Angry Moviegoer Shoots Man for Talking During Movie

December 27, 2008

UA Riverview Theatre

This was inevitable. One day someone was bound to get so angry that they'd shoot someone because they wouldn't shut up during a movie. I know I've felt like doing that sometimes, but I'm sane enough to stop before my actions become violent and I don't own a gun anyway. The story of the weekend (via The Philadelphia Inquirer) involves one James Joseph Cialella Jr., a 29 year old moviegoer who was attending a showing of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on Christmas Day in Philadelphia. When a father and son sitting in front of him wouldn't stop talking during the movie, including after Cialella angrily threw popcorn at them, he presumed to get up and shoot the father in the arm with a Kel-Tec .380 handgun.

Get this, after shooting the father, Cialella put the gun back in his waist and sat back down in his seat to finish the movie. By then, everyone else had scurried out of the movie theater, so now he was enjoying it all alone, in absolute silence. The police were called and arrested him a few minutes later. Cialella is being charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, and weapons violations. This all occurred at the UA Riverview Theatre in South Philadelphia (seen above), which apparently sees the likes of "ghetto" moviegoers all the time. I'm guessing that no one is attending movies at that theater this weekend.

Although I do feel bad for the man who was shot and certainly think that Cialella went way too far, this is just a sad look at the current state of movie theaters. The father and son shouldn't just walk away without learning a lesson. While Cialella shouldn't have shot them and instead confronted management first or non-violently talked with the man, the father and son deserve to be told to shut up. Talking in movie theaters during movie is unacceptable. If you want to talk, do it at home on your own time. This goes for text messaging during movies, too. But this is a widespread problem that will probably never be solved, even with violence. Maybe one day in the future we'll have quiet movie theaters. We can dream, can't we?

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Wow! Talk about: "don't spoil the movie by adding your own soundtrack" pre-movie message that comes on before every presentation at the AMC theater chains. This guy also added his sound effects and the violence too! This guy, Cialella DID go way too far. But in this day and age most teenagers and even some older folks are pretty damn disrespectful of the movie going public. I, too came close to brawling with an incessant talker recently who didn't care for the surrounding shushing. Although, the messages and disclaimers appear before each movie, some people just don't give a sh*t. I particularly HATE the IDIOTS who sit down and answer their cell phones and actually carry out conversations while the film is playing. I just don't get it! STAY your asses at home if you need to talk to someone. I knew that sooner or later someone was bound to snap. I just hope we don't get any copy cats, especially in the upcoming summer movie season. I sure hope that peeps start to get a freakin clue and START RESPECTING!

Blue Silver on Dec 27, 2008


I never complain too much about talkers. If you dislike them that much go to a matinee or a really late showing. I totally agree this problem will never be solved but there are ways to weed out the experience (with a minor inconvenience of course).

Ken on Dec 27, 2008


I rarely get mad but it was opening night for TDK and my girlfriend kept talking, so I told her to shut up. I most perturbed especially since it was LARGE theatre packed with people who were actually being extremely respectful. Had everyone been collectively chattering about some of the shock value scenes her outburst would have been acceptable, yet it was during moments of calm with no background music and dialogue only. Note: Before people get on my case, I would have told a guy friend to "shut up" too.

Michael on Dec 27, 2008


edit: I was most perturbed...

Michael on Dec 27, 2008


what was it chris rock said.." I don't condone it , But I understand!"

bartc3 on Dec 27, 2008


@2 Here we go: You MUST be a talker too Ken! The proper way to weed out the movie going experience is for the talkers(you know who you are) to keep their asses at home. Movies--whether matinee, twilight, or night are movies---who the hell wants to hear someone yap, regardless of the time. Talkers should just freakin talk either before or after the movie. It's logical sense man. THINK!

