Another Full Trailer for Twilight Has Just Arrived

October 9, 2008
Source: MySpace

Twilight Trailer

Ugh. I really don't want to watch this, but I guess I will, just to see what the hype is all about. And for those who are already crying tears of joy just thinking about watching this, here you go. Yet another full trailer for Twilight has just arrived and it looks as dark and thrilling as… I don't really know. I just know that teenage girls (and other Twilight fans) around the world are going to go crazy tonight over this trailer. And I don't think I need to provide any further introduction to this, except to say that I honestly think it looks terrible. This looks like it should be showing on The CW, not in theaters. But that's just my own impression.

Watch another full trailer for Twilight:

[flv: 596 336]

You can also watch the Twilight trailer in High Definition on MySpace

Twilight is being directed by Catherine Hardwicke of Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown, and The Nativity Story. The screenplay was written by Melissa Rosenberg (of "The O.C." and "Dexter") and adapted from Stephenie Meyer's novel. Twilight will hit theaters on November 21st. The final poster is below.

Twilight Poster

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this looks pathetic, i havnt read the books, but we got this instead of HP6 what a rip off.

troy on Oct 9, 2008


honestly i agree fully. this does seem like it belongs on CW and not the theaters. it has cheesy written all over it

Corey B. on Oct 9, 2008


The books are great - I think this movie looks great too! Can't wait to see it!

Carrie on Oct 9, 2008


2 guys say crap, one chick says great. Hmmm, i must take this back to the lab and evaluate my data...

fracasa on Oct 9, 2008


umm it looks like this movie is strictley for 8 th graders and nerdey highschool girls

Darren on Oct 9, 2008


shut up - I'm a nerdy college girl and I'm excited for the movies. the books are candy - very little substance but delicious and you just can't stop. I started reading them after the most recent book came out, and finished them within a week. It's not great literature (and won't be a great film), but I'm excited for the movie in the same way I'm excited for the new Harry Potter movie.

ohsamma on Oct 9, 2008


As a rule of thumb, if it looks like crap, feels like crap and stinks like crap, then holy jeepers Batman, it is CRAP! I mean the effects look like something even the Sci-fi channel can out do, the script feels like a something Gossip Girl/One Tree Hill can out do and the whole movie reeks of commercialized fluff, tailor made to make fans pee in their pants with squeeing. But then again, what can you expect from an adaptation of a Stephenie Meyer Book?

Hyacinth on Oct 9, 2008


in theaters November 21st, not December 12th.

Keith on Oct 9, 2008


the trailer was going good till they get all lovey dovey. I agree this a chick flick . and the fights look too stage.

Darrin on Oct 9, 2008


Does anyone of the millions of Twilight fans give one big crap what any of these guys think? I know I sure don't! I am NOT a teenage girl. I am a mother of a teenage son. I love the books and can't wait to see the movie along with about 9 of my crazy adult girlfriends who are of course dragging our better halves along. LOL. They are being very good sports about the whole obsession. We enjoy this...we aren't hurting anyone..not getting in keep your grumpy thoughts to yourselves. πŸ˜›

Haldirah on Oct 9, 2008


OME. This movie is aloud to look terrible to boys, but please I am begging you for your own sake, DONT PROVOKE TWILIGHT GIRLS. You will get attacked. It is taking all my strength not to attack you right now. I fricken love Twilight. I live and breath for it. So if I were you I would be careful, this trailer is worshipped in the fandom, don't dis it.

Edward x lover on Oct 9, 2008


Wow Buffy and the covenant had a love child that they twice tried to abort but failed and we got twilight but gossip girl may be the father

Al-420 on Oct 9, 2008


oh god i love the verbal fight between the guys and the girls!! why can't these girls stop bitching and moaning and just admit that even though you like the book, the movie is gonna suck!!! the trailer is terrible, and the photoshop on the poster is absolutely horrendous. it seriously looks like a show on the cw, because it targets the teen girl audience. the same ppl that are gonna go see this r prolly the same ppl that watch gossip girl. i really hope this bombs after everyone goes to see this on the first week.

