Alex's Summer of 2008: My Most Highly Anticipated Films

April 28, 2008

Alex's Summer of 2008

I'm continuing my annual tradition of listing out my most highly anticipated films for the summer in order to review them later on in August after the summer is over. I did it last year: here were my most highly anticipated films and the reviews later on in September. Last year really didn't have that great of results, given Spider-Man 3 was at the top of my list and I somehow put Surf's Up on there, too. This summer I think I'm being a bit more rational (or so I hope) and sticking with the films that I'm a bit more confident in. This concept is just looking at the films that have built up hype this early on compared to my actual reactions later on - a good hype-vs-actuality kind of study. Without further ado, let's dive right in.

Wall-E1 - Wall-E
Yes, Wall-E is above The Dark Knight and I don't care. I have this feeling, from all the footage I've seen, that Wall-E could, just maybe, be one of the great movies I've ever seen in my entire life and replace Return of the King as the top spot in my all-time top 10. But then again, too much hype means it could end up being a big let down, so I'm trying to keep that thought out of my mind. However, when it comes to actually laying down a list of my most anticipated films, I can't help that thought from creeping back into my mind. Combine my love for great science fiction, a cute, innocent romantic robot, and my love for Pixar - and that's Wall-E.

The Dark Knight2 - The Dark Knight
This really needs no introduction. Not only is Batman Begins already one of my favorite superhero movies, but also a recent viewing has made me realize even more how incredible Christopher Nolan truly is. You take that bit of hype, combine it with Nolan's brilliant intermission movie The Prestige, add Heath Leger as the Joker, show me some phenomenal trailers and footage, and lastly, film actual scenes completely on IMAX - and you've got a movie that surpasses my excitement that I had for Spider-Man 3. I have that same feeling as Wall-E - The Dark Knight could be one of the greatest movies in a long time and I'm looking forward to it just about as much as I was looking forward to Return of the King in 2003.

Speed Racer3 - Speed Racer
Although technically I've already seen it at this point, I'm including it because I'm truly excited to see it again and relive the experience in the midst of the summer movie season. Something about the energy and excitement of high speed car races combined with the brilliant imagery that the Wachowskis have dreamt up has me giddy for Speed Racer. I'm not worried about the story at all, in fact, I'm looking forward to simply sitting back and enjoying the one-of-a-kind experience that only the Wachowskis can deliver. There's nothing more I can say besides - Speed Racer was and still is one of my most anticipated summer films that I definitely know won't be forgotten at all.

Iron Man4 - Iron Man
I think I've been excited for Iron Man since Comic-Con in July of last year. Now one year later I'm still holding onto that hype, hoping it will kick off the summer in style, and replace Spider-Man as the Marvel superhero franchise to follow for many years to come. Favreau has quickly stepped up to become one of my favorite directors because he's such a down-to-earth and cool comic book fan like 300's Zack Snyder. I believe he was the perfect guy to bring Iron Man to the big screen in the same way that Michael Bay was perfect for Transformers. I'm excited for one hell of a fun start to the summer movie season with this one.

Indiana Jones 45 - Indiana Jones 4
Before I even grew up, I was an Indiana Jones fan. He has been my hero all throughout my childhood and now even still remains one. Only Indiana Jones can kick so much ass with only a whip and a fedora and still look good doing it. While the footage for this just doesn't have me fully excited it for it (above the four other movies mentioned), I do think it will definitely deliver. If Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg both came back to make this, then I don't think there is any way it could be that bad. What excites me the most is the absolute secrecy with this and I'm looking forward to finally seeing a new adventure unfold.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army6 - Hellboy II: The Golden Army
I'm a huge Hellboy fan - everyone knows that! Ever since the first Hellboy in 2004, not only have I come to love Guillermo del Toro even more, but that movie made the #4 spot on my all-time top 10 list. That's enough to prove to you that I am genuinely excited for Hellboy II simply based on the director and the fact that I love the Hellboy universe. However, I'm sure you're wondering why it's only #6 on here and not #1? Well, the other movies have just beaten out the hype on this one, and Hellboy is much more of a guilty pleasure than anything major. I just hope this one really builds upon the first movie!