Blue Silver on Dec 27, 2008


I see what you mean Blue Silver #1 & #6. I especially hate when there are quiet moments that people talk about what might happen or what's actually going to happen. The outburst of laughter at the right times are understandable but I feel ya! Some peeps just don't get it!

Pickle on Dec 27, 2008


Oh my god, I drive by this place often when I go to Manayunk (sp)! I didn't see the article though, need to scan through the paper again. It is in a bad neighborhood so I have never been to the theater, but to my understanding it is very nice inside and up to date. It's just out of the way too for me to go there since I don't go out to Manayunk often unless I go to South Street or Dave and Busters.

Ryan on Dec 27, 2008


Lol Blue Silver you are completely WRONG I do not talk during a film but like #5 said I understand it and I would rather be part of the solution than part of the problem. Your phrases in your first statement make me think you are on the breaking point of committing violence in the theater yourself. All it takes is a little self-sacrifice to avoid people who talk because most of them are going to the opening night 7pm showings or whatever so I choose to go when most others don't. Simple solution for a simple problem rather than resorting to violence.

Ken on Dec 27, 2008


Your logic is flawed.  Avoidance is not a solution nor a fair compromise for a movie goer.  It does not help anyone:  you end up having to structure your life around inconsiderate people - AND - the inconsiderate people are not dealt with.  People need to start standing up in movie theatres more often.  If EVERYONE in the theatre told the talkers to "shut-up" things would start changing.  A good tactic is if they don't listen after you ask politely you then leave and come back with security guards or an usher, who then throw them out of the building (or ask them to be quiet).  If you're really lucky, they will utter a legitimate threat to you after you tell them to shut-up, then you can call the police and have them charged for uttering threats.    If you pay the outrageous price of a movie ticket to go to a movie, it is not fair to have to listen to someone else.  Avoidance, Ken, is not "part of the solution."  Being timid pushovers isn't going to change anything.

Marcellus Finanigan on Nov 23, 2011


Seems unrealistic to have a gun fight in a movie theater don't you think.  What if the victim had a gun and you and your child were caught in the cross fire?

OccupyTheMachine on Mar 19, 2012


#9 yea, it is a simple solution to a simple problem (which I do with a lot of my movies), but the problem should have never been there in the first place. That's the point.

L on Dec 27, 2008


in huntsville, tx, if you are caught texting or talking on the phone during a movie, management escorts you out without a refund.

Mike McRorey on Dec 27, 2008


he should have dodged that shit like THE MATRIX! hahaha!

Boy Cotter on Dec 27, 2008


James Joseph Cialella Jr is a hero. All talkers must die.

Go Jimmy Joe on Dec 27, 2008


He didn't go far enough.

Red Buttons on Dec 27, 2008


I glad he didn't kill him, The kid is probably traumatized and the father probably freaks out when ever someone talks about Ben Button. But this guy (The Perp) is a Cinephile probably (Over the top cinephile), most of us who are on this website are cinephiles, and are probably going to one day snap on a talker, maybe not with a Kel-Tec .380 handgun, perhapes with a "sush" a "Shut the hell/fuck up" or popcorn to the head or maybe the ever so popular cellphone smash, but hopefully not with a Kel Tec .308 handgun

xerxerxex on Dec 27, 2008


Arrested? What? give the guy a medal!

Sean on Dec 27, 2008


all i will say's about time !!! Cialella is my hero !!!!! oh and one more thing to add that has been missing from the above comments is this, if you have a fucking baby and can't procure a sitter for the evening DO NOT bring your yodeling brat to the movie i KNOW me and the other innocent patrons didn't willingly pay 7-10.00 dollars to hear you damn fools shush the crying brat for 10 min before FINALLY getting up and going to the bathroom/lobby before coming back and the kid start the crying process all over again !!!!!

arkdave on Dec 27, 2008


Haha, awesome, I've had some loud confrontations with people in the movies before but this guy is crazy, maybe this will teach people a lesson. I think this should be on dateline or some shit so it reaches a bigger audience.

