Worth Watching - Sept 5: Bloody Red Band Beowulf Trailer v2

September 5, 2007

Red Band Beowulf Trailer

I'll admit - now I'm sold! Ever since the first clips we saw at Comic-Con and the other recent bloody red band trailer, I've been skeptical about Robert Zemeckis's Beowulf. Whether it would be violent enough, whether it would look good enough (the CGI), whether the story would be good enough… That's all changed - this one trailer alone has done it! It's bloody and exciting and damn does it make Beowulf look great! I really, really hope Zemeckis can pull off a damn good not-for-kids CGI film.

On a separate note, although the trailer itself looks like it should be rated-R, the guys at Rope of Silicon insist that it is PG-13 and nothing more. I guess CGI violence is looked at differently than real violence. For more info on the film, visit the official website:

Watch the red band Beowulf trailer:

[flv:beowulf-redband-2.flv 600 338]

Beowulf is directed by Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Cast Away, The Polar Express) with a script co-written by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary. The film is in theaters everywhere on November 16th.

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Took me forever to get to this last night on the beowulf site. Nice of you to put it up. Looks even better than the other trailler.

Heckle on Sep 5, 2007


Sigh... the disadvantage of having a site a lot of folks don't read... I posted regarding the R-rated trailer for a PG-13 movie a full day before RoS yet they're getting all the shoutouts on that aspect of the story. Vic on Sep 5, 2007


Shite happens.

Heckle on Sep 5, 2007


One of my favorite things about the internet is the boundless love that is everywhere. Vic on Sep 5, 2007


Boundless love? What boundless love! I didn't see your article or maybe I would've referenced it... I just saw ROS's cause of the title - didn't know you were still saying it was PG-13. Was there any studio confirmation or is this still just speculation Vic?

Alex Billington on Sep 5, 2007


Alex, My previous comment was definitely NOT aimed at you! It was a tongue in cheek response to "Heckle." 🙂 I the only confirmation that I have is that the folks at the Beowulf panel at the Comic-Con stated verbally that they were going for a PG-13. Best, Vic on Sep 5, 2007


Don't worry about Alex. Hes a bit slow. And i only slight him because im jealous hes going to Toronto Int. Film Festival.

Heckle on Sep 5, 2007


LOL, well I've met Alex and although he's mellow, he's certainly not slow. 🙂 Vic on Sep 5, 2007


I have yet to see a trailer for this film that makes it look any good. It's like Zemeckis said "hey, let's take this ridiculously epic story, hire some big-name actors, have them film the movie, then gloss them all over with some videogame CG!" This is like a bad excuse for Beowulf: The Game. If you are using actors and actresses, and making them LOOK like those very same actors and actresses, then make a live action movie. It's like he's trying to show off all the nifty stuff you can do with computers these days! (Hint: we have all seen amazing special effects in film. We get it.) I suppose maybe ONE day we can get an actual, legitimate Beowulf film that stays true to the story (*facepalm* at Grendel's momma seducing Beowulf) and doesn't try anything gimmicky. And that crap with Beowulf at the end? His little dialogue bit? This is not 300 Part II, but I half expected him to belt out "THIS IS BEOWUUUULLLLLFFFFFFFF!"

Andy on Sep 7, 2007


"hey, let's take this ridiculously epic story, hire some big-name actors, have them film the movie, then gloss them all over with some videogame CG!" .......Obviously you are not artistic by any means to post the statement above. The actors/actresses are voice provided only the rest is CG. CG has yet to grasp the reality of humans, the texture of skin, the feeling of fabric, or the most challenging the emotions of humans. That is why they continue to make films such as Final Fantasy, The Polar Express, and now Beowulf. While I am not truly familiar with the tall-tale of Beowulf the advancement in CG is allowing film makers to dig deeper into their artistic ability. Special Effects are truly amazing and have allowed for some great films to be told, most of all LoR Trilogy. The downside is poor do we sacrifice poor acting and story telling for amazing graphics..I for one think not! Let's not banter or dismiss the artistic ability of Directors when all they are doing is trying to provide the selfish public with more, more, more.....

Stephen on Sep 14, 2007


Now, your argument would actually have merit if the artistry you're speaking of was present in Beowulf. But it isn't. You claim that the actors provide only their voices to this film, and that the rest is CG - clearly YOU fail to realize that this is a film that uses "performance capture" technology. It takes the actual performance of the actor or actress, much like Gollum in Lord of the Rings, and glosses over the performing actor with a layer of CG to alter his or her appearance. In this particular case, the digital entities look pretty much exactly like the actors and actresses voicing/performing them, but with a sickly addition of CG. I wouldn't dismiss the director's artistic ability if he HAD some - but he doesn't. This is Beowulf: The Videogame Cutscene and it is a waste of film. Give this story to a director that can handle it, because Zemeckis has shown by this trailer that he can't.

Andy on Sep 15, 2007


A damned bloody CGI movie! All I need :))

Beowulf on Oct 10, 2007

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