Worth Watching - June 13: D-War Trailer and Posters

June 13, 2007

D-War Teaser Trailer

We've never mentioned this film on here until now, even though it originally came up in HypeCast Episode #18 last December. So for today the teaser trailer for D-War is definitely worth watching, attached with two new badass posters that you must see. This reminds me a lot of the Korean monster movie The Host from last year, but a bit of a different kind of monster movie. The effects look great for a foreign film like this and I hope it turns out to be one of those rare gems you'll tell all your friends about after-the-fact. And in case you're curious and still not convinced to watch, D-War essentially stands for "Dragon Wars". Check it out and let us know what you think!

UPDATE: There is a new, full length trailer that you can watch right here! It features MUCH more footage and looks a lot better - enjoy!

D-War is directed by Korean actor and comedian Shim Hyung-rae and doesn't have a release date set besides sometime later this year. Here are the two new posters for the film, courtesy of TwitchFilm.

D-War Poster

D-War Poster

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Your right, I kinda see a resemblance to The Host (which was great, I loved it). This is a great teaser, good action, good effects and good music. I also love those posters. Hopefully its coming here soon.

Jeff Warner on Jun 13, 2007


Fucking Epic.

David Jaffe on Jun 13, 2007



Me on Jun 13, 2007


i love koreans movies. after seen this trailer i can't wait. πŸ™‚

enrique estrada on Jun 13, 2007


i love american movies. i cant wait to see LICENSE TO WED !!!

American Joe on Jun 14, 2007


Cool concept. Looks like it might offer all that we wanted Reign of Fire to offer, at least from an action point.

Payne by name on Jun 15, 2007


"i love koreans movies." What a dumb comment.

Andy on Jun 18, 2007


pretty interesting me. good job 4 directors effort

American Ryan on Jun 28, 2007


What a spectacular movie this one will be! Will be worth watching just for the cool special effects! The words are it will open nationwide (US) sometime in August. No more delays please...!

Jay on Jul 3, 2007


umm... looks really good!

Karen on Jul 9, 2007


I can't wait it .....truly expecting..... Come on....

Kay on Jul 18, 2007


quite interesting.... foreign monster invades LA, i wonder why it travels all the way from Korea.. by the way, it is an awesome poster.

lisa on Jul 18, 2007


The poster looks good and heard good things so far. Let's see the movie before making judgements.

June on Jul 18, 2007


great!!! I want to watch the movie!!

Rick on Jul 20, 2007


They chose to pick L.A. where many people from the world know. Director of this movie want it to be international.

Brandon on Jul 24, 2007


This dragon monster legend is very famous and real in Korea. Don't forget to listen the ending music which is originally made several hundreds ago in Korea. It made me so relex. This movie couldn't be like a hollywood blockbuster, cause Korean movie industry is quite tiny than hollywood. But it is obvious true that this is a cool start.

Christina on Jul 25, 2007


Watch it, then we can make all the judgements.

Jen on Jul 30, 2007


i can't wait to watch this movie... but .. about when huh?

^,* on Jul 30, 2007


i agree with jen's agreement the this looks like ASSS

Justine on Jul 30, 2007


The director of the movie, he was used to be a comedian long time ago but for the last 15 years, he has been crazy into this kinda movies even though no one pays attention on him and his movies. Actually, in Korea there is no real SF movie yet. He is such a starter in SF movies for Korea and now lots of people root for him and I also believe his passion towards his movies. I really want to see this movie at a cinema. It must be awesome. A great person makes a great one like him.

Song Reyes on Aug 1, 2007


Song is right, The Director was a Comedian long time ago, and People ignored Shim, and Looked down on him. There always have been people saying "You are a Comedian, got no brain, how dare you, even thinking of making a Movie? it's impossible, so Wasted...". Hyoung Rae never gave up, and remind himself that 'if I think that it's impossible or wasted, There is nothing that I can do, If people think I can't do it, or it's impossible for Korean do make a movie aiming the world, then it is really wasted. I always say, 'without this, I am nothing, Thus I need to do this no matter what'" I haven't watched the movie yet, However, even tho there might be some mistakes, I will still love them, cuz I know how much Shim has put efforts on the movie, and how much he has wished the best for the movie πŸ™‚

Miran on Aug 1, 2007


D war is very good movie I think this movie's scenes are very good I want to let you know that Korea will not stay under USA no more... I recommend this flick to you anyway go to watch and say about it

Michaela on Aug 2, 2007


Uh... I don't quite get the Korean Movie thing.. There's like Korean words in the trailer.. And there's Jason in the movie.. Is it Korean movie? or American movie?

Uh.. on Aug 2, 2007


It's a Korean movie targeted for World-wide audiences. The movie looks great

sara on Aug 2, 2007


Has anyone who posted comments actually SEEN the movie? If you haven't, why the !$^^ is everyone saying it's good or bad? How the !%$#%$ do you know? See it before you praise it or say it's ass or whatever. prejudice sucks.

Trey on Aug 2, 2007


It's just like a Big Big Big & Great Movie !!!!! This movie will must be released in my city !!

european on Aug 2, 2007


I was invited to the screening. it's great.

Jason on Aug 3, 2007


make an amendment to see this.

G.W.B on Aug 3, 2007


I saw it! Great! Great CG!! and quite funny! the story's a bit funny(should hv paid more attention to minor things), but the CG's just perfect! As good as the lord of the ring! I totally Luv the Imoogi and the Dragon.. Gees, Soooo Cooooooooool!

Clare on Aug 3, 2007


"i love Korean movies" What a remarkable comment!

Mark on Aug 3, 2007


Some commented .. it looks like ass.. -> Gosh~ u guys have some asses that looks like a dragon?. Wow.. What and Mark at the above, you have no~~ idea what Korean Movies are like these days, you ignorant ass. In film industry, all admires their recent innovative advancements and creativities. Go get some books and reviews, and get updated you silly prejudiced dumbfuck.

Greg on Aug 3, 2007


? ??????... ??? ?? ??? ?? ???? ????? ?? ??? ?? ??... ?????... ??? ??? ??? ????... ????... ???? ?? ??? ??? ???? ??? ????? ????? ???..

?? on Aug 3, 2007


i hope the movie will work way better than the poster.i feel kinda sort of those massive flow of entertainment just engulfing my anatomics...

dragon_lair on Aug 3, 2007


Hey,Greg I meant Korean movies are great! Don't take it wrong way. Check out the posting #8 by freak... andy. I just make fun of that andy.. yes, i saw the footage and it looks great! I heard the transformer was originally made in Korea, too!

mark on Aug 4, 2007


Well, Finally I saw this movie.. Well, don't make any kinda judgement before U actually see this movie.. Good or bad will be upto U.. In my point of view, its great..

Jay on Aug 4, 2007


Well, Finally I saw this movie.. Don't make any kinda judgement before U actually see this movie.. Good or bad will be upto U.. In my point of view, its great..

Jay on Aug 4, 2007


Well, Finally I saw this movie.. Don't make any kinda judgement before U actually see this movie.. My point of view, its great movie..

Jay on Aug 4, 2007


Saw it last night in Seoul.. one of the worst movies i have ever seen .. acting is awful.. storyline awful.. character development awful... cgi's are messed up.. just watch the sky in the fighting scene in Korea and you'll understand.. there are many other korean movies better than this.. watch Silmido or Memories of Murder if you want to watch a decent Korean move

john on Aug 4, 2007


i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

becca on Aug 4, 2007


I saw it today. If u just like to see a great visual effects, D-war won't disappoint you. But, those who loves well-made storytelling could be unhappy with the poor scenario.

vdude on Aug 4, 2007


to me, it is worth watching. i took my gf to see that movie and she liked it very much. i didn't expect much but it was rather touching! you will see what i mean if you see this movie. cool!

phil on Aug 4, 2007


Very good movie! It wont let you down.. just go get a ticket ! I really like Korean movies ! those are just awesome no matter what !

Sadie on Aug 5, 2007


Good korean movie. i like korean movies^^

emma on Aug 5, 2007


Wow.. Very very Good!!

Linda on Aug 5, 2007


Saw it this afternoon. Wished I hadn't. Quite the most appalling piece of film-making I've ever seen. The plot is awful, the dialogue terrible and the acting wooden when it rises above the plain mediocre. By comparison, Anaconda 2 looks like Oscar-winning material.