Richard on Dec 27, 2008


So this guy says to himself, "okay cellphone...check, keys...check, cash...check, ope, no, wait, forgot my gun." and then goes to a movie by himself [idk wat middle aged-guy goes to a movie by themself, guess his friends are talkers too] shoots this father in the arm, then sits back down thinking he's actually gonna make it to when brad pitt turns into a kid without being arrested? c'mon! i admit, i tend to talk my friends after we view every trailer but as soon as the lights dim i'm silent. And there's also nothin wrong with commenting once or twice during a movie to get a chuckle, such as when hermione punched draco malfoy in prisoner of azkaban and i blurted out [hermione eats the box!] or when john leguizamo slits his wrists in the happening and i said [looks like someone turned emo!] nuttin wrong with that, but obviously this father and son had to be taught a listen, and they're lucky they're not dead rite now. o yea and the ppl who text message during movies like TDK or iron man are such douchebags. get a fuckin life!

LeeMan on Dec 27, 2008


To all the posts from #10 to #19: Thank you! You guys see my point exactly. Ken @2 and @9 DOESN'T! Ken, you see I'm not the only one??? I assume you will attempt to lecture us all!!!! Just do your part Ken: Shut up during the movie--no matter when you go----NOW that's a solution!

Blue Silver on Dec 27, 2008


I don't see why we will go to a flick to talk and hear others talk. No sense whatsoever. Talking period during the movie is a big problem. We pay to see the flick don't we???? ***I agree abundantly with #19 Blue Silver, #18, #17, #16(LOL---great post), and most others.

Spider on Dec 27, 2008


This guy is a freaking hero! Sure he may have gone too far by putting a bullitt into the father's arm, but I think if he's got the balls to do, then I give him respect. People who talk in theaters should most definitely be shot. Figuratively speaking of course. Let be a lesson to any asshole who dares to talk during a movie. Keep your fucking trap shut and leave the auditorium if you have to speak - at all. I hope this article becomes widespread and everyone hears of this!

Conrad on Dec 27, 2008


i dont mind them texting as long as their phone isnt one of those that you can hear vibrating across the theatre, but if theyre talking on it i tell them i have absolutely no problem snapping their phone in half, but i dont think id shoot them, i think i might invest in a taser or pepper spray though and then kindly exlain to the officer that the person was robbing me of my 10$ movie experience

harrison on Dec 27, 2008


When you have a pistol in your pocket you're always asking yourself, "If not now, when?" So okay, Mr. Mouthy may not have deserved to be shot (dragged into the street and beaten to within an inch of death, probably) but at least his total scumbag loser existence has culminated in something of value - a warning to others.

RandyG on Dec 27, 2008


Ken, you are the only fool in here........#5 did not say a word Chris Rock did. The people going to the 7 o clock show need to shut the hell up. That's what the lobby is for: talking, farting, getting snacks etc. You are in the minority here, I'd stop taking(lol), er, posting.

Wiseman on Dec 27, 2008


I do see your point Blue Silver but the problem will not be solved EVER so to make MY movie experience I AVOID the talkers by going to different showings. I never said I thought talking was appropriate during a film, I simply stated that I have self-control and would never react like this over something so small. I think #11 would be the best solution by putting people in there watching for people that interrupt the movie. But that will never happen everywhere. There will always be talkers, crying babies, texting, and those loud kids in the corner having a make-out session.

Ken on Dec 27, 2008


Wow, ya'll are a bunch of heartless jackasses. Talking during a movie does NOT mean you can shoot someone. Period.

Daniel on Dec 27, 2008


This is why I have spent a small fortune on my hometheater. I've got a 60inch Panasonic Kuro plasma, 500 watts per channel of amplification going into some of the industries best speakers, a new blu-ray disc player and a healthy library of discs. While my screen isnt as big as a theaters, my sound system dwarfs what's available at the cineplex.... And I dont have to deal with idiots kicking the back of my chair, passing in front of me to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes, cell phones ringing and talking.

