X-Files 2 Movie Returning in 2008

March 28, 2007
Source: IESB

As much as other people, especially fans of the TV show, may have disliked the first X-Files movie that came out in 1998, I actually thought it was a damn good movie. Now a whole 10 years later they may finally make a sequel. In an interview over at with David Duchovny, he told them that they are finishing final negotiations and could start filming by early 2008 if not sooner.

IESB discussed the film and what the story may be or how it may play out a bit further with Duchovny:

Q: Is the storyline you talked about last year still the same? It won't involve aliens or a science fiction element and have more of a horror element?

David Duchovny: Not a horror film when compared to today's standards like Saw and Hostel but more of a supernatural thriller.

Q: Who is all returning for the film?

DD: The story will revolve around Gillian's character, Dana Scully, and my character, Fox Mulder.

Q: Are they going to address the time issue, the space between each film? Are they still in the FBI?

DD: There is no script completed, they are still developing the entire story.

You can check out the full interview and the rest of the details on their site. I'm interested, others aren't. Why is this such a "shrug" of a story? Did anyone else like the first X-Files movie besides me?

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Couldn't agree with you more, Alex! Not only would I agree with you that "X-Files: Fight the Future" was "a damn good movie", but I thought it was one of the best films of 1998! I've been waiting for the sequel for nearly 10 years now and, as a fan of the television show, I think the time is right to explore government paranoia and conspiracies now more than ever! Perhaps the mixed reaction to the movie (some felt it was too much like the t.v. show, others felt non-fans were kept in the dark, fans wanted solid answers to long-running questions, etc.) and the uneven last season muted the enthusiasm for the "X-Files" franchise. Yet, once a teaser trailer comes out, and fans take a second look at the first film (most saw it opening weekend and haven't looked back), this could build with the anticipation you and I share for this. -Barry

Barry on Mar 28, 2007


I loved the first movie and it is kind of dissappointing to hear other people dissing it so much. I am a loyal XF fan and I own all the sesasons (and the movie) on box sets. I would be really excited if they would make a new X-Files sequal. I still wonder every now and then: where are they (scully and mulder) today? I also liked Mulder's "replacement", Agent Doggett, and I'd probably be pretty glum if he doesn't get onboard for the movie sequal... if they ever make one. Now, if they were to actually make this movie like they've been saying they would, I would probably jump for joy right out of my seat and squel like a little girl. I would probably run around in circles about 50 times to calm myself down. That is how much I miss the show. But are the rumours true? Like they say, the truth is out there... I really really want to believe that the rumours ARE true though!

Liz on Apr 3, 2007


The X-files 2 what`s the title ??? and please please let me know if it is really damn true ??? David D fan from karachi, Pakistan Farrukh

Farrukh on Apr 4, 2007


hello, David D what`s your email ID ?

Farrukh on Apr 4, 2007


The reason this is a "shrug story" is because X-Files 2 has been in development hell since the TV series got canceled. Fox has had this thing tied up by litigation for 5 years now. I don't see how they benefit from that, but everyone else loses until this crap gets out of civil court. I love the X-Files and I wanna see this movie made real bad but until I hear that filming has started I'm going to continue to proceed with Scully-like skepticism with regards to stories about another X-Files movie.

Jon on Apr 6, 2007


I thought the first movie was very good. The X-files was my favorite show and I was sad to see it go off the air. I have been waiting for them to make a sequel. I hope its true. However, this has been going on for years now. I hate to be skeptical, but, I will believe it when I see it.

Ashley on Apr 29, 2007


C'est récemment que j'ai découvert the x-files! tard que jamais!! j'ai bcp apprécié les dossiers non classés ,ainsi que cette belle histoire d'amour inachevée ..Je comprends très bien Chris a peur de lui..peur pour ce couple ,a aussi que les spectateurs eux même; il veut certainement garder son succès en laissant toujours la porte vie nous a apprit que l'amour est un mortel comme tout autre chose au monde.. il ne dur pas transforme -t-il en un alien peut-être?..non je ne pense pas , je crois que la vérité le défigure parfois ,c'est pour ça que l'auteur a peur de franchir le est aussi méfiant qu'attentif répète : l'auteur n'est pas aussi courageux que son héro Mulder pour mettre sa carrière en jeu en donnant aux spectateurs ce qu'ils cherchent ce qu'ils attendent depuis plus de dix ans et à travers 9 saisons et deux cents é dirai même qu'il a peur de la vérité l'écarte souvent,en levant le même slogan the truth is out there! Il sait très bien qu'entre vivre l'amour ET rêver de l'amour ,il y'a toujours un choc ou une surprise ,un changement ou une déception ,une vérité vraie ou une simple illusion..l'auteur est toujours coincé ,donc la vérité restera bloquée- lui qui a dis pas mal de fois / aveugle guidé par un autre aveugle! ou veut -il nous guider ce Chris l'a,, ? Outre la relation des deux agents aveugles-pour ne pas dire les acteurs aveugles-..j'ai remarqué que les x-files représentent les fuites des humaines désespérés, non stables.. les américains qui croient aux aliens plus que DIEU prouvent chaque jour leur génie abasourdie , je me demande pourquoi les gens s'attachent aux mythes plus qu'au réel ?était-ce le fil de mouaouia que jouent les écrivains d'aujourd'hui? J'espère que Mr Chris trouvera la vérité d'abord avant de la dévisager en son dernier file, la vérité qui risque d'éliminer tous les précédents x-files ,et balayer par la suite tous ses mensonges.. Le devoir d'un écrivain est de chercher la vérité puis la déclarer, c'est ma conviction entant qu'écrivaine , nous devons dire la vérité à tous pris même en l'imaginant.. est ce bien facile de sacrifier la vie ou la carrière d'un écrivain -qui a toujours eu ce talent de créer et de falsifier la raison-en échange de la vérité?.. je peux vous donner tant de vérités basées sur tous ce qui est divin : la vérité Monsieur est qu'il n'y a qu'un seul DIEU ..un DIEU qui a créé l'être humain; les anges ; les démons la terre et les nous a donné une vie sur terre une autre sous terre et une troisième éternelle qui dépend de nos choix..aller au paradis ou go on hell.. franchement, je suis navré pour tous ceux qui ont fait le mauvais choix.. ps/ quelle genre de cicatrices ou de séquelles a pu laisser l'agent Scully sur l'âme de Gilian Anderson? Je ne connais pas l'actrice à titre personnel pour en juger, mais j'avoue que j'ai une grande admiration pour Dana ,un grand respect pour Mulder je ne sais à qui dois-je rendre hommage : à MR.Chris,à Gillian ? ou à David ?

djazira le 09.05.2007 on May 9, 2007


Hey, what`s the tag name for the movie 2 ?

Farrukh on May 11, 2007


I simply see this as another case of FOX dropping the ball. They've done it with many of their other series' and I'm sure that this won't be the last time they screw something like this up. I wouldn't consider the upcoming X-Files movie a 'yawn' just yet. Once the script is finalized and it is apparent that the movie will be produced and released I am sure you will see a bigger following grow. The problem with the movie as is is the fact that we still have to rely on FOX not to suddenly decide to drop or delay the project further. To be honest...the only real handicap this movie has is the fact that FOX is responsible for it's production and release and they aren't the most reliable when it comes to such things....just look at Firefly.

Mighty Mo on May 15, 2007


I love the xfiles, and to this day have never seen any show to capture my attention like the x files did. Fox should wake up and bring back The X files, the world has changed since it last aired on tv and they could take it to so many places and address so many more conspiracy issues. The x files 2 could be used to reinvent itself and start off a new series.Wouldnt that be a dream come true? Anyway, they need someone like steven spielberg to direct this film if they want to make it really special.

Jim on May 18, 2007


I LOVED the movie. I am a huge David Duchovny fan but besides that, the show is just AWSOME! It's my favorite even if it IS over or not. The movie filled in a lot of the blanks and it had a really good plot. It's anoying at times to hear people talking about how they didn't like it. If the rumors are true i'm unbelievably excited for the second one! I'm can't even wait!

Shane on Jun 5, 2007


I loved the X Files Movie and have been waiting patiently for the second one. Ten years is a long time but I think that was the lapse of time for the Aliens sequel which was terrific. I hope they have gotten it together and next year we will get to see all of old friends again.

Joan on Jun 23, 2007


Technorati Profile X-Files 2007 Q and A (Prelude) As a published photo journalist living in Hollywood, one learns that in most cases it's only the players themselves and God that know the real truth of a thing. The following is a piece written upon intelligent speculation after hours and hours of research and insight. The topic is the lead actors of the TV series X-Files and corporate Hollywood ...a real X-File. IT'S SPECULATED THAT: Q: Did Scully and Mulder hate each other? A: Yes, but not at first is more so on his side than Anderson's seems she is the type that is deeply loyal because all can be forgiven ...that is unless she is betrayed via lack of understanding from a friend. They became very close, at first. Q: What are the two main actors like. A: As different as night and day. David is more cookie-cutter, a true conformist ...goes on pure man's logic ...pushing him more towards the anal-conservative. Gillian ...well, she doesn't fit into the peg-hole scheme, as does David, who knows just how to make himself a perfect peg. She refuses to be just a hole. She is more like the complex artist that no one could figure out in a million years. One minute hot, then cold, calm, then stressed, hopeful, then all is futility. FYI, "the man" in Hollywood likes peg-hole people ...hates real humanity ...doesn't fit into their time slots and budget.! Q: What about D & G 's relationship. A: They were very close and hopeful to include their working union that could shoot them to the top. David ended up abandoning her because he could not hang with her human, artistic weird ways ...being that to him, not being like him and the majority is weird. He did so after something she did that hurt his feelings, shocked him and pissed him off. He never used understanding--pegs are wooden, they have no understanding--or forgave her. He convinced himself that she was a nut-job because not only was she not a wooden peg or hole, she could not, or would not change to be like him. He was confident that he would show her up, in her bizarre non-peg-hole ways and surpass her professionally, and in popularity. Well, it went the other way. This exasperated and enraged him because he was working so hard to be the perfect Hollywood peg. He soon began complaining about money and having to do more of the crawling about in muck scenes than she did. …miss-communication, bitterness, resentment, jealousy… All this escalated until they had no working relationship. Q: Why did Scully, Gillian Anderson's career go nowhere after she left the X-Files when her ratings where sky high. A: Because she left the series when in high ratings and corporate's expected future high ratings. In short, they blackballed her to include slandering her via the media (in which Hollywood owns). It’s corny but “You’ll never work in this town again!” is a very real thing Hollywood uses as their main management tool. Q: What else might be holding her back. A: It's been said that she is currently being blackmailed with doctored sex photos. It's not clear if Hollywood is directly or indirectly responsible, but chances are that they are responsible. Q: Why would Hollywood want to blackmail Gillian Anderson. A: Because she wants to work in her industry. She could trump Hollywood’s blackball against her by threatening to take Hollywood to court for unfair labor practices ...(see X-Files series), with a newborn ...they made her work 16-17 hour days, five and a half workdays, for nine months straight for nearly a decade. If they don't lift the blackball contract on her and help un-tarnish her reputation, for which they are responsible for destroying, she'll never freely work again, substantially, in the old Hollywood. Q: The Hollywood published media says she has lost her looks, is untalented, an alcoholic and is a total psycho. A: No, no, no and probably. No, she still has her looks. No, she is talented and has repeatedly shown that even with halfway scripts, stories, leading men, TV series and cameo movie parts she is very believable. No, she’s is not known for being an alcoholic, though she has stated publicly that she’s been guilty of abusing alcohol. A psycho …she has shown herself to be different from the expected cookie-cutter mold, can have moods and is probably just as nuts as most of us ...but probably outwardly seems more so, as do most complex artists. Q: Why doesn’t she make a public statement. A: Hollywood owns most all major media in the US with strong networks and clout in the UK, and is a multi-billion dollar entity. Nothing gets out without their approval and they can do her more harm should she mess with them too much. She also is under contract when interviewed and is limited as to what she can say, though she has done well in covering most all her bases with implications and particular facts. Q: Is there hope for a comeback for Gillian Anderson. A: Yes. Miracles can happen. She would have to become independent in her personal life and focus …not compromising …getting herself together and her means as well. Seeing the pie as a whole ...and seeing the real issues, then relentlessly moving forward with faith and caution, and not being afraid to face truth, bullies and would be bullies ...can work miracles. Q: Does she want a comeback. A: Does a fish want water even if all that’s currently available is a small mud-piss-pond, in the middle of an African dessert, which is only three inches deep and four feet wide? She shows herself to be an artist that has to produce ...not working is the shortest road to insanity—personal death. Even if she has to work as an actor with a small but good local film company that the majority mainstream never heard of, nor likely to hear of, would be a saving grace. She would surely rise again and without corp Hollywood saying it was they who made her (bullshit). Producing|working is this type of artist’s water. Like, the fish stated above ...the question is does the fish want to live …to go on when logically all seems grim? Unknown to the fish it may come a typhoon any hour if it just believes and endures the moment, even if the moment seens forever--time and space is an illussion, even the new 'string-theory' proves this. If one doesn’t endure, finish the race, they will never get a ribbon. The type of comeback she would probably want would be different from the hoop-la Hollywood pushed on her with the TV series. She’s too real for that …just give her a decent script, with decent supportive directors, producers, film crew, company and fellow actors with realistic time frames and work schedules (that is a miracle) and let her do her thing. Yes, I believe she’s the type that is very strong in that way, and one that will never give up, till death. You will most likely be hearing more and more from Gillian Anderson, if not in film, then in one of art’s other mediums. Rumor is, she is a natural (which she calls doodleling) contemporary artist. If she rendered with only commodity type materials and methods, her works could be sold by private brokers as art commodities. Q: What affect did corp's move against her have? A: As you can imagine all your works, accomplishments, sacrifices, career, reputation, and any chance of you working in your field for the future ...gone, almost overnight. It takes a while to recover from a bully attack like that. But some do come back without bitterness and with great wisdom, stronger and better than before all arenas. Q: Should she do the new X-Files movie. A: As most are aware, the new Hollywood is going around or bypassing the old corporate Hollywood and all of it's B.S., via the internet (the new media) without corporate Hollywood's control. Most professionals would agree, for anyone to interelate with an entity whose main objective was to destroy them would be advisable to stay away at all costs from said entity. The argument against this, is that the old corporate Hollywood controls the majority of the media, which would give her much needed exposure ...but at what cost? It may be advisable for her to pull herself up by her own bootstraps, say no to X-Files 2, and go the course via the new Hollywood. Hers is a real X-Files which millions await ...unknown to her. friends|links,

Vishitor on Jul 3, 2007


Well, I have to say that this last post was very interesting. I always did suspect that Hollywood didn't 'get' Gillian Anderson and that she hadn't quite fitted the mould so had not been marketed particularly after the series ended but this last post makes it sound like there was something much more sinister at work. Has she really had the 'You'll never work in this Town again!' experience.....?? I couldn't agree more that Gillian is a very talented actress and that she has NOT lost her looks. She is a most striking and talented actress. And in fairness - she has acheived quite a lot (work wise) since the X Files finished. Ok, the projects may not have been particularly high profile but she has done some very good work. I am just intrigued to know more about the scale of the 'bully attack' Gillian received post X Files. I also agree with Jim - I feel the same in that no series has captured my imagination quite like the X Files did and I think that was a lot to do with the performances from both Gillian and David. So, for selfish reasons really, I am hoping that XF2 does go ahead with both original actors. I would also like to see Annabeth Gish and Robert Patrick - I thought they did a well too as they were coming in at a difficult time in the series.

