Another Dark Knight Viral Update - The Clock is Ticking!

July 8, 2008

Another Dark Knight Viral Update - The Clock is Ticking!

I can assure you that as the viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight comes to an epic conclusion, we'll be covering every last bit of it. If you're not a fan of this whole campaign, I suggest you ignore the updates, but if you're always excited for the next step, then tune in now. We're currently waiting for the Citizens For Batman countdown to expire and mass meet-ups to take place tonight in New York and Chicago. But once that wraps up, whatever it may be, there is yet another countdown to already look forward to. Members of Joker's Army uncovered a new website today which eventually lead to this page - Located there is a bomb with a timer counting down to Thursday at 10PM EST - the Joker's overture. But what is it? All of these surprises yet to be revealed…

Earlier in the day on Monday, text messages were sent to members of the Joker's Army with cell phones that included random words. When put together they made another anagram which unscrambled spelled out the address of a new website - Located there was a Jokerized fortune teller that would issue 24 fortunes on cards. When carefully examined, 7 of the cards had specially cut holes in them, which when overlayed on a map of Gotham City with a grid identified various streets. When you then clicked on the buttons back at the fortune teller corresponding to the order identified on the map, it would lead to this page that showed 10 various tickets.

Here's where thins get tricky again. You must click on the various tickets that are won when you beat four other previous Joker games: LaughTilItHurts (alarm), RedBalloons (vault door), PunkDrop (duffel bag), and today's Bamboozle (school bus). Once you click on the right tickets, you're forwarded to the page with the bomb timer - Very trick and amazing to see that they've involved four other various games as well. The timer is connected to your computer's clock, but should still expire on Thursday at 10PM EST. At this point, no one really knows what to expect when it reaches 0. If you consider that it might be the Joker's overture, it could be the prologue that was shown in front of I Am Legend. But that already arrived online recently and wouldn't be a big surprise. Any other ideas?

We'll keep you updated on all the latest with the viral marketing campaign as it all happens. Up next is the live broadcast of the Citizens For Batman meet-ups taking place tonight. Stay tuned for more!

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Viral here, viral there, viral viral everywhere. This movie better live up to the hype (I mean more than expected). Im sure it will be a good film but it should be one of the best rated of the summer, ala Tomato meter at least 90%.

Mike Balrog on Jul 8, 2008


Where can we find the prologue?

Michael Hansen on Jul 8, 2008


it's most likely going to be a downloadable HD version of the IMAX prologue. What else does OVERTURE mean? I mean, all that's been out so far are bootlegs and, as of today, the one on the Batman Begins Blu-ray. I knew WB would gyp us out of an online version just for Blu-ray support (even though i enjoy Blu-ray)!

Steve on Jul 8, 2008


Homeland Security does not approve of the Viral Marketings.

kevjohn on Jul 8, 2008


I've seen buzz that maybe insted of the prologue some clips from the soundtrack will be revealed. Whatever it is,going out with a bang is a great idea.I loved the whole marketing for this film.

Amanda on Jul 8, 2008


The bomb goes off, and will reveal a hole replacing the bomb clock. It will look like the inside of a safe, with clickable things (money, bags, etc) that will reveal either audio,video,photo stuff from the the movie. Ps. Expect to hear the jokers laugh

bgsmpsn on Jul 8, 2008


Here's the last piece of the Batman viral puzzle...and this one is by far the coolest! Go to and click on the Arkham Asylum button. Click on "Commit a Friend" and you'll get to upload a friend's photo and have them committed to Batman's Arkhum Asylum. It really looks like you're an inmate in the video! I posted my video to my Facebook... Here's a direct link -

Ben on Jul 8, 2008


change the clock on your computer two days ahead and the clock goes to zero but nothing happens yet...

kEITH on Jul 8, 2008


its the prologue too

kEITH on Jul 8, 2008

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