Cajun_Mike on Dec 27, 2008


I didnt think the first movie with a shooting would be The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Joker on Dec 27, 2008


#28 going to be honest with you Mike, I'm jealous of your system, but there is a certain magic of seeing movies in the theater among people who love to watch movies.

L on Dec 27, 2008


#30, L I agree, that's why I go see a handful of movies each year at the theater. Dark Knight, Iron Man, stuff like that, I go to the cineplex. I check this site and Rottentomatoes and I categorize movies into "Go and see" or "Netflix it".

Cajun_Mike on Dec 27, 2008


he is my new hero!

martin on Dec 27, 2008


Concealed weapon or not this guy must of had some issues if he really felt he had to shoot this guy. He could of complained to management before the attempted murder.

ocnj179 on Dec 27, 2008


<3 typicall philly, but I do love me my city... and the "ghetto" movie goer remark just goes to show you how people who aren't from the Delaware Valley don't understand that South Philly is almost entirely Italian and not black at all. So "ghetto" isn't the word to describe the person or the movie theatre's attendees. But in all honesty, this is just another day in Killadelphia...

KyB on Dec 27, 2008


Yep, uh... that's the movie theater that I go to. Guess I'd better shut up when I go see Benjamin Button, eh? 🙂 To #34 -- do you actually go to the UA Riverview much? Because, uh, almost everyone who goes there is black. When there's no movie out that black people really want to see, the UA Riverview is very nearly deserted because there are so few white people who go there.

Andrew on Dec 27, 2008


shoot the guy??? nah...give him a tune up & attitude adjustment?? you bet your ass....cant stand movie talkers...should be good incentive for future motormouths to shut the f&*^ up from now on though....

cornholio_by_the_sea on Dec 27, 2008


What the fuck...? A men gets SHOT AT for talking during a movie and you're all like "yeah, Cialella went too far but talking in a theater is UNACCEPTABLE"...?? I just can't believe this... Sure I hate people talking in theaters but WTF? I guess the USA are the only country people are able to talk about something like that like there's almost nothing to it. Over here in Europe nobody would even THINK about criticising the one that got shot in any way in a situation like this one but I guess your attitude towards firearms and people getting shot is quite a bit different than ours.

c-r-u-x on Dec 27, 2008


Personally? Our 'attitude' is not about the firearms or about the shooting. It is about how selfish people are in movie theaters... Stay home and Netflix it, yeah, ok. Have you ever BEEN to a movie theater, and if so have you ever used Netflix on a PS3 hooked up to a NORMAL TV that is bought by people who don't have the cash for... Well, revamping their ENTIRE FLIPPIN' TV ROOM, having workmen come drive holes in the ceiling and put super expensive speakers in, and wire them into free-standing devices, not to mention the other speakers up on the shelf above you, beside you on the floor... AND to buy this ginormous television the size of the city bus and taking up your entire wall... If you can't fit out your living room like this, then it's NOT the same as a movie theater. You seem to either a) be missing our point altogether, or b) not really care if truly good movies eventually stop being made due to a cataclysmic decline in people going to see them in the THEATERS that determine whether they are kept, followed up on, or just abandoned to die. Incidentally, I heard that the English-language US remake of the sequel to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo almost got scrapped for the simple reason that said movie didn't make as much money as they'd hoped. Where, in fact, did it fail to make the money? In the Box Office - ie, ticket sales at MOVIE THEATERS. Some may like the movie, some may not, the movie may have caused itself this shortfall, I don't know, that's not the point. The point is, if true movie lovers' attendance of theaters continues to decline, so will the profits made in the box office. If this happens, the studios will have to either stop making movies due to taking a loss on the productions, or go exclusively straight-to-video which would likely require higher prices somewhere in order to let them profit, and be able to pay the actors and the stage crew, etc...

