFor those who may be unfamiliar with the fantastic novel Neuromancer, (from Wikipedia) it tells the story of Case, an out-of-work computer hacker hired by an unknown patron to participate in a seemingly impossible crime. The novel examines the concepts of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, genetic engineering, multinational corporations overpowering the traditional nation-state, and cyberspace long before these ideas became fashionable in popular culture. In addition to tackling these hot topics in the film, producer Hoffman stated "there'll be a sort of love interest as well." Quite unnecessary, but that's Hollywood for you these days.

Now they just need to work on bringing my own favorite Neal Stephenson novel Snow Crash to the big screen, too, as I think if done right it could nearly be another fascinating and revolutionary sci fi film… if done right. In the meantime, or at least for the year or so it'll take to film and edit, I suggest you pick up a copy of Neuromancer, or anything by William Gibson or Neal Stephenson, and become immersed in his wonderful world of science fiction.

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Thats Neil Stephenson who wrote "Snow Crash", but yes, I totally agree that is the book I'd most like to see adapted. Not sure who could play Hiro - Justin Wong isn't enough of a bad ass. And Natalie Portman is now too old to play Y.T. But in the hands of the right director that could be one of the coolest films ever.

David Markland on May 19, 2007


Oh crap, you're right! Thanks... I got it, fixed it... Both Neal and William Gibson are great writers, I got em mixed up, so thanks for the note. 🙂

Alex Billington on May 19, 2007


Ugh, i think i just died a little bit inside. I remember when Chris Cunningham was on the cards to direct this, after William Gibson had said he was the only person capable of bringing his vision to the screen. Cunningham said it was impossible for anyone to do it justice, and i think this film will probably prove his point.

Ross on May 19, 2007


One of the best, and definitely most complex SF books ever written given to a newbie that managed to get 3.2/10 on IMDB for his *only* movie? I'm speechless and disgusted. Gibson's sophisticated vision and the book's convoluted and extremely rich plot would need Wachowski Bros. or David Fincher-level directors. Chris Cunningham is a visionary artist and amazing videoclip director, but could he manage to pull out a whole movie out of Neuromancer without dragging it in his pessimistic and twisted vision? Please, give us at least Zack Snyder! PS: I suggest you to read the Neuromancer trilogy: "Neuromancer", "Count Zero" and "Mona Lisa Overdrive". Best SF trilogy ever written (yes, better than Asimov's "Foundation").

Alex See on May 19, 2007


As to David Fincher, before he became the fanboy favourite he was a pariah for Alien 3. Before we all go on the Kahn attacks, it should be noted that his music video work is highly respected and varied. While Britney Spears seems offensive, he has also done complex technical clips for Chemical Brothers, Muse, Moby, and the very Neuromancerish George Michael "Freek!" video. Kahn's versatility makes this film intriguing to me.

Amanda on May 19, 2007


I'm still waiting for Hollywood to even NOTICE Alfred Bester's "The Stars My Destination." Space travel, teleportation, a beautiful black telepath, cyborg enhancements for super speed, full facial tattoos, a radioactive man, a blind woman who can see heat, a circus so loud it can be heard four miles away, a bomb that can be exploded by the mind alone, 20 billion in platinum bullion, Christianity forced underground, a space cult that worships science ... and just the teeniest little touch of time travel. When, Hollywood? When??

Hank Fox on May 19, 2007


I hope this crashes and burns. I'd rather have no Neurmancer adaptation then one that will be an absolute joke. Between this and The Diamond Age (which I think is actually a better work then Snow Crash) being made into a Sci-Fi miniseries, I've pretty much lost all hope of ever seeing a decent cyberpunk film in my lifetime that isn't animated.

Caractacus on May 19, 2007


The third paragraph in this article was taken word for word from the Wikipedia entry on Neuromancer... Might want to link to it if you're going to quote it.