Steve on Aug 5, 2007


OK. just saw it last night... it BLEW CHUNKS. I agree with Steve. dialogue, charcter dev is non-existant, and directing were probably the WORST parts. First movie in a long time at the theaters that I was really annoyed I paid money to see. Would have been a decent rental...maybe or fine if caught it on the sci-fi channel late night before infomercials came on. Sorry....but I WANTED it to be good, but at best it was like a really good episode of the Power Rangers. The CGI was good...but inconsistent. Some CGI scenes were GREAT (like the last one, and the crawling up the building)...but that's about it. In others, the dragon just seemed like CGI (like jarjar in SW). About the level you see on every fantasy/sci-fi on the Alice channel or Sci-Fi channel everyday now. or just bad (the dead elephant looked like something you buy at the halloween store.) Heck, the battle scene in the city actually seemed like the battle in Star Wars Ep. 1...only instead of annoying JarJar get laughable PowerRanger baddies. The acting was misery. both korean and English parts. The evil soldiers were seriously right outta power rangers, along with their leader.... me and the gf were actually laughing whenever they came out. The US soldiers side was laughable at how simplistic they were (cave battle where SWAT attack fight the bad power rangers was hilarious...NOT in a good way). the worst was...sorry to say this as I am Korean and so wanted him to do well..was the Directing. It was like amatuer night at the NYC flunkie film school. Plot was convulted and choppy. Jumped from one scene to the next with plot flow (random scene changes -- why was she in the hospital? where the heck was the last scene supposed to be? why they sippin coffee with a dragon chasin them?, characters entering and disappearing ( friend dead... no a word. who is the lady character SUPPOSED TO BE that drives over evil power ranger bad guy helping them drive off? etc etc). You REALLYREALLY REALLY gotta go see it ONLY for the special effects IF you for some reason compelled to see it. on the upside... I think it'd make a cool video game. lol.

GrendelKhan on Aug 5, 2007


GrendelKhan, y dont u make the best movie(that u think its perfect) if u noe so much bout the movies, lol i just cant wait til that happen πŸ˜› will be great huh? it seems like u NOE very well bout the movies by the way u just write a sentence so certainly whether its good or bad, misery or amazing, worst or best, n wtever, y dont u try , ^^? huh~~? it will just be so easy for u to make the "BEST" movie with ur own point of view n prejudice, rite ? lol wt a

carol on Aug 6, 2007


Carol, I can tell you are Korean. WRITE IN KOREAN. It looks even worse for us when you try to make an argument in English. Seriously. 1. I don't need to be a Director or make a movie or be a "movie expert" to know its bad. Some movies do that all by themselves. 2. Just cause it was Korean-made and I'm Korean doesn't mean I have to like it. You shouldn't feel the need to either. Its embarrassing when we all blindly support a movie that I'll bet ANYONE the Transformer's budget that it will flop and get PANNED in the US once it opens. There is no way around it. 3. Oldboy, The Host and others... plenty of GOOD KOREAN MOVIES. this is just not one of them. Sorry. So, come back here in a few months after it gets railed and see if you still want to post "FIGHTING!" words.

GK on Aug 6, 2007


I heard, Over 2 Million people watched D War in first 2 days in Korea. And 3 million in 5 days. Good Movies~ Thank you

AppleBee on Aug 6, 2007


yup. its breaking or matching all kinds of records here. We koreans are very good at nationialistic support... warranted or not. Most my friends that saw if you press them, say the same: bad story etc., good cgi...but don't want to admit it out loud and say just to support it for more worldwide recognition. They don't seem to get that they should be supporting a GOOD movie. sigh. Just do a quick search for ANY review in English from a non-korean.... they all say the same thing I did.... Decent/sufficient F/x (if not necessarily ground-breaking), but bad movie (everything else). so ppl can flame me all the want.. I'm not above "I told you so" later once it hits the US. look here's another korean with a more objective review (this guy was dead on imo). There are more. again, just search. note which one's are from my fellow koreans and which and which one's aren't. it'll become clear.

GK on Aug 6, 2007


Well, even though it may not be a good movie, I think it can be a nice try to mimic Hollywood blockbuster like King Kong. Actually, these kind of movies don't need any detail story. It is enough for fun during two hours and fantastic(?) CG like transformer. Of course, it will not be better than transformer but it looks enough as not a Hollywood movie based on trailer

James on Aug 6, 2007


Agreed. It is GREAT to see level of Korean f/x ability up to SUFFICIENT global standards. END. I was hoping to be the case, that at least I could just watch the action. I've watched plenty of movies just for the action... like ALL kung-fu flicks. But the bad parts were pretty unbearable. so much so that it made the "fun" parts...welll... not so fun. The CGI, honestly, wasn't anything new or groundbreaking nowadays.. SUFFICIENT for sure. but the last dragon is only on for 2 minutes.... and skyscraper for 1. not worth bearing teh rest of it. that said, I did my patriotic part, paid for the tickets and saw it. As I think it is fair for other Koreans to do and expect of eachother (apparently they've done so enough as is). But you'll need a heckuvah lot more than flag waving to get to me to PAY to see it again. Maybe pay ME to see it instead of the otherway around. late night with nothing but oprah reruns? sure I'll probably watch the city battle and end again. rest REALLY doesn't ever need to be seen twice.

GK on Aug 6, 2007


GK, take it easy, you sould like those 'exclusive' and 'sophisticated' Korean movie makers and critics who, despite the sky shooting ticket sales, hate the movie with pure passion. I have no doubt it will not be the best movie, but there are reasons why Korean folks go nuts and defensive over this movie. From what i hear, over in Korea, the 'battle' between the 'sophisticated' critics and the audience has become more political. Because the director wasn't a film school grad (which shows in many of his movies), because he insists in movies for younger audience, because he used to be a comedian, the whole movie industry seems to love to destroy his movies, when the korean audience actually enjoys the movie (director Shim's movie is known to sell). It's this summer's cheesiesst shit, probably wih bad synops and bad acting, bad directing... all those typical bads from the typical summer shit movies. For being a shit movie lover, i wouldn't mind watching a silly giant snake destroying LA streets. Whats so big deal. Let's not compare this movie with Jurassic Park, it is just not the same genre movie, its just a good and fun foreign film.

Long John on Aug 7, 2007


defintely spoken like someone that hasn't seen it, nor knows anything about korea (lemme guess... all second hand knowledge?). I'm on KOrean boards so I konw what the issues are.... its not that at all. that's all bs blah blah. Even my friends (koreans) say "I know its not good...just see it cause we have to support Shim" and say they do it cause the like him. I do too. doesn't mean I like the movie though. I'm able to draw that line where others seem not to. but that's neither here nor there. Look...the whole "just enjoy" or don't analyze or expect oscars from action movies/sci-fi thing or so bad its good b-movie campy fun thing is NOT lost upon me. BELIVE ME I'm not a one of those critics who can't just sit back and watch things blow up. I got in the reverse argument about Transformers, Die Hard, Kung-fu hustle, ANY jet li movie, or hell Aragon and slew of others about that..... all which I enjoyed fine. just go with it!! blah blah. But its not even that. Its not a bad in a good way. The bad is just bad. And the good (cool dragon CGI scenes) takes up 10 minutes of the movie. you do the math. Even the battle scene was such a LOTR and Star Wars knock off it was distracting with no "wow" fun impact. I kept expecting..heck...WANTING JarJar too jump out any second (how sad is THAT?) LOL. But you hit the problem at the end... IF it was a foreign film taking place in KOrea with Korean actors etc.. I'd probably have liked it as "good foreign film fun" (er...local film for me). But its NOT a foreign film....all American actors and battle in LA. I don't care its a foreign Director... BUT YOU CAN TELL (not in a good way). Ang Lee or John Woo but love their movies and think are 100000x better than this. I don't care if he went to film school and is an amatuer...BUT YOU CAN TELL (not in a good way). Give my Blair Witch or Kevin Smith (ala Clerks anyday). shitty acting, shitty blahblah as with the other summer movies? I WISH it was that GOOD!! You want to just watch giant snake destroy! me too!! But then watch the youtube clips when someone inevitably uploads em.... cause note: you are talking 10 minutes of "quality" that vs 1:30 of torturous dialogue of what chaaracters pulled right out of the Korean stereotype of the US--from the way the soldiers are to how the hospital plays out etc etc. (That's from an "insiders" view btw. Shim is NOT a US-born-bred Korean. He is a Korean guy with a view US. You'd have to be korean and live here to see as clear as I do.) Lets just say, if you just want mindless fun....GREAT! but are going to be singing the same song when you PAY and take your night out to go see it in the theater just to see 10 minutes of it? I bet you won't feel as "just good fun" as you do now--second hand and not having seen it yet. =============== Also, last, PLEASE UNDERSTAND MY CONTEXT.... the whole thing wouldn't be a big deal IF: -- my fellow korean enthusiasts weren't overhyping , exaggerating and so dang blindly overblowing expectations (no...ASSUMING WITH PREJUDICE) for it to do well in the US so much. Fine that we are break box-office here....but its just plain idiotic tthat everyone believes and is so damn RIGHTEOUS about it doing it with "better than hollywood can do", will definitely beat Transformers in Boxoffice, "amazing ground-breaking cgi" talk. Serious. THat's what they say. THAT is what I am talking/dealing with. which is OBVIOUSLY just pride and screaming at the wind. You even said its not "jurassic park" wihout seeing it.... if you said that'd get stoned, tarded feathered, and beaten. I WISH this were just about "enjoy" the silly snake rampage in LA movie. If you listen to the hype here, this is akin to our next national treasure and herald to a movie superpowerdom and saying anything to the contrary is akin to high treason. I'm serious. I've had people calling me a "f---ckin ahole" sh---t korean traitor for post exactly what I did. like... WTF does hatin on a movie have to do with patriotism? I even point other Korean movies I think are great. you getting the idea here? so again, PLENTY OF GOOD KOREAN MOVIES but just about ANYONE's standard, THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE if we were pushing any rather than this one. Just like taht other reviewer..I went from.."ugh bad movie" to pissed that for whatever reason this has become our "flagship" movie to Hollywood and global redeptmtion. Let me stress, that's what you do NOT understand... that YES, that is how it is pushed and is believed to be here. And yes, people will be SADLY mistaken. Soooooooooooooooo, I'm doing my part is DISASSOCIATING this movie from that overblown pride talk. Its embarassing. DO....please do, APPRECIATE the milestone for Kroean f/x abilities reach ADEQUATE and SUFFICIENT levels for Hollywood (sorry, but definitely NOT surpass). They even said that in VARIETY (which is the Hollywood industry rag for those that didnt' know). But also, please ignore my naive countrymen for their MISPLACED enthusiam. Look to other GREAT Korean films out there for your "fun foreign film" quota.

