10 Best and Worst Rappers Turned Movie Actors Today

May 13, 2008

10 Best and Worst Rappers Turned Movie Actors Today

After watching Street Kings, hearing the news that Common had been cast in the upcoming Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins movie, and noticing Xzibit's appearance in The X-Files: I Want to Believe trailer, I started to think about those popular rappers that have tried their hand at acting. Considering this, I started to think which I'd like to see more of and those that should put down the make-up and stick to the mic. A big part of my motivation here stems from enjoying Common's, albeit brief, performance in Street Kings, especially when he delivers the line, "we straight nightmares," which to me was the only truly chilling scene of the film. So on to the list!

To give a bit of context, I'm not talking about best and worst of all time, nor judging those based on performances of way back when (e.g. Ice-T in New Jack City back in 1991). This is a look at those rappers turned actors that are active in movies right now, and those that perhaps should or shouldn't be.

10 Best Rappers Turned Actors

Eminem10. Eminem

Real Name: Marshall Mathers

Turning to acting in 2002's 8 Mile, Eminem hasn't resurfaced since. His debut was loosely based on his own life, so that probably fed his performance. Can he hold his own in other projects? I'd like to find out.

Next Movie: Undetermined

T.I.9. T.I.

Real Name: Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr.

With his 2006 performance in ATL and more recently his supporting role in American Gangster, T.I. holds his own on screen. Now if he can just manage to avoid jail time, we might get to see more of him.

Next Movie: Undetermined

Ludacris8. Ludacris

Real Name: Chris Bridges

Though not very seasoned in the acting profession, Ludacris was surprisingly well regarded in his supporting role in Crash back in 2004. As such, I'll give him a pass for being involved in Fred Claus.

Next Movie: Guy Ritchie's RocknRolla

Tyrese7. Tyrese

Real Name: Tyrese Darnell Gibson

A completely agreeable supporting cast member, Tyrese is a welcome addition to most films. His last role in Transformers seemed the right scale for him. Taking the lead as in Waist Deep, on the other hand, can be a bit of a stretch.

Next Movie: Death Race with Jason Statham

Common6. Common

Real Name: Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr.

Not that I followed much of the guy's music, but Common immediately piqued my interest as a bodyguard in Smokin' Aces. There's something about the guy's voice and delivery that is so smooth and gangster you can't turn away.

Next Movie: Wanted

LL Cool J5. LL Cool J

Real Name: James Todd Smith III

A seasoned actor, LL Cool J easily straddles both fields. He is scheduled to release his last album, Exit 13, later this year. Maybe that will give him the headroom to tone up on acting, since his last few projects have been pretty lame (e.g. The Last Holiday, Edison).

Next Movie: The Deal

Mos Def4. Mos Def

Real Name: Dante Terrell Smith

This is a guy I enjoy in just about anything, save for maybe his nasally voice in 16 Blocks. From The Italian Job to Be Kind Rewind, I'm always intrigued when he's involved with a new project.

Next Movie: Cadillac Records as the famed Chuck Berry

Queen Latifah3. Queen Latifah

Real Name: Dana Elaine Owens

Latifah just narrowly misses the second spot. She's definitely come a long way over the years and has earned numerous awards as an actress. But a good deal of her roles are more supporting in nature, and I like the runner-up's films a bit better.

Next Movie: The Secret Life of Bees

Mark Wahlberg2. Marky Mark

Real Name: Mark Wahlberg

It's hard to imagine that Mark Wahlberg was ever considered a rapper, given how buried that history has become. Despite starting out as the lead of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, Wahlberg has grown into a formative actor.

Next Movie: M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening

Will Smith1. Will Smith

Real Name: Willard Christopher Smith Jr.

Topping the list, Will Smith needs no introduction. The guy keeps churning out great movies. Do folks even remember him as the Fresh Prince?

Next Movies: Hancock

10 Worst Rappers Turned Actors

Andre 300010. Andre 3000

Real Name: Andre Benjamin

Though I hate to put him on this list, Andre 3000 really hasn't come through for me. His role in Four Brothers was flat and Idlewild was more of an Outkast vehicle than anything else. Admittedly, I didn't see Semi-Pro, but I lost interest in him after Revolver.

Next Movie: Battle in Seattle

Xzibit9. Xzibit

Real Name: Alvin Nathaniel Joiner

Though his gravely voice lends him to be an intimidating henchman, I have yet to see what else might be appealing with the recognized host of MTV's "Pimp My Ride." Maybe his participation in the upcoming X-Files will shed a bit more light on this guy.

Next Movie: The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Ice-T8. Ice-T

Real Name: Tracy Marrow

I totally respect the guy for his early work and groundbreaking music career, but I'm glad he's now just a regular on "Law and Order: SVU" and not much else. You can only take him in limited doses.

