Alicia Keys and Jack White's Bond Song - Another Way To Die

September 18, 2008

Another Way To Die

Well before the actual theatrical debut of Quantum of Solace, the new Bond song as written and performed by Alicia Keys and Jack White has made its way online. It's officially titled "Another Way To Die" and will obviously be in the film. There was a scuffle recently when an vocal-less version of the song showed up in an ad for Coca-Cola and spread like wildfire across the internet. Now Jack White has decided to debut the entire thing for our listening pleasure. The song has a sound that reminds me a lot of the classic Roger Moore movies but with some modern White Stripes energy, which is a good start. But overall, I think it's a pretty bad song and I'm quite dissatisfied with it. Listen for yourself below if you're interested.

You can listen to the track below courtesy of an upload via imeem. As you can hear, the track is playing on the radio at the moment, but probably otherwise won't show up until November.

I actually prefer Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name" from Casino Royale a lot more than this. "Another Way To Die" isn't really a terrible song, but it's not that good either. I think that old school Bond feeling it has is great, but otherwise, Alicia Key's vocals really don't impress me, at all. Maybe I'm just a big James Bond fan and want a really good song for what looks to be one of the best Bond movies yet, and in turn I'm let down by this rather mediocre tune. What do you think of "Another Way To Die"?

Quantum of Solace is directed by Marc Forster, of Monster's Ball, Finding Neverland, Stranger Than Fiction, and The Kite Runner previously. The screenplay was penned by both Robert Wade (Die Another Day, Johnny English, Casino Royale) and Paul Haggis (Crash, Million Dollar Baby, Flags of Our Fathers, Casino Royale). This is the 22nd Bond film in the series that first began back in 1962 with Dr. No. Sony Pictures will be releasing Quantum of Solace in theaters on November 14th this year.

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Don't forget, it isn't a Bond song until it has the Bond credits running as visuals. I think those will cover up any distaste for the song. I listened to both side by side and have to say I didn't mind this song. Myself not being a overly avid music fan, i can only say that those two songs are different. I really liked alicia's voice. I also liked Cornell's song in CR.

Red Buttons on Sep 18, 2008


It sounds too noisy for me. I'd expect a Bond song to be cleaner. Sounds more like two people's jam session than a Bond song.

Mike on Sep 18, 2008


I like it. You must just hate good things. I bet you even hate air!

Jesse on Sep 18, 2008


I think it's pretty cool. It will be so much better when there's visuals along with it.

Nick O. on Sep 18, 2008


Correction. I intended to say "back to back"

Red Buttons on Sep 18, 2008


I agree that overall this is a pretty bad Bond Song. There's too much going on. The Opening Credits are going to be a lot different this year than in previous years I expect. This has potential, but Alicia Keys and Jack White's voice just don't match. They're too different. Maybe the execs have another song on stand-by. At least I hope they do.

John on Sep 18, 2008


"Excuse me Mr. Horse, but what did you think of that fall?" "Hmmmmm........No Sir, I didn't like it."

Adam13 on Sep 18, 2008


horrible song, doesn't seem to go well with itself.. the voices don't match like #6 mentioned, and the music just doesn't sound bond-ish. on the other hand, chris cornell's song from the first movie was incredible.

jon on Sep 18, 2008


yeah it sounds tooooo...hmmm...not bond at all. something youd here on a pop rock radio station, but the white stripes still own.

Cody on Sep 18, 2008


Doesn't sound like Bond at all, but it could be sort of cool when it's set to animation for the opening credits.

DinoChow on Sep 18, 2008

11's doesn't sound like a Bond all - Casino Royale's theme was so much better- ..shame..thank god though it's not awful like Madonna's Die Another Day Title that was awful!! Of course by the time Quantum of Solace is released, the title song will sound different..bring on the sound mixers!! In any case Quantum of Solace is taking us for a hell of a ride..shaken not stirred..

MajesticXIII on Sep 18, 2008


Chris Cornell's opening theme for Casino Royale was much better.

John D. on Sep 18, 2008


whatever happened to the bond songs that had that actual title of the movie in the lyrics? Oh, i did hate this song!

alex on Sep 18, 2008


This actual song is pretty cool, but this is barely even produced. This could be opening quality, they just need to reproduce it, maybe switch out jack white for somebody a little less raspy. We'll see

Al Sharp on Sep 18, 2008


It's a pretty cool song but it doesn't feel like a Bond song. It feels like too much is going on. I would have preferred something sung by Amy Winehouse.

