Another Full Trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening

February 15, 2008

The Happening Trailer

Whether you hate M. Night Shyamalan's other movies or not, you need to check out this new trailer for The Happening. A few weeks back we posted the leaked international trailer and it was quickly removed by Fox. A new approved full trailer for The Happening has now debuted and while it features a lot less violence, it focuses more on the story and the lead actor Mark Wahlberg. I really think this looks a lot better than I was expecting after hearing spoilers from people who read the script that was leaked online. I really think this could be incredible and I'm hoping for the best, especially with Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel leading the way.

Watch the new trailer for The Happening:

[flv:happening-domqt.flv 500 264]

You can also watch The Happening trailer in High Definition at AOL

The Happening is both written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, of Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village and Lady in the Water previously. The movie is set to open on June 13th this summer. The poster for The Happening is featured below.

The Happening

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I hesitate to say this after the piece of tripe that was Lady in the Water, and to a slightly lesser extent, the Village, but this actually looks like it might be okay. Here's hoping M get's back some of the Sixth Sense/Unbreakable/Signs magic.

Brian G on Feb 15, 2008


Looking forward to this one. If done right, this will be very interesting & worth the price of a movie ticket. M. Nights movies are hit or miss with me. This looks like a probable hit, especially since I can't remember too many bad Wahlberg films. Agreed, that "Lady In the Water" was a whole lot of nothin'.

Sinner on Feb 15, 2008


Finally. Away from the fairy-tale & back to the creepy... That and I got a bit of a crush on Zooey...

jason_md2020 on Feb 15, 2008


Creepy! Looks great! I really hope this movie turns out to be something---after the huge letdowns of, "Lady In The Water" and "The Village".

Spider on Feb 15, 2008


You're right, you're all right. Glad I no longer have to carry this burden alone. Lady in the Water and the Village were a little "really?". But I remain a HUGE fan, and am so excited to see both Mark and Zooey in a film together. My worlds have united.

Andria Jones on Feb 15, 2008


If I could I would have walked out of Lady in the Water but this one looks GREAT!

Ryan on Feb 15, 2008


Ha. Wait for another trailer to come out to get all the nay-sayers to flip flop. I seriously cannot fucking wait for this movie now. And, I second whoever said they have a crush on Zooey. I've liked her since Almost Famous.

Vega Bro on Feb 15, 2008


I love these type of movies and love the concept of this one. Really looking forward to this one should be good...

Curtis on Feb 15, 2008


I can't believe they made you take down the trailer again? I mean, I come to the site all the time, but I guess I was too slow this time! What gives with the movie companies not wanting to connect with their audiences!!! 😉

Andrew on Feb 16, 2008


This movie looks awesome, creepy like Signs, I hope... I also agree, hated Lady in the Water and the Village... plus watching yummy Mark Wahlberg can't help make it better... 🙂

katster on Feb 16, 2008


I can understand the reasoning behind hating Lady in the Water, but could anyone tell me just one reason to hate The Village. It was a very decent picture.

Vega Bro on Feb 17, 2008


This movie looks incredible! Mark Wahlberg has been in nothing but great movies lately and M. Night has the ability to produce Hollywood gold. P.S. Plus, John Leguizamo's awesome.

Jeff on Feb 17, 2008


New high res / high definition version of the trailer has been put back up! Finally this is officially out and available for viewing.

Alex Billington on Feb 18, 2008


the village was good..esp the blind woman...whatzhername... LITW was of the crappiest piece of movie ive ever seen...not to mention it being a vehicle for shyamalans rising ego to potray himself as an almost central character at that...glad that burst!!!! lets hope he gets back to directing ..coz he sucks as an actor.

jqrq on Feb 21, 2008


I'm sorry. I've got to disagree with pretty much everyone who hated Lady in the Water. I liked it, a lot in fact. It had suspense, mystery, and fantasy neatly rolled up in a well acted movie. I think the only reason critics hated it so much was because one of their own was offed for being the choad that he was. I loved that scene. I am a huge M. Night fan, ever since the days of Praying with Anger. Don't know it? Check it out. Great Flick. He's a great storyteller and all of his movies have impressed me.

booger on Feb 22, 2008


I agree with Booger. I liked Lady in the Water - it was a fairy tale for adults - nothing more, nothing less. I like all of his movies. Though I guess I'm not a movie snob.

Troy on Feb 27, 2008


Vega Bro on Feb 17, 2008: "but could anyone tell me just one reason to hate The Village. It was a very decent picture." --------------------------- Because with any movie with a "surprise ending", I should not have the entire thing figured out FIVE MINUTES in. In The Sixth Sense, it took over an hour, and in Unbreakable, it took at least a half-hour. The Village was very artificial. The main problem was that they were trying to portray a 19th Century town, but the construction, attitudes, accents, clothing, food, etc. were not of the period. Literally within 5 minutes into the movie, I had it pegged as a town in modern day that had been intentionally isolated from the rest of the world. The only "surprise" left was, "Ok, so where are they hiding the costume?"

