Aaron Eckhart Says Two-Face Definitely Won't Be Back

September 3, 2008
Source: ComingSoon


I thought I vowed never to write another article on The Dark Knight, but here we are, at it again! Aaron Eckhart provided an update today to ComingSoon regarding the fate of his character - Two-Face. While this isn't even really news, it's definitely the update that many fans needed to see in order to settle any speculation they've had. I'll save the meaty details until after the jump, but considering Dark Knight has passed $500 million, I expect everyone has seen it by now anyway. By this point in time, everyone knows that Eckhart plays Harvey Dent who eventually becomes Two-Face in a performance that I thought was just as good as Heath Ledger's. Eckhart finally puts to rest all the rumors about the fate of Two-Face.

"He is dead as a door nail," Eckhart confirms. "I asked Chris [Nolan] that question and he goes, 'You're dead' before I could even get the question out of my mouth." And if you think it's all just a game he's playing to keep it a surprise for his return, Eckhart really emphasizes that he ain't coming back. "I think in contract negotiations it's a problem," he says. "No, I'm not coming back. I think unfortunately, Heath [Ledger] was supposed to go on and that didn't work out. I'm nobody. I'm a cog. I have no say over this sort of stuff. I'm sure that there's so many other characters that they could whip together." He goes on to mention the rumor about Angelina Jolie playing Catwoman, but beyond that, the scene at the end where he drops of the side of a building really did kill Gotham's White Knight - he definitely won't be back.

We've already talked so much about where another sequel could head, that I'm not going to start up another discussion about a world without Two-Face. This is merely a confirmation to settle some rumors, including my own speculation that he was still alive. We'll be back again when we hear more on the next Batman.

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So he's really dead. Interesting what Batman will do in the next film.....

tdkfan84 on Sep 3, 2008


I still think they pretty much "shot the moon" on TDK. With out Ledger, there will be no other character/performance that will be as exciting and anticipated. Anything from here out will be well below the excitement created by TDK. I would make a small wager that the story really died at the conclusion of this episode. JMO

moldybread on Sep 3, 2008


I for one am VERY dissapointed. They introduced Two Face just to have him killed off way to fast. Dent was explored great, but Two Face was NOT. I hope Nolan changes his mind. Eckhart played Two Face to perfect to not be him again, in my opinion. Two Face gets killed by a fall? Dumb, imo. I even almost liked Two Face just as much if not more then The Joke. With Heath gone(RIP), wouldnt it make sence to use Two Face now? Please reconsider, Nolan! #2, Ledger was amazing, but thats no reason to stop making more films. I hope Nolan makes atleast one more so its trilogy. Theres plenty of more interesting badguys in the Batman universe that would work in Nolans Gotham.

Ryan on Sep 3, 2008


Everyone keeps claiming Depp as the Riddler, why not let him portray the Joker in the 3rd film? They could still do "trial of the Joker". Depp would fill the shoes perfectly.

Mike on Sep 3, 2008


Why is there any speculation about whether or not Harvey Dent died in the Dark Knight? Obviously he is dead. While they are standing over his body there is a flash-forward of Gordon paying respects during a funeral speech when he says, "he was not the hero Gotham deserved, but he was the hero Gotham needed". He then goes on to say Batman is the "hero Gotham deserves, but not the hero it needs right now", which is a pretty interesting reversal comparing the two (white knight and dark knight). Anyways, Dent is dead. Period. It is probably better that he had a short-lived role as a villain because Chris Nolan wants to keep his villains as realistic as possible and a vigilante D.A. can only suffice as a "villain" for about as long as Eckhart did in the Dark Knight. He's never really a "villain" anyway, more like a madman who is bent on vengeance because he lost the love of his life (Rachel) and could not turn around Gotham as a "decent man in an indecent time". I don't think he could carry the madness long enough to fight Batman on his own for a whole third film.

Matt on Sep 4, 2008


@4: I wouldn't want a villain play in both movies. Maybe as a sitenote, that would be great! Okay they had scarecrow in two movies, but that second appearence was merely a 5 minutes long. What I'ld find interesting is Harley Quinn taking revenche on Gotham and trying to free the Joker. While the Joker would be present throughout the movie there would be no sincere need to show him. Maybe a couple of backshots that's it. I read about her teaming up with The Riddler that I wouldn't like either. I'ld prefer both characters as individuals. Maybe even "fighting" against each other at one point. Nolan got his own way of telling the Batman stories, without most of these, sorry to say, bad incarnations of the older movies. Joker and Two-Face I think were very well done, but enough, there is so much more to explore! Writing this it comes to mind that there was a cliffhanger at the end of BB, but still TDK was could well have been a stand alone movie. Not much reverence to BB in there, none that would have been necessary. I think from this point of view my Harley Quinn theory is crap as it would create a crack in the plotline. Nope, it's The Riddler on it's own for me!! And it would make sense. What lead us all to think of the Joker at the end of BB: The Joker card at the end! What was the overall symbol at the end of TDK ... a questionmark (how is that going to play well?). There you have it, it's definately the riddler! ^^

tronicIO on Sep 4, 2008


Damn, I wish he wasn't dead. It would be so awesome to see him in the next film.

