Arnold Might Still Show Up in Terminator Salvation?

September 11, 2008
Source: Latino Review

Arnold Might Still Show Up in Terminator Salvation?

For a while, we thought Arnold Schwarzenegger was not going to appear in Terminator Salvation because he was too busy as the Governor of California to devote time to a movie. Arnold even publicly stated that he was unimpressed by footage he was shown, further solidifying our speculation. But guess what - Arnold's finally stepping into the action, as far as we can tell at least. The good folks at Latino Review uncovered a recent photo (as seen above) of Arnold on the set chatting with Christian Bale. Additionally, they were sent some info from a reader that explains that McG is planning on using CGI to replace the face of actor Roland Kickinger with Arnold's face. So Arnold will return in Terminator Salvation after all?

The tipster mentions that "the premise of Arnie's involvement is to have a fully rendered digital face of Arnie replacing the recently cast Roland Kickinger." They add that Arnold was on set to provide voice over dialogue which would be later worked into the film via ADR (aka automated dialogue replacement). Back at Comic-Con, McG hinted that T-800 is part of the mythology and will be in the movie, which is where all of these Arnold rumors began. With this update, it definitely seems like he'll be back, although it may be a CGI face on Kickinger's body with Arnold's recorded voice. But in the end I'm sure it will look seamless. And if all this turns out to be true, we will indeed see Arnold in this new Terminator movie.

How important is it to have Arnold Schwarzenegger appear in Terminator Salvation?

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why do you think it will be ''an epic failure''? i think the movie will turn out good if not great. Im glad they are starting from scratch and are giving the movie franchise a new look, why so doubtful. Im glad arnold will be featured in the movie, it just makes me want to see it even more now.. i cant wait!

Big r on Sep 11, 2008


I have a feeling that this movie is going to be an epic failure, but at least there might be an Ahnuld cameo!

Drew on Sep 11, 2008


Arnold is unimpressed with Terminator Salvation but why does he want his face in it?? If Arnolds head appears " all jokes aside" He should be a T850 with no mercy wanting to kill. No Hasta La vista or I'll be back comments Please!!! "Terminate" will sound much better!! Hopefully they do justice to the film and choose a Terminator that will equally stand up to Christian Bales performance or this will be a Flop in my eyes as a audience. Some how the idea of arnold face after watching the sarah connor chronicles makes me itch!! and wonder "why Bother" with a cgi Arnold when we have many strong actors that will play the part just as well. "NO OFFENCE ARNOLD ~ LOVE YOUR WORK ~ BUT TIME TO LET GO BRO!!" Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

Jimmy on Sep 11, 2008


^ Because the director made Charlie's Angels and the writers wrote Terminator 3 and Catwoman.

Drew on Sep 11, 2008


I'm okay with this, as long as his role isn't just for nostalgia sake, and is more significant to the plot than just a cameo. If Arnold is in it, he should be merciless as he was in the first film. No more gimmicky one-liners, please.

Scott on Sep 11, 2008


Sounds like shit to be honest, why cant arnold just tone up. And use CGI on his body than do that face shit. It will work out better coz obviously he will hit back wid his biker gear. Wat u dudes think??

Riddler on Sep 11, 2008


The terminator films are about more than just actors and who plays what role. I beleive we tend to get caught up in our nostalgia at times and at the expense of the storytelling. The real character in this movie that needs to return is the essence of the first film of a futuristic cybernetic robot come back from the future to destroy our only hope. Granted we have done this already in part one so what we really want to see is the essence of this film which is about an AI trying to wipe out mankind (Skynet) and this is what should be explored is skynets battle against us eg it sending out terminators to "get us" wether it be in the future or past or present. Bale will hold the role of Conner very well and i agree make him a terminator not Ahrnie doing 1 liners. Love him to but really take it more serious. P.S. Jimmy do you wanna go for a beer later mate?

werdnafaz on Sep 11, 2008


This is looking to be great. Sorry, but you can't replace Arnie in this series. Hopefully they'll get some nice captures so he can be used ad infinitum. Joe Blow actor X as a T-? would just plain suck. Also... are you seriously going to compare directing Charlie's Angels to directing this? Since you're bashing the writers.. you forgot to mention they also wrote the original Terminator, Aliens, True Lies, Titanic, RAMBO!? (Screenplay credits including Memento, Dark Knight, The Prestige.....) The glass is half full my friend... half full.

bozoconnors on Sep 11, 2008


Wouldn't you be pretty pissed if you were Roland Kickinger getting his debut role being CGI'ed over by Arnold? I wouldn't want to be the intern who they got to tell him his face was recast, pretty sure that guy could crush my head with his pinky.