Bryan W on Feb 28, 2008


------ Like in the past the trailer looks great, interesting, suspensful, and it even has some great actors. But in the Hollywood. History always repeats itself. After watching Shyamelan movies like Lady In the Water, Signs, and The Villiage. You can figure out the ending to easly. There really isn't that much suspense. In his new movie, I bet that the government is doing some sort of experiment to the people in California. I haven't seen that before. 28 Days and 28 Days Later. 95 percent of most of big budget Hollywood movies have the same plot outline. There is always something that is going to wipe out human existance as we know it. Please, I don't want to name all the movies that already been produced. Please, Mr. Shyamelan. You need a story to sell not just big named actors. You know what will be interesting..... IF the government had to do something about the over population that this happening on this planet as we know it. That will be something to watch, or what are we going to do when we run out of oil that will also be a neat story line. Thanks for reading..... Q ------

Q on Feb 29, 2008


ummmm, you mean like Solent Green, oh! and maybe Mad Max? Pretty much everything's been done. Most books have been adapted, films have been re-made. You would have to be simple minded to think that it's possible to come up with this amazing new story that will be some huge, completely original hit. The problem with that is, that every movie can stem from somewhere or be linked to another film/book/re-make/idea. Even in the case of problems our world is facing now, these ideas can be found in hundreds of films from years and years ago. Filmmakers saw it coming from back then, back then they were, 'original'. It's not about new ideas anymore, it's about creating an extention of an idea that touched the filmmaker for one reason or another. Those are today's films.

dan on Mar 1, 2008


Sorry M. Night - not gonna gamble up to $12 bucks on another one of your looney movies. You still owe me $ for The Village and Lady in the Water.

Annie on Mar 5, 2008


lady in the water was NOT a bad movie you just didn't understand the point to it and to say unbreakable was better is crazy has NO energy at all... the only thing it had was bruce willis AGAIN in one of his films... ICK

Jeff on Mar 5, 2008


The Village was a fluke. Lady In The Water, never saw it. Signs, Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, awesome movies. I hope this 1 has sumthing better to offer, cant wait to c it!

rod on Mar 9, 2008


I thought Unbreakable was a great movie. I was really shocked at the reaction it got. There was some talk of a trilogy...when it came out. That would've been incredible. There were so many places you could have gone with these characters. This movie actually had something to say and think about.

Douglas Frinquelli on Mar 17, 2008


First off i would like to say something about comment #19 by Q, It has nothing to do with the government, it says that in the trailer about half way thru!! Please pay better attention to the details in the treailer before make comments or asumptions. In most of M. Night's movie's you have to pay attention to the details to understand the whole picture. The trouble is most people going with a fat head and think they already know whats going to happen and don't pay attention to the details. In the end people will either confussed about the story or simply write it off as a bad movie. I completely agree with rod, lady in water was great and most people i know hated it because they didn't get it. I don't understand how annie could say that his movies are looney, she obviously did not understand any of them!!I think this one is going to be great and just to let everyone know its about aliens. And again it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GOVERNMENT!!!

Maria on Mar 20, 2008


I liked "The Village", can't believe so many people didn't like it...

Hawkins on Mar 23, 2008


Wouldn't it be good if it were a follow on from signs, damn that would be great!

Ben on Mar 25, 2008


There has not been one film by M. Night that I didn't like. His work is superb and full of imagination. All of his movies taught several lessons to its viewers. There is always a important message embedded in his films. Full of reflection and what ifs. The cast looks great. Go M. Night!

keleric on Apr 18, 2008


The Village was fine. True, the modern chronological setting did not surprise; too many clues telegraphed that much in advance. For me that did not matter; the richness of the imagery and intensity of the acting satisfied. Haven't seen Lady in the Water yet. The Happening trailer, which I saw at the Alamo Drafthouse ahead of The Bank Job, is great! Deliciously scary.

Meltwater on Apr 20, 2008


Wow....I've got goosebumps from watching that. It's creepy, especially since bumblebees are actually disappearing in real life.

Adam on Apr 23, 2008


Honey bees disapearing IS scary..... another 36% so far this year have died... 30% of all food crops require bee polination... Movies are fiction, watching one about the end of the world a waste of time and money.... go spend time and money tring to do something about bees disapearing, oil running out, c02 and methane out of control if you want to do something productive

John on Apr 23, 2008


M is a legend. He's one of those scrutinized geniouses that will not be recognized untilwe're on his level.

Jason on Apr 25, 2008


plot is very intriguing. however, the acting in the trailer looks bad and the lines just aren't believable. i.e. a trailor usually has a few bold lines from the movie that are really supposed to get your attention and get you to thinking. these just weren't carried out with any real sense of believability. maybe when seen in context of the movie it'll be better.

joe on Apr 29, 2008


Lady in the Water was a childrens book he wrote and decided to make into a movie. It was never intended to be a horror movie or even a really creepy movie. It was a fairy tale and a very well made one at that. It was definitely a departure from his normal style but what's wrong with that? Sixth Sense was completely original and everyone who has ever told you that they figured it out early in the movie has lied to you. Unbreakable was crap. The best scene in the movie ended up in the deleted scenes. Signs was the creepiest and most startling movie I've ever seen. I think it was his best overall. The Village was just average. It wasn't great but it was still entertaining. Looking forward to the new one. Should be great.

wayne on May 1, 2008


im a big fan of mr.shyamalan he is a very gifted director ...i cant wait to see his new film..hes our hitchcock...

albert valdez on May 2, 2008


Those of you who think that Lady in the water is crap, you need to see it again. It's more than just a fantasy . In fact, all his movies has much more than just a plot, story or lesson. M is the best writer and director I have ever seen. All M's movies take me to another level. Keep it up M.