LeeMan on Oct 9, 2008


Maybe you should double check your info. Twilight will hit theaters on November 21 NOT December 12. πŸ˜›

Jessica Kennedy on Oct 9, 2008


wow... as a complete outsider, i think the complaining prepubescent boys are becoming more annoying then the twilight fans, and they're hard to top... oh and sorry if you all are not prepubescent boys, I am making assumptions based on your posts... now as for my opinion on the trailer... i will admitt i am intrigued but i am a girl so with that said, i think this will be an entertaing chick-flick that girls will be dragging their boyfriends to, i know i will ... so guys unless you have girlfriends (which, i'm sorry, but i assume you don't), guess what! you don't have to watch it!

valerie on Oct 9, 2008


Err, I'm a 16 year old girl and I think this looks like a massive turd of epic proportions. I did, however, read the first half of the first novel. I tried, but I couldn't force myself through it. Meyers writes three chapters whenever she wants to talk about how gorgeous Edward is. No substance. Too melodramatic. It felt like a fanfiction. Just not my taste. And plus it really reduces girls my age to small puddles of goo, which frankly embarrasses me. each his own.

Michelle on Oct 9, 2008


^that is one well speaking 6 year old... never though kindergarden was so effective personally i say meh... seems like a movie targeting a specific girlish (<18) audiance perhaps one night i will be bored and drunk and it will pop up on the internet

Janny on Oct 10, 2008


i enjoyed the books which is an anomaly for a guy, but honestly this movie looks like a big pile of shit.

bret on Oct 10, 2008


The only reason I would care about this is because Mute Math has a new song for the soundtrack...other than that...psh...who cares.

Steven on Oct 10, 2008


What is this called, crap. It doesn't even belong on the CW, belongs to be left alone and never touched or thought of. Why do people make movies that are complete crap. Totally a waste of money.

Andrew on Oct 10, 2008


Wow its like the O.C with vampires. The plot will go like so. *sniff* you don't know how hard it is to have superpowers and be so good looking, no one understand me, I am going for a long walk on the beach in the dark and I might even cry. If only I had a plain alternative girlfriend who really gets me *sob* I am so miserable

GisforGrenade on Oct 10, 2008


best line in the trailer does it for me. "your my life now" or how about "oh your stronger then the others. But not as strong as me". LOL yaaa. you'd have to be in a coma to enjoy this or stevie wonder. I'll pass, the scrit looks as though a 2nd grader wrote it.

ben on Oct 10, 2008


if you really wanna see a cool take on the whole human-vampire dynamic, you need to watch "True Blood" on HBO

kevin on Oct 10, 2008


This has officially turned into a debate. ha. ha.

francesca on Oct 10, 2008


Come on man, This is some EMO horrible looking movie. It looks like a cross between The Descent and Dracula 2000 with Omar Epps. They rip off the Harry Potter posters. Dont get me wrong, the books were really good but this looks like it belongs on CW. Only women will defend this movie!!! Is it me or the star of this lokks like the star of Dragonball Z movie. His hairstyle. Ill wait for netflix or the library.

REAL6 on Oct 10, 2008


"if you really wanna see a cool take on the whole human-vampire dynamic, you need to watch "True Blood" on HBO" Amen Kevin.

Hyacinth on Oct 10, 2008


I think the trailer is an improvement from the first one. It also looks like they cleaned up some of the special effects...hopefully. One pet peeve though is that you can really see the stunt doubles in some of the shots and I always find that annoying. I'm excited for it but it's definitely not a movie that is for everyone. Thanks for posting this even though you hate it.

janet on Oct 10, 2008


True Blood is so much better.

Nate on Oct 10, 2008


Looks a lot like "True Blod", A LOT. btw that's the worst poster ever.

me on Oct 10, 2008


"TRUE BLOOD" is the shit. Maybe Alex would like this better if Hack Seth Rogen was in it. (Ugh)

D-9 on Oct 10, 2008


The Widget worked just fine for me. However, it's also on Myspace now, and it's in HD which is MUCH better than viewing it on the tiny widget. The trailer looks great in my opinion. I'm certainly excited moreso than ever now. There were a couple of things that made me raise an eyebrow but, I have to except that not EVERYTHING is going to be by the book and certainly not everything will be as I imagined it in my head. But all in all, I think Twilight will be a great first film to set the stage for the more action packed films that will follow it (New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn).