SITH LORD DRACONIS on May 22, 2012


Hi Alex, i highly recommend removing this article because of this discussion might these idiots some ideas........ I can't believe some of these responses..... I agree with #27. PEACE everbody!

nick on Dec 27, 2008


Wow, now talking in the theater is annoying, but man.. Its just a movie! This guy who was stupid enough to carry in a movie theater and had the gall to shoot someone over a movie should get the book thrown at him, and from the stemming charges, it sounds like its going to happen. If you are going to get so angry about people in a group setting, maybe you should stay home and not go to public activities. If you can't play nice with the other kids, then dont play at all. A shooting, beating, even touching someone else because your annoyed is over the line.

Medicine on Dec 27, 2008


Talkers and texters are the reason I (almost) never go to the movies. And in big cities, such as where I live, even if you go to a matinee, there's usually still tons of people there, so it's still highly likely that someone there will be holding up their iPhone and waving it around 90% of the movie.

Krug on Dec 27, 2008


The problem with all of you is that you fail to realize no matter what you do wherever you are there are crazy people out there. It is annoying when people talk at the movies that's a given and its okay to be pissed off but when you threaten physical violence or act it out on another person that's morally wrong and illegal. The problem with society is that we are always so quick to pass judegment on others. I find it annoying when able bodied people ask for change outside of a store with a now hiring sign in the window, but its not up to me to say that they deserve to be broke. #16,32 what if it was you and your dad at the movies? #29 lol I agree 100%

DeAnna on Dec 27, 2008


I despise movie talkers. I just normally yell SHUT THE FUCK UP, after a few interruptions. I'm not a violent gal. Heh.

Maria on Dec 27, 2008


#27 & #38 Hey guys....get with the f*cking one here is heartless, we are f*cking fed up with the disrespectful fools that just talk and interrupt our movie going experiences. We are voicing our opinions....that's all. Why the hell do we fork over $10 just to hear someone (or many fools) have a conversation on the cell ....or narrate the damn movie??? No one is prone to kill someone over that but I'll be damned if someone should screw with my cinema experience. WHY DO THINK AT&T AND CINGULAR SPONSOR ADS TO BE QUIET BEFORE ANY SHOW????

Wiseman on Dec 27, 2008


honestly talkers dont bother. i think i might have an ability all you dont and thats to block out noises i dont want to hear and enjoy the movie. i can do it while sleeping too, i can sleep no matter how noisy it is where i am.

ha1rball on Dec 27, 2008


#43 Really? I have no problem with everyone complaining about noisy talkers at movie theaters, but actually congratulating Cialella on shooting the father? Fucking heartless, no matter what anybody says.

Daniel on Dec 27, 2008


@Cajun_Mike I think you mean Pioneer Kuro.

John on Dec 27, 2008


Umm, wow Alex. . . Movie talkers are damned annoying and all, but using this dreadful story as an excuse to point out that fact is going a LITTLE far, I think. He frickin' SHOT the guy!

scm1000 on Dec 27, 2008


Look at this. Put it in your blog. It´s a campaign against talkers. It´s cool:

Noname on Dec 27, 2008


This is allright: The other one had a mistake (it says JOSPEH). Sorry!

Noname on Dec 27, 2008


Shooter should get a lifetime pass for all AMC theaters.

Joe on Dec 27, 2008


The guy should have used piano wire instead, for a sneaky silent kill. No, I'm just kidding that would be wrong and immoral. However I do disagree with people talking during a movie. You know whats worse than two people talking while the movie is going? A theater full of geeky teenagers giving commentary to their latest sci-fi flick. I'm no jock or bully by no means whatsoever, I actually consider myself to be nerdy too. I just think these types of groups should be mentioned as well.

Stephen on Dec 27, 2008


Talking is only one of the many pet peeves I have about fellow moviegoers. Some others (which I actually experienced at the last movie I went to yesterday) include people texting on cell phones and a person behind you deciding to rest their feet on the seat beside you.