Next Movie: Thira

Ice Cube7. Ice Cube

Real Name: O'Shea Jackson

Much like Ice-T, Ice Cube has been around for a while and certainly has some cred. However, his latest projects have sucked big time (e.g. Are We There Yet?). Unless he can redeem himself in the A-Team, I'd say he should retire from of the big screen.

Next Movie: The Longshots

Snoop Dogg6. Snoop Dogg

Real Name: Cordozar Calvin Broadus

I have to admit, I did love Snoop Dogg's character Huggy Bear in the 2004 remake of Starsky & Hutch. However, the smoked out pimp shtick is a bit old, especially in movies like Soul Plane and Hood of Horror.

Next Movie: Por Vida

Method Man5. Method Man

Real Name: Clifford Smith

Similar to Ice-T, Method Man is much more interesting when he has a cameo on "Law and Order" or as the Baltimore drug dealer, Cheese, on the "The Wire." And while I haven't seen it yet, I suspect his involvement in The Wackness is brief and forgettable.

Next Movie: The Wackness

Big Boi4. Big Boi

Real Name: Antwan AndrΓ© Patton

Thankfully, one half of the popular outfit Outkast, Big Boi hasn't managed to carve out an acting footprint just yet. His biggest role was alongside his fellow band mate Andre 3000 in Idlewild back in 2006. There hasn't been much since. Let's keep it that way.

Next Movie: Undetermined

The Game3. The Game

Real Name: Jayceon Terrell Taylor

I think the only reason why The Game ever got an acting gig was because his face looks like the rough side of a rundown liquor store. That's not to say he doesn't make for a perfectly fine throwaway bad guy in Street Kings, but he's still pretty forgettable.

Next Movie: Undetermined


Real Name: Earl Simmons

Despite trying to cement himself as action-movie sidekick (e.g. Never Die Alone, Cradle 2 the Grave), DMX just doesn't have it. True, his voice (like Xzibit) does him well as an imposing figure, but that only goes so far.

Next Movie: Last Hour

50 Cent1. 50 Cent

Real Name: Curtis James Jackson

How this guy gets to star opposite Al Pacino and Robert Deniro in the upcoming Righteous Kill is beyond me. Did they not see Get Rich or Die Tryin' or Home of the Brave? He easily tops the pile and is one I would love to see stay out of theater… forever.

Next Movie: Righteous Kill

Do you agree or disagree with my selections for the best and worst rapper actors?

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Ludacris is a terrible actor and Eminem is a robot. Pretty good list, although the worst by far is Ja Rule

AK on May 13, 2008


You ovbiously don't know anything about music XD poor you

Channelmoore on Jul 4, 2011


Dr.Dre should be put in as one of the worst, his cameo's in Set It Off and Training Day were absolutely painful to watch. on that note though short lived (no pun intended) Tupac Shakur was good in Poetic Justice and Juice.

The Delightful Deviant on May 13, 2008


Tyrese R&B Singer

Cecil on May 13, 2008


Great list I've liked Common in everything he's done so far but Wanted still looks ominous, yeah LL Cool J seems to be slipping, and I love me some Mos Def

silver on May 13, 2008


DMX could become a good actor if he applies himself, Never Die Alone and Belly he was electric on the screen.

PimpSlapStick on May 13, 2008


@Cecil True, in '06 he released a double album, one disc under Black-Ty, his rapper "Alter Ego" (the name of the album, actually.) Snoop may not have much range but I don't think he's at all a terrible actor. Dre should be in the 10 worst. I was dying laughing whenever he spoke in Training Day. I guess just because you're a God producer doesn't mean you translate well into film, huh?

Frame on May 13, 2008



Drew on May 13, 2008


Where's busta rhymes. He could definitely bump method man off the list

Douglas on May 13, 2008


I like Common and Mos Def a lot. I'm glad they're getting bigger roles. I've turned the tide on Mark Walberg and like him now too. Just watched We Own the Night yesterday, great flick. You're list is pretty good, although Tyrese sucks, along with T.I., Luda, and Eminem. Should be best 6 Rappers turned Actors.

Matt on May 13, 2008


Good list. Funny because I was just talking about it!

Ryan on May 13, 2008


It's so funny to think that Will Smith started out rapping. He's so goofy it seems implausible.

Nettle on May 13, 2008


Snoop had a nice cameo in Training Day as well.

Heckle on May 13, 2008


tyrese also came out wih a double album where he raps as black ty or something like that, so he counts as a rapper

JNYCE on May 13, 2008


Completely agree with 50 Cent topping the list of worst. I saw a movie earlier this year and a trailer for Righteous Kill played beforehand and I said to my buddy, "Damn.. this looks pretty good. De Niro and Pacino, this could be pretty awesome. Oh.. oh wait.. 50 Cent. WTF? Ok, I just lost all desire to see this."