Kristen on Oct 10, 2008


So, I haven't read the books, and I agree the movie doesn't look good, but beyond all that, I do have one question... Does this story assume an addendum to vampire lore that says they can go out unhindered in sunlight as long as it's kind of slightly overcast? Just wondering.

Stiles on Oct 10, 2008


32 - Yes, they can go outside during the day. In sunlight they don't burn but their skin changes so it's kind of iridescent so they stay away from people when the sun's out. The vampires in the books are very different from classic vampire lore. They don't burn, they don't sleep, they don't have fangs and they can only be killed by other vampires.

janet on Oct 10, 2008


Looks mighty shitty.

Darunia on Oct 10, 2008


Belongs on TV, not in theaters.

Vegeta on Oct 10, 2008


Worse has been released in theaters. Hype alone will bring this at least 50 Mil domestically...

Sam on Oct 10, 2008


I'm not going to see it, so I'm not going to whine about it. Let the fans have their movie.

Icarus on Oct 10, 2008


Why do they keep making crap like this. Gotta keep those tweens entertained. Looks like a movie of the week.

K on Oct 10, 2008


The CW.. LOL ha ha ah... u are so right.. true blood is really good show too!!

Max Russian on Oct 10, 2008


Id let him suck my blood!!

D Link on Oct 10, 2008


What's up with the guy's creepy stare in the poster? So not hot...

Ajax on Oct 10, 2008


I just rented the first season of Twilight Zone on Netflix, so I hope to be caught up by the time this movie comes out.

Valeriewriter on Oct 10, 2008


If it weren't for the Dragonball trailer, this would have been the biggest pile of crap I've seen all month.

kevjohn on Oct 10, 2008


I am a fan of the books, but I am very afraid to see this movie. From what I have seen it doesn't follow the book very well at all. i know not many movies that are based from books are very much like the books, but the way the books are written it wouldn't be very hard to follow it. I'm going to go see it just because I love the book, but I have a feeling I'm not going to be very happy afterwards.

Samantha on Oct 10, 2008


@42 - WIN.

Jen on Oct 10, 2008


its not that great ill see it on tv not worth going to the movies to me

raider98 on Oct 11, 2008


Looks like a bad Harry Potter rip off. And when I say bad, I mean really fucking bad.

Robert on Oct 11, 2008


If you have read the books, i think you would like the movie no matter what. Its a good saga, im looking forward to it.

andrew on Oct 12, 2008


The movie and/or books are not a "saga" a series at the very best. A pitiful mess of writing and mary sue characters at it's worst. I am not looking forward to this movie at all, and I am not going to be a good sport for something this insipid. Sorry Ladies, I have read all the books and all of my female friends including my girlfriend are obsessed. Enjoy yourselves though, this movie was made for you.

Sojourner on Oct 12, 2008


"You are my life now." LOL!!! This movie looks stupid, I agree that it looks more like a teen drama that belongs on the CW, than a motion picture. Also, "True Blood" is awesome, I dare say better than Buffy. I know blasphemy, but hey I like it a lot. This weeks episode was SO GOOD and we saw Ms. Paquin's boob!!!!

David on Oct 12, 2008


the series????????? i really loved it!any one will love it! i just finished reading all the four books (twilight,new moon, eclipse ang the breaking dawn), last august. we purchased all books at the same time afraid were running out of copies and as of now im reading it the second time sisters finished reading it also and im recommending the books to some of my friends. we were sooooo excited on the upcoming movie.i can hardly sleep when i was reading it (i even starved because for me i cant put a good book down).actually eventhogh im done reading it the euphoria its so unbelievable.i really cant forget it as if the characters where real and do exists!any one should try reading thses books!so wonderfully amazing!though the books were quite expensive i have no regrets buying it!

aimee on Oct 13, 2008


i guess a m a bit dissapointed with the poster and the trailer!you coud do better that! but with the books, i loved it!i just finish reading alll the four books last august (my two sistes are also done reading it) and as of now im recommending it to some of my friends,though i got curious with the midnight sun book! for those who dont like the book well i guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.just give credit to the writer and all her hardships. we dont ask you guys to praise it but be sensible enough.i myself dont appreciate comic books but i dont throw harsh words to their writers. we just have different preference that's all.just a little respect its more than a reward! GODSPEED!!!!!!!!

aimeezrach23 on Oct 13, 2008


could not agree with you more regarding looking like a WB show have been saying so since the first electronic/print materials hit the web

jm on Oct 14, 2008


#51 and #52, although they appear to be the same person.. make me cry for so many reasons, please stop this shit from reaching the young impressionable minds of more girls. For the sake of learning and humanity.

