Worth Watching - Oct 22: Kimberly Peirce's Stop Loss Trailer

October 22, 2007

Stop Loss Trailer

I'm going to be very frank. I'm tired of these damn war / Iraq movies. I really did not like Brian De Palma's Redacted at all and Home of the Brave was the worst movie of the last decade, not even kidding. They're getting way too overdone and they're becoming boring; even the American public doesn't care much for them. Stop Loss is the latest war movie and it unfortunately it annoys me even more. This has absolutely nothing to do with my political views or my stance on the war, but just that Hollywood has taken this too far. Have a look for yourself.

Watch the trailer for Stop Loss:

[flv:stoploss.flv 502 282]

Stop Loss is directed and co-written by Kimberly Peirce, of 1999's Oscar-winning Boys Don't Cry, her only major directing credit. The film stars Ryan Phillippe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Channing Tatum, Timothy Olyphant, and Abbie Cornish. Stop Loss hits theaters next March 28th, 2008.

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I think that for any Iraq war movie to really touch the audience and make an impact, it's gotta come down to originality, quality and perhaps, time. We're still in the middle of it, and that might make people put blinders on to avoid ANY movie regarding the current war. My memory is fuzzy, but the first Vietnam war movie I remember as making as significant impact and statement was "Coming Home" with Jane Fonda and Jon Voight, and that was released in 1978, three years after the official end of the war.

William Mize on Oct 23, 2007


I question the accuracy and the need for this movie. As an Iraqi Vet, it doesn't upset me that these kinds of movies are made, but it's just sad that they are always anti-war, anti-administration, and basically one sided. Now, if a veteran of Afghanistan or Iraq wants to make a movie go ahead, because he or she has seen the hell hole that's the middle east, but I dare say that Kimberly Pierce, Ryan Phillipe, Gordan-Levitt, or any of the other actors have even the faintest idea what life is really like over there.

A.H. on Oct 23, 2007


I don't know, this looks very interesting. That trailer does not pitch "war movie" at me. Sure, the (current) war is the catalyst and the protagonist's are soldiers, but this seems something else entirely. I don't tend to enjoy war movies, (hell I love me some shit blowing up tho!) but this has piqued my interest. Maybe you're just War Movie'd out Alex. P.S. great site, well done, keep it up, but shhhhh don't tell _them_.

Dr.Duvel on Oct 24, 2007


If you didn't like the move, why is it "Worth Watching"??

Zeb on Oct 25, 2007


Having just seen a screening of the film and seen Kim Peirce speak... she actually did substantial research on this film! Not only did her brother serve and was a consultant, she conducted countless interviews with soldiers, poured over photos and videos they (soldiers) shot -Wanting this to be as realistic as possible. It truly comes across as a pro soldier movie! Unlike most war movies these days- this is truly a character driven story done mostly stateside. It is a deeply thoughtful movie- very powerful...not like anything you've seen. A soldier in the theatre (having served in Iraq) thanked her for her accurate portrayal and expressed his gratitude to her for having done the movie.

AC on Nov 18, 2007


If you guys want to get a better look at this film I suggest checking out the website, which has videos made by real soldiers. Plus, you can ask questions directly to the film's director, Kimberly Peirce.

Reid on Nov 20, 2007


I for one am going to see this movie.Kimberly has a record of doing the research and treating the people in the movie, with dignity and respect.Boys Don't Cry was the tip of the iceberg and I can't wait to see this movie.She is awesome and I for one, know that she based this movie on her brother's time in the service and researched it very carefully.So please refrain from judging her not worthy of writing or directing it because she isn't a veteran, because I am sure she interviewed, researched thoroughly the living daylights out of it, to make it as real as possilble as with Boys Don't Cry.Don't be a chauvinist.The lady is wonderful and a proven screenwriter and director.I will give her a shot again.

SAMMYBOY on Jan 26, 2008


I have to say that this movie looks great. Being an ex soldier I think its about time that more people start realizing what its really like on the personal side of the military. Whats with the wives and husbands? Whats with the children? There is a reason why the divorce rate is so high. The line where the one wife says she cant stand another year without touching her husbands face is amazing. The truth and feeling behind this line is so REAL! To make a moving film about war does not have to include nothing but fight scenes and blood. Which is why, by the first shots scene of this movie, I am totally embracing it and I can not wait to see it. Nothing bad against Alex, the writer of this post, but it sounds to me like you have no military background. You really have to live a situation like this to fully understand it. Which may be why he is "tired" of all the movies. I am going out on a limb here and will say that this movie deserves two thumbs up for the idea alone of finally showing the behind the scenes of what its really like living in this modern day military. Kudos to Kim Pierce!

Brian Lindsay on Mar 18, 2008

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