Another Horrible Trailer for Fox's Dragonball Evolution - Updated!

December 10, 2008
Source: IGN

Dragonball Evolution Trailer

In case you didn't hear, Fox renamed the Dragonball movie to Dragonball Evolution. Oh and there's another leaked Japanese trailer for it that's out, but you might not want to take a look. The only reason I'm featuring this is because there are countless fans who will probably want to see this new trailer at first, then they'll all leave angry comments afterwards saying how terrible it looks. Yep, that's what Fox has going for them with this one. There is really no hope for this movie, no matter how much money they throw at it. It's just going to suck no matter what. Take a look… only if you want to end up pissed off.

Watch the full Japanese trailer for Dragonball Evolution:

[flv: 596 326]

You can also watch the Dragonball Evolution trailer in High Definition on IGN

Dragonball Evolution is directed by James Wong, of Final Destination, Jet Li's The One, and Final Destination 3 previously, with a script written by Ben Ramsey, of The Big Hit and Love and a Bullet previously. The film stars Justin Chatwin as Goku, James Marsters as Piccolo, Emmy Rossum as Bulma, Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi, Jamie Chung as Chi Chi, and Park Joon as Yamcha. 20th Century Fox is releasing Dragonball Evolution in theaters everywhere on April 3rd, 2009.

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Looks fine. Come off it, already. It'll be decent enough.

Yawn. on Dec 10, 2008


poor alex he cant wait to bash at evey opportunity.

mike on Dec 10, 2008


Like Chris Farley said once, "You can put a guarantee on the box, but all you have a guaranteed piece of shit."

L on Dec 10, 2008


It looks tolerable... still strays from original source material but overall it's whatevers. I don't mind it.

heath on Dec 10, 2008


Wow. That was stunning! That's the best looking straight-to-DVD movie I've ever seen! I only vomited in my mouth a little bit! I can't believe some of you people are trying to defend this thing.

Syphous on Dec 10, 2008


This is what happens when you let the director of The One direct more action movies. And no, The One was not a good movie.

Fuelbot on Dec 10, 2008


Ben is a good friend of mine... this is NOT what he wrote.

Kent on Dec 10, 2008


I will see this at some point, but I'll be laughing through the whole movie.

Tyler on Dec 10, 2008


Dragonball is suppose to look a little comedic and serious, kind of like kung fu hustle, don't forget the original dragonball was suppose to be a comedy. I actually have regained hope for this film, but fox will have to step their game up for the more serious sequals; although those too have slight traces of comedey.

Hail on Dec 10, 2008


Hmmmmmmm... It's better than the first trailer, but still not enought to convince me that this is good.

Ajax on Dec 10, 2008


Was one of the asian chicks the chick from the Real World? Oh my god.

vu on Dec 10, 2008


This site's starting to become real depressing.

nem on Dec 10, 2008


It don't look to bad. 🙂

Carl on Dec 10, 2008


Doesn't look that bad at all...compared to the prev teaser/trailers/pics

Tschai on Dec 10, 2008


It'll be a great movie deffinately with 87 eleven doing the special effects, you guys should check out

Hail on Dec 10, 2008


It looks ALOT better than the first trailer...thats for sure

TREY on Dec 10, 2008


After watching this, Street Fighter does not seem that bad.

megalan on Dec 10, 2008

18 many slow motion shots of people twirling in the air... This saddens me because I really love Dragonball...what a shame.

Peloquin on Dec 10, 2008


I personally think it's about 5 years too late, since the mainstream popularity of DragonBall has dwindled as far as ticket sales are concerned. A Full-CGI movie would have been more accepted by hard-core fans, but these movies are never really about them, are they? But for a live action, DragonBall 'themed' movie, I disagree. The new trailer isn't as terrible as I thought it would be after seeing the previous leaks here. Anyone who has followed production on this can see the effort they are putting into it, especially for a fox product. I know its difficult for most (especially DB fans) to look at it this way, but taking it completely out of the context of the source material, the movie doesn't look nearly as bad as some of the garbage being fed to us recently. I guess its easy to impress (or trash, by how these comments will be) when expectations are already so low. Its very reminiscent of the leaks before the first Transformers movie. And that finished product changed all but the most thick-headed of fans. So I'm taking a similar stance and holding firm on 'passable' until I see more. Would I see it in theaters? As it stands now, probably not. It would be near the top of my netflix que. But I'm actually looking forward to see more about it before its released.

Really???? on Dec 10, 2008


christ, the dragonballs weren't created by some 7 masters or something, they were created by a "God" who is actually from Namek (same planet as Piccolo) Goku is the only who can stop the nameks because he is a freaking Saiyan who just happened to escape from his planet (while he was an infant) which is destroyed by Frieza... only a few things of many to point out that differ from the original.. hollywood has once again messed up one of my fav childhood mangas, i hope the upcoming mangas inspired movies wont be so bad.... as a fan i just wish they follow the original storyline...

andrew on Dec 10, 2008


This looks like a hell of a fun movie- unless of course you're a lonely soul without a loving family with whom to enjoy it.

DBRAGE on Dec 10, 2008


looks like it would be a fun one to watch. have you even seen the tv show? you shouldn't come down on something so hard if you don't know anything about it.

conedude13 on Dec 10, 2008


on sayan mode...he would look better

BaDGuY on Dec 10, 2008


The tone and atmosphere of the movie is all wrong. It's supposed to be a light hearted comedy adventure if they are doing Dragonball. For those who cares, here's the original material: (not really spoilers because the movie obviously does not follow the original story) The 7 dragon balls were not created by my 7 mystiques to fight an alien. Actually an amnesic alien landed on earth and served under the god for a while before succeeding the god himself. Then that alien-god created the dragonballs. To become god, the alien had to reject his bad nature and so he split himself into 2 entities. The good one became god and the evil one became Picollo (the villain). As for Goku, he is also an alien sent to earth to escape his race's genocide. He was only a baby when that happened, so he does not know his origins until later in the Dragonball Z series. This isn't really a rant, because I really do not care about this movie. I just wrote this for the few that are interested to know how different the movie is from the original material.

Samm on Dec 10, 2008


is it weird that i dont think that looks bad ...just mildly good?

Josh on Dec 10, 2008


i have just one word to describe this movie.......KAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHNNNN

maxxx on Dec 10, 2008


I never see the cartoon, But the movie looks like it will have lots of cool fight sequences kind of like the 1st Mortal Kombat movie.

TigerClaw on Dec 10, 2008


This is awful. Granted it LOOKS ok, but if you're really a die-hard DB and DBZ fan this is just a slap in the face. Since when has there been anything about an eclipse in the series (did they confuse this movie with Heroes)? I will be surprised if they even allow Goku to transform into his inner ape. *Sigh*

Nettle on Dec 10, 2008


So how bout those jets

Stevo on Dec 10, 2008


I'll reserve judgment! This trailer looks a lot better than the previous snippet I've seen. I'm sure there is a rational explanation as to why this looks far different than the anime. Some things just don't translate the same to cinema! However, I'll still be checkin' this one out! 🙂

Spider on Dec 10, 2008


Hey Alex! You RAVE about "The Dark KNight" to a sickening degree and yet rant and tear down just about everything else. "The Mummy 3" was a good movie too! Having said that don't tear this film down just because it's from FOX. If a suit slipped you some $$$$ you'd give this film high marks wouldn't ya!!!!! LOL!!!

Blue Silver on Dec 10, 2008


WOW all you people, exclueding #20 and #24, are fucking idiodts! I really wish people had a fucking clue what dragonball and dragonballz are really about and how great of movies they could make if someone actually knew what they were doing in the film world or has even ever read a original dragonball graphic novel or maybe has even seen the show, that might help!! just maybe but I dont know. anyone who dises this manga (which is what it was originally) needs to actually go and get yourself a japanese version of it and take a look, or just watch an original version of the show, which was made for adults and not kids. you may find it to be fun and really have all the elements of a fantastic film right there just waiting to be made. if you really want to see the best go and download or whatever you need to do but watch the japanese movies of dragonballz, not the show but the movies, like the tree of might or any of the brolly movies or even lord slug or coolers return, and not the american versions you must watch the originals, they are sooooo much different. and for the show just watch the cell saga or the sayin saga they are both fantastic and would really make some damn good films. just imagine the brawl between newly super saian vegeta and 2nd transformation cell and his transformation to 3rd form. its intense. or just the visual sight of goku doing a true kamehameha and what it should really look like. it could be truly incredible. so you can all go fuck yourselves!! cause you dis shit you know nothing about and it just makes you stupid.

tyler w on Dec 10, 2008


This is a facepalm and a half. I think I'd rather watch two scrotums slap into each other for 90 minutes instead of this.

Kovah on Dec 10, 2008


Actually, in the original manga when it first started the Dragonballs WERE created by 7 Mystic Sages or whatever. This is all before Toriyama changed everything and made Goku an Alien and created Kami as a character. You morons should really do your research before you claim something is wrong.

Knowledge on Dec 10, 2008


You sir are a craptastic asshat!!! You wouldn't know a good movie if it bit you in the ass and gave you a reach around. Of course I should thank you, it is opinions like yours that attract me to the best movies. You can almost guarantee when some douche bag like you says something is horrible, chances are it will be very good. So in closing, your a moron.

Derr on Dec 10, 2008


if that trailer was any indication, this will more than likely be a very bad movie. Now i have always liked the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z anime, i used to draw alot of Dragon Ball Z anime but this trailer nether tells me what story they are following if any. It seems like piccolo is the bad guy. My thing is tyler w yeah a live action Dragon ball would be awesome......... if it was done right and by the right people but this, so far, seem like it might be a lame attempt. I mean look at the director....FInal Destination 3 yeah perfect candidate for this movie.

Anthony on Dec 10, 2008


Hey all of you fanboys, please shut up. We all know you will watch it reguardless of what you say in some way or another, be it online or at the theaters, because you are all sad. Especially you tyler w, #34, if you don't stop freaking out about things like this, you will never get laid.

MrSammich on Dec 10, 2008


And i meant "perfect candidate" sarcastically by the way he is not a seasoned director.This movie may suck. Just going by the facts.

Anthony on Dec 10, 2008


only one word :awesome

kals on Dec 10, 2008


whos the guy who puts up the trailer and rights the reviews he a complete pric all he does is moan at everything

jimmyjam on Dec 10, 2008


Requirements of martial arts films in Hollywood: 1. Bullet Time 2. More Bullet Time! 3. Fighting while standing on a wire 4. "Bring it" hand signal

justin on Dec 10, 2008


Eat me tyler @34! YOU are the fckuing IDIOT!

Blue Silver on Dec 10, 2008


Is this suppose to be about Dragonball or about some random martial arts movie. I about died laughing. This is totally pathetic, I hope Fox is ready to lose a lot of money and take a lot of criticism. Is it really hard for a studio company to keep true to the original material. It seems that everything has to be either a remake or an adaptation. Can no one come up with original creative material anymore. My guess is that everything has already been made, the same could be said in the music business. Stop with the remakes and adaptations, its getting pathetic and predictable.

andrew on Dec 10, 2008


# 34 grow up it's only a fucking movie. O.K so it's not sticking to the original Manga BIG FUCKIN' DEAL this is the American version like The Guyver and Crying Freeman and soon to be Akira and Ninja Scroll. No on is forcing you and others to see it if it does well brill if not well then what a shame.

Carl on Dec 10, 2008


OKay listen! if your a true fan, which we know you are. I promise youll enjoy this movie. Yeah so its not going to be epic like we all wished it would be but be greatfull it actually made it to the big screen.

Foxx on Dec 10, 2008


I will gladly enjoy this movie "by myself" The original Dragonball cartoons weren't even that good. It wasn't until Goku was older that it got good. If anything, this could be a half decent introduction to the Dragonball world and better things to come.

Ryan on Dec 10, 2008


This based on a little kids cartoon or something right? So who cares if it sucks.

Richard on Dec 10, 2008


i agree with foxx we are lucky enough to see it on the silver screen. stop bitching untill u see the movie then be free to bitch all u want.

jayman on Dec 10, 2008


Gotta side with Alex on this one: this thing looks DELICIOUSLY awful. We're talking MST3K bad here, folks. Vic on Dec 10, 2008


Looks fine to me.

crabby on Dec 10, 2008


All I can say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA they really expect to make money on this piece of crap. This movie should be boycotted to show they can't just take a great license and try to make profit on it by putting out this shit. Epic Fail

Zack on Dec 10, 2008


so much better than before. i think that this movie will surprise all of the nay-sayers. remember how we all believe that spider-man 3 would be cool, and it fucking sucked! this might be a surprise hit. also why come to this website if you are going to just bash alex...seems irrelevant

skamps on Dec 10, 2008


as a dragonball fan, not impressed, as a normal viewer , it looks cheezy but not too shitty.

darrin on Dec 10, 2008


Whooooooo that sucked.

Nthngmn on Dec 10, 2008


piccolo is green! now people can stop bitching about it. this movie is like the little side stories that were supposed to tie into the series but never quite fit in to the timeline ( brolly series, tree of might, etc). go to ign for the HD trailer....we now see where the 100 million dollar budget came into to play...

coolio on Dec 10, 2008


I really hope they done give up on Dragon Ball franchise. They should completely start over like they did with Hulk and make a Dragon Ball Z movie next time.

Evan on Dec 10, 2008


I actually think the movie looks somewhat entertaining, but the cinematography looks like something shot on a camcorder.

Colca on Dec 10, 2008


wow, pathetic.. its incredible to me how some people can defend this piece of shit. its people like you that give hollywood a reason to create such garbage and still make money.

sorr on Dec 10, 2008


I don't fault the actors or the SFX team... this movie just feels "past its prime" with the fan-base & viewership and out-of-touch with the source material & original fanbase. We've seen this before with the Power Rangers, Turtles in Time and the Thunderbirds. To each his own though.

j money on Dec 10, 2008


ok so im not a fan of dragonball z or anything like that... but this movie looks like garbage. however...dude who plays goku is pretty cute.

lalafrog2003 on Dec 10, 2008



Matty on Dec 10, 2008


it doesnt look that bad i wana see some super sayen lol

eddie on Dec 10, 2008


robby should have been sprayed acrost the landscape of new england. the trailer is trash i still have good hopes for the movie.

sayiancliff on Dec 10, 2008


Akira Toriyama must be spinning in his grave... oh wait, he's not dead. WHY ISN"T HE STOPPING THIS AWFUL RAPE!!!! RAPE!!!!

