Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Muary To Helm Halloween 2?

June 3, 2008


It looks like Dimension Films is starting to cannibalize it's horror remakes in delicious, ironic fashion. We've known for some time that a cover of the disturbing 1987 classic, Hellraiser, was in the works, and that the French duo Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Muary - two directors that have some solid genre clout, most notably from their work on French horror film Inside - had recently walked from the project. Now we learn, after someone whispered to STYD, that the promising directing duo is actually helming another horror reboot for Dimension, Halloween 2. So, in essence, I guess that means Michael Myers is officially stabbing Pinhead in the gut and leaving him crying on the floor.

I'm glad that Bustillo and Muary are going to make their American debut, but I have mixed emotions on the shake-ups of these projects over at Dimension. I thought Rob Zombie's "re-imagining" of Halloween back in 2007 was a pretty solid effort, but I have to admit, I was looking forward to seeing Clive Barker's demonic sadomasochist back on screen. Sadly, Pinhead has little hope for relevance today with the current writers (Saw IV and Saw V's Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton) and a yet unannounced director.

With Zombie's take bringing in a respectable $80 million worldwide, perhaps the Weinstein's decided to hedge their bets and get the pair onto a project with a chance of greater success. Hellraiser doesn't exactly hold the same mass appeal as the Halloween series. This definitely sounds promising for the Halloween franchise, not only financially speaking, but also in terms genre credibility (which is hard to come by when you're revisiting a classic). If you haven't seen Inside yet, get it in your Netflix queue stat! And I suppose I should ask - is another Halloween sequel really necessary?

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yes... yes... YES! the re-make was so good, the end left me wanting more. so with the use of a good team of directors, writers & cast. dis 2nd part will not disappoint true Halloween fans like me

theTruth on Jun 3, 2008


It's most definitely not necessary, but I would go see it, even if it looked horrible.

Tom on Jun 3, 2008


No, Zombie did a fantastic job with his remake, end of story, please don't make it worse. Zombie's Halloween was the first good horror remake, they don't need to keep doing this over and over.

Tim on Jun 3, 2008


Rob Zombie made Mike Myers more human and realistic thus taking away the demonic undertones involved with the character. I think since he humanized the character and then shot him mutliple times in the face at the end that would have sufficiently killed Myers along with any sequel they were hoping to create. Zombie didn't leave it open to a sequel like the original did (when they cut back to the lawn and Myers had disappeared) so I don't see how it could be successful.

Matt Peloquin on Jun 3, 2008


The remake was nothing but a horrible un-needed crapfest. Now they want to do a sequel to the bad remake, WTF? Why don't they remake bad 70's/80's horror movies instead of remaking the good ones. Go remake the "The Boogens" or something, leave the classics alone.

Scorpio on Jun 3, 2008


I don't really think its necessary, Rob Zombie's remake was just okay. I wouldn't watch it again I know that. Unlike the original I can watch when ever I was in the mood for a good ol' horror classic. I cant remember which ending they used in the remake.

Joel on Jun 3, 2008


Sad news, I had high hopes for their followup to the amazing Inside. Wanted them to come up with another original horror film but alas, they've fallen plague to the well overdone remake genre.

normf on Jun 3, 2008


Didn't he get shot in the head at the end???? Isn't that why Zombie ended it like that so there won't be a sequel according to him?

Ryan on Jun 3, 2008


People you are killing me... a movie where he was suppose to point at his picture and say "Boo?", a movie where the Hero says like a little girl may I add "Michael!! its me!! Its Samuel!!!" .... Painful.... let it die let it die let it die. It would of been a better movie if he just called it another "based on a true story" gimmick and not Halloween. poo.

ghostbones on Jun 3, 2008


Halloween is my favorite movie. The remake is my least favorite one of all time. They are in perfect harmony. And I like Zombie other films, but I guess he can only write white trash people. The fact that he explains why Myers is all evil -- ruined the movie. And BTW -- there was no ending. It just stopped. And yes, the casting of new Loomis was a great choice... the way he wrote it was HORRIBLE. I hope Spielberg himself remakes JAWS before someone else ruins it....