Emily on Jul 18, 2007


hi emily: thanks for your response. prelude to your appreciated response: as a published photo journalist and filmmaker, and living in la …well, corp hollywood is no secret here—though it tries to be—nor is the anderson story …though some deep journalistic investigation works had to be employed. anderson is a smart little thing …she has been leaving breadcrumbs all over the place since 2002, for those who know what to look for. in response to your comments, it is speculated that: * hollywood didn't 'get' Gillian Anderson: not true …they knew what they had $$$. thing is they couldn’t control her and she refused to be peg-holed or abused (see her past rebel history against the unfair ways of the “man”). * sinister at work: not really, well I guess if you call the daily routine of how corp, big business does business. Yes I would call it devious, just as much as in any other industry. it’s just a bit more hardball, sly and there’s much more temptations to fool, and lure in unsuspecting young naive artist’s—which anderson admits to publicly. * NOT lost her looks: she’s a natural; with beautiful female imperfections (that only a vain person would notice at all) that work together in a great package. some kind of inner beauty, which can’t be hidden shows through the lens. it’s obvious she accepts aging, therefore it accepts her, well. at any age she is the type that will shine so bright that the imperfections are not seen ..the whole package just works. she has shown to be the type that doesn’t think she is attractive but doesn’t sweat it ...perhaps that is her beauty secret …humility. She’s casual about it ..a real 2010 kind of look about her (off screen). it seems she is taking more interest lately in her style and appearance as to what is fashionable and cool—she admits to her now and then lazy fashion blunders, however. * 'You'll never work in this Town again!: she has a contract out on her that is as real as any mafia hit …a black-ball contract which extents strongly in the UK and all US independent films (indi my ass) …anyone who hires her without the approval of corp Hollywood will receive her same fate! she is one of many however, but she’s the top of their list! hers is a bit different in that she became very popular|powerful, and she flat out quite them at a time which cost them millions if not billions, and the timing of what was and still is going on here in Hollywood …with the new hollywood coming on strong and all. to much to state here as to why hers is a unique story …to include (ramble, ramble) she is smart and insured that what happened in 2002 was document (see labor laws for working mothers) and now becoming more public …smart little whip that anderson …cost her though—big time …what doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger! sometimes she has more guts than brains because, as most artists, they can let their heart rule and not their great iq s …this journalist would have invested in a legal team that would scare the hell out of G before taking on a billion dollar corp like hollywood …yet I’m confident she knows that now and seems to be making all the caution, stealth moves …quite impressive actually. * talented actor: after what this woman has been through that is an understatement of gigantic puportions. most would not have gotten up from it, ever!!! …most don’t. her works prove that she is most believable in any role she renders …and while dealing with the 2002 ptsd which she still endures today …and with projects that are so beneath her abilities. knowing this industry as I do please note that some of …most likely any projects she was in (rubbing it in her face side-line roles) done by, or influenced by the big-6, she had no choice but to humble herself in doing …but she kicked ass and did her best regardless (courage, guts can’t begin to explain this person’s complex makeup). corp is much like the military with an exit, declassification contract in writing and verbal (or threat). corp hollywood can still do her much harm. the 2002 thing is still very much apart of her life which makes the other artists|actors cower in their boots …believe it! …and that is just how corp hollywood likes it. the old Hollywood regime is on the outs however …thank G. * selfish reasons-xfiles2: the 1st years of motherhood are precious and essential for bonding and corp hollywood stole that from anderson (documented, see contract). anderson is too intelligent, capable and good enough to get involved with corp hollywood again for any reason. if she does x-files2 you can bet she didn’t or couldn’t invest enough in a legal team powerful enough or courageous enough to face off with a billion dollar corp. i’m selfish and want to see her in it but not at that expense to her or any other person. i hate bullies!!! …especially in the arts!!! i say free skully! …i say down with x-files! …i say let anderson work again! with a great project we’ll all forget skully and the x-files quicker than an old lady goin down with a bad hip. SHE IS SO MUCH MORE, talent wise. no one has seen what she can do, yet. * 'bully attack': bridges, douglas, paltrow and the other old school, old money hollywood clan can tell you all about the “black-ball, scare and slander” management style of old hollywood …1st off, know that they rule just like the military buck them, don’t follow orders …you will be dealt with on the highest level of harshness till death! if they say you will do this movie or whatever, you will or else. at the time—in that decade--anderson was an off the streets young naïve artist with guts, brains, integrity, honesty (in hollywood, unheard of) and beauty with a lot of fight …she fell to realize that one doesn’t take on pure money-worshiping billion $ entities, you will surely loose! this doesn’t mean she is out. unknown to her because she is a true artist, not a politician, …all here in hollywood are waiting for just what and how she will be in this …her story is one that happened to land right in the middle of a war struggle in hollywoood not seen since corp was brought up on charges the last time for monopolies in the arts decades ago, which they have recaptured again just about the time of her arrival. i doubt Anderson really knows that what happened to her had nothing to do with her …she was just a pawn in this bigger picture. she’s figuring it out, it seems, just by the moves she’s making. too much to state here but in closing; mixing business with the arts is a tricky thing …much like mixing oil and water …corp hollywood is just being what they are …you can’t truly hate a bear or a shark for being a predator can you? moreover, there are some very non-corp, extremely talented artists rulers in hollywood but they don’t control things. old Hollywood is done any way. rumor is that that are bust, totally bankrupt …the new hollywood is completely unaffiliated with old hollywood and has simply gone around them (see internet hollywood). that’s where anderson will slip in, count on it. she’s not the type, at least from my research, one who fears at the thought of a good fight or that will ever give up, till death. she’s a scraper …believe it. i’m confident once the legal aspects of her story are smothered in time we will have many movies about her story ..same as marilyn and the like. -* David: won’t hold it against him but from my research he is a part of her current “black-ball” fate …a no guts wonder, though smart enough to know she was biting off more than she could chew and would take him down with her . in short he abandoned her in her fight against corp for unfair labor practices (hollywood can be a real 3rd world sweatshop, for real). i can’t respect a person who completely abandons a young working mother over G given rights like that of motherhood. in his acts he didn’t fair much better than her, he fell to realize …you make a bargain with a bully and you’ll loose. no one will touch him either because of what he knows about the labor practices involving anderson (see their once intimate relationship). he abandoned her to save his own skin but what he got in return was the same fate she got. they still hate each other …well maybe not hate …blame each other if you will. it’s a sad thing all around. hope they grow from it. i like his works a lot …not his principles. i would not choose him for a friend. * PS: unFame is one of the new hollywood web sites supporting the arts. they have a special feature posted …an essay “The Back Rooms of Hollywood” it gives detailed info of the real hollywood (it’s quite accurate) and its bully tactics and use anderson as the catalyst for the essay least i think it’s her …they don’t say for sure. see, thanks again for your intelligent response, it was refreshing

Vishitor on Jul 18, 2007


i am sooooooo happy that anouth x files film is coming out

lisa on Jul 19, 2007


who has seen all of X files ??? TV Series and movie ??? reply to this email or add on MSN for to talk more X files..... MSN : AIM : faram2008 hey you fans should mention where are you from.... i`m from Pakistan Farrukh

Farrukh on Jul 19, 2007


Vishitor: Well, first off I would just like to say thankyou so much for taking the time to give my queries such thorough attention – I really appreciate it. Once again, I have found your post fascinating, a real eye opener – The whole notion of “corp Hollywood” and the ruthless, and may I say very questionable, style of management just blows me away. Obviously I have always had my suspicions that the Hollywood regime has its dark side – I guess to an extent I’ve known it is something that has gone on for years (considering horror stories from the good old days of the MGM movies etc) Once Hollywood owns a piece of you it seems you are at the mercy of uncontrollable forces, and if you happen to fall out of favour then you’re days are numbered. I really found your writing a revelation! – Is this military-esque system the reason some promising talents seem to sink without trace, often under a dark cloud?! – I guess you just cannot under estimate the power of the governing bodies in such a place/industry. Power, largely fuelled by obsene wealth and drive for financial gain. I am so appalled to learn that any independent UK/US Film Company would be in the firing line by hiring Gillian. To think of the adversity she must have had to face, it is a wonder she is still in the business. It is hard enough as an actress without having to come with such hugely damaging baggage. It made me wonder about the projects she’s been involved with since the X Files – you intimate that her choices may have been seriously limited. I’m guessing for things like Straight Heads, A Cock and Bull Story and Bleak House she could be hired with much less hassle as they are produced over here in the UK? Surely this ‘black-ball contract’ played a large part in her re-locating to London? I love the way you speak about Gillian – you talk with such knowledge and clarity. I agree that she has a real complex make up. Obviously, I am a big fan of hers but I don’t doubt that she can be a handful. I guess I always figured that she was one of those highly unstable, unpredictable, emotional wrecks who is as talented and beautiful as she is volatile/erratic. However, your insight has given reasons for her ostensible negative feeling towards X Files and LA in general, and her reluctancy to talk about the series which made her a house hold name (I had thought that the Fox lawsuit was the main reason for this silence). The whole idea of this mafia style contract breathing down her neck explains so much. To hear her speak of her time on X Files, it always seemed tainted with disdain – I always wondered why – I was so curious as to what could have gone so horribly wrong between her and David because I know they weren’t always at odds from day one. I have to admit I find David an intriguing character too – I suspect he is fairly arrogant and self involved which would explain why he was shrewdly putting himself first when it came to the complications with Gillian’s work hours etc. I tend to agree with you in that I like his work but I’m not convinced about him on a personal level. I can see why he would be very attracted to the idea of X Files 2 – his career could quite easily have rocketed post X Files, but it did seem to somewhat nose dive (ok – it didn’t die a death, he is still working and has been involved in some pretty good projects) but of course – your insight is a real enlightenment as far as this is concerned, obviously the bullies weren’t fighting his corner either! I am interested in the idea of these old Hollywood tactics being phased out to make way for a new Hollywood – if this is what is happening then what of the new Hollywood? What kind of new ethics does it employ? I have to say that it can only be a good thing if the ‘scare and slander’ is becoming old hat. Taking a closer look at the dark side of Hollywood really brings about a bitter irony to the shiny, happy exterior, the only side that we are exposed to – a simple phrase from David Duchovny about X Files 2 – ‘Gillian’s on board’ – creating this public façade of ‘everyone’s really excited, it’ll be great bla bla’ – and then just to think all of the sh**t that has gone on behind the scenes!! You know an awful lot about the politics and power games of corp Hollywood and the business in general – that is evident and I guess years of exposure to it through your job and research is how you have come to be such a mind of information. I wanted to ask, when you say that her movie choices would have been influenced by the “big 6” – what are you referring to? I agree with you about the trials that Gillian had to go through with Piper – no mother should have to deal with that and she speaks of how much she missed out on with her first child quite openly. She is, as you say, a bit rebellious and refused to be manipulated, moulded or abused – this is one of the things that makes her such a dynamic character and a fine actress. As for XF 2, I guess we will have to watch this space…I know that we will see much more of G in some capacity. I’m sorry this has gone on a bit – to be honest, I could write so much more!! – but I really must stop! I know I am fairly naïve when it comes to this industry and the reality behind the make up and smiles but I am grateful that you have given me so much. Also thank you for the website recommendation.