DinoChow on Dec 10, 2008


the only way this movie can be saved is by killing it and starting over sad isn't it

JaKo on Dec 10, 2008


The director better not quit his day job.

Bryan on Dec 10, 2008


If you force yourself to believe they are just making fun of dragon ball z then its pretty funny

Silver on Dec 10, 2008


After seeing Kung Fu Hustle a few years ago I thought that if live-action Dragonball movies were ever made, Stephen Chow would be the man for the job (possibly star as Goku as well). Too bad. I really hope Fox doesn't completely the series.

Asinine on Dec 10, 2008


this preveiw gave me cancer, and performed sexual acts on my parents against theire will

kyser on Dec 10, 2008


goddamn. Piccolo... what have they done to you?

Silver on Dec 10, 2008


As far as being a Dragonball movie...this looks horrible....if this was a stand alone story it would be on par with "Bulletproof Monk". The effects look exciting but not worth 10 bucks at the movie theater...If Im bored enough during a matinee ill go see this other than that...DISCOUNT THEATER HERE I COME!!! $1 movies for everyone!!! lmao why the hell would they cast Justin Chatwin as Goku? And what the screw going on with his hair? He looks like Cameron Diaz from "There is Something about Mary" and everyone knows exactly what I am talking about

Primo! on Dec 10, 2008


Looks like 99% of the people who are complaining grew up with the series If the movie seems like shit why didn't anybody step up and make a better one? Or if the source is so 'sacred' that it should've never been made into a live-action film, why didn't someone set up a petition against it? I'm not taking sides here (although I did watch the entirety of DBZ, all 270+ episodes) Some things from a manga/anime can't be translated into a live-action film . . .case in point, Goku's hair (well, it would look ridiculous as hell - case in point, Jiro from the band 'Glay' back in the 90's), Picollo's skin (why do you think they axed using a bodybuilder in the Hulk revamp? Because painting realistic-looking green skin was impossible) Also, would people be satisfied if the studio translated the source word-for-word, visual-by-visual? Is that what the fans really want? I sure as hell wouldn't, because rehashing things piece for piece equates to laziness, and we'd know what happens in the story Point of this rant? A live action Dragonball film can't ever be politically correct

Jaf on Dec 10, 2008


Fox: Paul Crouch called, and said he wanted The Omega Code back. Thanks.

uh oh on Dec 10, 2008


all it looks like is a B-grade white mans martial arts movie with some oriental actors injected into it to make it seem more plausable. def won't be seeing it, bt im guessing most hardcore fans will

phillz91 on Dec 10, 2008


coming to Spike TV this spring

Daniel on Dec 10, 2008


What the movie has been released already? Wait, that was the trailer? It's enough to be seen already. They should release to movie couple days ahead to APRIL 1st!! It's interesting to see two extreme groups here: fanboys verses people that has no idea what Dragonball is about. I know some of you belongs to the group where you grew up watching the Dragonball Series but not a crazy crazy fan, like myself. I just have to say I respect those that really sticks to what they believe in: original sources is key to this movie. Dragonball is one of those story that's once you change too much of the original element, it will become total rubbish. I agree that it's impossible to make the live action movie 100% close to the anime, but at least sticks to some key elements/facts. Seriously, if Goku is a human instead of a Saiyan in this movie, that's just unacceptable!! It will change what the whole series is about. This is almost like saying Bruce Wayne is Chinese. I know there are few more things that can be debate over about the originality of the movie, but I'll leave the fanboy to defend them. As for those who really see this movie is a cool, fun movie to watch, that's fine. It is a "good looking" movie. However, i think you should somehow respect for those who defends for what they like. Before you attack people, have an explanation with at least some source of research. I will still watch this so I can at least know what I can trash about. 49(richard), The Dragonball was never just a kids cartoon. Many adults,(not just geeks and fanboys) read and watch it. The comic was not made just for kids only. So it matters if it sucks. Your comment were just meaningless.

Joe C. on Dec 10, 2008


#34 said everything that say to everyone. Fuck everyone that had anything to do with this movie. Justin Chatwin and Chow yung Fat are forever on my shitlist. I will never go see them in another movie in my life. And my kids' kids' kids's will know how bad this movie is cause i will leave a movie review after i die and demand that it stays on my headstone! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!

Ray on Dec 10, 2008


DinoChow akira is not dead ! lackbrain

mike on Dec 10, 2008


It's funny how many people think that this is a Dragonball Z movie. I read the original Dragonball manga a very long time ago but I still remember it well. You know? Because it kicked ass! It was funny and cute and had some great fight scenes. It later became the beast that is Dragonball Z but forever at it's core was the story of Goku, a man who never lost his innocese and was able to believe in good and fight that very thing no matter how terrible a foe he faced. Goku never lost that smile from his face. A good adaptation does not necessarily have to be a word for word translation. The best adaptations are the ones that recognise the difference between a comic/manga/book and a movie. Things must always change for time purposes, etc but as long as the heart of the story is kept the same then the fans are ultimately happy. We saw this happen with Transformers; the movie was very different from the orginal cartoon but the heart was the same and so it pleased the fans. Can you really look at that trailer and tell me that Goku is still the innocent dumbass who never gives up? Does this movie carry the heart of Dragonball in it despite the differences? The answer to that so far is no and that's why us fans are pissed. As a stand alone movie it might be fine but as a DRAGONBALL movie...? Well, that's a different ball of wax altogether. Us fans are allowed to be pissed, okay? Dragonball means a lot to a lot of people. The Japanese practically worship Goku as a God. It'd be like somebody doing a live action version of Bugs Bunny and decided he should actually be a fucking robot. Wouldn't you be pissed about that?

duca on Dec 10, 2008


That looks pretty lame. Good effects wont do anything for a bad story and bad acting. I'm so sick of wire fighting. I'm also tired of Hollywood martial arts movies casting non-martial artists. they look so shitty, like Neo in the matrix or the chick from Smallville playing Chun-li in the new street fighter.

Dan on Dec 10, 2008


seriously who gives a shit about the Dragonball Z live action movie? how old are you guys five? grow the fuck up! there is not one redeeming quality in that television show. the story, character development, animation, all of it is god awful. im glad Dragonball fans are getting shit on by this movie maybe now you will realize this franchise blows.

Betterchill on Dec 10, 2008


It's starting to look /kind of/ interesting. *shrugs*

Lauren on Dec 10, 2008


All this crap about Dragonball, and yet I'm hearing nothing about the Akira movie...

Cody on Dec 10, 2008


It's cause the Akira movie does not really exist yet..Wait till it's caste or the script is leaked...then the dragon balls will be flung at this pending piece

ERivas on Dec 10, 2008


this is what you call shitting on a film reel and letting it go. Fox go fuck yourselves. The assclown thats running that co is prone to ruining any type of comic/cartoon film ever done. The xmen, daredevil, need I say more. Sorry guys, but if you were looking for something true to the source material. This sure as hell isn't it. I wouldn't be giving them my hard earned money for this shit. I was never really a fan of the cartoon. I always thought they talked too much. This and gijoe are both absolute shittastic films. Thanks you hollywood assholes!!!!

john on Dec 10, 2008


dam dam dam DAM DAM DAM dam dam dammit man, yeah i whining like a lil bitch but c'mon how can insult the one thing worth skipping school 4, i mean i eventully crossed the stage but you dont deminish the dream of a great franchise by demeaning our intelect with these ASS MUNCHING UNCLE FUCKER justin chatwin as goku....:-)

ill will on Dec 10, 2008


was that old guy suppose to be grandpa Gohan? are they going to have mia or Picollo kill him and have Goku out for revenge? In the manga wasnt it's Krillan's death by picolo that fueled Goku's rage (before someone gets mad at me I know Krillan died as a kid before killed by freeze in DBZ that led to Goku becoming a super sayian) (just checked its vol 12 of DB Krillian was killed) a cgi film would have been better true. and considering the tone of Dragonball i find it hard to believe there was something that couldnt be translated to film. better plot start like the manga Goku meets Bulma a little pat-pat meet master Roshi (have him be played by the blind master from balls of fury) and Turtle also meet Oolong, Yamcha and Paur and Krillian, even Tien and CHoatzu and meet Chi-Chi and the ox king along the way. Have emperor Pilaf and his henchmen (mia and that ninja dog) and just for the sake of having them in the story he also controls the red ribbion army they hunt for the dragonball they find a container that holds Picollo GOku and friends battle to save the earth and eventually defeat him but learn learn he'll some day return and the DB warriors train for that day with help from Kami and mr Popo and trains returns years later and battles Picollo who has been taking over the earth while Goku was gone while Bulma and gang went searching for the dragonballs to stop Picollo and bring back all he' killed. thats a bit closer to the manga forget destiny and all that junk and just let your imagination soar but the creators of this movie didnt do that so personally on its own I'm kewl wit it I'll check it out i maybe mildly entertained just like with punisher war zone

Samuel on Dec 10, 2008


83(Betterchill)...where's the respect? Don't know why people don't respect people anymore. Everyone just like to F *** this and F*** that to people. Most of the time, when people tell other to grow up they seems to be struggling with something inside them, maybe a bad childhood. Why can't we discuss this movie with a fun attitude, just like the the orginal Dragonball. You don't like something, fine, just don't get personal.

Joe C. on Dec 10, 2008


honestly, if i just state my god honest opinion with this board without being extreme it will go unheard. anyways, i did not have a bad childhood and saying that i might have had one is doing more disrespect than i did to anyone on this website. but seriously this movie does not look good, and if you are an adult and like dragonball z you should probably re-evaluate your life.

Betterchill on Dec 10, 2008


Good, we do have a common point... the movie does not look good. Adult cannot like Dragonball Z? So does this apply to Transformers, Street Fighters. Batman, Superman, and all the comics in this world? I'll leave it at that. Bless you.

Joe C. on Dec 10, 2008


Everything held constant, I would be completely fine with the movie IF the actor playing Goku actually had played him correctly. "I'm not sure if I'm ready"?!?!? Goku is supposed to be loud and cocky. This is just a stupid action movie with the dragonball theme as a backdrop.

Michael on Dec 10, 2008


In that trailer I didn't hear anything mentioning that you were granted one wish by bringing the 7 balls together.

Tyler on Dec 11, 2008


Wow that was really hard to watch, but somehow i finished the whole thing.

EM on Dec 11, 2008


Another typical hollywwod action movie. "the chosen one" totally gay. No dinsaurs or flying cars. No ears on piccolo. Shitty movie made for people who like mummy3 and meet the spartans.

thismoviesucks on Dec 11, 2008


my 9 yr old and I will be there... and the best part is that I will be thinking about #96 comments as I walk through the door.... my son does not need cinematic genious, he needs to be entertained. Though I may get bored, I believe this movie could do it for him

Dusty on Dec 11, 2008



SonGoku on Dec 11, 2008


Fuck this shit movie and all the people who know jack shit about dragonball who think it looks ok. If you think this movie looks ok and we should give it a chance than sdorry to say this but you know absolutely nothing about dragonball if you think this is ok. This shit trailer for a shit movie is an insult to the anime. Fuck you Wong. Got the wong guy to do the movie

angryas on Dec 11, 2008


gonna put drangonballz on your chin. This movie will be as bad as my lame joke, maybe worse. wait...... yeah, it'll be worse.

Nick Sears on Dec 11, 2008



kevjohn on Dec 11, 2008


I like it. But I also don't get sound on my computer. Am I a dork for liking this?

TIm on Dec 11, 2008


Well, it's not like the source material was epic as hell. Dragon Ball reeks of camp. Trash converts to trash. This flick looks like a guily pleasure though... I'll be watching it but I'm definitely not paying for it.

Frame on Dec 11, 2008


i didn't think it looked completely bad, but still, it is very sad that the first american live action movie of such a big anime is turning out like this 🙁

Susana on Dec 11, 2008


@104/Susana True. And the premises are not too good for the (near) future either... 25 Anime remakes: Hollywood’s new cash cow

Tschai on Dec 11, 2008


Looks fun enough to blow an hour or two. Im not expecting greatness out of the movie, but yeah fun enough. BTW, is it just me or is there no Japanese actor(s) in the movie?

Armand on Dec 11, 2008


Please tell me I'm wrong... But it looks like Grandpa Gohan is alive in this movie. What the FUCK!?!?!?

The Cool Guy on Dec 11, 2008


As a fan, It suck's that this will be most individuals first exposure to DB. With the directors lack of vision and understanding of the series, it's most likely to be forgotten soon after it hit's theatres. Slim chance in DragonBall stepping back into the mainstream spotlight. And seriously..What's with this "Evolution" crap??? I miss Vegeta.....

DonkeyP on Dec 11, 2008


this trailer makes it seem like it won't be as much of a complete embarrassment, but still... there's no way this will be any good at all.

-Peter- on Dec 11, 2008



Asians-nowhere-so-what? on Dec 11, 2008


It is completely clear that those who hate this movie have closed their mind to this and those who like this movie areeeping their mind open. All those who hate this movie let me ask you this: How would you make a Dragonball movie?

Okay on Dec 11, 2008


Don't care how bad that trailer looks, all I wanna know is who plays Bulma? She's smokin'!!! And yeah, the whole thing looks cheasier than that Jackie Chan & Jet Li crossover movie.

drprabaj on Dec 11, 2008


The film looks somewhat stylized but less so than Speed Racer. They seem to put a lot of emphasis on the color of the sky (with the help of CGI). Piccolo's airship is very similar to the one King Piccolo travels with in the manga/anime. The energy blast and power ups look like the ones from the anime and it seems that they made it intentionally "cartoony". Although a lot of fans are going to have problems with this adaptation, all us Dragonball fans have to come to our senses and realize that the source material ain't no Hemingway or Dostoyevsky tier story telling. So many people are acting as if "Dragonball" is this ancient (almost religious) scripture that can't be the least bit changed.

Craig on Dec 11, 2008


mby they wanted to win worst gaming movie award

sun on Dec 11, 2008


The Nolstalgia Critic is gonna have a field day with this film type in

Ajax on Dec 11, 2008


Yes TIM... you are a dork!! But I love you just the same!!