GK on Aug 7, 2007


I am Korean myself, and to describe this movie in a short sentence, it's "as good as Transformer." Top-notch CG and music/sound (same music director as in Transformer, CG is all Korean technics), but don't expect a storyline of, let's say the LOTR. I still think the storyline is better and more complecated than Transformer, but you need to be familiar with the oriental concept of reincarnation (born again in later generation?) in order to fully understand the plot. Anyways, it's not a perfect moive for everyone, but a great one for SF/CG lover like myself.

Paul on Aug 7, 2007


"as good as the Transformers???" are on crack. please shhhh!! you are embarassing us.

gk on Aug 7, 2007


and ps. thank you for proving my point. see that long jon? "as good as the Transformers" and paul probalby isn't even a fanboy. its usually much much more exaggerated talk. "hollywood is dead", "it will be a blockbuster hit in the US!!" "Break records!").... here's a good quote from another KOREAN from rottentomatoes: and here's ANOTHER from rottentomatoes: ================== Originally Posted by hcseoin I am 25 years old Korean and I totally agree with you guys. They are using patriotism to make their money. I think they know this movie will fail in the US market and this is the reason they release this movie in Korea earlier than in the US. If this movie release in US first, there will be no patriotism because there will be a proof this is a complete failure. But this is just a movie. So take it easy. I think this is relatively harmless compare to Bush using patroitism to gain political support and invoke the war or Abe using nationalism to harrassing war time victims. ================== minus the political soapbox at the end....there you have it.

GK on Aug 7, 2007


Guys Guys lets be positive about the potential in those who everything else there exists positive and negative reactions.........and these are people we are talking about....directors who try...and give it a shot......i think all directors deserve credit for at least trying.....they all deserve it and so does the director who produced D war...... Lets not forget that this movie is making controversy both in Korea, The USA and possibly in other nations in the future. We are criticising and supporting it because we are interested in movies and discussing these topics, but please always keep in your mind. and ask your self the your negative reaction finally going to distroy to film maker or support him. If you realize that the gathering of bad critisizim could break the heart of this man who made D WAR.......than lets stop this action at once. In the end of the day......note to your-selves that movies are only a source of entertainment........, Entertainment which one man struggles so hard for he wishes to try his best to provide us with fun............I believe that for just this action alone he deserves credit and respect from society whether you like it or not......lets look at the brighter side of life and have a big heart. I

ilho kim on Aug 7, 2007


ROFL! there is no controversy. this movie sux. period. the controversy is what could possible make someone over the age of 13 like this movie. So, you say don't criticize the movie cause "it'll break the Director's heart"??!?!! OMFG STFU. I hope it does... so HE'LL NEVER MAKE MOVIES AGAIN and stop wasting people's time. You took his last bio message too seriously at the end of the movie. SUCKER. that was so pathetic I wanted to stab him for writing it. you just made we want to flame it MORE. how desparate was it to play on our sympathies to like a movie? how pathetic is is that it worked on so many? yah yah I'm cruel. but if he can't handle flames on a review post... then he is in the wrong business (as his crappy movie proves).

gk on Aug 7, 2007


okay GK he's not perfect but niether is everyone is only a reflection of your self....if your so cruel well.....your not perfect either in my point of view...... maybe they should make a blog about you critizing you and wanting to kill you...... im sure you would probably say.." i dont care"....well what if some one does?. im sure your going to reply this message, but hey!!...if your dead theres no point in replying is there?.

ilho kim on Aug 7, 2007


gk, i was just wondering, dont u think u talk lit too much ;? i dont know why u r being so offensive to ur comts; just take it easy;

ubikiri on Aug 7, 2007


"maybe they should make a blog about you critizing you and wanting to kill you…… im sure you would probably say.." i dont care"….well what if some one does?." I'd be HONORED!! Please do!!! and link it..I'll even help promote it! serious. @ubikiri: no. THIS is entertainment. (as opposed to that movie). LOL ^^

gk on Aug 7, 2007


can i ask u y -_-?; i just wanna noe,

ubikiri on Aug 7, 2007


ps. that wasn't a death threat you n00b. I said I wanted to stab him for his pathetic bio at the end of the movie. as did most people frankly.'re perfect cause you're not willing to call this garbage what it was out sympathy for the Director? OMG you must be a blast to hang out with. When was the last time you got laid? nevermind. I'm sure THAT answer would make me sad for you much more than Shim. Anyway... I didn't want perfect... but I did want a movie where i didn't want someone to stab MY eyes out for having made me watch that crap. let me know when you're done with your blog.

gk on Aug 7, 2007


kseki on Aug 7, 2007


ubikiri: why what? oh... Best D-War review ever

gk on Aug 7, 2007


It is ery good movie. A friend of mine says... You must see this movie!! I believe my firend and I will see it at the thearter~~ You guys~~!! you should be there~!!

Ryan on Aug 7, 2007


it is an excellent film and i so much want to watch it!!!

jimmy on Aug 7, 2007


If you don't want see D-war Than you don't see that movie. I think D-war is good.