Vimes on May 19, 2007


I am one of the few that don't want to see Snow Crash adapted for the screen for several reasons. First and foremost - you said that it would be great "if done right" - I have lost too much faith in Hollywood - I don't think it would be done right. I'd rather have no snow crash movie than a bad snow crash movie. Also, I think too much time has passed since the writing of the story. Think about it - Hiro's dad and Raven's dad were both nuked in WWII. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed in 1945. (I'm not too sure on the timeline of the nuclear testing in the Aleutian islands) Let's say that Hiro's dad was 20 in 1945. You have to figure on Hiro being between 30 and 40 during the events in snow crash. If we make Hiro's dad 60 years when Hiro was born then that makes Hiro born in 1985 - That makes Hiro 30 in 2015. Ok - After having just done this - I guess it is possible.... It's a stretch, but it's possible. Anyway - there are so many ways that this movie could be messed up.... It's like the talk of making a movie of Neil Gaiman's Sandman series - There's just no way to do it right.

DreamTheEndless on May 19, 2007


Zack Snyder doesn't have a quarter of Kahn's talent. I'm serious. This will rock.

Norwood on May 19, 2007


How is it that the most interesting scifi novels, written years ago, somehow fall into the hands of the least interesting and least literary people in hollywood? Who are the douches yammering up how "cool" neuromancer is to the people that shouldn't know what cool is... those are the people to be flogged, not the crappy directors.

Diablo on May 19, 2007


Another one of my favorite books to be destroyed by Hollywood. Swell.

totally bummed on May 20, 2007


Sounds cool, hope it will be great.

Mr Car Parts on May 20, 2007


The link behind the words 'snow crash' go to an page for the Neuromancer hardback.

bob on May 20, 2007


I got it and fixed it, thanks Bob.

Alex Billington on May 20, 2007


It amazes me the amount of negativity for any chance to see a movie based on a book. Yes we see differences between the films and the books. Working in film the transition between written word and making it visually appealing is a tough science. Most of you "critics" have never attempted to make a film. (Except for a you a-typical YouTube Schlock). Not that I am even close to a Snyder, Kang or any top ranekd director. I have seen the problems with tranisitioning the words. It takes a great ear, eye and mental ability to bring those all together, and even then things can go wrong with Producers, Investors, Crew, cast and many other factors. I praise anyone who takes on this task of brining Crash and Molly to the screen and is able to make it apeal to the masses. Gibson's work does not have a mass apeal (as of yet). His writing has created a whole new style of writing that has made new vocabular rules and words to make it complex. This will be the true test, make it still as technical and intelligent, BUT make it so your girlfriend wont be nagging you to tell her what is happening in the movie. Stop the whining for now... when I see more about the project and maybe even download a daily or clips then i reserve my judgement. Even then I will priase ANYONE who takes on this piece and tries to shape one of the last centry's greats.

MCP TV on May 20, 2007


Torque and Toxic?!?! You've got to be f*&King kidding me. If they cheese out one of my favorite books of all time I'm going to be pissed. They need some New Line Cinema vision (LOTR) and roll this out expecting to do Mona Lisa Overdrive, Idoru, etc. Get Darren Aronofsky (Requem for a Dream) or Chris Cunningham (Aphex Twin - Windowlicker, Bjork - All Is For Love) to direct. I just hope the whole idea isn't dated by now. No one expects to see geometric shapes and black ice when they are surfing the internet anymore. Snocrash is a good book and Hiro, the Metaverse, and the refuge barge thing are really cool but that whole Temple of Babel idea (and Raven for that matter) is just cheese and it's sort of intergrel to the story. Pattern Recognition would be a much better book to make into a movie. I can't believe someone said Starship Troopers was their favorite movie.

Jon Pape on May 20, 2007


To the Producers: Wake up and smell the coffee. You are sitting on a multi-million dollar blockbuster that you are feeding to the _genius_ that delivered Torque. You should all be taken out back and put down.

idiots-at-the-helm on May 20, 2007


I just don't see Gibson's sparse yet rich prose translating well to the silver screen; part of what makes his work so compelling, aside from the interesting ideas, is the quality of the writing and the ambiguity he leaves behind. Trying to dumb that down for the moviegoing masses is going to be a difficult task.

andy zebrowitz on May 20, 2007


Starship Troopers was one of your favorite sci-fi films of all time? You, sir, have just lost all credibility as a movie reviewer, sci-fi or otherwise. Or maybe you are confusing the movie with the book? I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt.

biru on May 20, 2007


#27, biru, I'm perfectly capable of having my opinion, and it doesn't mean you have to flip out when I appreciate a film, despite it not being the same as your own. I love and respect everything from Blade Runner to 2001 to Star Wars all too, but in terms of my own, personal favorite, it's Fifth Element. Is there anything wrong with that? What is your sci fi favorite movie then?

