Another New My Bloody Valentine 3-D Trailer - Look Any Better?

December 19, 2008

My Bloody Valentine 3-D Trailer

The one and only reason I'm adding this new trailer for Lionsgate's January horror flick My Bloody Valentine 3-D is because I've heard some good things from numerous sources. There have been a couple early screenings of the film and apparently it's a lot more violent and crazy than any of the trailers are making it out to be. The opening scene has something like 30 kills in it, or so I've heard. So with that in mind, and an admittedly better trailer here, I'm featuring this for everyone to enjoy. Although I hated the last trailer, I'm a firm believer in true entertainment, and I just hope this as good as everyone is saying.

Watch the new trailer for My Bloody Valentine 3-D:

[flv: 596 326]

For more info, head to the official website for the film:

My Bloody Valentine 3-D is directed by Patrick Lussier, a long-time horror editor and director of Dracula 2000 and White Noise 2: The Light. The screenplay was written by Todd Farmer (Jason X, The Messengers) and first-timer Zane Smith and is a remake of the 1981 classic horror flick of the same name. Lionsgate is debuting My Bloody Valentine 3-D in theaters everywhere on January 16th, 2009.

My Bloody Valentine 3-D Poster

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i know i've said i didn't like 3D before. but i think honestly, i don't want to pay extra for 3D. and the problem i have with 3D are the types that take something and then make it 3D. like Nightmare Before Christmas. that thing had like 2 or 3 3D gimmicks and then the rest was jittery footage set on different layers. i'd like for a 3D movie to just have things flinging at me left and right. and always have me in the environment. if we're in and office, but a freaking table or cabinet in front of me. have a fly bother me. i don't want to pay $3 - 5 extra dollars on top of a $10 ticket to see 3 things thrown at me.

crAziemutant on Dec 19, 2008


Did this trailer reveal anything about the movie or what it is about? All it did was show quick images with big words like sex, Violence, Scares, and Fun. I know this is just a 38 second ad, but it was a crappy trailer. More like a music video, IMO. First trailer was better.

The_Phantom on Dec 19, 2008


That was so dumb. Theyre not advertising the movie. Theyre advertising that it IS a movie. Wow.

-Peter- on Dec 19, 2008


OMG 3d is the future of movies, didn't you heard? 3d will blow your fuggin MIND. everything you see in 3d will be awesome! zomg, how do you not know this?!?!?!? 3d is the salvation of MOVIES!

tiki god on Dec 19, 2008


THis movie looks fucking horrible man!!! I hate remakes. But we live in "Generation EMO" so what did you exspect?!?!?!?!?!

REAL6 on Dec 19, 2008


Glad to know that I was right the first time around! Yea, this is going to suck, but I'll give it a chance in January...

Alex Billington on Dec 20, 2008


Christ who greenlights this crap?

Smiffy1 on Dec 20, 2008


U guys r looking at this all wrong. This was not made too be a horror classic. This was made too be a fun campy john carpnter esque horror film. On this level I think this will succeed

Moviemike on Dec 20, 2008


I dunno, I lol'd really hard at I believe Friday the 13th part.....3 I wanna say where it is in 3d, so maybe this will be funny but not good in any meaning of the word

Movieraider321 on Dec 20, 2008


Moviemike, your joking right? No way this is near any level of John Carpenter. 'Well from Ghosts of mars to his last movie now he fell off' You can't put him in the same category as this filthy. But Alex i agree with you. I'll give it a chance, when it comes to netflix or the library 🙁

REAL6 on Dec 20, 2008


at least the poster's slightly decent...bad approach by putting thid out three weeks before valentine's day. never understood why they do idiotic things like that

LeeMan on Dec 20, 2008


the trailer sucks. the movie will suck but you got to admit you will probably crap your pants if an axe or something was coming at your face.

Darrin on Dec 20, 2008


Liked the first one better.

Ryan on Dec 20, 2008


If you want to put a movie in 3D Make a porno in 3D Azz all in ya face make ya want to reacch out and touch it

AJ on Dec 21, 2008


Alex was swayed from his normal comments on a film in under 5 different views. This does not bode well for this website

Movieraider321 on Dec 22, 2008


I don't think it looks that bad at all. I kind of think it could be entertaining, my friends and I are going to get some weed before we see this though

JoJo on Jan 9, 2009


you are so right, seeing this wasted will make the 3D mad scary

Marci on Jan 9, 2009

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