Worth Watching - Dec 20: The Ruins Trailer

December 20, 2007
Source: MTV

The Ruins Trailer

The very first trailer for next year's big horror move The Ruins has debuted. I've heard "what it is" that is attacking them, but I won't spoil it. I'll leave it up to the trailer to tell you and for you to figure it out on your own. This is supposed to be pretty good - I've already heard some positive things. And I said "that this could be the big horror movie of 2008" in the Why 2008 Will Be An Awesome Year For Movies post. So now that this first trailer is out - what do you think?

Watch the trailer for The Ruins:

[flv:the-ruins-trailer.flv 502 282]

You can also watch The Ruins trailer in High Definition at MTV

The Ruins is directed by Carter Smith, a first-time feature filmmaker who has previously has some shorts at Sundance. The film's screenplay was written by Scott B. Smith, who is also the author of the bestselling novel that this is based off of. The Ruins will arrive in theaters on April 4th, 2008.

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I won't spoil the villain either...but it is pretty self evident from the trailer. I want to make a bad joke about the villain but I shall refrain....

Heckle on Dec 20, 2007


Uh... no thanks. Of course, I'm not big into the Horror genre anyway. But this trailer didn't sway me from my un-horrific ways.

Icarus on Dec 20, 2007


I don't know Alex, it looks like just another stock, cliche ridden horror movie about a group of friends that will get killed off one by one, ultimately leaving one or two still alive.

Jeff Warner on Dec 20, 2007


The question is whether or not they can adapt the tension of the novel to the screen. The book was a bit of a B grade thriller but written very well. The last adaptation of a Scott Smith novel, A Simple Plan, was wonderful. He wrote the screenplay for that as well as this, so I'm hoping it makes an exciting film.

Charlie on Dec 20, 2007


I loved the book but this trailer makes it look like a Cabin Fever/Turistas hybrid. I think the book works better because the villian won't translate as well into a movie. I also heard the villian won't talk because they thought it would cause laughs but the villian talking is the best thing and creates the tensions.

Ryan on Dec 20, 2007


in response to Jeff...if it follows the book as it should, you will be pleasantly surprised...

Flagg79 on Dec 20, 2007


Flagg79, with the exception of No Country For Old Men, how many book to film adaptations actually follow closely enough to really be considered the same thing? The villian will be absolutely ridiculous on screen... I would really like to see how they do it though. If the film is excellent (which it very well may be), then this trailer absolutely sucks because it does nothing for looks bad and done to death. The Descent is still the best horror movie of the last previous years.

Jeff Warner on Dec 20, 2007


OH MY GOSH, can anyone say..DERIVATIVE, OR maybe NOT A DAMN ORGINAL THOUGHT IN HOLLYWOOD, or how about this..CRACK COCAINE KILLS DA' BRAIN..OR What the FUCK, did you graduate from the Film School of PO BOX 2000 Bonnie lad? For CHEESE UM anyone outraged by this WANKERISH BOGGLE-EYED SHITE, like a PISS WARM FROTHY on a 32C HURTS ME BRAIN like a needle stickin' rigth through it.....OH THE HUMANITY..for OUR CHILDREN...MAKE IT STOP..MAKE IT STOP..oh LORD..oh.OH.. I have a NEW NAME for this's now called.. "THE DESCENT INTO Apocalypto, with a bunch of TOSSER TURISTAS WHO ARE DEFINATELY IN A SPOT OF BOTHER WHEN SUDDENLY THEY FIND A FEVERISH CABIN WHICH IS RUINED" I mean, I'll pay someone to light me melon on fire then piss up the holy slippery bagger to put it out, and I'[d enjoy that A HUNDRED times more than this dribble.sheesh..these writers or self flagulating, and certainly masturbating, creative types..... YOU KNOW they start drinking the second they NEVER went to bed after taking a handful of diazepam and OH MY GOD MUFFY THAT SMELLS AWFUL AND THE MOON IS EATING MY BREAST AS THE NEW PUPPY IS EATING HIS OWN, is that my POOP?? AAARRRGHGHGHGHGHWOOOOWOWOWHOOOWOWOW..... BREASTS,I MUST eAT ALL UP INTO THEM..FOR MY NAME IS OTIS P.CARMICHAEL...and I uh, I just wanna take my big OL fat YONSON and RUN IT all up in dey....... DADDY..DADDY, the yacht won't start and I'm out of GIN.. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE...(the quasi insane diatribe you JUST heard was the "creative type" production crew, during a production meeting) I can't wait NOT to see this..and, NO, you cannot urinate on me melon as it's beautiful. UNLIKE THIS DRIBBLE shall be. I feel strongly about this..and..a tear deal has formated in the duct all up in my eye thingggy..

Manuel Labore on Dec 20, 2007


i disagree with jeff that The Descent is "still the best horror movie of the last previous years." i believe that An Inconvient Truth is the best horror movie in the past few years, mainly because of the unlikable main character and the outlandish bad guy. i mean even with current CGI, global warming still looks fake...

funnytunney on Dec 20, 2007

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