Arrested Development Movie Finally Gets the Go Ahead?

November 13, 2008
Source: Collider

Arrested Development

Ever since going off the air in 2006, there has been no shortage of rumor, excitement and confusion surrounding an "Arrested Development" feature film. At one time or another, various members of the fictitious Bluth family have hinted at the possibility, but never was there anything well-formed, such as even a script. While we still don't have anything concrete to hold in our hand, we do have an unequivocal "we're doing it… it's a go" from Jeffrey Tambor (who plays George Bluth Sr.) thanks to an interview Collider recently had with the actor at a Hellboy II DVD release party. Now if you've finished jumping out of your chair and cheering, read below for some more of what Tambor had to say.

Despite being one of the most well-received comedies, "Arrested Development" was canceled by Fox just after three seasons due to low ratings. In truth, the comedy is such a rare gem that I suppose a lot of people just didn't get it. After the shocking news came down, rumor swirled that Showtime might pick it up. Equally shocking was that creator Mitchell Hurwitz turned down the offer, saying "I had taken it as far as I felt I could as a series… I told the story I wanted to tell, and we were getting to a point where I think a lot of the actors were ready to move on… My instinct was that it was over when Fox pulled the plug… I considered continuing the show because I felt I owed that to the fans… For me, anyway, if there's a way to continue this in a form that's not weekly episodic series television, I'd be up for it." Well it seems that opportunity has finally come to pass. Tambor states that, in fact, "I just actually, this week, talked to Mitch Hurwitz, so we're doing it. When the writer calls you, and the director, and the executive producer, it's a pretty good sign."

So can fans now rest easy and sit back for the movie to finally happen? Maybe. Tambor's really assertive comments still make me wonder whether it will actually all come together. After all, it wouldn't be the first time a cast member in a potential film spoke out of turn and was a little too confident. Just this week, in fact, Kim Cattral of Sex and the City fame claimed there was definitely going to a sequel to the 2008 movie, only to have co-star Sarah Jessica Parker put the brakes on everything - "all the deals are not yet done."

So considering all the back and forth that has surrounded an "Arrested Development" film and that all we really have to go on is the call Tambor received from Hurwitz - there is no start date or related details just yet - I'm not going to get too excited at the moment. But speaking of Sex and the City, if that show can get a feature film (and maybe even a sequel), "Arrested Development" sure as hell should, too! So do you feel you're now free to celebrate, or are you still cautiously optimistic like me?

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Matty on Nov 13, 2008


I'm so happy I'm crying a little. When I recover I'm chicken-dancing all over the shop

dan on Nov 13, 2008


They've been talking about doing this movie forever, who even knows if he's telling the truth or if it's not gonna be another 3 years til it comes out.

Nick on Nov 13, 2008


Hands down the funniest show that i have watch so far. It totally deserve to be made in to a movie. Here i go chicken dancing...

AKUMARED on Nov 13, 2008


this makes buttons happy.

Red Buttons on Nov 13, 2008



Sam Bouca on Nov 14, 2008


I just blue myself.

Rich on Nov 14, 2008


Finally 🙂

Angelo on Nov 14, 2008


FREE CHICKEN!! This Makes me so happy....please please please make this movie, I promise it will make a lot of money :o)

Peloquin on Nov 14, 2008


This is the best news I've heard in awhile. I could go for a banger in the mouth. Or as you call it in the states, a sausage in the mouth.

Dan on Nov 14, 2008


In the past year both Bateman and Will Arnett confirmed that it was on. Arnett even talked about it on Conan O'Brien. From what I last heard, Michael Cera was the only one holding out.

Zach D. on Nov 14, 2008


I'm excited for my favorite TV show to finally get the movie it's plot demands. However, Jeffrey Tambor's word isn't enough to make me believe, Jeff's career isn't exactly hot right now, so of course he's anxious to get the balls rolling on a feature film that isn't "Hellboy", but Michael Cera, who has already been trying to let the fans down easy, has been one of 2007-08's biggest movie stars and Arrested Development just might not be a priority for him. So, everyone keep your fingers crossed and if you see Michael Cera ask him "what comes first?" and when he answers, "breakfast", remind him about his Arrested Development family and George Sr.'s ever-failing career.

Ashley on Nov 17, 2008


Dan - "This is the best news I've heard in awhile. I could go for a banger in the mouth. Or as you call it in the states, a sausage in the mouth." We just call it a sausage. lol I need this movie. I would never get sick of it, because I know it would be amazing and I just so wanna be in it's Prostatetickular.

Blaine Bluth on Dec 19, 2008


I blog about it so you know I'm excited!

Matt Gio on Dec 22, 2008


Forget the movie - bring the show back !!!

Ace on Mar 3, 2009

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