Adam Carolla's The Hammer Trailer Sneaks In

March 1, 2008
Source: AOL

The Hammer Trailer

The Hammer is a hilarious new comedy starring and written by The Man Show's Adam Carolla about a guy who's dull life as a construction worker is getting worse every day until he knocks out a prize fighter in the ring. Thus begins his quest for Olympic gold, despite he's quite old and no longer a professional boxer. Like Meet Bill before it, here's another guy's movie about a guy whose life is just falling apart. Adam Carolla may actually bring something unique to this movie, but also like Meet Bill, this could go either way. It doesn't look like anything I'll fall in love with, but it could bring a few laughs. What do you think?

Watch the trailer for The Hammer:

[flv:the_hammer.flv 480 260]

The Hammer is directed by Charles Herman-Wurmfeld (Kissing Jessica Stein, Legally Blonde 2) with a script by Kevin Hench ("The Man Show", "Jimmy Kimmel Live!") and story by Adam Carolla. The film premiered last year the Tribeca Film Festival but without much buzz. The Hammer arrives in very limited theaters on March 21st. The poster for the film is featured below.

The Hammer Poster

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This looks pretty painful. Feels like a student project. A valiant effort none the less

Herbert on Mar 1, 2008


looks like some plain old fun....I like it...not pretentious like some of the crap out now...hope it does well...

cornholio_by_the_sea on Mar 1, 2008


The film looks horrible. The trailer isn't that great. I just don't know about this one at all.

Jose on Mar 1, 2008


It looks amazingly bad based on that poorly made trailer. Adam Carolla appears to not be able to act in a very broad way.

OwlBoy on Mar 1, 2008


Looks like quirky, low budget fun with a few laughs. "Borat" had a handheld camera, low budget looking trailer too and it hit big. On the other hand, Adam Carolla is untested and unproven in all areas of film, but he does have some funny moments being himself. It would be interesting to see if Jimmy Kimmel and/or Dr. Drew Pinsky get a cameo in this movie. Adam Carolla's 'Dancing With The Stars' stint should attract some publicity to this flick.

Spider on Mar 1, 2008


Spider, you cant compare this movie/actor to BORAT? really? apples and oranges dude. The only thing that is similar about this and Borat is that they both have fat, stubby side kicks. Oh wait Carolla doesnt, NOTHING similar. Sorry Spidey, you should probably get one of your "senses" checked out.

Herbert on Mar 2, 2008


Actually, I think "Ozzie" will be the funniest thing about this movie.

Herbert on Mar 2, 2008


That Ozzie guy I think was on the reality show Carrola did a few years back where he remodeled his childhood home, or something?

Tom Brazelton on Mar 3, 2008


Herbert! Herbert! Herbert! Did you ACTUALLY read my post(#5)???Based on your post (#1), "looks like a student project". Didn't Borat look like a student project too?? It did to me! So what I'm saying is that it went on to make huge bank at the box office despite seeming amateurish in cinematic execution. That's all I mentioned! READ AGAIN: I did not compare both films in terms of character development, script, directors, nor literary meaning...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It seems you've got no "SENSE"! So please get some "SENSE" first... then have it checked!! .....and yes I do agree that Ozzie will be the funniest thing in the movie!

Spider on Mar 3, 2008


Spider, Spidey, Spidey, The cinematography has NOTHING to do with either movie. I didnt think Borat looked like student project, I think Borat actually looks much better than Hammer, Hammer has no flavor its just a big ol bowl of vanilla pudding, Borat's camera style fit perfectly with the story line...cant you see that? that being said Hammer just ISNT funny no matter what it was shot on/style. Borat could've been shot Hi-8 and it wouldnt have mattered. Funny is funny. You ever hear the term "You cant polish a turd"? Hammer=turd. Do you know anything about funny spidey?

Herbert on Mar 3, 2008


Herbert! You must drive so many folks crazy! Are you contradicting your own post (#1)? Was that you or is there another Herbert? Are you sure you read my post???? PLEASE RE-READ my post. Truthfully, both "Hammer" and "Borat" look like low budget stupid funny flicks. "Borat" actually was and "The Hammer", I'm sure will be. Hence, cinematography has So MUCH to do in terms of visual style. That's what this argument is about. You are obviously a HUGE "Borat" fan and its ok! I'm not! In my opinion, what polished the turd that was "Borat" was the fat man/ Borat nude cavorting that garnered that flick plenty of repeat business and strong word of mouth amongst legions of teens and young adults. "The Hammer" seems poised to go directly to DVD. That's all I'm saying! Don't make a huge case when there isn't one to begin with Herbert! ....on the other hand, talking about "The Hammer" like this will certainly peak more interest in this flick, just like yours. You know you'll be among the first to see it!

Spider on Mar 4, 2008


SPIDEY I understood what you were saying. What I'm saying is...I NEVER mentioned cinematography in MY POST. I did not say that the way in which Hammer was shot made it look like a student project the camera work was decent for the genre of the film. I was talking about the movie as a WHOLE. It FEELS like a student project. YOU started talking about cinematography not me. I just thought that you were basing the films worth on camera work. Do u understand what I'm saying? lol

Herbert on Mar 4, 2008


Herbert! You've got a different way of twisting things! Go back and read each post(especially post #1) and the MENTION of cinematography (post#10) NOTICE the pattern that developed. Just RE-READ. Do you see it now??? ......Now this IS funny! It seems you will distort this post too and issue a point out of left field. Herbert, I understand what you say per post, but it seems you see-saw between opinions and points. P.S. Please RE-READ the posts and let us know if the movie is good! Go Herbert! Go Herbert!

Spider on Mar 5, 2008


Read it Spider and I will say again. That in my post (#1) I never mentioned camera/cinematograhy I will quote..."This looks pretty painful. Feels like a student project." So I said that it looks painful, meaning not funny, hard to watch. The I said "Feels like a student project"...FEELS like a student project, the tone, the comedy. I never mentioned camera or production value. YOU are the one that first talked about camera work ( post #5: "Borat" had a handheld camera, low budget looking trailer too and it hit big."). In my post #10 my reason for mentioning cinematography was in response to your post "...went on to make huge bank at the box office despite seeming amateurish in cinematic execution". To me it sounded like you were comparing the 2 movies based on the style in which they were shot, didnt mean to ruffle your tail feather man.

Herbert on Mar 5, 2008


Herbert! Didn't ruffle anything! If I ruffled yours didn't mean to either! We may have singlehandedly gave this flick more publicity than what it truly deserves. Anyway, it's good to see someone else that enjoys flicks as much as I do. That said, "I can't wait for "The Hammer" on DVD. LOL!

Spider on Mar 5, 2008


Looks really low budget....... Interesting to see Carola in a film but i won't be watching this. Tell me how it was

SHANE D on Mar 6, 2008


Wow Adam this is a piece of sh*t. I am embarrassed for you. What does the producer have on you???

pvk on Mar 9, 2008


Where can you find out the locations of where The Hammer 2008 is playing?

Denise on Mar 25, 2008


I met Adam at Pebble Beach back in the Summer 04 and have been a disciple of his ever since. All I can say is; Adam Corolla is God...

LorENZO on Apr 2, 2008


Where is this movie playing? Anywhere in SF Bay Area? Would love to see this....

jz on Apr 8, 2008

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