MacGruber on Sep 18, 2008


This would have been good minus alicia keys, otherwise i think the onstrumentation is appropriate and jack white is much better suited for a song with so much brass

Boris Van Der Ree on Sep 18, 2008


"He's got a gun and great big man-tits. He's got jug ears and tiny trunks..."

Chris on Sep 18, 2008


Wow, they ditched Amy Winehouse for this? Way too noisy and unoriginal. Hopefully by no means is this the finished version.

Ryan on Sep 18, 2008


Its alright, But it would be better for another movie!

Ray G!!!! on Sep 18, 2008


I love this. I'm a huge white stripes song, and Jack & Alicia's voice just go great together.

TJ on Sep 18, 2008


hmm.....I'm starting to like it.....I think it would of been better with just Jack. How can people say Amy's would be better???? She was on crack in the studio and her own producer pulled the plug????? I really think once the visuals come out and we've all warmed up to the song it will be just fine.

Bpage on Sep 18, 2008


It does work, espeically the first 20 secs... but its a little flat and needs more power and instrumental strength. Need to see it set to some action scenes 😛

dom on Sep 18, 2008


Its decent right now, I'm guessing it will seem incredible when paired with the visual sequence. I just listened to Cornell's "You Know My Name" and it doesn't seem all that great without the visuals either.

Keith on Sep 18, 2008


Well it's more "Bond" than Die Another Day and Live and Let Die (particularly the happy-go-lucky section of this piece.) I picture that the sequence that will go along with the song will be a sight for sore eyes if my imagination serves me right.

Frame on Sep 18, 2008


#8 Chris Cornell wrote a song for Dr No? Wow, that was news to me 😉 Cornell's track wasn't that great (by his own standards), but it was a darn sight better than this tinny-sounding effort. Why didn't they get Muse or Amy Winehouse? A Bond theme needs to be grand and bombastic.

Daaaave on Sep 18, 2008


Oh, and Keys is thrice the artist Winehouse will ever be. I don't know that other guy...

Frame on Sep 18, 2008


pants - its a poor bond theme, i thought they had got better with the last one but die another day was better than this, that was poor

fred on Sep 18, 2008


the hell is this, this ain't no bond theme

freestyLes on Sep 18, 2008


This is terrible, this is all about putting two heavy hitting names to sell the movie. Music in the mainstream is heading down hill and has been for quite some time this just keeps with the trend.

joe on Sep 18, 2008


It's ok but every time Alicia Keys opens her mouth I want to gouge out my eyes. Seriously.

Itri on Sep 18, 2008


I like it. But I need to hear a master version and with the opening title sequence to really judge it. If anything, Alicia Keys should be the only vocals on the track. Her and Jack White sound too similar and I prefer her voice over his.

Mike G. on Sep 18, 2008


F**kin Awful!

Bob on Sep 18, 2008


I like it. I'll especially like it blaring loud with bloody credits rolling. Coolio.

Manda on Sep 18, 2008


OMG. This rocks me to the floor! See, though, you have to envision it as a stand alone piece, not a BOND SONG. If I could just see the song performed on stage with a HUGE backup band and POWER, omg, I would be flabbergasted.

Mama Gaea on Sep 18, 2008


BOO!!! This is terrible. "You Know My Name" was 10X better than this poo. It sounds like "Icky Thump" mixed with "Fallin'". Worst. Bond Theme. EVER.

DAVID on Sep 18, 2008


tacky song, well the movie is going to be great anyway.

Mario Tenorio on Sep 18, 2008


wow thats bad Chris Cornell did a way better job with the theme for Casino Royale then what these rappers did, sounded terrible.

Curtis on Sep 18, 2008


I would have to see what it's like with the movie. To me it doesn't strike me as a Bond song, but in some ways it kinda dose. I like it. But I must agree Chris Cornell's rocked something amazing.

Megan on Sep 18, 2008


#37, Curtis, you are hilariously stupid. Where are the rappers?

Frame on Sep 18, 2008


We all watched the extensive number of trailers/tv spots/behind the cameras/interviews/etc, of the Quantum of Solace. Certainly, the song and the artists don't go very well within all the Bond-content of this particular movie. I think that maybe another artist would be more suitable for the job (don't ask me right now which one, i'm just rambling with this), and not the Keys/White combo. I just can't see them together in a video, and much less singing together. This track is the proof... If that Winehouse girl wouldn't be the crackhead that she is, she would have done a great job (and even though I don't particulary like her). Maybe Daniel Craig himself should sing the darn song. It's not that hard: add some really, really, really cool strings, some long voice-notes, maybe a rockin' guitar in the middle, and definitely some harps, oh, and Judi Dench doing some background singing (she has a lovely voice!) ... mmm... NOT!