CRZ on Aug 8, 2007


It's really weird that the 'patriotism' is mentioned with such great magnitude only with this one film. Those of you who know about Korean movie industry would know better. People(filmmaking related, of course) demonstrate from time to time, pleading to the general population to watch their film, instead of foreign film. They even shave their hair to show their seriousness. That is a textbook example of 'pleading for patriotism' It was there even before 'D-War' was even dreamed of. Almost all Korean films were somewhat affected by it. The issue concerning 'D-War' is, of course, partly those, but it also shows public's defensive posture about the film and it's director. Even before It was out in the theater, so called 'professional critics' trashed this film, to the point of putting it below some of the 'for-real crap' film which immediately dissappeared from theather upon opening. (At least D-War had some decent CG scenes. Those crap had nothing to show at all) Furthermore, those critics in conjunction with the 'orthodox' filmmaking faction(also called Choong Moo Ro, which is Korean version of the Hollywood, although much smaller in size) even started attacking director Shim personaly. That really angered his supporters, and they took up the fight to protect Shim. It quickly went from civilized debate to 'bashing each other' fight, which is what's happening right now in Korea. As you all know, the CG technology in 'D-War' is purely domestic(I mean Korean), done by the CG studio Shim created, and it's really their first try. (For those of you who are curious about the CG in 'The Host', it was done in US) He could have had the CG done in US, just like 'The Host', but he wanted to be able to do the same thing domestically, enabling the future film to benefit from it. That kind of explains huge amount of money went into creating D-War. Large part of that went into these infrastructure nessesary to make the film. I believe the actual cost for the movie alone would be around $30 million, which is still alot, but not even close to that of 'Transformer' I'm not saying the film is stunningly great. don't get me wrong. It has it's own flaws(rather serious ones), but it also had its merit(however small that is) Although it had some fresh story to tell, it was delivered in a poor method, which really caused the problems. If the method of the delivery was better, the movie as a whole would have been much better. It might sound like a lame excuse, since he is saying that 'he will compete in world market' while 'D-War' doesn't seem to live up to the expectation. But the fact still remains. He created the only CG studio that could possibly(in the future, maybe) compare to those of Hollywood. Add the fact that there are no other CG studio in Korea that is dedicated to filmmaking, and I can understand why the film shows such serious flaws. All of that while being called 'idiot, scammer, and lier.' He endured those hellish 6 years. Of course, it doesn'tautomatically mean he is a great director. That part he has to show with his film, and I believe although this film showed a small possibility, he still has a lot to learn to turn out a good film. Well, I watched the film, and I enjoyed those CG battle scenes, while barely holding my temper to endure the serious flaws in storytelling. It made me wonder of the film was originally 4 hours long with 3 1/2 hours of it cut out to fit the running time of 90mins. (Imagine a 2000 pieces zig-saw puzzle with about half of the pieces missing. that about explains it. Some portion looks quite good, but you never get to finish it becuase there is not enogh pieces to go) It is defenitely not a bluck-buster, but I don't think it's crap either. For Hollywood standard, it may be quite bad, but as a first try on hollywood-style film in Korea, I Think it will do fine. I hope his next try to be much better, though. P.S. Oh, BTW, I'm a Korean, though you would have already noticed from my flaws in writting.

zephyr on Aug 8, 2007


GK.......kiddo im married......i think your the one who didnt get laid yet.....ask any adult or lets say anyone who lived long to know that life is not really about saying things like what you 61 and 66 (stab the director....etc.)....and im sure they'll probably say...."hey who's that KID who's making such a review. And i think your the one who should take it easy kiddo.....if you dont like the movie....just go quietly inside your room, do your school home work....or better YOU go and get laid, you dont even deserve to gat laid kiddo...just bang on your 75 years old crackling door till your weenie gets purple and tell your self that you wont say things like, stabbing the movie director.....promise your self that, then go to sleep with your mickey mouse Pyjamas which probably has a huge hole on the butt area that your daddy made while you were sleeping and im sure you were smiling...... Making a blog review about your criticizm...well i guess thats fine for all, i understand but you cant make death sentences to a director who only tried to you get it?.......its against all humanity kiddo.....tell your mommy you said that, sure she'll take you to her knee and spank you kiddo until you cry...STOP IT MOMMY STOP IT!!!......I WONT SAY THAT AGAIN PROMISE!!!!! Keep IN your yet NOT matured BRAIN that whether YOU like it or not.....and whether ITS good or NOT.....its been decided to be shown in the USA in over 1500 screens......think about it really hard, think and think again..........................thats coz its worth showing. NO matter what you say its showing over 1500 screens and kiddo YoU CaNt StoP tHat nOw Can YoU ?!!????!!?? And i HOPE!!! it will show in over much more SCRREEENS!!!!. Its NOT about what you WANT, IF you are not happy go to the corner and cry your head off. Its all about him trying his best......its all about how hard we all long as we anything thats good to HUMANITY or for our COUNTRY or for our FAMILIES.......they all deserve credit.......not complaints like what you said on blog. 61 and 66....stabbing the director and all....some one should really kick your sure even those who dont like the movie will kick your ugly ass for saying that.....thats a cruel thing to say to anybody. oh yeah and hang around with you?....i dont think so KIDDO, first of all i dont hang around with KIDS and secondly you probably dont have anyfriends see the thing is that intelligent and decent people educated or not.....try to make this life a better body wants to hang around a loser who talks about stabbing and killing someone for just making a movie which you didnt like. you get it now kiddo.

ilho kim on Aug 8, 2007


KIMILHO:... ROFLCOPTER! you DID make a blog for me! decided to post in here for some reason. I'm honored!! But ILHO.... the fact you even replied at that level officially MAKES YOU MY BISH. But a full essay of u trying to prove yourself to me with hiliaroius attempts at actually engaging my comments can mean you want me sexually as well! LOL Awww, I'm touched and yes, very aroused with your projected oedipal complex prose throw at my feet. however, sorry, I don't go that way. The real question is: does your fugly wife know you trying to have gay sex with me and taking up the rear from Shim? PS. What happened to Mr. Perfect "brighter side of life and have big heart" guy? does that apply to us immature children you want to have gay monkey sex with? ROFL. GG SELF-PWNED. ooohhh wait nvm... I get it... you're not done suckin Shim's wee-wee. (heck, u freakin noobs crack me up.... soo easy to get your panties in a twist and exposure your self-righteous hypocracy. ... which makes it all that much funnier. I told ya ubikir. LOL. The irony is lost upon you, I'm sure) GG PWNED again. now stfu before you hurt yourself. ps. do these comment upset you? then say hello to your new, daddy. LOL ================ ZEPHYR: GREAT POST. perhaps best post on the subject to date. I agree... and your background lesson is accurate and well said. But the thing is... its a movie. The movie is the only thing ppl see. This is not Korean film history lesson or a political character debate... ITS A MOVIE REVIEW.... and the movie is in and of itself...IS BAD. No one will watch that movie with thoughts of the context of its history or what sacrifices Shim made or what he did for the Korean film industry by making one but us Koreans. Even the end bio (you must admit) was just the final nail in the coffin. I think you are being waaay too nice when you say it wasn't crap... or let me clarify.... that the NON-cgi parts (ie: storytelling) were not crap. They were. Or else why did you have to hold temp to endure? No other movie NOWADAYS would be saved just on its CGI merits ... that couldn't save Godzilla as that was years ago. nowadays good CGI is NOT enough to make a good movie. Years back that gave you a LOT more slack than it does now. And, come on! even Variety, says it was SUFFICIENT....SUFFICIENT. ADeQUATE. Not groundbreaking. What do people think was ACTUALLY new or groundbreaking from a Hollywood perspective that it deserves such praise? No "bullet-time" breakthrough creations. no real sized model robots. just a cool dragon design. yay. But even the last battle looked better fitted in a moorpg game cut scene than a movie. If this movie was made BY AN AMERICAN DIRECTOR......would koreans have liked it? at all? I bet it would have been gone outta the theaters in a week. As you know, in entertainment, you usually only get one big shot at it. Shim had two. It'll be a miracle if he gets a third. Why would hollywood give him a second? They might give the CGI studio a job, but who'd want him to risk directing their film based on "nice first try"? Yah, producers love wasting their money. Going back, let me clarify something... You are correct about the patriotic flag waving and pleas by the industry are fairly standard course for the Korean film industry and not the first time things have blown up cause if it (recall: the screen quota and choi min shik) ... in fact, I never denied that. But come on.. you know this IS much more extreme than the normal... yes, magnitudes more. Its highlighted in more ways than the screen quota issue was. And I'm not talking about the mud-slinging controversy that plagues all the entertainment news with this now (daum, naver, ytn news etc) between Shim, his fans and the "critics"... nor about how fair or unfair his treatment was. Those issues, I agree, are IRRELEVANT to the actual quality of the movie.... which even you stated...are NOT up to par (yet?). What I'm really complaining about is how we (the korean flag wavers and/or Shim fanboys and even Shim) ARE trying to put this on the world/Hollywood stage... when it will be nothing but a small blip on the radar of fantasy B-movie to the rest of world...and SHOULD be. And yes, by doing so, it highlights the nationalist aspects of the issue because, YES, we DO look silly and like naive kids when all the world sees is "Its better thatn LOTR and the TRANSFORMERS!!" "Korean movies are great this will expode in Hollywood boxoffice" and other overblown statemetns major internet outlets. It will be worse when its actually released. *yah overall even that has little effect... but I'm speaking within the level of the existing battlelines.* Support for other movies was always just support... not coupled with delusions of granduer and overblown "better than transformers!" "hollywood is dead" statments. that's the difference. and that's ALL they see on the "outside" (US and international). Everyone has taken sympathy for him and projected into over tolerance and LIKING the movie. What I'm saying is we gotta stop that. Really. The overblown talk is proportionate to the hype and controversary surrounding the movie, but DIS-proportionate to the actual quality of the movie. Look at all the already bigotted comments vs. Koreans and warnings against Koreans biasing the votes etc. yes, we've done that before...but at least those movies were GOOD (eg: oldboy, marathon, host). It DOES have an effect...if small. So, thus, do my posts planting COUNTER-INTEL (so to speak) that MANY koreans are NOT supportive or caught up in sentiments towards Shim (I actually feel for the guy and WANTED to support what he was trying to do until he came up with "will compete in the world market" type statemenst (which fueled the fire). "Liar, scammer" etc? No, he's not that, imo. But sorry, not a good Director either. Look, I have no doubt his sacrifice, ie: THIS MOVIE, might pave the way for Korean CGI in the future with other projects.... and think his using/making a Kroean movie dedicated CGI production studio IS significant and a maybe someday recognized as a improtant milestone to KOREA. TO KOREA is the operative phrase. The fact is.. the ONLY redeeming qualities of this movie IS the cgi and that it MAY lead to future roads for Korean CGI. this did NOTHING for building his reputation as a Director though. you seem ration yet say "while barely holding my temper to endure the serious flaws in storytelling." . how is that good? But again, unforutnatlye for us, Hollywood or a US audience who has NO idea the background, will have no incentive or desire in evaluting this movie as "progress" in the context of korean film history. And will be equally NON-forgiving of him, much less rewarding, for "a good first try". This isn't a job performance review so he can get a promotion to manager at the firm. We should get over ourselves and our sympathies... STOP the overprideful delusions of granduer statements...... and admit this JUST appreciate that he may have started opportunities for Korea CGI.... but really...nothing else. that is, we realy gotta stop embarassing ourselves and the movie burn on its own.