Brandon on May 13, 2008


Are we all forgetting Vanilla Ice in "Cool as Ice" ? Worst performance by anyone ever.

Tony on May 13, 2008


No JA RULE??????? He's by far the worst rapper turned actor. Fast and the Furious?!??!!? Did you see Half Past Dead!?!?!?!?

Neal on May 13, 2008


Quite a load of information and thought out effort, bravo!....I gotta say though I was more entertained by getting to know the real full names of these rap artists though lol.

Marqwest on May 14, 2008


no no no... your list was good... but the worst rapper turned actor beat all yalls Mysitkal---one of the worst rappers ever he played a role in a move called 13 dead men. I rented it one night because i couldn't pick anything else. It does not get much worse... he costarred with Lorenzo Lamas

Jesse on May 14, 2008


yeh....there really is a whole 'nother layer of bad ones -- Ja Rule, Bow Wow, Mystikal, Master P, Dr. Dre...but it's probably too much credit to call these guys actors in the first place πŸ™‚ and @9 -- you didn't like Tyrese in Transformers? he made that movie! πŸ™‚ (kidding)

Kevin Powers on May 14, 2008


Bow wow wasn't all that bad in Roll Bounce... I actually enjoyed that movie... but then I really like any movie that involves choreographed dance routines...LOL I agree with your list very highly... except I think Andre 3000 can be a good actor if given the right role. Ludacris is good also My favorite on that list right now are Mark Wahlberg and Common, Eminem is another that can be pretty good. LL Cool J is kind of Whack...

R1000 on May 14, 2008


Tyrese was not a rapper, was he?? I thought he was an RnB singer.

Zwandaba on May 14, 2008


conventionally, I think most folks might know him as an R&B singer...but yeh, he has/had a continuing stint as a rapper, calling himself Black-Ty (http://www.tyrese.com/)

kevin on May 14, 2008


I actually think Eminem is a horrible actor. I did not like 8 mile and as you can see he is not working on anything now. Glad you have TI on the list. I think he was really good in ATL.

Napiers News on May 14, 2008


But one problem, MOS DEF IS AN ACTOR BEFORE RAPPER!!!! The same thing goes for Tupac, he was an actor before rapper. But in all honestly, tupac would have become one of the greatest actors ever in my mind. Take method man and DMX off the worst list and put them on the best list. DMX might be pretty ok, see the movie NEver die alone. He was really good in it. Take Common, Eminem and LL cool J off the best list and put them on the worst list. THEY ARE FUCKING HORRIBLE!!! My two cents!!!

REAL6 on May 14, 2008


What??? Ice Cube - DMX - Snoop Dogg Are the worst rappers? This is sick!!! I striclty can understand Snoop Dogg, but DMX and ICE CUBE? Hell no!

Real-hiphopper on May 14, 2008


#24.... So, Mos Def is an actor before he is a rapper and NOT Will Smith or Mark Wahlberg? Your logic is flawed

Tony on May 14, 2008


Not a bad list overall, I guess. The one complaint I have is Method Man. Method Man is cool as shit, and very naturally charismatic. I've liked every cameo I've seen him in, and I think if he applied himself, he could probably be a very good actor. He may not have many credits to his name, but very few of these guys do. In any case, I don't think he belongs on the worst list.

Kelly B. on May 14, 2008


ice cube on the worst list? really? he was great in three kings, and held his own alongside wahlberg and clooney, which is no small task. and he had my favorite line in boyz n the hood -- "domino, mothafucka"

bondy on May 14, 2008


@28 yeh...I'll give you Cube for 3 Kings...but since then: Ghost of Mars, Torque, XXX: State of the Union, Are We There Yet, Are We Done Yet, etc. Granted, some of the Barbershop stuff ain't half-bad...did you see him Trespass? he definitely had a pretty cool movie career about a decade ago @27 Yeh, I'm interested to see how he does in The Wackness. I loved him in The Wire...but again, that was in pretty limited doses and not the kind of heavy lifting involved with a movie. But speaking of the Wu Tang Clan, one guy that is kinda cool and growing on me is RZA (Derailed, American Gangster)

kevin on May 14, 2008


i thought tyrese was pretty good in four brothers also

carl on May 14, 2008


Common was great in SMOKING ACES.....................

SHANE D on May 14, 2008


Eventhough he has passed away, Tupac had lots of potential and already had some great performances under his belt: JUICE, POETIC JUSTICE & ABOVE THE RIM. Imagine how he would have grown as an actor.

j.d. on May 14, 2008


2pac was the best rapper/actor and still is against these rosters and would be upto par with Will Smith.

j.d. on May 14, 2008


Sorry Tyrese's "continuing stint," was only one half attempt at rapping on a equally bad double album so a)he shouldn't count since his status is self-proclaimed and b)there's no way on Earth he should be on the best list. Does anyone remember the "bring the rain," crap he kept saying in Transformers? But I'm surprised the worst list doesn't include Kirk 'Sticky Fingaz' Jones, from the Blade TV series and one of the bad sequels to the Friday Movies.

