3D Updates: Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast and Pirates of the Caribbean

November 19, 2008
Source: MarketSaw, Variety

Alice in Wonderland

It's no coincidence that the three films mentioned in the title are all Disney films. It seems Disney, who is very well versed in the world of theme parks, believes 3D really is the future and is pushing very hard to put out nearly every film they're releasing from now on in 3D. This even includes such timeless classics as Beauty and the Beast and Tim Burton's upcoming Alice in Wonderland. We've got three updates today in regards to 3D, two of which pertain to Beauty and Wonderland, the third of which pertains to Pirates of the Caribbean. As always, I jump at any opportunity to talk about 3D and how bad it might be because this time not all this news is necessarily good news! Care to find out more?

First up, Disney is re-rendering their 1991 classic Beauty and the Beast in Digital 3D and will be re-releasing the new version in theaters sometime in 2010. The process is expected to take 9 months to complete. The original team of filmmakers, including producer Don Hahn and co-directors Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale, will be back to oversee the process. "By going back to the original animation files, which have been carefully archived for 17 years, and using the separate background, effects and character animation elements, we're able to come up with a fun and unique 3D experience for existing and new fans of the film," Hahn said. This actually doesn't seem that bad of an idea. I'll be curious to check it out.

Second, our friends at MarketSaw have uncovered some interesting news regarding Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. While the film has always been touted as a 3D feature, blending a mix of CGI and live-action photography, apparently it's not actually being shot in 3D. "Tim Burton is NOT shooting AIW in 3D at all. Period. They intend on converting to 2D movie to 3D after the fact in post production!" It'll still be 3D in the end, it just won't look as good as if it were entirely shot in 3D (like say, James Cameron's Avatar). To me this just means that it's going to turn out a lot worse in 3D, because anything not built (or shot) from the ground up in 3D usually ends up terrible. I'll just stick with the 2D version, thank you!

Lastly, David Cohen at Variety speculates that we could end up seeing Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in 3D by the time it hits theaters in 2012. "We can't help but notice that 1) Disney is heavily invested in 3D, including live-action. 2) Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp are making an animated 3D movie together, Rango. and 3) Jerry Bruckheimer is making G-Force in 3D." He actually makes a very good point. Considering Pirates of the Caribbean is their money-making gem, I wouldn't be surprised if Disney is trying to find out ways to make even more money from the franchise, including putting the entire film out in 3D. Swashbuckling pirates in full 3D? Sounds like a theme park ride more than a movie to me.

It looks like Disney is really trying to make sure 3D is the future. Any of these announcements excite you?

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I love 3D!! and think that if its done right it can be an amazing thing. The only time it ends up sucking is when they write the movie to have these gimmicky 3D scenes like in that new horror movie when he throws the axe at the screen, that shit is retarted! If you've seen and IMAX 3D movie then you know how cool 3D movies can actually be.

ha1rball on Nov 19, 2008


I'd see Beauty and the Beast in theaters 3D or not. Bring it!!

Cogsworth on Nov 19, 2008


""To me this just means that it's going to turn out a lot worse in 3D, because anything not built (or shot) from the ground up in 3D usually ends up terrible. I'll just stick with the 2D version, thank you!"" OK Alex, ya gotta give me some more examples of this. I have seen Dimensionalized(TM) content that was stunning. I actually feel BETTER about this process than one built on 3D(Journey to the center of Hell(oh wait, Earth), because this way it is directed, shot and edited in 2D, with 2D in mind... so none of this bloody spear at you through the body like in Beowolf. and .. reading ha1rball's remark... sounds like most of us on are that same page... 3D is fun and can be beautiful if used to help the film and not the Film built just to show off 3D gimmicks.

Dusty on Nov 19, 2008


I'm not too experienced with these 3D movies that Studio's keep pushing. I mean are they really that entertaining? <--- (for home watching.) I'd think that they would be better off with making movies how they are originally. To me 3D movies should only be in Theme Parks and IMAX theaters but when it comes out on DVD, keep it standard or have both versions. Do they even give you a pair of sunglasses in the DVD case when you buy the movie in 3D?

The_Phantom on Nov 19, 2008


Gaston?! In 3D?! How could this possibly be bad news?!?!

Kail on Nov 19, 2008


Any thing that has the words Pirates Of The and Carribean 4 sounds good to me!

cheater on Nov 19, 2008


All this pisses me off. I don't wish to see movies in 3D. I just don't.

Samantha on Nov 19, 2008


there goes the neighborhood

Al on Nov 19, 2008


Yes The_Phantom they gvie you the glasses when you buy the dvd.

Samantha on Nov 19, 2008


I'm not crazy about 3D, it always seemed gimmicky to me and the glasses and stuff just take me out of the experience. 4D, that's the future of movies. Who doesn't love simulated bugs under you're chair and being spat on by sprinklers? Sheer genius!