Alex Billington on May 20, 2007


Torque had a horrific script, but was visually impressive. Perhaps with a good script he will be able to do something surprising. But I am a pessimist so I expect it will be utter trash. - If you take Starship Troopers at face value, it is truly horrid. But taken as a future fascist state propaganda film, it is wonderful. Alot of Verhoven's work is like this, not to be taken literally.

Joe on May 20, 2007


the 'love interest' isnt unecessary, molly and case get together for a significant portion of the book and their relationship provides an important sidestory to the novel

elliott on May 20, 2007



Bill on May 20, 2007


Starship Troopers was a travesty. The safe bet is that Hollywood will screw this one up, too.

David on May 20, 2007


Maybe they'll get around to releasing it about the same time as Ender's Game.

Jon Pape on May 20, 2007


> would need Wachowski Bros. or David Fincher-level directors. > Chris Cunningham is a visionary artist and amazing videoclip director, > but could he manage to pull out a whole movie out of Neuromancer Don't forget David Fincher used to direct music videos for Madonaa before he got his big film break, Alien 3. While I'm not familiar with Cunningham's work directing videos for, like or not, what was the biggest money making machine in the music business, he's got to have some serious talent I would think.

Tom on May 20, 2007


Love element unnecessary? In the novel Case's love for Linda is a key element to the final confrontation with the A.I. First you mix Stephenson and Gibson up, then you take your description straight from wikipedia. Finally this. You didn't even read Neuromancer, did you? Poseur.

Raimi on May 20, 2007


Starship Trooper is one of your all time favorite Sci-Fci movies? Have you read Heinlein's book? They butchered the movie. The acting was crap. They needed a way bigger budget. Bleah!

Gordon on May 20, 2007


I hate to jump on the ST-bashing bandwagon, but it's kind of inevitable. It was a weird symmetry, however, in that a great director chose the worst book by a great author and made a lackluster film. Heck, it was better that ST 2. As a book, ST was more of an essay than a story, but it was still better than the movie. I hate books that are a bumper-sticker wrapped up in characters you don't really care a heck of a lot about - especially when the bumper sticker is relentlessly hammered. John Steakley's Armor was 10 times better as an "armored space dudes fighting bugs" book, but mainly because it was about a character who evoked sympathy but wasn't dwelt on incessantly - I'm not sure how you could make it into even two movies, however. I liked Fifth Element a lot, but like most movies the ending was cramped and a little underdeveloped, even accepting the premise, which was cliche incarnate. (The premise of the ending, not the movie.)

Merovign on May 20, 2007


Starship Troopers was utter crap. Heinlein has left a legacy of fantastic science fiction and I know he would be rolling in his grave at how the director of Showgirls destroyed his story. It totally amazes me how Paul Verhoeven could make Robocop and then go onto make a string of horrible films such as Showgirls, Total Recall, and Starship Troopers. No wonder he has gone back to Europe with his tail between his legs, lol.

Slippery Jim on May 20, 2007


PLEASE dont kill this fill with low budgets - its my all time favorite book and should make the matrix look like tellytubbies

mark rushworth on May 21, 2007


Starship Troopers is a brilliant film. Paul Verhoeven is a deep thinking philosopher with a penchant for science fiction. He is a visionary and even Showgirls has merit as an examination of the dynamics of heterosexual relationships. Neuromancer should be made by a director who understands, enjoys and is excited by the ideas and action in the book. Chris Cunningham looked like a great fit for visual designer but may have needed the assistance of a more experienced feature director.

Andy Leppard on May 21, 2007


" Joseph Kahn currently set to direct. Kahn has only directed one full length feature so far, the motorcycle film Torque, but he may be better known for directing Britney Spear's music video for 'Toxic" Why do they give one of the most influential si-fi books ever written to this hack? Chris Cunninham I heard was thier first choice and they should have stuck with him, this movie is going to suck the ass.

noah on May 21, 2007


Fortunately, this is, what, the third time it's been announced? (I still remember the "with soundtrack by DEVO" from the first one). Torque was brainless eyecandy - if the script sucks, we might as well just name it "Johnny Mnemonic 2". Personally, I'm glad that movies like "The Golden Age" (John C. Wright) can't be made into movies... we'll see if this time Neuromancer actually gets made. I hope not.