Amy on Dec 11, 2008


that girl is way to old to be bulma and whose the other fellow and roshi doesn't look like a dork

ah on Dec 11, 2008


"Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?" "IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!" "What!? 9000?!" Sorry... couldn't resist.

Imajicka1 on Dec 11, 2008


Compared to the last trailer I saw on here ... This is 1000x better ... i think it looks good ... better than i thought it would turn out to be ... im some what happy to see this film.

Aucklander on Dec 12, 2008


Other guy in the film, to the 117 post, is Yamcha, mai and the old guy was grandpa gohan. Chi-chi battled mai, if i remember correctly and winning goku, basically...

Pascal on Dec 12, 2008


i actually enjoyed the trailer and think it will be a decent movie. it may not end up to be the greatest of films but it appears it would be better than DOA or Double Dragon. I dont understand why some of you are so upset that not every detail in the cartoon is not in the movie. my only complaint was the fact they dont have krillin. but honestly guys think about it. what movie adaptation have you seen based on a cartoon or comic book that EVERY detail was true. the answer is zero so what makes this movie any different. plus one of definitions for adaptation is "a compositon recast into a new form." thats exactly what their doing with dragonball. all i have to say is give the movie a chance. as a fan im not offened but rather glad they putting dragonball on the big screen. some of you obsessed fanboys need to get laid and stop bitching about this movie. its not that serious

Q on Dec 12, 2008


Thank god for 121, i agree 100%. Just the fact that there making a db movie made me happy. Krillin would of been a funny addition but there's just way to much to dragon ball lore/history to make it into one movie. Plus the dragon ball series was very childish. I'm sure that if they had done all the dragonball books into a exact movie, everyone would hate it because it was reallllly childish and somewhat dull at times, no real insane fights, plus half the time kakarot "goku" was naked or being stupid lol Dragonballz was alot better so i like that there not sticking the the "dragonball" series word for word.

Pascal on Dec 12, 2008


ok for people who say its inaccurate are right, Dragonball is supposed to be a comedy but even you are inaccurate by saying Goku doesnt remember his origin just because he was sent to earth as a baby. infact he did remember his origin and was a very violent baby and was supposed to destroy earth uncle Grandpa Gohan dropped him on his head, thats why he doesnt remember. next: Roshi is supposed to be a old pervert wtf is this crap with him being a old wise man. next: Dragonballs were created by a namek, although nameks in general are not evil just King Picolo. Who was defeated by goku as a child and spit out a egg who created Picolo, Picolo later split up into 2 beings, Kami (good), Picolo (bad) so blah blah blah, Movie still looks interesting, ill just view it as a hollywood twisted version Haha

DBZwhat? on Dec 12, 2008


the fighting isn't bad its just that the rest looks blah but its a good cast but the picoloo looks gay as in "he's not even green with purple" whatever am over it

jess on Dec 12, 2008


i think stephen chow could pull this movie off for Hong Kong! he can do it! american version...not so great. even Pixar can pull this one off! think jean claude van damme's street fighter. LOL.

juice lee on Dec 12, 2008


WOW!! That was the gayest thing i've seen in while!

moops on Dec 12, 2008


ok GOKU.... looks like luke wilson, apparently master roshi and bulma went asian, piccolo is albino with a tumor in his head other than that it looks RETARDED FOX YOU FAIL AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY WTF

Zach on Dec 13, 2008


I have seen a full version, it sucks, give up hope.

Table on Dec 13, 2008


It was like watching the OC mixed with...........some horrible action movie.

Table on Dec 13, 2008


"WOW!! That was the gayest thing i've seen in while!" Wat with slurs on this board, I'm always amazed only a few fans are able to articulate themsleves about this film rather the typical fragmented suck statements, Since checking YT the trailer had almost 1.5 million views in only 3 days not counting all copies on YT and sites like this , so i would think it has potential. if no one talking about it that real indicator of doomed movie.

mike on Dec 13, 2008



Ryan on Dec 13, 2008


I thought Goku was asian not caucasion

Dan on Dec 13, 2008


the movie is fine. everyone running their mouth about it is going to see it anyway. they'll see it because of curiosity. if not, they have no right to talk crap about it. that's like a guy talking about child birth, they have no experience with it so their opinions aren't worth shit. so to all those twats who are bashing this movie, suck failure when it makes it at the box office. take your sorry asses on home and complain on the internet crying alone in the dark. have mommy make you a hot pocket and some sunny-d.

Ariel on Dec 13, 2008


This movie looks terrible. Anyone who thinks otherwise spends too much of their time jerking off to hentai.

Someone who isn't 12 on Dec 13, 2008


oh my god, I think this movie is a mess and I do not think that fence to waste my time nor worth the view, is a shit....

andrew on Dec 13, 2008


Honestly, I love the trailer... why? you ask... its because I love everything about my childhood growing up show. I will support it, by bringing about 40 of my friends, 10 times to the theaters, and I WILL MAKE THEM GO, and I will pay for the tickets, so I would be a big help on my own. I have shit loads of money, so if yall wont help the film, than I will. hah. o and the reason I want to help this movie, its so that, if they make a sequal, we can hope for a better director. just like how batman begins, sucked, and the dark knight was a great movie. but I still saw both, and in the theaters nonetheless. So I support my movie, regardless. If you dont like it than fuck off. dont watch it, but dont talk shit... lets see you try to make a movie with green, pink, orange, and blue aliens, and also, flying cars, a flying cloud, with a stick that extends. Not to forget, all the different civilizations throughout the universe, different characteristics within different species of aliens... and... try to add some effects with a man turning into a Giant Ape, that turns everytime the moon is full... which happens all the time by the way... o and also remember to make sure, that goku, is a pussy who doesnt know shit about pleasin a women... which he might have that in common with many of you. hah. and no, I dont have that problem, i am talking shit to u fags because u have that problem, and dont have anything better to do... so I came on this site to read some good and promising reviews on my childhood show, but no, no, no... its just more annoying little shits, who fill up the review sections with trying to convince the general public that this movie is going to suck, so fuck you. and fuck off. go jack off to a porno or some shit. and no, i wont come back to this site to see what you have to say... cuz i inherently dont give a rats ass, what u say, i get pussy, and you dont... and dragonball still doesnt rule my life like it does yalls life. so there, enjoy gettin a hard bitch slap on your face fuck faces.

HAMZA on Dec 14, 2008


o and i know that batman begins and the dark knight have the same director, just giving an example of one movies difference with another.

HAMZA on Dec 14, 2008


OMG!THis thing is pure rubbish.Have these guys even seen DGZ or dragonball?the guy who's supposed to be goku neither looks takes or has the same attitude as the goku we know and love.And Bulma isn't chinese.Once again the goku guy sucks.Director guy,pls don't make a sequel!this actor would look crap as a super saiyan.Forget you saw this trailer and go watch the original animatd movies.THey rock!

njking on Dec 14, 2008


THe picollo guy also looks crap.If memory serves master roshi isn't chinese either and speaks with an american accent

njking on Dec 14, 2008


It's true that no1 can do a comic adaptation 100 % correct into a movie! I watched the Series when I was younger..and am a fan...bitching all the time..this sucks, no he isn't green...bla bla Making a movie isn't that easy please stop complaining about everything...if u hate it, OK..don't watch it! I don't know why people judge a movie on a 2 min trailer...I will go and see the movie

BaDGuY on Dec 14, 2008


is anyone else having mortal kombat flashbacks?

seanzo on Dec 14, 2008


Hey Alex, this doesn't look that bad, in fact, it looks pretty good! of course, Emmy Rossum as Bulma is what hooked me up! 😛

Daxion on Dec 14, 2008


They have dragon sized balls to even call this a movie. We are attacked from the sky by invaders flying propeller driven ships...come on, give me a break. Parents are giving their kids too much cash to spend on crap like this and that encourages studios to continue to make more crap..."Twilight". "Harry Potter" being the exception.

Defeatedfrog on Dec 14, 2008


Hey, 136, which theater are you going to? I want to make sure I stay away. You seem to have some issues with homosexuals that leads me to think that maybe your childhood wasn't all the pleasant. You poor thing, you must have been an Altar Boy. Come on, let it out we're all friends here.

Defeatedfrog on Dec 14, 2008


Looks good imo, and yes, it wont even compare to the original dragonball but what can you expect, only a handfull of cartoon to live-action movies are any good Xmen, Spiderman, Transformers, Ironman, The Incredible Hulk, i just hope the dont slaughter it to much like Godzilla.... the american version does not even exist to me it was sooo bad. End of the day, if you want to see it... do so, if you dont then well..... DONT? i know i will be seeing it.

Lee on Dec 14, 2008


If you are a Dragonball fan you are going to hate has nothing resembling dragonball besides the names of the characters....long ago ancient mystics created the dragonballs???!!?! Are you serious....dear god. BUT on the other hand, if you havnt seen dragonball at all then i believe this will actually turn out to be a decent movie. To be honest i think they arnt going for the fans for sells they are going for someone who hasnt seen it, to make a them go WOW this is amazing look at all the cool "Super powers" they have. But yea thats my take on this. I loved DB but ill still watch this, just take it as a diffrent perspective. Oh and 136... Why did they have to make this movie? They could have never made the movie and left the series where it finished....which was fine with me. If they are going to remake something then they should do it in perspective to the originals or in atleast some similar way, this on the other hand is just totally 180.

Jason on Dec 14, 2008


This is such a waste of time and film.........

Ivoniabelle on Dec 15, 2008


OMG this reminds me of this movie

set on Dec 15, 2008


If they wanted an action movie, Why didn't they base it off of one the the DBZ saga's? Although it would have been more difficult to educate people on the back story, it def would have been better than trying to rewrite dragonball.

DonkeyP on Dec 15, 2008


Am I the only one wondering why they cast white Americans in the lead roles? Why could they not have used some of the MANY talented Asian actors and actresses? I can think of quite a few men who would be much better as Goku than Justin Chatwin. Bae Yong Joon, Joe Odagiri (if he could bulk up enough), Bi (Rain), Takeshi Kaneshiro, Shun Oguri...the list goes on.

Emily on Dec 15, 2008


138 you're stupid.... That's Emmy Rossum, she's far from chinese. Although i would of liked some purple hair but meh.

Pascal on Dec 15, 2008


If it looks like crap and sounds like crap , its CRAP . If you are a fan of the Dragonball Anime and Manga . You will hate this Movie . If you don't know absolutely anything about dragonball , you will probably like this movie , Due to the CGI and Martial Arts Sequences . But if they counting on DB Fans to come see it , Well , Lets just say , Just take it straight to DVD/Blu-Ray and when its in a Bargain bin , I might watch it , Thats if I don't see it on cable first .

Mulder on Dec 15, 2008


I really feel this movie had potential keyword *had* They could of portray this movie in so many different directions and I feel that the producers lack the creative energy and are missing out on a great opportunity in what would be a fantastic film. There were so many things little things that they could have done to portray the magic the anime had. For instance I really felt they could have made master roshi a pervert why not it's just not his character if he isnt. In my opinion they are totally capable of doing that. To me it just lacks the intensity that should be dragonball. I mean posting the names of the characters in the trailer to me was not needed. Let the viewers guess who they are they might even have to. There was not point in doing that. Transformers worked out really well. They put effort into that movie. They had a vision in how they want the movie to be portrayed and there trailer was top notch not to much info given out but yet still showed the feel for the movie which is a more realistic and darker story. It worked out so well. This movie not enough effort I think. Hopefully I am wrong when I see the film. I am a hardcore dragonball fan and I dont mind film makers changing it slightly but it needs to be for the better. This trailer could have been wayy better

dportugues on Dec 15, 2008


Ya know what would make this movie awesome? If Goku was making a spirit bomb for the entire movie...then when he uses it...he misses his target...

TLam on Dec 15, 2008


Ok, so i'm wiping the tears from my eyes because i've now lost all hope that movies can be made without wanting to rape the world populations intelligence. As of right now, this movie looks comparable to the small peanut pieces left over in my poo. And for those of you that don't get my drift, recycled dog vomit. About Six or Seven years ago X-men came out. At that point in my life I thought just maybe they could take the images in my imagination of what these fantistic characters would be like if they were to spring off the page into the real world. It gave me hope to think that we were on the right track, and movies like the first two spiderman, fantastic 4, and now Ironman and the reboot of Batman got me to the point that I was almost lulled into a sense of uphoria. But now, the largest, most popular, worldwide Anime series is going to be reduced to Van Damn's Street Fighter. Are you kidding me? (tear...) I have the solution to this tho! If a studio wants to do a movie it needs to promise a small percentage of the box office to those involved. If the movie calls for FX then they get a percentage. If the movie calls for stunts, then they get a small percentage, and so on. This means that the more people that come to see the movie the more money everyone will get. In turn, the people making the movie might actually want to do the best damn job they can possibly do from start to finish. Oh wait, that's right, we make our movies to make money on merchandising not on the boxoffice...what was I thinking. Who cares if the movie sucks or not, that's not why we make them. F-ing executives! Anyways, i'm pretty much betting my entire life savings that this is going to be the biggest blockbuster in history and the entire world will flock to it religiously. Oh wait, I don't have a life savings...Damn.

Kevin on Dec 15, 2008


if you're going to take some elements out, take them all out. for some reason the plot presented seems more ridiculous than the actual plot of DB to me. and the art direction and character designs look completely embarassing, bulma looks more like Red Sonia than bulma EVER did. i dunno what everyone else is saying im just hoping this isn't an epic failure because, being true fans like many of us nerds are, we will probably all end up seeing the movie one way or another anyway. with that being said, this trailer is better than the first one thats for sure, but it doesn't mean this looks good by many standards. also, unfortunately, this whole approach to DB is 8 years too late; the hype is gone, the fighting looks like its going to be good martial arts but nothing with that real DB-esque. no one really expected to see this franchise flourish into something real because of these very fears and many, many more, they shoulda never attempted this to begin with. BUT we shall all see, yay for 2009?

m.izzo on Dec 16, 2008


lol and i dont think anyone will ever forgive the actor playing goku if ruins the character. ever.

m.izzo on Dec 16, 2008


lol and i dont think anyone will ever forgive the actor playing goku if ruins the character. ever.

m.izzo on Dec 16, 2008


lol and i dont think anyone will ever forgive the actor playing goku if ruins the character. ever.

m.izzo on Dec 16, 2008


Of course it's CRAP all anime is CRAP!!! & SUPER_GAAAYYY!!!!