Matthew K on Jun 3, 2008


Zombie's version was great. Original movie MM gets shot but the bullet only grazes him so it's not fatal. I wish Zombie was doing it cause he did a kick ass job but we can't all have what we want so I hope this guy follows Zombie's lead because those are some violent shoes to fill.

Tirrell on Jun 3, 2008


Um, I thought the Halloween remake was pretty horrible. Seriously, nothing can match the original. There's definitely NO NEED for a sequel. And did anybody else think the girl in the remake sucked? She was really forgettable, unlike Jamie Lee Curtis; the whole movie was forgettable :D. Peace.

Yum on Jun 4, 2008


Okay Okay Okay.... I'm going to kill someone myself... ZOMBIE version was NOT GREAT. And even if you liked it, THE ORIGINAL is MUCH MUCH BETTER. Michael Myers wasn't grazed. As Loomis says in Halloween 2 "I shot him six times...." He shot him six times in the chest and face... then he fell out the window about 15 feet... killed or injury most men... but he's just pure evil. We learn to care about Jamie Lee and that's what makes it a good movie. In this one, we don't even meet her until 2 minutes before Myers shows up... It was a horrible written script. It looked pretty good and the music was good -- but the story was awful. I like how he had to make Myers a giant with long hair... This is why I get so made at remakes of great movies because some 16 year old out there is going to fall in love with it and ignore the original. But one day they'll remake your favorite movie and you'll be screaming too!

Matthew K on Jun 4, 2008


no.....a sequel is not necessary. Rob Zombie's version was awesome.....the original is still a classic doubt. but i mean when Zombie re-imagined it, he left the door closed. no sequel needed. i mean seriously....the movie ended with Laurie shooting her brother....michael the face at point-blank range. he's dead. pure evil or not. i mean dont make this another Jason Vorhees where he comes back (how or why....we never know) again and again and again. so i dont think there should be a sequel. that just money talking that all.

MovieJunkie on Jun 5, 2008


These Are My Ideas 1. I Reckon They Should Make The Second One Mainly To Show Laurie Truama Of What Happend With The *Adopted Parents*and Finally Her Real Ones So Basically She Finds Out The Truth Of The Family History I Reckon That Will Be A Good Storyline But Make Sure Rob Zombie Writes It And Creates It His Remake Was Stunning With The Cast And The Music i do not know but please tell me what you think of it

Nathan192 on Jul 2, 2008


The way that Laurie was sitting on Michael at the end,makes me believe that she didnt shoot him. She started to care about Michael but at the sametime didnt know what he wanted. So she was ABOUT to shoot him but instead of shooting him...she shot herself...that's why she was screaming at the end the way she did.

Brad157 on Oct 27, 2008


It doesn't matter what the fans think. If the company wants to do another Halloween movie then they are going to. They better explain that Laurie missed Michael with the bullet or something at the end of number one cuz theres no possible way he can come back from being shot in the face. They could make it where she was fixing to pull the trigger and then he grabs her hand and makes her miss making her scream. i don't know. Also I hope they come up with an original idea for this one, they better not make this one be in a hospital like the original sequel. If your going to revamp the series you might as well re-imagine it as well.

Josh on Nov 25, 2008


The only remake I am interested in seeing is Friday the 13th, i love the series and bought all of them on DVD but after watching them i realize that they really suck. The acting is terrible and Jason is not scary. I would be embarassed to tell someone that never watched a Jason movie to go out and rent it because it will just make that person laugh. I want them to bring terror back with Jason Vorhee's name! but dont get me wrong im a fan of the originals, they just aren't scary.

Josh on Nov 25, 2008


to all you haters out there i think rob did a damn good job the older halloween was boring rob made it badass i cant wait for the next movie so for all the haters i just got two words for ya (SUCK IT)

chris harwell on Jan 6, 2009


Zombie's reimagining of Halloween was atrocious -- He obviously has the A-Z od serial killers at hand when giving Myers that pathetic, cliched back-story. Alexandre Bustillo and Julian Maury would have done a far better job had they been at the helm to begin with. They shouldn't have walked off Hellraiser, they would have made an excellent film. Inside was utterly fantastic.

Alan Kelly on Jan 22, 2009

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