Rob on May 14, 2008


You put Ice Cube on the worst list and say it's because his last few movies sucked...... what does that have to do with him as an actor??? I gues Samuel L. Jackson is a bad actor because of all the shitty movies he's been in lately. Also Eminem is one of the worst actors i have ever seen pure garbage. I watched 8 Mile on TV about a month ago for the first time since it came out on DVD and I realized that Em was a horrible actor. HORRIBLE. Also Method Man is a good actor. He is great on the Wire and if I'm not mistaken they still consider it acting if it's on TV. Same with Ice T on Law & Order. DMX is also a very good actor. He was amazing in Belly and that was his first roll ever.

FU on May 14, 2008


#24, neither Mos Def OR 2Pac were actors before they were rappers. Get real.

Frame on May 14, 2008


Tupac is, by far, #1. WillSmith will have better box office numbes and mroe contracts, etc. but there is no way that anyone else on this list was a better ACTOR. There is a story that Tupac got teh role in Juice because he threw a chair against the wall in the test reading because he was so INTO character. IF this is a popular vote, than Will, LL, Tyrese and the rest shoudl be on it. IF this is about how much money they make, then Will, LL and Tyrese should be on it. IF and I say IF this is about acting, then someone that knows what they are talking about should review the list and actually put some thought into it. One side note: Watch 3-4 Marky Mark movies and try to determine if there are any differences in his characters. They talk the same, they walk the same, they act the same and ... they ARE the same. This list is a joke and I can't believe someone paid you to come up with it.

JoeC on May 15, 2008


the list is by no means scientific and takes into account a number of variables (e.g. popularity, acting prowess, movies at large, etc.). personally, I think Walberg is great and I've liked a lot of his movies. of course there are common threads in his performances, but most end up being pretty enjoyable. and I hate to be captain obvious, but the list is really about "rappers turned movie actors TODAY"...Tupac, obviously, doesn't apply (which is by no means a slight...this wasn't a retrospective, otherwise Ice T and Cube would have been ranked much better)

kevin on May 15, 2008


@37 hmm... must have struck a nerve or something... but ok here ya go Mark Wahlberg We Own The Night- a legitimate Cop. The Departed- a Not so legitimate Cop. Rock Star- a Rock star. The Happening - a teacher. Four Brothers - a down and and dirty dude from Detroit, taking people out for the death of his mom. Boogie Nights - a porn star. Invincible - based on true story of a football player. And thats just a few.. I don't know any of those roles needed any accent that he needed to talk differently?? I don't know that you have to walk any different when considering what role an actor wants to take. Buy your logic, Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci who have played VERY similar roles aren't great actors????

R1000 on May 15, 2008


#39 - Comparing Marky Mark to DeNiro and Pacino did make me laugh, thank you. The comparison to Pesci and Liotta though was spot on, one dimensional actors that remind the viewer of every other character they've played. As for the IMDB list you made of Marky, you forgot a few. I never said that he couldn't play a teacher, a porn star, a rock star, a football star or a cop. What i was trying to say is that his cop acting is like his porno acting is like his rock star acting is like his teacher acting and so on. He reminds me of the guy that lives in his parents' basement and eats his cornflakes and says, "Gee mom, I gotta a gig today." Another blast on the list too. #10 is Eminem - one film? 6 years ago? come on...seriously? As for the acting, most people on the list are very one dimensional. If you account for popularity and number of films along with acting prowess, then your list shifts, I argee.

JoeC on May 15, 2008


What you wrote about Tyrese and LL Cool J is essentially the same as what you wrote about Cube. You discriminate against "gangsta" rap...don't you understand that these guys get typecast? THey sell millions of records talking about gunning and running, etc., and then when they transition into a movie you want them to be playing dramatic puss-roles? 50 Cent will NEVER do a Pursuit of Happyness, even if they guaranteed him the oscar nod. Not his style. Game tho, might do it. Ice Cube is by far #1. on the best list, primarily because he has both comedy and action locked up. Three Kings? Friday? Even xXx State of the Union was better than it shoulda been. Sorry Kevin Powers, u picked the whitest list of rappers imagineable.

Jose from L.A. on May 15, 2008


I'm toootally not following you, Jose. Discriminate against gangster rap? If you're reading into a theme there, it certainly wasn't intentional. But is it discriminating to the genre to say that Will Smith is better than 50 Cent? They both have a foundation in rapping (gangster or otherwise) and they can both be considered actors (well...one more than the other). Maybe a list should be done on the best "gangster rappers turned movie actors." (?) And I'm not expecting folks do Shakespeare or anything like that. Of course they get typecast a bit. However, having Tyrese in a supporting role is a helluva lot better than having Xzibit. T.I. and Common, also, bring a lot more depth than The Game or 50. And you have to give solid points to those rappers that have risen above the typecasting (e.g. the top 4 of the Best list).