Michael on May 21, 2007


Ridley Scott

Archaia on May 21, 2007


Ridley Scott...

Archaia on May 21, 2007


Starship Troopers was a brilliant film if you forget that it was based upon a good novel. Verhoven didn't give a fuck about the novel and that's okay by me -- I never thought the novel was that worth filming personally. But Starship Troopers was a fucking hilarious fascist fairytale. Take a beautiful looking cast and then run them through the ringer and then work the audience up into punching the air for what is basically a Nazi Star Wars. Very good work by Verhoven. Of course in America all of this is lost because they are embracing fascism anyway.

Airchinapilot on May 21, 2007


1 sign this movie is already going wrong: The pointless love interest. Why do screen writers always think it necessary to butcher novels with cliches? I understand the word adaption but blatant abuse of a storyline due to bought editing rights is not adaption, its destruction.

dave on May 21, 2007


"The novel examines the concepts of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, genetic engineering, multinational corporations overpowering the traditional nation-state, and cyberspace long before these ideas became fashionable in popular culture. In addition to tackling these hot topics in the film..." So I would posit that these "hot topics" aren't so hot anymore. Fashionable is a great word to use because these topics have come in and gone out of fashion already. The genre of "cyberpunk" movies is tired and doesn't have any juice, I think that the best visual representations of these ideas have already been done, mainly by Production IG and their "Ghost in the Shell" films and series. Besides, "Neuromancer" was a near future story and I believe that the thread of history Gibson projected did not take place. The idea of virtual reality has been belabored by such boorish movies like "The Lawnmower Man" or "Brainscan", hacking has also seen it's time come and go. I really don't think the public at large are interested in these subjects right now. "Neuromancer" would need a massive re-write to update it and insert some relevance before it would be a good film. Admittedly I haven't read the book since high school (in the late 80's) but I have had the misfortune of seeing Johnny Mnemonic recently (which is a fairly faithful if ham-fisted re-telling of Gibson's story) and the concepts in it are so dated and retarded that I just don't think you'd get much more from a "Neuromancer" film, which would be employing much of the same ideas over a better storyline. You could also argue that the geo-political predictions made by Gibson could now be considered trite, there's simply no way to predict something with so many variables, it was fun to read in the 80's and I'm not trashing Gibson's writing but I don't think now is the time for a near 25 year old story about computers and "cyberspace" to be made into a film.

Jonesie on May 21, 2007


A couple of comments from a SciFi Novel guru: 1) Neuromancer: Not a huge fan. Yet. Maybe never... I tried to read it but the prose BORED me to tears, so I gave up... but maybe I was too pre-occupied with RL, reading too many other books at once and/or stoned at the time. I doubt it... it was pretty boring. What I do know is that a lot of the concepts that Gibson is credited with, were pioneered by Vernor Vinge several years prior. Incidentally, Vinge went on to later write two of the best SciFi epics EVER: "Fire Upon the Deep" and "A Deepness in the Sky." If you want to experience the REAL thing, read those, not the comparatively amateurish William Gibson. 2) Starship Troopers: Once again, I've had very little interest in reading the book, but I certainly will, as I've read a lot about it -- but I'm scared, as Heinlen (though brilliant, of course) is a wildly inconsistent writer and his personal views are suspect... Try reading the "Moon is a Harsh Mistress" by Heinlen. That is truly one of the best, and the politics are much easier to swallow. Anyway, I LOVED the movie! My wife and I watch it at least once every three months. It's highly entertaining, funny and quotable. More Galaxy Quest than Star Wars, really. On that level it's more of a parody of the quasi fascist themes of the book. Besides, Paul Veerhoeven is a master... don't deny it! Just check his resume... uh ooohhh, is that Showgirls on there? Zoinks! 3) What we REALLY need is for Dan Simmons' brilliant HYPERION series to be made into a movie. Supposedly in development (according to Dan Simmons' web site), and backed by a major studio/top tier director (not named). We'll see. Meanwhile, do yourself a favor and spend the summer reading the four Hyperion novels. It's as good as it gets and absolutely unforgettable. The only things I've read that are ALMOST as good, are the two Vernor Vinge novels mentioned earlier.