Jorge Leiner on Sep 18, 2008


It's not very good.

Brian on Sep 18, 2008


Yes, its true! This does not sound like a Bond main theme song. But then Casino Royale was not your typical Bond film either. And neither will "Quantum". This song is grungy rock with a few nods to Bond style riffs here and there. I for one welcome the change. What do you want? Some cringe worthy 70's throwback, love song with Bond-like orchestration?!! Carly Simon and Shirley Bassey were great in their day, but times change. Move on people! Move on!

Gary Norton on Sep 18, 2008


"What do you want? Some cringe worthy 70's throwback, love song with Bond-like orchestration?!!" Yes. 🙂

Daaaave on Sep 18, 2008


"What do you want? Some cringe worthy 70's throwback, love song with Bond-like orchestration?!!" Oh God Yes.

Blue Buttons on Sep 18, 2008


"What do you want? Some cringe worthy 70's throwback, love song with Bond-like orchestration?!!" #43 --> Yes. YES!!!, i would so love that. Overall, im not really liking the song, feels too busy... preferred Chris Cornells song over this.

Nikhil Hariharan on Sep 18, 2008


i kinda like it.... could have been better........ maybe a more smoother rythm

sean on Sep 18, 2008


I really dont like it! not classy enough for James, and there's to much noise!

MRMan on Sep 18, 2008


The problem is two singers voices don't mix well together... Its sounds alright when thy sing separately. Maybe Alicia Keys should have sung by herself?

Joel on Sep 18, 2008


Obviously this is entirely a taste issue. Just because your not happy with it doesn't make it bad. I did like the CR track a lot too but this one has some balls with the typical Bond elements. Not bad at all. Something i would listen to by itself? I guess not but with the intro for QOS its gonna be awesome!!!

sascha d on Sep 19, 2008


Crazy reactions here, I think it's freaking awesome, agree it is a bit "busy" in places but wow what a fantastic classic bond sound, with brass sections and piano riffs a plenty. love it, although I think Alicia Keys sounded a bit jarring because she sung so little of the song and it sseemed like she was just trying to get in over Jack White. I think a lot of the people's credibility in these posts is shot when they say that Chris Cornell's Bond Theme was a good Bond theme cos dear lord that was some real pop-rock trash this has got a lot of funk

mikesta on Sep 19, 2008


I am not getting where everyone says it's to much going on? I think it sounds fine and I can already see the opening credits rolling to this song. I will kinda agree that their voices aren't that great together and there are some guitar parts I would have taken out but all an all this is a pretty good song.

Curtis G on Sep 19, 2008


The more I listened to it the less I became a fan of it. It's Alicia keys in the song that turns me off really, I am just not a fan for her and her music just doesn't fit any kind of bond theme. I think this song would have been better if it was just Jack white.

Curtis G on Sep 19, 2008


That song fucking sucks!!!!! Shit i wish they had WINEHOUSE!!!

REAL6 on Sep 19, 2008


this song is sick, just put on some headphones and jam it. its good, hahah. everyone has their own taste, but i think it fits really well. it has that raw edge, and the more classic bond feel with the horns and slow grooooving drums. I didn't like the last one at all though, so wtf do i know?

milk on Sep 19, 2008


This Bond and the last one weren't your daddy's Bond. So I think they are trying for a more edgy song to go with the new vision of Bond.

Bezelbub on Sep 19, 2008


I think it will sound better once the film gives it context. Yes, its noisy and messy, but if I've understood 'Quantum of Solace', then this might be a good description of where Bond is after Vesper's death

moif on Sep 19, 2008


I'll have to agree with you, I'm not too impressed by it. When I first heard of their collaboration, I was pumped, but I think they could have done a bit more to let this track stand out as a "Bond Theme" I know we're going new-age bond nowadays, but I guess it could have been delivered fresher. It might be me, but I feel like I've heard tracks like this before where artists from different ends of the spectrum come together to create a moderately new sound thats on the radio for a month or two then fizzles away. Granted, I'm only seeing half of it b/c its part of the opening sequence, but I'm not how much help the visuals are going to be. Chris Cornell had a solid attack on the opening title song in CR - It had that classic feel of espionage/action/danger, yet he kept it modern and badass. Give me the opening sequence, then I'll make a final decision.