Sojourner on Oct 14, 2008


i just think k. stewart is one of the hottest females ever and i'll watch it based on that. (maybe i'm a perv but i know i'm not alone.)

vu on Oct 14, 2008


These books are wonderful. Yes, I agree that they are more of a ''candy'' type of book, but they capture you, and hold you there until it's finished. I've read the series six times, and trust the movie will do well. It does not belong on the CW, and, no, it is not just to keep ''tweens'' entertained. The books are appealing to adults as well. This is not another round the house Sisterhood of the The Traveling Pants sort of movie, if you know what I mean. Also, to all the boys that are boo-ing the movie, you don't have to watch it, so why are you complaining about it? Couldn't you spend your time looking up movies you want to see, and not bitching about the ones that you don't? Leave the comment areas for people that appreciate something like this...

annie on Oct 14, 2008


I'm so excited to see this movie... NOOOOOOOOOOOOT!

Richard on Oct 15, 2008


Wanna stop bashing?? If you don't want to see it you don't have to. If you don't like it why do you care? Let us Twilighters fawn over the new trailer in peace!!!

Edward x lover on Oct 15, 2008


lots of guys read it. so do plenty of adults. i love them all, twilight the most. i think the movie looks pretty good although i was dissappointed with the casting job of the vampires (except for alice and james). it's not a harry potter rip off. i was a major HP fan until i read this. stephenie meyer is an amazing writer. by the way, every single story is the same just tweaked a bit. we all have this image of what the movie should be and humans couldn't possibly pull it off. of corse we'll all be upset, but overall it seems decent. i'm upset they took out the part where he pounces her on the couch (watch the scene on Penelope). if you don't want to see it, shut your gorram mouth. from what i heard true blood was basically just sex. i may be american but i try to avoid acting like one so i don't really go for that crap. anyway, all i wanted to say was that people that have no intention of watching the movie should just shut up. we don't want to hear it.

Tucker on Oct 16, 2008


i want a cookie?

??? on Oct 19, 2008


As a big fan of reading in general, I believe that all movies that are adaptations of books fall short of what I actually imagine when I read the stories. While books give descriptions of events, characters and environments it is still up to the reader to envision what you "see" in your mind as the story progresses. All movies are the adaptation of a small group of people's version of what "it" should be. And I with all movies based on books, especially those whose screenplays are not written by the book's author, will always lack. Things that should be shown in the movies are cut from the screen for all kinds of reasons. And not everything that is imagined in the written world can actually be recorded or created by computer. A human's imagination is the most powerful asset and sometimes it is best to let the written word stay there. With that being said, I am still going to do my best to see this movie when it goes to theaters and I will most probably buy it when it is released on DVD as well. I know that quite alot of my friends at work will be getting together to watch it and the group will include women and men with ages ranging from 18 to at least 30 years old.

faeriechell on Oct 22, 2008


I cant believe that a harry potter fan says that stephenie meyer is the best writer. how can you compare twilight crap to hp. the twilight books grow boring and pathetic with each chapter. please! and this movie looks like a utube video. come on! you ppl disappointed me

Kathy on Oct 22, 2008


i was a fan of this book until i've heard girls screaming "OMG EDWARD IS SO HAWWT!!" in the hallways. now i kinda hate it. ... this movie is gonna suck. kristen stewart is not bella at all. she's way too manly... robpat may be hot, but he definitely doesn't epitomize perfection. anyone else notice 1:22? i think that's the only part of the movie that i'm going to like..

xtina on Oct 24, 2008


I've read the first two books. And I've read better written fanfiction. Then again, fanfiction writers are sometimes very good. But I'll give the movie a chance to impress me, just won't waste a ten dollar movie ticket on it. I have fangirl friends that'll buy my way in. Who knows, it might just surprise me.