Spyder on Sep 4, 2008


First, this series isn't going anywhere. The studio is going to give Nolan everything he needs/wants for the third installment. Second, I've liked the idea of not killing/"curing" the criminals that Nolan's started with these first two movies. I do agree that Depp would be a fine Joker, but not until the 4th film. The Joker can be referenced and talked about, but maybe not seen until the end (if at all). The Joker character will be back (as noted by his brief monologue at the end about "do battle forever") in some same or form eventually. I would have loved to see Eckhart back as Two-Face, and I personally thought that Two-Face was alive, yet secretly locked away in Arkham - in hopes to save the citizens faith. There was no doubt for me that Harvey Dent was dead, that man died when Rachel did. But Two-Face could have been brought back. I think the character still has a ton of potential. He's Batman without the codes. His justice or no justice. I hope he's back. The Riddler wouldn't be bad. But I don't want to see Jolie as Catwoman... I'm a bit of a Bruce Willis fanboy, but I think he would make an amazing Mr. Freeze should Nolan opt to go that route. Which ever direction they go... bringing the Joker right back, changing their minds on Two-Face, the Riddler, Harley... I'm VERY excited to see another one in a few years.

E on Sep 4, 2008


F*** Johnny Depp.

Joshua on Sep 4, 2008


Haha Eckhart's is getting his leg pulled by Nolan, how funny. Dead? Bah! Ridiculous.

Itri on Sep 4, 2008


that convo sounds funny: ECKHART 'Hey Chris, there's been speculation tha--' NOLAN: 'You're dead.' ECKHART: 'Oh. Okay...'

fanboy d on Sep 4, 2008


@ #5 The flash-forward was of Gordon paying his respects to Harvey Dent, not Two-face...

TF on Sep 4, 2008


Tons of people fell from heights in this movie. What? he's the only one not to have survived? Gangsters with broken shins and a waif Gyllenhaal falls from a penthouse and live to tell the taleā€”but not Two Face? Two face fall down go boom? Que ridiculo.

Voice Of Reason on Sep 4, 2008


Oh god. It's not true they're really *actually* looking at Angelina Jolie for Catwoman, is it?? Please no.

RStewie on Sep 4, 2008


in the interview Eckhart says something about Angelina Jolie play Catwoman in the next film.

DDOT3 on Sep 4, 2008


Hey 6, chronic! Put the Pipe down, you are WRONG. AGAIN!

D-9 on Sep 4, 2008


Sigh. Well THAT sucks. I was hoping they were going to take the whole superhero movie genre in a new direction of NOT killing every villain that comes along, so there actually would be a rogues gallery of all these crazy people in costumes, wreaking havoc on Gotham City, y'know, like *in the comics*? And yeah, totally agree with #13, it's ridiculous that Two-Face fell like 4-5 stories, into *dirt*, and didn't survive. Plus the speculation of the whole funeral for Harvey while Two-Face gets sent to Arkham makes SO much sense and would've been so much cooler than him just dying.

Paigey! on Sep 4, 2008


Personally, I think the death of Two-face was needed. Spiderman 3 had a very annoying plot with too many villains. Batman is a super hero but still human. To put too many villains back in the next movie makes him seem too "Superman." So now for my opinion. Christopher Nolan is a smart director. He won't do the same thing twice. Hence, the joker's role was to serve as an opposite of Batman, and of course play the villain. I personally don't think he will go the route of the Riddler or Two-Face, because that would be some of the same concepts as the Joker. I think it would be smart to bring in a female villain, hence Catwoman, Talia, or Harley. This way, there is some sort of sexual basis (based on the fact that the D.A. died, which was his only true love) behind Batman. And also, he won't bring back the Joker because it would be a shame to see anyone but Heath Ledger play the part. Sure, in another series maybe, but not this one. I also think Depp and Jolie wouldn't make very good characters out of their respective roles. They need to find actors who have something to risk. Just my opinion.

Cory on Sep 4, 2008


While The Dark knight was an overall great movie, the one mistake Nolan made in my opinion was not ending the Two Face story line when he walks into the bar. I would have ended it there and brought the character back in the third film and wrapped up his story line up in the 1st half an hr. To me the character of Harvey Dent was great in The dark Knight, but Two Face wasn't nearly as compelling and couldn't sustain a entire film as the main villian. on Sep 4, 2008


That sucks. I think it's pretty low to just dispatch a character and an actor like this from the franchise. If they keep killing these villains one there they'll have to reboot the damn thing again. Only way to make up for this is to bring Bane.

