Another New Trailer for Taken with Liam Neeson

February 4, 2008
Source: Official Website

Taken Trailer

I first discovered this French thriller back in December (watch that trailer) and have since been crossing my fingers, hoping that it would somehow make it to America. Another new full trailer for Taken has arrived, courtesy of the official website (, and it brings a new sense of excitement to the table. Liam Neeson stars in this movie co-written by Robert Mark Kamen (of The Transporter) and Luc Besson (of The Professional) about a father who goes on a manhunt after his daughter is kidnapped in Paris. Not only is this trailer cut amazingly well, but this movie just looks awesome.

Why the hell isn't this coming out in the US in February?! How long we do have to wait for this! Fox sadly has the US distribution rights - so I beg them, please bring this over here soon! Or else I'll have to fly to France myself in the end of February just to see this.

Watch the full trailer for Taken:

[flv:taken-full.flv 540 228]

Taken is directed by Pierre Morel, director of District B13 and long-time cinematographer, and is co-written by Robert Mark Kamen (Kiss of the Dragon, The Transporter) and Luc Besson (The Professional, La Femme Nikita, Fifth Element). The film does not have a US release date set by Fox, but is arriving in France in February 2008. The newest poster for Taken is featured below.

Taken poster

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I remember when I saw the previous trailer that was posted here two months back and let me tell you, I was "taken" when I saw it then, and I am "taken" yet again by this revised trailer! I love the way Liam acts while talking on the phone and the cutting back to him in fights and utilizing his "skills". From the way it looks, it looks like they've taken his daughter portrayed by Maggie Grace (from Lost) whom I almost didn't recognize at first with the dark hair to some sort of slavery ring or such. The fact that Luc Besson's name is on this along with Liam Neeson has me very excited to see this! I can't wait for North American release date for this one! Gotta love the French filmmakers sometimes! They can come out of the woodwork and just kick some serious ass! - By the way, the poster is brilliant!

Conrad on Feb 4, 2008


Looks really good but kinda confusing.

Ryan on Feb 4, 2008


Wow, the trailer looks really good. I can't wait to see this! Feels a bit like Oldboy in a good way =)

Andreas Climent on Feb 4, 2008


Wow, didn't see the "they're going to take you" after she hid under the bed part coming at all. This movie is going to be great. How can you go wrong with a story like this? The past works of the writers say enough about the quality of this film.

woogie on Feb 4, 2008


yeah woogie that theyre going to take you part was like wtf! but i guess he knows huh he must have given her instructions on how to lead him to her, wow it looks so awesome, i cant wait, in fact i wanna like find it on dvd or something since it probably wont come out here forever.

Richard on Feb 4, 2008


LOVE kind of movie....extremely violent ends awaiting the bad guys....hopefully it will be in the same frame of mind as "Man on Fire"....cant wait for this one...

cornholio_by_the_sea on Feb 4, 2008


Looks really good, very exciting trailer and gets me pumped to see what goes down (how he beats the hell out of these guys) lets hope it gets released here.

Curtis on Feb 4, 2008


I cannot wait for this to come out. wtf, why not february? please let them give a release date soon.

Keith on Feb 5, 2008


Alex & Keith - Why not February? Why don't we get the Hollywood films in the UK for sometimes up to a year? The promotion wagon rolls through one area at a time, I'm afraid you're just going to have to wait your turn like the rest of us.

pickle on Feb 5, 2008


its sad when the mainstream cinema goes fool with so much garbage like the ¨hanna banana ¨3d movie or met the spartans bullshit ,but good movies like this and ¨in brugees ¨goes almost unseen. make thinkwhat hell whats wrong with the human mind this days!!

takata on Feb 5, 2008


Enjoyed the previous one and the new one as well. Can't wait for a release.

heckle on Feb 5, 2008


I'll be looking forward to this one showing up on Pirate Bay before the US release.

grendel on Feb 5, 2008


Oh, I *love* Liam Neeson. This looks awesome! And I, too, cannot wait for it to make it to America. Why France gets it first, I'm not sure I understand. Curses!!!!!! It does look very much like a darker version (if that's possible) of "Man on Fire." Thanks for posting the trailer!!!!

Movie Lover on Feb 7, 2008


Anyone know the music in this trailer? This movie looks badass

Joe on Feb 15, 2008


I had the opportunity to watch this movie on Saturday 16th in France (for those who doubt it, it was displayed at the "Nuit de l'ESSEC" that night) and here are my impressions. I really didn't know anything about that movie when I took a sit, but to be honest, I've been... really impressed. Deeply impressed. Actually, I found Liam Neeson as particularly good in this movie (like in Schindler's list, but opposed to Star Wars) playing the ready-to-do-whatever-it-takes father looking out for his daughter. He acts convincingly this ruthless ex-special agent. The scenario is not the main point of this movie, however, it is convincing, supported by a good cast. The very strong point is the action sequences, which reflect Liam Neeson's way of dealing with things : ruthlessly. However, some people might find the movie far too violent... I shamely confess that I definitely enjoyed that heavy display of violence To sum up... I'm currently thinking of watching it again when it'll be released!