Nick Sears on Sep 19, 2008


I'm sure it will work in the context of the film, but I don't really like it. A Bond theme is what it is; the producers have gone with fashionable names and modern production in the past as well - look at the 80s movies - but they all still had that proper Bond sound, that lush John Barry-style orchestration or massive brass section somewhere in the mix, even if Barry wasn't involved. That's what a Bond theme needs, whether that's normally to your taste or not. And this sounds like they recorded it in my garden shed. I'm still looking forward to the certain-to-be-great film, regardless of the song, and to give it some credit, at least it isn't as dreadful as Madonna's effort.

Daaaave on Sep 19, 2008


Great theme!!!

ricardo penachi de camargo on Sep 19, 2008


Originally I just despised the song, but after listening to it a couple times, I have to admit that it's starting to grow on me. I still don't think Jack White and Alicia Keys' voices mesh that well though.

John D. on Sep 19, 2008


I thought it was a pretty good song, and I think the vocals compliment each other well. I have to admit I'm a big Jack White fan, though. I think this will sound great in the finished product, especially with the opening credits. I can't flipping wait for this movie, though.

Reverend on Sep 19, 2008


Its growing on me. I think I've heard it sixteen times in a row now

moif on Sep 19, 2008


I like it because the tone of the new bond is badder and awesome and i like this song cause is a good song it depeneds how the re edit it for the movie because the edited cornell's song so who knos

Darren on Sep 19, 2008


Nope, didn't like it. I'll save my judgement until I see it combined with MK12's graphics. If you don't know who MK12 is they are the company responsible for QOS's opening title sequence and some of the animations that you see on computer screens thoughout the movie. Oh, and they're also geniuses.

Icarus on Sep 19, 2008


think they'll get Duran Duran back for the next film?

Dr Phaust on Sep 19, 2008


y didn't they just let the white stripes make the theme song? i guess after that terrible meg white sex tape she and her crooked head went in hiding for good

LeeMan on Sep 19, 2008


Did not like it at first but it grew on me......................

insanartist on Sep 19, 2008


"THIS" is a bond song, REALLY? REALLY? This is the best they could do? It sounds like someone changing the stations during the song while driving through the ghetto.

stephmoreland on Sep 19, 2008


Totally sounds like a Bond song to me. I like Chris Cornell, but this is a lot more Bondish. I think they nailed it, personally, but most people only comment when the wanna hate.

Austin Script Guy on Sep 20, 2008


Just Shit.....sould have listen to what people wanted and got muse to do it and plus would be nice if the local boys did the song 😀 lol No this song suck,it has well, nothing, it doesnt even have the redeming featue of being bad like the madon song, atlest that stuck in your head and got u to think about the film, iv listen to this song 3 times now......i litraly cannot rember the song now, bad move excs!

James on Sep 20, 2008


Why do you people want Wino? She's a crack whore and has no talent, I've listen to her songs and seriously tried to like her but she's boring and has no idea what musical composition means to music. I love the background brass and orchestra, the piano is a lovely sort of dark, which is what the Bond time is trying to do, (New James Bond is badass, remember?) But the vocals need some work, it needs to be cleaned up, and I do think it is a little hip-hopish, which sadly they went with because that's what all the kiddies are into. But I think if they go back to studio, they can clean it up and pull it off. I'd say either Jack or Alicia, not both, and sincerely should not singing together. I also liked 'You Know my Name' but I think this can be a better song, the last one was a bit too pop-rockish with an orchestra thrown in. But thankfully this is an upgrade from Madonna.

Ingrid on Sep 20, 2008


i listen to the one thats actually going to be the final edit on youtube and its pretty badass

Darren on Sep 21, 2008


I like it!!!! This song is a badass!! 😀 100x better than the last one.

Steve on Sep 21, 2008


This is best Bond Theme since Tina Turner's Bono and The Edge-penned "GoldenEye." Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name" was pretty lame, guys. They picked Cornell because he had a certain roughness to him, leading that popular 80's/90's grunge band Soundgarden. But the final product was lame, generic balladeering by someone who's heyday had long been over (notwithstanding a few tracks from his Audioslave project). Granted, it was far from the worst theme ("If You Asked Me to," anyone?). This Jack White theme, however, recalls past themes in an original, signature Jack White way. It's at once more traditional, more original, and damn catchier than Cornell's song.