Dan C. on Dec 16, 2008


I know how this ends. It ends on us waiting for Goku to come back from where ever the hell he was learning the new move to beat Piccolo. Then we have to watch 2 - 3 more movies till by the 4th movie he gets to fight Piccolo and beats him. Just like the stupid ass tv show was. This movie looks like shit. Good job FOX another big hit on your hands. Also everybody that watched this when they were younger are now grow up and most likely over the show.

DMS on Dec 16, 2008


you guys fucking suck that accually looks fairly well, spite the fact that they changed a few small things other than that im looking forward to seeing it with my little brother

chase kempton on Dec 16, 2008


This was an awesome preview

Colonboii on Dec 16, 2008


Ok, For one thing!! Stop bitching about Goku being played by a White boy because Goku was neither White NOR ASIAN!! He was an Alien...So it doesnt matter!!! Plus, He's an Good Actor and Looks like more of GOKU then any asian kid would!! He actually sort of Resembles the Character!! Dragonball is a VERY VAST STORY!! Somethings can be changed!! IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE make a panel by panel copy of this Movie..Not only are they trying to please fans, but movie goers who arent fans!!

Chopz Drake on Dec 16, 2008


This is Dragonball in name only. Nothing I saw in that trailer comes even close to the original material that made this an epic anime. Plot, character portrayals, and even the setting has all been changed to make it more friendly and familiar to American audiences. And in turn, they have massacered a huge anime franchise that is still as popular in Japan even after the series had ended over 10 years ago. They didn't just change a few small things, they changed the WHOLE thing. They just took any random martial arts story, changed the names to Goku and Piccolo, slapped Dragonball on there, and called it a day. That's just lazy writing. As for me, as an Anime fan, i will watch it. I'll go in expecting a piece of crap, and if it's actually good, I'll be thrilled. If not, at leaset my feelings weren't hurt. Then I'll just wait for the live action Akira and Ninja Scroll and repeat the process.

Jaekun on Dec 16, 2008


If I may quote a post that I just read on another message board..... if it were up to the fans, a live-action movie would be ridiculously stupid, since fans would demand that every universe set piece would be frame-for-frame picture perfect with the cartoon; as well as the look and sound of every single character -- no matter how stupid. We'd end up with one actor portraying all the characters -- each one requiring him to wear ridiculous wigs with 20" spiky hair. It's nice that the fans are so passionate about their stuff, but seriously, they wouldn't know how to make a good live action film if their lives depended on it. And when whatever version of the film arrives, no matter how legitimately kick-ass it may be, the fans will never be satisfied because it isn't 100% true to the original...Even though nobody is taking away the original cartoons they love so much in exchange to make the movie.

soul_reaver265 on Dec 16, 2008


Well, like the movie Eragon which wasn't horrible, if you hadn't read the book, could have been great had they followed the story a little better. It looks like they are completely straying from what made dragonball great. As far as I can tell from the preview they are cutting out several characters that made the manga great. These characters and their reactions to what was going on made dragonball what it was, cut them out and you have basically the same Movie that has been made 1000's of times. Boy meets master, boy trains, boy beats bad guy, big deal.

Joeb on Dec 16, 2008


Kameh.... ????????????? LOL

yo on Dec 17, 2008


this is Dragon Fall movie hahaha

yo on Dec 17, 2008


This sucks... ;_;

Yamika on Dec 17, 2008


This looks like a decent film to me, at least.

The K on Dec 17, 2008



harlem shake on Dec 17, 2008


extremely bad attempt to market the dragonball series to mainstream america...the plot is cliche the actors are horrible and it wont even make it to theatres.......sorry kids.....its a cartoon and should stay one.......your better off waiting for the original creators to make another tv show season or movie

carl goode on Dec 18, 2008


I rather like this trailer myself, its far better than the previous leaked promo for a number of reasons... 1. Give's a much better idea of what to expect from the film 2. Piccolo is green, AND IT SHOWS! I dont know how many friggin' times I repeated that on the page for the leaked promo. He also sounds very deep and burly but also not too demonic, very Piccolo 3. In my eyes, it comes of as very much being a Marvel Comics-esque "Ultimate" re-imagining of the series. 4. Capsules, or atleast a similar form of tech, appear. and for all those complaining about the idea of the seven mystics creating the Dragon Balls, read the following snippet courtesy of the DaizenshuuEX fansite... "There is a flashback scene in Episode 33 of Dragon Ball in which Kame-Sen'nin (or Master Roshi for those unfamiliar with the Japanese names) attempts to explain the origin of the Dragon Balls. As his story goes, there was originally one large Dragon Ball, a gift from the gods. But the people became greedy and started wars over the Dragon Ball, and so the gods divided the Dragon Ball into seven separate balls." The above paragraph is very similar to Roshi's dialogue in the trailer, and while his story is refuted later in the anime when Kami is introduced, it goes to re-enforce a point that I had made earlier in regards to the creation/direction of the film itself: Stories can be interpreted in all kinds of different ways. Considering that they may very well never introduce Kami into this series of films, the explanation the trailer gives works. On that train of thought, one thing I noticed about Dragon Ball Z is that it takes all of the previously mystical and unexplained elements of Dragon Ball - such as Goku's immense strength and tail, as well as King Piccolo/Piccolo Jr. and even the Dragon Balls themselves - and EXPLAINS them, giving them plausibility. Such is the changes made with this film: People may not like them and that's fine, but they are done to make the film much more palpable and plausible as a live-action experience One thing I particularly like is that it sounds like Goku is giving the Kamehameha its proper pronounciation, with the original Japanese "Kah-meh" sound as opposed to the English dub's "Kah-may". As I've said before, I will withhold full judgement on the film until AFTER I see it. If I think it sucks, I'll join the haters. But not all the fans are going to look at this in a negative fashion, and nobody is any more or less a fan for actually looking forward to seeing this.

soul_reaver265 on Dec 18, 2008


@164 and @174 i really appreciate the comments you guys made. some people dont realize that you cant put every aspect of a series in a movie. its just impossible. no other movie has done it so why are people complaining.

Q on Dec 18, 2008


This movie sucks. I think they could do alot better with the characters and movement. Why not pick Jet Li as Goku. Put Jackie Chan in the movie. This movie will disapoint a lot of people.

Jason on Dec 18, 2008


What the fuck is this shit....this is nothing like dragonball is supposed to be. Goku is supposed to be kick ass and he has to have the fuckin spiked hair....and what the fuck is with Picculo hes not even an alien....this film is going to suck ass....fuck everyonr involved with this film(except Chow Yung Phat).

Mike on Dec 18, 2008


I'm finding it very hard to have a opinion on this, but guys theirs some sort of divide between fans here, and if it keeps up there will be some dragonball riots all over the world.

Damien on Dec 18, 2008


This movie trailer breaks part of my soul. Chatwik as Goku...yeah ok....and where's the bald short guy???

Anil Bihari on Dec 18, 2008


Since when is Goku some blond guy with apparently no previous martial arts training? And as awesome as Chow Yun-Fat is (which is to say, extremely awesome) I don't think he's the right person to play Roshi, I just don't get the pervy old man vibe. I'm still holding out nostalgia-powered hope though, Dragonball was the first series I ever got into as a kid and I've always wanted to see it in live-action. P.S It looks like the special effects will be good if nothing else. So put on some headphones and watch the pretty light show

Shokara on Dec 19, 2008


i don't like the show, never have. it's over the top. i know it's supposed to be like that but imo it gives anime a bad name. with that said...i think i'll hate this movie just as much if not ALOT more.

schwartz on Dec 19, 2008


I can't wait to get knock-down drunk and watch this.

BC on Dec 19, 2008


This looks horrible. It's an insult to dragonball fans.

FUCK on Dec 20, 2008


This movie is going to suck! I didn't know a thing about this until only a month ago when i saw the first trailer. At first i thought it was good and wanted to see it but this second trailer alone has fucked me off seeing another Hollywood film for a year. I did some research on Dragon ball and i have a few minor complaints: Goku is an alien with a fucking tail tail who looks like an asian and in this film he is a fucking white American kid without any tail and apparently he is human instead of an alien. What happened to Piccolo`s ears they were pointed in the anime however here they dangle lower down his face. What the fuck is the flying thing Piccolo is on? Why is mai working for piccolo? Why is Bulma a warrior? Why the fuck doesn't Master Roshi tell Goku that they are aliens not make it sound worse by saying Piccolo is a god! Why the hell is Master Roshi so young? Instead of Goku going to kill Piccolo with his powers before he gains the Dragon balls Goku lets Master Roshi teach him a bunch of crap martial arts moves while piccolo gains all but one dragon ball and leaves it till the solar eclipse which will destroy the earth for a final fight? Mai is a fucking shape changer! At 00:57 seconds in i leave the room its a fucking transforming piece of shit that Bulma magically finds on the ground! At 01:09 why doesn't Goku help or is he just leaving it to make sure Hollywood has a fucking chick fight in this film! This film has been in development since 2002 and has only been made due to a rise in money from the franchise and because Hollywood are running out of idea`s. Examples of films in a few years: Almost all of these will suck except possibly Harry potter if they do it right Friday the 13th (Remake) Scanners (Remake) Harry potter and the deathly hallows parts 1 and 2 (Each separate films) David and Goliath Noah`s ark (Didnt they do this with Evan almighty?) Spyro Saw VI Saw VII Saw Final chop (However this will be a prequel) Saw Beginning (A new start for the franchise!) Toy story 3 Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li And last but not least Terminator salvation (the start of another three terminator films without Arnold) Like the lame events of Harry potter and the half-blood prince this movie was not bound to fail but will fail because of Hollywood`s attempts to earn more money. Boycott both films!

Scorpio on Dec 20, 2008


Scorpio, Most of that 'rant' is fair, a dragonball (Z) fan myself i can see why it is frustrating but at the end of the day it is the directors 'adaptation' just like oliver twist, its someones veiw, only one thing you mentioned is ok in the film, At 00:57 seconds in i leave the room its a fucking transforming piece of shit that Bulma magically finds on the ground! is that not what bulma and capsule corp develop? like trunk's spaceship in DBZ

Perfect Lee on Dec 20, 2008


Hey Scorpio, I'd just like to point some other things out to you... "In this film Goku is a fucking white American kid without any tail and apparently he is human instead of an alien." The film's interpretation of Goku will most likely be an alien, if the following is anything to go by... First, a test-run of Goku's Oozaru/Great Ape stage... And this... "Good news. FOX has informed me that the previous photo of Goku’s Oozaru form was only a temporary test. They went on saying it wasn’t official and is NOT the final look for him. When the end of the year hits, we will probably see the true form along with several other promo pictures, so look forward to that. And we should all remember that when leaked pictures hit the internet, we shouldn’t take them seriously since they can be quite misleading." Continuing on "What the fuck is that flying thing Piccolo is on" An airship of some sort, it seems. King Piccolo travelled in one in the Dragon Ball anime, aswell. "Why is Mai working for Piccolo?" Maybe she got smart and traded up from that useless dwarf Pilaf. "At 01:09 why doesn't Goku help? Or is he just leaving to make sure Hollywood has a chick fight" Ok, this is one i take issue with. Need I point at that the chicks engaging in the fight look EXACTLY THE SAME? As for Goku not helping, confusion over who the real Chi-Chi would be tends to do that.

soul_reaver265 on Dec 20, 2008


My god, i'm tottally offended with their choice for Chichi, she's nothing like you'd expect Chichi to be, Chichi should be beautiful but more like a geisha rather than a prostitute, plus the woman has one line in the trailer "Who are you" and she makes it look like she's been dubbed for a bruce lee movie. And to soul_reaver265, check your eyes because the two girls at 1.09 are clearly two different people, the hint is in the boobs and the clothing, oh and the face gives it away too. This movie has got to be a straight to dvd thing, or a tv series, i will be morally outraged and will stand outside my local theatre with a picket sign if this is actually something that goes to the theatres. Bulma looks like Amy Winehouse with guns, Yamcha looks like an old man, Goku's Kamehameha looks cheap and Chatwin looks like crap doing it. What's all this nonsense about prophecy and full moon, honestly it's like ramsay read the first volume of dragonball and gave up. unless there hinting that if they dont find it by the full moon then Goku will turn into an oozaru then please get them to change it quick. The only decent thing in this crappy crappy trailer is hands down Piccolo, James Marsden is doing a wondeful job, unfortunately they even had to give him a sucky line "With this dragonball, i take my vengeance, on the earth", i mean WHAT????

Gordon on Dec 20, 2008


Omg im going to cry. They just killed Dragon ball. Doesnt this remind anyone of xmen?and what the hell happened to piccilo. im just going to cry... curl up in a ball in the corner and cry. i just cant believe this.

Ryan on Dec 21, 2008


"The only decent thing in this crappy crappy trailer is hands down Piccolo, James Marsden is doing a wondeful job, unfortunately " I agree about Piccolo but it's Marsters not Marsden unfortunatley this will happen alot during promotion. they even had to give him a sucky line "With this dragonball, i take my vengeance, on the earth", i mean WHAT????" I dont think the dialogue is off, what expect himto say Hello everyone my name is Piccolo. what the problem with this?

mike on Dec 21, 2008



Solace on Dec 21, 2008


Why have 190 commented on this trailer? Shit ... 191...

mrbobbyboy on Dec 21, 2008


Perhaps they will spraypaint this white dude's hair with gold paint when he turns supersaiyan.

Alex on Dec 21, 2008


"My god, i'm tottally offended with their choice for Chichi, she's nothing like you'd expect Chichi to be" Are you retarded? Is that what you have to say after seeing that gigantic piece of shit? This whole thing is a fucking joke. It doesn't look like dragon ball at all. The only thing in common with it it's the name. Only a dumb fuck would go to see this movie.

bobo on Dec 21, 2008


True fan or not just recognize bad when you see it...put aside all the crazy stuff that don't tie in.. one of the most important thing in a movie is characters: if the main character Goku is lame...u do not need to go any further..out of every actor really why did it have to be him..??.. master roshi???...looking like he is 40, played by a serious actor???... this is mos def one for the moviegoers and not the fans... stories can be different ..yes i agree...but characters mean everything and that's just not there at all..not even close

sean on Dec 21, 2008


hahahahahahahahahaha. Looks like a DOA Sequel or spinoff or some shit

Andrew on Dec 22, 2008


If you don't know anything about the DB series, it looks like another white man martial arts movie. *shrugs* I'll DVR it when it comes to cable.