Sean Kelly on Dec 27, 2008


#52...I don't mind someone putting their feet up if they're a girl.

Michael on Dec 27, 2008


people.....the bottom line is regardless of if it was right or wrong to shoot someone over talking in a public theater the dumbass dad would not of been shot had he kept his big fucking mouth shut.

arkdave on Dec 28, 2008


texting in theatres IS annoying lol, stupid light of the phone is so distracting...I hope guy gets a light sentence because of provocation

Mike on Dec 28, 2008


Paul Kersey lives in Philly!!!

Joe on Dec 28, 2008


You wonder what the heck is our world turning into. People go around killing people for just such petty little things.

Henrietta on Dec 28, 2008


in all fairness, a guy firing a weapon will probably be more disruptive than a father and son talking

Mark on Dec 28, 2008


jesus christ. was extreme but people do need to learn to shut the f*ck up. es[ecially the loud obnoxious mexican families of 12....

Nick S. on Dec 28, 2008


That man is an American Hero. We need more people shooting morons who can't keep their fat mouths shut during a movie. I have been tempted more than once to beat someone to death for not shutting their fat stupid mouth while I was in the theatre. God Bless you sir

jeremiah on Dec 28, 2008


Definitely uncalled for, but now I'm thinking about all the ridiculous things people do in a movie to ruin the moviegoing experience for others. Talking during a movie is one among many other things...

Webomatica on Dec 28, 2008


Good thing my girlfriend wasn't shot at that theatre. We live a few blocks from this theatre and watch about 90% of our movies at the UA Riverview Theatre. On opening night of Indiana Jones Crystal Skull, a bunch of kids were talking throughout. Candy and insults were flung there way, but after zero success of muting their faces, my gf got the manager, the kids ran out, then she scolded them as they wimpered and deflected accusations. In the end, 2 of the 3 kids had to stay in the lobby, while one got to watch crystal skull by themself.

Sam Slaughter on Dec 28, 2008


Freedom of speech is not something that should have limitations or conditions. Either you have free speech or you don't. Freedom of speech is for people who say things you don't like, or in places that you don't like, as much as it is for what you like to hear.

Andrea on Dec 28, 2008


You don't even know what freedom of speech means.  Going by your reasoning, you'd say special forces soldiers should be able to talk when doing covert mission when enemy forces are nearby, therefore giving away their position and getting their own men killed...without reprimand from their commanding officer.   

Marcellus Finanigan on Nov 23, 2011


Andrea: Yes, freedom of speech, bla bla bla, but even an abject moron knows it's against the law to yell "Fire!" in a movie theater so there are limitations. Even the theater itself screens a warning that patrons do not, in fact, have the freedom to speak during the movie. The scumbag that got shot was warned multiple times to shut up. He deserved a bullet.

RandyG on Dec 28, 2008


Wow, this post has really brought out the best in people... I truly hope that the support for the shooter is sheer sarcasm, dry wit, or pure immaturity. For the record, shooting someone for being rude IS WRONG! I'm in complete agreement that people talking in a theatre is one of my top pet-peeves. And on more than one occasion I've taken it upon myself to address the situation. If asking or telling the offender doesn't work, getting management usually does. If you stop and think for two seconds who ruined the film for everyone, it wasn't the talker, it was the shooter. Being a cinephile doesn't (or shouldn't) equal being a sociopath. Given some of the responses, it makes one wonder...

Evo on Dec 28, 2008


I think this guy should get a metal. Theaters need to be a little more strict about talking in a theater. It took one man! This could be the start of an action movie!

ZSpang on Dec 28, 2008


Jesus, #66. Really bad, dude.