Sham on May 8, 2008


M. Night blows! Good ole W. coulda came up with more original stuff than Sham-a-lam-a-ding-dong has!

kenny on May 16, 2008


Yeah I bet its the earth giving out sometype of 'revenge' to people for harming it that is causing people to commit suicide. Yawn.

KG on May 26, 2008


I'm always a big Fan of M. and Love all those twist at the end of his movies ( that's right, plural, all of his movies). But I also like to know if there is a book coming out about this. I would like to read is before I see the movie ( multiple times, just like his other once).

JessNaz on May 26, 2008


Where is the trailer showing more deaths (one person is about to be run over in a farm field)? Is that the one that was removed? I am really excited to see this movie, my favorite type - spooky, eerie, suspenseful.

Heather on Jun 1, 2008


'Lady in the Water' was pure fantasy and bullshit. Like a lot of M. Night movies, the trailer portrayed it to be something it wasnt. Same goes for 'The Village'. The best movies he's made so far have been 'The 6th Sense', 'Signs', 'Unbreakable'. Im gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and go see this one. If this one turns out to be shit, I might show up at his front door with a belt wrapped around my fist and punch the shit out of him and get my price of admission back.

Mr Uncomfortable on Jun 6, 2008


Tone down your language Mr Uncomfortable. Lady in the Water had very good characters and a great story line. It's one of those movies where a bigger picture exist if you are open to understanding the morals and messages embedded in the characters and storyline. Not everyone will get it but the ones that do, appreciate it. All his movies follow this type of aura.

keleric on Jun 6, 2008


i agree with mr uncomfortable...ut was pure fantasy and bullshit...:) the best one by far was either signs or the sixth sense...i might just have to join the revolution and show up to his door with mr uncomfortable and wrap a belt round my fist too 🙂 say mr uncomfortable were u in any movies??i sware if heard them words u speak of from some where but i can quite put my fist on it..

ken clark on Jun 6, 2008


Keleric, you got somethin' in your head you want out?

Mr Uncomfortable on Jun 6, 2008


also the happening might be a lil bit better if there was more help mes in it..:) and throw in some ss while ur at it

ken clark on Jun 6, 2008


I was in a documentary in the early 80's when I was locked up in the SHU program in Rahway Prison, New Jersey... you might have seen it... It's called Scared Straight. Im the uncomfortable lookin brotha with the shades on.

Mr Uncomfortable on Jun 6, 2008


god damn!!!!thats where ive seen watchin that documentary saved my life...i was in that thing to u told me i sound like a real dummy cuz i robbed someone for 20 god damn dollars...

ken clark on Jun 6, 2008


You know the more I watch the trailers going around, it reminds me of the second coming of Ken. The prophecy says that all dis-believers will parish...

Bertha McGuilicutty on Jun 6, 2008


It is coming out on the 13th too, thats the mark of the belt isnt it?

Douglas Frinquelli on Jun 6, 2008


i agree..the second comin of ken is near and upon us...repent all ur forced workins over and wrong doings...KEN will save us all and be here.HES COMIN

donald worthy on Jun 6, 2008


How many trailers are out now? Ive only seen one, is there more?

Jeff Harris has herpes on Jun 6, 2008


I just know that it's going to be lame. LAME!! yeah, yeah, the "terrorist" will turn out to be mother nature....YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN!!! If Shamalayan was smart he would at least allude to the chemtrails in this film to put people on edge.

Michael on Jun 12, 2008


I saw this movie and it's brilliant. M. Night did a great job writing and directing this movie. Keeps you thinking and uncertain of what's happening. Just like real life. The cast is great, the scenes had that M. Night 'touch' and the music score is truly fitting as in all of his other previous films. I am very excited to see his next film and who will act in them.

keleric on Jun 18, 2008


Well I went and saw this movie opening day, and Ken is not pleased. It was nothing but a whole lot of fantasy and bullshit on the big screen. I give it four thumbs down. M Night is a washed up douch bag grasping for a sign of life.

Ken Clark on Jun 18, 2008


M. never disappoints. We are only seeing this movie this week here in S.A. (South Africa), cant wait.

Lele Mkhize on Jul 10, 2008


GUYSSSSSSSSSSSS.... wow, has the whole world missed the point of the village? the great thing about M. Night are his ideas, not his movies. Perhaps everyone criticizes The Village because of the point it tries to make. Let's face it, M. Night was simply showing us how we follow religion like sheep. Anyone can make up a scary story to control us. But we would never admit that our beloved religions might just be a big Hocus Pocus, much like in his movie. Just a way to get us all to stay within the boundaries!

boogieboo on Jul 12, 2008

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