Pineapple Express7 - Pineapple Express
Ever since Superbad last year, I've been anxiously awaiting Judd Apatow's next supremely placed summer comedy. When I heard about Pineapple Express and what it was all about, I knew this was already it. Its got James "Harry Osborn" Franco and Seth "Knocked Up" Rogen playing two mega-stoners who end up getting chased by the mob. Really, I don't think it can get any better than that! It's easily the one comedy I am looking forward to more than all others and I am ridiculously excited to see what sort of insanity goes down.

The Incredible Hulk8 - The Incredible Hulk
If it weren't for the recent footage and new trailer that I saw at the New York Comic Con a few weeks ago, this probably wouldn't be here at all. I'm starting to feel like this could turn out pretty damn good - and I think it has a lot to do with Edward Norton. Although he lost the battle to turn it into the movie he really wanted it to be, I still think Marvel is cultivating a solid Hulk flick that will deliver more action than just about any other movie on this list. I've got a feeling that it may be a big sleeper hit that no one will see coming but in the end will shock everyone by how damn good it is. Only time will tell, but I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

Get Smart9 - Get Smart
At this point, all that's left are comedies. Get Smart is one of the others that I'm very much looking forward to. I haven't seen a good action-comedy since, shit, maybe Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me in 1999? This time I think Steve Carell is going to hit another career high, embodying a character that he will be know for forever. Plus Pete Segal is finally going to come out of his hole with a solid comedy that I think could end up becoming one of the most loved summer movies. Get Smart has summer event movie written all over it and I'm looking forward to one hell of a fun opening weekend!

Tropic Thunder10 - Tropic Thunder
I was sold on this with the latest trailer. Not only do the war scenes look incredibly epic, but the comedy looks genuinely hilarious. Oddly, I'm not a fan of Zoolander, which is the last film Ben Stiller directed, but this time I've got a good feeling about Tropic Thunder. I think it's going to be one of those great movies to wrap up the summer on and, although it will be good, won't exactly be at the top of any "best of" lists by September. However, I could be wrong, and we could be in for a wild ride that will have me regretting I put it this low on the list, but I'm trying to prevent that hype from taking away what this could become.

I'll be back in August to check up and see how well all these rank up after actually seeing them! I don't expect anyone to comment until August really, because this is my own list that I'll look at again then, but go ahead if you want. We've talked about what we're looking forward to in the summer so much that it's just about drowned out by now… No?

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Great post Alex! I agree with 80% of your list, BUT...TDK is my NO. 1 ; )

m4st4 on Apr 28, 2008


Hype usually wins out over the reality of a film. What's so exciting about your list is the fact that Speed Racer - which you've seen - is second only to Wall-E and The Dark Knight. Impressive. Most impressive 😀

Manfred Powell on Apr 28, 2008


After Empire's 3-star review of over-hyped 'Iron Man', I think I finally know my list: 1. The Dark Knight 2. Indiana Jones IV 3. Hellboy II: The Golden Army 4. Speed Racer 5. Wall-E 6. Iron Man 7. The Incredible Hulk 8. Tropic Thunder 9. The X-Files: I Want To Believe 10. Kung Fu Panda I'm definitely sure about first 4, but others...meaby, meaby not. I've already built my 2009., 10. and 11. list... 2009. 1. Avatar 2. Watchmen 2. The Spirit 4. Up 5. Terminator IV 2010., 11. 'Hobbit' and 'Toy Story 3'...just to make this horrible waiting game over ; )

m4st4 on Apr 28, 2008


Ups...sorry, first five. Wall-E will kick some serious metal-ass!!!

m4st4 on Apr 28, 2008


'Impressive. Most impressive' Hm...Count Dooku? ; ))

m4st4 on Apr 28, 2008


I must be missing something. Where is all the Wall-E hype you keep mentioning? Other than a few websites, like this one, I rarely hear or see anything at all about it. It looks good, but I can't see it beating The Dark Knight or Indy 4. Sure, it 's the most family-friendly of all the movies on your list, but that's exactly the point. It's a kid's movie. Batman & Indy already have a hardcore following of fans that don't need anything to influence them to go to the movies. I'll admit, the flip side is that Wall-E could win out with ticket buyers looking for another Shrek.

TCox on Apr 28, 2008


I like that list..it took courage to put anything about TDK. 🙂 I am not sold on Wall-E, but on courage alone I like the list.