Ghostie on Oct 25, 2008


Well at least they have an 'actual' teen in the role of Bella. The Harry Potter actors are starting to look way too old to pass for the characters their portraying. And also 'True Blood' is also based on a book series. But I digress. I do want to go see the movie if only to see how they pull of some of the special effects. And one last thing, it's Robert Pattinson NOT robpat. Oh yeah here's The 'BUZZ' acorrding to In terms of movies, 2008 will be remembered as the year superheroes went truly mainstream and, separately, the industry realized that female and gay male audiences are a neglected demographic. But what about the younger generation -- more specifically, teenage girls? Has any studio been able to figure out what they want, aside from Hannah Montana? Enter Catherine Hardwicke's adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's first novel, a project that first captured our interest very early this year when Kristen Stewart (Bella), Robert Pattinson (Edward), and a handful of their castmates took over our STARmeter chart, well in advance of any available footage from the production. The hype reached its first apex at Comic-Con, when the movie's panel earned Beatlemania comparisons from aging journalists who covered their ears as the teen girls and their "Twilight Moms" made the event more of a freak-out and less of a presentation. It's always tricky to predict if Internet buzz will turn into box-office gold (or, in this case, crimson) but I will say this: If the mother-daughter duos turn out for opening weekend (which was pushed up from mid-December to pre-Thanksgiving once Harry Potter decided to hide until 2009), Twilight could trump some higher-profile holiday movies, powered by repeat audiences, and send competing studios rushing off to optioned like-minded novels. Stephenie Meyer is keeping a blog on the movie's progress, so you might want to bookmark it as your destination for all things vamp as the release date draws near.

calleigh on Oct 26, 2008


It looks cheesy as hell, I'm still going to watch it I bet the movie turns out better then the books. Book Four was the best...little Renesme...lmao...I don't know what this writer was thinking when she made that name up.

Desiree on Oct 26, 2008


need to read the books to appreciate it. great series. can't wait for the movie!

nicole on Oct 27, 2008


first of all just to make it clear i AM a twilight fan and i am going to see it. even though i LOVE the book i have to say that the poster could have been better... as for the trailer...i like the first one rpatz and kristen isnt what i expected for edward and bella and ashley greene would have a better alice [i saw the pic :)] buht i have to say teh series is REALLY good! so im not going to say shiet about twilight πŸ™‚ as for you haters, shut the fuck up and go fuck up some other movie with your comments like the whiny bitch you are. cause if u havent noticed this is the TWILIGHT trailer. if you hate it so much why are you even watching it? jeesh

??? on Oct 27, 2008


i loved the books but this makes me want to projectile vomit and die in the floor!

kelllie on Nov 2, 2008


i absolutly loved the books, but of course guys wouldnt really agree. i am going to watch this movie with one of my friends but i fear it wont do the book justice. of course none of the HP movies did the books justice either, that tends to happen. book is always better than the film. although had it not been for the twilight trailers i would never have read the books.

Kyla on Nov 2, 2008


For all you people who havent read the books; you are in no position to judge. The books are wonderful. They are the best books that I've read. I cant put them down. The movie looks okay, I am excited about it. However, after you read the books, the movies always look worse because you have your own imagination of how everything is what people look like. If you havent read the books, do so!!

Kat on Nov 4, 2008


This is defintely not an H.P. ripoff. I'm a bit firghtened by the whole sequel thing. I think good books like Twilight are ruined by movies like this. I've been trying to think of the movie and the book as two different things, but it's a bit of an impossibility. It's already UGHHHHh with the casting of Robert Pattinson as Edward. And freaking "Sharkboy" as Jacob. The casting director should be fired. Immediately. I'm frightened. I love the books but I think the movie and definately a sequel will ruin it.