Kevin Powers on May 15, 2008


I think everyone on this list is type-cast. You know exactly what you are going to get when you go see a Will Smith film. The joke delivery out of the side of his mouth with an accompanying "spishhhh" has been around since the 'Prince'. As for giving Queen L props for her 'awards', what was she credited for? Portraying a black female singer? Not a stretch. I'm surprised you didn't add Fantasia, after all, she had a movie made about her life.

JoeC on May 15, 2008


Honestly the list should look like this. Best Rapper turned Actor 10.) Tupac 9.) Ludacris 8.) Common 7.) Method Man 6.) Ice Cube 5.) Mos Def 4.) LL Cool J 3.) Queen Latifah 2.) Mark Wahlberg 1.) AND UNDISPUTED #1 Will Smith. Not even close, not even by a long shot. Worst Rappers turned actors 10.) T.I. 9.) Tyrese (can only do supporting roles) 8.) Ja Rule 7.) Eminem 6.) Snoop Dogg 5.) Ice-T 4.) Xzibit 3.) DMX 2.) The Game 1.) 50 Cent

Gift on May 15, 2008


How could you say andre 3000 is on the crap list. Did you see "Be Cool" Him and The rock were the best parts of the whole film. Be Cool btw is the sequel to "Get Shorty"

JayBear on May 15, 2008


I'll definitely give you that JayBear! Dabu was awesome and my first introduction to Andre Benjamin on the big screen (so I had all kinds of hope for him). Nothing's really sparked since then :-/ (But that was definitely one of the more cool roles for The Rock, as well.)

Kevin Powers on May 15, 2008


I still don't think you should include Eminem. One film six years ago should be enough of a reason. If 6 years isn't 'that big of a number' then consider this; six years before 8 mile takes you into Tupac's career. Ice Cube has had 9 released since then. Hell, for that matter, DMX has had ~7. If you have multiple qualifiers like number of films, popularity, etc. - then you should re-evaluate the higher numbers on your list. You have supporting role actors with 2 films (T.I.) rated over rappers-turned-actors with a long list of film credits and more importantly, their list of future projects.

JoeC on May 15, 2008


what about coolio he is the worst of both worlds

brendon on May 15, 2008


honestly, common, ludacris, t.i. and eminem have not made enough movies in order to be considered actors .. and the top should look like this 1. will smith 2. mark wahlberg 3. mos def 4. queen latifah 5. tyrese 6. ll cool j

luigi_nb on May 15, 2008


Common has been in more movies than you think check out his IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0996669/

Napiers News on May 15, 2008


I am going to have to give you props for these lists. I agree with them for the most part. I think your top ten best is very solid and right on point. I do wish that Tupac was on this list, but then we would need a top eleven. I would have taken Andre 3000 and Ice Cube off the worst list though. I think that they are both good actors. Anyways...good job.

Heather Jones on May 15, 2008


I love Will Smith as the Prince but to think that he out does Marky Marky is Ludacris, pun intended. Two words: Dirk Diggler probably the greatest icon in cinematic entertainment in recent decades.

Alex on May 15, 2008


Kevin - One question: After all the ranting and commenting...would you change/alter/adjust your list in any way?

JoeC on May 15, 2008


Congrats for the IMDB survey!

Ryan on May 15, 2008


@ JoeC -- ....nah... πŸ™‚ you could go back and forth on this sorta thing all day, really, and for as many suggested alterations I've received, I've also gotten broad agreement on both lists. again, it's not scientific, and is in part meant to start a discussion. clearly Tupac is king when it comes to the history of rappers-turned-actors, and there's far more folks that could be counted in the Worst category than the Best.

Kevin Powers on May 15, 2008


Kevin - I commend you for the last post. I disagree with a lot of your list and criteria but I would have really been disappointed if you would have 'changed' anything. That would have meant you didn't do your research in the first place. P.S. Cube over Tyrese for B.A. any day.

JoeC on May 15, 2008


Why is P. Diddy not at the top of the worst?

Angel on May 15, 2008


Didn't Blondie have the first Rap song on the charts? Where is Deborah Harry on this list?

yesfan13 on May 15, 2008


Hey Kevin Powers, you underrated Ice Cube because he's entertaining in his movies. Most of Ice Cube films are good. And you forgot Tupac Shakur. He was the best rapper turned actor because he actually knew what the fuck he was doing.

Kafoos on May 15, 2008


Move Ice Cube up to the best acting rapper category. Lately, his movies are a little too Disney for my taste. I hope he goes back to more gritty movies. DMX is a little broody actor and comes across that way but I wouldn't call him a bad actor. Tyrese shouldn't be the list at all because he's not a rapper. (do your homework, dude). Best of all time should go to the legend that is Tupac.