SUPER VEGETA on Dec 28, 2008


People should just keep their fucking mouths shut during movies instead of ruining it for the rest of us - you know who you are. Chatter, chatter, chatter (usually females). And if you really must TXT someone during a film, hold your fucking phone in your lap instead of up in the air in front of your face so everyone can see your little bright screen. This story doesn't surprise me. I'm surprised movie-rage violence isn't more common.

avoidz on Dec 28, 2008


This is disgusting. I can't believe you've encouraged this sort of conversation. I'm not a talker and I hate people who talk in movie theaters just as much as most people here, but this behavior should not be condoned. I get it that most people are not serious about it but this is highly inappropriate.

joey on Dec 28, 2008


I must say, casually mentioning this story to my fiancé with a slightly raised voice did WONDERS for my experience watching Yes Man yesterday. The loud group of teenagers behind us shut up immediately. It was glorious.

Lady Aerin on Dec 28, 2008


Two or three more shootings will make going to the movies again a whole lot more fun.

RandyG on Dec 28, 2008


I think it's hilarious that he sat back down and watched the movie

Kail on Dec 28, 2008


To 43: Stop quoting Kanye and come up with your own shit!!! I dont give a fuck what happen if the man and his son was having a fuckin popcorn fight this man did not deserve to be shot. And everybody know you have texted or even answered the phone during a movie and nothing has been said to you. And all of you ignorant people who agree with the man who shot the other man should really evaluate yourselves because yall might be just as insane and he is. and to #27 and #38 yall are the only ones who seem to have some common sense. And to all you ignorant individuals who was talking shit my lil 15 year old sister says "fuck yall and go to hell" LOL It ashame a 15 year old has more common sense then some of you people who is commenting on this article. THink of this being your child and if it is this way with an adult its the same with a child so think of your child getting shot for talking in the movie Theater. THINK ABOUT IT JACKASSES!!!

Blair on Dec 28, 2008


This incident leads me to believe that the shooter has some mental problems. If you grow up in today's society and you're mentally secure, you wouldn't do that. That doesn't fit in with today's societal norms, obviously. He's disturbed, and I can't believe he shot a man in front of his own son! I am a frequent moviegoer and I NEVER have a problem with someone talking loudly. Also, I lean towards whomever I'm with occasionally and whisper a comment to them in the movies, and I've never been shushed. That's because I've never been obnoxious, and no one's ever been obnoxious near me in a movie theater. Someone said in an earlier post that if you don't want someone talking, go to a matinee or late showing. It's that simple. You'll be alone and you can enjoy your movie in solitude. It's the same thing when people complain about talking at a midnight showing. People that go see midnight showings REALLY want to see that particular movie because they're all fans of it, so of course they're going to voice their opinions as the movie plays. There are ways for everyone to be happy. I will NEVER shut up in a movie theater just because YOU think it shouldn't be done. And I bet if you were sitting near me, you wouldn't be bothered.

Maria on Dec 29, 2008


America Fuck Yeah!!!!!!

werdnafaz on Dec 29, 2008


Hell yeah .....................I agree with many here, he is a hero for doing what we all want to do People should STFU when they are in a movie. I have pictured in my head shooting, strangling, burning and ex:. I spend good money to enjoy myself. so leave it at home. Maybe after this people will think about whet they say "pass the fukn popcorn"

insanartist on Dec 29, 2008


In a world, where people talk during a movie, there is...Cialella! He shoots you, if you open your yap!!! This time...he's giving out NO REFUNDS!!!!

Roy on Dec 29, 2008


I was in that theater and saw the whole thing. I have not seen one article about the 3 minute melee that was going on before the shots were fired! And there were more than 2 men involved in the fight. I saw a bald white guy get hit and he fell over two rows of seats and landed on his face. I saw at least 2 black guys jumping onto the pile of people. I saw a white woman running past me towards the fight saying. Help...they are going to kill him. I dont know who threw the first punch. But it looked to me that the guy with the gun was getting beaten up by a few black guys.....which means, he pulled the gun and shot in self defense...