Emily on Jul 19, 2007


hi Emily: Wow …you learn quick …after reading your post, i think you’ve got it. those close to the industry here in LA, all this is pretty much common knowledge. if you take what u know now and go back and listen carefully to actor’s precise words …really listen to their response to questions …they say a lot that only those in the know truly understand. corp doesn’t care much about this secret code because they feel that the majority in the US are too lazy or too stupid to care or figure it out ...and besides try to prove it against this giant. Q and A to your brilliantly conceived responses: • thanks for the props: ...back at you. • independent UK/US Film: no such thing, it’s all marketing ...BS. Corp owns and|or controls all major US independent film co.s (except those small ones that will never get published) and with a big influence in the UK. as a matter of fact the big-6 (corp Hollywood more on that later) own and|or controls most all US major radio stations, news papers, record labels, tv networks, cable stations, magazines, on-line celeb sites and now attempting to take over the internet …and there is ever growing complaints coming out of the UK regarding corp beginning monopolies there. one has to know the corp conglomerates and their subsidiaries, upon subsidiaries to know which ones they own, i.e.. TMZ, IGN, rotten tomatoes celeb sites ..owned by fox (corp hollywood). i think unFame has an accurate list of what corp controls somewhere in the “hollywood essay” …it’s huge …and scary, it will blow u away! • anderson's choices may have been seriously limited: that is an understatement of gigantic proportions!!! • her re-locating to London? you know it and she is not the only actor who seem to be leaving the US in droves ...out of reach of the long arm of corp hollywood ...but it’s building strong networks there too. not to fear though ...the US people could not beat this billion $ giant so they have just let them have it one pays attention to what corp produces anymore’s considered laughable. the new hollywood is simply going around them and have started the new internet hollywood. it will take more than speilberg to pull them out of the horrible mess they have made of things in the US arts and media and the corner that they have painted themselves into. • gillian anderson-emotional wreck: not, i agree she is probably no more nuts than the rest of us, …and going through some serious ptsd from what she’s been through ..and she is an artist. i know little about her moral makeup but that’s her business. u r the 1st civilian i’ve spoken to that gets anderson …she’s not ungrateful …not mean or the other negative things corp has slandered her with in their rags and web rags. as a matter of fact, she is most gracious considering …i’m quite sure most would be foaming at the mouth and dealing with rage if corp had done to them what she went through …and still endures today. and there are few things as emotionally agonizing than a true artist unable to work! ...beyond cruel! being knowledgeable about anderson and x-files is not that difficult ...anderson has made herself an open book (actually, it’s her only defense against this giant, the truth is her saving grace) for those who are sincere about seeking out truth, not rumors planted by corp, who owns all media in the US, and for those who have an open mind in seeking, then accepting truth regardless how unpleasant it may be. if one goes back and reads and watches everything she has said and written publicly ...well, she has said it clearly enough without saying it (listen closely to her zingers too) ...she just had to say it bit by bit and piece by piece over the years but she said it load and clear enough by God. • the big-6: are the 6 major studios in hollywood ...just type in hollywood monopoly or monopoly on a non-owned corp search engine and see what pops UP! ...they are corp hollywood, they own the media in the US with bosses in the highest of offices in this country ...these 6 corporations have formed—since the 1920 s, from germany--a consortium of conglomerate corporations a spider web of subsidiaries, upon subsidiaries that infiltrate every aspect of the commercial, retail, industrial sales, government, media, and business in the US and it’s holdings were in the billions ...assets, not cash flow, there is a huge difference ...assets isn’t cash, it’s theory ...if the market changes which it has their assets become worthless ...rumor is they are bust ...i.e. see no new productions or great talents ...all are remakes or plagiarism of past projects ...they are too broke to even produce one new project ...and the most talented actors are staying away currently unless block buster profits are guaranteed (which are always tainted with commercialism and propaganda) ...corp has put spielberg in charge of trying to pull them out of this inevitable and catastrophic dive with a project coming out soon ...have you heard the trailers, wo! it’s about aliens but it’s really about trying to keep the general population paranoid concerning the arabic culture, which they hate with a passion ...and never skip a chance to make it out to be the scapegoat of all the worlds ruin. everyone needs a scapegoat ...right? who needs firm, wise understanding and peace anyway! let’s all just find any easy scapegoat ...that’ll solve everything ...corp hollywood has the longest track record in history in following this TRADITION. ...laughable man! corp hollywood has become so arrogant, fat and lazy they really believe that they are fooling everyone. again, laughable man...yee...yee. • old hollywood tactics being phased out: the new philosophy in the US is sugar and spice ...not a beatings (that’s wwII old school). just how it will play out ...we all await in excitement. i can say that for the 1st time in many, many, many decades the iron current that has keep us here prisoners via corp’s berlin-wall type monopoly on all that we read, listen to and watch is beginning to lift and it’s gaining a huge unstoppable momentum ...YEA! ...give us freedom or give us death! new music, YEA! films with the real human experience, YEA! ...uncensored reading materials on everything from religion, to politics, everything, YEA! it seems the actors will be a mix from the crafty old-school hollywood that seldom participate in any of corp hollywood’s current—in your face--commercial and propaganda corroded piece of horse crap projects, and actors, directors, producers ...the whole works unheard of faces and very young! corp is trying desperately to bully there way into the internet but with little success ..seems their rep has proceeded them and yahoo are holding out and have given them only a piece of their pie and what they do own like aol and info...somethng ...well everybody knows “the man” owns it. most all in the know avoid all the major search engines like the plaque one wants to help corp capture this internet market ...corp has influence in all these major search engines and they track (see the fine print in privacy policy—scary stuff) every keystroke and path in order to figure out the how, when, where, why and what we are going to on the internet, like unFame and broadcaster and others ..utub has bee captured so most are bailing and going else where (see broadcastor). they capture another, we bail and move on ...corp’s opposition the “new hollywood” keeps us supplied every time corp captures a site. what new management structure is behind the new power hollywood has been well hidden, i guess for obvious reasons ... corp hollywood is dangerous to some degree still, but they are bust so i imagine they will throw in the towel soon enough or go down with the ship--bullies seldom to that. • no mother should: yea, corp literally stole motherhood from anderson via her contract. if corp didn’t own the media and this where common knowledge all these years ...the mothers in the US would rise up and kick their ass, even the ones who may not care for anderson on any level ...mothers here in the US are no joke! ...they are some serous kind of power if messed with concerning any woman’s motherhood or their child, for real!!! it’s coming out more and more however ...hollywood slanders anderson in their web rags, radio, news and their mags whenever she mentions it or it is picked up by their internet corp scouts. watch, see if when u see that topic widely distributed’ll immediately see negative blurbs about her everywhere ...oh, she’s an alcoholic, a hag, mussed hair style ...BS ...laughable man! and nasty business. • i’m sorry: no worries, you write well ...interesting ...this is a lot for one who isn’t a journalist and not living in LA hollywood, a lot seem to grasp it as though talking about the weather. impressive. every think about being involved in the new hollywood writing or editing jobs popping up EVERYWHERE!? work from home! it’s a good time to hop aboard this train everybody is rushing at it and the new hollywood needs all the fresh quick minded, current people they can get because they are growing faster than the disappearance of anderson’s career. i agree with you, it seems she has no intention of giving up >>>PERHAPS SHE NEEDED THE DECADE TO GROW AND LOOSE THE SKULLY THING SO TO DO WHAT SHE WANTS TO DO> ...she’s earned it. • thanks for having me

vishitor on Jul 19, 2007


Hi Vishitor, Wow – I was still digesting your last post! Thank you once again for paying such close attention to my response. It sounds like the traditions of old Corp Hollywood are being rejected by a new generation of talent which is a positive thing. I guess the World Wide Web is something that cannot be owned, tamed or censored – corporations can try and succeed in small measures, but as you describe – it is not as easy to stay one step ahead in a cyber world which expands at such a pace. The Internet is something that can never be truly monopolized. Is it the case that it is simply too difficult for the ‘Big 6’ to cover the internet in their red tape? It just doesn’t stretch that far? It is true that fat cats always need a scapegoat, if you sit on the margins and make too much noise you better watch out – the powers that be will abuse a particular marginalized community or someone who doesn’t quite fit the mould (Anderson) without a second thought. With the work of Old Hollywood now deemed ‘laughable’ things are surely moving in the right direction though. I am slowly starting to get my head round the jargon – “the big 6”, “the man”. It is all a great insight! - This discussion will no doubt change the way I enjoy TV and journalistic interviews: I will now be listening intently to actors/actresses, trying to read between the lines and decode their responses. You say your first post was based on intelligent speculation and hours of research - The topic being the lead actors of TV series X-Files and corporate Hollywood …a real X-File. Was this created for a particular publication? Is the corrupt nature of Corporate Hollywood your area of general interest or is it part of a much broader spectrum of subjects that you cover as a journalist? I have been checking Gillian’s website (as I often do whilst at work – don’t tell the boss!) and it would appear that she is set to make this sequel – I know you could probably question the credibility of information posted on websites (especially in light of the whole Corp Hollywood trying to infiltrate internet sites business) but this is a site that she posts her own blogs on and would seem to be fairly reliable. If Gillian were to make XF 2, would this be a film mounted by Old Hollywood style management? I’m guessing as you have implied that Corporate Hollywood has most large scale film production in a vice like grip that she would be putting herself on the line by doing the sequel – which is why she would need a legal team powerful and courageous enough to face off with a billion dollar corp. Then again, I suppose, being intelligent and having learned from her experiences, she would never dream of going into such a film without her eyes open to every possible negative consequence. It would be my assumption that she would not take on the movie if the 2002 contract meant that such a career move would be a real threat to her professionally? Then again, what has she got to lose professionally - if she has come through so much already – I guess there is not much that would phase her now, and being part of this sequel would certainly raise her public profile again for the masses who are none the wiser to the cloak and dagger goings on and who will just assume that she chose to stay out of the public eye for a while. I can see where you come from though in your bid to free Scully!! – I guess it would be a proverbial finger up at the system to turn down such a massive project and find her way back to the top on her own terms. It is interesting to see the way Gillian has been perceived by the US press: …oh, she’s an alcoholic, a hag, mussed hair style etc. As you said, the fact that Corp Hollywood own the media has made this unavoidable, in fact it is necessary for the conniving manipulative bullies to damage her public image – In anticipation of any damning evidence against the corp she might publish they destabilize her character to devalue such bad press. In a kind of ‘who’s going to believe a fruit loop’ way. You’re right, it is a real nasty business! She does not suffer the same sort of negative press here in the UK it has to be said. By no means is she coveted, but I guess she is ‘left alone’ a lot more here. I agree with your closing statement – I hope Gillian finds her way to glory – she certainly has earned it! Well, once again – I thank you for imparting your wisdom! – I could discuss this all day, it really is fascinating. I am an actress myself - well aspiring actress would be more accurate as I am still training. But, I do love to write as well, as you can probably tell!!

Emily on Jul 20, 2007


...a real xfiles 2007 hey emily, whats up: as an artesian and internet journalist: ...i must say that your delivery of conceptual ideas put in well-rendered chronological formats makes it easier to address your intelligent and at times challenging quires. thanks it’s been speculated; that in regards to your quires: * still digesting: the “gillian anderson story” ...AKA the new “Joan of Hollywood”, Joan Crawford was the old--is an important variable concerning the brutal, vicious power struggle coming to a head in hollywood (the old verses the new)’s a lot to conceive. the old hollywood entity made itself a global power affiliated with the US government and the most powerful business conglomerates in the US and internationally. anderson’s story landed right in the middle of it. “control the media, control the people” is nothing new and not worth discussing the obvious. anderson has inadvertently become a figurehead for all the oppressed arts and freedom of G given human liberties, and of the current oppressed freedom of speech. ...should she return just as popular and powerful as she left ...well, it would SCEARM an international message to all that old corp hollywood lost ...and that the new; freedom of speech, especially in the arts ...and the freedom for women, who have been the manipulated, oppressed and grossly abused ...for the conveniences and rotten-tomato pleasures of the old regime, won. the required history knowledge, research and studies upon this topic are beyond measure. it seems u got it, quick! you may be one who thirst for truth and has an open mind may be a kindred spirit after all because this stuff is not only deep, complex but a nasty business that, until now, few would let their minds conceive it. * old corp hollywood are being rejected by a new generation: yes and in a BIG way ...and the on-going anderson-saga is more a part of being an essential ingredient or “THE DOMINO THAT STARTED A CHAIN OF EVENTS” thing than most realize. the people knew we could not beat old hollywood—keeping us prisoners behind an iron-wall via the arts and media monopoly., we just let them have it. now all corp has are huge “white-elephant” empty studio warehouses in the middle of a dessert ...standing empty with rusted, antiquated equipment. ouch! ...there goes the yacht ...and the bread money. since the old hollywood cornered the entire market and owns all the studios and especially all the equipment need to produce, well, they ruled and with an iron fist!!! ...especially concerning their questionable labor practices with actors—wo! with the internet and the new technology, no one needs what old hollywood owns in order to produce in the arts, ALL OF THE ARTS. college students with about 3 ($3,000 each) digital hand held digital cameras, a computer graphics wiz on there team, some decent performers, a good writer, a half way decent computer with a hook up to the internet an WHAM! ...YOU HAVE THE NEW ...THE IMPROVED ...THE FREE HOLLYWOOD! anderson is directly and indirect involved in this. anderson’s DOCUMENTED AND PUBLICLY KNOWN labor-law issues concerning old corp hollywood’s labor practices is the known indicator of the bigger issue ...that of hollywood’s freedom of speech violations and current arts and media monopoly. i.e. a court of law if anderson’s story was investigated concerning why corp robbed her of motherhood, via her contract, would inevitably lead to the above issue stated. corp had no other choice but to squash her so that she would completely disappear ...anderson just refuses to die. quite frankly i’m surprised she’s still alive ...if you consider what is involved here ...these people don’t play ...i’m confident anderson still looks over her shoulder because she truly knows what these people are capable of. she took a real risk speaking anything but favorable about what happened on that set and what she endured and discovered about the hollywood regime. moreover, old corp knows that she refused to join them and became their sworn enemy but not an enemy of the arts. she’s hasn’t been just fighting for herself ...her history shows she hates bullies the system that oppresses the little people. she is the type that if she were a child on the playground and saw a bully beating up someone she didn’t know ...i’m confident she would be on that bully quick!’s something in her that she may not even understand. anderson is perhaps one of the most miss-understood and miss-treated hollywood actors, ever. her story is one of the most heartbreaking stories that i have ever investigated. all she ever did or wanted was to love her work, the arts , her daughter and those who supported her works. corp hollywood has twisted her rep and image into something that is with out question and devious fabrication in order to turn the public against her that we would not believe the truth, that she knows about the old regime ...and to keep the others from following her path ...against them and against their unfair if not unlawful ways. it is finally happening, almost a decade later from her LONE (Joan of Hollywood) stance against them on that cheap, sweatshop type xfiles set (while david cowered in his suv) ...old hollywood’s ways and their monopoly is becoming common knowledge and they are on the outs! bravo ...anderson ...bravo for you. ...a hell of vision! * internet-never be truly monopolized: the internet can be monopolized ...i.e. if you are on a search engine controlled by corp than most likely all you will pull up on your search is what they want you to see ...on the fist 3 to 7 pages ...nothing else. the new hollywood billion $ internet thing is up for grabs. other powerful players not affiliated with old hollywood joined to capture it. ...they won’t let old corp in at any cost because their rep precedes them! in short ...those who own and or control the “internet provider service” companies and search engines co’s will own the new hollywood’s a fierce, nasty battle as we speak! we rejoice for a while in the new beginnings, yet with human nature, as it is ... i’m confident the new hollywood will eventually become corrupt and need to fall as this old has--which held the spot for about 90 years. let’s just pray that this new corp hollywood will have more ethical behaviors, fair minded and hold a true love for the freedom of the arts and it’s artisans more anderson stories ...leave our artisan’s in peace ...our artisans are essential workers for society. *a real X-File 2007: was posted on a stand-alone site originally. my scope is bigger than xfiles and anderson. professionally i support the freedom of speech in the arts and entertainment industry ..addressing how corp america (old corp hollywood) has captured the arts as its vehicle to control globally, and how that is destroying the very fabric of global society. in addition, personally, i hate bullies! i am an artesian with a broad brush. in order to address an issue as huge as this one must start somewhere. in my investigations i inadvertently came across the anderson story and something seemed much too familiar and quit odd. all the facts about her story didn’t (DON’T) add up!? ...especially with her history, abilities and professional assets. technically old corp should have taken her under their wing to use her talent and gifts to get as much money as possible (it’s their norm) but they didn’t ...they did the opposite. ...LOGICALLY THAT MAKES NO SENSE, and being that corp hollywood functions purely on logic it really made no sense!!! it doesn’t add up! nothing makes a money hungry dog let go of a bone, ever? i pondered why? why? WHY? then i keep digging deeper and deeper, then it slowly came together—the journalist joy, finding it, the truth of the matter. anderson has been throwing helpful hints—breadcrumbs since day one-- and corp’s past and present actions moved accordingly ...this also started to make sense, once i obtained more and more facts. it’s too lengthy for here but in short ...anderson IS THE NEW HOLLYWOOD! at least one of it’s founding seeds. she said no regardless the potential consequences. she is the NEW “Joan of Hollywood” as the unFame hollywood essay suggest. ...saying no to the US global arts and media monopoly (old hollywood) is one of the greatest current causes on the planet. history proves that people being people ...well, don’t follow causes no matter how right, or how great ...they follow figureheads or icons that represent their cause! i’m confident that anderson is that figurehead and i’m confident that old hollywood is very aware that she may become that ...and anderson’s story proves it ...and more importantly IT IS DOCUMENTED (few if any are)! ...and she has continued to insure that the facts of that story have been and continue to be made available to any willing to see deeper than the xfiles and skully. understanding “a real xfile 2007” which you seem to have grasped, all her moves over the last decade, not only make sense, but also near genius. to those wanting to see only pretty hollywood and celebrities (old hollywood word ...hate it!) nothing she has done makes any sense ...because she is not that! ...she fights for right first and foremost (see history) ...she hates bullies ...she loves art and be damned with stupid praise and bs ...i’m real, i’m human, i’m female, i’m an artist, take it or leave it ...i will never quite, ever! these are near her own quotes, over the years, and her actions support them. i support anderson in the fact that i support the good fight in saying no to the old corp hollywood regime—that abuses our artisans, destroys our freedom of speech and ruins our society. anderson said no, even now! Joan of Hollywood lives, therefore there is hope for the arts, therefore our society; is a motto that can help in this current and vicious power struggle in hollywood to who will control the new hollywood or arts and media. as an artesian and journalist in my support of the arts ...and anderson--as the founding mother of its fight for freedom ...i have become to respect her relentless courage, awesome inner strength, wisdom, endurance, patients, hope and her stealthy and relentless fight. from my research there is none, especially females, in hollywood that compare. not one. she truly is the new “Joan of Hollywood” without question. ...and it scares the hell out of old corp hollywood on it. * checking Gillian’s website-xfiles2: sorry such thing! it’s not her site, read the fine print’s corp hollywood’s site ...remember that exit contract i spoke of earlier ...she has to cooperate somewhat with that product, merchandising site. she sees nothing posted, via that site, except what they decide and nothing is posted by her accept what they tell her to post ...anything she wants to post on her has to be approved by them ...the enemy and a most worthy enemy at that. what she does post between the lines, she’s speaks pretty clear. not doing the xfiles2 is much more than flipping them off. it will be controlled by the old corp and they, in my opinion, are only calling her back to help bring them out of this bankruptcy because of her huge favor with the people and the potential box office revenues involved—not to mention helping corp’s tattered image. i doubt seriously corp would even think of bringing her back if it were not necessary—financially. anderson and corp are mortal enemies. she may have no other choice but to do the xfiles2 depending on how tricky her exit contract is and her financial ability to hire a good legal team to combat it ...and it’s also political. any dealings with corp hollywood is a real threat to her professionally and personally (see her rep being slandered via corp rags should she want to, or be able to say no). they have already started making black-mailing type threats,of legal action against her, with quotes like “gillian anderson quoted on this date with so-and-so that she will do xfiles2”. for anderson it’s about survival, not this movie project. her relationship with corp hollywood is like having a mean pit-bull on a long leash strapped to your leg, for life. she will never be free of it until old corp is no more. all her moves personally and professionally have to be well orchestrated ...a real political nightmare. when she moves ...does anything you can tell ...and bet, it is well thought out and she seems to be making all the right moves. she has a lot to loose now. it took her a near decade to put herself in a position to remake her life. corp can do her a lot more damage with the same techniques they used against her the last time. however, she’s smarter now and probably has an excellent legal team assembled and publicist at her hip, cocked and ready. corp has been very cautious lately with her in there slanders ..not like before. * aspiring actor: good luck with that. be warned of the corp hollywood's long arm in the UK ...get involved prior or during your active career with them or their affliates and you may suffer dearly ...what happened to anderson can happen to anyone. great stuff emily, you have helped anderson and the cause by, more than you know, by speaking truth and keeping the topic alive ...right on, keep up the good fight ...the arts rule man! thanks FirstShowing for having me, the vishitor

