Battlestar Galactica's Ronald D. Moore Creating a New Sci-Fi Trilogy

April 18, 2008
Source: Variety

Ronald D. Moore

A new science fiction trilogy is in the works at Tom Cruise's recently reestablished United Artists. The studio has signed a deal with "Battlestar Galactica" co-creator and writer/producer Ronald D. Moore, who will create and write a completely new sci-fi trilogy. Unfortunately story details have not been announced, but this is still a great announcement for any "Battlestar Galactica" fans or sci-fi fans in general - Moore is currently one of the most impressive creative writers working in the genre at the moment. Moore is one hell of sci-fi guru and it's certainly exciting to hear he's got this new big screen trilogy in the works.

If you're not familiar with Ronald D. Moore, you definitely should be. Not only is he one of "Battlestar Galactica's" creators, writers, and producers, but he also worked on Mission: Impossible II, Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek: Generations. And here's the best part for big sci-fi geeks like me, Moore was also a writer and producer on "Star Trek: The Next Generation". UA's partner Paula Wagner explains Moore's influence: "Over the last decade Ron has emerged as the foremost sci-fi, fantasy creator, writer in the industry and working with him to bring his creative talents to the big screen is a great partnership for our studio."

What a great year for Star Trek geeks! Not only do we have J.J. Abrams making Star Trek, but now we've got one of the big "Next Generation" writers bringing us a new sci-fi trilogy? What a glorious day! Is sci-fi on the rise again in Hollywood? I really just hope this doesn't go the way of Stargate. That was originally supposed to be a trilogy but after one movie the remaining two were never made and it went on to become a TV show of its own.

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These movies will cater for the geeks. They should put scantily clad female aliens in the trailers to further build interest upon the nerd specie. This tactic alone would increase the viewing audience by 400%. Not to mention Mc Happy Meal toys reflecting the characters from the movie, the nerds will get fatter (hopefully enough that they are home bound) and the sale of Mc Happy Meals will rise by 400% also. I hope the nerds across the world watch this and somehow, just somehow, they all die from cancer and or a car accident involving a flaming boulder. P.S. I am 400% cooler then all of you (excluding black Jesus).

Jeremy White on Apr 18, 2008


Wow, sounds like someone lost his girlfriend to a Sci-fi fan! Someday, if you start reading books instead of chewing on them, you might begin to understand just how bad it is to wish a group of people dead. Especially once you lose someone who is close to you to cancer or a car accident. Hey Alex - your Troll spray ran out; need to stock some more.

Chuckles on Apr 18, 2008


Oh no! Someone on the internet says he's cooler than me. Well, that's my world-view shattered. I better go play outside. Welcome to the internet, Jeremy, where almost everyone is smarter than you, and nobody cares how cool you think you are. I bet you are that cool, though - your parents probably let you stay out until 11 and everything. More on topic, this should be an interesting trilogy. Moore's good for drawing influence from unusual sources, and generally gets good results from them.

John Madden on Apr 18, 2008


*sidesteps flames and the odd person who is mildly obsessed with 400% of things* I haven't had enough coffee yet, because the first thing my brain registered was that Ron Moore was working _with_ Tom Cruise and not just UA. Gave me a bit of a start there. This sounds fantastic. I can't wait.

Melissa on Apr 18, 2008


haha wow jeremey white you're a dick!! I'm not fat or even close to out of shape i played sports in high school and i still play them on a regular basis and yet this trilogy sounds likes it could be awesome! Why does it?!?! oh i don't know maybe its because i have a personality and an imagination! jeremy I loathe you!

ha1rball on Apr 18, 2008


He's a troll, I guess most of the commentators here don't browse much forums OMG what great news this is. I really hope this goes to fruitition, and we end up with a epic sci fi trilogy that they're promising. With that set up of writers, I only pray they bring the same amount of professionalism and integrity to the casting!

Billy on Apr 18, 2008


Ronald Moore working with Tom Cruise? Is this a sci-fi or a scientology trilogy? (Same thing actually...) Anyway I'm a HUGE Galactica fan for one reason. The writing. Unlike Trek which tends to spout technogobbledygook, and the whole crew plays nice with each other, and everythings all nice and clean and all humanity's problems are solved...and blah blah blah...Galactica has characters with depth, complex stories, and most of all Adama, unlike Kirk, does not bed every frakin' female in the universe. So I'm looking forward to this. (Even though we have no idea what it is yet.) Oh yeah... Jeremy White? Yeah. Black Jesus just called. He said you're a complete tool about 400% of the time, and to stop dropping his name like you know him.

jason_md2020 on Apr 18, 2008


im certainly interested as a big fan of battlestar galactica, but what could possibly be new? i really dont think theres much left to do but mashup a bunchve different movies and styles

harrison on Apr 18, 2008


I personally think the only reason Battlestar Galactica took a more serious and (in my humble opinion) a better tone than the other projects Ron D Moore worked on was because he had more control over the story. If he had a chance to create something from scratch, im pretty sure he would make the next Star Wars.

Frank on Jul 22, 2008


I have a friend who worked in the original Battlestar Galactica. He played one of the Cylons. And he says the big red glowing eye burned his forehead.

hdrkid on Jan 8, 2009


I lost most of my initial respect for Moore when I watched the last hour of BSG. Im a scientist by training and I loathe movies that advocate a luddite earth-first mindset. Thats all I could think of watching the end of BSG. I was going to buy the dvds but I feel the scriptwriters should have had a tighter plotline and should have had a rough framework worked out at the beginning (like Babylon 5 had). I just feel Moore (with his last minute shower Epiphany character driven ending) totally trashed whatever sense of coherent plotting BSG had built up. It ended up being a soap opera - and I wasnt expecting that when I watched the first miniseries/first season. The show should have ended when they found the irradiated Earth earlier. That would have been a better ending lol - let the fans figure everything out and write their own ending. I wont watch anything by moore unless this time he actually has a coherent plot from the start and sticks to it to the end (and has it ready before the shows scripts are written).

Dave D. on Jul 24, 2009

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