Ed Hummel on Dec 29, 2008


sorry #78 That is just a little too hard to believe

ocnj179 on Dec 29, 2008


In my opinion, theaters and other public venues need a mechanism to revoke the rights (temporarily) of those who are self indulgent to the point of ruining the fun of others. Unfortunately the troublemakers pay the same price of admission and buy the same overpriced snacks as we do, so the theaters will continue to welcome all except for the most loathsome of people. To illustrate an example of the problem: when I was watching Sixth Sense, a young lady of African American descent was in the theater with her toddler that started to cry very loudly. She made no attempt to mollify the child and after about 6 or 7 minutes several other members of the audience encouraged her to take the child out of the theater. At this point she decided to stand up, turn around and yell obscenities at the audience. My choices are to sit where I am and try to follow the crucial scene or miss the scene entirely and hope that I could find someone willing to remove her. In the 70s and early 80s in my town theaters used to have at least one usher at all times and guess what? It was always quiet.

Dustin on Dec 29, 2008


Alex - I think it would be great if you took the initiative to either moderate this post or remove it all together. It's simply turned into a hateful circus with hints of racism thrown in. As someone who visits the site regularly, I find it very disappointing.

Evo on Dec 29, 2008


I couldn't agree more with #81. I am on here everyday and disappointed with you letting this go on. I still can't believe some of these posts....

nick on Dec 30, 2008


#81-82: "...remove it all together. It's simply turned into a hateful circus with hints of racism thrown in. As someone who visits the site regularly, I find it very disappointing." I guess he didn't like the cornbread.

RandyG on Dec 30, 2008


Rude, inconsiderate son of a bitches? Meet polite, considerate son of a bitch. Cialla doesn't need to be punished, he needs to be rehabilitated: he did the wrong thing for all of the right reasons. As for the father and son, well, they've sure as shit been punished. I'd love to know what THEIR New Year's Resolutions are going to be. Maybe "Shut the hell up during the movie?" Just a guess. Of course, I would be in a completely different frame of mind if Cialla killed them. But since he didn't... (and while we're on the subject, he did, repeatedly, give them fair warning. These two jerks may have been looking for trouble - so they got their Christmas wish and everybody goes away happy) CIalla does have to own up to his responsibilities though. I can't understand anyone who would bring a Kel-Tec .380 handgun to a theater. A Glock, sure. But a Kel-Tec? I thought this was about being quiet? We CAN have quite theaters when the Theater managers do their freakin' job and hire ushers who WILL enforce the silence. Bars have bouncers, its high time that theaters - charging prices for concessions that would make a nightclub owner blush - started using that money to hire muscle to keep the yapping dogs quiet.

Feo Amante on Dec 30, 2008


I used to live by that theatre...and yes there are a lot of ignorant ppl around there. It was always a struggle on whether i wanted to see a movie enough to go to that theatre. Welp it was bound to happen...of course it happened in Philly. Talking during a movie is about the most ingorant bull$hit ever. Screw that guy and his son. I cant tell u how many times I would have wanted to punch a giggling teenager in the face. No one has respect for the theatre anymore.

Blaise on Jan 2, 2009


you can go at anytime and wait for ages, for a certain time to see it, etc and there will still be assholes that talk the whole time. I saw Hugo today, waiting weeks to see it, saw it on a monday night which is usually very quiet, etc. My dad, brother and I and some old couple the only ones there, I am thinking awesome, but of course the only other people in there had to be inconsiderate rude wankers who talked during the whole thing. I confronted them after and they acted as maturely as their shoe size (or lower). I was literally so mad my blood was boiling, I was shaking, etc. I don't put up with this shit anymore, I ask nicely first, if they keep talking then I say shut up, etc, then get the usher, but in Australia they do fuck all about it and they get away with it every time. It takes all my strength not to punch them in the face.

Michelle Kneipp on Feb 6, 2012

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