aculici on May 21, 2007


The guy who did Torque? Question: Who the hell even saw that? I agree with the reccomendation of Fincher. But to whoever wanted Ridley Scott or the Wachowski Bros, they already did similar works (Blade Runner & The Matrix. BTW How many idiots who don't read are gonna call Neuromancer a Matrix rip-off if and when the film comes out...) so they probably won't want to do it. Tony Scott (Man on Fire) has a really interesting style visually, and as far as innovation and style with a respect for sci-fi goes how about Darren Aranofski? (Pi, Requem for a Dream, The Fountain...and yes I realize I spelled it wrong. Sorry Darren.) Alex Proyas (Dark City) or Paul Andersen (Event Horizon, Rez Evil series) would be good. And if you really want to get trippy with the cyberspace sequnces try Terry Gilliam (Brazil, 12 Monkeys, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.) There are so many brilliant people out there to helm this project. NOT THE BRITNEY SPEARS VIDEO GUY. That's my two cents.

Jason_md2020 on May 21, 2007


From a board posting at "Cunningham is a loss to the project but Kahn is a genuinely good choice. I know I'm putting myself in the minority but I enjoy Torque totally unironically - it's not so bad it's good, it's just good. The word "fantasia" is very apt, and if you come to it in that spirit it delivers. All of the excess is really what the movie is about. Neuromancer (and cyberpunk in general) has that in common with Torque - they're both, not so much style-over-content, as style-as-content (as ably satirized in the first chapter of Snow Crash). By the time Case arrives on the Rastafarian space station it should be pretty clear to anyone this can only be taken so seriously. I think with Torque Kahn demonstrated the ability to take something totally absurd seriously as an absurd thing, trying to give it a kind of internal consistency without the pretense of realism or sanity."

Simple16 on May 21, 2007


It's curious to me that no one yet commenting has mentioned that though Kahn may not have busted his chops on more prolific work (as of yet!), he's still one of the most underrated and influential Music Video directors working out there today - you don't have to like 'Toxic', not by a long shot, but Spears' early career was shaped by Kahn - and it affected you whether you choose to see that or not. And that said, he's doing something right. Outside the Spears realm, a hundred bucks says he's directed one of your favorites. And for the record, I think the visual appeal of his work is fresh and stunning - and as for TORQUE, we're talking about a great piece of storytelling that sets up, magnifies and knocks down pop culture cliches with colorful glee. That movie is worth a second look - it's one of my favorites for sheer hilarity and fun. You're playing into the ultimate joke of the movie if you're thumbing your nose at motorbikes doing the impossible and burning holes in the celluloid while they're doing it - you're supposed to OD on ridiculous. Kahn's versatile. He's going to rock Neuromancer.

ri on May 21, 2007


I'm sure the love interest will end up being the main storyline.

Motorcycle Guy on May 24, 2007


don't blame joseph kahn . he's a fukin genius!!!!!!!!!!!!

muse12 on May 29, 2007


notice the marketing in Gibson's "Pattern Recognition" matches the Slusho Cloverfield J.J. Abrams marketing?

M on Jul 9, 2007


i think the movie might work, if you put the right people on it. Theres a nice Concept Design for that on youtube. find it here:

Nimrod9131 on Nov 3, 2007


Regarding the people complaining about the love interest: Case and Molly hooked up at least once in that book, and between her and Linda, that's probably all the love interest we're talking here, albeit a bit hammed up a la Arthur and Trillian in the film version of HGttG (which I mostly liked). Read Gibson's blog post about this rumor, BTW, last paragraph's classic.

LJF on Nov 19, 2007


aculici: i suggest you try to read neuromancer again. in fact, read the burning chrome collection first to watch gibson's style develop. also, a hyperion movie series would definitely kick ass. i'm a little split on this issue, because A) Neuromancer is my favorite book of all time and i would like to see a good film adaptation, but B) a lot of people are correct here in saying that neuromancer probably wouldn't translate well to film. the writing in Neuromancer takes place far too much inside the thoughts and agonies of the character's minds in ways that can not be pronounced (let alone filmed). i'm scared, but hopeful. Also, even though Neuromancer is my favorite work by gibson, i believe the Bridge trilogy would make a better series. it's more raw, modern, and closer to reality.