Carlos on May 15, 2008


Yeah, Ice Cube definately needs to be on the best list. Definately! He was very good in Friday and Three Kings. I also though Method Man was good in How High; i know that movie was mostly just goof's, but he seemed believable during the other scenes as well. I like RZA too. Rza and Method man may not be top 10 material, but they are definately better than Eminem. Do they have to be living? Tupac is better than Eminem too. Just cause the movie sucks, doesn't me all the actors in it can't act; it just means the movie sucks.

dullstone on May 15, 2008


great list, but ludacris should be rated higher. he steals scenes in crash like nobody's business.

loren on May 16, 2008


sean kingston,akon,lil wayne ?

roland on Jun 26, 2008



mraia on Jun 26, 2008


i didn't see G-Unit,Akon no one. WILL SMITH SUCKS HIS COCK why do u think his next movie is called hanCOCK.!.!.!.!.!???????.!?.!?.!?.!?????

mr.Right on Jul 7, 2008


This is the worst list I've ever seen. This Web Site doesn't know shit about rappers. I feel sorry for the retards who spend time on this useless misleading sites.

ChuckyIIX0 on Jul 8, 2008


There are a few rappers missing from the worst list that, should be noted. Master P comes to mind as someone fairly consistent on bringing a terrible performance, as does the collective of ICP. The fact that they have not only starred, but generated movies for which to fill the shelves is a nightmarish shit fest that sits on my brain whenever I give it a thought. Several users commented on how Vanilla Ice should also be included. I would have to agree, as anyone who gives TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze a screening would know, he is in the movie. However, this may not be eligible, as he played himself performing a song. The fact that this was committed to film is downright repulsive, no matter how active a role in the acting world he played with that piece of "classic" movie magic, I would still consider him to be top of any shit list.

Oliver on Aug 1, 2008


ice cube is one of the best, in fact better than Eminem, plus ''are we there yet" was for the kids and to me was a very good movie, i mean are we done yet wasn't all that better but longshot looks good

Travonne on Aug 11, 2008


where's nas?

caitlin on Aug 20, 2008


WHAT ABOUT TUPAC SHAKUR ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN NUMBER ONE OF BEST RAPPERS TURN ACTOR

THUG LIFE on Sep 9, 2008


what about AND and jin??? c'mon

Yap on Sep 25, 2008


Xzibit and Snoop shud jus stick to the mic yo! they are the worst actors. they can't act if their life depended on it. I would give an exception for Ice Cube, he tries even though he ain't tha best. All in all, this is the list- totally agree with u.

Odah on Oct 14, 2008


What about Master P, The Diplomats aka Dipset, and the rap group State Property? Did Kevin Powers watched any of the movies Master P was in? Did he watched the movie Killa Season? Did he also watched State Property 1 & 2?

Keely Chow on Nov 13, 2008


What about Nelly? Did Kevin Powers watched the remake of The Longest Yard?

Keely Chow on Nov 13, 2008


What about Redman? Did Kevin Powers watched the movie How High?

Keely Chow on Nov 13, 2008


mos def is the best rapper turned actor aliive just go see something the lord made he was nominated for an emmy and golden globe,then followed by will smith or mark wahlberg, ll cool j is a;so very good and i agree wit u dat his recent films r suspect. snoop is not a good actor but his performance as huggy bear was very good, ice cube in barber shop was okay but wit all his acting experience he just hasnt inproved enough for me, tupac definiyely impressive. common well is just decent , xzibit wasnt bad in x-files . tyreswe is no good keeps playinmg the same guy in all his movies anyway my best list goes thus. 1, mos def 2, will smith/mark wahlberg 3, tupac 4, ll cool j 5 queen latifah 6,

mayowa on Nov 29, 2008



Joxx on Dec 10, 2008


Wow, bullshit 50 cent should be on the "top 10 best" and so should the game, i mean come on now. and the all times greates snoop dog?! what?! on the top ten worst?!! biggie and 2 pac should be there on the best. this is the most unaccurated fucking peice of shit i have ever seen.

jason on Jan 2, 2009


All i got to say is DMX is a dam good actor (never die alone).

NasDaq1 on Jan 14, 2009


ice cube??? worst list??? WHAT ABOUT FRIDAY???????