Da Man on Nov 19, 2008


I agree with Samantha. 3D is a HORRIBLE idea for any movie. It's just a cheap trick to make people go WWHHOOOAAAA!, but it has no bearing on how good a film is. I think that people market 3D in movies because audiences will go, "you know, the movie was ok, but the 3D was awesome!". It is just that little extra that makes people more excited to see a movie because it's something that doesn't happen everyday. I actually view 3D as an unnecessary distraction from the film at hand. I do not have fun watching a movie that is not judged based on its content alone.

Savage on Nov 19, 2008


I called POTC 4 being in 3D back when there were the announcements of Depp getting $58 million to return, or whatever. Its just a given at this point, 3D is the future of cinema, its just taking people a while to realise it, but by 2011, it will be realized. I think its an insanely smart idea, 4 years of anticipation + Johnny Depp returning at the legendary Jack Sparrow + POTC name value + 3D = ENORMOUS HIT, I'm talking Titanic challenging hit, the POTC sequels managed to average about $1 Billion each globally at the box office, just think, with 2011 ticket prices, the 3D premiums on all of the tickets for 3D showings, the anticipation surrounding the new film, it could easily be a film that could make 2 times as much as the last film.

Chris G. on Nov 19, 2008


at first, i liked the IDEA of 3D. but now that i've seen some 3D films, i'm against it. but that still won't stop me from going to see Alice in 3D. =/

craziemutant on Nov 19, 2008


You know, I have to agree with you Alex... Though 3D seems to be the way the movie enterprise is heading, I can't say I'm all that excited about it. I've seen remakes of movies (for example A Nightmare Before Christmas) in 3D and I pretty much said to myself, "This sucks." Of course, I completely trust in Burton not to make AIW terrible... It's Tim Burton for Christ's sake! And POTC4... Well I think we'll just have to see with that one. Of course, everyone will go and see it... It's POTC4!!! I don't think it's going to be very good... But maybe that's just because I don't like 3D very much. With the whole B&B thing I've got to say I'm a little interested. Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my favorite fairy tales since I was a kid and to know that it will once again be become a big thing (whether I trust the whole 3D idea or not) excites me to no end. I just hope that Disney knows what they're doing and won't make a complete fool out of themselves... Though with all the high ratings that are promised to ensue, I highly doubt anyone would even notice... But isn't that just what life is like these days?

Julia S. on Nov 19, 2008


3-D didn't help Beowulf. and Disney needs to be reeeeally careful with 'Beauty and the Beast' if they want to attract the older audience. So far I can't think of a successful 3-D rendering of any movie..

Noemi on Nov 19, 2008


I think Disney needs to worry more about coming up with original and unique stories rather than new ways to present the same stuff. Disney seems to be the worst at this with their frequent opening and closing of the "Disney Vault." 3D is a gimmick and for me does not add anything to the narrative experience. If anything it takes me out of the story, especially with the uncomfortable glasses. I go to the theater for a narrative experience, not a gimmicky attraction. Avatar will be the real test. Cameron's film will prove if there is any merit to 3D, but at this point I would rather see more original content, not presentations.

BrokenReal on Nov 19, 2008


2D technology has changed drastically. The fact that they won't be shooting in 3D doesn't mean it will be worse, it means that it will be better. Anything that is shot live with 3D cameras will still look flat in 3D, but it will just jump out at you in varying degrees of FLAT layers. Doing it all n postproduction will allow them to make live action material feel more authentically 3D as per the way cgi materials do. What they'll be doing at Disney, is they will be creating rough cgi foundation animations as templates from the live action footage--sort of like cgi tracing, if you will. They will then use the 3D technology on the rough cgi template and then apply it to the real stuff. This way, the live action Alice footage will be just as 3D as the cgi elements tend to look in IMAX 3D. For Beauty and the Beast, it means that it will not look the way 3D has always looked, but rather the characters (being in outlines and flat colours) will probably appear more like the 3D flat coloured spaceship from Futurama. I hope some of that made sense. Bottom line, this is better, not worse.

George on Nov 20, 2008


How are gimmicks better than a good story, well told?

avoidz on Nov 20, 2008


For god sink, Disney kills B&tB with this stupid 3-D releases. Beauty and the Beast DOES'NT be concepted to be released on a football square-fitted screen. Backgrounds haven't be drawed for IMAX Screens, rather on 35 mm film with an artistic blur, who makes the the estetical higness of feature likes Stanley Kubrick's BARRY LYNDON... As here as "Rescuers down Under" sould be a wonderfull movie in IMAX, "B&tB IMAX 3D" seems like a supersized Mac D. menu...

far away beast on May 5, 2009

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