Kyle A. K. on Apr 28, 2008


BTW - Hellboy's one of my favorites too, but (3#) there's no chance it will edge out Iron Man. Maybe Incredible Hulk, but not Iron Man. I can't see X-Files 2 making a top 10 list anywhere. The show's been off the air too long, and isn't exactly playing much in syndication right now. Today's audience has moved on to show's like Supernatural.

TCox on Apr 28, 2008


AVATAR INDIANA JONES 4 THE DARK KNIGHT The only movies that i really fiend for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REAL6 on Apr 28, 2008


I'm so excited for the next few months! My Summer 2008 line-up in order: 1. Hellboy II: The Golden Army 2. The Dark Knight and Indiana Jones IV. Tied! 3. Iron Man 4. Narnia: Prince Caspian 5. Wanted 6. The Incredible Hulk 7. The Pineapple Express 8. Step Brothers 9. Get Smart 10.The Happening / The X-Files: I Want To Believe. Tied! This is going to be an amazing summer!

Ken Evans on Apr 28, 2008


Wait a second... Return of the King is your favorite movie of all-time??? What the butt?

Anonymous on Apr 28, 2008


I ahve seen get smart and it ain't good.....IMO

JNYCE on Apr 28, 2008


"Speed Racer" & "Get Smart" just aren't doing it for me. Neither look very good, sorry to disappoint.

Scorpio on Apr 28, 2008


This summer is going to kick ass! I can't wait to get this started... and I'm probably starting easrly by catching Iron Man Thursday night. My list, in order - 1. The Dark Knight 2. The Happening 3. Speed Racer 4. Hellboy II: The Golden Army 5. Wall-E 6. Iron Man 7. The X-Files: I Want to Believe 8. Pineapple Express 9. The International 10. Tropic Thunder/Hamlet 2 Closely following these are The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Hancock, Wanted and The Incredible Hulk. Indiana Jones does little for me, and Get Smart just looks dumb.

Jeff Warner on Apr 28, 2008


Don P's 2008 Top Summer Flicks 1. Incredible Hulk 2. Iron Man 3. Dark Knight 4. Mummy 3 and thats about it but 2009 seems more promising 2009 1. Dragonball 2. Dragonball 3. Dragonball 4. Dragonball 5. Dragonball 6. Dragonball 7. Dragonball 8. Dragonball 9. Dragonball 10. Dragonball

Don P on Apr 28, 2008


1. The Dark Knight 2. The Strangers (No clue why but I just feel so extremely psyched for it because that one scene in the trailer gives me goosebumps! 🙂 3. Indy Jones 4 4. Iron Man 5. Get Smart 6. Tropic Thunder 7. The International (anything with NAOMI WATTS I get chills for) 8. Kung Fu Panda 9. The Happening (actually looks like Shamalyan can redeem himself) 10. Wall-E (I usually think Pixar films look bad but when I see them I am blown away and wonder to myself how I thought that could have been bad)

Ryan on Apr 28, 2008


DARK NIGHT INDY 4, WALL-E................................MUST WATCH OPENING DAY IRON MAN HELLBOY 2, SPEED RACER..................Will see it on a weekday TROPIC THUNDER HULK still on my rental list FUTURE RELEASES!!!!!! GHOST IN THE SHELL ,Harry Potter HP 6.1 / 6.2, HP7

SHANE D on Apr 28, 2008


I'm certainly fine with Wall-E being at #1, but Speed Racer above Iron Man, Indiana Jones and Hellboy? Freakin' Speed Racer? (or should I say Spy Kids 3: Part II)

Micah on Apr 28, 2008


i really hope hulk turns out great, im a big hulk fan and from what i saw in the trailer, forget spider-man and forget x-men. hulk rules and iron man would be by its side.

darrin on Apr 28, 2008


I don't think I will ever have a top 10 for Summer releases but I'm close this year. I have 4 sure things & 3 maybe's in order of release dates. Narnia 2 (May 16) ? The Happening (June 13) ? Hulk (June 13) ? Wall-E (June 27) Hancock (July 2) Hellboy 2 (July 11) The Dark Knight (July 18)

Sinner on Apr 29, 2008


Just saw "Ironman" WOW, I was quite suprised at how good it really was. Downey,..Brilliant,..the rest of the cast thee same. VFX ,...I couldn't tell you what was practical and what was cgi, when you see the movie you'll know what I mean. A geek heaven suprised at the end.

Scorpio on Apr 29, 2008


where is x files?? bad list

cinema on Jun 13, 2008

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