gk on Aug 8, 2007


my bad...wrong urls: for Mr Perfect who wants my c0ck: and of course, for the D-War fanboys: who said the internet wasn't fun? LOL

gk on Aug 8, 2007


47. GK. I respect what you think of D-War and others about Korea and Koreans. I strongly believe that you are a young Korean Amerincan. If you want to be respected by others, Please remain in silence. If you are really successful Korean American, you don't have to criticise D-war and other Koreans. What you telling is showing us how much you struggle to fit in both American and Korean society. Unfortunately, I know that you can't fit in both Korean and American main stream. you will be an forever outsider if you keep criticise and deny your root.

Mike on Aug 9, 2007


ROFL! nice try!! but no cigar!! (wanna compare passports? LOL). Mike, please stop projecting your own personal insecurities and inferiority complex onto others. I'm sorry that you have not been able shed your FOBness and join the rational non-sentimental head-up-SHim-rectum international community. Your silence would have served you well in that regard. LOL. but humouring you for sec... "If you are really successful Korean American, you don't have to criticise D-war and other Koreans." wtf does one have to do with the other? Why do you people think this has ANYTHING to do with anything other than THE MOVIE SUCKED DONKEY BALLS (outside of a few minutes of CGI)? And that FELLOW KOREANS have to on crack or are flagwaving FOBs with a American complex and delusions granduer to say otherwise. Hmm.. which are you? When you say Im struggling to fit in the main stream... it makes it seem obvious that you are in fact resolving some issues with a korean-american girlfriend who dumped you or with child you sent off to America that doesn't listen to daddy anymore? I'm sad for you. But hang in there. AT LEAST by your account, you are a "successful main stream Korean (or American)" cause you didn't crticize D-War or probably posted "You should see this movie! It is great! Shim worked very hard! FIGHTING!!". er... who's the one in denial here? ROFL. so.. psychoanalyze my posts all you want... you are crawling up the wrong fruedian tree. No amount of cheering or pleading or calling to our one-spirit is gunna get around the fact this movie will fail in a hail of fire and brimstone when it hits the States. D-WAR stands for the war of DENIAL of the truth: it was infuriatingly bad. ========= PS. btw, Mike, avoiding the criticism doesn't make you a patriot. Talking with anyone the office or around... and well... get passed the 30 secs of "support Shim" sentiments...and 90% of em agree that the movie was BAD, disappointing and US blockbuster talk is embarrassing and well, just supporting for the sake of supporting it. look what was posted at rottentomatoes by other "insiders" (since want to believe I'm on the outside)L ================== Originally Posted by hcseoin I am 25 years old Korean and I totally agree with you guys. They are using patriotism to make their money. I think they know this movie will fail in the US market and this is the reason they release this movie in Korea earlier than in the US. If this movie release in US first, there will be no patriotism because there will be a proof this is a complete failure. ================== ================== posted by hcseoin Koreans usually do not allow exceptions. You have to be a majority to survive. It is hard to expect generosity toward minority (such as race, gender and/or disability). Right now, you have to praise D-war not to be labeled as a traitor. Yes. It’s crasy. But this is exactly what happens in Korea. I am a Korean and I feel shame. Similar thing was happened when MBC tackles Dr. Hwang Woo Suk. Apparantly, no one learned lesson from here. ================== hmm... since no way they are Korean since they posted that... maybe they were beaten by their Dad, or are Korean-American or worse... Korean-Chinese or seomtehing!! eitherway, they are obviosly seeking acceptance. whatcha think, Doc? ROFL. gg pwned again.

gk on Aug 9, 2007


???? ????.

ma jihyun. on Aug 9, 2007



ma jihyun. on Aug 9, 2007


, Me it saw because is a Korean. This motion picture. By a patriotism it makes and it is a position motion picture. Good Arirang!

ma jihyun. on Aug 9, 2007


see? thank you jihyun... you just proved my point. misplaced patriotism. zephyr... you were saying? proof is in the pudding. *sigh* btw, mike analyze this: you are a tool. did I say that wanting respect from someone? or cause you are, in fact, a tool.

gk on Aug 9, 2007


see? thank you jihyun... you just proved my point. misplaced patriotism. zephyr... you were saying? proof is in the pudding. *sigh* btw, mike analyze this: you are a tool. did I say that wanting respect from someone? or cause you are, in fact, a tool. hmm..

gk on Aug 9, 2007


gk...nobody cares what u shut-up...and..if u have time to write a such a long comment..go and study

KL on Aug 9, 2007


what's the point of fighting in here? This place is for leaving comments about the moives not about Korean patriotism. I havn't watched the movie yet, so I can't say if it was good or not, but one thing for sure is that everyone has different point of view of watching the movie. I am not saying who is bad or not but if gk thinks that the movie was bad, then we leave it at that. This doesn't mean that the movie is really bad some people could have really liked it, and yes I know that this movie involves Korea patriotism and stuff, but what I am trying to say is that..just leave a comment about the movie, and there is not point of fighting in here.

S.H.D.N on Aug 9, 2007


yeah..:p cool down gk and all of u.. there's no need 4 fights... gz..

PJ on Aug 9, 2007


To: GK GK i can see by your comments and by your actions that you are pissed as hell, i can also see what your trying to do typing so hard on your keyboard trying to piss me off.......huhuhu.......well its not working. first of all you really need to read the sentences carefully understand it (the meaning )and memorize it before replying a blog..........your calling me a gay!.....but YOU!!! seemed to have forgotten that i am married!!!!! your such a stupid kid....... im sure all the people reviewing this blog knows that your the one who started the flame by turning into a cyber terrorist and saying that you want to stab the director............."YOU SHOULDNT SAY SUCH THINGS KIDDO", those kind of statements are wrong to say beyond the internet. Secondly...calling my wife fugly?.......huhu......your such a kid.......what am i going to do with you.... hey................................................if you dont like the i said...thats fine with everyone....but making comments like stabbing the director.........hey i have something to tell yeah. "GROW UP!!!...........and tell your whore like mother whos actually the sister of your JINDU dog like punk father to go and spank you in the MARU (living room).which probably looks like a prostitute sure your going to reply this go on.... I hope they spank you with a cover of the D-WAR movie,......your gonna hate that arent you...hahaha. and about patriotism....well i think thats a good thing......nothing wrong about loving your own country.........patriotism is what made KOREA what it is today and i hope the new generation dont forget where there roots came from how how hard they tried.....some are even trying today.....they deserve respect........for at least trying. GK............your not patriotic...i know that.......well dont call yourself a korean until you do buddy.....and even if you do call your self a will be a discrace to all koreans....koreans are not people who go around saying that they will stab people for just making a movie they didnt like...............if you cant see things with a big heart and open mind...........WELL as i said before....go study KOREAN HISTORY......learn some dignity towards your own blood and where it came from and learn to talk nicley......... UNTIL YOU HAVE LEARNT AT LEAST THAT.........your just a low life punk rebelling against the korean spirit and what humanity tries best to protect...... which is.................."FREEDOM".............thats freedom to live, not freedom to kill........especially people of your same blood, which i know is you motto and agenda in the heart. THATS WRONG KIDDO........GET SOME SPANKING>>AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK WHICH I KNOW YOU"LL NEVER PASS..........