Si on Feb 4, 2009


Where the heck is TUPAC?!?!?!?! Best rapper turned actor EVER

big daddy on Feb 4, 2009


fu know k lames ha ha jerks who cares fukrs ha ha lames jerks bafoons and dont forget the morons what about theduck fukrs put the shotty to ya beak like speak lames aint sayin no names tuna fish brains dik noses son of a beef jerky nut face hooligan

longnuts09 on Feb 22, 2009


I think we've all forgotten the best actor turned rapper of this century, joaquin phoenix

Mermy on Apr 27, 2009


whoever wrote those lists are fuckin retarded gimps.

chris on Apr 28, 2009


this shit is all wrong how can the best rappers be some of the worst rappers and the worst rappers be tha best first of all get sum street knowledge and listen to tha raps b4 u start puttin them in random charts plus most rappers cant act not even in music videos and the ones that are good actors aswell are known for thier rapping more B***H N***AS GOTTA LEARN YOUR SHIT

yo mama on May 19, 2009


mos def is my best rapper turned actor people seem to forget he was nominated for a golden globe in a movie alongside alan rickman and gabrielle union..... i think evrybody shuld see that b4 drawing up a list, mark wahlberg and will smith are in another league. ll cool j is also very good as for the worst andre 3000 was okay in revolver but has been struggling in other works...i dont enjoy any tyrese performance at all, snoop is whack except for huggy bear and i am so dissapointed that with all the years of acting experience ice cube has refused to improve his only good performance so far was in the barbershop.

mayowa on May 26, 2009


Yo folks... Real6 stated this long ago but for some reason everybody took issue with the comments Mos Def and Tupac were actors before becoming rappers. They may not have been "stars" but they had both studied acting for years when they were younger and had either done movies, television, theater and commercials. For what it's worth... Mos Def studied experimental theatre at New York University. He began his professional acting career at the age of fourteen, appearing in the TV movie God Bless the Child, starring Mare Winningham. He then played the oldest child in the short-lived family sitcom, You Take the Kids, starring Nell Carter and Roger E. Mosley. His most notable acting role before his music career was that of Bill Cosby's sidekick on the short-lived detective show, The Cosby Mysteries. He also starred in a 1996 Visa check card commercial featuring Deion Sanders. At the age of twelve, Shakur enrolled in Harlem's famous "127th Street Ensemble." His first major role with this acting troupe was as Travis in A Raisin in the Sun. In 1984, his family relocated to Baltimore, Maryland. After completing his second year at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School he transferred to the Baltimore School for the Arts, where he studied acting, poetry, jazz, and ballet. He performed in Shakespeare plays, and in the role of the Mouse King in The Nutcracker. Shakur, accompanied by one of his friends, Dana "Mouse" Smith, as his beatbox, won most of the many rap competitions that he participated in and was considered to be the best rapper in his school. Although he lacked trendy clothing, he was one of the most popular kids in his school because of his sense of humor, superior rapping skills, and ability to mix in with all crowds. Incidentally Baltimore School For The Arts is where he developed his friendship with a young Jada Pinkett (later Jada Pinkett Smith).

thecentralop on Jun 9, 2009


uhh no. mark wahlberg shouldnt be considered since no one heard of him. ice cube in the worst category? what an idiot. dr dre should be there though. it seems as though u ran out of rappers to put there so u just started putting the ones that didnt make the top 10 list into that category.

this list is whack on Jun 12, 2009


You didn't include the GZA in this list - that ain't right... He's a very solid actor.

rob on Jun 13, 2009


This list was good till reaching the end Common man Get rich or die tryin wasnt that bad and 50 was ok

John Odoya on Jun 23, 2009


Hey D*C*H*A* i would like to see you rap or act.

MIKE JONES on Jul 14, 2009


it seeems that we feeel that 50 is not a good and actor and that feeeling also goes with big boi and andre 3000 but i feel that all these actors are terrific because there feelings of rough times are seen on tv and they potray these feelings with grave enthusiasm

Parvez on Jul 16, 2009


i think 50cent did good in Righteous Kill cuz he had to play a role of a gangsta which he allready is/was..still is??? dmx wasnts bad snoop dogg was jokes.. the game not so good...

ryan 187 on Sep 6, 2009


i think that bow wow should replace 50 cent on that list im from columbus like bow wow and he cant even do a good job ACTING like he is representing columbus or ohio for that matter. and 50 is one of the better acors so i believe if he had to be put on that list he shoulder have been higher up

ryan on Sep 15, 2009


what do you mean this list is not "retrospective" we are talking about acting arent we. dont actors generally get better with time or more 'seasoned' as you say. so not including earlier roles and focusing on recent ones is inaccurate with the context, title, and description of this list. pacinos recent roles suck but that doesnt make him a bad actor. also, ice cube on the worst list?? seriously? barbershop, boyz n da hood, and friday series were better performances than virtually ever rapper on the best list (excluding the top 2 of course). also you judged X a bit too harshly and i believe it is unanimous that the actual worst two would be Ja Rule and Dr. Dre. also game and 50 should switch spots, hes much worse. just my two cents.

bennyblanco on Oct 20, 2009


How about digital underground in nothing but trouble. Classic scene in a very shitty movie.