vishitor on Jul 20, 2007


hey emily; just a short ammendment to that last posting * other hollywood actors make stand: everyone in the industry still has to deal with old corporate hollywood to some degree at this point, simply due to their still influential and threatening power, and financial holdings...though they are losing that power at a phenominal rate...i'm confident there is nothing old hollywood can do to stop this. i didn't mean to state that gillian anderson is the only one who has made sacrifices or made a stance because that's not true. though immature, which he admitted publicly, mel gibson has really stuck his neck out on the block ...paltrow has made a significant enough stance by staying away from hollywood or getting involved in their highly commercial pieces, and she's made a big statement by moving to the UK (they crucified depp for leaving the U.S. as anti-american) ...tom cruise, regardless of his personal religious beliefs which is his business, also has made a powerful stance. lindsey lohan, currently under the "blackball scare and slander attack"---big time---, is attempting to follow suit in anderson footprints. johnny depp made the biggest statement he dared to by leaving the U.S. and stating publicly, to paraphrase, "forget that". and woody harrelson, who has really seemed to mellow or soften in it lately ... these artists are noteworthy of making a stance that could cost them and probably has to some certain degree...oh, one more worth mentioning ...susan sarandon, has shown to be sharp as a whip in her dealings with hollywood - listen and watch her closely on interviews. she is an expert in talking in secret code and she doesn't pull punches. *old hollywood owns:in the above earlier posting, i left out one of the major industries that corporate hollywood currently owns and controls ...that being all major publishing houses *aspiring actress: after reviewing my post, i didn't mean to seem flippant regarding your career. the arts is a most honorable and courageous endeavor and i wish you all the best in it. for your sake and perhaps unsolicited advice, i hope you train yourself on the path on the new internet hollywood. *the big six: just off the top of my head, you've got the big six: warner, fox, paramount, universal, mgm, etc ... then you have the secondary tier of "arthouse film" companies owned, in partnership or affiliated with them (like the ones who produced gillian anderson's more recent films) united arts, lionsgate films, columbia etc ...(see for a complete list or look on a non-owned, non popular search engine - i might suggest "fazzle" or "altavistaUK"- though that last one is questionable to some degree-more on honest search engines later if you want) ...but they are toast anyway. *anderson is not alone. she is in good company. she just started this whole thing. thanks FirstShowing for having me, the vishitor

vishitor on Jul 20, 2007


hey it`s farrukh here ... "vishitor" where are you from ? Farrukh

Farrukh on Jul 21, 2007


Hallo Vishitor – it’s Emily here again. Thanks so much for your post – once again full of invaluable information. I can see why you have made your career from this kind of journalism – it is just fascinating. In reflection, what you say with regard to XF2 makes so much sense to me – of course they would need Gillian to make this film – true fans of the series are not going to want to see this film made minus Scully, or even worse, with someone else in that role. X Files 2 would be a total flop without the D&G power combo – and the big bosses will know that. No Mulder and Scully = No Movie. Like you have said so many times, the power games are all ultimately in the pursuit of financial gain – and if they are in the financial trouble that you say they are, they need this movie. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that – of course they want her now – which is why she is being hauled back in and probably given a break from being utterly slandered in the tabloids. With power like theirs I guess they can build someone up just as easily as they can tear them down to fit their own needs. Your words do fill us with hope of a new improved liberated Hollywood – with Gillian (and many others) riding on this wave of artistic freedom. Like you, however, I am sure that in time a similar story will play out. I completely agree that if we can learn anything from the history of Human Nature – it is that greed and ambition always get the better of us somewhere along the line – you are right, in years to come this new wave of freedom in writing/producing/the arts in general will come up against new obstacles – we have seen liberation movements like this over and over. The abolition of censorship in 1968 lifted an iron fist in this country from the creative arts but look where we sit today - an industry full of puppets with “the man” pulling the strings and ensuring a façade of creative freedom is communicated to the unsuspecting (and often uninspired) public. I guess it is a matter of timing, the ebbs and flows that naturally occur in any industry. Right now, ‘this moment’ could mark a significant shift in the goal posts of this industry – I guess I’m saying that at a time like this the only possible way is up – and it looks like that is where we are headed on the back of courageous people prepared to take a stand like Gillian and the others you mention. It does not surprise me one bit that you credit so much to Susan Sarandon – I have always found her an intelligent, independent, talented woman. As for Mel Gibson - talk about given a hard time in the press! He has not even escaped that this side of the Atlantic. I had noticed the slurs on his professional and personal life: he seemed to go from icon to laughing stock almost overnight. I don’t know whether you have ever seen the animated series Family Guy (which is Fox of course) but there is an episode which rips his credibility to shreds! It is great that you support freedom of speech in the arts and entertainment industry. It sounds like you have been on a real journey in the pursuit of Anderson’s ‘truth’ – it certainly is a real X File with truths being buried and people backed into corners!! – I feel that now I am equipped with this knowledge of the corrupt methods in place and Anderson’s story in particular, I can open my eyes to so much more of what is happening out there. So for that I thank you – and I will certainly pass the message on. It is important that people know what happens behind closed doors and that the fraudulent nature of the media machine is exposed - not least so that slanderous stories splashed in the tabloids aren’t taken as gospel. You would assume that only an idiot would believe all slanderous press but it is alarming the damaging effect it can have on someone’s career isn’t it. I can appreciate what you mean when you say that these people don’t play ball – as an individual, or even as part of a resistance, you are TOTALLY powerless when it comes to having any hopes of overthrowing such dominance. Which is why people have to find other ways around it – and from what you say – Anderson has played the game up to a certain point (inasmuch as she has not pushed it so far as to end up six feet under) and is now making all the right moves – Hey, I guess she has learnt an awful lot from her ordeal. I guess you, being a journalist yourself, have come up against corp Hollywood and their red tape? If they own all the publishing Houses (as well as everything else!) there really are few ways to get around their parameters – I guess amongst the ‘underground’ renegade societies a rebellion against such an oppressive regime must thrive, but even in your position – I guess you have to be careful to a certain degree?? I sound like I’m talking about a full scale political crusade to overthrow tyranny (!) – I suppose to a certain extent, when one talks of people with this amount of wealth and power – that is exactly what it is. You didn’t sound flippant about my career path at all – not to worry – I want to go into the business with my eyes open and equipped with as much knowledge of the industry as possible – I can see how easily naïve actresses are abused and manipulated. And, unfortunately, that is a universal thing – I guess the Hollywood regime is just unmatched in scale and ruthlessness. I know I have a lot to learn – I am only 22! But you have opened my eyes to a lot of things that are going on in this business so thank you! Also I would like to say that this is a great forum for sharing views and opinions and I know I will not be the only one benefiting from your insight!

Emily on Jul 21, 2007


hey farrukh: i'm from la, california USA but i have traveled ...A LOT! best wishes thanksFirstShowing