D-warrior on Aug 9, 2007


hey, gk on Aug. no tool. no tool~~:(

ma jihyun on Aug 9, 2007


Graphic directness it developed!

ma jihyun. on Aug 9, 2007


gk, You a Korean? Anger it is born why?

jihyun. korea. on Aug 9, 2007


TO ALL KOREANS patriots This movie was dedicated for all koreans and all other nationalities as a form of artist entertainment, ofcourse im sure some will not call it artistic...but please ask your self the question..."what is artistic and what is not?" has many different points of views but in the end of the day its not a gun or a knife thats threatening our lives..............................................if we are someone with the knowledge of korean movie HISTORY.....than we should also come to the understanding that this movie will go into HISTORY...........maybe its not to your expectation...thats fine, but i think when we calculate things from what we like and dont like,,,,,,what is great and what is not so great,,,,,,well i think a intelligent person would find that it is important to know first hand where the korean movie industry is standing in the international market before we make such calculations.........., it is from that stand point in which we must make our decisions...... Support from the knowledge of the stand point is truly important for greater achievment....especially from those who know that truth..............and im sure all koreans know where we are standing............Hey you know what?, all movies have their flaws........i watch alotta movies.....korean, american and international.....and even the best movies have their flaws.......its a normal thing to know because at the end of the day....the world is now a small community and things are all transparent..................................but D-WAR was different...................lets not compare it other international movies..............we are not dumb......we know where we stand...............if for example ..............a poor nation like somalia has a talented director who produced "the host".........well thats an achievment i would say........i would never criticize the movie, when we critcize a movie keep in your mind the amount of advantage and disadvantages but try to support the equation with the market...also try to beforehand predict the effect of market in the future for further achiement........................if you agree this is a correct calculation....................... than i would say D-WAR was great...its flaws are no different from other blockbusters which ive seen so far with keeping in mind the calculations of the overall which i have explained....................if you dont like the movie even with the calculations.....well......then ask your self why they are showing it over 1500 screens in the USA.........and also ask youself what are the actions of support...........especially after knowing where the korean wave is heading by all the effort our nation has made...................... im not actually interested in the critisicm of those who are not korean...thats coz they dont know the korean market and our history as well we do.........other nations who are wealthy and developed are supported by their power in the marketing sector which continually brings avenues to create anothor great movie and so on............we are drowned by them,........but korea....since it lacks the power of a great movie industry and the currency spent on marketing......needs to stand up, it needs the help of korean bloggers like you who knows the korean market more than anyone else.........and thats more powerfull than anything else.................... as the great korean saying goes........." THE EFFECT OF ONE WORD GOES A LONG WAY" HEY WE ARE NOT FROM ANOTHER NATION..............WE ARE KOREANS.......DO THE RIGHT THING.

ilhokim on Aug 9, 2007


pissed!?!? OMFG, Kim Il-Ho, this is some of the funniest sh!t I've ever read in years!! lololo. And THAT was the funniest, FOBBIEST attempt at a flame I think I've ever read! I gotta copy that email to people at work... they'll get a kick outta it. you just can't make that stuff up. ahahahahahahaha So THANK YOU! I needed the laugh and to be proven right AGAIN about what a hypocritical, lame-ass embarassment of a wannabe self-righteous Korean patriot you are. Not to mention soooo in the closet that even your MAKE-BELIEVE wife is in denial *(now THAT's sad. You'd think the Shim c0ck in your mouth would have been a good clue...but anyway). So bow down, bish! Your daddy is here cause I've suckered ya into flaming again. ROFLCOPTER!! GG. SELF-PWNAGE!! this is soo appropriate: LOLLERSKATES!! Do you even know what that means? Nvm... based on your reply I can tell you actually didn't even understand most of my post's content (I'll wait as you run off to look this stuff up on the internet). It seems, Mr. Kim Il-Ho, perhaps YOU are the one that needs to go study....and LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH... or at least, learn enough so you can flame without sounding like a f4g and child... which u do. LMAO. hey and what's with all the spanking of young boys talk? That some kinda of sick fantasy of yours or freudian slip? *shiver* That's just creepy dood. Did you know creep is a vine? and vines are what grapes grow on. Right? well than this should make you a fine wine. What? obviously, I don't know I'm talking about which of course is true and that should be mean you have no clue. And that's the glory of this as you try to analze the value of a good internet wine and WTF I just said...or didn't. ROFL. (INSET: Best part is I even keep openly saying I'm purposely makin digs outta pure entertainment... and Mr. Patriot Kim Il-Ho D-warrior is STILL getting all upset and serious about it. What a tangled web we weave. watch this...) Yah! babo seki-ah!! You do know that you are making yourself look even stupider with FOBBY wannabe insults and being a such fookin hypocrite? Even stupidier than you did by defending the crap movie and making this a patriotism issue.... which is pretty impressive. Yes, you managed to TRY to directly make this an argument of patriotism... proving my point AGAIN. Heck, I should get a MEDAL for being a fookin AWESOME Korean patriot by representing the SANE part of movie viewing population without a flag-up-my-a$s and head-up-Shim's. btw, I bet I'm older than you, my wife is prettier, NOT in the closet and my dad can beat up your dad. ($100 he replies to that not knowing appreciating the ironic sarcasm. who's wants to bet?)

GK on Aug 9, 2007


o m f g. Kim Ilho posted some long text which I assume is a pathetic plea and call to korean patriotism for for A MOVIE (which no way in hell I'm gunna actually read)... how fooking sad can you be? I mean, that's pretty damn pathetic (more so even than Shim's bio at the end of the movie)! I guess I AM one of the only sane Koreans in here (Zephyr and hcseoin) and TRUE Korean patriot... cause apparently, I am one of the few Koreans not suckin Shim's c0ck and with balls enough to just say how BAD the movie was... and leave it at that without needing to shove flags up everyone's backdoors. You know, Kim Ill-Hobish, I've seen very few people who are bigger tools on the internet, but you take the cake. You are an embarrassment to FOBBY Koreans and good flaming everywhere. LMAO. So I give up...You win! You did the one thing that though wasn't possible.. you made this BORING. ROFL. Have fun with that getting support for that manifesto ... just be sure to frame it when D-WAR burns in humiliation at that US box-office. btw, GG PWNED ---------- @ ma jihyun: I called KimIlho a tool. not you. ~_^;;

gk on Aug 9, 2007


Why are these people so serious about's just a movie. can't understand....fools~

rupidm on Aug 9, 2007


can't believe all these are about A MOVIE if ur curious enough to care, go and watch it if not, don't dat simple may be it's some sort of a marketing power, patriotism or pure curiosity made you watch it but it did make you watch it, that's the power of Mass media. if you didn't like it, dat's good, u've got an eye for a decent storytelling movie if you enjoyed it, dat's also good, u're a true SF fan, also buying non-american CGI

MK on Aug 10, 2007


No matter what you guys say, those who are interested in this movie will watch it, and those who aren't, won't. It's so natural for those who enjoyed this movie to recommend it, and for those who didn't criticize it. But anyhow, I don't think that would have much influence to others' decision whether to watch it or not. They've already made more than half of their mind when they saw the trailor and poster, haven't they? At least I did. But one thing: I think posting one's opinion is no problem, but it shouldn't exceed the line of making others feel offended or upset. Actually, to me, these hot debates rather acted in a way of intriguing my curiosity. I'd like to go to watch D-war if I can have some spare time. (The problem is... I can hardly find any chance to visit cinema) Calm down you guys... movie is movie. One has tried to take his imagination world outside of his brain, this world doesn't necessarily have to be liked by every other person, but doesn't have to be so severely criticized, either.

Chris on Aug 10, 2007


Steve Jablonsky joined the movie with a Korean pork song, "Arirang", he magnificently arranged. I imagine his OST'll match the action of dragons and other characters in "Dragon-War" so well as the action of robots in "Transformer".

geniboy on Aug 10, 2007


I'm Korean. I'm in US. I'm so proud of my country and D-War. I haven't watch yet. BUt I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DIDN'T THEY RELEASE IN US FIRST? I listened ARIRANG today. And I cried. So so impressed. No matter what! It will be good. The trailer looks amazing!!FUcking awesome!!!!!! and I think american will like that so much. I'm pretty sure. I love KOREA!