Aymie Ellen` on Nov 5, 2008


that kathy kid that made the comment on how she can't believe an hp fan said that, go screw yourself. your opinion isn't fact. if you like harry potter better then fine, i prefer stephenie meyer. if you think those things about twilight, then fine. i strongly and completely dissagree, but that's just me (and millions of others around the world). keep your opinions to yourself. the only reason i commented is b/c of all the retards and their crap about how they have no intention of watching it, they hated the books, it looks like crap, and how the fans are morons. obviously she knew what she was doing, writing 5 bestsellers in 4 years, with billions of fans. so, shut your mouths and go die. IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO WATCH OR READ IT, LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE WITH YOUR STUPID OPINIONS YOU GORRAM MOUTHBREATHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tucker on Nov 5, 2008


Hey Aymie!!! i'm sitting right beside you! omg!!!

Tucker on Nov 5, 2008


they're right you know. You guys who jst go around bashing everything obviously have nothing better to do. I don't think it looks brilliant but I'll wait till i see it till i rate it. You never know it might surprise or it might disappoint. Either way where i live it's not coming out till December 26th so I'll know all about it b4 i see it.

twiggs on Nov 6, 2008


Some one needs to make a new "salems lot" true to the book, make that and all this touchy feely vampire crap goes out the window, replaced with the bad ass, cunning, super evil vampires most of us remember....I never read the books but alot of my female friends did, and from what I hear its like a soap opera with vampires....

pocket watch on Nov 10, 2008


wow. so i guess this is going to be the star wars vs. star trek of our generation. or i guess in our generation its star wars vs. lord of the rings. well you all have finally done it. im done looking at this website. im tired of all the juvinile attitudes twords anything that isnt "amazing". harry potter sucks. deal with it. if this movie blows it out the water i'll die laughing because you all pray that it will burn in hell. and maybe you should.

r0kst4r on Nov 14, 2008


Looks like bad Underworld fanfiction. People are expecting this to be huge because the noise is so loud, but I'm skeptical. I've seen a nearly identical scenario play out before, and it didn't end well. There weren't enough Browncoats to save Serenity, and there aren't enough teenage girls to save Twilight. The marketing campaign is skewed solely toward rabid fans of the series, the ones who would see the movie without seeing a single trailer, and completely alienating the uninitiated audience it should be trying to attract; given that the books have been critically panned, it's unlikely the film will be any better received. Based on the trailers I've seen, it's too dark to attract the Hannah Montana crowd and too boring to attract any adults who haven't read the books, and it's opening against promising family movie Bolt (which is where I'll be spending my money next weekend) and competition from films like Madagascar, Quantum of Solace, and Role Models which are likely to be strong holdovers. I predict $8M for opening weekend to a $45-50M domestic run, and the quiet shelving of the two optioned sequels. And to all those trying to defend this film, especially those who can't bother to use proper spelling or capitalization: Please stop trying. The more you defend this film, the less I want to see it. For every post filled with vitriol and "ppl," I want to burn a print of the movie, regardless of its content or ultimate quality. You are not helping your cause.

Lady Aerin on Nov 15, 2008


The poster alone tells you this is gonna suck. The male lead looks like he has downs. MAJOR FAIL The scenery does look kickass though.

Kylie on Nov 18, 2008


This is for the brain dead, mindless, carboard segment of our population. Walmart amy as well not even bother being open the night this stinkbomb comes out.

Big BALLS BRUNO BRUTUS on Nov 19, 2008


You know I didn't read the books but I went and watched the movie and I thought it was awesome. Very well written and good acting. This is the first movie i said this about but i really am thinking of watching it again

Katie on Nov 23, 2008


omg comparing this to gossip girl is b.s.

Katie on Nov 23, 2008


Its a mix two diametrically apposed genres of action flick and mushy romance. The bulk of its intended target audience will likely be repulsed by one side of this coin or the other. I could be wrong, but I just can't see it being received very well by a wide audience.

Web Based Training on Jan 12, 2009


Oh My Gosh To me personally i think that twilight actors EDWARD and BELLA di an fantasy job... I think that TWILIGHT was a fantastic movie that i had to go and watch it more than once. As i watched it three times? i think that this movies has a good combination with romance,and good drama... stuff what others say i think is its a good movie and that Edward Collins is sizzling hot.. thank.. and bye

tori maheno on Feb 1, 2009


this is great! a friend gave me the book as a gift.. hmm.. and it just took me a day to finish it! ΓΌ

kikz on Feb 19, 2009

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