vishitor on Jul 21, 2007


hey, what’s up: in your closing, "if one has touched one, they have touched the world". emily, from your latest response, it is speculated that: * it is just fascinating: knowing the truth of a matter, especially one of such magnitude and importance can be exciting. however, what comes with it can be a burden ...i can’t just blindly watch, read or listen to any mainstream media or internet without seeing the unpleasant truth. ...the lies ...the propaganda ...the turning the arts into a commercial and destroying society—which i have no doubt will also come upon you soon enough. i prefer truth—no question. i just have to find other means of entertainment because old hollywood’s crap is - not art - and it’s certainly - not entertainment ...the “arts and entertainment”—my ass! but i am in good company with the growing masses of the new hollywood ...anderson is our spokes person on this when she states “TV is ruining society” have no idea have much guts it takes for her to say that ...and even some of her own followers have crucified her for continuing so repeat this over, and over any chance she gets. i’m confident she will be praised for it in the end! “give us freedom of speech or give us death” ...”free-gillian anderson” ...”free the arts”! * can tear them down: old corp hollywood’s “black-ball, scare and slander” techniques via their monopolized media (all) are the oldest and most ruthless tactics on the planet ...and they are experts at it. they know that one’s reputation is worth more than treasures. the rock that they have rolled up the hill for others will soon roll down upon them’s the law of nature. ...they know their time is quickly coming to an end, and will move on just in time to avoid prison (see their next endeavor---africa’s diamond fields). * on the back of courageous people: yes, the new hollywood is founded upon the great sacrifices of anderson, gibson, lohan and many, many more. ...not just actors, but writers, producers, stage-hands, all in the industry have been subjected to, or fallen victim to anderson’s past fate, via old corp hollywood—even their own. i am confident that their are those in the old regime that are like those caught up in hitler’s regime, that want out and scheme this crazed regime’s downfall from within ...see the law of nature. most likely, those stated above, well, their sacrifices will not be remembered, except through those who know this truth “the sacrifices of the fallen, for others, will be forgotten” that make a concerted point to keep their sacrifice alive in writing about it, painting it, and producing songs of it ...and the like. history has always shown that there are those who must be sacrificed for the good of the masses (such as anderson and all the others) ...this also, seems to be the law of nature—beyond my understanding ...for those who have sacrificed, however, should they remain true ...history has also shown that, their reward is 100 times greater than all that they lost ...count on it sh**t happens, so does this as well. i have other interest that i pursue in the arts in addition to this that feeds me well in mind and soul. you have gained more knowledge via my labor ...i pass it to you freely ...then you pass it on ...and so on. it won’t take much effort to dig up--to verify--all that i have shared here, as documented ...almost common knowledge, even to the most armature researcher. being completely powerless against the powers of the current great is not without it’s own power and protection ...truth will save one’s life can not. manipulating the arts is a risky business old hollywood must pay the check because they, most certainly, have been found out--via their own laziness and self-indulgence in pleasure, and at the—dangerous--expense of the people. if you want to test your courage, be an artist and be it’s strong protector. * support freedom of speech-a real X File: anderson’s story IS ...a real xfile ...and her sacrifice strongly influenced the quest to stop this tyranny---this oppressed freedom of speech, which is spreading to the UK like a virus. she can not tell her story! one would believe her must be told by an impartial, third party that has no bias, and by one that will not gain financially in exposing the truth of the matter—that’s what free journalists do! that’s what people like you do, and the millions of others that are rising up say, “NO, and we know what you have done”. * slanderous press: corp hollywood—and corp’s rags, news, web rags and the like--are experts at propaganda in how to relentlessly bombard the same message repeatedly’s affect on the mass (hardworking, therefore distracted) population ...people get so tired, frustrated and soon give up hope, and it seeps in, becoming the norm, but the current new generation will have none of it! here in the US they believe nothing put out by “the man” and have completely shut off corp’s loudspeakers in their head ...right on! anderson was a decade ahead of her time. * crusade to overthrow tyranny: i—as is anderson, in my opinion—am not on a crusade, other than to seek and accept truth, especially in regards to the current state, of something so sacred, so precious ...the arts--global. tyranny has been and will always be amongst us ...i waste no energy in allowing myself to be shocked by it. just is we respond to it is what matters. besides, in time tyranny always overthrows itself--in it’s on gluttonous, pleasure seeking ways, that destroys---that which was it’s platform in it’s birth. in the US, especially, accepting the truth is the crusade. so many would rather pretend than to deal with reality, and old hollywood makes it easy for us to do so with all that we see, hear and read ...pretty lies. europe is a much more mature society and knows better, via costly experience. once the masses accept truth, it takes life and resolves the issue in mysterious ways, quick enough! be on the wrong side of that when it goes down ...well?! i do feel that since old corp has been found out regarding their corrupt and unfair ways towards, and against anderson ...and all artists ...they should repay 7 times what they stole. if the wind is with our huddled masses in this, perhaps this will happen soon enough. should anderson rise again, i assure you old hollywood is no more! she is without doubt a true barometer as to where the current (old verses new hollywood) battle is, and how it is fairing ...because old hollywood will never allow anderson to rise from the asses, which they sent her, accept to serve them as a tortured, humiliated slave, as long as their is life in them, ever! ...know that!!! * careful to a certain degree: everyone with even the slightest dealings with old hollywood must respect that they are a worthy opponent—and never challenge them (one will certainly loose!!!) is my e-mail should our post just disappear without notice, or should we suddenly be blocked ...remember when i said that old hollywood are networking strongly in the UK ...this site is greatly funded by rotten-tomatoes which belongs to the big-6 ...if the old corp internet scouts find these truths posted, this site may be given an ultimatum ...if firstshowing can’t survive without their funding, then, ...well? we may have to hook up elsewhere. ...not to worry ...remember when i said “when old corp captures a site”? ...we just bail, let um have it and spread the word and go elsewhere. i fear nothing but , G but i’m not foolish enough to line up for old hollywood, i respect their power, as does anderson—to a point at least. ...besides my work is not directly related to an arena where they have much influence because i am an independent and require no support from any! nor am i foolish enough to do business with a wrongdoer way ...not at any price! ...may it never be, ever. * with my eyes open: i too believe in the saying “open your eyes and you will be satisfied” regardless how painful anything may seem at the moment. truth will save you from the fate that comes to the unsuspecting ...who are too foolish, or too afraid to accept what is this moment. anderson could have pretended that she did not know ...but it just isn’t in her to do so. at times perhaps, she has been tempted to think that maybe she should have ...but to date, she holds fast ...xfiles2 certainly be will be a temptation, for the reason you have stated, and a trial for her, no doubt. u will probably cross paths with anderson in your acting endeavors when you least expect it some day ...though she is known for being publicly shy at times, i’m confident that she would (eventually if not at the moment) appreciate it if ...should u grasp the courage, shout out, just load enough, ...”anderson! ...right on man.” she will know that you know--what she knows, and that you support her fight. a little encouragement goes a long way. as with so many european’s, emily, you seem wise and open minded enough to accept the truth of a matter ...and i am confident you will add a much needed touch, flavor, newness and joined strength in the quest for FREEDOM OF THE ARTS! (see movie; mr.smith goes to washington) ...“this country does not belong to a bunch of billionaire bullies” best wishes, the vishitor thanks FirstShowing for having me. (do what u must do, i understand fully)

vishitor on Jul 21, 2007


Hey Vishitor , its cool that you live in LA , well what do you think about X files 2 ? have you seen all of X files ??? i loved it , well i make fan Music Videos and really love to and i`m 20 years old..... its very nice to hear that X files movie 2 is returning in 2008 well hope good for that like its been 10 years since last movie and there must be a wonderful plot line by the way , what do you do and is "vishitor" your real name? David D and Gil are very good actors and it will be a plesire to meet `em someday and have ever met them? catch you soon Farrukh

Farrukh on Jul 22, 2007


hey furrukh: thanks for your response regarding your response, it is speculated: * what do you think about X files 2?: well, if it gets done i think it probably will be a total bust ...the anderson story is too well known ...and such a part of the cold-war revolution going on here in the US for the fight for freedom of speech ...well, i just can’t see it having any of the elements that made xfiles what it WAS. what was is the past, and that can never be made to live again. i say, on with the new. if anderson were free i am confident that she might do a project similar to her past xfiles roll, yet better, fresher and more alive than the ‘frankenstein-like’ xfiles2 currently being hacked together in theory by old hollywood. * i make fan music videos: right on. the arts are an honorable endeavor. perhaps you will be published on the new internet hollywood soon. * xfiles2-a wonderful plot line: well, the DIFFERENT plot line is ...because old hollywood is loosing their influential power. it's obvious that old corp strongly anticipates that they will not be able to force g and d into doing one of corp’s “last ditch efforts” sinking ship projects. d (david) is more likely to be tempted than gill—anderson has had more motivation to surround herself with a strong legal team and has less reason to cooperate with old hollywood. ...this different plot line, old corp hollywood, most undoubtedly, derived upon it via their usual means of statistical demographic calculations, concerning a topic-matter, that is most likely to attract the largest universal mass population or $dollars. ...or in other words, a commercial, propaganda plot line consisting of a pile of dead horse crap—as their norm ...suited for children who have not had the opportunity to become well read or informed. with this different plot line, old corp can fill the lead roles with any actors that meet their demographic specifications ...(actors demographically calculated to draw in the masses) ...see corp’s “actor--mass marketing--demographic images campaigns” made in old corp hollywood’s current repertoire of “actor-puppets”. in short ...i think the past is, and there is nothing man can do but to go forward today with the reality of what is now ...then do the best we can with what we have to work with. yet, dead corp hollywood IS THE PAST, and all they have IS WHAT WAS. old corp has no other choice but to take the past and remake it, plagiarize it and squeeze the life out OF WHAT WAS ...because it’s the last morsel of substance they have left for survival. ...old hollywood are not creative artists. old hollywood are ruthless businessmen. not only can old corp not afford to pay for the new, the new is not offering to do business with these tyrants with a horrid reputation ...what goes around, comes around. the new artists are finding other avenues and are following these wise words ...waaait for it ...waaait for it ...waaait for it. * what do you do: as stated in earlier post, among other things in the arts, i contribute as an internet journalist-writer supporting the good fight for the arts, specializing in the people’s current power struggle for the freedom of speech in the arts and media, universally. as you can image i will not be published in the US via conventual means because my stance is with the free, new hollywood. this does not disappoint me, however contribution in this current battle for the freedom of speech in the arts is not motivated by financial gain, or recognition. should anderson rise again without old hollywood strings, you will know that the old hollywood has lost its control over the current arts and media monopoly in the US and its current hot networking in the UK. “free-anderson” “free-the arts” * have you ever met them: no. i have not. i am not one for forced introductions, unless properly introduced ...or unless paths cross naturally. because of what i do in the arts in hollywood, other than my pro-bono internet investigative journalistic writings, chances are our paths may cross, but i have no reason to seek g or d out for any particular reason. i do wish them the very best in their unusual circumstances, however ...we all do, in the new hollywood. moreover, yes i think g and d have some very fine artistic abilities, which they have shown to be excellent and most popular. i hope they are becoming more affluent in the left-brain skills (politics, legal, contract experts, etc.), however ...which is needed to bring and maintain their right-brain (artistic mind) abilities to the forefront in the arts. good luck in your artistic endeavors furrukh! best wishes, the vishitor thanks FirstShowing for having me.

vishitor on Jul 22, 2007


hey Vishitor , that was all pretty interesting to know what happening all behind the X files movie.. all i hope is that X files Movie should be made good with a good plot and with same old thriller action and supernatural phenomenon , because i liked that all especially the its movie 1998.... keep in touch... if you would like to view my latest created Music Videos at myspace let me know and i will email you links to your yahoo email address yes, i got it from your post... but i would love if you view them and share to your friends. Thanks Farrukh

Farrukh on Jul 22, 2007


hey emily: below are some research tid-bits (just a few amongst a mountain of info available out there) and which also supports anderson’s comments concerning how tv is destroying society. i’m confident she want’s to say much more than that but can not—legally, see interview contracts and her political nightmare. * what follows are direct quotes found at which is, in short, speaking of this current old corp hollywood that anderson found herself facing off against—i’m sure to her dismay: “Schiller's most recent books are concerned with the increasing commodification of information and corporatization of culture in the U.S. In Culture, Inc.: The Corporate Takeover of Public Expression (1989), Schiller lamented that "Transforming information into a salable good, available only to those with the ability to pay for it, changes the goal of information access from an egalitarian to a privileged condition," with the result that ‘the essential underpinning of a democratic order is seriously, if not fatally, damaged.’ ...and ...In Information Inequality: The Deepening Social Crisis in America (1996), Schiller again decries the corporate enclosure of information and cultural expression, arguing that the denial of access to information and the debasement of cultural messages is deepening the already intense social crisis brought about by corporate policies. I think one of Schiller's most important contributions to our understanding of information media is his insistence that ownership matters - that the corporate owners of mass communications media do actually use it (both consciously and unconsciously) for their own purposes, which are domination and control. ...and ... Another very important contribution has been Schiller's continuing emphasis on popular agency. Although he often paints a very bleak picture, he has always stressed that significant change is possible if those of us excluded by the corporate media monopoly can find ways to create alternate media structures that resist domination and promote humane values of equality, solidarity and justice. ...and ... As many campus, labor and community activists have already discovered, the Internet can be a very effective organizing tool if used intelligently.” *...emily this later statement is currently being done via the new internet hollywood to include ...what we are doing at this site are already a part of the revolution ...there will come a time when you must choose which side of the fence you are on. ...this will directly and indirectly affect your current acting endeavors. if you have inadvertently found yourself supporting the enemy and wish not too ...i suggest you be cloak and dagger, and DO NOT do as anderson did could destroy your career before it begins!!! playing dumb to what’s really going on in our industry can be your greatest weapon, at this point, until the current regime is overthrown enough. * as the above quotes state ...if you want information, especially in the US you have to buy it ...and regards to anderson’s statements about how old hollywood is destroying society—see this article suggesting old hollywood’s means to influence war or peace = ....anderson is not a disgruntled x-employee, she is an x-file, for real appropriate! in real life she is skully fighting the corrupt system from within but doing it like anderson, more than most can imagine. the slower general public has no idea how deep this goes!!! anderson does know and now you are beginning to. as an actor in are right in the middle of it if you like it or not. * want more: ...and “Post-Fordism, Monopoly Capitalism, and Hollywood's Media Industrial Complex” found at ...this is what anderson is talking about but can’t say directly. she is the new “Joan of Hollywood” a title and fight that she did not choose chose her when she had the courage to say no, move to the UK and continue to speak out against xfiles|tv (old hollywood). the info above and given freely, via my research, it is just the tip of the ice-berg. here in the US the new generation is way past research ...the fight is on ...the new hollywood is in full momentum and growing at an alarming rate. best wishes, the vishitor thanks First Showing for having me

vishitor on Jul 23, 2007


Hi Vishiter, I agree Gilly said it right about the media monopoly is destroying our society and with the TV too. However, what about her hating bullies? If she hates bullies so much why did she get hooked up with one of the most hated bullies in the UK? She did not do her reputation any good such a move! Her man makes his wealth off of hardworking people that are just trying to make it. Do you have any idea how many little people, who have to get to job, that have lost their privilege to drive, and even their wheels because of this vulture, blood sucker? He does not suck his wealth from fat-cats who can afford his wheel-clamping!!! What about that? ripToe

ripToe on Jul 23, 2007


hey: ripToe * anderson’s man--most hated bully in UK: that’s something you need to ask her. i agree his lively-hood seems less than honorable, indeed. i can’t argue your point because it makes total sense. when it comes to love, however ...who knows ...maybe anderson will convince him to sell the business and find reputable work. ...could happen. best wishes, the vishitor thanks for having me FirstShowing

vishitor on Jul 23, 2007


Hey Vishitor it’s Emily, Thank you for those Research tid bits and your last post – very insightful as always. You constantly give me loads to ponder!! I know you say that with knowing the truth of matters such as those you research comes the burden of reading into the coded messages given to you – but this is a great thing – you are analytical and you question things, you are not just ready to trust 2nd/3rd hand presuppositions and assumptions that may well be, and often are, incorrect or in this case loaded with a hidden agenda/ulterior motive. You find stimulus in what is offered and show inquisitiveness rather than mere acceptance. When you start assessing the credibility of evidence and the reliability of sources etc (which I know must be a huge part of your job as a researcher) it is frightening how much we can take for granted. *Information inequality: It is so interesting to consider, in this particular case of corporate Hollywood and their power over creative arts and mass media, that those with the power to censor and manipulate information communicated to the masses exercise the authority to debase the public message to one of a saleable nature – they remodel their audience into the role of the consumer bombarding them with as much clap trap trash as possible with the emphasis always and only on financial gain – commodifying the very notion of ‘art’ by producing as much spin off merchandise as possible to the point where slogans, brands and saleable objects actually eclipse the potential for any real and honest critical analysis of art. Using their influence as a monopolizing tool they are essentially dumbing down the nation in order to manage the market. What we see happening with corp Hollywood is a commodification of art so out of hand that ‘scare and slander’ tactics are the only way to keep such a structured debasement in place. Artisans who are unwilling to accept this crime against art (and rightly so) have come under attack and that is an utter disgrace. It is clear, in light of Gillian’s case that the ‘powers that be’ stop at nothing to suffocate any opposing voice, but she refuses to be silenced. You are right about Gillian – she is courageous and her story is a real X File. It sounds like Schiller’s writing fully anticipated the role that the Internet could play in subverting the politics and processes of Old Hollywood and transforming the grim product, now accepted and expected as ‘the norm’. So really, I guess the issue was never purely about the product but also the ghastly strategies used to ensure the old regime stuck. So a real revolution was needed if there was to be any hope of overthrowing such long-standing power and authority – such ’stuck in the mud traditions’. That revolution starts with people like Anderson, and yourself – you have articulated and spread your message so well and to such a wide audience and you obviously feel passionately about the campaign, which is wonderful. I am glad you advised me to be cloak and dagger with regard to pursuing my own career because I have to admit, whilst we have been discussing this – I have thought a lot about how much I would be willing to lose in order to stand up against such ‘bullies’ – and it is a real internal struggle! – I know what you say is right – I agree 100% but you are right in what you say – that playing dumb to any regime such as this may be the only way – at least until they have relinquished their monopoly over the industry. I hope you don’t think that makes me sound like a coward – I think it is just more of a case of knowing what is good for me – don’t get me wrong, I think what Gillian has done is incredibly brave - I just don’t know if I would do the same were I in her position! Look at the dire consequences – you have to be a tough cookie to cope with what she has coped with! Oh yes – and if I ever met Anderson – too right I would say ‘Anderson – right on!!’ She needs to know that people support her fight – she has certainly not suffered in vain – new Hollywood approaches – This is the dawning of a new era! Thank you for your extensive knowledge on the subject, as always.