Mina on Aug 10, 2007


The critics who say unconsiderd words are all bad eggs. Sim could live as a rich because he was a tremedous gagman. But he has a ambition for SF movie which can appeal to the world. No korean dared to make a SF movie of only ours skill. In fact, we had not CG skill at all, at least before D-war. People who fairly envious of Sim's success are really insane now. Such cowards.. This movie is a revolution by Sim's passion. Too see is to believe.

korean on Aug 11, 2007


Tuely this movie's plot sux and it has a lot of weak point as a movie. But I think it's worth to watch for last 30min. CG is Coooool. Go Dragon~! πŸ™‚ For more interest, visit You can watch the new Trailer for U.S.

Chris on Aug 10, 2007


oh, D-War God!

Jaeun on Aug 11, 2007


It's the revolution of science fiction movie.(i am korean kkk) the supervisor Sim is really great because the movie is very good and fantastic. i recommend you to watch the movie.

dong in on Aug 11, 2007


this gk dude needs a life. why dont you write a damm book? This dude is so sensitive his comments are like a storytelling. If you dont like the movie just keep it to yourself. dont try to affect other people by saying the movie is trash. and get a life man. just relax

this gk dude needs a life on Aug 12, 2007


i just came here to read how americans think about this movie, but I can see that there're most koreans are fighting each other here, even the komerican is fighting here too. it so wierd. please go to korean site than fight! what are u doing here?

Moon on Aug 12, 2007


I just searched through the website to get a review on d-war and this gk dude is all over the board. This gk dude is in other websites criticizing how awful the d-war movie is. checkout his comments on ( This guy seems very anti d-war and director mr. shim. and this guy is out to prove his point. This guy seems mentally ill. just take it as a movie. if the movie is not good people wont see it. if it is good. peple will see it. simple as that. and i dont like the way this guy says when was the last time you got laid. like getting laid is a cool thing to do. very immature. just enjoy the movie man

john on Aug 12, 2007


it's true whole story and plot sux but the CG, especially dragon, it's quite amazing.

Aj on Aug 12, 2007


I 'm really looking forward to seeing this movie a.s.a.p and, then I would like to judge it. Actually, at least CG seems to be attractive in this trailer.

Allen on Aug 12, 2007


It seems like good movie. I'm happy during waiting D-war^^

John Cena on Aug 13, 2007


these comments are more fun than the movie itself....

gumdoc on Aug 13, 2007


GK's being pathetic! D-war may be a bad film. So what? the film has its merits and demerits. Yeah, the story and acting part was pretty bad. I even felt pretty humiliating while watching actors bad acting. More pity I felt 'cause there are much more better actors in Korea. Since the film is released in the US, Americans would judge level of Korean film industry with this. And they might think Korean actors stink!! But on the other hand, CGI was great! Not in the first half of the film, but it gets better in the later part!! Compare to other american sf movies, the film may be nothing and trivial. But, for korean movie industry, it IS a progress!! Korean film industry is a small one and we can't expect the film to be as good as american ones all of sudden! Why can't we just give a big hand that a korean director has made a big leap in SF genre? Guys, let's not be so patriotic nor critic about the film.

sam on Aug 14, 2007


Ha Ha Ha I am afraid if I would say all comments are here child-like grumbling. Watchers' view cannot be an object of criticizing or attacking different feelings. Would you mind to first have enough details to express before critics or supports? If you cannot still have those understandings, it would be rather better to just share your own views and opinions because all critics may go wrong. I am certainly sure you all maybe wrong or right to happen to all. Give your feelings, then finish as enough; then we may see more focused stories on the film itself. If you attmpt to cut differences, you would be like those who unnecessarily make worthless matters.

Paul on Aug 14, 2007


I live in Korea. I watched this movie last night, and I was amazed at how bad it was. I actually googled it for that purpose: Koreans are going nuts over this horrible movie, but am I alone when I say that this movie is very passable? This was a horrible waste of 90 minutes. Every scene was asinine. I hated hated hated this movie. I feel very sorry for whoever made it. What were they thinking??

John Macklennan on Aug 14, 2007


I too saw this movie opening week. It made me ashamed to be korean. all the koreans hyping this movie up, even though it's HORRIBLE... as if it's patriotic to like this movie. well, my fellow koreans, you have fallen in to mr. shim's marketing scheme! i guess he's pretty smart because he's played all of korea and made tons of money doing it. mr. shim should quit making movies and get a job on madison avenue in manhattan with those skills. This movie awful. it's so awful that i cannot even find the words to describe it. I'm so ashamed of all the koreans blindly jumping on the d-war bandwagon... don't they know that it will be laughed out of theaters when it hits other countries? what will they think of mr. shim's little escapade then? will they still feel it's part of national pride then? or will they actually apologize to gk and other such sensible people who tried to warn people about it? knowing how fickle we koreans are, i am 100% sure that everyone will turn on Mr. Shim once this thing ends up being parodied on Stephen Colbert's show. instead of blaming their own gullible and sheep-like minds, they will blame Mr. Shim for exporting this crap. but there will be no one to blame but themselves. If you want to be patriotic. PLEASE PLEASE protest to have this movie pulled from foreign theaters. this will be a greater shame than the Dr. Clone fiasco...

thekoreanator on Aug 14, 2007


This movie is fun more than "independence day" "gozilla"

tiger moods on Aug 15, 2007


no, i am more ashamed of koreans bad mouthing their own nation. you have no pride what so ever. degrading your own country in front of the whole world? go fuck yourself

djIran on Aug 15, 2007


There are bad movie and good movies everywhere, just like everything else. #113, you really don't have to feel shamed to be Korean. No one asked you to feel that way. That is just much of your ego. Movie is just movie.

MJ on Aug 15, 2007



Me on Aug 16, 2007


God this movie looks like a load of hot garbage.

KATE on Aug 16, 2007


It seems very creative and innovative movie from the perspective of a korean who had been lived in korea for more 15 years... I mean let us not ruin the movie by criticizing it or degrading its value (by saying garbage or butt..... the director deserves much better than that). Even though I am a korean, I believe each person has his/her right to choose what they want to watch. Let's be objective. Whatever you gentlemen and ladies say about this movie, I gonna watch this movie and decide myself whether this movie is great or not. Personally, I looking forward to see ???'s vision in this movie.

H on Aug 18, 2007


Well I just watched this movie in Korea.. it sucks it's a waste of time to see this

Someone in Korea on Aug 19, 2007


What a trash. I can't believe I payed for this movie

Danny on Aug 19, 2007


payed? paid!

?? on Aug 19, 2007


Fortunately, the movie being Korean made is irrelevant to how bad it is. and it is BADDDD. Unfortunately, my fellows Koreans seem to want to parade this movie around as some kinda of flagship for the Korean film industry going international. THAT is the sad part. Fortunately again, most rational people without their heads up Shim's ass (in Korea or otherwise) know its a crap movie and just appreciate think it the dragon was cool or that the CGI is a great accomplishment RELATIVE to the Korean movie industry (cause otherwise its fairly unremarkable). Best quote by KOREAN MOVIE CRITIC on KOREAN NATIONAL BROADCAST TV: "This movie is below criticism" ROFL. GOOD KOREAN MOViES: -oldboy -shiri -JSA -the host -volcano high -my wife is a ganster Of note: Jeon Do-yeon, Winner BEST ACTRESS at 2007 Cannes Film Festival for Korean movie Secret Sunshine.

gk on Aug 22, 2007


Very amazing!! I think the director did very good job on this! This movie gives me the feeling of The Lord of The Ring. I hope this movie is going to be succesful

Sam on Aug 25, 2007


This film is very interesting. Are you ready!!!!!!