Peloquin on Sep 11, 2008


@3 terminator 3 had a good storyline and script, great special effects and what not, it was the actors that killed that movie, arnold was the only one with a solid performance

harrison on Sep 11, 2008


@Peloquin L O L? Are you kidding? "We'd like to use you for Arnold's body." If he doesn't take that as a compliment/honor, something's wrong. If I was a body builder, I'd be completely humbled. @3 /agree. Claire did pretty well I thought as well. She got the "normal girl thrown into the fray" down pretty good I believe.

bozoconnors on Sep 11, 2008


After attending the panel at Comic Con for Terminator Salvation I have complete confidence that McG will pull off a kick ass film. As for Arnold I would prefer to have his role be more story driven and not just based on the "fan" reaction. Something thats never really been discussed, as far as I know, is how Skynet chose it's human form for the Terminator? I personally wouldn't mind if Arnold was some kind of bad ass army re-con guy who maybe knows John Connor, maybe he's befriended John and trained him. Build Arnold up as a trusted character and then have Skynet butcher the guy and then have the Terminator wear his skin. Or not... I'm just saying that I personally would prefer to either not have Arnold as the "main" Terminator or have it set up in a way that furthers the old school Terminators story, which is a murdering machine. Either way with Christian Bale as John Connor and from the confidence that McG is bringing to the table and the footage they showed at Comic-Con, I'm in. ...i

Ira owens on Sep 11, 2008


@ Ira Owens... I love your idea and I think that it would be a great way to tie in Arnold. There's something about origin stories that excite me.

Peloquin on Sep 11, 2008


Now it's a "Terminator" movie! I don't see the point of having the CGI face when they could just get Arnold to completely play the role of the Terminator! Why have Roland Kickinger in the first place.

Pickle on Sep 11, 2008


I think it'd be better if Ahnuld was ONE of the terminators... the T-800 model that is about to get decommissioned, and then the T-850 or 900 steps in and that's Kickinger with his own mug. Just a thought. And then have a Summer Glau cameo... damn that would be cool. To tie the whole universe together .

Alfredo on Sep 11, 2008


Screw Arnold, I'd love to see a cameo by the T-1000...that guy scared the shit outta me as a kid

Peloquin on Sep 11, 2008


It would be even better to have Robert Patrick have an cameo as a human, and then towards the end he gets killed, and that's where the 1000 gets its likeness.

Alfredo on Sep 11, 2008


Dude that so sucks for Roland lol "ok, we're gonna plaster Arnies face over yours, and you possibly wont get any film credit at all..." ๐Ÿ˜›

Carlos on Sep 11, 2008


i think its GREAT that arnold is makin an appearance in this movie . honestly there is NO terminator if there is NO arnold. he makes the role & he makes the terminator come alive soo well. even if he has his "one liners" but thats what makes him the terminator when yu think of terminator yu think of arnold & his famous lines. thats what the terminator was made to be for quite some time yu cant just chanqe it up. he really gets into his part yu cant replace him. ive had some of my friendsz say "its not the same" " i dont even wanna see it" && i think arnold wasnt impressed with the movie because he wasnt in it. yu go from having one of the best actors play such a qreat role to a different person yu cant just switch up actors thats why i sliqhtly dislike batman theyve chanqed the batman role one too many timesz & it jst doesnt hold the same affect. i think its qreat && i really do hope arnold appearsz altho i wish he was actually actin in it . but ill take what i can qet 3 cheersz for arnold yeayy =]

jessi on Sep 11, 2008


In Terminater 3 there was no TM line of Arnie's saying "I'll be back" but was some lame line "I'm Back". And with writers from that same film will screw it up. As to the film, it will be full generated in CGI even Arnie = failure. You want it to look original not fake. Why not let Roland Kickinger do justice to the role, as he sounds and got the body like Arnie's??!!