Emily on Jul 24, 2007


hallo E. : brilliant writing regarding to your response, it is speculated: * you question things: in this fight for freedom of speech—in the US and spreading to UK, iron-curtain “arts|media monopoly”--which anderson inadvertently ran right in to this fight, the US new generation has a motto ...QUESTION EVERYTHING! perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise that, only the foolish would accept what seems to be all that we read, hear and see, in these times ...if we don’t wake up ...well? (see pre ww2 mass german population—did not hitler use the EXACT, SAME METHODS we face now)? ...are the german people to blame? ...are we, in this?! the great attempting to oppress the people is a relentless battle that will never die is just reborn. ...a law of nature that eludes me. yet i accept it and just live life fully, yet as sober-minded as possible. the people cannot destroy tyranny ...but only keep ourselves fit, and on the job, in keeping the great in their rightful place via our joined efforts ...there are too many of us to kill. * “is frightening how much we can take for granted” : ...and you also quoted “...with the power to censor and manipulate information communicated to the masses exercise the authority to debase the public message to one of a saleable nature”. you have said it well! this is exactly what old corp hollywood does with their movie projects, record labels, publishing houses and tainted news. brilliant. * to keep such a structured debasement in place: yes! again, you got it! corp’s “black ball, scare and slander” tactics which anderson (and others like cruies, gibson, lohan, ect) have fallen under is indeed their main management tool within their own tightly, closed ranks and also with whom they hire. or do business with, in the industry so to further their personal cau$e—not the arts. on this note, i think it is worth mentioning. ...there is no indication that anderson set out to be the figurehead of all this, or wished to be caught up in it ...she just wanted to do what she does in the arts just so happens that she is the type that refuses to be manipulated and abused ...they picked on the wrong girl! this has evolved up around anderson. she has found herself—though a private person—having to voice publicly the truths that motivated her to say no to corp. ...and continuing to speaking it ...well, has and is her only defense! wow?! ...i guess the truth really will set you free ...and like money, for protection, can save one’s life can not. she has had no other choice but to endure in courage or parish, and no doubt, that she has any intention of giving corp that satisfaction. * essentially dumbing down the nation in order to manage the market: by gosh! ...i think you’ve got it!!! that is truly insight full. well said indeed. may i borrow that? the brunt of that effort are the unseasoned actors ...serving as corp’s pawns in this. IF old corp hollywood can convince the masses that, all, in the “arts and entertainment” (media) is foolishness ...and is not to be considered seriously ...perhaps the masses won’t look too hard at how they are being managed—or their said motives. ...who owns the arts|media is what counts! at present, it is only the old, crazed, drug-filled, over-indulged, fat cat, “hold-outs” at the very top who still believe this is still fooling anyone, anymore, however. ...much like hitler’s last days (see the next tom cruies film depicting the matter). here in the US, we stopped listening about the time anderson resigned. laughable! ...truly. in the US it is only the grannies who speak out loud of hollywood ...the middle aged won’t say the word in fear of seeming foolish ...with the new generation they have this thing, if the word hollywood is heard, someone, anyone will immediately hear someone shout “f***k hollywood"!!! that’s how it is, and considered acceptable behavior even in public. * That revolution starts with people like Anderson: it did! it does! being that the big-6 (corp hollywood and their consortiums’) owns and or controls CNN, NEW YORK TIMES, and WASHINGTON POST (now, in the US known as a JOKE) and all the other major news and publishing houses ..what follows did not get wide distribution ...since anderson’s stance against corp’s un-lawful labor practices that came to a head in 2002, concerning working actors with children ...the laws have been changed! ...(see) all the actors and when they began having children ...that was anderson’s doing—just one of her thankless sacrifices--DOCUMENTED ...her domino! ...that has started the downfall of old hollywood. anderson did not have the protection of that labor law, which in turn, stole motherhood from her via corp’s ruthless contractual labor practices . ..which again, is a huge indicator of their true current objectives in monopolizing the arts include smashing all that threaten corp’s secret—NOT—or their power ...for greed—not the arts and betterment of society. managing the arts|media belongs to the people’s a big responsibility and we trusted the great to manage it for us ...BIG MISTAKE! ...not to worry ...only the fat-cats at the top, who are too drunk with power and ego, are the few remaining in power, who refuse to grasp that they are done ...i am confident that most of old corp hollywood executives are looking to capitulate, quick enough! (again, see cruies’s new movie). * feel passionately about the campaign: may it never be! her beginnings, anderson was passionate about the matter ...look what happened to her. i do struggle at times with not allowing my heart to rule my mind in this. this thing that anderson stumbled upon ...currently has the power to influence war or peace—yet is strongly loosing that power in the US--and goes into such high places it can not be discussed here. it is a challenge not to become emotional at times when something as vidal as ...”the arts” are to be managed only by the people (the majority—not the select few) be utilized responsibly order to pursue|evolve towards universal-enlightenment of the human experience us the opportunity for continual growth of self and society. when this precious thing (the arts--the very heart of the people) captured by the ruthless great, who know nothing but ...more! ...more! ...and at the daily suffering and destruction of the masses, ...well ...calm is the greatest defense against any oppressor. anderson, it seems, has learned this well. when we stop buying what the great old regime hollywood is selling ...they will fall! the new hollywood is currently producing in all the arts and media and distributing free, untainted, information via the internet. (also see anderson’s past comments concerning, “growth and universal-enlightenment”). i feel that there are mysterious powers in the universe that will resolve this matter. i feel, that there is nothing i, you, or old corp can do to stop their downfall in the current arts and media monopoly ...being passionate would just wear me down. ...doing my duty as an artisan, and responsible person of society, regardless how inconvenient it can be at times, is good enough ...i loose no sleep over this ...what will be, will be ...all i or any of us, in this fight, can do is to just do a good job with what piece of this battle we are given to work with. good deeds can never be hidden, nor can the bad. tyranny always, always destroys itself ...all on it’s own time. corp has earned what is coming upon them ....let them wallow in it a while longer, suites me ...nothing is worse than the anticipation of inevitable, total ruin! * a coward: the underground in france and UK during the occupation--WERE NOT COWARDS—nor you or any who fight the good fight against this current “arts and media monopoly” in hollywood reaching to UK ...intelligently and logically ...being stealth is the wise weapon of choice. i.e. ...i’m confident, should these current writings of your’s ever reach—at anytime in the future--someone in the biz ...who is having to play ball with this old regime ...and one that you are applying with or working for ...well, chances are you too will be black-balled ...until the old regime can no longer influence this industry (this scared institution, the arts). we learn from anderson’s COSTLY experience. using a pin-name is always a wise thing in this internet “new verses old” hollywood war. (there are many other stealthy moves while using this internet tool—that will not be discussed openly here). this is a very real thing. people’s lives, fortunes and reputation are being challenged as we speak in this struggle ...left and right! know it! even FirstShowing is showing great courage in not booting us. could cost them their lively-hood ...this site ...if they can not stand alone without the big-6 support. i say, yes, speak the truth as anderson continues to do, ...yes! ...yet, speak wisdom to a fool (like the type who supported the last occupation for their own survival, and who did not at least make a secret active stand against it) and they will only “laugh or argue” and you will only get bruises for yourself. speak wise words to the wise and they will love you for it because it makes them only wiser in this fight for freedom. you seem wise in being stealth, and your caution concerning with whom you share truth with ...not a coward. you, not already knowing--what anderson knows--and what is quickly becoming common knowledge here ...speaks loud enough concerning the iron-curtain imprisoning the US ...again, we are not alone in this fight for freedom of speech. there are strong voices coming out of the UK ...reaching us here ...with their concerns of old corp hollywood’s monopoly quickly infiltrating there. i pray you guys are not stupid enough to do what we have done. old corp hollywood is founded and maintains it’s traditions of the european ...corp will be a most worthy opponent there ...sly as a fox, and to the heart of it! ...they have already made their move! unlike us in the US, those in the UK have wasted no time in identifying and addressing the matter ...bravo ...i feel europe is much too seasoned to fall for the sweets that we were promised when we handed over our arts to old corp hollywood! as you have stated i too could write much more (ramble, ramble) ...there is much more to this, indeed. there are so many brilliant insights which you have flushed out that i want to get into but really must go for now. there are other fronts, which i must attend. as an artisan i must continue my other endeavors ...but until next time YOU ARE THE ONE WHO GIVES ALL OF US IN THE USA HOPE, via your maturity not only to conceive the unconceivable, but your insight to assimilate it quickly and take action. ...bravo. “free-anderson” “free-the arts” ...right on! in closing, i agree, anderson’s messages and sacrifices are not in vain ...i hope she knows this, so to give her strength in understanding that her stolen years were at least a part of a most worthy endeavor, and that there are some that do understand, and appreciate what she has and is going through. if one has touched the life of just one ...touches the world, and there are some very, very powerful and affluent US groups on board with us in this battle for freedom of speech in the arts--media! best wishes, the vishitor thanks FirstShowing for having me

vishitor on Jul 24, 2007


hey emily: this title—and writings--will further explain the above posts regarding just what gillian anderson ran in to, and the well maintained roots of the current old hollywood : “The Dark Mirror” -- Mirror German Cinema between Hitler and Hollywood 1.HOLLYWOOD IN BERLIN, 1933–1939 2.BERLIN IN HOLLYWOOD, 1939–1955 a.5. Wagner at Warner's best wishes, the vishitor thanks FirstShowing for having me

vishitor on Jul 26, 2007


Hey Vishitor, Great stuff – very perceptive and insightful as always!! So the cries of ‘F**k Hollywood’ serve as testament to the fact that the Young Generation has wised up to the Old corrupt regime: if enough people shout – someone has to listen. Or I guess in this case: if enough people stop listening to the voices of Old Corp and revolt against the anarchic regime, Corp will lose – the institution will no longer be protected by its power to intimidate and its teachings will no longer be shrouded with smoke screens or merely accepted as a taboo subject thus allowed to carry on. It is very interesting that a change in law has occurred since Anderson’s battle with old corp – doesn’t that just speak volumes? - I’m sure that any signs of victory for Anderson would have been veiled as much as possible. But right now, it looks like weapons down and surrender is the best option for the powers that be, or should I say the powers that once were! You are passionate about the cause yet maintain some sense of perspective, which I’m sure has been your saving grace – you are right not to let yourself be sucked into the fight for freedom so far as to lose your head over it: A drive and determination to expose ‘the truth’ must be balanced by intelligence and a level head if you are to avoid pressing that self destruct button. After all what you say is right – as individuals we are relatively powerless and tyranny will annihilate itself eventually, as we have seen it do so time and time again. However, the initiative to fight the fight ‘with what piece of this battle we are given to work with’ cannot be underestimated - as alone, we may be powerless, but as a nation, a rebel force we are indestructible!! I hope you are right to have so much faith in the logic and sound judgment of the people of Europe. If we can resist the onslaught of Corp Hollywood they will wake up to the fact that their manipulative, domineering regime is not a transferable skill anymore – they can’t pitch their tent somewhere new and inflict their tactics on its populace – their time is up – the new era is upon us. The explicit irony that Gillian should be at the centre of this fight for freedom just stuns me - with the crux of the X Files being the exposure of ‘the truth’ against strong adversity and Mulder and Scully’s ‘Trust no one’ so much a precursor of the motto for the New Generation in the US ‘question everything’ - the real story of the politics of Hollywood almost sounds like a movie script! – Hey guys – there’s your movie! Thank you for those web recommendations – really interesting stuff. To see the comments that have gone on the sites in response to the Hollywood piracy battle – it is clear that the actions of the FCC met with some resistance back then, and trying to monopolize broadcasting? – Another aspect reminiscent of Hitler’s regime! Funnily enough when I was studying at university I came across a play that explored similar themes to The Dark Mirror (from what I have seen of it – I will look further into this when time permits) The play looked at how Hollywood in and around the time of the Second World War acted as a window onto an idealistic world that did not in fact exist. It actually centred on the disillusionment of artisan immigrés coming to Hollywood, a place where they were ultimately silenced and abused but, ceaselessly lured by the hope of a screen Hollywood, they kept being ill-treated in the hope that they would one day live this ideal. That day never came of course. It looked a lot at the power and politics of the time and how many German exiles were condemned to suppress their artistic vision as it did not fit the Hollywood mould. Considering isolation, estrangement and alienation - It is a piece written from an exilic perspective, a shrewd exposé on the nature of the beast we have relentlessly been discussing – Corp Hollywood!! ‘Tales From Hollywood’ by Christopher Hampton. Thank you for all your work and most useful recommendations. I continue to learn so much from you – I always put such value in the ‘truth’, but I begin to appreciate just how well the truth can serve me. I intend to live my life with integrity but I know it is not prudent to lay yourself bare – one must be wise when dealing with a manipulator, but if I seek out and speak the truth I can have no just cause to judge myself as anything but honest and true to what I believe to be ‘right’. We are part of the revolution – I want to thank Firstshowing as it is prepared to circulate truths that may be masked elsewhere. And thanks to Vishitor for opening my eyes. And everyone else for joining in on this debate – there is always time to question and challenge – it makes up the kind of society that will not be easily suffocated. Keep questioning everything!!