Christopher on Sep 1, 2007


This movie sucked donkey. you'll waste your money to see anywhere by cable latenight. 10 minutes of cgi are watchable...otherwise, its garbage. that's all there is too it. (ps. bewared that anyone who liked this movie with crappy English--and I don't mean typos--are almost all certainly my misguided, biased Korean countrymen who are sucking the Directors-nationalist-marketing-schlong.)

gk on Sep 2, 2007


ps. GOOOOOOOO koreanator!!! Pwnage!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ he said it right.

gk on Sep 2, 2007


I personally don't understand why people getting crazy over with this movie. Please someone tell me why almost half of you are getting nuts about this movie? And when I said 'nut', I meant why you all getting workup about how movie was not so great. I understand that not everyone liked the movie, which I wish you all did. I haven't watch the movie yet, but when it comes out, I will. I am not sure I will like it or not, but I wish I will. I wish that this movie was something everyone enjoyed and liked, but not everyone have same taste.... I am KOREAN, and I am really proud with the fact that another Korean movie came to America. I am living in America, and sorry about my grammar mistake. English was not my favorite subject, so I suck on grammar, but I am working on it! ^^ Anyway, I get why some people doesn't like this movie, but still. Any korean out there, rather in Korea, or America, aren't you proud that another korean movie made to America? I am proud, and here I am reading your comments saying how bad it was and wishing they will pull the movie out from theater? Could you all just stop and think for second? Could you all just one moment think how proud of OUR country made to other country like an America? I am not saying America is great [trust me, they have lot of issues to deal with...], but with their money and fancy whatever they have, they will make better movie that our generation will enjoy. And now some how Korean made a movie that will come to Amercia, don't you just be happy for second? I am not saything give a credit to director, but just be proud that movie made to foreign country. I know that someone who hated the movie are worrying over the fact that this movie will fool out of us, but hey, who cares? Don't worry over something stupid like that, it depends on people's taste. I know for fact that my friends will like them. I know lot of people around me will like the movie, so please don't trash talk about this movie. When I meant trash talking, I want you all to be little more respectable toward the movie.... I know I am asking too much.....T.T For some people out there who hated the movie and just want the movie pull out of foreign country, just wait. I have to watch the movie, and so as other Korean who had been waiting for while. I am sorry if you hated the movie, but I think you all should give us "AMERICAN" a chance to hate the movie or maybe like the movie. When the movie comes out Sept 14, I will reply if I rather liked or hated. So don't make a bad impression about the movie, please. I know for fact that someone going to reply on my comment, or not, and trash talk to me, or not, about this comment... Please trash talk me if you want to, because I deal with lots of trash talking since I been in America. I deal with hate almost everyday, because I am Korean, more likely because of I am Asian. And for all Korean who lives in Korea, do you know that we study two or three weeks about Chinese and japanese history, but it only takes one day to go over Korean history. I am really upset with the fact that Korean is really unnoticed country.... So could you just for a moment be happy that KOREAN MOVIE made into AMERICA, and not D-WAR movie made into AMERICA. Well probably lot of people going to ignore my comment and BS about me.... Well, that's life.... T.T I wish there is at least one person who will agree with me....

JS on Sep 8, 2007


Yup. Just saw the tv spot for this and it confirms what i said on post #4. IT LOOKS LIKE A BIG TURD THAT CAME OUT OF A BIG SMELLY ASS. oh well maybe if i was 14 again it would look better..

me on Sep 10, 2007


I agree with number 129. I saw the trailer on TV. I thought it was a SCI-FI Channel movie.

aMERICAN kOREAN on Sep 10, 2007


why are you killing time over the movie here? I think most of 'em have guilty pleasure..

Bill on Sep 10, 2007


Young people. Let me just point out a couple of facts: FACT 1: There are TWO different kinds of movie watchers: (1) Those who just watch (enjoy) a movie, if the trailer "looks" cool, and forget about it. (2) Those who take it very seriously and disect a moive, and love to share their conclusion of their research on the internet. FACT 2: There are TWO different kinds of movie watchers: (1) Those who just did or will watch (enjoy) a movie and don't bother before or after. (2) Those who must post on the web before or after watching a movie. The FACT is that "most" movie watchers fall into the category (1) of each aforementioned fact. So, my guess is that D-War will sell simply because the trailer looks cool. There are many more naive movie watchers than some of you may want to believe. How many people do you think will be affected by the web postings - especially the negative ones - if they ever notice?

old man on Sep 12, 2007


I hate to agree with gk, but I do agree 100%... =( In reality, this movie sucks. sorry =(

K-girl on Sep 12, 2007


lol k-girl. you said it. and love me or hate me... they all will come around because no matter how much "rah rah" nationalistic/or analysis they talk ... D-war is still a pile of dung. The movie suckiness will speak for itself (and I'd bet the entire movie budget amount that its boxoffice results in the US will reflect that). PS. I'm not above "I told you so either" ROFL.

gk on Sep 12, 2007


i have to admit the story wasn't that good. But LOOK, considering the CG that Korean movies had so far, it is an accomplishment. I do think that #128 is right in some ways. CONSIDER that no asian movie had graphics like this. The trailer was really cool, .. The monsters in the movie were O.K. However the script itself was too cheesy in my point of view.. If D-war had another script it would have been much more better... It's a awesome movie for kids, (looks like an upgraded Power Ranger to me) for adults or.. worse, dates.. I cannot say that it will be great.. If you are a Korean you should go see this. Overall, this is a good movie for kids and Koreans but not to adults wanting to see some fantasic script.

yih on Sep 13, 2007


this pile of poo wont make more than $4 million opening weekend. sorry to burst your bubble kids.

me on Sep 13, 2007


OMG, I have seen the ratings, and it was 3 stars out of 5. It should be bigger! I've seen the trailer.... and it just looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just can't wait to see D-War!!!!! I need to see The HOST still... Still, I like Korean dramas and movies, so I can't wait to see it!!!!!

Chautt on Sep 14, 2007


you haven't even seen it? don't bother. it was horrible. and to YIH: if you are korean you need to NOT see. stop the bleeding. movie was crap.

gk on Sep 14, 2007


It sucked...sad to say. Maybe they should've paid more money on actors and a decent director with Shim just producing it instead of paying bukoo bucks on other crap. I agree with most folks on the addictive nature of Korean Dramas and how good they are, but the last good Korean movie that was actually good was shiri and maybe beat.

Tony on Sep 16, 2007


Just watched the movie yesterday. As much as I respect Shim's effort and sacrifices.. I am sorry to say that the movie was made very poorly. I can see that the graphic quality has improved slightly... but storyline-wise... and the acting...omg He could have paid more attention. really. (the acting and the atmosphere between the actors in the movie, military/govermental systems, how the citizens of a country would react in such crisis...) The acting was just horrible it made me embarrased just sitting there in the movie theater. He should have done his homework. Or at least have hired someone to do his homework for him. I think I heard someone mention that he spent a lot of money just to advertise this movie all over the US. What's the point in doing that if all he's promoting is the technology when we know that a lot of major film productions here in the US send CG work to Korea anyways?

hs on Sep 16, 2007


even kids in the US hated it. 13yr old kid in US reviews Dragon Wars (d-war): sum: "Preview looks awesome! but Movie was horrible. HORRIBLE!! I feel dumb for getting sucked in. it didn't makes sense. 10 minutes in the middle was ok. Hopefully you'll take my word for it."

gk on Sep 16, 2007


Hs, I'm sorry to say this, but for your information, all of the CG work was done by korea, and not by US flim productions. I had to say the script and story was cheesy, though.

yih on Sep 17, 2007


um... YIH, I'm sorry to tell YOU.... He knows that. +_+ You need to RE-read hs's post. You missed his point completely.

gk on Sep 17, 2007


Guys, stop fussing over others' opnion. You have no right to interfere in what others think. Just let them feel whatever they feel. And if you're koreans and wanna have a serious argument, then find korean forums and discuss there. This space is for COMMENT, for God's sake - only your simple opinion is appreciated. Not analyzation. --- For me, the movie was just okay. Nothing more or less than expected.

ell on Sep 17, 2007


ROFL - 8 million USD at US box office after 2 weeks. That's HORRIBLE. it'll probably be gone before it makes anouther 2 as well. - 14% (yes, outta 100%) at rottentomatoes as well. so which one of you sad, shim-lackies is gunna apologize to me first? too funny.

gk on Sep 27, 2007


not so good movie but good try !!

*g* on Nov 23, 2007


Funny.... all the crap talk at me is quiet now that the movie BOMBED in the US and it was castigated by critics (that even bothered to review it). proof is in the pudding. ROFL. idiots. - 3 outta 10: rottentomatoes. - 4.2 outta 10: imdb - not even rated by US critics at yahoo. - horrible reviews from those that DID see it. - a terrible 10 million total at the box office. - joongang KOREAN PAPER best neutral overview of situation: I'M STILL WAITING FOR MY APOLOGIZES FROM YOU PATHETIC D-WAR SHIM-LOVERS. - GK

gk on Nov 23, 2007


I love old movies. I can't wait for Casablanca.

Kail on Jan 26, 2008


I love D-WAR... It is very funny.. good action, cg and good try.. Director Hyung rae Shim FIGHTING!

Steven Gerrard on Feb 9, 2008

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