Level headed on Dec 22, 2008


How can some of you be defending this peice of garbage. Since when were the dragonballs mystical balls of energy that allow a pleather clad piccolo to lay waste to a city instead of a set of magic balls that call forth a wicked bad ass dragon who grants wish's. Where The F@#$ is Goku's tail. And, I'm sorry if I missed this but I'm pretty sure that the fighting style in the show differed a little more from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Master roshi is supposed to be old Who the hell are these Mystic's It looks like Goku's not even a saiyan Since when was there a "Choosen One" element to dragonball Where are picollo's anteni and What the hell is worng with twentith century fox I have officially lost faith in cartoon to live action movies.

Tyler J on Dec 22, 2008


i just wanted say ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and DAM DAM Dam, AND ONE MORE THING at least this movie will not suck NOT!

ill will on Dec 22, 2008


Here's what I think this movie will be. From DB point of view: Crap. As just a movie: Pretty decent.

Lauren on Dec 22, 2008

198 just so angry man please someone give me the money ill make the movie right.....i promise teenage goku and grandpa gohan wont be alive at the same time....i promise master roshi will be bald with a moustache and shades .....i promise that goku will start off as a kid with a tail....i promise evil piccolo will have tentacles....i promise the dragon balls will be created by kami

WTF!!! on Dec 22, 2008



WTF!!! on Dec 22, 2008


wtf? why the hell are you being so effing negative. dragonball z is supposed to be ridiculous! the show has effing bears that talk for chissakes! and any show that names its characters after food (gohan, vegeta), genitalia (chichi), and countless other random objects (trunks, oolong) is gonna be wacked out. but if you can love a show like that, then where does it say you can't love a movie that's gonna be just as ridiculous?! so give the goddamn thing a chance!

sam on Dec 22, 2008


To Gordon: I have no doubt that the girl Chi-Chi is in reality a stuntperson (although as far as the movie is concerned, as the trailer reveals, its Mai in disguise). I was simply pointing out a reason as to why Goku was not lending a helping hand to Chi-Chi while she and her double were fighting, because he couldnt figure out who the real one was. Also, in regards to your comment about Chatwin "looking like crap" while performing the Kamehameha..Well Im not going to say its an unfair comment, but you try acting out a Kamehameha without looking silly. I'm not going to bother adressing most of the other complaints I've just read, because I've heard them all a dozen times over on various message boards, and Im downright sick of hearing/reading them. Like Sam said, Dragon Ball is MEANT to be ridiculous, and as I've said countless times before, taking the anime as it is and bringing it to a live-action format wouldnt fly. Considering the small budget of this film and the material chosen for the adaption, I would say that a good job has been done in bringing Dragon Ball into the big screen. In closing, I get why everyone is bashing this, I well and truly do, but if you want to see the anime, then stick to watching that, because thats what its there for.

soul_reaver265 on Dec 22, 2008


Oops, typo alert, meant to say that Im aware the girl Chi-Chi is *fighting* is a stuntperson

soul_reaver265 on Dec 23, 2008


Dear God, shut the fuck up soul_reaver265! Let us flame, the movie is gonna be a piece of shit, even the almost-no-budget live action they did in the 90's in Japan (?) was better, and more attached to the storyline and original characters... Just an example, at 0:55, Goku shouldn't say "Oh...", he's supposed to be an ignorant KID from the mountains... in the manga and in the anime he acted like "HOLY CRAP!!" when he first saw a capsule, now they're all too clichè and too americanized... it's gonna be even worse than Wanted!

Finrandi on Dec 23, 2008


Hey now, I didnt mean the comment about sticking to the anime in an antagonistic fashion, and if I came across that way, I apologize. All I meant by it was that if the film so irritates people to the point of ZOMG! THEY RUINED MY CHILDHOOD!, then they can easily avoid watching the film and stick to the anime and manga they so enjoy. Furthermore, Ive said in the past that I cannot stop people from hating the film, but its being made and no amount of flaming and whinging and moaning from the fans is going to make it magically disappear.

soul_reaver265 on Dec 23, 2008


And by the way, the Dragon Ball adaption youre talking about, "The Magic Begins", was made in the 80's.

soul_reaver265 on Dec 23, 2008


what a load of crap! ah man this could top street fighter on the shit list!

B_Man! on Dec 23, 2008


Just Look at the picture at the top of this page and tell me that the mere concept isn't about 5 or 6 years past it's prime... It doesn't even look intriguing, and granted it's in the eye of the beholder but COME ON... This feels a lot like MK Anihilation or a big time wrestling match you already know the end result of. This is by no mean a knock on the actors or director, but rather directed at the studio to taking this long, because it's a dead deal.

j money on Dec 23, 2008


you people are hillarious... complaining that mystics did'nt make the dragon balls, and goku not having a tail, and all these little specific things. First of all, have you seen goku naked in the film yet? no... it could be wrapped around him, 2nd. Who's telling the story about the dragon balls and the msytics, roshi... In the original books, roshi did actually think that the dragon balls WERE CREATED BY MYSTICS. They had no clue about nameks at that time, and how they were first created by him coming to earth. Jebus if your gonna cry about the story not sticking to the lore, why dont u actually read it yourself instead of whatching dragon ball ZZZZZZ on tv. Z explained alot of things that were not yet known in the dragon ball era. Yes it's not perfect but to complain about those little things when you're the one who's mixing up time lines is just dumb.

Pascal on Dec 23, 2008


Anybody saying that crying or child hood being raped by this film is retarded God this fucking cartoon ; average at best not Citizen Kane. You guys a biggest whining pussies I've ever had the displeasure listen too!

MJC on Dec 23, 2008


I.....I don't know what to feel about this. But I can say one thing: Does anyone remember Final Fantasy:Spirits Within? This is just like that. I rest my case.

A girl weeping on Dec 23, 2008


Yo, 212! Foul play with the FF:SW! I don't know what you were looking at, but that is not "crushing" or "ruining" the FF-whatever! All the Final Fantasies, save X/X2 and all the Advent Children shite, are COMPLETELY different stories. Spirits Within is just fine.

Lauren on Dec 24, 2008


How was that "foul play"? Yes, I am fully aware that each FF game is set in a separate time and place, with different people. And, yes, the stories are different in each one. But, essentially, they all had the same feel. BUT, FF:SW completely threw everyone off. It was EXTREMELY unrelated. The story was confusing, and it wasn't at all involved with the FF universe. AT ALL. That was one of my many big disappointments in this world.

A girl weeping on Dec 24, 2008


God Awful. I honestly don't see this movie doing well. It'll probably be pulled within 3-4 weeks from most theaters. They already messed up by not pleasing the fans. Once word gets out how bad it is I HIGHLY doubt they'll be grabbing the attention of newcomers. Seriously, how many people do you think would just go for this? Not enough to make a profit. I'm sure there will be some curious viewers early on but after that sales will take a nose dive. This shouldn't of even been attempted, and the director is obviously not familiar with the series. Even if it wasn't a Dragon Ball film, it would still flop because the story and action just seems pretty damn whak. As if Dragon Ball doesn't have a bad enough rep with everyone referencing the Anime INSTEAD of the Manga (omg he charged his lazor for 4 episoeds n then swalload it, this is totaliez 4 kids) now they're spewing this garbage out. Good work Hollywood.

cHaotix on Dec 24, 2008


After watching that trailer the only thing I can think of is Goku asking "Where can I charge my iPod?", seriously it's that bad. :[

cHaotix on Dec 24, 2008


They totally ruined the story line. It doesn't stay true to the original. Also, where is the comedy? Dragonball was an action comedy manga/anime.

bro on Dec 25, 2008

216 my age old nickname implies ...I'm an old DBZ fan who was really hoping for more of the original storyline. Well realizing that the series was way to long from db, dbz and dbgt to really get the story in its original form, I will just have to wait and see what they make of it. But is does look decent.... not what a old fan wanted BUT.....u never know!

dbzfreak on Dec 26, 2008


HOLY HELL!!! i only watched this trailer because the link implied it was so bad i had to watch it! if anyone watched this trailer with any hopes that this would be any good is a freaking idiot! how could FOX (the crappiest studio) turn dragonball z(the crappiest cartoon ever) into anything remotely close to an even decent film! shame on you people defending this...

Jack December on Dec 26, 2008


*Snicker* It's like... it's like Power Rangers, only they fight in "hip 'n' happenin'" teen form instead of in costume.

Zarena on Dec 26, 2008


This is gonna be so awesome!!!! All I have to say is watch out Dark Knight......!!!!! I go to the School for the Drastically Sarcastic

Mike on Dec 26, 2008


its because of morons like the people defending this shit scrapped off some directors ass . that we get so many crappy movies. seriously if they are going to make a movie from a cartoon make it LIKE THE CARTOON . if they weren't so lazy they could make this awesome!. everything in this movie is incorrect from the series except the fact that they are on earth. the series started going downhill mostly with GT . and Goku could have been a kid . if they went to the start. I'D rather watch a Dragonball z .movie with better fucking actors some better animation instead of stupid slow motion and HAVE KRILLIN! and Yamcha Tien .And Vegeta!!! AND CELL AN FRIEZA ! AND SUPER SAYIAN!! COME ON FOX TRASH THIS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eddy on Dec 26, 2008


Boycott this movie...Its time to take a stand against shit like this! Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott !

Boy Cotter on Dec 27, 2008


They should have let Luc Besson make this movie and do it all silly kitschy scifi-ish Fifth Element Style with Asian French models and one scruffy male actor, who is not Goku, as the main characterto all the insanity. Goku will in fact be female and the scruffy male's love interest. Worked for 5th Element (which had a very anime/manga-like feel), could work for this film too and be better than the trash they will probably release. Better a movie be cult like and bad vs just plain bad.

Obsidian Punk on Dec 27, 2008



DIOS on Dec 27, 2008


I just don't understand why they have to alter the source material. I just about smashed my LCD when Justin Chatwin said, "cool" after the capsule bike formed. Complete and utter garbage. Fox is a cunt! Burn the source reel and let this catastrophe be forgotten forever.

Kakkarot on Dec 27, 2008


well im pissed

neonblue on Dec 28, 2008


When i first heard about a live action film, i was really excited, then i heard that Oolong and Puar were being left out, then i find they have replaced the original Goku (who was originally 10 years old) with some 20 plus year old man. If there is one thing for sure, straying to much away from an original story line, the end result is bound to be a let down.

Teshiie on Dec 28, 2008


As I said before, its seven different shades of cool that there are so many out there who are so passionate about defending the Dragon Ball franchise, but in all brutal honesty, none of you hardcore fans would know how to make a plausible and decent live-action Dragon Ball movie if your asses depended on it, since you would all cave into your inner fan and irrationally demand that every single god damn thing in the film be a picture-perfect duplicate of the source material, as opposed to thinking about the whole ordeal logically and realistically, and take things like budget into consideration. One thing that I get really irritated by is when people start spouting bullshit like "Youre not a real fan if you defend this movie"..News flash: The thing about being in a fanbase is that every single person within that group has their own level of dedication to whatever it is they are supporting, and as this page has clearly shown, some are more rabid than others. Should anyone be labelled as being unfaithful to the franchise for looking forward to and supporting this film? FUCK NO! To quote a letter written by Akira Toriyama himself, which was read out by Masako Nozawa at this year's Shonen Jump Festa, this is "a new kind of Dragon Ball". One which he approved of after seeing what was being done with it and seeing the cast. That said, it doesnt get any more authoritive than that. The very creator of Dragon Ball supports this film, and I wonder if any of you can muster the stones to trash this and still call yourselves real fans in light of such information. People can complain and whinge about the film all they like for all I care. As I said, I will not hold it against them. However, when all is said and done, it does not do anything to alter what has been set, nor does it prevent the film from being released. The best all you haters can hope for is that there wont be any sequels. 20th Century Fox and everyone else involved in the project are not forcing any of you pessimists out there to watch this film, and the sad thing is that the vast majority of you are acting like they are holding you at gunpoint and demanding that you fork over your cash to them. Furthermore, they not overwriting the anime and manga that you all so dearly cherish in exchange for making this film. The truly sad thing is that when it comes to live action adaptions of popular properties - wether it be this or any other property like Transformers - you fans will always cry like unfed babies because the adaption in question is not a 100% carbon copy of the material its being based off of. Sure, this film does look very cheesy, I wont deny that, but the simple and honest to christ truth is movies like this are not always made strictly for "true fans", and were this movie put in the hands of said fans, it would be twice as cheesy and far more absurd than it does now. No two ways about it. Much like the live-action Speed Racer film, you would witness a cartoon come to life, and in the case of Dragon Ball it would bomb even faster than Speed Racer did. With the film in its current state - which appears to be a fusion of story elements from Dragon Ball with the more serious tone of DBZ and some character elements from that series (such as putting Goku in high schoo a-la Buu Saga Gohan) - it can be taken more seriously as a live-action experience within the eyes of the broader audience that this film was primarily intended for.

soul_reaver265 on Dec 28, 2008


@soul_reaver265 You know, no passionate fan of Dragonball would want to turn the legend into a live-action. True, people may talk about making a live-action, discuss who would be the right actor for who, how to make a certain effect, etc. But that's all restricted on paper, and that's the way the world wants it to stay at. Earlier back in the year when people don't know too much how it turned out, you may still have a point about branding people as unfaithful for supporting this movie being unreasonable, but now.... You have to be pretty unreasonable and unfaithful for supporting this atrocity that will cause widespread pollution by giving people the wrong impression of Dragonball. And don't try to boost the legitamicy of this garbage with Toriyama's letter. Don't forget he is still in the clutches of those greedy executives of Shueisha who don't give a damn about the masterpiece their own company created. That letter with words of praise is just another sign that Toriyama is in a state where he can only rage but cannot speak. Besides, as the saying goes, the vision of the people is clear as crystal, and from the worldwide outrage at this cinematic atrocity, it is obvious that the true fans who chose to protest the movie has made the right choice. Oh yeah, you're still going on over that thing about "not being made for fans"? Please, the majority of the world are the fans.