Emily on Jul 27, 2007


hey emily: --your command of word is impressive, conceptually enlightening and refreshing ...i guess as an actor it must be. regarding your response, it is speculated: * ‘F**k Hollywood’: this is what gillian anderson said to corp hollywood years ago, in no uncertain terms. moreover, yes, you have said it well. the new generation’s ideology motto “F**k hollywood”, which seems, at first glance ...self-destructive ...immature ...childishly and simplistic via their very choice of slogan is as follows paraphrase, “if you are a one that must have even the slightest how, when, what, where and why in order to identify, or prove this obvious—in-your-face--issue or prior to taking action, ...well, you are a big part of the problem ...’f**k hollywood’ ...ignore them completely’s past negotiating’s past intelligent queries ...don’t talk to me about nazis something, anything ...NOW!” ...and they, we, are. ...the arts and media, without hollywood. * weapons down and surrender: as tom cruise’s new film pointedly suggest (after his recent and near fatal stance against the old regime) ...the corp hollywood executives which are closest to the hitler-type, hollywood-top-dogs are fully aware that they are fighting an unstoppable force—not just the US, the world—and their reputation is complete in it’s being so horrified that it is seldom even spoken out-loud. moreover, anderson’s labor-law stance and DOCUMENTED case most assuredly helped put the current arts labor-laws in place ...made it possible for others (all in the industry, actors especially) to have children without becoming estranged to their own child, via unfair nazi-like hollywood contracts. perhaps anderson will be honored publicly, soon enough, for at least this contribution to the arts|media monopoly battle--for the freedom of speech in the arts. * to lose your head over it: current nazi-hollywood in la, ca. has had 90 years to become a manipulating expert in this fight. to engage in it is insanity. i’m in agreement with the new generation’s ideology. it seems to be the only way to win against a giant—stop playing with it. (see above). address the now, the peoples game—the arts--not hollywood. hollywood is not synonymous with the arts ...hollywood is a place ...and is a tyrant, consumer and politically based conglomerate corp puppet at the will of governing powers, no more, no less. us artisans are not politicians and we do not reside in one particular place ...we are everywhere and no where at the same time ...this makes us a powerful entity in our own right, not to mention being the mouth, and the heart of society, the people—expressing freely the human experience in creative ways of “the now”. ‘f**k hollywood’. corp hollywood’s nazi-like reputation precedes them when attempting to capture UK. and as you stated, when all unit against this iron-curtain freedom of speech violations against the people, which is attempting to spread globally long as we individually, in a group effort do something, anything stop pretending ...stop being self-deceivers (as pre ww2 germany did) take responsibility ...history has shown that the masses are indeed the majority, and can be a fierce movement in demanding change ...and right now! all artisans around the globe are jumping on board to produce their works via our technology without hollywood’s approval, authority or censorship. moreover, the masses are demanding untainted, global news, information, and data. as you have said, the new era is upon us. societies grow, change and i try not to be emotional about it. wisdom with heart is that which i grasp for, not fleeting passion, especially in such a vital quest for free arts and media. * like a movie script!: i have little doubt gillian anderson is more surprised than any, regarding her story, landing right at the crux of this fight ...and perhaps the very sacrifice needed to start this unstoppable “crack in the dam” (see past others failed attempts--douglas, lucile ball to mention just a few) leading to the potential, and final downfall of a corrupt regime monopolizing the arts, and media--as their vehicle for dominance. this very real thing is indeed life interpreting art and art interpreting life. a fine script with all the goods and evils, heartaches, challenges, oppressions, wars, heroines and heroes, villains, story and mysteries depicting this current era’s human experience. it would be explosive movie or play! someone, somewhere is probably already working on it and has all the bullets needed for its birth just in our writings alone—i guess FirstShowing would own the copyrights herein, unless they sold their rights to the big-6 via rotten-tomatoes. * Tales From Hollywood’ by Christopher Hampton: regarding this iron-current arts|media monopoly, it sounds like this a good piece to quickly become familiar with how the current nazi-like hollywood functions. i’ll spread the word. thanks. * my life with integrity: thanks for the props. i have been researching and working on the gillian anderson’s story for about one year. she and her untold story is nothing as i thought when i first began this particular journalistic project. i discovered that one cannot mention the current quest for freedom of speech in the arts|media without thinking about that firecracker, anderson. my studies and research in the arts’ current fight became synonymous with anderson’s untold story. they inadvertently joined. also, in doing my part in this current monopoly fight, i discovered that it’s best to completely ignore all current mainstream arts|media, except that of the internet--questioning that too. moreover, i’ve learned to ignore corp hollywood’s plots, schemes, subsidiaries, next move, arguments, and the like ...that is playing with the giant or corp hollywood’s game’s constructed to be intentionally too convoluted to sort out when much needed efforts are best utilized in the arts, as they are becoming and supporting that. ‘f**k hollywood’. the new generation’s game is that it doesn’t matter much, now, how the horse lived or died, since it’s dead to us—unless to learn from for future happenings. *living life with integrity is indeed your reputation, which is invaluable ...and with whom one shares inner, key, truths with is just as important as living it. speaking out general truths of a matter, even in publicly overheard conversations, spreads truth quick! i agree the truth will serve you well, like money’s protection, if you give it time. being human, we all have the unsuspecting ability to play “blind-man’s-bluff” with our inner emotions|thoughts|ideas thereby allowing us to be only partly honest—another law of nature which alludes me. however, it’s still not recommended to judge oneself harshly in this, or any other, for that matter. besides, proving to ourselves or others that one is honest is of no real concern when habitually being, and being amongst those who love truth and kindness, nor should it be any topic at hand in honest company ...and certainly is not a concern when in the present of too many that seldom or ever ponder honest integrity. in the later, it’s been said that the only issue is “as crafty as a snake and innocent as a dove.” it’s not necessarily natzi-hollywood’s moves (except those obviously corrupt) that are twisted but their thought, intent and motives behind those moves—greed and brutality. (see anderson’s untold story) * Firstshowing as it is prepared to circulate truths that may be masked elsewhere: it does seem that this crew at FirstShowing is doing their part in this current said global revolution, and taking a bold stand indeed. being an internet investigate journalist, however, i question everything. i’ve learned not to presume anything, ever! hollywood owns and|or controls most all internet celeb-web sites except, which is not a normal celeb web ...and perhaps a few others that are blocked via the big-6 in their buying the first 100 or more pages of all national and international “search engine” (yahoo, google, ect.) results page ...the big-6 buys them at an ungodly rate that most can’t afford, yet, FirstShowing comes up on the first page right along side of the big-6 sites is that possible unless the big-6 put them there via a contract—or silent partnership through rotten-tomatoes? the big-6 has been intentionally shut out of the revolution’s loop. corp likes to acquire reliable insider information, then come out via our monopolized arts and combat it. it is possible for rotten-tomatoes to allow only our computer addresses to pull this particular page while blocking all others. if you can easily pull this page up from any computer than FirstShowing has not been compromised, at least to that degree. silly cloak and dagger stuff really, but it is going on. if is like, independent enough to stand without the big-6 support and are allowing public exposure to the truths discussed in these posts, then i say they should link. ...and would also say ...bravo! FirstShowing, bravo! * Keep questioning everything!!: right on. PS. i don’t agree with unFame’s posted essay stating that anderson’s title should be joan of hollywood, because that’s like saying joan of nazi. moreover, as the iconic symbol for nazi germany came down, so should the hollywood sign in ca., and their name. her title should be something like “joan of humanity” or something like that ...any ideas what a proper title should be? until later becomes soon enough...hee ...hee, best wishes the vishitor thanks FirstShowing for having me

vishitor on Jul 27, 2007


hey emily: sorry about the above typos; sometimes in my busy schedule when i throw words at the page in my e-writings i don't edit as i should. * remember when i posted earlier concerning the giants that anderson faces, and those same giants have been networking in the UK to monopolize the media there as well? the below shows that one of largest publishing houses of magazins and newspapers--to include web celeb sites like "Now"--in the UK is owned by the big-6 (corp hollywood, TIME WARNER, right here in la, ca.) ...scary hugh? ...small world. it will makes one think twice before bothering to read anything in the UK that is in the mainstream media. "IPC Media the UK's leading consumer magazine and digital publisher, with an unrivalled portfolio of brands, selling over 350 million copies each year. It was formed as International Publishing Company in 1963 from the rationalisation of the holdings of three companies; George Newnes, Odhams Press and Fleetway Publications. In 1968 the company bought the Daily Mirror and became the IPC-Mirror Group. It was then purchased itself in 1970, by Reed Elsevier, who in 1974 separated the company into two groups, IPC, formed of the magazine publication holdings; and Mirror Group Newspapers, formed of the newspapers. The latter division was sold to Robert Maxwell in 1984. In 1987 all comics holdings were placed in a separate division, Fleetway Publications, which was again sold to Robert Maxwell. In the early 1990s IPC launched Loaded which launched a wave of 'lad mags'. In 1998 IPC Magazines, as the division was by then known, was subject to a management buyout, which was financed by Cinven, a venture capitalist group. The company was renamed IPC Media in 2000. Cinven then sold the group to Time, Inc., the magazine publishing division of Time Warner, in 2001. Sylvia Auton is CEO." best wishes, the vishitor thanks FirstShowing for having me

vishitor on Jul 30, 2007


hey: see, "release the stars" lyrics, tells all. best wishes, the vishitor thanks FirstShowing for having me

vishitor on Aug 10, 2007


love x-files cant wait for second movie

amanda on Aug 15, 2007


hallo europe from la, ca. just a note to give gillian anderson quick props: ... on not answering her phone. i am stretched for time for now ...but i told you so. just wanted to keep everybody updated on x-files2...hee, hee. i am most confident carter opt to be the main fool|fall guy, and butt-nugget accepted the position of the 2nd excuse, for Nazi hollywood. corp hollywood was FORCED to come out "AGAIN" (ouch) and retract that it is not going to happen. corp hollywood said it was something to do with the script having issues ...yea! ...there is a problem with the script alright. you try getting a very pissed off female to answer the phone. ...if i know corp hollywood is bust, with no power except bluff, and are responsible for the worst iron cutain since the berlin wall ...then so does Anderson and everybody else in the world who wish not to ignore the obvious. bravo Anderson! ...ring! ...ring! best wishes, the vishitor thanks for having me Firstshowing

vishitor on Aug 19, 2007


Hey Vishitor, It's Emily. I've been out of the Country for a while so I have been only able to access the internet sporadically and for short spaces of time. I have been able to keep up to date with your posts but unable to post any coherent response in the time available!! Have checked out the Wikipedia link to IPC Media - that list of publications published by IPC is so long and interestingly has publications covering all sorts of target audiences - they know how to spread their rug widely!! - It is frightening to see how the UK Media is being monopolized in the same way as the US tabloids - I often read publications like Now and the Whats On guide. Good to know who is networking the UK Media Structure and the where the influence of the US is most prominent. As you say - the 'Release the Stars' lyrics do speak volumes - there is no hidden message there thats for sure - that is someone who clearly is not afraid to speak out. So looks like X Files 2 is a no go?? Are we surprised?? I know you have been pushed for time but what is the story with Anderson not answering the phone?- Is it basically that she wants nothing to do with the XF2 project is therefore pissed off and not playing and refusing to answer calls - and Corp bosses are having to announce that the film is in fact not going ahead (because Anderson isn't on board) and using Carter as fall guy - with the cover story of Script problems? Like we have seen time and time again in the past?...this is a project that will NEVER get off the ground isn't it?? So Anderson is standing firm is she? Well - Good on her, although I am still dissapointed that we wont get to enjoy an X Files sequel (that is just me wanting to indulge myself). Anyway - as I said I have been out of the Country (in Europe) and I have been spreading the gospel (for want of a better word!) - enlightened a good European friend of mine who shares a passion for the X Files and particularly Anderson - He was very interested to hear what I had to say on the subject (all thanks to your insight so thankyou). I hope you are well - Just checking in really to assure you that I am still here and regularly hitting firstshowing (keep up the good work) for updates. Take Care