Ted Bingsly on Oct 25, 2009


when is Undetermined coming out ill watch anything that has eminem in it

Brian Tran on Nov 26, 2009


This list is whack. First of all. How the F*** are you not going to include Tupac, probably one of the most memorable rapper to actor despite only making a handful of films before his death. Ever heard of Poetic Justice??? Secondly I just would just like to say I think your full of sh** putting Method Man on the worsts list. I think this whole list is full of sh** ...that's just my personal opinion

kris hall on Jan 16, 2010


sorry styles p is not an actor! my bad!

mark on Feb 15, 2010


tht is a bullshit list most likely made by white folk who listens to alot of britney spears and a lil eminem on the side white bitches donnt know shit nigga ice cube is the top dog will smith makes the shit they put in road saftey adds. he an 100% actor not a rapper. markey mark is bullshit too

jay on May 13, 2010


screw that idlewild was goodm get rich or die trying sucked and ice t should be number 1 on worst

david j on May 22, 2010


fifty was iight in get rich or die trying. he plaid the charecter he was sapposed to. it was not a charecter that was suppsoed to grab your emotions, or major emphesis. his charecter was designed to me silent and well blended in.

Pyrotechnic on Jun 1, 2010


What ur kidding me man!!!! SNOOP DOGG is in worst rapper list .....he may be old but the guy still got it

asfand on Aug 27, 2010


Jay is a racist piece of shit. And there is no way Tupac is a better actor than Will Smith. And what is wrong with you guys? This isn't a best and worst rapper list, it's a best and worst rappers who act list. Jesus Christ.

Bobby on Oct 26, 2010


@100 you're teh racist one. white people make up for more than half teh sales in rap music so they knwo what they talking about. I think the list is almost right on. I dont agree with ice cube beign on worst but he has a point that his last few movies were horrible, and while i dont think eminem is a bad actor he hasnt been in enough films to be considered good either. Also will smith was rapping way before most these mother fuckers and way before he became an actor, and a good one at that, so its not bullshit and he isnt a 100% actor Learn your blakc history befoer u open your mouth. i probably know more about your culture than u do. and technically Marky mark was a rapper too so it would be racist not to put him on a list of best rappers turned actors because he is one of the best. And sorry ice cube is not top dog maybe in the 90s when he was one of the only ones acting, but Common and Mos Def are way better than him. I also think DMX did good too but i dont think he should be in the best list, Belly was a good movie. And also like everyone the first name that popped in my head for worst was Ja Rule.

scott on Nov 4, 2010


They all are good in there own way, hopefully there fame and fortune can help some of the young people from killing one another. If anyone out there is in touch with any of them, see if they can pay my expenses so that I can travel the inner cities (I mean going into the hood) and give motivational/testimonials speeches. I can make a difference and they can surely afford my little expenses. I am a civil rights activist with a good education. I can make a movement difference but don't have the means. No one after meeting me would disagree, I am that guy. I want to make a difference and my verbal ability is second to none. I don't want nor do I need fame. I want and could use fortune to make a difference, I can stop senseless killings and motivate people to become educated. I am the real deal, for I am unapproachable. Money means nothing when it comes to doing whats right. ED DAY 724-309-3210; Jeannette,Pa. 15644

Ed Day on Nov 6, 2010


you are so wrong. Ice-T is good on SVU !!!!

mimi on Nov 14, 2010


What about Sticky Fingaz? Notable omission! His acting work on The Shield was fantastic!

Rahul Chauhan on Nov 14, 2010


You diserve to be shot for this list

Luh_money on Jan 11, 2011



RapOG on Jan 12, 2011


1. Tyrese is NOT a rapper. 2. Common was the worst part of Terminator Salvation. He's terrible.

Marlon Barnes on Jan 30, 2011


God damn i saw movie with Ice Cube, Game, and Snoop and Methodman i must say this ranking its a bullshit: 1.Will Smith aint a rapper. 2. Ice Cube, Game, and Snoop and Methodman they are a real niggaz from the streetz. 3.Movie with this niggaz what a saw are good. 4.Fuck You!

Watsonniggaz on Feb 2, 2011


mate your a fuckking joke you should swap the rap from worst to best you retart

Fuckyou on Feb 23, 2011


50 CENT? i dont quite under stand what the list is about, but if your saying 50 cent is the worst rapper your retarted, and Xzibet? whats wrong with him?

Scary DAWG! on Apr 9, 2011


fuckin dumbass ice t, ice cube, andre 3000, dmx, snoop dogg, and method man are the shit. way better than marky mark, will smith, t.i. and eminem. you don't know real rap

Haida_joe on Apr 21, 2011


Here one rapper from Microsoft Steve Ballmer http://techror.com/2011/05/04/developer-developer-developer-developer-by-steve-ballmer/

Ayumi on May 4, 2011

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