Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson's Bride Wars Trailer

September 24, 2008
Source: Official Website

Bride Wars Trailer

What you are about to watch is the trailer for this year's 27 Dresses. It's a film most men won't care about. It's a film that is being released in the same early January time slot. And it's a film that most women are going to see and will praise as one of the best of the year. Bride Wars is a romantic comedy about two best friends who become rivals when they schedule their respective weddings on the same day. This trailer isn't the version showing in theaters, instead it's an international version, but it's our first look at the film. To be honest, this looks pretty bad. Anne Hathaway looks wonderful (as always), but Kate Hudson looks like white trash. Anyway, that's just my opinion, you can still have your own. Enjoy… if you can!

Watch the international trailer for Bride Wars:

[flv: 540 230]

Bride Wars is directed by Hollywood producer Gary Winick, of 13 Going on 30 and Charlotte's Web previously. The story was written by Greg DePaul (Saving Silverman), while the screenplay was put together by DePaul, June Raphael, and Casey Rose Wilson. Fox is releasing Bride Wars on January 9th, 2009 early next year. Are there any guys that want to see this movie?

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The mintue Candice Bergen appeared on screen, I was like, "Oh, it's one of THOSE movies..." Seriously - when did she become the de facto "Mom" figure for the movies? Remember when she was kind of cool? The problem with this movie is that you can see the ending the minute the conflict is introduced. Anyone who can't predict that these two will decide to have their wedding on the same day and become Best Friends Forever (hug!) again has never seen a movie before.

Tom Brazelton on Sep 24, 2008


Looks ok. Nothing special but will be good for a laugh. Plus Anne Hathaway... yummy!

K on Sep 24, 2008


I didn't watch the trailer, but the synopsis sounds like it had potential. Two women trying to destroy each other's weddings, or failing that, each other. Make it a really dark comedy in the vein of War of the Roses and you might have a hit that's more than just for the ladies. A nude scene or two wouldn't hurt either. 😀

kevjohn on Sep 24, 2008


it looks alright. it will be predictable like every other film i saw so no real flaws there.

Darrin on Sep 24, 2008


This looks so funny!!! My cousin acted super crazy during her wedding, so this movie is not far off.

Valeriewriter on Sep 24, 2008


This trailer (the 25 seconds of it that I watched) is unmitigated shite. How could you even post this, Alex? Well, you did warn us.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Sep 24, 2008


I totally disagree. 27 Dresses was sweet and funny, this is just about two former friends being cold and playing immature gags on each other. Although I do have to agree about Hudson looking like white trash and Hathaway looking gorgeous.

Micah on Sep 24, 2008


Okay I have to admit I did laugh when she started screaming that her hair was blue. But other than that, yeah Alex, I agree, same old deal. There's one of these every year.

Steven on Sep 24, 2008


27 Dresses is from this year...

Not You on Sep 24, 2008


anne hathaway can suck my dick

tashawnda on Sep 24, 2008


Got a laugh out of the llast line. Looks very generic and I say at the end they decide to have a joint-wedding. However, two good actresses should atleast make this a little more enjoyable (and beef up the Box office).

Ryan on Sep 24, 2008


This site is such a boys club. We all cheer and talk about how awesome every new super hero movie looks when they're just as generic and predictable as these chic flicks. If anything this chic flick actually looks slightly original. Sure it's predictable and it's got Bergman in her cliche' power mom role, but there's no love story involved. The men in the movie seem mere pawns to the plot, unlike most chic flicks where they're central to the plot. If anything this is a Superman vs. Batman type of chic flick. It might be an awful idea, but it's still kind of cool. Two typical chic flick story lines (a hectic wedding) entangled into one movie with two great comedic and hot female actresses. I'm up for any movie with Hathaway and Hudson on one screen. If they added Kate Beckinsale to the mix...I'd buy advanced tickets. Honestly aside from the fact that everyone here appears to be male and we're afraid of having an emotion while simultaneously owning a dick....whats not to like about this movie?

ImaginaryVisionary on Sep 24, 2008


Imaginary Visionary very right. I'm glad he said it and not me. I get enough hate spewed my way from movie fan boys. Kate Beckinsale would make any movie better. 😉

Valeriewriter on Sep 24, 2008


I'm not impressed. For some reason I think Kate and Anne are an odd pairing together. It doesn't quite work for me but I could be wrong.

janet on Sep 24, 2008


Yep. She looks weird. Kate And the film looks ahem... cheesy. The kind of Hollywood comedy I am Through! Predictable, not interesting. Same all, same old.

Rolando on Sep 24, 2008


This has got to be one of the worst things ive ever seen. Im a female and I deplore chick flicks. This not even gonna start on why this is wrong and demeaning towards women. The saddest part is my sister will probably force me to watch this on dvd.

rena on Sep 24, 2008


Ann Hathaway and Kate Hudson, sign me up!

james on Sep 25, 2008


#2 - I definitely agree with you! Anne Hathaway IS yummy... #12 - It's just because I really hated 27 Dresses... 🙂 Nah, I just think this type of humor is really focused towards women. There's no question about it - it just is... I don't find it funny at all, but I do respect the films that are really focused towards women. They're just not for me and my opinion is part of this site.

Alex Billington on Sep 25, 2008


oh c'mon,don't like every so-called "chick flick" to that heigl disaster-kate hudson aces at light humour,and anne hathaway is typically gorgeous.

twispious on Sep 25, 2008


This looks ok...I am surprised Hathaway is in it. Must have needed a down-payment on a villa or something. It looks like a typical Hudson flick. And Alex, I agree that 27 Dresses was one of the worst movies ever...(I was in a captive position and my co workers were watching it)...wholly without merit.

kitano0 on Sep 25, 2008


Five great chick flicks: Terms of Endearment Fried Green Tomatoes Post Cards from The Edge The Turning Point Sense and Sensibility

kitano0 on Sep 25, 2008


im a girl.....and i think this is lame. im also planning a wedding and take offense to the bride-zilla stereotype. why would i want to watch two supposed best friends tear eachother down for "the perfect wedding"? just to see a happy ending and hear cleche music/dialouge throughout. eeihck.

sarah on Oct 8, 2008


you see that girl in between their two heads awkwardly laughing.. thats me 🙂

Amanda on Dec 9, 2008

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