Emily on Aug 19, 2007


unFame says: “Gillian Anderson Gets Bullied Again by Nazi Hollywood, 2007” hallo UK from US: hey emily to your response * out of the Country-unable to access the internet: no sweat jeeves ...i so know travel and the illusion of time, and time frames, and difficulties to internet while traveling. in addition, i’m not the kind of person that a bud has to call me every f**king day ...hee, hee. even if what i experienced with others is just for a moment ...i am aware, at the time, it may be my last moment with them. therefore, with me if the moment was a good thing ...what does it matter if said person parishes the next moment. to me every moment is ...eternity ...forever. i don’t have to capture it in the physical. even in this seemingly simple thing we have like any Great relationship, being that there are no great moments ...only small ones (and in this--this is where life remains the greatest). ...ramble, ramble. it’s cool. i hope your travels were comfortable to all your human senses and profitable. * what is the story-x files 2-no go: the “cover up” story here about why it has been halted (cover up-see-anderson’s 2002 untold story, could become rehashed, VERY PUBLICLY at this conjuncture) ...well, let’s give a small --prelude-- before repeating old hollywood’s most recent, horse crap, public statement regarding why x files 2 is dead stop at this point. you see, hollywood seldom has a completed script before contracts are signed and production begins ...sometimes there is no script at all, just rough draft outlines. this is a most common practice. --end prelude-- {hollywood’s current said story: to paraphrase, it is a dead project, again, because “carter reveals” that there is a hitch in the script, and “david said” it was suppose to be a sure thing this time, because all are on board and everybody is in love with the idea ...but it seems to be stopped.} GILLIAN ANDERSON’S name was NOT EVEN mentioned—and for good reason. TO analyze old hollywood’s above cover up: a. david has no authority to speak publicly concerning the go ahead on any of hollywood projects accept that which he has been ordered by corp.—least he be sued by old hollywood. so, old hollywood made him be their fall guy spokes person. b. hollywood’s standards for beginning projects usually have no completed script before shooting begins and often no script at all. SOLUTION:, ...humm ...let’s see ...what could be the real reason why this projected stopped? who has the most to gain in this project going through? moreover, who has the least to gain? was hollywood’s voice coming through david when he proclaimed it would happen? was hollywood threatening her again should she not cooperate? would the public hate her if she stopped this beloved project, adding more to the damage done her reputation from these same past tactics? if it were stopped by gillian anderson would her rep backslide further just at the time her reputation is coming up fast—no thanks to old hollywood, because she might be portrayed as rejecting her fans? ANSWER: anderson is too aware of how potentially dangerous this dying giant, old hollywood, can be which has enough kick left in it to harm. carter, david, old hollywood, us in the know in LA, CA., and most certainly anderson all know that when david came out publicly on this: old hollywood was positioning her to bend over and take it up the ... one last time before they suffer the exact same fate they did to her, and before she finally breaks through to stardom again, in spite of old hollywood. (please remember anderson is the only person known to have just walked in their office one day and say I QUIT!) what a feather in old corp’s hat it would be, at this very public, crossroads in history: if corp could force anderson ...who has inadvertently become the new generation’s spokesperson (new generation has broken old hollywood’s iron curtain over the US) to get down on bended knee to them, as they slither off the stage ...and with the proceeds from the humiliation of anderson, x files 2 project, in their pocket. this whole thing is about old corp hollywood trying to get some pocket money for moving out, and payback against her for starting a crack in the dam, 5 years ago, which has destroyed old hollywood. anderson knew that she would have to make some kind of statement to old hollywood’s public threat to make this x files 2 with her involvement. it was, is obvious anderson is wise in this ...see closely her chosen words in her initial statement: her statements have been in two parts. 1. first was to ensure her fans that she does care for them. 2. then her recent follow up public statements screamed to old hollywood, don’t even think about f**king with me. (see her bringing up her documented, untold story, which scares the hell out of old hollywood). old hollywood did not have to contact her and threaten her to make some kind of initial complying statement towards the project after they made there move through david-gutless wonder. they knew she had no other choice because her fans would expect it. however, old hollywood also knows that she, and most all in the US are aware that corp is, despised, bust, is currently operating on borrowed time, and all bluff. everything is in place for shooting the project now. but if anderson refuses to answer her phone concerning the date for showing up on set ...well they can’t make her answer her own phone, though anderson knows that old hollywood is attempting same as we speak. the hitch in carter’s script is most obvious anderson x files 2. old hollywood’s last statement might as well have stated that it’s all her fault. however, if they are direct and stated that, anderson’s attorneys would have a field day with old hollywood in public court and her untold story WOULD MOST CERTAINLY BE COMPLETELY UNHIDDEN. each day that passes old hollywood is losing power and must soon leave town. she most likely will continue to put them off as long as possible until they make their next move against her with another slanderous threatening public statement. yet, old hollywood has other extremely serious financial issues to deal with immediately, NOW ...past bankers and investors are lining up, like waiters with the unpaid bill in hand. they have little time to deal with this side issue of revenge, and pocket money with anderson and x files 2. Conclusion: pride comes before a fall, and pride is old corp hollywood. they will suffer great loses financially should they spend more borrowed time in pursuing this x files 2, which is nothing more than for principle, not logic, or great financial gain. they will take hold of this project with a death grip a quickly sinking survivor in the water, off the Titanic, who refuses to let go of the gold coins in their pocket (pride, revenge). they will continue to make public statements right up until the phone company comes in and disconnects them for bills not paid ...count on it. what would you do if all abandoned you (see above) while Nazis stole your first motherhood—under contract—then did everything possible to destroy your reputation, and ability to work again in your said field ever, because you protested. what would you do if a perpetrator publicly, freely raped your life, your child’s life—while co-workers watched on--then came back 5 years later insisting that you cooperate in giving to them on bended knee? ...answer the perpetrator’s phone calls as to the date of said forced event? Gillian Anderson best known for her role Gillian Anderson, beloved for seldom compromising her core characteristics of integrity ...even should it cost her everything. corp hollywood hates that more than most can possibly conceive. * frightening to see how UK Media is monopolized same way as the US tabloids: it goes much deeper than tabloids in the UK and US, much deeper (all) ...that’s just the indicators. not to worry though. however, initially it is indeed shocking to awake after choosing the “red pill—not the blue pill” -see The Matrix. old hollywood is dying quick, and will be off soon enough. the iron curtain in the US, to include their networks in the UK, is breaking down as we speak. watch the indicators in the media. the freedom of speech (see anderson’s continual gutsy voice regarding tv—hollywood--ruins society), is rushing in like a crack in the dam cannot be stopped ...see new generation, ”F**k hollywood” ...internet arts rule. the new current “cage fight” for the approved NEW managers of US arts|media that extend to networking in the UK, who for now, we’ll just call “Rudolph the red nose reindeer” will be taking over old hollwood’s networks in the UK and will INITIALLY comply with the people, because the--really too much to state here--arts|media are finally, after 90 f**king years, in the hands of the people ...see internet ...and Rudolph knows if they want a piece of this deliciou$ pie they will capitulate or they will not profit ...see your earlier comment about internet, too massive to control without the peoples cooperation. FYI, in the US regarding anderson’s concerns about the media monopoly is not about liberal or conservative or republican ...or religion, culture or race, etc. it’s about the great verses the people. * I hope you are well: i am very ...back at you. thanks for the props, and perhaps your friend to tell someone else. best wishes, the vishitor thanks FirstShowing for having me

vishitor on Aug 20, 2007


unFame says: "Gillian Anderson, it is in these, standards are set in bravery and self-integrity for society, be it convenient or inconvenient. It is from such documented events, as hers and others, that make it possible for society to find the truth and point the finger at such deviously plotting entities that would make a fortune at the expense ...the demise, of mother and child, ...and, whole populations". hey emily working late pro-bono: ...just a P.S. to all of the above, since our chat began. * also do you know of any UK gossip web sites that are NOT owned--blocked--by old hollywood ...please advise ...must post all over the place now concerning her no response to x-files 2, ...she knows her response must come soon, (hope you will post too, to include my words-ok) ...sister will need a cock-block NOW (strong) ...via public post at all celeb web sites. * note this tune: "Invincible": by muse * also special thanks to a gutsy young hollywood breed artist who has followed anderson's path so to produce ...having to leave the US to be free in freedom of speech ...Rufus Wainwright best wishes the vishitor thanks FirstShowing for having me (and your noticed stance!

vishitor on Aug 21, 2007


hey emily oh, PSSS: this tune ok too= "Jesus was way cool" (short version) by king missile best wishes, the vishitor thanks FirstShowing for having me

vishitor on Aug 21, 2007


hey emily info gathered from resources US La, CA.: remember when i said, many lines above, that NAZI-hollywood was "blackmailing anderson with doctored sex photos" ...they are very active on this now that anderson's response was f**k you on x-files 2. (see below) COCKin BULL STORY see below: (nice boobs Nazis ..oooh terrible's anderson butt-heads ..try again will take more than that! ..we're all ho's when comes down to it.) don't you flinch one bit anderson! you hear? not one move! calm. ...old hollywood will hang themselves in this move ...count on it! OK ANDERSON HAS GREAT BOOBS ...there now we can all get back to the real issue ..NAZI-hollywood proves that... "Gillian Anderson, it is in these, that standards are set in bravery and self-integrity for society, be it convenient or inconvenient. It is from such documented events, as hers and others, that make it possible for society to find the truth and point the finger at such deviously plotting entities that would make a fortune at the expense …the demise, of mother and child, …and, whole populations ...Nazi hollywood". best wishes thanks FirstShowing for having me

vishitor on Aug 21, 2007


X-Files 2 Movie Returning in 2008 unFame say: LA, CA. sources strongly speculate that, “X-Files 2” Gillian Anderson Bullied Again by Nazi Hollywood. Anderson Knew: that she would have to make a statement to old hollywood’s 2007 most recent public threat towards her, in making this x files 2—attempting to manipulate her involvement. anderson shows her wisdom in how she approaches addressing this issue, AGAIN. see, closely, her chosen words. her statements have been in two parts, to paraphrase, 1. first was to ensure her fans that she does care for them. 2. then her recent follow up public statements screamed to old hollywood, don’t even think about fking with me or my family again. (see her bringing up her documented, 2002 untold story. response to the latter will no doubt be the doctored sex photos posted with hollywood’s gossip sites, when negotiating|threatening. oh, have you seen (don’t be mislead by the date on the article): A Lot Of Questions Here: did she give her permission for the photos displayed? did they get the photos? ...why can’t anderson fight back? ...who do you think owns or controls that site? ...why haven’t duchovny, carter, spotnitz, who are in the article attached to the photos, not protested—why did they not protest anderson’s abuse in 2002? anderson being blackmailed? and this one... What Would You Do: if all abandoned you while, old Nazi hollywood, stole your first motherhood—under contract—2002—then tried to destroy your rep, and ability to work again in your field, ever, because you protested? what would you do if this perpetrator publicly, freely raped your life, and your only daughter’s life—while co-workers watched on, 2002--then returned in 5 years insisting you work for them? Anderson, And All Artist Are Free: can bet that she will choose a helen project, or not, or any other that is best suited for herself and family. the aug 2007 X-script issue, or other no go excuses, really might be ...when attempting to contact her with orders to immediately report to xfiles2 filming set ...perhaps the only response this time is ...ring, ring! ...ring, ring! ...ring, ring! you can also bet that if anderson does xfiles2 it’s likely that there’s something extreme over her. *Gillian Anderson best known for ...well ...being Gillian Anderson. cool best wishes, the vishitor thanks FirstShowing for having me P.S. sorry duchovny ...but is your--very TEMP--new deal with nazi hollywood going ...isn’t it your paid voice, and image, that’s being used as the instrument to get this thing going again?...hee ...hee

vishitor on Aug 25, 2007


Hi, I have watched all the episodes of THE X FILES and was amazingly surprized to hear that its part 2 is comming.I am THE biggest fan of it.

maryam on Nov 2, 2007


Hey Maryam, we must be reading the same paper. USA Today mentioned it today. Filming starting next month with possible release date in July, 2008. It is also going to be directed by Chris Carter. Whoopee and Yoo Hoo!!! Joan

Joan on Nov 2, 2007


I am soooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY that there is a new X Files movie and we the fans finally have confirmation from twentieth Century Fox I mean come on rumor have been flying around for almost 5 years ! I for one can't wait It's gonna be great

Evelyn on Nov 3, 2007


What a joy!! I've missed X so much. Intelligent films are so few and far between, as well as television programs AND news, (Fox excepted).

Dana on Nov 3, 2007


Just for the record I thought that X-Files Fight the Future was awesome, not only did this movie tied in with the series in a flawless way it also provided us fans with a lot more than just the show. I remember seeing this movie when it opened at a midnight showing in town and it was great. I got it as soon as it came out on DVD and have watched it at least a dozen times since then at it's always good. Now that there is a part two on the horizon I am looking forward to it, it would be great is this new movie sparks interest in starting the series again with new actors, new situations, and a darker conspiracy looming in the horizon. We can always hope.

Ruben on Nov 3, 2007


Hello, Im glad to hear about the XF2 news. I am a die-hard fan of the show and just so you know, Fight the Future movie was quite a hit here in manila, philippines back in '98. Here's lookin' forward to july '08, Van

vanessa on Nov 8, 2007


hello, right you are vanessa 🙂 XF 2 is really making us all excited ..... we just cant wait 4 the movie 2 ... a fan from Farrukh

Farrukh on Nov 9, 2007


I'm waiting for some confirmation about it, I've heard in MTV, that it's really happening...

Eliana on Nov 22, 2007


Hey, Im Huge Fan of X-File. I have full of DVD Season 1 to 9 and the movie as well lol 🙂 Dana is very sexy and cute hehe. But i alway want watch the new moive it's about the year 2012 on 22 December. What happen on this day. Like Alien vs human wars. Somethings like that. And the boy name William will be 10 year old boy, I wounder what happen to this boy when he grow up and on this day 22 December 2012. I alway want to watch, it's would be great movie ever...

Blackwolf on Nov 28, 2007


Oh!! I can't wait for the movie! I hope that it will be better than the first one. Not that I don't like the first movie, it was very good, but it would be nice if the second was a little bit different. I really hope it's going to be big! I probably going to LOVE it! I love DD (Fox Mulder). And I love the relationship he got with Dana Scully. It is so amazing. They are the best couple in television of all times. They will always be that! I hope that their relationship will be the same. I don't want them to be lovers. I just got the whole season 2 on dvd for Christmas. Have been watching all nigth. So damn good! I want to have all seasons.

Eve on Dec 30, 2007


Hey Eve, lucky you getting season two for Christmas. I have some old videos and enjoy them as well as the movie. I saw that they had the entire box collection available this year, but the price was more than a car payment. I am really looking forward to July also. Can't believe it is really happening. Joan

Joan on Dec 30, 2007


I am a huge fan of the TV series, and I also thought the movie was well done. This is awesome news that there is talk of this being completed. I would like to see the 2nd Movie pick up where the TV series left off with the End GAME theme. Kind of like how the first movie fit into the TV series so well. Keep this news coming

Robert on Jan 25, 2008


Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. I know thats a bit over the top, but i love the X-Files. i hope they bring the second film out, and then maybe conciser bringing the series back....

Charles on Jan 26, 2008


Actually, I loved the series and the movie so much that I am embarrassed.I saw every episode twice or more and cannot wait to see Mulder and Scully again.(by the way I watch TV rarely,otherwise) I think the first movie was difficult for people who had not seen the show regularly-let's face it the conspiracy was a bit confusing even for obsessive fans like me.Most of the stand alone episodes were outstanding-so I have high hopes for the film.

Annette on Jan 28, 2008


I liked the first movie. I didn't like that Chris Carter faked out the fans with the almost kiss but I know he enjoys messing with our heads. The second movie is done. It's made, it's happening. It's coming out on July 25th. I can't wait. I didn't start watching the show til after it was cancelled so I didn't get to see the first movie in the theater. I have seen all the episodes and I bought the Ultimate Collection off the net and await it's arrival. I have a few seasons that are japanese version that I am rewatching. Those will be given to my friend. I really hope this movie does the show and characters justice and answers questions not answered in the show. Can't wait til July!

Tiffany on Mar 30, 2008


Hi all, I am such a huge fan of the X Files, I have all the series box sets and the as you can imagine, I am just waiting with baited breath for the arrival of film number two - I know it is out in cinemas July 25th but does anyone know whether there will be a Leicester Square (London) premiere? I NEED to know because if there is one - I am soooo there!

Jane on Jun 20, 2008

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