Fearl3ss on Sep 11, 2008


I thought it would be really clever if they had cast Arnold as the human who was used as the prototype for the Terminator. So we'd have Arnold back, but portraying an older character, and the main hero of the story in a similar way as Reese character in the first film. Wow. Such missed opportunities.

Scott on Sep 11, 2008


I think without Arnold it really isn't THE TERMINATOR. That is the biggest problem with the TV show I think, it just really isn't what it is supposed to be. I am very happy to hear this news and the possibility of an R-rating.

Ryan on Sep 11, 2008


Thank you to McG and is team, for bringing this next Terminator trilogy to life, after watching the movies, reading the Dark Horse comic book series, and now starting to watch the Sarah Connor serie's on Fox, I will go and see this motion picture. We will be missing Stan Winston feedback on the final product. Can't wait !!!

Pp on Sep 11, 2008


# 8 The writers of the movie could be good one but how about the director??? Director of charlie's angel directing Terminator Salvation??? Come on man!!!This is Not some kind of a circus/comedy show... This is a serious movie... Some feel like this movie is going to be a epic failure. Why?? Just ask Arnold on his impression on this movie. Is there anyone better to comment than Arnold?? Maybe John Mostow or James Cameron... Putting back at least John Mostow or better still James Cameron to direct this movie will save the day!!! I hope.

steven on Sep 12, 2008


@steven As McG is fairly new to directing, and I agree his track record isin't exactly stellar, I'm guessing Cameron will be all over the set to... help things along. Highly doubtful he'll let his baby get raped. He did do pretty damn good with We Are Marshall though, also not quite a "circus/comedy show."

bozoconnors on Sep 12, 2008


Dear Steve the hater, Check this out and see if you still feel the same way afterwards. ...i

Ira owens on Sep 12, 2008


I agree Drew,, and Bozoconnors ,,, This will be an epic failure. Can't wait to watch the franchise nose dive right into the ground.

790 on Sep 13, 2008


If you ask me this sounds absolutely silly. Put a CGI Arnold head over another actors body? I mean really, if this movie has a solid script there really would be no need to work Arnold into it at all. I know he is the face of the Terminator, but actors change often in films, Bond, Batman for example. The James Bond franchise is still thriving very well even though they have changed Bond like what 4 or 5 times now. The television show doesn't have Arnold in it and in my opinion it seems to work just fine. Why should we have to believe that these terminators only have one look anyways? I would just say use the metal indoskeleton for the terminator and work a story around that, what is the actual need to give the terminator the living tissue outside. Also what's the need to have it look like Arnold. Makes me thing that McG is still trying to live off the legacy of the older films rather than giving it a new spin as he says he is.

kdr on Sep 13, 2008


This movie is gonna suck hard Catwoman writer,Charlie angel director + pg13,it looks so bad Arnold is the only thing i like in this and its just a cameo

Dave on Sep 16, 2008


T3 was a failure and t4 is gonna be the same all over again!!

Dave on Sep 16, 2008


T3 was such a failure... Thats why it made 433 million dollars huh? Epic Fail...

Jewel on Sep 24, 2008


I think terminators aren't that good without Arnold. Iยดd say it will be epic fail if Arnold is not included.

Guy on Feb 15, 2009


Why don't you just wait and watch the film before you diss it! Give them a chance they might pull a miricle out of there ass with it and make it great! Totally agree with the butchering of arnie and using his skin for the terminator human form would be awesome! Just wait for the film guys and if it's crap then let rip but for now let it go ahead!!!!!

Ben on May 30, 2009


i have seen terminator salvation and it is brilliant more intense than the others and yes arnolds sort of in it but as the bad T-800 as C.G.I but its a good fight scene so watch the film and be amazed I BE BACK

P Boyd on Jun 3, 2009

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