Darunia on Sep 4, 2008


I laugh at the idiots who complain about two face being killed too quickly in their opinions. well pay more attention to the story, it all has a lot of meaning and not only was done brilliantly but was also something different. Arent you all tired of the same old recipe over and over?!? And they confirmed in the movie he was dead, why in the hell would you think they would bring him back... from the dead?? Retarded. And for all you pissed off, opinionated, NEVER satisfied followers look at it this way. He would have been dead soon anyway from the INFECTION!!! An untreated "wound" like that and you're not going to live long.

Hulk on Sep 4, 2008


Spoiler alert maybe? I seen the movie so no worries here, but I'm sure there are still many people, even those who may visit this site and other places that report this information that haven't.

McCoffee on Sep 4, 2008


TWO FACE WILL be back! mark my words...Nolan is not a dummy. It seems to me that he's pulling a Michael Bay, trying to throw us off the scent of what's really going on with the third movie... BTW, Johnny Depp would rock...or has anyone heard of Charlie Hunnam? he looks just like Heath. and may just be able to pull the ole switcheroo and fool us all with a stunning reincarnation....

BRBomber on Sep 4, 2008


TWO FACE WILL BE BACK Nolan is no dummy. i think he's pulling a Michael Bay on us, trying to throw us off the scent of the third film. BTW, has anyone heard of Charlie Hunnam? he looks just like Heath and may be able to pull off the ole switcheroo and fool us all with a stunning reincarnation....

BRBomber on Sep 4, 2008


:(, this is sad. I thought Nolan wasn't going to kill batman's villains, and specially not going to kill harvey two face. He's just an amazing character to explore. I'm still keeping a tiny bit of hope in two face returning...

bltzie on Sep 4, 2008


i really really really really hope that A Jolie will not show up in a Nolan Batman movie.... enough with that overated women already...

r1000 on Sep 4, 2008


@25 I was just about to post that.. Jolie will make me less interested in the movie. She's not a horrible actor, but I just don't think it's the right movie for her.

Jon on Sep 4, 2008


i think everyone should go see this movie again to push it pass 600 million mark. Forget the third.

Darrin on Sep 4, 2008


"Obviously he is dead. While they are standing over his body there is a flash-forward of Gordon paying respects during a funeral speech when he says, "he was not the hero Gotham deserved, but he was the hero Gotham needed". He then goes on to say Batman is the "hero Gotham deserves, but not the hero it needs right now", which is a pretty interesting reversal comparing the two (white knight and dark knight). Anyways, Dent is dead. Period." aren't particularly familiar with the comic book medium, are you? NOBODY is ever "...dead. Period." Just ask Jean Grey.

joel on Sep 4, 2008


To #28 I dunno about that... this _is_ 'Earth-Nolan' we're talking about and not one of the other 52 DC Universes :/ However, if Two-Face really is dead... there goes, "Nolan's rogue's gallery" from my vocabulary :/ ..... or maybe.... *thump* NURSE: We have a pulse! TWO-FACE: Where am I? DOCTOR: Arkham Asylum... you've been clinically dead for 2-minutes Mr. Dent

LW on Sep 4, 2008


@16 Sure I am! That's why I put a smile at the end of the message.

tronicIO on Sep 4, 2008


I think Harvey Dent and Two-Face worked great and it makes it realistic how he died . It makes the story more powerful and they can move on to a diff villian , they could make the riddler like the unabomber . as long as they don't bring in robin or catwoman i think their both cheesey unless they can be brought to a more realistic light. They should bring back Ras al Ghul and have him help batman this time around sort of redeem himself but they would need a decent villian . I have faith in Nolan .

ChrisC on Sep 5, 2008


First, to me, this makes sense. It sucks, but it makes sense for the character. Second, I've said it before, Depp should never even attempt to play the Joker (I don't care what anyone says). It was perfect. Leave it alone, and move on. Third, Depp is too big a star, and I (personally) don't want him anywhere near these films or this franchise. Fourth, we have to see the final chapter with The Riddler. It makes sense if Nolan was willing to take a chance and reinvent the Joker, he would go on to The Riddler (or someone else, but the Riddler makes the best choice for Nolan's Batman world). Also, Harley Quinn would be great for the remaining chaos, and leftovers from the Joker. I can not wait!!!!! It's going to be a MONUMENTAL task, to top The Dark Knight.

Brian on Sep 5, 2008


i think in the next film they should go for that Japanese anime light show style batman and have it comical screw the back story man just friggin launch batman into the mix with some funky asian bitches wearing school uniforms that play with swords cross polinate with Kill bill style old school fung fu movies you know the ones like phuking that bloke with the claw thing on and some dark humour and throw in abit of voyeurism and give batman a addiction to prostitutes with robin sayain things like holy slappin silicon batman she looks bareley legal yeah man and batman gets high n shit.... And the villian can just be some kcoc sucker trying to arrest him... Call it Batman does the Asia Pacific. And throw some flames on the batmobile man make that thing flaminn..

werdnafaz on Sep 5, 2008


I wish he still alive, so I can wait for his next movie.

Grace Wismer on Jul 5, 2009

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