PWO on Dec 28, 2008


Yahmh...Uhm....ok...well, it looks decent enough....but i still insist that dragonball is a manga, not ready yet for live-action. im just going to see it in case they really fuck it up.

XD Reyes on Dec 28, 2008


"And don't try to boost the legitamicy of this garbage with Toriyama's letter. Don't forget he is still in the clutches of those greedy executives of Shueisha who don't give a damn about the masterpiece their own company created. That letter with words of praise is just another sign that Toriyama is in a state where he can only rage but cannot speak. " OMG now you can read Toryamas mind & know what he thinking? How could possibly know this?

MJC on Dec 28, 2008


soul_reaver265 u are an imbecile, and u really sucks!!! people like u, makes this world an horrible place to live.... And i pressume u are a employer of the 20th century fox... Or maybe u are blind... or just a simple imbecile...

DIOS on Dec 28, 2008


MJC dont be an asshole... And if Toriyama had wanted an dragonball like "this", well, from the beginning would have created in this way... and dont fuck with my poor english...

DIOS on Dec 28, 2008


wow you guys are good... you can pull the entire plot of a movie from 2 minutes of random clips...

HeathB on Dec 29, 2008


this movie would have been made for your kids if you had actually stopped worshipping Goku long enough to get laid... to the fanboys... give it up to the rest... STFU you have no idea what your talking about I'm familiar with the original stories and the bastardized American version most of you seem to be holding as true This movie was made to get a new generation into the basic idea of the story... they, much like most of us will explore the story(ies) from there... let them enjoy or hate it can't belive adults are getting their panties all bunched up over a movie get away from your computer and go get laid... please... for everybodies sake

HeathB on Dec 29, 2008


The only way the Dragonball franchise can work on film is if they make it into a "Lord of the Rings" type fantasy, not a corny Martial Arts movie. DBZ has all the elements of a fantasy quest: backstory, long journeys, different races and of course a fellowship of friends. This film's gonna suck...

Google The Oct8pus on Dec 29, 2008


i wonder how long will fox choose to keep this up i mean really first off its not a good move to make a dragon ball movie and second the designs and plot is terribly lame and you cant even consider it comicbook or hollywood material

Dwayne on Dec 29, 2008


Energy wasted folks, try re-directing....solve a crime.. stop bad guys...whack off... DO SOMETHING

Boomer on Dec 29, 2008


Hooooly Hell - I don't think there's a word in the English language that could possibly describe how atrocious this movie looks...

Allen on Dec 30, 2008


In the extremely unlikely event that I ever get a job working for 20th Century Fox, I would make damn sure they gave me a job that didnt involve coming to places like this. While I stand by my earlier remark of how great it is that there are people out there defending the Dragon Ball franchise, the extent to which they take that love is, I oftentimes find, downright disturbing (you need only take a look at questions like "Why isnt Vegeta in this film?"...WHY THE HELL WOULD VEGETA BE IN A MOVIE BASED ON THE ORIGINAL DRAGON BALL???). Hence the comment about how silly a live-action Dragon Ball movie would look were it placed in the hands of the hardcore fans. That is all I wish to say in regards to that. I have been a fan of the Dragon Ball franchise ever since I first laid eyes on it in 1999, when I saw Episode 18 of Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon Network at my best friend's place. Needless to say, it was the English Dub - courtesy of Ocean Studios. In the years that came and went, I became well aware of Dragon Ball's already established worldwide fanbase, and if you actually pay attention to my last post, you'll notice that what I said was that THE FILM WAS NOT MADE STRICTLY FOR THE FANS! By that, I was reffering to the already established fanbase. Bottom line: Like HeathB said, much like Marvel Comics and their Ultimate Marvel series, this movie was made in an attempt to introduce brand new viewers to a brand new spin on a classic story. Furthermore, when all's said and done, its just a movie. Nothing more, nothing less. Wether or not members of the already existing fanbase want to see said movie or berate it or whatever is their choice, and i shall not begrude them for that, for I respect that. And for the record, I actually liked the Speed Racer movie. I not once outright said that it sucked, both as a movie and in terms of faithfulness to the source. I merely spoke negatively about it in regards to its box office earnings, which were moderate at best. That said, I pose an honest question: You have 12.3 million at your disposal (the exact amount the Speed Racer movie was filmed for, according to Wikipedia) and the go-ahead to make a live-action Dragon Ball movie. How would you do it? Would you change anything? Would you even consider just how silly some things would look in live-action? I am curious as to all your responses 🙂

soul_reaver265 on Dec 30, 2008


@ 241 soul_reaver265 If people ask where Vegeta and Trunks are then I would think they arent hardcore fans as they claim. Dragonball is meant to be silly not as serious as DBE is (heh I just wanted to abbrivate it) to root it in the real world seems to just make it another martial arts movie (which is why I'm going to go see it) they some what removed a lot of the fantasy aspects of the series and the world Goku and friends inhabited which to me is important. The perverted Master Roshi (which maybe the Roshi in this movie is and they havent showed it...but then again with all the negitive press would've been a good idea to show one character is right) the flying cloud nimbus, Kami, mr Popo, emperor Pilaf aall those things made DB special and fun imo If i got to make a DB movie i think I'd stick a little closer to the manga (never watched the anime) I'd cut somethings here and there for times sake might even make it a trilogy. DB1: Goku and gang hunt for the Dragonballs bump into emperor pilaf the red ribbon army. Yamcha and Paur and Oolong, chi-chi and the Ox king. end that movie at when Goku turned into the giant monkey and the dragon was first summoned adn the gang go there seperate ways DB2: Goku goes to train with Master Roshi meets Krillian. Introduce Lunch, Tein and Choatzu. Goku going to war with the red ribbion army is where it would end DB3: would close it out with emperor Pilaf, ninja dog, and Mia freeing Damein Piccolo and him trying to take over the world the DB fighters oppose him and ultimately defeat him but not before he spits out an egg. Goku goes off to train with Mr Popo in the hyperbolic time chamber we meet Karin, Kami, and Yajarobi. time passes Piccolo returns at the next martial arts tournament Goku and gang meet up few years older wiser yadda yadda. Goku and Piccolo big battle runs off with chi-chi the end I dont understand what makes it silly on screen compared to whats been seen before killer robots (terminator). dinosaurs in the modern age (Jarrasic park (if its spelled wrong I'm sorry)) people flying thru the air fireing ki blast at each other? (I have seen it before but where i have no idea) keeping it closer to the actual story is what makes it unique instead of a street fighter rip off sure there would be some problems (Goku's hair, Krillians nose lol) but they could be worked out (as in I wouldnt even bother with Goku's hair sorry I wouldnt I see that its impossible to translate into reality without looking stupid) as for Marvels ultimate line? well Marvel regualar is somewhat deeply rooted in the real world its self so its not much a departure for what came before. Fox could've had something really special instead of what they put together here another martial arts movie that nobody will remember in a couple of years FYI: was attacking you if it comes off like that some people are just sensitive I just like coming up with stories and wanted to say how DB could really work as a movie and why compared to this

samuel on Dec 30, 2008


Can you imagine if they made a live action Naruto Movie like 12 years from now? That's exactly what this trailer feels like. Plus waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much story to cram into a 90 mintue flick. what an abortion....

DUDE REALLY???? on Dec 30, 2008


NICE FUCKING STANDUP HAIR-DOO. These movies are teen-shit anyway. Balls & explosions, and a villain that will disappear at the end so they can make sequels. cunt cunt cunt. Who the fuck would read the 245th comment, what kind of nerd are you if you're reading my comment. Get a life, deek.

Phillip Latio on Dec 31, 2008


@ 242 samuel "If people ask where Vegeta and Trunks are then I would think they arent hardcore fans as they claim." I see where youre coming from, but the point I was trying to make there is that the question about Vegeta's absence from a movie that is based on a point in the Dragon Ball story that was created long before the character of Vegeta was even thought up, goes to demonstrate what I think is a part of the reason the general public dislikes Dragon Ball so much: Seriously rabid love from the fanbase. An example of what I mean is presented in the featurette "Goku vs Vegeta: Conversations On A Phenomenon". For those who havent seen it, its a bonus feature on the Ultimate Uncut DBZ DVD's and features Sean Schemmel and Chris Sabat talking about their experiences working on DBZ and their views on the characters they play. Interspersed with the interview snippets are clips of fans at conventions (or a single convention) and one particular girl was shown. This girl initially said that Goku was her absolute favorite character, then contradicted herself five minutes later when she was shown saying that she liked Vegeta more, because she was more into the badass type and that Goku was too whiny.

soul_reaver265 on Jan 1, 2009


for those who are bitching about this movie, who fucking cares. its a fictional movie based on fictional characters and events. its not your life story or someone close to you their fucking up so who gives a fuck. you losers need to get laid and get a life. its a martial arts movie with some sexy lookin females in it. im sold. plus you guys are saying this and that and you havent even seen it yet. your making assumptions off a two minute trailer. you say the movie doesnt have this and that. how the fuck do you know? come on guys stop getting butthurt. there are worse things that can happen in life.

Q on Jan 1, 2009


Movie looks good. This Alex Billington reviewer is obsessed with bashing Dragonball for some unknown reason.

JoseMP on Jan 1, 2009


After being a fan of the original cartoon series im dissapointed in this, but they have had to make it more commercial to sell it to a world wide audience, Goku is a stupid teenager that says 'cool' to often in the trailer, even though it is once. It's a crying shame this will be so bad when the creators of the cartoon made something great

Dan on Jan 2, 2009


The main prob in this film lies in its casting, Chatwin is clearly the best they could get for Goku at the time but im afraid it ruins the whole feel of the film before ive even seen it, he's a second rate actor and the film needs someone with a bit more experience. Fox have also strayed from the source material a little, which i can forgive as it would have added much more to production costs to have dinosaurs running around playing out comical scenes with beloved characters. I agree with former posts, theres far to much trendy kung-fu spinning in the air bullshit and if all the fights are on ropes ill be gutted. Chatwin can NOT pull of the KAMEHAMEHA as the trailer revealed which does not bode well for future sequels. One saving grace could be the prospect of how good a fully CGI Frieza would look, kind of a white silver surfer, if they pull that off then fair enough fox. What most Dragonball/Z/GT fans loved was the high powered battles between the big boys..frieza, vegeta, cell, etc and i just cant see this film getting to that stage and in a way i hope it dosent because if they got to re-enact the Gohan/Cell mini arc (where he realises his true power and goes SSJ2, the best bit of the whole damn show by a country mile) and they mess it up, id have to go down to fox studios and go a bit rambo.

BigVegetaFan on Jan 2, 2009


It actually doesn't look so bad. Every adaptation is going to be worse then the original source. Coming from books to video games, cartoons, etc. Even though they usually are "good" movies (to audience that knows nothing about the source), the fans are outraged and dissappointed. Its how it is. (i.e. My girlfriend and I saw Eragon together. She thought it wasn't bad. SFX were up to par. I on the other hand read the book and was utterly dissapointed. [Eragon is still the worst adaptation that I have seen yet]) So in my opinion, those fans need to loosen up, open the mind a little bit. The movies are the good, you just have to look at it for what it is. A form of entertainment.

Dyi on Jan 2, 2009


@ DYI This movie is going to be the same thing as Eragon. Eragon wasn't a horrible movie, but compared to the book it was horrible. And they killed any chance of a sequel really. I don't think this movie will be a bad movie, but by the standard that a lot of people hold the anime to it will be.

Joeb on Jan 2, 2009


OMG!!!!....Kung-Fu Hustle was a better Dragonball movie than this piece of shit will be....Wheres Stephen Chow....

Kryptic on Jan 2, 2009


To defend the MILLIONS of people who hate this so much, aswell as myself, i need to point out that a Dragonball movie (and much more so a DB Z movie) has always potential to become an Epic film!! It could've been up there with Lord of the Rings and 300 in terms of visuals, Had The Dark Knights intensity along with the classic humour that made the show a lil light-hearted. I had dreams of seeing a masterpiece made from DB and DBZ but all we're getting is this heap of utter crap that downsizes and twists the story into just another flashy martial arts flick. I'll watch it though. On DVD. If someone else pays for it.

Ken on Jan 2, 2009


the problem with this film resides in the lack of effort in the producers and co's part ( not necessarily fox's fault.) THIS is why everyone is pissed off, not in that the movie itself looks horrible ( though that does play a major factor…) but just in the lack of effort.......seriously….think about, while I know it's nigh impossible to pick a cast that looks exactly like the counterparts they are trying to bring into life, the fact that they got a random looking dude like Justin chatwin proves that they really didn’t care or tried, I mean c’mon. Ignoring the fact that goku was still a kid around the point in time the movie is set up in and obviously isn’t the case in the film, Justin chatwin at no point will ever resemble goku, goku is built, never was he somewhat semi skinny average. But just built, (especially following the later dbz saga’s.) how the hell are you going to incorporate this effectively following potential sequal’s? trying to built him up is going to look ridiculous, and there are SO MANY better options than him. For instance’s, the guy that play’s clark kent in smallville, I mean sure, you would have to tell him to really amp up on his acting but the look fits as far as potential goku’s go. And also, roshi, holly fuckin shit, I swear it’s like they never taken a look at roshi in there lives. I mean seriously, even when they where going threw the dbz archives and etc…..for background knowledge how could they not get the obvious notion of what roshi looks like? The guy there casting isn’t old enough, nor bald nor with a long beard and SUNGLASSES, I mean holy shit, they REALLY were not trying. ( adding sunglasses at least would have shown they they where.) that, among other things, is what is pissing everyone off as while as myself. They made the series into a joke, but hey, what can you expect, dbz isn’t really as popular as say x men and superman and other American originated series, and as such, won’t really get the respect it deserves. For instance, in japan they made a spiderman movie with spidey fighting aliens instead of street criminals and with a motorcycle instead of web slinging, if that was done here the response would be incredibly negatively astronomical to say the least, there would be far more bitching than what the dbz fan cast are bitching now. So in conclusion and in response to an earlier quote that stated if “you could do better?”. Yes, I could, the standard isn’t that high so frankly, as long as you’ve seen the series and love it, you could do better as well. Oh and as for me viewing it? Sure, I will, but not in the threaters, no way in hell am I giving them any profit, I will either download it or wait for it to be shown on cable. ( not necessarily excited for the movie so I can handle the wait. )

manuel on Jan 3, 2009


oh and ps, adding flying cars and dinosaurs wouldn't have hurt, it's just not db without them.

manuel on Jan 3, 2009


people, its just a 1 minute clip and a teaser, do you really expect to see what you are looking for in a 1 minute clip? also it dragonball not dragonball z.