Raith on Dec 2, 2007


This is one of the great modern Sci-Fi Novels. It requires a direcotr with vision. Ridley Scott had vision with Blade Runner, David Lynch did with Dune, but to be honest it will end up being just another chronicles of riddick. If it's to be saved I agree with a music video based director, who can take the material from their eclectic world and morph it. Two names instantly come to mind, Mark Romanek and Michael Haussman. Romanek directed One Hour Photo, and has two music videos at the permanent collection of MOMA. He also basically invented the ipod sillhouette commercials. Haussman created the sexyback video among others. These people may save it if offered not some commercial hack MTV and Viacom hire as filler for cheap thrills.

Jackson on Dec 18, 2007


WHAT! Chris Cunningham is not directing this, awe man, I'm so disappointed, this better not be a shame of a movie! on Jan 8, 2008


'Aight. Give this Cunningham some credit. Though he's a noob, he might have some good ideas. The only thing thats bothering me is that love-story-nonsense-from-hell... There aint no love in Cyber Punk !!!

SkyLAX on Feb 2, 2008


Kaaaahn! No, this is not right, not at all..I have been fearing the day that Neuromancer would actually be produced for the screen. Last time around , with Cunningham in the directors seat, I had some small hope for it. Now, I dunno anymore... And yes, Starship Troopers does suck hairy goat testies, and the author of this article sems to know nothing or very little about the subject matter.

tac on Feb 19, 2008


I wish they would hurry up, I want to watch the movie, not read the book!

Brie on Apr 1, 2008


well Kahn, apparently directed last cup of sorrow from faith no more. super Vertigo influenced, reminds me of the first scenes from the matrix on the roof tops like vertigo also

ed on Apr 15, 2008


Waht i hear from my SF friend: Unless his is just young or new to SF, Alex loses lots of credibility, however, by claiming in the second sentence "like anything by ... Asimov & ...Dick." Actually there are few movies of Asimov's work and only 2 of 40 of Dick's novels got movies. Those (4-5) based on short stories (ss) usually ignored the stories almost altogether. Bladerunner, is - of course - usually ranked as among, if not the best SF movie ever made. It appears that Alex was merely reacting to movies of the last 5 yrs when one was by Asimov (and that a short story) and 3 claimed adaptation from Dick's ss.

George on Jun 11, 2008


In a world where Starship Troopers sequels get made, it's about damn time Neuromancer had some silver screen validation. Please, please, don't cast Will Smith.

Arch Angle on Oct 5, 2008


Have some faith people. I'm excited. I even made a Neuromancer shirt to commemorate the event.

Trinity on Dec 2, 2008


When is the release date?

web design norwich on May 5, 2009


Has this even been released yet or planned to be released? I haven't been to the cinema in quite a while so you could say I'm not "up to date" with movies! I'm really looking forward to this if it does hit the big screen though, should be great, I hope.

Fireplace Design on May 14, 2009


Neuromancer becomes a live action rip off of the akira motorcycle scenes. Niiiice.

political opinion on May 30, 2009


distrbnceYeah he wouldve been better than this guy, I agree.

dieting tips on Jul 20, 2009


When is the release date?

stone fireplaces on Sep 17, 2009


That's great news 🙂 Can't wait to see it!

Air Conditioning on Sep 26, 2009


Have some faith people. I'm excited. I even made a Neuromancer shirt to commemorate the event.

creative baby names on Oct 1, 2009


Honestly its about time. Time for real sci-fi its been too long.

cortney on Nov 20, 2009


I have been the biggest fan of Neuromancer and this is great news to a fan like me!

Sony Digital ICD-P720 on Dec 15, 2009


so creative baby names what does this shirt say, I would loooooove to see it.

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I really hope this isn't as bad as Torque. This upcoming movie could be really good, but its only as good as the director is.

Fireplace Designs on Jan 12, 2010


Is it definite that this is going to be released? I haven't read much news about it, but can't wait if it is; Neuromancer is one of my favorite books. Tim

Earbud reviews on Jan 22, 2010


planned to be released?

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