Fezvez on Feb 18, 2008


Did anyone else think that Famke Jannsen character in this film, reminded them of her role in "Don't Say a Word"? Just an observation.

Ariel Dejos on Feb 27, 2008



Ripper on Mar 8, 2008


I wish Fox would hurry and get it here. My neice plays the photo shop girl. It's her first project with a speaking part-two lines! It's a start.

dearran on Apr 9, 2008


Could you do me a favor? I am Japanese. I'm not good at English. but I had to do which is write down the taken's trailer lines. Could you write down for me? I'm not sure what am I hearing. like I don't know who you are, I don't know what you want... like that. from start to the end. just that trailer.. please..??

tiny on Apr 14, 2008


That looks good.

Dallas on May 18, 2008


saw the movie..... it's awsome 😀 it's even better than the trailer.... now it's the important part "they gonna take you" 😉

L2ary on May 23, 2008


been waiting for this movie for a while now. it will finally get released in the US on 19 September 2008.

trung on Jun 18, 2008


Just watched it. This movie was amazing.

Richard on Aug 13, 2008


I already own this movie and i gotta tell yea its AMAZING! if ur a fan of the Bourne series you will LOVE this movie!

Socalsoldier on Sep 7, 2008


I saw this movie in Mexico 8/23/08... It was great.. can't wait to see it again in the U.S.

Mexico on Sep 12, 2008


its so strange to see a trailer of a movie long released elsewhere, in theaters in america any ideas what the delay is with the US release?

Aderholdt on Oct 12, 2008


guys, maybe you can help me out, i just saw the trailer for Taken today in the movie theater and its weird because i live in florida, and i already saw this movie 2 months ago, and yes im sure its this movie, how the hell is it possible i saw this movie 2 months ago when its not even out yet?, by the way the movie would be rated 6.5/10 for me, and i know movies very well.

Jordan on Oct 24, 2008


Jordan, the movie has been released elsewhere in the world for a very long time, and for some reason, it is only arriving at the US now. It is a French film, so maybe you saw it elsewhere. Hope this helps

Aderholdt on Oct 24, 2008


Yes, the movie was leaked on the net a while back. AWESOME movie. It may be a 6.5/10, if graded on a wide scale, next to movie like Citizen Kane, but this movie is absolutely AWESOME. Right after I watched it I had to call some friends over to watch it again the very next day. Breathtaking and will really amaze anyone in suspense and action. DO NOT MISS THIS MOVIE!!!

Mark on Nov 20, 2008


already seen this movie. its awesome!!! reminds me of the movie man on fire, star denzel washington.

nEIL on Dec 4, 2008


I have already seen this movie and I assure you that it is really a great film. I recommend that you watch it in the movie house or you should have your home theatre to enjoy watching the movie.

Krypton15 on Jan 2, 2009


This movie must have been deemed too morally righteous when it came out in 2008 for the usual scatporn loving jewish hollywood execs to release in America. A typical hollywood yarn would protray the low-life drug pushers and pimps as the good guys and the boring white father as evil ruining everyone elses good fun. The Liam Neeson character would be protrayed as a racist, and the drug-lords would have the excuse of "just never being given a chance in the racist white privilege system". I have seen only the first half of this film, it is awesome.

anti-zionist on Jan 7, 2009


I think they think that Americans don't know who Luc Besson is yet... and they're wrong. Just let the film come out--but not until all the Oscar movies from 2008 like Valkyrie are done. They don't want to ruin their first-weekend box office while those films are still in release. I can see why they're holding Taken back in the U.S. There's been NO press or trailers, even, about it at all, this is the first I've heard of it, and I keep my ear to the ground for movies. They probably also want to get a little more distance away from QOS in between releases because people haven't had enough time to forget it--it was a pretty popular movie--but maybe not as good as this one.

GilBavel on Jan 9, 2009


The irony is this movie has been available in a DVD SCreener for almost 2 months via Torrent, Rapidshare, Megashares, Megaupload, Deposit Files, FileFactory, etc. Maybe Fox hoped that people who downloaded the movie would spread the word about how good the flick is. I'll see it the theaters for sure, but Fox is retarded for waiting this long to release the film. I mean at least their was an excuse with the 2002 flick Le Pacte des loups, aka Brotherhood of the Wolf as the entire film was in French... but this is just plain idiocy.

Irony on Jan 19, 2009


i saw the movie tonight.. 03.03.2009... it's a good movie ..but to much imagination... this movie shows french police.. albanian imigrants. arab's that they are bad people.

last standing on Mar 3, 2009

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