Ernesto on Jan 3, 2009


Alex Bilington can suck it. I think this looks pretty good.

DrPerky on Jan 3, 2009


With 259 comments of pure rage, this movie will definitely be seen by all 259 commentators.

Kail on Jan 4, 2009


Alex, suck it. Everyone doesn't have to agree with you just because you say so. Some people don't have high standards like you. I'll laugh if this movie turns out to be good. I'll laugh at all the douchebag haters out there.

Anon on Jan 4, 2009


Kail has a point

XD Reyes on Jan 4, 2009


i dont have anything against this movie except it could be so much better then what they made but just asking how many american made or even none american made movies with martial arts are all that great? I mean they are usually stright forward stuff any mainly fun to watch for the crazy fighting that goes on in them I'm no expert on martial arts movies just usually when i see a review no one really hoots and hollas about them otherwise then the action isnt that basically what this movie is? and someone said before that american film makers dont take such care with foreign properties as they do with american I totally agree but would like to see the spider-man they talked about any idea where i could find it

samuel on Jan 4, 2009


@260 anon Youre right, only ppl with good taste have high standards. People with low standards like yourself like shitty movies like dragonball evo. I dont blame you though, thats just the way you are.

napoleon on Jan 5, 2009


@263 I really don't think you need any standards to know if a movie is good or not. The only thing you need is to 1st watch the movie and that's it.

Ernesto on Jan 5, 2009


To be quite honest yes I am going to have to agree with the majority of you. From what I have seen of the previews it looks like this movie is going to be a flop. BUT, I am not going to let 2 minutes of footage ruin what could potentially be a decent movie (doubtful). Never the less, I will reserve my full comments until I see this movie and then bitch and moan like the rest of you.

Mike on Jan 5, 2009


After the mistakes in street fighter and mortal kombat they will mess up another classic. this movie will sucks. period.

Passamani on Jan 5, 2009


No intense & crazy fight scenes like in the dragonball Z anime? The fighting scene is slow and boring to me. 2 thumbs down !!!

Gabe on Jan 5, 2009


yikesss!!!! Dragonball movie should be made in CGI. Not real actor. It just doesn't capture the real spirit of the real Songoku. 4 thumbs down ( including my foot thumbs ) ... :((

Kamehameha on Jan 6, 2009



Jolligeta on Jan 6, 2009


@ 267 its just a 1 45 sec clip, wait for more material, before you make that assumption.

Ernesto on Jan 6, 2009


Well.. it doesn't suck as much as the first trailer. Piccolo still grey and you probably will laugh at Goku... but it's look pretty enough.

Stuff on Jan 7, 2009


@271 Look carefully, he is very green

Ernesto on Jan 7, 2009


@ 262 samuel You may be able to find the Japanese live-action Spidey series on Youtube. Or atleast the intro sequence. I have the full intro song on CD somewhere, and I think its pretty cool. @ 265 Mike Thankyou for opting to wait until the movie is out before complaining about it. 🙂 After all, trailers can easily give a bad impression of a potentially good film. Here is a leaked copy of the early script, back when the movie was still titled Dragon Ball Z. I've browsed through it and honestly, while I appreciate the effort that Ben put into his work, I'm glad the movie turn out like this. Oh sure, some things from this script still stick through to the finshed film like Goku being in high school, but other than that, not much in common with the actual film... Some examples... Everyone knowing what the Dragon Balls are, when in fact only a select few are privy to that information. Pilaf and co being Namekians in disguise (!?) The Saiyans and Namekians doing business with each other DRAGON BALL TRADING CARDS!!! I half expected Yugi Moto or Judai Yuki to show up at some stage

soul_reaver265 on Jan 7, 2009


Wait a minute, I understand everything now! Fox is trying to delay Watchmen so that this awful film doesn't get crushed by it. DAMN YOU FOX!!!!

Ajax on Jan 7, 2009


Eh im not saying this will be horrible but why does it stray so far away from the original...and couldnt they find someone better than justin Chatwin? hes so laid back and not funny at all like how i remember goku was...but w/e nice visuals.

Duelex on Jan 7, 2009


....not gonna waste my money...I'll download it illegally offline.

ChuckNatey on Jan 8, 2009


@275 Sometimes a ot of movies that are taken from comics have to, if you think about it if db was exactly like the manga it wouldn't make much sense to the average movie goer

Ernesto on Jan 8, 2009


man y the fuck didnt they start the first movie from the bardock special so everyone can see y goku came to earth that makes sense

b00g on Jan 9, 2009


Look at this Dragonball FAN Made Fight! This Special Effect are really like Dragonball (better than Dragonball Evolution) Dragonball Evolution looks like Shit compared to this!

Kage on Jan 9, 2009


Honestly when I saw the 1st trailer for this it kinda shook my faith in the idea. But I have come to the conclusion that as long as they keep the characters and their personalities it will all come out to be alright in the end. Really, I dont think that you can be perfectly true to the story, for one because you are condensing a whole series of anime into one movie, two because the story isnt gonna get anyone but the ppl who have already seen the anime before into the theaters, and three the people who have already seen the anime are going to have such a high expectation for what they already know that you can never please them. With all honesty have you actually watched for example the saiyan saga fully through? Most of it is Nappa shitting himself. In the end they have to make people like the characters and care about what happens to them. Most of dragonball and dragonball z was lotsa repeating of what they have already said before while getting to the next destination. A series of long drawn out conversations we have all heard before in between awsome fights. So god forbid that they try and make it more enjoyable for not only the fans but for people who dont know what the hell dragonball is. My fingers are crossed that it does well enough for sequels.

Zucrous on Jan 9, 2009


It could....COULD be good. But other than the names, outfit, attack and the doesn't seem much like the original. Dragon Ball Z and up all had fights that lasted forever but still had a light value to it. So I guess can't knock it til you try it.

Brit on Jan 9, 2009


Dragon Shit Ball!!

Pau Casals on Jan 10, 2009


Well I suppose they could've saved the best footage for the actual film (but who does that?), but this is one of the least impressive trailers I've ever seen. I don't want to pay to see this, so I'm going to pirate it. If it turns out decent, the big screen may be worth the money, but I sincerely doubt it.

Me on Jan 10, 2009



Harry on Jan 11, 2009


My only real beef with this film is the lack of Krillin. Krillin was my favorite character in both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, and he's always been a major player in the stories. His absence saddens me. Other than that, this looks like it would be a great adaptation of the original Dragon Ball story. And about Goku not being a Saiyan; he didn't find out about that heritage until the first saga of Dragon Ball Z, when his brother Raditz told him. So anyone who complains about him not being a Saiyan here in this movie is a complete and utter moron who should pay more attention to any girlfriends/boyfriends, real or imaginary, because you're obviously stupid, and don't know what you're talking about. That being said, yes, there are things wrong with this movie as it pertains to canon of the Original Dragon Ball. But what others have failed to realize is that this is an ADAPTATION. Nothing gets translated word-for-word when being adapted to a movie from another medium. Transformers worked, Speed Racer worked, Harry Potter has had issues, but has otherwise done fairly well. I don't have high hopes, but I will DEFINITELY see this film, and fuck everyone who wants to insult me for saying so.

TJ on Jan 11, 2009


Why is everyone complaining about the damn movie..okay as i fan i really have to agree with the majority of the people..they have changed the storyline...and okay its sad that krillin isnt in the movie,,and now when they didnt put krillin in the movie, what will happen if they make the android saga..:P wtf..i only have one thing to say...if they ruin vegeta in the next movie i will never never never never never see a live action movie of db again!!!!!!!!! but as it is now they movie looks okay:P...

Jolligeta on Jan 11, 2009


I saw a low-quality copy of that on Youtube ages ago. I was impressed because it was certainly one of the better fan-made works I've been, but at the same time, vids like that one go to prove how off-putting a live-action DB movie would be if it were more like the source material. Its a great effort, but no way would I want to see something like that in live-action.

soul_reaver265 on Jan 11, 2009


here's my opinion in a positive way, - The movie is not close to the original, sucks to see, but who cares we still got the anime - THANKS to this movie, maybe dragon ball (z & gt) will be aired on tv again which would be gr - Get to the movie with al your friends again because everyone líke's dbz - Maybe when it grows a big (new) fanbase the demand for games will be higher (think speeding up of the dragon ball mmorpg) but also in a negative way with alot of fckd up nickelodeon games. ok so some positive things said =D i dont even need to say negative things because everything is said already haha so, just go to the movie, let it suprise you, or laugh about it knowing fool well goku would never wear leather jacket spamming cool's in the air. i have a dream,

TIME FOR A CHANGE!!! on Jan 13, 2009


things they wont do Snake Way King Yama King Cold/(Meta)Freeza Return Red Ribbon Army Piccolo trainig Gohan Hyperbolic Time Chamber A pre-teen child(gohan) fighting the main villain(cell) Ginyu Force Krillin and Tien King Vegeta Grand Kai(and his planet, with Gregory and Bubbles if i remember correctly) Spirit bomb Scouters all of this will be left out over time, you watch. Im guessing this first film will be a setup for the series like the first x-men/spiderman/transformers which were all pants compared to what they should be, but they pulled it back with good sequels, i hope this is the case for Dragonball Ive been waiting for this film for so long that it would take something monumental to make it satisfying to me and i reckon a lot of other fans feel the same, fox were working uphill as soon as they signed up for the rights on this one.

Dont spoil my dreams fox on Jan 13, 2009


ok... I dont care what ever people say. this is not dragon ball, this is bullshit and shit sucks fucking ass, what were they trying to do? make fun of us? this is really bad

Dragonballevolutionsucks on Jan 14, 2009


For anyone who may actually be interested, are currently featuring what seems to be the US domestic trailer for the film. For the most part, its the same as the one on this page, although there are some new shots and the visual effects have been tweaked (Master Roshi's scene and Bulma's bike were the most noticable examples. The bike looks much better to me, but Master Roshi's scene was a change that I felt was for the worse) A nifty little thing I noticed is that the stars on the Dragon Balls rotate in a circular fashion. Look closely at the Four-Star Ball when it is shown, you'll see.

soul_reaver265 on Jan 14, 2009


this is a case of wanting to see it to see how big a steaming pile it will be as a fan of eva and cowboy bebop i hope some one grows a brain in regards to there live action translations BUT since i heard Keanu is gunna be Spike...idk

Xero on Jan 15, 2009


I'll say 1 thing... it COULD be worse. If you don't know ANYTHING about Dragonball Z... this might actually be worth watching if you haven't got anything better to watch.

Klawful on Jan 16, 2009


Everyone is forgetting about 2 smalls detail in all this. 1. This movie isn’t being made for you entertainment. It’s being made to sell tickets like most movies they take something that hit big then put out a real cheap spin off of it to make money and test the market. 2. The Japanese DB series was only big in Japan. the comp. FunIntimation is what put it on the world map. So to remake something into live action that was so big in a comic or cartoon is just plain dumb. look at the list of theses crap ass movies. spiderman 1 2 and 3 xmen 1 2 3 the Hulk superman returns iron man Also to call people names because the don't know the history of DB or DBZ is just silly And please also note DB wasn’t even close in sales as DBZ and most people don’t know DB from DBZ

spiddle on Jan 16, 2009


I'm pretty sure Kame made the dragonballs himself. There is also the fact that Goku in the movie is nothing like Goku in the series... and that is NOT how his training with Master Roshi was at all! If they're gonna do this, they should at least have Goku in control of his ape form and uh... include it.

Grope hero on Jan 16, 2009


I think that whoever made this movie has no idea what the hell Dragonball is even about. I didnt think that trailer showed that it had anything to do with the series whatsover. I dont remember roshi ever having so much of a role in the story at all. i guess since that guy was in that movie with that guy from the dude where my car bs movie they had to give him a big role. and he didnt look very perverted which is sad because thats what makes Kami-Senin.

Josh on Jan 17, 2009


DudE!!! This movie looks so horridly much like the second Mortal Kombat that I have to see it! Hooray for old technology. ^_^

Maiku the Paladin on Jan 17, 2009


Honestly i'll rather watch this one than the japanese version of dragon ball I swear if ya'll seen that one Ya'll be like what the fuck is this 1.Goku look like a girl 2.Theres a villain in there thats not in the series 3.oolong is in it but he's completely weird 4.I dont kno if that boy suppose to be krillin or yamcha Trust me look that movie up on or suttin and you'll c which one is better But i 100% agree that they shoulda sticked to the anime My idea is that they shoulda got every dragon ball episode from the piccollo saga Print out every script and put every thing together And go by the EPISODES IN ONE BIG MOVIE IN REAL LIFE!!!! Plus with the movie effects they got they should have made chatwin hair look like goku Since they do have a thing called WIGS!!!!! Im done lol

Santana on Jan 18, 2009


I would like to withdraw my comment #298 and let everyone know that.....I LOVE MOVIES!!! This movie is going to be the best thing ever. It will probably sell out The Dark Knight just because everyone is so pissed its going to suck everyone will have to see it. All of you people who said this movie is going to suck can go 2 heck! YOU ALL SUCK! I AM THE BEST AND WHATEVER I SAY GOES!

Maiku the Paladin on Jan 18, 2009


It's kind of sad. While at Fox, I found out that the D-Ball live action rights were available and my partner blabbed it to the president of the motion picture group. I was planning on getting the rights myself and taking it to the right people, but it was stolen out from under me- Dag Nab It! Damn its been like 10 years since then. The animated rights are controlled by the US syndication distributor, so Fox can't do an all CGI version.

Steve Lindsey on Jan 19, 2009


@48, *facepalm*

Chattwin on Jan 27, 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, set sail for fail straight to DVD.