Gershwin on Sep 21, 2008


Meh. 😐

kekeke on Sep 22, 2008


Like it! its cool, its grabs the Bond-Feeling and Jack does a great job! But it would be fine without Alicia, too:-)

gecko3d on Sep 30, 2008


Not a good Bond song at all. "You Know My Name" was much better. I'm really excited for this sequel to the newer Bond movies, but I would have like a better theme.

-peter- on Oct 3, 2008


Wow! This song really SUCKS!!! If there was one singer I can live with... but with two polar opposites singer together is just RIDICULOUS TO expect good results... DEFINITELY GONNA SKIP THIS SONG WHEN I WATCH THE MOVIE....

Alex Sin on Oct 4, 2008


Yall mamas so fat when u came inside an said its chilly outside she went an grabed a bowl. there are some hateful people here AK aint talkin' 'bout how yall voice and i bet u HATERS have stink voices see this B it repasents my butt so start kissin' u HATIN SATINS.

All Of Ya mamas stupid seeing that they gave birth to ya on Oct 7, 2008


This is so bad, the two don't go together at all. The fact that it's attributed to Alicia Keys and ft Jack White is a joke. It sounds like a White Stripes song through and through. And I've seen the video for it as well on yahoo, which was probably even worse than the song. Alicia Keys looks to be in pain, she's completely out of her element here. The strain on her face is painful to watch. Post 79 says it well. This was just a stupid idea from the producers in order to appeal to a broader audience. In the words of Roger Ebert, thumbs DOWN.

Mark on Oct 8, 2008


Pretty sad state of affairs, I'm such a HUGE Bond fan and I can't tell you how disappointing this song is, it sounds like fingernails down a chalkboard. Growing up, I was always so excited to see the opening credits of the movies with the big power voices like Shirley Bassey singing the theme that I'd practically slide off my seat. Thinking that a song like this will appeal to the masses is ridiculous. Bond movies are something to experience and they need to bring back good singers with fantastic orchestrations.

Melanie on Oct 8, 2008


I am amazed at a lot of reactions to this song. How can you people say that this doesn't sound like a bond song? It has all the feel and melody of a typical a bond song. As soon as I heard it I could picture playing for the opening credits of a bond film. I also can't believe all the people saying the Chris Cornell song was better! That song sounded nothing like a Bond song. That song was boring and uninspired. Get some imagination, This song rocks!

David on Oct 10, 2008


"F**kin Awful! Bob on Sep 18, 2008" I think Bob has summed it up !!

Phia on Oct 10, 2008


As some people already pointed out, the song, although it is intentional, partially sounds like a loq audip quality rock session, which can be disturbing... and which disturbed me, especially in the beginning, and I don't like Alicia's screaming all around towards the middle of the song, it just sounds like absolute rubbish. On the other hand, at times this song as a very solid bond feel, sounds very stylish, the piano, the deep strings in the background, along with precise guitar tunes... it feels modern, very contemporary and yet classic and bondish. For instance, at about 0.30 to 0.45 and 1.20 to 1.40, absolutely delicious. yet at about 2.30 it sucks until they sing again.... so a really love or hate song. and that's a good thing because it is almost the same with the movie as well: there are actually people who LIKED die another day (xcuse me?? yeah right) and thats just how it is. I do not consider myself as a Bond connaisseur, but I absolutely adored how they managed to correct and modernize the bond series with Casino Royale and I'm expecting nothing less from this one. For me those are proper bonds, agent stories of a human being with the ultimate licence. Maybe thats why I love the 0.30 to 0.45 and 1.20 to 1.40 parts of the song, while others hate it.

?????? on Oct 13, 2008


Pssibly the worst song (if you can call it that) ever made. When I first heard this, I thought it was a joke. Seriously, I did! It simply sounds like two people screaming into a microphone and believing that they sound great. Much like some of those people you see in the first episodes of The X Factor. I actually saw people in the cinema covering their ears and grimacing with pain when this god-awful track was blasted out. I can only presume that the people who actually enjoyed this song have some kind of hearing deficiency and simply are unable to hear what sounds like someone scraping fingernails down a chalkboard. Anyway, evey cloud has a silver lining. Hopefully, this might ensure the end of both Alicia Keys and Jack White's screaming careers. Please God, please!

Violation on Dec 14, 2008

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