Nerbomber on Jan 29, 2009


am a die hard dragonball fan i have seen everything even the originals and this does not look that bad. Although not the same as the series the best thing about dragonball is that it can constantly change. People where talking trash about casino royale and look how that turned out. So people stop talking trash about the movie lets go see it when it comes out and if you still hate it then talk trash about it. But for know i got to say this looks like a good movie

john on Jan 29, 2009


this movie is gonna suck ...who ever directed and who ever made up that seven mystic creating the dragonballs shit is stupid i think who ever wrote that shit has not even seen the first series... one tip stupid the person who created the dragonballs in the planet earth was (piccoro=piccolo) so before you make another mess thike this on another anime show make sure you watch it first or learn from it dumbass.... you guys have ruined the name of dragonball/z/gt....specially by giving it the stupidest subtittle ever you should of left it DRAGONBALL...and one question where did you get evolution from dip shits ,and where did you get that gay story about that eclipse and the planets destriction........ WHAT I MEAN WITH ALL THIS IS THAT YOU SUCK....LOOSERS

luis on Jan 30, 2009


This looks absolutely appalling. As a true fan of DBZ...How dare Fox take such an awesome creation and turn it into this...fucking disgusting.

Fuck FOx. on Feb 1, 2009


as an actoin movie it dont look to bad calling it bragonball come on give me a break ive read all the manga and watched EVERY last cartoon episode and theres just no way they can pull off a good movie out of this and besides half the shit in the trailer aint even how the real story happend so i dont know i still want to watch it tho :]

josh on Feb 1, 2009


This movie's outcome at the box office will tell us if more anime/manga movies will come out; for example, Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell.

Ryuu0470 on Feb 1, 2009


Ive been reading that Cowboy Bebop is next on the list of adaptions, with Keanu Reeves set to star. And for those of you who havent been keeping track of the film, you may be interested to know that "Rule" - the theme song for the movie - has been leaked out onto the web courtesy of Tokyo Nights. I have a Youtube rip of the song below, and Im pleased to inform you that you may rest easy knowing that the song is in Japanese.

soul_reaver265 on Feb 1, 2009


orz ermm...i saw chow yun fat~ xD comment..

= on Feb 2, 2009


Please Die hard fans, You cannot tell me this looks tolirable...not horrible. I have just about as much hope for any DBZ movie as the next fan. But please for the love of god can we just make a good movie based off any anime or video game. Why do they always go and try to make the story line changed up so much for a movie. Just my opinion. But geeeeezzzeeeeuuuuuuusssss!! please some on stop the madness!!!

Larry on Feb 4, 2009


ya have to c the new one on, omg it look like its gonna look good after all

Tana on Feb 5, 2009


If anyone is okay with this, they have serious issues. And TRUE fans would make Goku a KID like he's supposed to be, Roshi would have white hair, and Bluma's would be blue!!!! And Piccolo wouldn't look like the evil version of The Mask!!!!!

Korin-chan on Feb 6, 2009


What have you done, Hollywood? I know that y'all have to cater to the tween action-set slavering for soft-focus, blue-lenses and hotties, but leave my adolescence out of it. Somehow, I don't think they've kept the audacious, hilarious dialogue of the manga and the uncut series. Somehow, I don't think that Goku will be our Darling Rube, but instead sapped of all character in lieu of a pretty face and generic script. Somehow, I don't think Roshi will make Bulma show her tits for a Dragonball. All I see is CG, and I'm bored to death of that shit. And the fact that it's underscored with "Evolution"? What an arbitrary, inane buzzword. A little more DB, a little less Z.

9 on Feb 6, 2009


You all know as well as I do that short of a fan-made production and the possibility that the DB film franchise gets rebooted one day, we won't be getting anything resembling what the majority of the fanbase wants. Go and track down Ben Ramsey's original script for the film, from way back when this movie was still being pegged as a DBZ adaption. You'll see how much has changed between this finished film and that script. If you were making a DB movie that was closer to the anime in all aspects and ultimately didnt make any money from it, you would have a legitimate right to complain. If the movie took away all of the core elements of Dragon Ball, and I dont mean just some, I mean every single god-damn one, you would have a right to complain. But the simple truth is, none of us fans have any money invested in this. We are not the one's in charge. Fox is. And while this film is about as far from making movie of the year as Paris Hilton is from being taken seriously as an actress, the name recognition alone is going to help this movie make lots at the box office. I have seen the most recent trailer on Youtube, and comparing it to the trailer on this page, to deny that Fox is putting in effort at this point is to show supreme ignorance. As I have said before, I will not begrudge anyone who complains about the film, but in all seriousness, it doesnt do a damn thing to change what has been set. I also think that when it comes to things like this, people tend to confuse the words "ADAPTION" and "TRANSLATION". I compare this movie to Power Rangers, not as a way of insulting it, but in the sense that just like that show did with the long-running Japanese Super Sentai franchise, this movie has taken the concept of Dragon Ball and spun a new story from it while keeping a lot of important elements (although the circumstances by which they take place have been changed to suit the film format) Some examples, based upon what Ive gathered from the trailers and info from various sites (including, but not limited to, - Grandpa Gohan still dies, although this time apparently by Piccolo's hand - Goku still turns into the Oozaru beast, albeit by the solar eclipse mentioned in the trailer, it seems, rather than a full moon - Goku and friends meet due to the quest for the Dragon Balls - Goku still carries the Four Star Ball - Goku still recieves training from Roshi and ultimately battles Piccolo for the fate of the world - Capsule Corp and its namesake technology exist - Finally, and most importantly, the Dragon Balls themselves do exactly what they're supposed to do: Summon a big-ass dragon to grant a single wish once all seven are gathered. Also, going off a press kit I read on as well as a script review I came across on the forums of that same site that has sadly since been removed, there is nothing to say that the Goku in the film wont have atleast SOME elements of his traditional character (and yes, I KNOW whats been shown of him in the trailers, I've seen them aswell) In the script review, Goku is shown to still have a thirst for battle (vowing to beat Gohan after he loses the training match shown in the trailer, at which point Gohan jokes that beating an old man would surely be something to talk about), and answers a question wrongfully in class after his teacher snaps him out of a daydream about food. There's also the following exchange between Goku and Bulma from the script... Bulma - Ive looked under everything and theres no mention of Roshi in the directory. Goku - Have you tried Master. *Bulma gives Goku a blank look* Goku - M...A...S Bulma - I know how to spell Master! As you can see, there is still some of the naivety and dopiness that fans have come to expect and love from Goku. The fact that he is in high school is unimportant, since if Goku were an actual person in the real world, he would be there (not to mention, I once had a classmate in my Multimedia course who genuinely asked me what Ctrl-Alt-Del does, thus proving that getting an education doesnt nessecarily make you a genius). I also can say with a good degree of certainty that the general audience that the movie is made primarily for wouldnt be able to seriously get behind a little kid with a monkey tail and an I.Q so incredibly low that a retard looks smart by comparison. The fact that he is a teen in this movie also means diddly-squat because, for the umpteeth fucking time, he was a teenager when he fought and killed King Piccolo in the source material. 11 at the beginning of the series, and 12 by the time the first Martial Arts tournament we are shown rolls around (Goku explicitly states to Krillin that he thought he was fourteen before Launch taught him to count and he figured out that he was actually 12), leaving both Krillin and especially Bulma surprised). Considering that this very tournament ends with the date the event is held being changed from every five years to every three years - due to the popularity of the match between Goku and Master Roshi's alter-ego Jackie Chun- THAT would make put Goku at around the age of 15 by the time King Piccolo shows up. Seriously, do the god-damn math, people. To quote from the first part of the press kit - The Beginnings Of Evolution... ''The challenges in adapting Dragonball for the big screen were formidable, starting with creating a story that would satisfy the hardcore fans and introduce the world to non-fans. Inspired by the manga, director James Wong and screenwriter Ben Ramsey worked to achieve a mix of action, humor and character relationships for the new movie. “We strove to hit the right combination of the fantastic and the relatable,” says Wong. Ramsey notes, “The concept was to start off in a world that felt familiar, then gradually introduce the fantastic elements of Dragonball, so by mid-movie we are in full on Dragonball mode,” notes Ramsey. Wong continues "The biggest challenge in adapting a manga or animated series for a live action movie is reality. Once characters are brought to life by flesh and blood humans, the rules change, if ever so slightly. Animated characters can get away with a lot more than live action characters". ' People can complain all they like about the film, and while I dont blame them and will not hold it against them for I am not that sort of person, there is the undeniable fact that there is truth in what's being said, regardless of wether or not all of you who are firmly nestled in the anti-Evolution camp want to admit it or not. All this boils down to is a simple re-telling of the Dragon Ball mythos.

soul_reaver265 on Feb 6, 2009


Its not that its a poorly put together movie or that it wont follow a story. its that is so off the main story its not even funny. to tell you the truth i think id like this movie if i wasnt a dragon ball z fan. i just dont know how they could go so far off the story line.

Rick on Feb 11, 2009


well....I was a big fan when i was a kid....and they missed so much good material they could have used plus the characters looked like diarrea mixed with vomit and spit all over the place and they dont seem to even try and follow the story or at least make the characters look similar to the originals Roshi sucked ass....they could have gotten easily an actor that could look like him....and gokus hair just looks like a stupid retarded guy with long hair just got out of bed and was ready to save the world with that lame gay hair they gave him....his faces and pretending to be goku looks so fake that it is just a joke....bulma???? come one they could have gotten a hot girl for that role and bulma didnt even look asian in the cartoon wtf???? lame lame horrible!!! sorry...

Yesiyames on Feb 14, 2009


FUCK YOU, this movie is going to be awesome.

JS on Feb 22, 2009


FUCK OFF this movie is going to be awesome.

JS on Feb 22, 2009


Woops, I wrote that twice, well you get the point

JS on Feb 22, 2009


This movie is going going to be so terrible. I have never seen a movie less accurate in my life. Kami "God" was the creator of the dragonballs not 4 old fucks sitting at a table looking into a vase looking thing! Goku doesn't look gay Muten Roshi is not a crouching tiger, this movie has bad written all over it dude! If you look at the CG and the fighting sequences it definitly looks sub-par to what we are capable of in this day in age! I bet you ten bucks that Roshi's not even a perve and he won't try one time to sqeeze Bulma's boobs! or he won't read one swim suit magazine (that's the Roshi we know and love) This is bull shit, Fox you have made a mocary of one of the most, no, the most incredible revolutionary anime, manga of our time! people who think this movie is going to be awesome, you're nothing but sellouts who would rather see Dragonball Z sell itself down the river than watch it stand tall in it's original glory!

dforsee19 on Feb 27, 2009


this looks wack its not even worth shitting on

rij on Mar 4, 2009


wow this is gonna fail. I laughed threw the whole trailer. I have one thing to say... Why?

Alycia on Mar 10, 2009


OMG!!! BRILL!!! the fight between Mia and chichi is good =D And goku neally says shit untill he is knocked out XD Naughty goku, i have seen aload of clips from this movie and it is brill, i dnt see why they have choosed not so goodparts to put in the trailer O_o. But when goku flies its like O_O WOW!!!!! Esp with his Ki around him WIN!!!!!

X.:Stacey:.X on Mar 14, 2009


too bad its RATED PG...AKA its gonna SUCK

neocypher on Mar 28, 2009


change the movie title to "Dragoball Spoof" and everything will make more sense

danker on Mar 29, 2009


Hmm...You know I thought people were over the whole Dragon ball thing, I was sure it was Dragonball ZXSquared7thSuperUltraRevolution. Or something like that, don't get me wrong big fan of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, but after that I lost it, the movie looks uh....silly. Worth a download, maybe not a 3 dollar matinee purchase however. Should be funny, without the intended purpose of being funny.

Nemo on Apr 4, 2009


The entire idea of Dragonball is very much based on the notion that we are not alone in the universe. God(s), God, aliens, us, them, etc. The story of DB is the story of Earth and how it is saved by the combined efforts of all of the above mentioned entities. Dragonball incorperates all of those things and adds cool pewpew lazer beams and karate kicks, hence why it was so popular. To see FOX sell out just to make a film that is more appealing to whatever douchebag happens to be in the CEO chair this month is sickening. I think I'll watch the anime series again. It was good.

OGDBFAN on Apr 9, 2009


I'd pay to see a movie where hollywood once stayed true to the original vision. Until then: torrents and screw hollywood's profits.

OGDBFAN on Apr 9, 2009


Umm... One of the things Hollywood has yet to understand, is that the beauty of anime is it's interconnection with all media forms. Eventhough most storys begin from a manga and then become series, then movies, games, and so on; some start backwards. I mean, the anime is cool because it's great in every form, be it games, series, drawings or movies. So hollywood, you have to fuckin' realize: you can't do it. You are u.s americans with zero imagination (not "Americans" please, America is an entire fuckin' continent, you insult the rest of it when calling yourselves that), you just can't do it. So stop being lazy and try to come up with something new, for Buddha's sake. What happened with the old movie classics? All those directors must be very dissapointed and spinning on their graves. Finally, I like the series, I'm not a crazy fan, but even if I didn't know about the series, from what I've been told, I'd still sh1t bricks after seeing, and after reading all these comments, I'm afraid of even watching the previews, maybe I'll drown in a pool of my own vomit after 5 seconds of that sh1t.

akott on Apr 17, 2009


oh, I forgot... This should be everyone's reaction to it.

akott on Apr 17, 2009


wow.... they fucked up dragonball for life. FUCK YOUR FOX!!!!!!!

joe on Apr 17, 2009


@X.:Stacey:.X: Your shitty ass movie failed miserably at the box office. It only made 4.7 mille on opening day which landed them 8th place at box office. As of now, the movie made $ 52,245,681 and it’s still a failure b/c their budget was 100mille. however, some sources says the budget was 45 mille. I bet the most of the 45 mille was spent on chow yun fat. In conclusion, this movie couldn’t even beat hanah montana movie which is pretty sad. And it couldn’t even beat Fast and Furious and this movie came out a week a head of it. As for director james wong, all his movies suck balls. He couldn't even win an emmy for any of his movies. the only emmy he got was for X-files but this is for best series not MOVIES. I have yet to see james wong win an emmy for a movie and by looks of dragonball evolution, he won't receive any emmies anytime soon.

kon on Apr 23, 2009


Why is this movie about Dragonball? The storyline doesnt look like it. If they had just made it about something else, something like aliens or whatever it probably would have worked. I dont get it... Its like they wanted this to fail...

Why on Apr 28, 2009

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